What makes the Hoaxtead mob tick?

A couple of weeks ago we passed the second anniversary of the day Sabine released the videos of RD’s children online, kicking off the social media firestorm that would become Hoaxtead. At the time, no one except the original hoaxters realised that an online smear campaign had begun, which would affect the lives of dozens…


Chris Spivey loses appeal bid, must pay £2,000 costs

Noted conspiracy blogger, the heavily tattooed Christopher Spivey, lost his appeal against his conviction for harassing the family of murdered soldier Lee Rigby. When we last left Mr Spivey, he had been convicted of criminal harassment, and despite his wailing and moaning that he would be a “dead man walking” if he were convicted, received…


CCN: Another scammer overboard!

Last month, hoax promoter Mel Ve’s Conscious Consumer Network lost Angela Power-Disney, who ‘fessed up that she could no longer afford the alleged “news network’s” broadcast fees for her two weekly broadcasts. Yesterday we learned that “Hope Girl”, purveyor of the “Quantum Energy Generator”, has also left CCN, for unspecified reasons.