Are we giving undue attention to nonentities?

Over the past few days, we have devoted considerable time and attention to a rather ordinary (if louder and more poorly groomed than most) American evangelical Christian from Ohio, named Thomas Dunn.

Dunn, who styles himself a “filmmaker”, first came to our attention thanks to Angela Power-Disney nearly three years ago, and we’d probably have written him off as just another conspirevangelist if he had not decided to mount a campaign to sell Hampstead-themed CSA merchandise, backed up by an aggressive series of shouty, bulgy-eyed YouTube videos.

The poor man’s Rupert?

In the above video, YouTuber “White Coat Man” points out that in addition to his various threats and fist-shaking episodes, Dunn states that he is considering coming to the UK. More recently, he has encouraged his followers to go to Christ Church in Hampstead to “find out what’s happening”; and he has urged them to phone members of the church. Clearly, Dunn believes that he has the moral authority to lead yet another charge against Hampstead.

It’s probably no coincidence that Angela has been all over the comments sections of Dunn’s YouTube broadcasts like a bad rash.

Nor is it coincidental, in our opinion, that Dunn has been spouting the Hampstead hoax as told by Angie: “There was never a police investigation; anybody who speaks out about the hoax has been arrested, harassed, or run out of London; videos about the hoax cannot be viewed in the UK; all the trolls are RD”…most readers here will know the drill.

All of which is to say that while Dunn may be a nonentity on his own account, Angela has been acting as his coach and puppet-master, which makes him a matter of passing interest to some who follow this blog.

‘On turning midgets into giants’

We’ve noted, however, that not everyone agrees with our choice to report on, or challenge, Dunn’s inane ramblings. In particular, James Hind, who has long supported us in our quest to expose the Hampstead hoax promoters, posted about his disapproval yesterday:

In a series of boring and vapid videos Dunn not only failed to offer any strategy of supporting the Hampstead Hoax, other than invites to buy his merchandise, he had no or weak connections to the existing promoters of the Hoax, and was ignorant even of the basics of what the Hoaxters were claiming happened in Hampstead.  All I saw was a bullshitter who was largely ignorant about the Hoax, had no strategy, following or offered any viable threat to anyone.

There is no justification that the well-oiled campaigning machine of Hoaxtead to jump onto Thomas Dunn to give him so much attention, turning a midget into a giant. It might be claimed that Dunn poses a threat to the children of Hampstead, but Hoaxtead has  created the threat where there was none at all to start with.  

We accept that this may very well be a valid observation: we may have given Dunn’s online presence a boost in the past several days.

When we first saw Dunn’s early 2016 interview with Angela, we assumed, correctly, that he was just another rabid nutter with delusions of grandeur. More recently, he’s become increasingly manic in his blathering, and he’s probably received some undue attention as a result of our coverage.

Then again, Dunn is far from the first minor player who’s received more than a fair share of publicity from us: people like Dawn Moses (“Tiny Magical Creatures”), Catriona Selvester, Malcolm Ogilvy, and others have made vanishingly small contributions to perpetuating the Hampstead hoax. However, their harassment and attempts to bully us have brought them to our attention and kept them in the limelight.

A danger of publicising such people will always be that in doing so, we offer them a stage upon which to do their hateful little dances—for example, if we didn’t look at Cat’s or Malkie’s blogs, would anybody at all notice them? They get zero comments, and as we’ve mentioned before, they receive so few page views that they don’t even register on traffic measurement sites. Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.36.05 AM

What, then, to do about this inadvertent boosting of the boring, the inane, or the obscure? Arguably, it might be preferable to simply ignore them and focus on bigger fish.

We’ve also been building a decent repertoire of “explainer” posts, in which we discuss the history of belief in SRA in the UK, look at some of the people and institutions that have contributed to satanic panics past and present, and talk about the links between conspiracism and moral panics, for example.

The fact that we have time and energy to spend on hoaxers of lesser significance actually speaks to the fact that slowly but surely, the Hampstead hoax is winding down. Yes, the biggest fish, Abraham and Ella, remain at large; Wesley has fled abroad; and charges are pending against Angela but are by no means certain.

