‘Who is EC really?’ and other not-very-important questions

Hey all, EC here. I don’t usually write in the first person, as most of the time various commenters and core team members have varying degrees of input into the posts we publish on HR, but today is different. Today I’m writing only as me.

Lately I’ve been getting emails and texts asking me some variation on the following: “I don’t like to ask, but I saw a post from [insert name of troofer here]. What’s going on?”

I think it’s time I answered that question.

For about a year, I’ve had a public Facebook profile in my own name: Karen Irving. It’s never been a secret, and I’m happy to talk to anybody who wishes to contact me there.

For whatever reason, though, various troofers have been digging through the Internet archive in search of dirt which they hope will incriminate me in some way. Good luck on that—I don’t have so much as an unpaid parking fine to my name.

What they’ve probably found so far is a blog I ran from 2008 to 2011, containing exciting iPhone images of two of my hobbies, knitting and spinning yarn. That’s some serious MI5/ MI6/ GCHQ shit right there. Apparently.

They will have also found a blog which I co-wrote with my sister between 2012 and 2015, about the ups and downs of life in the so-called empty nest. After the Kids Leave (tagline: “First, we rent out their rooms”) was a fun project, and is actually the reason I got involved in fighting those who promote the Hampstead hoax.

Here’s how that happened…

I think the best way to describe what happened is to quote from our now-defunct blog, which was tiny and pretty insignificant, but it amused us. We titled this post, dated 6 February 2015, “Thank you, Reptilian Overlords”.

Possibly an unwise move, as you’ll see:

Dear Karen,

Today I’d planned to tell you all about my trip to Denmark.

About how the family fell in love with my grandson, and how he fell in love with them.  About the food.  The cold.  The beauty of that nordic country.

I think I’ll save all that for next week though, because something really odd happened  when I got home on Wednesday.

It was odd.  Seriously odd.

I checked out our stats for the week I was away.

They showed me more or less what I’d expected.  Our top post was the current one, your hexipuffs post was going strong (as always!), and…then I noticed a post from 2 years ago, about an art exhibit I’d attended and written about in London.  For some reason it had been hit 92 times.

Now, that’s just bizarre.  Why the sudden interest in a 2-year old post?

Karen here: “92 times”? Yes, this seemed HUGE for our blog at that time.
Okay, as you were…

I clicked on the referrals to find out more.

My  rudimentary detective work told me that a group of loonies has uncovered a satanic cult in Hampstead, a village about 20 minutes north of my front door.  Co-incidentally, this is where my art friend Roz lives.

Or maybe not so co-incidentally (cue spooky violin here).

You might want to take notes, it’s about to get confusing…

Roz is married to a school trustee in Hampstead.  This particular school is apparently over-run with baby killers and satan worshippers.  Because they’re desperate to make a connection between Roz, her husband and one bit of insane fantasy, the pitchfork-wielding villagers began clicking on our site to drool over Roz’s evil devil-worshipping symbols.

Weird, right?  We thought so.

First, because we didn’t want our comments section flooded with their particular brand of rationale, we closed it.

Next, I notified Roz.  Head cases are head cases and soon they’ll get bored and move on, she said.

Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?  As a devil-worshipping baby-killer, I mean.

What I find peculiar about all of this, is that it’s not just about baby-killing paedophile cult at a London school.  It’s that the cult is somehow, inexplicably, related to Reptilian Overlords, who use mind control to make humans believe everything is jim-dandy.  I suppose that means that I’m under their control at this very minute, because I happen to think everything they say and write is absolute rubbish.

Oh well.

An example of their impeccable logic can be found on their comments page.  Herewith, I give you the following garbled message, from one Anonymous to another:

I posted the info as Anonymous when I am not Anonymous. I then posted it to Anonymous with a link to Aang. Anonymous made the second comment to acknowledge via Aagn their receipt of it.

You see, it was hidden in plain sight! We can do that, too, especially those who know the workings of the web.

Where would the weaving spiders be without them, eh?

Indeed.  That’s a question I ask myself often.

So, why am I telling you all this?  Well, it’s actually a kind of thank-you note to the Reptilian Ding-Dongs, to say how grateful I am that they want to read my work and look at my pretty pictures.  Plus, they helped make Wednesday the strongest day of our week, by hitting my post over 200 times.  Good going, fellow Lizard-combatants!

As my thank-you for boosting our stats, I’m including some more of Roz’s art, from her second exhibition:


This obviously represents an alien, newly arrived on our planet via the fireplace.


The fine jewels round the wrist denote royalty and wealth, therefore this is the hand of the Queen. Oh my god, they’ve amputated the Queen’s hand!!


Dog exploring bondage, fox exploring bum.  Definite signs of alien activity. [BTW, I believe the ‘dog’ was a broken statue wrapped in a bin liner. No dogs were harmed, etc.]


The Jack-in-the-Box man, in his senior years. He’s in on it, too.

Roz uses found items to make her art, and I think it’s quirky, amusing and thought-provoking.  I doubt it represents anything other than the inner workings of her fertile imagination, though.

Anyway, must run now, the torch-wielding villagers are at my door, chanting.  I hope they’ve brought marshmallows, I’m absolutely starving.



p.s. Since I wrote this, I’ve noticed the following disclaimer on one of the sites that’s been referring people here: “There is no suggestion that any of these people are involved in anything improper.” [The site in question was the ever-loony Aangirfan, btw—K.]

Oh, phew. Well that’s taken care of, then.

Of course, this doesn’t answer the question of why the link existed in the first place, nor why it’s still there.

And only one of the referring sites has seen fit to offer any cautionary note. Maybe the conspiracy theorists need to work on their inter-blog communication skills.

Some people took this post very badly

We learned a few things from this post, one of which was that troofers are decidedly lacking in the sense of humour department. Keeping things in proportion isn’t their strong suit either.

Comments included gems like this:

‘gordon mcdonald’ wrote:
It states on the group of loonies website that there is no suggestion that any of these people mentioned are involved in anything improper, so why get so defensive wendy???

