Steer clear of the ‘truther industrial complex’

Yesterday we were browsing through YouTube as one does, and stumbled across this new-to-us YouTuber, Cips Clips.

The video was addressed to Brian Harvey, who as many will know has been very active on YouTube lately. We cited him the other day in our discussion of Bill Maloney, Chris Fay, and Andrew Ash, the vulnerable individual who they coerced into making false claims about Leon Brittan’s alleged birthmark.

The video makes some very valid points about the inadvisability of reaching out to the “truther industrial complex” (great name!) when one is in a state of emotional distress, as Brian seems to be. It’s human nature to want to connect with others for support, validation, and a sense of community, but some of those whose stories Brian seems to be accepting are not likely to do him any good, and could very well lead him down the garden path.

We were pleased the other day to note that despite all her obvious attempts to court (one might almost say “groom”) him, Brian stated very clearly that Angela should do one. Thanks to the Office Tapir for putting together this concise collection, which sums up Brian’s points rather nicely: Google Drive Angela/Brian Harvey.

But despite his rejection of Angela and her attempted wiles, it was a bit alarming to note that Brian was giving credence to certain troofers, to whom we wouldn’t give the time of day.

In a post on his eponymous blog last week, Outlaw Jimmy said,

A figure like Mr Harvey is always going to attract attention. Whatever he does out of the ordinary, is going to be reported upon by the mass media, and also, he is, and has, already attracted some really interesting characters, shall we say, who have been commenting on his behalf recently.

And it’s to some of those, I will now turn.

As I said earlier, regular readers of the Outlaw, and those who have been around for a while will be only too aware of the histories of some of these characters, and I was taken aback somewhat, when Mr Harvey, along with some of his more vocal supporters, have promoted some of these characters, as ‘people who should be taken seriously!’

In particular, Jimmy drew attention to Charles Seven, the oddly named hoaxer who we thought had been consigned to the dustbin of troofer history. Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on our part.

Jimmy cites a 2013 article by Deborah Williams of the Kent Freedom Movement, pointing out the great gaping holes in her story, and we’ll just add that at one time, Ms Seven was being hoiked about the countryside by none other than Belinda McKenzie, who was plugging her deranged story for all it was worth.

Aside from the fact that Ms Seven’s story was either the product of a very damaged mind or a deliberate hoax intended to earn her a bit of dosh—neither of which is especially reassuring—we’d like to reiterate the point that Cips Clips makes in his video: anyone who turns to the troofer community for assistance will find themselves inundated with a whole new world of crazy.

People like Charles Seven gather entourages around them—”yes-people” whose job seems to be to coddle and humour them in whatever wacky nonsense they spout from one day to the next. And when they fall out with one another, as they inevitably do, the accusations and counter-accusations make one’s head spin.

In Outlaw Jimmy’s blogpost he quotes Deborah, who in turn quotes a letter she received from a TV producer who described it all very well:

[Seven] relies on the fact that people want to believe her. Her over-inflated sense of her own talent is simply bewildering, and she tells a story so bizarre, that sympathetic people who may have been genuinely wronged, give her the benefit of the doubt.

She needs to release her evidence without redacting the bits she does not want to read, and those that she tells, should at least do a cursory check of what they are hearing.

I strongly suspect that Ms Charles Seven has a history of mental illness that she does not share, which is why I believe that there is little point in trying to seek legal redress.

She claims to have had her bank account frozen by me, whilst holding out a begging bowl to the conspiracy theory community.

Her funds are not frozen – she is broke!

The thing with ‘Seven Gate’ and conspiracy theory generally ,is that if you are debunked, you can simply claim that the de-bunker is a part of the plot against you.

You can claim that someone you once met is ‘Satanic’ and has killed 57 people, simply because your audience may not be aware of who I really am.

Any holes in your theory are put down to psychological tactics being used against you by the other side.

If you lose, just blame corrupt officials and claim a moral victory.

