Wesley Hall’s ‘cannabis retreat’ squat: True or false?

The last time we looked in on Wesley Hall, he was in the middle of an extended temper tantrum. As readers will recall, the short version is that he falsely claimed that his daughter had been threatened, and told several egregious lies in an attempt to extort more money from a doctor and his wife who had made the mistake of offering him food and shelter before he fled for Spain.

Wesley, whose grifting ways are well known in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area, is now claiming that he’s setting up some sort of free cannabis retreat on a property where he is currently squatting. Wesley Hall 2018-10-06 1Wesley Hall 2018-10-06 2Wesley Hall 2018-10-06 3Wesley Hall 2018-10-06 4As with most of Wesley’s posts, it’s important to sort out the utter bald-faced lies from the delusional fantasies. However, readers will know that we’re always up for a challenge.

The sob story

Well, after a few weeks of struggling, in severe pain, with spinal fractures; paying extortionate unaffordable rents in Barcelona; following being abandoned in a foreign country by my own supposed NHS pain management specialist – [redacted]; who sent me on a wild-goose-chase – hunting for land to setup an ethical cannabinoid retreat / hemp farm…. To be left without health insurance, or the accommodation/expenses/meetings he promised… With nothing… No transport or money… Carrying triple my body weight in equipment around… To then have my daughter‘s life threatened by his coked-up friends, when I explain this bizarre occurrence on here, rather than remain isolated…

  1. Claims to be in severe pain with spinal fractures: Possible, not verifiable.
  2. Paying extortionate unaffordable rents in Barcelona: Possible, but Wesley is very choosy about where he’ll stay.
  3. Abandoned in a foreign country by my own supposed NHS pain management specialist…who sent me on a wild goose chase: False. Wesley was not “sent” to Spain; he went to avoid re-arrest, and convinced his benefactress he was being hunted by a group of Satanists who wanted to kill him.
  4. Hunting for land to set up an ethical cannabinoid retreat/hemp farm: False, see #3.
  5. Left without health insurance: True, but could be solved by coming back to UK.
  6. Left without promised accommodations/expenses/meetings, without transport or money: False. These were never promised. Wesley had agreed to set up a web page and was being paid £100/wk for this, but failed to produce anything. Other monies were extracted from the doctor’s wife by threats of suicide, followed by harassment when the doctor and wife pulled the plug on funds.
  7. Daughter’s life threatened by [doctor’s] coked-up friends: False, see #3. Again.

The squat

I’m happy to say, with some help from an amazing friend, I’ve occupied my first foreign property, out of necessity…

Across Spain, over 3.4 MILLION empty properties are left empty… The beauty of residential squatting here is, that it will take the bank about 3 years to get me out…

It’s been un-used for several years and I have more of them in my sights… Built in a dizzying rush by developers to exploit cheap loans and favourable government regulations, these modern ruins now litter the landscape…

However… The beautiful legal tool ‘adverse possession’ is our friend 😉

Spain was one of the countries hardest hit by the European economic crisis… Due to a toxic combination of billions of euros worth of bad loans held by Spanish banks, and a real estate bubble that burst in spectacular style in 2007, Spain’s economy now faces multiple challenges…

The property is off-grid – I’m bleaching it from top to bottom and have already started getting the garden ready for next year, fitted with irrigation, and solar panels…

  1. With some help from an amazing friend, I’ve occupied my first foreign property: Probably true, but we hope the “amazing friend” realises what he or she is getting into. Here’s what happened last time an “amazing friend” allowed Wesley to squat in a high-end building in Manchester.
  2. Across Spain, over 3.4 MILLION empty properties are left empty. True. According to The Olive Press, Spain lags behind only Malta, Greece, and Mexico in unoccupied homes. However, only a small proportion of those empty properties are bank-owned, and Spain looks unfavourably upon squatters.
  3. The property is off-grid – I’m bleaching it from top to bottom and have already started getting the garden ready for next year, fitted with irrigation, and solar panels… Highly unlikely. Wesley is allergic to work, and in his next breath he will explain that he doesn’t have the irrigation equipment, solar panels, or (probably) even the bleach on hand. They are more “aspirational”, one might say.

The grift

If anyone wants to help out with volunteering; furniture; soft furnishings; paint; building materials; growing equipment; soil; seeds; cuttings etc – Then please get in touch, we’re in need of seed company sponsors for this wild spontaneous positive-change-from-crisis project…

  1. See previous remarks re labour (Wesley loves work; he can sit and watch others do it all day). Also see remarks re equipment, etc. Told you so.