Because it’s a well known medical fact of science that anyone who objects to being swept up in a loony conspiracy theory must be guilty, guilty, guilty!!!1!1!

‘Shaun’ wrote:
You do realize those conspiracy nutters were talking about these videos that were posted on youtube:

2 kids share their horrible experiences attending Christ Church School in London. They claim to be raped, abused, and had to do satanic rituals.

You seem to not be informed of this or you just enjoy making a mockery out of what these kids are sharing with the world.

By this time I’d given up trying to respond rationally.

ATKL 2018-09-21 ki

‘tomk’ wrote:
You shouldn’t be so flippant about it. If you looked at the video evidence that’s been provided, these allegations are very real and very disturbing. There is an active cult in Hampstead that is abusing children and murdering babies.– FACT The school teachers, police and clergy have all been implicated. This is far from a laughing matter…it’s an atrocity.

To which I responded, ‘Quod erat demonstrandum‘. Because of course I did.

Beryl wrote:
This story is all over the place, and yes, on conspiracy forums too. Journos love those forums. They are littered with a little truth and a lot of lies, but if you sift….

But I digress

Giggle giggle hee haw ha ha ha!

I note your total disregard of how your little site was mentioned, but latched onTO the fact that it was, and you excitedly run with it with sarcasm and misguided wit

Well done lass, you’re almost famous! For loving the attention you’re getting without a concern of the wherefores or the whys.

They’re all just nutters, right?


No pitch fork here. A horrified and concerned reader, yes.

I came to see you dance your dance of silly fools.

After all, its all about YOU.

The obvious response: “Sweet! We love kittens too!”

‘Anastasia Serena’ was a bit less oblique:
I trust you have excellent firewall protection on your computers, right ?BWAAAHAHAAAAAA ………

And ‘Concerned Parent’ was the first of many who would suggest that we go and get our “defining marks, tattoos, and piercings” checked out by police.

Why are you making a mockery of this?

1, if the children are lying or are being coached it is disgusting and needs to be addressed by you.

2, if you are as innocent as you all claim with your mocking blog, why not go to the police and press charges against those making false accusations against you all and prove it is all false by having an examination to see if any of the named abusers have the defining marks, tattoos and piercings as the two children describe in their video statements.

No pitchfork here, just a concerned parent hoping this is all a fabrication but witnessing what appears to be adults mocking children’s reports of ritual abuse.

TheBoss’ space bar seemed to be broken, but his/her message was pretty clear:

You just made it all worse with that post….I feel so sorry for you,and I just can’t believe you are a grown ass woman ! The loonies are just trying to dig the truth,or find more information,based on the videos of those two children and what they say, whatever the outcome is, lying or truth, both are really really bad…. And here you are acting like a five year old,making jokes and turning the tables,or so you think,but then again that’s what I would do in state of panic too when I give it a really good thought… If everything’s gold and honey,why make this post at all,why even bother?! I know the answer…. oh and I saw so much art in my life,light-hearted and deep thoughtful ones that make me write an essay, but that, what you call art….it’s not,it’s disturbing, gross and I can’t find deep meaning or a story,only a code, for ….LIKEMINDED people,it’s all I see,code,secret language,and a disturbing message in that art… Oh and I love karma,think about it,no matter the outcome,lies,truth,WHATEVER,it will come around and I think it won’t bring nothing good to whomever is responsible. Cheers,the person who sleeps FINE at night.

Nastier things were said on a bottom-of-the-barrel site called “Godlike Productions”, where we read about plans to have our blog hacked and our homes burned to the ground and other lovely things.

Granted, these weren’t really credible threats, and certainly not death threats as we’ve come to know them here at HR.

However, to a couple of 50-something sisters whose most controversial material at that point was about the sex life of Queen Victoria, it was all very disturbing stuff.

This short-lived and relatively mild encounter with the troofer ugly side of the internet  taught me one important lesson: if I wanted to help combat what I viewed as a pernicious and growing threat to rational thought, I was going to have to change my online identity. I could not risk having these wackadoos harassing my friends and family, as I knew they were already doing to innocent people in and around Hampstead.

I am a very fortunate person, in that I have a loving family and some wonderful friends, and I didn’t want their lives disrupted just because I’d chosen to go to war with a bunch of gullible nutters. This was not their fight, and I didn’t want them dragged into it. Simple as.

That’s how I became “Snake Logan” on YouTube and Google+, and “El Coyote” on this blog and Twitter.

“Snake” was a private family joke, relating to an episode two decades earlier when I’d been involved in outing an internet scammer on a writers’ forum. (No, HR isn’t my first rodeo). A family member who was helping me chose to call themselves “Snake Logan” then because SL was a) seriously cheesy, and b) the hero of a truly terrible side-scrolling computer game called “Bio-Menace”. (It made sense at the time.)

More prosaically, “El Coyote” was in honour of a half-coyote dog I owned many years ago. She was a great dog and I still miss her.


Rumours and half-truths

The rumour that I once wrote mystery novels? True. I wrote three, the first of which was a Canadian best-seller. They were published between 1999 and 2001, were optioned for a TV movie, and were translated into Italian and Chinese. All are out of print now. (Like most authors, I’m not unhappy about that, as I’d have written them quite differently today.)

The rumour that my daughter is Scarlet Scoop, because a) she once dyed her hair bright red, and b) she likes baking? Let’s just say that her response was, “Sweet! I get all the glory and do none of the work!” The troofers will have to try a bit harder on that one.

The rumour that I have purple hair: completely true. I blame my hairdresser.

As for my alleged work as a “psychological operative” (thanks, Angie!), I will only say that it does not take massive brain-power to out-think most of the Hampstead mobsters. More important in this fight, I have found, is staying power. And as my dear old dad used to say, I am as stubborn as an old army mule.

I believe that the point behind all the recent digging and publishing of my personal details comes down to one thing: it’s a sorry attempt to intimidate me out of running this blog.