It boils down to this – did I, seven television companies, Richard Branson, The Queen, Dame Helen Alexander, four independent legal firms, the Courts Service, and 600 staff in the NTL building blow 57 people to bits – simply to stop Charles Seven from earning the royalties from Strictly Come Dancing?

There are conspiracies, and there is scamming – you decide for yourself!

As Cips Clips says, the “truther industrial complex” is not your friend. They are a pack of savage feral rats, feeding upon people’s fears and worries, and they won’t hesitate to turn on anyone who crosses them.

We hope that Brian will get the help he really needs, but we’d urge his real friends to steer him away—far away—from the world of conspiranoids. They can only do him harm. Charles Seven

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  1. Charles Seven had her fridge invention stolen from her. She proved it with her drawing of a box, and er, well, it was a drawing of a box she called a fridge, and, er, well, that is it. Whatever is up with her, her stories are a load of codswallop.

    I’ll see if I can find her fridge (non) invention.

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  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing that video, and for your commentary. He’s right, it would be a rare thing to encounter Truthers stating: “well, I’ve got my shit together and I’m happy & content…”.
    Once again, this tune represents my personal aspirations:

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  3. I think Brian Harvey has gone so far down the whole conspiracy thing that he’s finding it hard to claw his way back & he is very vulnerable atm, so doesn’t know who to turn to for help. He was all into the ‘common law’ nonsense when he tried to confront David Cameron in 2014 I think it was, he may have pulled back from it but seems to be putting hope in it again. I think he is very paranoid & his paranoia is being taken advantage of by the idiots I’m afraid, which will not help him one little bit.

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  4. Very interesting, EC.

    Brian does speak a lot of sense on a number of issues but like you and Cips Clips, I’ve also been alarmed by some of the things he’s said. In yesterday’s video, for instance, he alluded to the existence of the Illuminati and to major events being false flags orchestrated by the powers that be. it’s just a short step from that to full trooferhood status.

    On a separate point can I urge caution in using Deborah Williams – or the KFM in general – as a source. They do make some sense on some issues and are a thorn in the side of the DLV crowd, but their outlook on a lot of stuff is questionable, not to mention their links with Tom Cahill.

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  5. Oops! That nice Mr. Ogilvy’s forgotten the sixth Commandment again.
    (Or did I dream him repeatedly claiming to be a Christian?)

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  6. Angie’s finally latched on to Titarse Frost and she can barely contain her excitement:


      • Indeed, EC. And here it is in all its glory for JournoAngie to peruse and enjoy next time she happens to be passing by the blog she never rarely sometimes visits:

        Go to 17:53, Angela. I think you’ll particularly enjoy the bit about how troofers refuse to admit they got it wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence that they did.

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  7. Easy come…

    Easy go…

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    • “As applies to closed systems, and what about open systems?”

      Sounds like Hopeless Girl is finally admitting in public that it’s plugged into the mains! 🤣🤣🤣

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    • “Bob Hawke used to fuck Fiona Barnett in the strawberry patch”

      Well I must admit I’ve never heard it called that before.

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    • Stubby grubby fingers wrapped around a fag…wheezing breathing guttural voice exuding profanities…behold the king of hearts!


      • “Stubby grubby fingers wrapped around a fag…wheezing breathing guttural voice exuding profanities…behold the king of hearts!”

        Since when has APD been a king???

        oh, you mean alfwit…

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    • That video’s actually pretty shocking in places. It contains death threats, slander, sexual harassment, race hate speech and claims of links with both ISIS and Australian and UK gangsters. Here are some lowlights:

      3:57/-37:51 – “Let’s get started. Destruction, terror…Who’s that? First up, we’ve got big bad Bux Lala. Bux Lala is an ISIS Muslim. Yeah. And guess what I’ve made Bux Lala. Bux Lala is…the caliphate [sic]…[RANT IN ARABIC]…I just told ’em Bux Lala is the caliphate [sic]. Big bad Bux Lala, notorious Sydney underworld figure. Aaaagh! You scared of ISIS? Don’t worry about ISIS. ISIS listen to me. I’ve got the ear of ISIS. I’ve got ISIS’s ear. Don’t worry about ISIS when you’re with me – they won’t come anywhere near you…[ANOTHER RANT IN ARABIC]…Yeah alright, what have we got? Bux Lala, notorious Sydney underworld figure. ISIS. Raarrr! Muslim boogeyman. Be very scared, you fucking putrid dogs.”