The sulk

To prove we don’t need over-paid so-called ‘doctors’ who hand out opiates like sweets, who don’t have a clue about cannabinoids…

Thinking they can profit from people’s pain…

  1. Somebody call the waaaah-mbulance.

The fantasy

By the time the eviction goes through, I’ll have several more properties… Bigger ones… And will keep doing this until I get the revenue/rent needed to setup the farm/retreat…

Using all of them to heal and offer comfort to those in need of cannabinoids… So that they can relax in a place with fresh air; fresh food; sun and care…

I’m gonna start opening these occupations up as ‘pods’ for medicinal cannabis treatments… Until we can afford to either buy/rent our own…

So people can come and stay for FREE and allow their endocannabinoid system and mind/body/soul to heal…

This one even has a pool! 😀

The law is on our side.

You just have to know how to use it to benefit the people, not the corporations…

If the occupations are not noticed / challenged legally…

We become the lawful owners on land registry 😉

And our portfolio grows… Literally…

  1. By the time the eviction goes through, I’ll have several more properties… Bigger ones… And will keep doing this until I get the revenue/rent needed to setup the farm/retreat… Probably false. See also Wesley’s grandiose plans to write a book/go to university/run a charity (for somebody other than himself) etc. etc. etc. Also, he has no money, so how does he propose to continue “acquiring” (read: “stealing”) and running more properties?
  2. Using all of them to heal and offer comfort to those in need of cannabinoids… So that they can relax in a place with fresh air; fresh food; sun and care… False. Cool story, bro.
  3. I’m gonna start opening these occupations up as ‘pods’ for medicinal cannabis treatments… Until we can afford to either buy/rent our own… False. See #2.
  4. So people can come and stay for FREE and allow their endocannabinoid system and mind/body/soul to heal… False. Wesley is going to give away cannabis? Seriously?
  5. The law is on our side. You just have to know how to use it to benefit the people, not the corporations… If the occupations are not noticed / challenged legally…We become the lawful owners on land registry. False. Spain is not squat-friendly, the occupations are not likely to fly under the radar, and not only will Wesley find himself “challenged legally”, he will be put on the first plane back to the UK.

And when that happens, the police will be waiting with open arms and a friendly welcome.

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67 thoughts on “Wesley Hall’s ‘cannabis retreat’ squat: True or false?

        • Over 50 convictions for crimes ranging from assault and threatening behaviour to cultivating cannabis. he’s legally barred from going near his ex and his daughter. i’ll bet he’s awfully unhappy that should anyone google him they’ll be lead here or to various newspaper sites related to his numerous convictions. How he hopes to get people to assist with his doomed scheme is beyond me. high time the silly Muppet grew up, stopped with his foolish cannabis retreat scam and came home to face the music.

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  1. He needs to downsize his ambitions. he should write a job application for a cleaning job, in a university. those lavatories won’t clean themselves and need bleaching top to bottom.

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  2. Someone call The Contradiction Police:
    “To be left without health insurance,after a few weeks of struggling, in severe pain, with spinal fractures;”..” by my own supposed NHS pain management specialist”..”To prove we don’t need over-paid (?) so-called ‘doctors’ who hand out opiates like sweets, who don’t have a clue about cannabinoids…”.

    Sounds like opiates are exactly what Wesley desires.

    So he’s going to squat on a series of properties setting up Cannabis farms with complicated solar systems and just as the first shoots begin to appear and he is evicted he’ll do it all over again?. And he thinks the Spanish Police will simply ignore this and not assume he may an English drug dealer?.
    Wesley needs Reality Pills.

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  3. Shall we start running up posters to warm people of wesley’s violent past to put on social media to alert everyone in his vicinity ?

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  4. I want to buy a hat like genghis Khan wore. sort of like a pointy helmet with fur around it. can anyone hook me up with a mongolian milliner ? i will pay up to €35

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  5. I imagine that the photograph of a lock-picking set is what allows him entry to the houses he chooses to squat in.

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    • I think that’s what those policey types call evidence. then again knowing wesley he might have stolen the image.

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    • That’s the cheapest set available. He hasn’t even shown the full getting a locked door open kit. No drill or snapper. No replacement locks. But, I doubt he is a locksmith.