All I can say to that is, “Just watch me”.

animal canine cold coyote

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

223 thoughts on “‘Who is EC really?’ and other not-very-important questions

  1. LOL news flash: apparently Cat Snot thinks I have something called a “gastric band”. That’s incorrect.

    In 2001 I had a roux-en-y gastric bypass, which at the time was a dangerous and not very common surgery. If Cat is going to claim “world exclusives” on information she’s mining from publicly available websites, it’d be nice if she could at least try to get it right. I also had my gallbladder out when I was 22, if she’s worried about other surgeries I’ve had. Oh, and a tonsillectomy at age 11.

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  2. Ah sure, what else have they to do except stalk you! Angela is Billy no mates & Cat Scot is Billy who would want to be mates!

    Word from a ‘source’ about Angela, she & others cross the road when they see her, they’re afraid if they talk to her, they’ll end up on FB! 😂

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  3. Interesting stuff. i can’t remember how i arrived here but i’ve been in and out of researching walter mitty types for years. mike warnke and his ilk are dangerous fearmongers throwing petrol on a fire that’s ruined many lives. without the people writing fiction as reality to sell books, video tapes and seats at presentations the topic of SRA wouldn’t have taken hold. despite all the evidence pointing to no satanic groups carrying out organized abuse and murder on a national or global level people are convinced it exists. that social workers have weaved their insane religious beliefs into their work and not been properly challenged, despite numberous police officers and the courts rebuking their ‘evidence’, is shocking. this whole sorry matter of faked evidence and coerced statements should have been quelled thirty years ago but with the internet the whole thing’s just exploded. i hope hampstead is being properly studied by law enforcement as a new arena of crime via mass hysteria and strategies are . . .

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  4. Put in place to deal with such global entities as a mass hysteria harassment cult that spreads like a virus and is difficult to quell. something really needs to be done about such a harmful and toxic phenomenon as a global hatemob of thugs claiming a god given right to pronounce guilt against the unfortunate innocents caught up in such a bizarre situation.

    i remember seeing the morocco videos ages ago and instantly regarding them as a strange thing to post. probably at the start of the hoax. then again tied up to the dying throes of pizzagate. after that i’m not sure how i got here. probably a link in some wacky forum.

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  5. From 7 or 8 years ago and throughout 2010to15 i was watching as many satanic panic videos as i could, along with the asl cos stuff, online. i was mostly amusing myself at the so called expert witnesses and former high priests and illuminati 33 degree freemasons who appear talking absolute drivel to entranced audiences. must have been somewhere in that lot that i eventually looked into the hampstead case. i just remember 2 tired and scruffy looking kids giving a talk to camera in public telling obvious lies to a coercive offscreen idiot feigning shock at talk of baby killing and sexual abuse. how people ever fell for those videos is beyond me. they seem to believe it already and instantly take whatever straws they can grab at to substantiate their sick visions. I sincerely hope that this case is being properly dealt with beyond what we know about the remanded one and the irish investigation and attention is given to the potential danger of fake news, social media and the global dimensions of a viciously used

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    • Internet to house and propagate such a malicious attack on innocent families all because a child custody blackmail plot went spectacularly wrong and the guilty cowards fled leaving mayhem in their wake. this needs to be studied by social services, the police, lawyers, the courts and, most importantly, the social media corporations who facilitated the various platforms to assist it’s conception and wildfire spreading on a global scale. it’s a shocking revelation of how monumentally nasty the internet can be.

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  6. On a different note entirely i’m reading a book by a woman who’s father was a member of the irish power family. dunno if she’s related to our beloved journalist and broadcaster. like her namesake she too rode horses and travelled the earth to quell her curiosity but the similarites end when she becomes the first woman to single handedly sail around the world and then write a book about it and be made a dame for her achievement. apparently her father was one of the powers from county waterford. if anyone can link her to angela i’ll wager she’d be none to impressed with her neverdowell cousin.

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    • Much easier to directly link her to either the late Princess Diana or Mrs. Dora Markle, both who are directly related to Ange. There’s your connection as both are first cousins of the Terror of Oldcastle.
      Just look at their photos: the family resemblance is uncanny.

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  7. Nice try EC.
    My employer Mr. Soros (Future Ruler of all Europe sans the UK) informed me recently, after gushing compliments on the gleaming basins & bowls of the Third Floor Latrine at GCHQ, that you would soon be posting a major statement in an attempt to confuse the so-called “truther” community who were getting just a little too close to your real identity.
    # we always knew your 3 out-of-print “mystery” novels were in fact coded MI5/6 office manuals distributed to confuse the enemy (translated into Italian & CHINESE !). Think about it folks.

    My recent appointment and cover as a “carer” for an aging, balding (enough of that please), shambolic Perth “pensioner” has been equally successful and my regular reports on the local Darby & Joan and Probus Clubs- hotbeds of rampant Godless Satanist Orgies (Mrs Abigail Fotherham-Smythe, age 89- is a nightmare in that respect) and I have most of them at least now believing the truth: the Earth is indeed flat.

    # This message is written in special Internet Ink and will vanish within the hour but the message WILL get accross: my so-called “patient” was muttering recently about replacing me with a Canine Carer.- he got the message and there will be no more talk of that.

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    • Memo to Whiskers: why do you think we wrapped your potential canine rival in a bin liner and taped him up? We do care about our differently human personnel, you know.

      —your friends,
      The Overlords

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  8. Oh no, EC – you mean Cat’s attempts to intimidate you via an endless stream of posts, tweets and crap videos over the last month or so have all been a complete waste of time and effort? Oh no, what’s she gonna do with her time now? I guess she’ll have to go back to making satanic keyrings and smoking with around her kids.

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    • I heard her Gollum looking freak cousin was posting about me recently. then he decided to remove about a dozen or so within minutes of putting them up. i don’t scare easily and certainly not when it’s some weedy little runt like that. what is it with these weak nothings that they think they can intimidate people online when they can’t in real life. i had one drunken american insist he had ira contacts who’d trace and execute me. he wasn’t happy when i uploaded that video rant all over facebook. i have things in the salad drawer of my fridge that pose more of a mortal threat to me than all of the false start foundation together. walter mitty clowns the lot of them.