      31:00/-10:48 – “Laura Banks…you putrid bitch. You fucking cunt. Can fucking smell your cunt from here. It reeks.”

      32:44/-9:04 – “[To Johnny Bream] You fucking dog. I’ll fix you. You come to my party or I’ll throw you to the fishes. I’ll throw you to the fishes with Geoff Kennett and George Freeman and Lady McPherson.”

      33:56/-7:52 – “Now listen to me – Sonya van Gelder, the HRH British Royal Empire candle-holder. Project Bluebird gave you up and I can smell your rotted cunt from here, Sonya van Gelder.”

      38:14/-3:34 – “I’ve spoken to fucking Alan Alanson. He’s King of the fucking British underworld. He’s a candle-holder, Alan Alanson. Big notorious fucking British United Kingdom underworld figure, Alan Alanson. Look at Ved. Look at this putrid black dog sellout. Sellout to the white man. Look what he’s done to Ved. Look at her. Sergeant [NAME REDACTED], you putrid dog. I’ll break your head, you putrid dog. You fucking animal. I’ll get HRH on to you, you fucking dog. Fucking black fuck. Worst ones, black ones, are cops. Blurst. They think they’re white. White. Look at him, look at him. Don’t worry, Ved – I spoke to Alan Alanson. You’re protected in the United Kingdom now. I’m gonna fuck his life. Fucking make me sick. Make me sick.”

      I’ve reported this video (and downloaded a back-up copy for evidence) but I genuinely believe that Facebook staff don’t actually watch videos that are reported (a point that others here have also made). It’ll be interesting to see if it stays up.

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      • What the fudge? I just realised that took two hours! That’s it – I’m out of here. Brekkie beckons 🙂


        • Thanks for your work there, Tinribs. These timestamps have just come in very useful for reporting the video on YouTube. 🙂

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  8. Not quite sure why you’re quoting Outlaw, for many years Sonia Poultons go to pet troll & the man who claimed on Channel 4 news that he saw Peter Morrison at Bryan Estyn (he didn’t, Morrison was never there), involved with attack blogs like Jane Russell every bit as bad as anything the Hampstead mob has posted & a fully paid up member of the truther industrial complex when it suits him. If his blog is less conspiratorial these days it’s only because he was prosecuted & convicted for his years long campaign of mass harassment & falsely claiming a man who really was at Bryan Estyn was a rapist.


      • Hi Surreal Hustle. I do indeed have some, what some folk may perceive as ‘unusual’ claims on my site in regards to the Rhesus Negative bloodtype, you are correct.

        It is a subject that I have been looking into on and off, for around three decades now, and am no closer to getting answers now as I was at the start.

        I still cannot get any medical professional, to furnish me with even the simplest of answers, so by all means, if you can satisfy my curiosity by given me the answers I seek, then it would help me enormously, and also allow me to put the whole thing to bed and move on.

        There are thousand of other Rh -s around the world who would be in your debt also.

        I have it seems, an ‘interesting’ perspective on international relations too, as you have spotted, and one which is I imagine, not in line with yours – that’s hardly a crime is it?

        Or has it suddenly become one?

        As for the ‘essential links’ on the Outlaw that you have also pointed out: A few hard working artists, a documentary about Adolf Hitler, some historical perspectives in regard to weather modification, the history of the old East End of London and Wrexham, some websites which highlight the despicable activities of paedophiles and child abusers, how to obtain free food, the files from the Madeline McCann police files, a flat earth discussion group, some hints on Urban Gardening, a UK-Based Preppers forum and suchlike.

        A couple would I shall assume, easily offend the less open-minded out there, and of course those of a left-leaning political viewpoint, but the world does not work like that I am happy to say.

