Belinda McKenzie and Peter Hofschröer: Untangling a web of lies

Many thanks to regular HR commenter Mik7777 for directing our attention to a recent post by Neil Wilby on his eponymous blog, in which he fills in some interesting details in the matter of convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer.

You might recall that Belinda first raised the alarm about Mr Hofschröer’s absconding on her Facebook page, at the tail end of a syrupy post about Mr Hofschröer’s mother:

This post, written on Saturday, 8 July, describes how Mr Hofschröer vanished while Belinda was out tending to his mother.

A few days later, Tracey Morris posted to Belinda’s Facebook page, noting that a 5-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted at a playground very close to Belinda’s home. While we did not believe that Mr Hofschröer had assaulted the child, we made the point that it seemed foolhardy to us to allow a convicted paedophile to lodge so close to an area frequented by small children. We reported Belinda and Tracey’s posts to police, as a precautionary measure. And as expected, Belinda responded with sputtering rage.

As Mr Wilby points out, in this comment Belinda reverses her claim, stating that Mr Hofschröer did in fact turn himself in to the police on 6 July, as scheduled:

However, Mr Wilby also says that “a friend of Mr Hofschröer” (most likely Andy Peacher, who seems to have adopted the role of deputy spokes-thingy in the case) contradicted Belinda’s self-contradiction:

A friend of Hofschröer’s posted on social media that none of his friends were aware of his whereabouts – and neither were the Metropolitan Police. Nor the solicitors instructed in the matter of his extradition. But, as with Ms McKenzie, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction in this vexed case.

Other Hofschröer ‘campaigners’, including one exiled in Ireland to frustrate arrest warrants in force against him, claim he is not a paedophile at all and that downloading indecent images does not count as child sex abuse.

Hofschröer was wearing an electronic tag on his ankle when he allegedly absconded. An alarm would have sounded at a monitoring station once his absence exceeded the terms of his licence.

Difficult to separate fact from fiction indeed!

Here’s our brief summary of the situation so far:

Belinda: Ooh, how exciting, Peter has absconded while my back was turned!
Tracey: Hey Belinda, did you hear a child was assaulted a couple of blocks from your house?
HR: Hmm, if we were Belinda, we might think twice about hosting a convicted paedophile so close to a popular playground…
Belinda: Oh wait, silly me, I forgot. Peter really did turn himself in when he was supposed to. He wasn’t even in the UK when that assault happened. Whoopsies! My bad.
Andy: (intoning) It’s been days and days, and no one knows where Peter is, not even his friends…OUCH!! Belinda, stop kicking me! What was that for?
Belinda: (smiling like a fox eating shit out of a wire brush) Everything’s fine here, folks, nothing to see…move along…

Mr Wilby points out that no mention has been made in the media or by any police agency about Mr Hofschröer’s escape (or non-escape, depending upon who one believes). We’ll continue to follow this story.

38 thoughts on “Belinda McKenzie and Peter Hofschröer: Untangling a web of lies

  1. Belinder has really got creativity with the truth down to a fine art,well not exactly fine art more a sort of shambolic tangled mess kittens get into when a ball of wool is chucked at them.

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  2. Everytime I see that picture of peter the pedo it makes me feel a little ill.
    Same with seeing the hoax promoters and the troofers, they share a lot in common with paedophiles.

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  3. This article, above, as good a place as any to discuss the following:
    **Where did this obsessive fixation on alleged ELITE pedophile-child abusers come from?**

    As it currently manifests, the “Elite pedo-child abusers” narrative is primarily political, it is populist sex crime slander for political purposes – i.e., “pizzagate”. However, the true origin of this narrative was – as a subtle, manipulative, form of pedophile-pederast apologetics.

    I’m NOT saying, that everyone who is currently pushing the Elite pedophile conspiracy narrative are themselves secretly sexually attracted to children. Let me be clear about that. What I am saying, is that the obsessive focus on wealthy/powerful child abusers comes out of a deceptive meta-narrative promulgated by “working class” (albeit well educated) pederasts – the idea that there are BAD pederasts, who are wealthy-powerful child abusers that heartlessly exploit poor children as sex slave “meat”, and GOOD pederasts who are more socialistic middle class or working class men that genuinely care about the children’s humanity and LOVE them for who (not what) they are. (In other words, boy-LOVERS, which is what “pederast” literally translates to).
    That meta-narrative is a crock of shit, of course, but it can be traced all the way back to pederast apologists such as John Henry Mackay:

    “Using the pseudonym Sagitta, Mackay wrote a series of works for pederastic emancipation, titled Die Bücher der namenlosen Liebe (Books of the Nameless Love). This series was conceived in 1905 and completed in 1913 and included the Fenny Skaller, a story of a pederast.[2] Under his real name he also published fiction, such as Der Schwimmer (1901) and, again as Sagitta, he published a pederastic novel of the Berlin boy-bars, Der Puppenjunge (literally “The Boy-Doll”, but published in English as The Hustler) (1926). In a note to the American publisher of this book, Christopher Isherwood said, “It gives a picture of the Berlin sexual underworld early in this century which I know, from my own experience, to be authentic.” – Wikipedia