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      • i have things in the salad drawer of my fridge that pose more of a mortal threat to me than all of the false start foundation together.

        What a coincidence, I store my semtex in the same place!

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      • “I have things in the salad drawer of my fridge that pose more of a mortal threat to me than all of the false start foundation together.”

        Well, I hope it’s not a cucumber – Malky would probably enjoy that.

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    • And what’s Ogilfail gonna do now? He’s been utterly obsessing over this for the last month or so. His ‘blog’ has Karen irving wallpaper, he’s renamed said blog after her, he’s been blindly sharing everything Cat, Yannnis and Kristie Sue have been saying about her and most creepily, he's been inserting her name into literally every post title.

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    • I think you will find that some of here, well at least one of us *whistles nonchalantly*, knows how to use a sword properly, as in for the purpose it was intended for. Here’s a clue, it doesn’t involve putting on the floor and dancing over it. I have nothing against people dancing with swords of course, however it rates very low on the richter scale of badassery.

      Sorry that your hand was forced re this EC, however you played it well.

      We all came to this for different reasons. I have had a long standing interest in researching cults that abuse, sexually and otherwise, vulnerable adults and children. I have also had a long term interest in exposing quackery, especially quack psychotherapies. The new age movement and its connections to far-right political movements and fascist / neo-Nazi movements is also something that I have studied for many years.

      What interested me about the Hampstead hoax was that is combined a number of my interests.

      I also want to state something for the record here, regarding APD’s accusations that Ella was involved in the sexual abuse of a child. Firstly I believe that much of what APD spouts is a load of old toilet and should not be given credence by anyone. I do not believe that Ella sexually abused her own children, with the possible exception of the enemas, which to my mind are violating and controlling and possibly fall into the category of CSA. The torture of the children, which I understand was undertaken primarily by Abe but with Ella’s assistance may also fall into the category of CSA. Certainly, from reading about Abe’s history of hurting and abusing people and from reading the various depraved theories that emanate from the sewer of his mind I get the impression that Abe may be one of those people who get happy in their tummy (and possibly other regions) from inflicting pain and control on others.

      There is a post on this blog about Ella’s involvement with a “Man-Eater / Gold Digger Academy” and this raised many red flags for me as I have been researching these organisations for almost a decade. Many of them (in fact all of them that have some to my attention) are linked to extremely dangerous cults / sects that harvest collateral / compromat from followers early on in their involvement. The collateral usually takes the form of compromising photos or videos of transgressive sexual acts. This is exactly the same method used by the cult NXIVM, except that in NXIVM the women were told that collateral being collected to keep them in line. In the Gold-digger Academies (often called Goddess schools / Geisha schools / courtesan academies and the like) compromat is collected during “tantric initiations” that are portrayed as spiritual awakenings.

      There have been reports in credible sections of the Russian press that, when the police raided these establishments they seized photographs and video films showing cult members sexually abusing children and engaging in sexual acts with animals.

      So, just for the record, I do believe that it is possible that some compromising film or video of Ella exists, in fact, given her involvement in the Gold-Digger Academy it would be surprising and unusual if some compromising material on her does not exist. It would certainly consist of Ella engaging in a sexual act that would be considered transgressive and very shameful by most people. That is the whole point of the collection of such material. Such material would have been collected prior to Ella’s marriage to Mr Draper and would not have involved her own children as they had not been born back then.

      Also for the record, I feel very sorry for Mr Draper, for RD and for all of Ella’s children. Nobody deserves to be involved in such awful and abhorrent events as the Hampstead hoax. Nobody deserves to be tarred with the same brush because of the disgusting activities of a parent or former spouse.

      Ella and Abe have done terrible things but it does not reflect badly on their former spouses or their children. My parents did terrible things but I survived my childhood and I hope have made a difference in the word. I have also, because of being abused, made bad choices in the past in some of my relationships. Looking back I can understand why I made bad choices and I forgive myself.

      One thing I would like to add before I end this post is that one of the worst consequences of the Hampstead hoaxers is that their constant banging on about non-existent satanic cults really does cast a smokescreen that hides the activities of real cults that use the sexual abuse of children to further their aims. It creates a cultural milieu in which victims are not believed and perpetrators routinely evade justice. The other thing worth mentioning is just how many of the hoaxers are themselves involved with these disgusting cults. They may not know that the spiritual movements that they are involved with use CSA / CSE as part of their MO, but it is fascinating to see how so many gullible (and many of the hoaxers are mentally unwell and otherwise vulnerable) people who are involved with disgusting, criminal sects spend all their time accusing others of SRA.

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      • If you would like an example of an individual who promotes and is involved with a new age goddess school cult (and they operate like multi-level marketing scams, with each new follower setting up her own school), then here is a good example.

        Teal Swan also claims to be a survivor of SRA

        and also appears in videos with another new age grifter with multiple network connections to cults that sexually abuse children, the extremely dodgy Sacha Stone

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      • Thanks for your support SH, it’s much appreciated. Also, I now imagine you as our very own Inigo Montoya. 🙂

        You’re right that Ella’s pre-marriage activities might have led to some incriminating material being online. I do recall early on that she mentioned being angry that RD was attempting to send her porn by phone. If that happened, I wonder whether he or someone else might have found compromising material online and tried to warn her?


        • Thanks EC

          I’m more of a Brienne of Tarth truth be told 🙂
          As I said to you recently, certain people know who we both are, so there is little point in me hiding my gender here.

          Re the compromising material of Ella. Ella was successful in her mission. She managed to snare Mr Draper. The compromat loses its value if it is published on an open source. I could be wrong but I think it is most likely that it exists but has not been published. Some cults have made money by selling such material as commercial pornography, so anything is possible.

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      • Well, now I’m confused, as a lady in Inverness says I’m EC’s daughter, a lady in Massachusetts says I’m RD, a lady in Oldcastle says I’m Steve Keys, Sheva Burton, a GCHQ spy and RD all at the same time, a man from Greece says I’m a journalist from Hounslow, a man in Melbourne says I’m El Coyote and a stuntman in Liverpool says I’m Christine Ann Sands. They can’t all be lying, surely!