        In my world, anything and everything is up for discussion, and as long as those discussions are civil and conducted by grown-ups, are based on facts and do not descend into blind hatred and name calling, then I can easily live with that.

        If anything of what I have published is distasteful to you, then so be it, but I still respect your viewpoints and accept your criticisms – however misinterpretated that they may appear to you


        • Hi Outlaw Jimmy

          Thans for your reply

          Apologies for not replying sooner, I have my hands full with some pressing issues at the moment. I want you to know that I am quite willing to discuss issues with you.

          I do not understand what you are referring to when you ask if I can help you with answers to your questions about rhesus negative blood groups. I can let you know that there are some websites on the internet that claim that people with rhesus negative blood groups have superhuman powers, are descended from aliens and other strange things, but then you probably already know that.

          Is there a specific question in relation to rhesus negative blood groups that has concerned you for decades? If so what is it exactly? I will try to help as best I can, although I am not any kind of expert on blood groups, I do have some knowledge about internet scams and quackery relating to blood testing, claims of ancient aliens and supernatural claims so I may be able to advise in some modest way.

          You are quite correct to point out that your *interesting* perspective on international relations is not a crime. One of the privileges of living in the UK is that, unlike say North Korea, Syria or Russia is that UK citizens are allowed to express political dissent without being sent to live (and often die) in horrific work camps, or disappeared, or tortured or imprisoned on trumped up charges.

          I aways find it interesting when a person who benefits from the privileges of living in a relatively free society uses that privilege to promote nations where oppression and human rights abuses are widespread. It is not surprising however as it is a common feature of SRA hoaxers, 9/11 troofers, flat-earthers, new age cults and other dubious groups that can be found all over the www.

          It seems to me that you have changed your mind about the Hampstead hoax but still believe a lot of strange things that hoaxers and David Icke followers believe.

          The link to your essential links in your blog was of interest to me as it included a link to Chris Spivey’s website, Matt Taylor’s Guerrilla Democracy blog, the SRA promoting Tap blog, UNDISINFO ( a right leaning conspiraloon site – in fact your blog was recommended as one of a networks of “recommended resources” on UNDISINFO

          Now, as El Coyote and Sheva have pointed out, and I agree wholeheartedly, former conspiracy theorists can make good allies. If the archived post was indicative of your previous involvement with sinister, largely alt-right and right wing) conspiracy groups that you are now disassociated from, then I feel much more comfortable about your blog. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes and learn the valuable lessons such mistakes can offer.

          Also, do not misunderstand me, I do not think that the UK is a perfect country without corruption. I not only believe, but know, that innocent people end up in jail here, I know that corruption exists here. As other posters here will attest I am open about criticising our media here when they either make mistakes or are wilfully negligent as to the consequences of fake news.

          I also appreciate some of the material on your blog, this for example

          I still felt rather shocked to see some of the political statements on your blog. Do you share the concerns of many people here about the resurgence of the far right?

          On your blog is an image with the following text on it
          all were young white girls
          Media silence as Oxfordshire Islamic Child Rape Syndicate Uncovered”

          I am just wondering where you got the image and text from and also whether you can understand why some people might find it an incitement to hate crime?

          I am also curious as to your sources are for your political views. I am always willing to learn and I would be very interested to hear from you about news sources that you believe are credible in these days of rampant fake news.

          In May 2017 you posted in support of Marine Le Pen

          You acknowledge that your views would ” easily offend the less open-minded out there, and of course those of a left-leaning political viewpoint” – I think that many of your views would concern many who are not on the far right of the political spectrum.

          For the avoidance of doubt, I believe that even people on the far right should be entitled to their own points of view. I must confess to a prejudice against people who promote hate rhetoric (whatever minority to is directed towards) and who post material endorsing far right figureheads like Le Penn.

          Sometimes I can say to people something like “we may have our differences but let’s all pull together on this issue”. Maybe, I have misunderstood some of your views and maybe you can be one of those people with whom I can ally myself, regardless of our differences.