    [I’m going to cut this up, as WordPress has been freezing up on my longer postings lately]

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    • The very first modern-era claim to possessing a folio (can’t remember the British term) of information about Elite pedophiles, came from a defendant in one of the Playland scandal trials of the mid 1970’s. That fellow happened to be an unemployed laborer, accused of pimping (and sodomizing) runaway boys. He was certainly guilty of that, along with several others, but when released on appeal claimed to possess such a folio and offered (or threatened) to give it to police. His statements clearly demonstrate his belief in that meta-narrative – he was only “trying to help” these poor boys, (because he LOVED them, eh?) , but these wealthy-powerful clients of his…they were evil sadistic monsters that deserved to rot in prison. Everyone understands? If not, ask me to clarify.

      Ok. Now let’s look at Tom Philpott again for an example of just how subtle & deceptive this meta-narrative can be. Remember, he’s the American history professor from that old pseudo-documentary on youtube sometimes titled “Boys for Sale”. (I talked about the boy-lover apologist origin of the book that title was stolen from, before).
      I was going through that video again recently, documenting Philpott’s references to the 1970’s boy prostitution & pornography conspiracy run by subscribers to “Better Life Monthly” – a FEW of whom really were millionaire black-sheep young men from very wealthy families, but MOST of whom were quite ordinary middle class & working class perverts. Philpott does refer to some of those cases, but he always does so without naming any of the persons involved. He discusses the whole subject as though it was all “top secret” information or can’t be discussed openly because of on going investigations – neither of which insinuations were really true at that time. Nothing about Better Life was “secret” by then, and Philpott certainly was not the only person to possess this info, nor the only person talking about it publicly, as he attempts to claim.
      Tom Philpott describes an “organized crime” conspiracy, (Better Life was that, you could say), not run by The Mafia but run by a “high level” pederast conspiracy of social-political elites, who not only exploit but also routinely torture & murder young homeless & outcast boys. There have been a number of American serial killers who fit that description, but none of them were involved in any “organized” criminal child-trafficking conspiracy.

      Ok, so that’s Philpott’s allegations about the BAD pedophile-pederast “Elite”. Where is the “good” pederast, in that narrative? Right under your nose, or in front of your face, of course.
      Philpott is asked about his sources, where is he getting his information? He says: “blah and blah…and intervews..and blah…” Interviews! Philpott was “interviewing” young boys,12-16 or so, who had been prostituting themselves in several cities in Texas. He is not a police investigator, he’s not a social worker or a youth worker, he’s not a juvenile probation officer, he’s not a journalist. He’s not even a sociologist or an anthropologist! He’s only a history professor.
      A history professor, who “interviewed” young boy prostitutes in motel rooms in the middle of the night! And were there witnesses to these interviews? Apparently not. Are there/ were there recordings of those interviews? Apparently not. Are there/ were there transcriptions of these interviews? Supposedly, but they were “confidential”, of course so no one but Philpott was ever allowed to review them…
      And why was Philpott doing all this work with these kids? Spending so much time, involved in so much clandestine phone calls, outings in the middle of the night and other “secret” activity that he wife eventually freaked right out and separated from him? Was he “commissioned” or “appointed” by anyone, to do this? Was he doing this professionally, was he being paid to do this? No. He was doing this, so he could help to “rescue” such boys, perhaps even by “bringing them into his home”, because he cared so much. Because he LOVED them. one must presume…

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  4. So Bellender has been exposed as a No. One Bullshit Artist and is busted by her own posts.
    Why did she bother? What was her motive?
    I thought the insinuation that there had been an attack on a young girl and Hofschröer being on the loose was fairly tenuous as I did note that his “36,000” images were apparently all young boys.

    As for McKenzie’s attacks upon Hoaxtead, she and her fruitloop mob have no qualms in making outlandish claims about all sorts of people, accusing them of vile crimes on no proof but have a dig at the old crow and she’s clutching her pearls to her chest in mock outrage.

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      • “As for Neil Wilby- I’m not sure what to make of him.”

        Pretty much what it says on the tin AFAIK. Bent coppers and corrupt officials not only exist, but in some places are the norm. Some say it is part of the ‘remit’ of hoaxers and conspiracy theorists to detract from that by confusing, in the public’s mind, genuine truth and justice seekers with raving lunatics, and that this agenda has official (if tacit) endorsement. – this, for example, we have people like McKenzie and others rendered seemingly untouchable.

        Love him or hate him, I am unaware of anything that indicates Mr Wilby is anything other than genuine; and as such a natural target for conflationary tactics. – Not popular with certain of his former peers either, which is a plus in my book.

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    • “So Bellender has been exposed as a No. One Bullshit Artist and is busted by her own posts. Why did she bother? What was her motive?”