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      • Its all a Hall of Mirrors and misdirection in the intelligence world from whence we all come from and are paid huge $$sums to contribute to this website and write rude comments under Youtube videos.
        For instance, most people believe I am a real person (albeit a crumbling pensioner) and not a cat.

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  9. The princess fantasy. remember when quack past life regression was all the rage ? (inbetween colonic irrigation and mickey rouke being the best looking man on the planet) everyone with the cash to pay for it was suddenly a princess from the exotic past. probably more fairytale princesses in beverley hills at one time than ever lived in ten thousand years. and yet not one single cockney prostitute, barmaid or seamstress has ever been called up from beyond. bloody royalty dominating the quack spirit world.

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    • Good point Grobnob and one that has always interested me.

      Same with MPD / DID / complex trauma and the resulting “alters”.

      One of Jess’s alters is an American pop star, another is a highly educated doctor. None of her alters work at an Amazon warehouse or at Tescos.

      Same old same old. Plus there is the issue of just how much attention these new wave of DID promoting young adults are receiving. Back in the old days of the internet you had to come up with a clever idea or at least post a funny video with a puppy or kitten in it. Now you can be a DID promoter and grab so much more of the limelight than your allocated 15 minutes of fame. If you monetise your videos you can make a fortune.

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    • Who says Mickey Rourke ISN’T the best looking man on the planet ?. They’ll have to tangle with me. All natural as well.
      I’ll have you know in my next life I plan to be a Fairytale Princess living in Beverly Hills. A Kardashian. It will make a change from my last life working in Whitechapel as a Lady of The Night where I met my fate at the hands of a chap named Jack whose identity I can now reveal for the first time..he was..oh, a knock on the door. I’ll get back to you.

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  10. Ah, a woman scorned. Angela’s hate spree continues…

    “Who is Tracey Morris Parts 2 & 3

    Those who know me will know that exposing apparent peers is my LEAST favourite thing to do. This and the previous TRACEY MORRIS deep dive blog are long and wearisome, but CRUCIAL for anybody caught up in a web involving this and other apparently GOOD people in the fight to expose evil and create a safe world for children. Tracey made it her business to take me down and discredit me and has in some ways been more destructive to my work than the orchestrated government blog crowd have. I have had to buck the trend in my nature to simply walk away from injustice with malice aforethought and this and the previous blog are in many ways long overdue.

    This is Part 2 which focusses a lot on the tragic BABYH case of a year ago, and what I believe was deliberate sabotage on Tracey’s part…

    In Part 3 I draw links between TRACEY MORRIS, MILES JOHNSTON (see Part 1 blog on Morris and the interview she recently did with THE BASES)and JON WEDGER who in a recent facebook livestream referred to Tracey as THE BELFAST BILL MALONEY (perhaps never a truer word spoken, though for different reasons)

    Miles is being investigated by police according to MARIE KAYALE and others who have found more than 400 pornography sites associated with his IP address, including some of pre teen porn and snuff movies. Miles maintains there was an error associating his IP with a similar sounding one, but the IP address in question has his name in many of the sites so this theory of his seems a stretch to say the least.

    Jon Wedger an alleged police whistle blower has been extensively exposed by BRIAN HARVEY with detailed evidence against both him and his compatriot BILL MALONEY. Check Brian’s youtube channel. Wedger referred to myself as looking like a witch (My Mother taught me personal remarks are rude but there…) and he refused to engage with Brian Harvey who had serious questions and concerns regarding Wedger’s so say campaigning for survivors, of which I am one! Wedger has said he will not name corrupt police as he has a “gentleman’s agreement” with them not to do so. He also worked alongside BILL MALONEY for years despite only resigning from Scotland Yard in 2017!!
    There are MANY unanswered questions, and disappearing does not really resolve the issues & concerns including legal ones.

    A long time campaigner and survivor recently told me BILL MALONEY extorted 28,000 pounds sterling from survivors whose stories he filmed, including one disabled couple who took a 10,000 pound loan out to pay Bill to document their story. For an alleged award winning film maker who had worked with budgets exceeding a million dollars, Bill’s documentaries were little better than many do with an I PHONE and editing suite, and he still doesn’t seem to know his way around a video camera. I was in the past hugely impacted by the films nonetheless and shed many tears, until I got the behind the scenes story from evidence recorded by BRIAN HARVEY and watched a previou hero topple to the ground spectacularly. Bill similarly seems to have gone in to hiding rather than face the music and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

    Thus to see these people promoting perhaps the next generation of CHARLATANS as in my opinion TRACEY MORRIS, puts red flags up and confirms that I should have done this expose LONG AGO despite my reluctance

    This is the third and final deep dive. ANDY PEACHER had previously threatened to release all correspondence regarding MORRIS, reporting that he had several parents fighting for their children tell him TRACEY MORRIS had sabotaged their cases. Ironically, on that occasion, I was still believing Tracey’s self promoting propaganda, and dissuaded Andy from his planned EXPOSE. I apologise Andy, and if you or any others with information care to add to this, please contact me by facebook messenger, or e mail.



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    • “Those who know me will know that exposing apparent peers is my LEAST favourite thing to do.”

      And in the third video she says she “rarely badmouths people” 😂🤣😂

      You really couldn’t make her up, could you?

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      • Her peers ? that’d be bitter chainsmoking old witches with no purpose to their miserable lives than spewing misinformed hatred online. Is there another side effect to nicotine the doctors aren’t warning us about ? how about putting photos of cat or angie on packets of snout instead of diseased lungs ?

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    • Just having a skim through these. I had to laugh in part 2 where she says that Neelu had reservations about Tracey. I was thinking yeah, and I bet she told you that in confidence, Angela

      In the third one she talks about Hampstead and RD (and names the children) and also Tracey’s relationship with Belinda, including info’ on why Belinda got arrested, which she says was for sending something to Justice Pauffley. According to Angie, Belinda served Pauffley with some document and it was seen as harassment. I don’t think we knew at the time what she’d been arrested for, did we?