      That possibly is someone’s house though. Someone who has a little house in their rural village that they visit, but who lives in an unglamorous apartment in a city near to work. I hope he checked. Maybe with the farmer down the hill. And a couple of other neighbours.

      No one in doesn’t mean abandoned, particularly in Spain.

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  6. So I looked up Usucapion (adverse possession) in the Spanish legal code.

    1. If you can establish that you have a legitimate claim to the property, but the full legal formalities have not been observed (like a poorly-documented purchase or inheritance), you can formalise that claim after 10 or 20 years of uninterrupted, uncontested possession. Depending on where the nominal owner resides.
    2. If you don’t have that legitimate claim, it takes 30 of living there, peacefully and without interruption, to make the property yours.
    3. If you’re sharing your occupation with guests, sorry, it doesn’t count. Go back to Square 1.
    4. If you broke into the property, none of this applies and it will never be yours.

    Bumblefuck lockpick boy can anticipate a world of pain.

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  7. A new low for Ogilvy (if that’s possible)? He’s promoting a disgusting, illegal website that lists the names of innocent people, including a school bus driver, who it claims are paedophile supporters simply because they have any kind of social media link with a particular person for whom both Ogilvy and the site’s owner apparently hold some borderline pathological grudge (Ogilfail’s been posting about him a lot lately).

    The site includes some SRA allegations too.

    I’d prefer not to post a link to the site or cite any of the names involved and I’ve obscured the photo of the main man they’ve been attacking from the first screenshot:

    This is the site’s introductory passage from the top of the page:

    I’ve reported Ogilfail’s post on Facebook but seeing as conspiring to beat someone to death with a baseball bat, calling on people to join you on shooting sprees, calling for all priests to be publicly castrated and lobotomised and threatening to launch arson attacks on vehicle storage depots have all been shown to be acceptable under Facebook’s community standards recently, I’m not holding my breath.

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    • “If you are named as a fraud, pedophile, pro pedo individual your name will NOT be removed as there is sufficient evidence backing up the facts.”

      Translation: “I am judge, jury and executioner and nothing you can say can make me change my mind. Wait – who the fuck are you calling a megalomaniac?”

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    • Probably a matter the police should be made aware of and might want to discus with malcolm. a stitch in time and all that. left unchallenged the barmy halfwit is going to get someone hurt.

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      • “Left unchallenged the barmy halfwit is going to get someone hurt”

        I think that’s what he wants. He’s always calling on people he doesn’t like to be shot/stabbed/chopped up/hanged/burnt alive and has frequently posted their alleged addresses (including mine but thankfully he got it wrong).

        As for the police, watch this space

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      • Oddly enough i’m watching the first black Adder and it’s the witchsmelter persuevant episode. i’ll bet cat and malc would have loved to been around in those ages. only problem is they’re exactly the low level workshy wretches who’d be on trial and not the authorities.

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        • But whatever you do, don’t tell Cat that Malcolm himself is a practising witch or she’ll be calling for him to be burnt at the stake!

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  8. Here’s what the spanish police can do . . . . 1. speak english well enough to 2. Do a google on wesley’s past and be 3. Pretty secure in the knowledge that if, for example, wesley made complaints about being unfairly kicked out of the place not according to the specific requirements (nipping out to the shops while the owner goes in through a door left open and changes all the locks) nobody will believe him as he’s a known criminal of bad character. it doesn’t help that he advertises his activities so brazenly. it’ll end disasterously of course, it always does.

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    • Did Wesley post the lock pick pic?. I’m not sure picking locks is legal in squatting. You can’t break and enter to gain access.
      I think he must think the Spanish police are dills/

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      • Yes. i saw it on his facebook. he’s a bit silly to do that so publicly. doesn’t he realise his adoring fanclub take such an interest in his jolly adventures ?

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    • It will end disastrously, and somehow he will find a way to blame it on us. Apparently he routinely tells people that this blog is run by Satanists who want him dead. Wrong: we just want him to face justice.

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  9. Ok, so Wesley Hall thinks he is without health insurance in Spain. He would be able to use his EHIC in his three months initial right to reside. After that he would have to show he is a student, worker, or a job seeker with a chance of getting a job. Any economic activity would have to be more than merely incidental, but it doesn’t have to be well paid, or full time. Then he is insured as an EU citizen exercising his right to free movement.

    If he claims to be self sufficient, he has to pay his own health care and not be a burden on the receiving state. This is what catches out retired people who move to Spain.