      Good question, GoS. What is Belinda’s motive for anything? Maximum confusion? A desire to look like a martyr? Some form of financial gain? It’s a mystery to me as well. All I can say for certain is that at one point she said that Mr Hofschröer had escaped and was on the loose, and she emphasised that she’d had nothing to do with it, but was cheering him on. Next thing we knew, she’d done an about-face and was saying he’d turned himself in for deportation as scheduled. Even in Belinda-Land, those two statements cannot simultaneously be true.

      “I thought the insinuation that there had been an attack on a young girl and Hofschröer being on the loose was fairly tenuous as I did note that his ‘36,000’ images were apparently all young boys”.

      Very true. And when we posted about the attack happening to loosely coincide with Mr Hofschröer’s being on the run, we weren’t stating that he’d committed the crime, only that it seemed unnecessarily risky to house a convicted paedophile next to a popular playground. Belinda took this as an accusation, apparently, and that seems to have been what prompted her about-face.


      • I would’ve thought if this bloke was on the run for something as serious as child porn that the police would issue a warning, if they didn’t and something happened they would be liable.


    • He used to dress up in military uniforms of the Napoleonic era and re enact battles in the 1970s. Of course a lot of school groups would have visited events he was involved in – and from the photo we can see that Mr Hofschröer liked to use the opportunity to literally get his hands on the kids.

      For the record, the person who originally posted this photo on line, without the pixelation, is the child in the photo. They haven’t to my knowledge made any claim to have been sexually abused by PH. As with a number of children’s entertainers of the period, we know look back on images, that we thought showed innocent horseplay at the time, and realise something much nastier was happening in plain sight.

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    • Aside from the obvious lack of self-awareness, it’s ‘perverting’, not ‘obstructing’.

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    • If there was a crime such as being a self absorbed,delusional,egostical,narcissistic abject pile of vapid,arse patting,projectile vomit inducing,gobshite merchant with a bottomless begging bowl that harbours dreams of being the poster girl for “I`m fucking great I am” monthly magazine she might be in deep shit too.

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        • With hindsight that was perhaps a tad ill considered,particularly given as its teatime here in old blighty.Sorry about all that ladies and gentlemen 😉

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      • Great description Mik, it covers most of the conspiraloons and troofer crowd. No self awareness when being extremely insulting to victims and their families one minute, making false accusations of the worst crimes imaginable the next, then crying about people callng them on their bullshit and threatening to sue for defamation. The accusations against themselves normally have actual evidence behind them, where as they slander anyone based on gut instinct, gossip, lying, dot joining, reading other idiots nonsense etc.

        Belinda housed a convicted paedophile, therefore she is a paedophile protector.
        Angela a self confessed child beater, claims she failed to protect her daughter on several occasions and even made her apologise to her abuser, another paedophile protector. She also allowed her family and grandchildren around her father, the man she accused of being a Paedophile.
        Shurter stands up for his convicted paedophile friends, claiming the children lied etc despite all the evidence against his pedo pals.

        These people surround themselves with paedophiles.

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  5. I have a question for those more up on Shurters antics. Do Dave’s dogs even exist? Has anyone ever seen these hell hounds? Ever heard them in the background barking or causing a stir? Ever been shown on camera, you would have thought they may have been out in the garden for the magic rock incident.
    Does he just roll these fictional dogs out every so often for sympathy and donations?
    If they do exist why does he not have them in videos for added sympathy, added comfort etc like LTV and other conspiraloons?

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    • Don’t know about the alleged dogs, sorry, but I’d expect them to be the type that could fit in a large teacup 🙂
      That pederast meta-narrative (above) pops up in Dipstick Shyster’s version of events in Omaha though. He alleges all these high-powered satanic political pedophile boy traffickers, right? But his own buddies, the actually convicted pederasts, well they were just nice guys who let some “boy hustlers” sleep at their houses. Maybe they played with some kids bum while he slept but hey! they were the GOOD, kindly lovers of boys…

      But we caught him at it, in his own words, and haven’t allowed him to play that meta-narrative game 🙂

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    • The local Mental health Crisis team need to see that. It is not very easy to get help these days, but if I knew someone making those rants IRL I would have no qualms about trying to get them so professional help.

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  6. “Unregistered baby sacrifces”?

    At least Abe never accused anyone of not registering baby sacrifices.

    Done some deep research into the “snuff films made in a pub with ex chief of police in August 2002” and its clear Neelu cant even get her dates right.This one was made in 1964 and probably not even in August.

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  7. All these child abusers and child abuse enablers that see themselves as Messiah’s like Abe, Ella, Belinda et all, should be put in the stocks and be tomartyred by the victims of their hate campaigns. I would call for stronger punishment, but this isn’t the place not time.

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  8. Not true, of course (sadly, Kane has not lost his page):

    But hey, it’s always fun to watch the defective detective bumbling around like a brainless chimp.

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