      And at 25:29 in the third one the lying mare says that right after Corina’s death Hoaxtead gave out the phone number of Tracey’s social worker and called on people to call to report Tracey as an unfit mother!!! Grrr

      On a side note, Angie reveals in the second one that Heather has “about 20 socks”. LOL

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      • LOL! In Angie’s TM part 2 video, she quickly skimmed over the part where she told Tracey that she is being processed for disability benefit! She stumbled and quickly moved the screen on at 15:18 and didn’t mention it.

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        • And she got buses for an hour and a half to pick up an illegal jeep and prayed the entire time she wouldn’t be pulled over by Police in it (during the Baby case fiasco).

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        • I also caught Tracey asking her at 40:20 how many bottles of wine she had in the house and Angie replied “I drink a bottle every day, probably shouldn’t”… as you can imagine she whisked by those ones too

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        • Good spots, Jake!

          Thanks for sitting through that drivel. It seems that without planning it we took one video each. Subconscious teamwork 🙂

          The wine thing is interesting, as she’s repeatedly denied being a drinker! Still, isn’t it reassuring to know that those GoFundMe donations are being put to good use 🙄

          So that unpaid car rental fee (essentially theft) is something else she’d be in trouble for if she went back to the UK. At best it would mean crap credit rating, at worst a CCJ.

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        • Refresh my memory, someone – didn’t a friend of hers donate that rental fee to her in advance or did I dream that?

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          • I think someone donated £250 for another rental fee but I think it might have had something to do with the “illegal jeep” she was banging on about from what I remember.

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          • Thanks, Jake

            All this has made me start wondering again about that car that’s been confiscated by the Garda. I wonder what the story is there.

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          • she also mentioned some Social Worker called with a cop at her house during the baby case and she shit herself as she thought it was about the jeep parked outside, but it was about something else.

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          • As I said when I heard that someone had been secretly adding layers of soil to my allotment…the plot thickens!

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          • She also said when she was telling Tracey about her application for disability benefit:

            “..but they are watching me like a hawk!”

            Illegal claimant, illegal jeep, questioned about harassment.. it’s not looking good on her part. Why she uploads videos incriminating herself, I’ll never know.

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          • If Angie did apply for a Disability benefit then why would she be concerned about being “watched like a hawk”? Surely if Angie does have a genuine disability to claim for, then why should she be worried about being “watched like a hawk”? Unless she wasn’t being entirely honest with the DWP.

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    • 54:20 (in the third one): “I said, ‘When you and I get some time, I want you to help me go through a lot of the trolling articles on Hoaxtead. I’m not very good at expressing righteous anger. Kevin Weaver leaked some information to them. They tell lies, saying my PC was hacked and a disturbing video was found on it. They make accusations of what that they themselves are guilty of.’ ”

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      • She still has no idea on how IP addresses work does she lol
        ” I’m not very good at expressing righteous anger”
        That’s because there is nothing ‘righteous’ about anything you do angie- it’s about as far away from righteous as you can get!

        What gets me is that she apparently has learned NOTHING since having her gear taken, in fact she seems to have doubled down- and I seriously doubt that the police are ignoring her either- every post she makes will still be noted by them, and added to the huge pile of evidence against her…

        She seems to be talking herself into a very bad situation legally speaking- and simply doesn’t seem to care!

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        • Meanwhile at the Oldcastle day center for serial gossip merchants,Angie is embracing the newly installed “Just keep the mithering feckin bastard amused” conditioning technology funded wholly by donations from local residents.

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          • “Truly, the bench is a boon to idlers. Whoever first came up with the idea is a genius: free public resting places where you can take time out from the bustle and brouhaha of the city, and simply sit and watch and reflect.”

            Tom Hodgkinson

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        • No she isn’t good at righteous anger. because she isn’t righteous. she deals exclusively in embittered impotent rage. she’s one of those miserable hyacinth bucket types with ideas well above her station reduced to the status of a bum. she’s an out of work deadbeat with delusions of grandour bitterly railing against a world for not giving her a free ride. suck it up angie. suck it up.

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  11. And if it ever gets tedious having them attempt to expose you it’s easy enough to create a new online identity and they’re all too dim to recognise any of us if we go under other names and drop any established catchphrases or stock banter. they tie themselves up in knots insisting they know who’s who already. if we all suddenly switched to new accounts they’d be so busy working out who’s who they’d have no time for their usual nonsense. me and a couple of the chaps once created about 70 profiles all based on cartoon characters from the 70s with various twists on them that we paraded all over youtube streams from our circle. confuses the hell out of people when a dozen coordinated characters show up all at once. those were the days. sounds silly but it’s hilarious in action.

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    • If everyone also gets tired of being called RD, it gets boring after a while, we could all be like in Spartacus and say “no, I am EC”. I think RD could do with a holiday from the all the retarded accusations he is someone else, and would love the idea that Satan Hunters think that everyone who gives them attitude or problems is called EC.

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      • You can almost see what they will be saying following this post.. that EC got in touch with the Canadian author, Karen Irving…explained everything to her, got in cahoots with her and the two of them have planned this post together…meanwhile EC and the office cat have a chuckle at it all and get to work on the next post.

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  12. Well, El C, I hope you don’t mind me saying that this was a very brave post indeed. In fact, all of your posts have been brave over the years, especially in the face of such extreme reactions from some of the people who frequent this site. I still read your posts every morning, and admire your skill and dedication! I really credit your work with helping me to critically analyse a lot of the ‘alternative news’ that I had started to get engrossed in at a low point in my life. Thank you for all that you do!

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  13. EC will always be known as El Coyote to me. I think EC and team has benefited ACME with their many orders for ACME dynamite, used with good impact, upon many Satan Hunter types, leaving their lives a misery, and them left sucking bitter lemons.

    Wildcat should run away fast, because it never ends well for domestic cats when they confront K9s.

    I have been following this blog a long time, its witty, funny and deals with serious topics.