    He could also do what countless British people do to avoid medical expenses. Come to the U.K. and pretend to have never moved abroad and be totally resident and honest guv not a health tourist.

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  10. I am left wondering whether the Weasel is planning to operate some of the grifts that some new age Rainbow Family squatters are into.

    Break into an unoccupied property (in the UK they now avoid residential for legal reasons). Place legal notices on the doors declaring their rights as squatters, contact the local press and claim to be helping the homeless and running arts and other workshops for the benefit of the local community. In fairness some of these squats do offer sanctuary for extremely vulnerable people with MH problems and sometimes do deliver community arts and theatre workshops so it is not a black and white situation.

    When the owners of the property or their agents contact them they explain that it will take a lot of money and time to remove them via legal channels and that given the property was empty and is now being used to house the homeless it could get messy re public relations. They then suggest that a “donation” of a few grand will have them on their merry way and onto occupying the next property.

    In my experience it seems that sometimes the people with MH problems are used as shills by the grifters as they need numbers of occupants to pull the scam properly. I also think that some of the squat leaders are more genuine in their desire to help homeless people then others, the Weasel being at the far end of a continuum with genuine desire to help the vulnerable being at one end and a ruthless capacity to exploit the vulnerable being at the end occupied by the Weasel.

    Interesting links between the Rainbow Family aka The Rainbow Family of Living Light aka the Rainbow Gathering and the Hampstead hoax via David Shayler (Bellender’s former tenant) here



    Also highly relevant is this story about the exploitation and abuse of homeless people who were used as shills by the Rajneeshee (aka Osho) criminal cult in a failed scam.


    In my experience of Rainbow Family squatters there is a mix of genuine people who want to help the most vulnerable people in society, ruthless grifters of a similar ilk to the Weasel and people who are extremely vulnerable through mental health problems and homelessness.

    Another truly alarming thing about the Rainbow Family squatters in my personal experience, is that they provide cover for ruthless new age criminals from a variety of sinister cults. Their theatre and arts programmes provide a cover for data harvesting as for some events people interested needed to book in advance via facebook.

    Also, re the disgusting exploiter the Weasel, I notice that this facebook page shares a lot of his posts

    Could they perchance be related?

    Further reading


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  11. You’d think that the magnificent university educated playwright and published journalist with her keen mind might have noticed while being questioned under caution for exactly this behaviour would realise she’s being all harassy and illegal. how does she not understand ? legally speaking i’m sure that stuff done after a caution is classed as the suspect being aware of their actions.

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  12. Well if he was in as much pain as he states he wouldn’t be able to do all this, let alone bleach a full house, if he actually injured in the first place is heavily disputed. He’s certainly built himself a huge web of lies again, but his time will run out soon. As for a cannabis factory or whatever he calls it, I smell b*******t. He’ll just be growing for himself. I do hope that the locals find out about this and his thieving ways.

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  13. I’m suprised he’s telling people about this blog or publicly posting his activities. as for being wanted dead by satanists ? who’d believe that ? especially when everyone remains perfectly alive a full 4 years on from the birth of the insane cult hoax. i can’t wait for him to mess it all up and who he blames for it. with no job, no friends, no secure housing and an idiotic scheme to form a series of dopehead communes just as europe clenches for a disastrous Brexit he’s guaranteed to suffer a monumental fail that’ll see him kicked back to the uk with his tail between his legs. i just wanna hear who he blames.

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    • From a Satanic point of view, Wesley is a small worthless fish of no interest to Satanists, other than a side attraction of entertainment value watchimg him destroy himself.

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  14. Two new comedy classics Angie videos for your delectation (and with video titles like that, how could you resist?)…

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  15. I long since gave it up but a good number of my friends still partake of the ‘erb and by nature I’m in favour of the decriminalisation of all drugs on the basis that criminalisation does way more harm than good.

    Dickheads like Wes make me wonder if criminalisation isn’t really the least worst option after all.

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  16. I watched the APD September update – well skipped through it and even that was painful – she reads a message she says came from a woman in NI who claims Tracey Morris took her car and bank card and was arrested driving it with no licence – I’ve no idea about the bank card but she is in court for driving while disqualified and with no insurance – maybe the same car? Or maybe she just has a habit of taking vulnerable people’s cars from them who knows – oh and I’ve a place in Spain that sits empty half the year, any ideas on what I should do if I find some stoner in it trying to grow hemp on my balcony?

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