However, Sabine’s trial is due to begin next month, and should be settled, one way or another, by Christmas. Jake has been found guilty of harassment and will be sentenced next week. Neelu has just been asked to attend an interview with Ilford police about a suspected breach of her restraining order. All of this seems to point to a kind of winding up of the legal side of the hoax.

We are in the end game now, and it may be time for us to start thinking about what we will do once the Hampstead SRA hoax has moved into the annals of history.

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79 thoughts on “Are we giving undue attention to nonentities?

  1. I think Dunn has the potential to cause more distress to the innocent families and must be tackled with a view to flagging his evil videos and challenging his slanderous statements.

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    • Totally agree. I think it’s very important to keep a record such as this website so anyone who surfs the net after stumbling across Thomas Dunny’s B/S (and others) and searches out alternative views, as is the wont of those seeking information, can read up on the various characters involved. And let’s face it, the hoaxers have a dismal record to date even though they seem determined to cause stress for many innocent people.

      # I tried to keep me ears open last night when I knew Committee President Clementine Fortheringham–Babcock would be discussing potential Koala Award nominees in the Saloon Bar. In fact I decided to join her table and you would be proud of me as I gave a 40 minute spiel on the brilliant efforts of Hoaxtead posters and their recent successes.
      Unfortunately I only realised right near the end that she had passed out and the smile on her face was just a drunken grin but I’m sure you will agree, it’s the thought that counts. (took a selfie to show I was there)

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  2. Oh no! What will I do (seriously)? I would really miss this blog if it were not here. Thanks EC and all who contribute.

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  3. Saying that, everyone this blog attends to is a non entity, that’s their problem and probably accounts for their bizarre behaviour and obviously limited mental facilities and mental health / emotional issues. They’d be tragic if they weren’t so dangerous for the filthy lies they spread. Rats laden with plague the lot of them.

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  4. I have always respected & probably always will respect James’ opinion. But, there is always a but isn’t there, I think Dunn’s beliefs were thrown out with the dishwater last night by Grobnob & Flo getting in touch with two people who didn’t have the first clue about Hampstead other than what they heard from Dunn, so hopefully as I said in the last topic, they & their listeners will look at it in it’s entirety & realise just how ridiculous the claims actually are.

    Therefore, in my very humble opinion, the postings will do a lot of good & help to show Dunn up for what he really is, a dunce, a scammer & a person of no morals whatsoever who is trying to make money of the backs of innocent children & ordinary residents in Hampstead living a normal life.

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    • I respect some of James’s opinions but some I find deeply offensive.

      In his blog he has made no secret of his admiration for people who he considers to be “strong leaders” specifically Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

      I find this very confusing in relation to his extreme dislike of people who make false accusations. I have been reading the excellent book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: Adventures in Modern Russia by Peter Pomerantsev.

      I have not yet finished the book but one chapter is devoted to the story of a successful businesswoman who is arrested and jailed due to false allegations and trumped up charges. Pomerantsev states that this is an extremely common way in which Putin and his associates steal assets from ordinary, hard working Russians.

      I am also mindful of the case of the case of Sergei Magnitsky and the false allegations against him and his appalling death.

      I am curious as to whether James experiences any cognitive dissonance in relation to his hatred of false accusations and his admiration for Putin.


  5. I had written out a post but I think it went into cyber space, depending on what I pressed when an unexpected conversation happened which took my eye of the screen.

    There was a discussion before about the blog, perhaps 18 months or so ago & it winding down. I hope it doesn’t as I enjoy everybody’s views & I believe it does a lot of good work dispelling scammers…….Wesley…….Common law myths…….Neelu, Divine, etc……..Crazy people……Angela Power & many more.

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  6. I think this site follows it’s users’ opinions and trends rather than dictates. Ratweazle is making a nuisance and needs exposing for his dishonesty and abusing the controversy. He’s a weak character and once spoken to on his own soil will have no option but to back off.