          I do feel concerned about your blog regarding the issues I pointed out above. I am interested about your views in relation to Tommy Robinson for example and would be very interested to learn more about your perspectives on a number of issues.

          In these days when far right and fascist perspectives infiltrate and saturate a variety of apparently trustworthy sources (as Jeremiah Duggan and his family discovered, far too late) I think it is important to be extremely careful about the individuals and websites that I consider trustworthy.

          There is another concern that I have regarding your blog, however this is a complex issue and one that deserves a thorough debate that I do not have time for at this moment. Let’s address one issue at a time, if you agree.

          Thank you again for your willingness to openly discuss these issues and i look forward to reading your reply, when the time is right for you to do so – I appreciate that we all have challenging and important things to deal with.




    • I saw a recent video by Sonia Poulton and was extremely disappointed to see that she has promoted Robert Green along with alot of over reported news stories of the kind loved by the troofers, also dismissing the Inquiry. I had thought Sonia was going to be helpful on the issue of CSA but quite quickly realised that she in fact wasn’t………. I’m pretty sure that Jimmy distanced from her some time ago……… Alot of us believed in her, as we did others who have been a great let down.
      Jimmy in fact has been targetted for a great deal of harrassment because he exposed quite a few liars and sadistic trolls, long before others had realised.
      There is information on his blog regarding all of those false accusations.

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        • Indeed. For those of us who followed the US Treasury Direct Account fiasco, Virgo Triad seemed initially to be someone who believed in the woo but is now one of the strongest voices against it. A convert is sometimes more powerful than one hundred of us smug gits who go ‘I told you so’. 😇

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    • Hello ‘Ted’, lets have a look at some of your claims shall we?

      Point 1: In regard to Ms Poulton, myself and a number of others, over the course of a year or so, were indeed fighting her corner, and giving her support, because she was was being harassed by the same group of anonymous clowns that had been targeting me …. There was common ground.

      And like Sheva has already stated, I have had no contact with her since the case she brought against her stalker, was suddenly dropped by the CPS.

      I am, or was her ‘Pet Troll?’

      In that train wreck of a brain of your perhaps. A laughable claim which is not worth addressing TBH.

      Point 2: I can categorically state, that I have never once encountered any person, nor any inanimate object, or location, for that matter named ‘Bryan Estyn’. But that may have been a simple typo, no doubt caused by chubby fingers angrily bashing the keyboard.

      Point 3: As regards Morrisson, all claims against him were thoroughly investigated by an internal Tory party investigation, and although the claims were found to have ‘not been proved’, they could, however, not be ‘disproved’ either.

      Point 4: I have never once been involved with any ‘Attack Blogs,’ and am certainly not aware of any named ‘Jane Russell’ either, at least I have not encountered one.

      These things may exist in your head of course Ted, but it’s worth remembering that sane people, need at least some evidence, before listening to anyone making such a ludicrous claim.

      Point 5: If as you state, that my site, The Outlaw, is less ‘conspiratorial these days’, it’s simply because at a rough estimate, 99.9% of conspiraloons are just that, completely out of their freaking skulls, and have caused more damage to innocent people, and worked towards both internet restriction, and the move towards the shutting down of free speech, than any shadowy ‘Government Agency’.

      Who in the right mind would choose to be a part of that shower?

      Point 5: And this one is important. In regard to my conviction in February 2016, it had nothing at all to do with any ‘year long campaign of mass harassment and falsely claiming that a man who was really at Bryan Estyn [sic] was what you have claimed’.

      That is simply untrue.

      I was convicted of a single count of ‘Malicious Communications,’ brought under Section 27 of the Communications Act, and for a single comment only. And which happened after responding to years of harassment, threats, malicious and lying Youtube videos, against myself, threats made against my family and friends, leaflets being posted to my neighbours claiming I was a ‘danger to women and children’ and dozens of other instances, including my children being directly targeted.

      All of which were duly reported to the police, who failed to deal with the culprits.

