Thomas Dunn’s ultimatum: ‘Join us or die, okay?’

Yesterday we talked about Thomas Dunn, the American YouTuber who has been huffing and puffing about the Hampstead SRA hoax, whilst simultaneously exploiting the Hampstead children by setting up an online shop to sell Hampstead-themed cosplay supplies to his eager audience of fellow zealots.

As commenter Surreal Hustle pointed out, Dunn seems to be in tight with a particularly loony yet well-funded conspiritainment channel, Indiana-based “Now You See TV” (NYSTV). By all appearances, NYSTV espouses the same brand of messianic Christianity as Angela Power-Disney—they refer to Jesus as “Yeshua”, appropriate Jewish symbolism such as the seven-branched menorah, and claim Saturday as their sabbath.

Speaking of Angela, she seems to be particularly interested in what Dunn has had to say about Hampstead recently, and has left dozens of comments under his videos.

This led us to wonder whether she might have had some hand in “educating” him about the Hampstead hoax. She interviewed him on her “Angela’s Caches” YouTube channel in late 2015/early 2016, at around the time she was recruiting Rupert to come to the UK. In this video she makes plans with Dunn for a quick visit to Hampstead:


As luck would have it, Rupert accepted her invitation and Dunn didn’t—fortunately for him.

However, it does seem oddly coincidental that in the weeks following the police raid on Angela’s house, Dunn sprang into action, releasing a series of videos about Hampstead, each one with more shouting and mouth-frothing than the last.

In of his recent videos, with the not-at-all-provocative title, “Join us or die“, he takes direct aim a this blog. Like Angela, he clings to the belief that Hoaxtead Research is written by RD, despite all evidence to the contrary.

At 23:22, he openly calls on his viewers to dox us:

Lemme just say this: if we have anybody that can…that’s good with doing computer-type investigation, we do have some trolls. There is a group called Hoaxtead, and we wanna find out who these guys are and just kinda bring them out in the open. These guys…uh, a lot of them have been tracked down, we know who some of ’em are, but we wanna just get these guys in the open, so this is just kind of a side project. If you have experience in that kind of work, go ahead and send me an email at and I’ll give you instructions on there.

(We’d just like to point out that doxxing violates YouTube’s terms of service, so if anybody feels like reporting this video, please don’t let us stop you.)

Caution: Do not take a drink every time he says ‘Okay’. Okay?

Following his request for volunteer doxxers (which reminded us of Angela’s request for hackers to “find a back door” to RD’s children’s website, but that is probably just coincidental) Dunn goes off on a strangely disconnected rant:

I’m saying that I believe these kids. Okay? And I’ve given tons and tons of evidence, all right?…to confirm that these kids’ testimony is true. And it’s overwhelming.

Nobody believes these Hoaxteaders, okay? Nobody does. Okay? Anybody that knows anything about children, and I’ve been studying this for years, knows these kids are tellin’ the truth, okay?

So I have to assume that these people that are trying to continue the coverup of this crime have a vested interest in it. Okay?

Um…we definitely know that one of the people is the father. He definitely has a vested interest in it. Okay?

If they really believed, if they really believed that what they were saying is true, they wouldn’t be hiding. Okay?

We know that everybody scattered, okay, and ran like cockroaches when you flip the light switch on, okay? That’s what happened. They took off. And they’re in hiding, you know, and just trying to remain a low profile and not draw any attention to themselves.

Some of ’em are, some of ’em are not, okay?

Okay? Okay.

Believe the children…except when they say what you don’t want to hear

Like the rest of the Hoaxtead mob, Dunn is adamant that RD’s children should be believed…right up to the point when they start saying Abe and Ella had forced them to lie.

So we’d better not try any funny stuff:

So you know what I suspect is gonna happen. I suspect that they are going to bring these children out with a new interview to recant once again their testimony. And they are going to try, okay, to discredit this campaign.

I’m sorry, but nobody’s gonna believe it. You can go ahead and go that route if you want, but the testimonies are there, they’ve went viral, we know these kids have been telling the truth, and we know that they’ve been in the custody of the brainwashers, of those who have done the abuse. And we know that they’re going to go along, probably under duress, the threat of abuse, if they don’t tell your story now. Okay?

So we’re not gonna buy it. We’re not gonna believe it if you bring these kids out and do an interview with them and say that ‘my mother made me do this’ an’ all this stuff, we’re not gonna buy it. We’re not gonna buy it. Uh, so just throwing that out there, I suspect that that’s just one of the tactics.