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  7. I would be sad if this blog went away, I haven’t been online long and you lot were the first people on the internet i got to know. I do agree with James about giving this turd publicity though.

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  8. Sean Maguire and his Ballbag radio is the media fuckpuppet for Amanda Mary Jewell — a cancer scammer who likes to dress up in white-labcoat cosplay when she kills people with medical non-treatment (at the moment she’s killing desperate gullible cancer patients in Belize… before that, she was killing them at a “clinic” in Bulgaria).

    I mention that (a) to indicate the kind of person Sean Maguire is, and (b) to say that there is an inexhaustible number of other worthy targets, if the Hampstead hoax should ever lose its appeal.

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    • It was interesting to hear Maguire admit that he lost the plot last year and got sectioned as a result, apparently not for the first time. This was followed by an angry denial that there was anything wrong with him, natch.

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  9. The issue of giving attention to narcissistic nonentities is something I have given a great deal of thought to so it is interesting that it has come up here. I have discussed this very issue with EC before in private.

    I think that, because Hoaxtead Research is the product of the hard work and research of many people, each with their individual areas of interest and expertise we do cast out net wide and attention-seeking nonentities will enjoy the oxygen of publicity from time to time.

    Sometime I have felt frustrated when someone has made a long, detailed and important post, only for it to be overlooked because Scamgela or some other odious grifter has live-streamed a video and everyone races to comment on it.

    I have even wondered whether there might be some coordinated activity in this respect. EC or a commenter posts something important and one of the hoaxers uploads an especially comedic video or makes exceptionally outrageous claims in order to bury important information. This is something we should be alert to in my opinion.

    With regard to Tom Dunn I think we should be aware of the risks of promoting him but also of the risks of making him appear to be a persecuted martyr to naive / deluded conspiracy theorists.

    I have noticed that one of the models of political jujitsu used by the sinister forces creating these hoaxes is to create “survivor” figureheads who they then use sock-puppet accounts and websites to bully and harass. There are certain figures within the “survivor” community who have been the subject of disgusting bullying that has provided them with a cloak of credibility in some circles. Given that these people have long established links to false-memory generating cults and psychotherapists I am concerned about infiltration of sceptical, rationalist, anti-hoax, anti-child abuse and genuine survivor movements by these individuals.

    I believe that EC’s position on using rational, respectful debate and demonstrating evidence is a good strategy. To my knowledge posts on Hoaxtead Research do not sink to bullying or doxxing and this is a good thing. The last thing we need is to create martyrs out of the hoaxers. The hoaxers love to play the victim card and we need to be able to demonstrate that their claims in this respect, at least as far as Hoaxtead Research is concerned, are false.

    Now specifically re Tom Dunn, while I think it is important to be mindful of James Hind’s concerns I disagree that James we should not expose Dunn’s activities at an early stage.

    My disagreement with James’s position is based on my own research into cults and hoaxes and how they spread. In my opinion an epidemiological perspective is highly relevant as the hoaxes and the cults spread via social contagion, either in real life or via the internet.

    Part of Dunn’s putative empire of merchandising consists of stickers and drop cards. These are effectively items that spread an infection, an infection of belief in that the Hampstead hoax is not a hoax but a real satanic cult. People buying such material may in fact decide that they too would like to move into Hampstead hoax entrepreneur territory and start to manufacture their own cards. Alternatively Dunn may offer a multi-level-marketing (MLM) business model to purchasers whereby they receive commission for items they sell or sellers they recruit. I have seen this happen before in relation to cults and the progression of these small business is similar to an infection spreading.

    We need to keep an epidemiological perspective in mind and to practice infection control. The complete control of infectious disease has been a struggle that has long preoccupied the human race. It is easier to control infection by isolating and treating infected individuals than it is to allow them to have access to a wider community and spread infection everywhere they go. Scamgela is a veritable Typhoid Mary in this respect and while Dunn is not a patient zero / index case he has been correctly identified as someone who is at risk of spreading infection to a massive population that is especially vulnerable to infection, namely the Christian conspiracy theorist element of US society.