    I doubt any of the directors of Fresh Start Foundation have been cleared to work with children and vulnerable people, and to have wildcat, whatever their real name, as director of a child abuse organisation shows that the UK system needs upgrading.

    Fresh Start Foundation is an organisation that predates on children and the vulnerable, thats all I have to say.

    Today, the jelly babies are on me.

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    • Wildcat should run away fast, because it never ends well for domestic cats when they confront K9s.

      Our own Mrs Spat has seriously damaged two dogs that we know of, but she is half Maine Coone and 3/4 feral.

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  14. I must admit, I find all this a little strange. Back in the day, when the Hampstead affair first appeared on the internet I looked at some of the artwork displayed by Roz. It included baby skulls ‘screaming’ and other rather suggestive pieces. This at the time seemed odd given the Hampstead narrative but I put it down to nothing more than that. It might have been interesting had one of those pieces been used in the OP as an example of her work.
    Initially this blog was run by Scarlet with EC contributing a cartoon strip, then further down the line EC took over the writing. I could be wrong, and it’s no big deal, but I am under the impression that EC is male and Scarlet is female. In fact the only reason I comment here is that I have been under the impression that EC is someone else entirely.
    I thought it funny that the troofers were accusing Karen of being EC when in fact she was Scarlet Scoop.

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    • Is there really such a thing as skulls that can scream?

      Lots of art is transgressive and provocative, some of the most celebrated art is in this category.

      It doesn’t mean that someone who creates artistic works including skulls is a baby murderer of some other kind of sinister, evil person. If there was a causal relation between artistic themes and criminal activities Goya would have spent much of his life in jail.

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      • @surreal hustle. The skulls were in fact described as a sort of representation of the birthing experience…and displayed in a ‘screaming’ position. (for want of a better description). I did say that it just seemed a little od given the Hampstead narrative.


        • @ midicon
          apologies, I am so used to troofers and conspiratards finding things “odd” as a prerequisite to launching an attack of dot joining insanity that I felt the need to protect EC’s friend from such an attack. It may in fact still happen, such are the levels of dot-joining paranoia amongst the hoaxers and trolls.

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        • @Scarlet Scoop. You started this blog Scarlett and the OP says that Karen Irving started it. EC didn’t take over till later. EC in fact comes across as male and you as female. It’s no big deal to me either way really I just thought I’d post a comment in an honest fashion.


          • The blog that Karen started wasn’t this one – it was the aforementioned knitting (etc.) one that she ran with her sister. I started this one in May 2015 and EC/Karen took over the writing in September of the same year. Hope that helps to clarify things. Apologies for the confusion

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    • You’re right that one of the first art pieces involved a skull (made of wax, if I recall). However, I wasn’t able to find it, as the internet archives hadn’t saved that page.

      As for identities, I really am Karen. Scarlet’s name has never been guessed by the hoaxers; she remains a woman of mystery.

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  15. I think rd is too busy being a great father to bother with the whole online farce. he seems to be leaving it to the authorities to deal with idiots abusing and endangering his children, harassment, identifying the children, maliciously attempting to solicit hackers to attack the children’s business and charity activities and saying he attends parties with ill children in order to groom them. it’s all mounting up for certain idiots who won’t be laughing when the view from the window has bars. suck it up people, suck it up.

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  16. Cat frequently uses a spiderman image as her avatar. we all know the respected expert dr fred eric worth a damn proved comic books caused juvenile degeneracy and are a doorway to deviant behaviour with superpowers that supplant the true powers of faith. Plus spiders spin webs and we all know about the ‘satanic web’. by the powers invested in me by idle speculation and too much free time on my hands i declare cat a satanophile . . . . GUILTY !

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  17. Oh well. I know I wouldn’t want to be insulting someone who’s been (properly) published a few times and who obviously has a publisher. I mean, a book could well be written. The movie rights might be sold. It could end up on the telly! The writer might have the final say on the cast and all that. Is Gregor Fisher available? Does Kathy Burke have some spare time?
    EC – when they do the film I want to be played by Julie Walters….pleeeese.

    So am I right in saying that when these loons get talked to by the police one of their defences is that RD wrote about me on the internet. That argument is right down the chute now isn’t it. You get into court now and say ‘I said all those nasty things about RD because a Canadian novelist showed me up on a blog’. It won’t go down well with the judge that will it!

    Right, I’m off to the second-hand book shop today and will be on alert for a certain author. How exciting is that!

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    • <iSo am I right in saying that when these loons get talked to by the police one of their defences is that RD wrote about me on the internet. That argument is right down the chute now isn’t it. You get into court now and say ‘I said all those nasty things about RD because a Canadian novelist showed me up on a blog’. It won’t go down well with the judge that will it!

      Excellent point, yes. This really calls a whole lot of assumptions into question, doesn’t it? 😀

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  18. Throughout the turmoil created by the hoaxers, EC; Karen you have remained steady, classy and exposed them so thoroughly and diligently. My respect for you is rock solid as is my awe for the work you have produced here and my appreciation is boundless.
    Stubborn is my middle name 🙂 Persistance and resistance to the plague of those causing abuse whilst pretending to prevent it is working…………. They didn’t reckon on meeting such stout opposition, built on a sound foundation……….. of truth and reality.
    Once again, thankyou and thankyou also Scarlet Scoop for beginning this blog…….. I am really glad that you did and still think it deserves an award !

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  19. You didn’t mention, that you are an amazingly level-headed & warm-hearted, caring person. So I will 🙂

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  20. Hey EC! I mean Karen!

    I’m sorry you did this. Spoilsport. It was much funnier when people kept calling you RD, who I know you aren’t. How wrong people can be, for years.

    And thank you, you stuck your head above the parapet. You know where I am. If it gets too much, just let me know.

    Have you denied being Karen Irving? I have missed that if you did.

    Thank you for the blogging. Thank you for reading your spam folder full of nastiness so reasonable people can post – people can disagree and still be reasonable BTW readers.

    My interest in this is I too have some connections, explained to EC in private. I have previously said I had bad childhood experiences and something about what the children went through touched me.