      The judge in my case was very aware of exactly what had been going on, and how I ended up in the situation I had found myself in, hence his refusal to only give me a small fine, and no other punishment whatsoever.

      And what many people also appear to be unaware of, is immediately following my sentencing, my supposed ‘victim’ was arrested in the same court, taken into police custody, and was charged with ‘contempt of court.’ He appeared before the same sentencing judge at the end of court business, and after a severe dressing down, he apologised meekly, and the notes both himself and his wife were taking during my case, were ordered to be destroyed.

      He was arrested for making dozens of what were described as ‘vile malicious tweets to his followers’ – a number of which were posted from inside the court building itself, and targeted not only myself, but my solicitor, the court staff, commented on a number of ongoing cases, and derogatory comments about the judge himself.

      So your comment, ‘Ted’ apart from being grossly inaccurate, entirely misleading, and a wholly pathetic attempt to smear me personally, now appears to have failed on all fronts. And should rightfully, be filed along with the rest of the bullshit and personal smears that are being published on an minute-by-minute basis on the internet, by thousands of other sad non-entities.

      It’s all about the facts you see Ted, if you don’t adhere to them, you look like a complete plonker at best, or a malicious liar at worst.

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  9. Great post EC

    Having watched some of Brian Harvey’s videos it seems to me that he is not insane / deluded and he is able to demonstrate insight into his own past mental health issues. However I do believe that he is isolated and extremely vulnerable and is being courted and groomed by scammers and actors within the troofer moment.

    I really liked the Cips Clip’s video. I think that former troofers can be valuable assets in the struggle of fighting fake news and the apparent global shift towards far right / alt-right / fascist movements. Brian, if you are reading this, please, please think carefully about the thoughts Cips Clips has shared with you. Take time away from youtube and get yourself lawyered up.

    All these scammers in the troofer movement seek celebrity endorsement. They are just businesses and all businesses crave celebrity endorsement. If Brian is not careful he will end up endorsing a bunch of alt-right grifters. Brian, if you are reading this, people who have been abused and manipulated, if they do not have proper support (and frankly proper support is as rare as rocking horse shit) often go on to be manipulated and abused again. My suggestion to you would be to spend time with your closest friends, go out in nature, stay off the weed for a bit and stay off youtube for a bit. Just like you need to defrag a computer once in a while, your mind needs a rest and a defrag. This is true for everyone. Stay safe and please, please be careful not to be manipulated again.

    I am concerned to see in Cips Clips comment section of the video featured here a streaming challenge from a youtube channel named “Anastasia Grape” whose channel is here

    I would be extremely careful if I was Cips Clips, not so much re challenging troofers, but beware of accepting challenges that might compromise your security by letting troofer channels access your data.

    I have no idea who Anastasia Grape is but their channel is very interesting and via its “likes” I discovered something very interesting.

    one of their liked channels is called Mr Mensa and the first video I see when I clicked on their channel here

    is this extraordinary bonanza of fruitloopery

    “True Story of an Illuminati Hitman- Snatched from the Flames

    The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders:

    True Story of an Illuminati Hitman- Snatched from the Flames with special guest Nathan Reynolds
    Live Hub:

    Nathan lived a double life but a secret society and a generational group of satanists controlled his mind and his actions.

    One life was an assassin for a group of high level witches and warlocks and the other was a family man. Join us tonight as we get to peer inside the life of a occult bloodline family and his transformation.”

    This is a very long video the narrative of which is similar to that of Neil Brick – the interviewee “Nathan Reynolds” claims to be a reformed satanist hit man, a mass murderer, who has now found Jesus Christ. His batshit insane narrative includes multi-generational SRA, MK Ultra, mind controlled assassins, multiple personality disorder / dissociative identity disorder, it really has everything there. It is actually a very valuable video for anyone wishing to educate people about the links between SRA accusations and diagnoses of MPD/DID and to demonstrate how fucking insane it all is.