We won’t bother explaining for the umpteenth time that since we don’t know RD and have never met his children, it’s highly unlikely that we’d trot them out to discuss their experience…and even if we did know them, we would not think of violating their right to privacy.

‘We’re coming after you’

Lest we have any doubt where he stands vis à vis Hoaxtead, Dunn reiterates his threats:

You don’t understand. You’re not coming after us. We’re coming after you. Okay? And I’m sorry to all my listeners that I gotta stop the broadcast and address these guys, okay?

But I realise they’re out there, and I realise they’re plotting and planning and all that stuff.

You’re in the minority, guys. You’re in the minority. 

Fortunately, Dunn is wrong. The vast majority of people in the world don’t believe in a baby and child raping/murdering/cannibalising cult which dwells in a North London suburb. But let’s not tell him that. It’ll just upset him.

The prayer-y bit, Part 1

When it comes to the mandatory prayer part of his video (it’s in his contract: as a Christian blogger he must demonstrate his über-Christianity by saying something resembling a prayer), Dunn seems even more confused:

Jesus said…this is embarrassing. Hopefully Russ won’t see this. But, uh, prayer. In other words, we’re goin’ out and we’re gonna do somethin’. If we do nothing at all, we’re gonna do prayer. Okay?

Um…we’re gonna try to, you know, maybe we’re gonna try to track down some cults and…exposure. Yes. Research. Evangelism. Exposure. Prayer. Hello. And um, we’re gonna do one of these things. And we’re not gonna do nothing.

Okay, I know that’s a double negative, but uh, we’re gonna do something.

So anyway, that’s the idea behind what we’re doin’ here. Um, because it takes the pressure offa them, and these pawns, these left-hand path atheistic Laveyan Satanists, won’t even admit that these other Satanists exist. But yet they would love to be recruited by ’em. 

Anyone? No?

‘Join us or die’

It turns out that when he proclaimed “Join us or die” he was actually referring to us:

Anyway. I don’t have time for civil war, but yes, we are…we are pretty much in a civil war.

So again, again I take a break from hanging out with my friends to address the Hoaxtead people, whatever you wanna call yourselves, okay? To address the people that I believe were directly involved in these crimes that took place in Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead, London, England, to say, ‘Join us or die’.

Sigh. Dunn, we don’t know how many times we have to explain this to Angela you:

  1. There were no crimes. The children said so.
  2. No one who contributes to this blog has anything to do with the school in question.

It’s really not that difficult.

The prayer-y bit, Part 2

Dunn seems to have convinced himself that we are vastly outnumbered by those who believe that a cabal of evil cultists rape, murder, and eat children and babies in a school and church in Hampstead. And so, he offers more prayer-words. Sort of:

Not only are you losing, you lost. It’s over.

I’m not even talkin’ about whether somebody’s gonna believe your garbage or not. Okay? I’m not even talkin’ about that.

I’m talking about your salvation.


And you can join us, or you can die. Jesus said, ‘Let the dead bury their own dead’. John. Chapter 11. 

The end. We kid you not.

As you can see, Dunn seems very convinced of his own moral rectitude, despite the fact that he actually seems to know very few of the details of the Hampstead hoax, and doesn’t seem to care what the children might have to say about it, if they were in a position to do so.

Flo Destroyer’s challenge

We understand that Flo Destroyer, who has been challenging Dunn and others of his ilk, recently issued a challenge: he is volunteering to donate £100 to a children’s charity if Dunn will join him for an hour to debate the facts of the Hampstead hoax.

Flo Destroyer 2018-10-08 Thomas DunnWill Dunn have what it takes to debate someone he cannot arbitrarily block if he doesn’t like what they have to say? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Tom Dunn 2018-10-08 Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder General

133 thoughts on “Thomas Dunn’s ultimatum: ‘Join us or die, okay?’

  1. At 23:22, he openly calls on his viewers to dox us:

    Doxxing is an obsession with Truthers and stoners. It’s a kind of ‘Rumpelstiltskin delusion’… they are convinced that when you learn the Real Name of something, you gain Magic Power over it.

    Only works that way in folklore.

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  2. What is it with these nutters, do they think they can come over from the States & be a saviour or something! First Rupert now this crazy bloke, mind you, he would suit Angie down to the ground.

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  3. I’ve now reported the ‘Join us or die’ video. I must admit I didn’t know that doxxing was against YouTube’s terms of service.