    I still haven’t watched all the videos. But, unlike some, I won’t ignore bruises.

    There’s one thing I haven’t said before. Abraham played the two children off against each other. I can see it.

    I was beaten for hours by my mother. She accused me of something. Stealing something small. Thrashed for hours. Eventually new tactic from my mother. If it wasn’t me it was my sibling. I wouldn’t admit to it. Sibling got a thrashing. Something inside me died that day. I lied and said I did steal. I then got thrashed again for letting sibling get a thrashing for something I did. Eventually I broke. Everyone breaks, at some point.

    Like Justice Pauffley said, torture and relentless psycholgical pressure.

    Many blessings, agnostic nor non theistic peace wishes to all people who truly do hear the little ones and the hurt ones.

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong EC but you did indeed put your head above the parapet when you decided to reveal yourself to everyone on Flo Destroyer’s livestream. You knew people would see it and you didn’t mind one bit.

      Cat and Ogilvy seem to think you regret doing something you wanted and chose to do! 😂

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      • Yes, I knew when I chose to go on the video with Flo Destroyer that it would likely bring the hounds sniffing round. I certainly don’t regret it; in fact I’ll be doing another with them Sunday evening. 🙂

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    • Thanks, YT–sorry to spoil the fun, but it was getting to the point where Cat and friends were starting to drag my family into things. I’ve been telling people my name on Facebook since this time last year, and have been named by various people before that, but at this point it seemed important to address the issue straIght on, as I don’t want to leave people wondering.

      Like you, I cannot ignore bruises, nor the obvious signs of coercion and bullying in the videos. I have my own reasons for that, and I’m sorry to hear that yours were so horrifying. Still, these things become part of us, and can be used for good.

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    • I’m so sorry that you endured such horrific abuse Tracey. Truly awful.

      I endured various abuses that resonate with both your abuse and that of the Hampstead children.

      I cannot understand how people who claim to be abuse survivors can read about the Hampstead hoax and not conclude that Abe and Ella tortured and otherwise abused the children.

      Also I think you are correct that Abe played the children off against one another. It happens in all families and cults where one or more controlling psychopaths gain gratification and excitement from inflicting pain and misery on others. It is this very thing that makes it so difficult for people to leave cults. Victims feel complicit and identify as an abuser because they have been manipulated, coerced or tortured into participating in (or believing that they are responsible for) the abuse of another.

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  21. How awful, what a dreadful story YdychyncachuTracey. I am sorry to hear that you had to go through such meanness from your mother. One thing I learnt from my childhood mistreatment was to learn to never how to treat my children in such a cruel manner.

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    • Same here. My worst is serious face and a sterner tone of voice.

      I don’t want sympathy, just trying to explain why I see some of the underlying dynamics,

      I am doing well for myself. I have every hope P and Q will do well and be happy too. My experiences will always be part of me. They aren’t the only thing that drives me.

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      • Tracey

        I am very pleased to read that you are doing well and that you are not totally defined by your experiences of abuse. I think that is so important.

        Your post inspired me to imagine a blog, heavily moderated of course, where well meaning people could leave encouraging and inspiring messages for P and Q for as and when they might want to read it.


    • Yes, I remember hearing the little girl admit that she didn’t really enjoy meditating, but saying that she could do it for three hours at a time. That seemed very odd to me.

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      • Three hours?. I had a late friend who wrote some books on meditation for children (Princess Diana even endorsed one) but she recommended 5 minutes at most as a way of teaching kids to calm their minds when troubled.
        She said 5 mins was about all that most kids could master.

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  22. Sheva – you keep going you lovely lady. You had Rupert over because you have nothing to hide. Thank you for keeping it real. Totally agree with your assessment of Jessica Valentini too. She’s doing good work, in so many ways.

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  23. I have been interest in scammers for a while. I have been interested in fringe groups.

    I knew about people initially involved in the Hampstead situation years before.

    Mr John Walsh, he has been scamming since the sixties. I knew about him in the early oughts.

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  24. Would a book about hampstead sell ? would it even make sense as, at this point, it’s far from having a resolution. would it take the form of a story ? or an analysis of an online phenomenon ~ the online witchhunt.

    one thing’s for certain though, el karenote is the one person qualified to write it as she’s already presided over so much of it’s research and online exploration. research is a good ninety percent or more of the work authors do (maybe not dan brown) so it’s already a very viable project. obviously i’m biased and would love to own a copy but is it actually a viable commercial property that a publisher would want to deal with ? anyone got any ideas ?

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    • As with anything in the publishing realm, much depends on the angle you take, the points of view represented, and the state of the market at any given time. If chosen carefully, I think the story could be very saleable at some point; however, as you say, it would also depend on the state of resolution of the case. So…it depends. 🙂


  25. I’ve known about it a while. purely by who’s on your facebook friend list. you’ve never tried to hide and it’s hilarious they took this long to join up more dots than a teenager with chicken pox. it’s as if they’re not even trying. And when finally they make 2 and 2 out to be 4 they sulk because nobody’s interested. so much for doxxing you into submission and closing hoaxted. reminds me of an indoor firework. disappointing. if every reader of malcolm’s tweets and cat’s blog was to simultaneously turn up on your doorstep it’d be me and the office tapeworm on our own. put the kettle on, chai tea with soya milk in a star wars themed mug for me and a very sloe gin for the tapir.

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  26. Definately one for the backburner. it’s a very difficult piece to present but could make for an interesting work. how a global mob of trolls brought the fears of salem to a leafy village in modern day london. it really does have so much potential and human interest. should we start knocking some working titles up ?

    the hampstead horror
    horror on the heath
    any witch hunt but loose

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  27. I am beyond furious that the Big Reveal means I can no longer claim ownership of this site, despite Angela Power Disney putting forward so many well constructed arguments that it must be me – based I think on the fact that El C and I occasionally interact via Twitter.

    Keep on keeping on. These people are a highly toxic combination of entitled, stupid and unpleasant. They present a real danger to those that they manipulate.

    I shall mourn my loss of assumed greatness but shall applaud your public defiance and courage.

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