    In my opinion we should practice good infection control and monitor Dunn and expose his activities but be mindful of not giving him any ammunition with which he can claim to be a martyr.

    Also, for the record, I believe that anyone who uses the photos, videos and likenesses of the Hampstead children for commercial purposes, as Dunn is doing and as NYSTV has done, should face criminal charges relating to the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

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    • “Sometime I have felt frustrated when someone has made a long, detailed and important post, only for it to be overlooked because Scamgela or some other odious grifter has live-streamed a video and everyone races to comment on it.”

      Yep, that’s me – frequently going off topic. Sorry

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      • And me, though I do think there’s a case for posting stuff in the comments section as it breaks, even if it doesn’t relate to the post.

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        • Yes, it’s a hazard of our one-big-post-per-day format. New information often comes in via the comments section. However, there’s nothing to stop people continuing to discuss the topic of the day alongside the newest information. It can get a bit messy at times, but for now it’s the format that seems to fit best.

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      • I think a case can be made for reader’s choice here. The variety of comments and links posted here is one of the things that makes this blog great and people always have a choice which comments to read and which links to follow. I don’t think attention given to one means that another one gets missed – the other one is still there for people to read as well, should they wish to do so.

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      • No need to be sorry 🙂

        I am sorry if my comment reads as a complaint, I did not intend it to read that way.

        One of the extremely challenging aspects of the Hampstead hoax is that there is a vast ocean of conspiracy theorists who promote different aspects of the hoax.

        Also, very often, apparently insignificant videos posted by small time players can contain important information. I have a huge database of screen shots, videos and other evidence regarding real conspiracies relating to cults, hoaxes, fake news and SRA hoaxes. It is an overwhelming amount of data and, just because I am only one ordinary person, I often overlook small details in videos, photos etc. that are important and either validate or nullify a hypothesis. I know I am not alone in this respect. When faced with a huge amount of data emanating from multiple sources it is just not possible to give every little thing the attention it deserves.

        I am not sure how many people post here and contribute to the blog but we are dwarfed by the huge wave of idiocy and false accusations generated by the hoaxers.

        It is a David and Goliath battle, especially given the hoaxers’ MO of cuckooing the social networking channels of vulnerable adults.

        I would love it to be true that we are reaching an endgame re the Hampstead hoax but I fear it is not true. The Hampstead hoax is part of a wider trend of fake news, social engineering and interference in elections and referendums that is only just getting started.

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    • “Also, for the record, I believe that anyone who uses the photos, videos and likenesses of the Hampstead children for commercial purposes, as Dunn is doing and as NYSTV has done, should face criminal charges relating to the commercial sexual exploitation of children.”

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        • It’s good that they took the children’s photos down but to be fair they should never have published them in the first place.

          Also, to be fair, they are still hosting videos of Thomas Dunn on their youtube channel. This is outrageous.

          Thomas Dunn is exploiting two innocent children (children who were tortured accounting to the courts) via his merchandising enterprises. He demonstrates no concern for the children’s privacy, no respect for the courts who found that the children had been abused – not by satanists but by their mother and her partner. Dunn demonstrates no concern for the fact that each time he benefits commercially from that merchandising he is benefitting financially from child abuse.

          The police and the courts in the UK have asked that people do not share the videos or photos of the children or the narrative because the material places the children at risk of harm and is likely to also be of prurient interest to paedophiles. Dunn in unconcerned by this and carries on regardless. He is no better than the deranged people who believe in torturing children to “deliver” them from demons. His merchandising business is hurting children and anyone who cares about protecting children from abuse should have nothing to do with him.

          While I am pleased that NYSTV have removed the photos of the children from their social networking accounts – although many would say “too little too late” they are still promoting Thomas Dunn and his horrifying child exploitation business (for that is exactly what it is) on their youtube channel.