    PS: out of those two choices, I choose a slow and painful death. Sorry, Tom.

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    • Doxing is not just against social media rules it’s against US Federal and State laws:
      “Cyberstalking is a criminal offense under American anti-stalking, slander, and harassment laws. A conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or criminal penalties against the assailant, including jail. Cyberstalking specifically has been addressed in recent U.S. federal law.”

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  4. “Nobody believes these Hoaxteaders, okay? Nobody does. Okay?”

    Our 102 followers beg to differ 😁

    Nice bit of semantic drift, by the way. In the early days ‘Hoaxteaders’ referred to people who believed and promoted the hoax. People like him, ironically.

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    • Wee Tommy Dunce is another delusional,ill formed,life failure believing the internet is just the magic dust that will transform them into becoming a contender and launch them to fame,fortune and affirmation.

      The inconvenient truth for desperado-wannabe-somebodies is that this wonder tool performs no such alchemy whatsoever. It only serves to expose and compound existing inadequacies and actively obstruct any possibilty of development through conscious effort and required suffering.

      All rather sad although not entirely without entertainment value observing poorly painted clowns drown in their own projectile megaphone futility.

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    Really, Tom? Interesting, as yesterday I tried to tell you exactly that (which I believe counts as trolling in the Dunn-Chrestman lexicon). And the reason I tried to tell you that is because you’d said – and I quote – “Because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down and he was eaten by worms. GOD KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THE WICKED! We can point the finger of a lot of people we’d like that to happen to.”

    Go to 10:05:

    No self-contradiction there, then.

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    • I love that he’s gonna point the finger of the people he wants to be struck down by lightning bolts. Maybe that’s so they can act as some kind of conductor and make the whole thing quicker and less painful?

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  6. He’s been talking bollocks about his “legendary” campaign on Facebook too:


    By the way, at 8:09 he admits he’s made loads of money from this campaign!

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    • 56:28 I appear using my own voice, not the puppet character. I try to give a fairly compressed history and keep it pretty sane and honest.

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          • He’s being pretty pretty blasé about it too, He’s just posted the following comment:

            “…but hey, we’re just humans doing the best we can. I think we made that painfully clear tonight, but I really appreciate everyone chiming in. Haha.”

            He’s given out the phone number of someone who’s received death threats and doesn’t seem to care. Plus he also hasn’t beeped it out as he promised he would. And he wants more people to call in?!

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      • You did really well Grobnob

        I am dismayed however to notice that the facebook page of The System Is Down is not only promoting the Hampstead hoax but is showing the faces of the children, thus contributing to their abuse. I do not wish to link to it for obvious reason, but if you check their facebook page a photo of the 2 children and a promotion of the hoax is the first thing you see.

        If The System Is Down is genuinely open minded about this, and they claim that they do not know one way or another what happened in Hampstead, why are they contributing to the atrocious abuse committed on the children by Abe and Ella by violating the children’s privacy and encouraging fruitloops the world over to continue the harassment? Why are they promoting a hoax that repeatedly places two innocent children at risk of kidnapping by assorted deluded conspiracy theorists?

        Real people are involved in this, real families have suffered enormously, children have been put at risk of kidnapping, innocent falsely accused people have suffered breakdowns and a whole community of innocent people has been terrorised.

        If the people at The System Is Down are genuine about being open minded their promotion of the hoax needs to stop as of yesterday.

        It is not good enough to say “well we don’t know what is going on” and then give air time to demented conspiracy theorists and conspiracy entrepreneurs like Tom Dunn when it places innocent families, whole communities and two innocent children at risk of abuse.

        The System Is Down is a business, as demonstrated by their frequent solicitations for $$$. As it stands, with their promotion of the Hampstead hoax, which they acknowledge that they have not researched properly, they are making money out of child abuse.

        If they cannot be arsed to conduct basic research then they should not have given credence to this conspiracy in the first place. Shame on them.

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        • Good observations, SH.

          I also raised a point on there about how the feller was saying he would never judge Thomas without evidence. Pity he didn’t display the same courtesy towards the “trolls” that Tom was slandering.

          By the way, Tom’s butter-wouldn’t-melt act in that video was abysmal. He genuinely stated that he’s never been rude to us. Is this the same Tom who said he was gonna come to London and hunt down all the parents and teachers and referred to RD as “the baby-eating baby-sacrificing head-chopping-off maniac molester father”?

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    • Well done, mate.