    The video is hosted by a conspiraloon channel called Now You See TV (NYSTV). The channel has expensive looking idents (seems well funded?) and is spewing out multiple fake news and conspiratard content. There is a lot of bonkers content including features on known new age frauds (e.g. Joseph Riverwind) presented uncritically. Lots of content about satanists, aliens, lizards, freemasons the illuminati, etc.

    A quick perusal of their website suggest that they are highly dubious pseudo-Christians promoting SRA conspiracies big time.

    Website here, via the archive

    The content is so insane that it appears that is is targeting people who are mentally ill or otherwise mentally vulnerable. Personally one of the problems in researching this material is that there is just so much of it. It should be researched however.

    They are connected to, and feature in their videos, another grifter David Carrico about whom you can learn more here

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      • It’s because you posted the link to the playlist again instead of the individual video, SH.


    • I agree that Brian doesn’t sound as mentally unstable as Cips Clips seems to think. He sounds to me like someone in recovery, able to be honest about his past problems.
      Also I think he is right and although, I still havn’t seen evidence that Jon Wedgers claim that Chris Fay has been charged with perverting the course of justice, I think he should be and also that all involved should be investigated, including Jon Wedger and Baloney.

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    • Hi, Thanks for the mention – Have you watched every single video on every single channel you’ve ‘liked’ in the past? I think some people take too much time looking too far down the rabbit hole. I’m friendly with Cips, you saw the only comment where we weren’t completely friendly, it was the first vid of his I’d seen and I didn’t agree with everything – Brian himself addressed the same video and Cips responded directly – Everyones cool as far as I know……. I’m glad you think I’m ‘interesting’ lol, but sometimes people ‘like’ channels to get notifications or to be in touch, not because we have endless hours in parallel universes to watch every single thing that everyone shares.

      Mr Mensa I met through another channel. I haven’t watched all of his videos….. Maybe take a day off the internet conspiracy theories and get some fresh air lol. Thanks for the mention though 🙂 Peace x


        • Well spotted Tinribs 🙂
          I still am working out how to “like” posts or I would have liked yours
          So many of these people demonstrate violent, psychopathic tendencies, it is extremely disturbing
          That coupled with the fact that on the surface e they all love and light and peace fingers.
          @ Anastasia Grape
          I have watched enough videos to understand that the far-right and various racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic networks are in the process of appropriating the “survivor” movement here in the UK and are using various platforms associated with Shatter Boys to do so.

          It’s how modern neo-Nazi and fascist movements operate, they are attempting to attract a diverse range of individuals and are actively targeting vulnerable, mentally ill and traumatised people including CSA/CSE survivors and those with false memories who claim to be survivors. It is disgusting and I’m going to do my very best to expose it, no matter how many videos I have to watch.

          Some recent news reports about exactly this kind of thing

          Excellent Rolling Stone article about neo-Nazis becoming more aware of their “brand” and the need to re-brand in order to recruit more young people, the article mainly examines the rise of the Nazi hipster or Nipster

          This is interesting

          Neo-Nazis and fascists use vegan cafes as camouflage for recruiting vegans and animal rights activists

          There is a long history of links between far-right groups and animal rights activists, Adolph Hitler was especially keen on protecting the rights of his four legged friends at the same time that he was planning the murder of millions of innocent humans. Also if you check out the comments sections on the various paedophile hunter FB pages people often comment that scientific experiments should be carried out on convicted paedophiles and not on animals.

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          • Thanks, SH. The “good spot” was down to ‘Special Agent J’, who’d sent me that screenshot a few days earlier.

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          • Thank you Special Agent J, whoever you are.

            I would rather expose these creeps than engage with them, and the screenshot just saves me some time I could otherwise spend reporting the activities of these unpleasant groups to the appropriate activist groups.

            One of the reasons that the far-right is courting “survivors” is that they want to build figureheads and mascots out of people whose identity as survivors makes them impossible to criticise without the critic being accused of bullying a survivor.

            They have been doing the same nonsense with people with learning and physical disabilities.