    • surreal sometimes we do go off topic yes, but it can be for different reasons. At times it might be because it is a slow day on the blog so it’s good to read about something or someone that is connected to the hoax. I do however understand your frustration about it, if a poster has gone into a lot of detail & a lot of hard work has gone into a particular post, it may feel as if it is being overlooked but I don’t think so. We all have a myriad of thoughts, ideas & can feel differently about some postings. I myself am very uncomfortable about some posts & really know nothing about them so there is no use in me contributing to them & showing my lack of knowledge just for the sake of posting something.

      I’m beginning to ramble so will finish this off and I do hope you understood what I was trying to say, I’m not great at getting my point across at the best if times.


      • Luca

        I don’t really think there is such a thing as “off topic” here and if there is then I am as guilty of it is as the next person.

        As I said earlier, even comedic videos from various hoaxers often contain little important nuggets of information that get overlooked. Sometimes by studying the details you can get an important perspective on the whole.

        Trying to get people to conform to this or that way of posting would be like trying to herd mice and be counterproductive, however I do think it is worth taking a perspective on the big picture and news alerts when one of the hoaxers suddenly goes into facebook or youtube overdrive, just in case they are creating a veil behind which to hide news.

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  10. Dunn is more relevant to the Hampstead case than, say, Charles Seven or Becki Percy, but I can also see shades of Dave Sh**ter in him too, in that he only shouts so loud to compensate for the lack of shits people give about what he says. As I think EC pointed out a few days ago, the guy’s an incurable attention seeker (again, just like Sh**ter). So maybe there’s a case for just ignoring the prick after all. It worked for Sh**ter anyway!

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  11. Yes, there’s definitely a case for ignoring that yellow-toothed greasy-haired Scottish bloke who runs that incomprehensible Holliwotsit blog. What was his name again? Fuck it, who cares?

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  12. The aforementioned police missive to Neelu for anyone who missed it last night (she has to attend an interview at 3:00 or face arrest):

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    • My guess: Garbage Lady’s next communique is one where she announces her intention of not attending the interview, daring the Agents of the Law to do their worst, and telling them that she never received the invitation.

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      • Her video clearly indicates that she is intending to attend with a real solicitor. I was puzzled by this as, like last April, there is an absolute right to refuse and no legal jeopardy can be inferred from a refusal.

        So thanks to Neelu for putting her foot in her mouth and posting: “If you fail to turn up you are going to be arrested.” On further checking, the Met Police appear to have a policy of using Caution+3 interviews to get around the new 12 month limit on police bail, the clock of which starts from the time of arrest. It would be interesting to find out which restraining order she is alleged to have broken as it would seem to me that the 6th April 2004 one is the one she has most flagrantly been flouting. However, with one case coming up next month, and APD having her computers confiscated, it could just be natural moment on her second one.

        As of now (10am) we can say what we like about her, but if later she posts that she has actually been arrested I’m sure that everyone will be cognisant of UK contempt laws!

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        • The Police seem to be treating her very gently overall. The text message is in pretty friendly terms. I think Neelu attending the interview with a real solicitor, instead of Edward Ellis or a doll made out of old yogurt pots (which is pretty much the same thing), would be in everybody’s best interest. I hope she will listen to sense.

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      • Thanks for thinking of every single person on this planet Neelu! But,bug, all those fountains of gold even in umbrellas would kill is all & we wouldn’t be around to enjoy it. For the moment we won’t think about world economics eh, as I know that’s never a concern of yours with your million, billion, trillion talk.

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      • I’m trying to work this out. Does she mean “gold, like umbrellas”? i.e. gold which will appear stick-like but when you press a little button it will open up and shield people from inclement weather?

        Or “gold-like umbrellas”? i.e. umbrellas which look like gold but are actually just painted to look shiny?

        Or some other thing which no one else understands but her? Answers on a postcard, please.

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  13. Last night’s Sean Maguire interview with Angela for anyone who missed it:

    The folder contains the full show and also three clips if you’d prefer to skip straight to the juicy bits:

    – A highly incriminating rant about Hampstead, Hoaxtead, RD and the Garda

    – An attack on Yolande Kenward in which Angie threatens to name and brutally harass Yolande’s children

    – Angie revealing of one of the things Yolande did to piss her off so much – and it might surprise you!