            The truly creepy thing is that they not only set people up as survivor figureheads, they bully them too, simply in order to further establish the credentials of the “survivor” and to make it less likely that any kind hearted person will criticise them even if they have concerns about them.

            I know this game inside out as it was a trap I almost fell into myself as a young adult survivor giving media interviews.

            While life certainly has dealt me many lemons I intend to make some great lemonade out of my experiences.

            Some lovely delicious lemonade, the consumption of which will expose far-right manipulators and abusers of the vulnerable for what they really are.

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          • Oh you’re right, it’s not showing. Sorry, I don’t know, tbh. Not come across that before, though I know that WordPress is renowned for its quirks and foibles!

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          • As a survivor of pedophilia myself, and being an Aries, and a MOTHER, why on earth would you assume I’m not capable of expressing anger and bitterness toward perpetrators? Or don’t you believe in Pedos?! Whether you believe the Hamstead kids or not, believe me Pedos are real. Thats not tin foil hat stuff really is it?!


            • “Anger”? Fine. “Disgusting death and mutilation fantasies?” Not so much. Of course child sexual abuse exists. And of course abusers must face the full extent of the law. But how do fantasies of their gruesome deaths help children?

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        • Explain why I’d be happy to let pedophiles destroy each other?? I’m not sure what you’d like me to elaborate on…….


          • Anastasia, you know perfectly well what Tinribs mean and if you think that calling for people to be “raped, hanged by the nuts, castrated and cannibalised” is acceptable, you’re on the wrong blog.

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          • Scarlet what on Earth are you on about?! I only found this site when I was told I’d been mentioned on it! I don’t get most of you to be honest!! And how quick was that response?! LOL, are you a bunch of Trolls then?? Thanks for the spelling lesson, my name is Anast’S’ia.

            You’re all very strange, and I didn’t write that on your precious blog did I?! Tinribs feels I’m worth investigating, thats up to him/her and screenshotted it.

            I’ve heard a lot of very unsavoury things about this blog and you people, so believe me I didn’t come here to get involved.

            Have a nice day x


          • I’m so glad you clarified that calling for people to be raped, castrated and eaten is normal and that anyone who objects to it is strange. Another mystery of the universe solved. Thanks, AG


    • 1:44 – “I have people contacting me probably three times a week, begging me to cover their case and help promote it or get the word out or whatever.”

      2:36 – “So with Melanie, I knew she’d been just pulled in by Hoaxtead Research and groomed and, you know, more or less programmed what to say, you know, ‘You tell these people to back off’.”

      3:11 – I do have a tendency to try and see the best in people.”

      Hmm. Cool stories, Angie

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      • Melanie concluded all on her own from the beginning of the Hampstead case that it was a hoax……. She made a video categorically telling Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill and Angela Power Disney to leave her the fck alone……….. She at that time, believed that Brian Gerrish was her hero and told me that I could also fck off unless I took him off my blacklist……….. I wouldn’t and so we agreed to disagree about him and I not contacted her since and wouldn’t dream of trying to use her to try and bolster myself in anyway at all……….I think she has been used enough, already and I did back at the beginning of 2016, when I contacted her. I hope she also takes Cip Clips advice. He made a video about her, too.
        I wish these abusive troofers would leave CSA Survivors alone, stop trying to groom them for their own purposes.

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  10. Angela could do with listening to cip clips as well. She seems to be getting the message from Melanie Shaw at last. Her friend could do with a good dose of cop on, how many people in Ireland or indeed outside of the troofers’ world would ever have heard of Melanie Shaw.

    The troofers’ seem to think they are big fish in a small pond, not so though!

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    • She’s saying we brainwashed Melanie into attacking her, lol. She’s changed her tune – at the time she said it was down to heroin!

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  11. They’re calling Macaulay Culkin a paedophile now.. YT is out of control with idiots saying what they want about any celebrity.


  12. Thats Kev Baker in the video posted above about Brian Harvey. Kev Baker wearing big shades and a false beard. Doing damage limitation no doubt for his sick buddies that Brian Harvey has called out publicly.

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