    In the full interview there are also ill-informed and ill-advised rants about both the McCabe affair and the Baby H case, as well as a rather long and terminally dull poetry reading. (That’s poetry she wrote herself, folks – try to contain your excitement.)

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  14. I cleaned the cobwebs off my YouTube and did a couple of test streams last night. I’ll not link them here as
    ” Imagine the size of the turd that killed Elvis ” is about as clean as it gets when I’m on home ground. I’ll be having fun with Dunn over the coming months. I have a following of some of the nastiest and most vicious scum on YouTube and I know they’ll be head over heels in love with the assorted knobheads and show their appreciation.


  15. The problem is he is spreading it on Twitter now as Grobnob has pointed out. Perhaps as a result of this blog, perhaps not. But I am glad Grobnob & Flo got an opportunity to try to straighten things out, some may believe them, some not, however without the postings about Dunn, that would not have happened.

    I do have & always have had the greatest respect for James & will follow the Becki Percy story closely.

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      • I expect twitter is as far as he’ll get. Sharing one of your goofy facebook pals memes is one thing, shelling out twenty bucks on a t shirt is another. It’ll be funny seeing how few t shirts he sells. On another note becki Percy is on her second fifty percent off sale in the last three weeks. Only problem with selling crap to dumb people is most dumb people aren’t that dumb and are usually broke. I predict within two to four weeks ratboy knocks down prices to celebrate how well its been going

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  16. I have been wondering whether an important weapon in fighting the Hampstead hoax might be to provide clear diagrams that even a child could understand? For example, the ridiculous claims that the vestments drawers in the church contained baby skulls. This claim has been thoroughly debunked using uncomplicated, clear language that most ordinary people can understand but when dealing with troofers FotLers etc. it is possible that one needs to make things very clear with simple diagrams. E.g. height of vestment drawer compared with baby skull, maybe complete with a measuring ruler or a can of coke or some other universally recognised unit.

    It is a depressing truth that many conspiracy theorists will believe all kinds of insane things regardless of evidence and many have an unshakable belief in SRA. However given that some former conspiracy theorists and SRA believers have crossed the fence I jut think it might be a worthwhile exercise to do some debunking with diagrams for those who find words challenging?

    I would also like to see, for example, diagrams showing the floor plans and construction of the MacDonalds restaurant where the hidden ovens for roasting babies are alleged to exist and also a diagram of the cubicle in the swimming baths where many people are alleged to have gathered together, in apparent contravention of all known laws of physics.

    If this has already been done then please accept my apologies. I just think it is important not to underestimate human stupidity and to fashion ones debunking efforts accordingly.

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    • He does realise that children already walk around with 4g/Wi-Fi mobile phones glued to them, right?

      Hey Andy, welcome to the 21st Century!

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  17. The Easter Rising was 1916, the War of Independence was 1921 & Ireland became a Republic in 1949. Six German soldiers were interned in Ireland when their plane went down over Cork I believe & were moved to The Curragh, an army barracks, I’ve never heard of any in Oldcastle but The Curragh isn’t far so it’s reasonable to expect that some of them could have travelled to it & may have settled there.

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  18. While we’re still deciding whether or not to ignore Dunny the Dunce, here are his latest ill-informed ramblings…

    (The Hampstead crap and RD slander starts at 25:01 and at 51:58 he reveals one of his own perverted fantasies perhaps when he mentions “walking into a school and sodomising children with a sex toy”.)

    Then there’s his latest Facebook rant and it seems he’s not happy with us (and he’s not a fan of safe driving either, it seems):


    And then there’s his latest profit drive:

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    • Fear is the mind killer, from dune. Abe likes that line. Not sold any shirts ? Darn, that’s his biggest profit margin. He keeps saying we, we’re doing this, we’re busy, we we we. As for his accusing people of slander ? Does this idiot not know he could be destroyed in a civil action and lose his crappy house ? The guy’s an idiot.

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