      I haven’t got to your bit yet but I’m intrigued by Tommy Liar saying he hasn’t received any offers to appear on Flo Destroyer’s show. The screenshot in tonight’s post says different, Tom!

      Also, I’m wincing at him saying he can “guarantee” that no one from here would dare show their face. I think Karen, Steve and Sheva might beg to differ.

      Incidentally, I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate that there is no shame in using pseudonyms online. When you receive death threats on a daily basis – including threats to your family – it would be irresponsible NOT to protect your identity and location. Also, many people use pseudonyms to avoid problems at work etc. Case in point: Danielle la Verite famously phoned Debbie Williams’ employers and told them a load of crap about her that, according to her, resulted in her getting fired (though this is disputed). And imagine how much worse that kind of backlash could be you if you worked with children!

      And that’s without even mentioning the vicious trolling EC and her family received from Cat Scot, Malcolm Ogilvy, Yannis Emmannouel and Kris Costa after she’d revealed her identity.

      So I for one have no qualms about using pseudonyms (or is that ‘pysendeums’, Mary?). And if Thomas ‘Dunny’ Dunn doesn’t like that, he can take it up with the countless people on HIS side of the hoaxer fence who also use fake names, including his own bloody moderator Planeflyer21!

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      • I’m hardly an expert but I wanted to give the other side of the story in a human honest way. I don’t expect people to believe me, but I’d like them to study the matter and think about. The guys were very receptive and allowed me a free reign to speak my bit. The host channel came off pretty well out of it. I’ll wager Tom isn’t happy.

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      • Good grief as if anyone would expose their real names and families to these bullying creeps !
        I repeat, the nasty Fiona Barnett (who I hear is about to have some very severe legal problems – look up “Dolly’s Law” in Oz- and they will be coming from within her own family) who this bunch have praise as some sort of “whistle blower” has one victim in the form of a 14 year old who had to change schools (and his name) after school pals came across her rantings online and as is the wont of kids, teased the boy mercilessly. So that is just one innocent victim of false claims about a Grandfather who died before he was even born.

        However I’ll take the challenge and post my latest passport pic. Now you will be able to spot me at Perth Airport Mr. Dunny when you come to “get me”.

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    • Incidentally, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the videos of the children and I don’t necessarily want to watch them again but what I recall about the ‘taste of blood’ video is that the girl says something like ‘it tastes like metal I do think’ or something like that…if anyone knows where this video is it could be checked out. (It’s the one with the bagpipe playing guy in the garden.) What I recall is that the statement about the taste of blood wasn’t as ‘sure’ as people think it is.

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      • Yes, when I was a child I used to get nosebleeds, and I definitely would have described blood as “tasting of metal”. It’s not really a huge leap to imagine that other children might know this too.


          • Not to mention kids like me, who had an unreasonable number of skinned knees and elbows. Children definitely know what blood is, and what it tastes like.


  7. I would be interested to know the identity of the man wearing the clown’s makeup. Also why is he adopting the identity of a clown / fool? Is it something he does regularly? I would be most grateful if anyone can advise. Thanks

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    • He’s the brother of the main presenter. Both brothers claimed that they were dressed in troll fancy dress to reflect the topic of that particular broadcast. No news on whether they plan to give up their day jobs any time soon 🙄

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      • The reason why I am asking is because the “fool” and clowning / jester related imagery can be a “tic” or indicator of the cult / criminal network I have mentioned here before, Ashram Shambala

        Of course just because someone wears a red nose or clown makeup or has been on a clowning workshop it does not mean that they are involved with the cult, however it is something to notice and be aware of.

        Sometimes people involved in the cult operate clowning courses or appear with clown makeup or a red nose in photos on social networking websites. This should not be considered proof of a link unless other tics / indicators are present, however I would advise extreme caution about contacting the people involved in this youtube channel.

        One of the oldest websites exposing the cult, no longer active, can be found via google translate and the archive here the address is stop fools (dot) narod (dot) ru

        and the “button of our site” that shows a fool / jester head

        If you look back at the non-recent documentaries re the cult the cutaways showing cult materials sometimes include clown / fool / jester imagery

        Please also note that not everyone in the cult wears clown / jester makeup or clothes, it should not be considered proof of a link, just one of a number of red flags to pay attention to

        Please also note that the archived website contains first person witness accounts of child sexual abuse and the abuse of vulnerable adults by the cult that most people would find extremely distressing.

        Also IMPORTANT

        The archived “stop fools” website is no longer active and there is a possibility that attempting to contact the website will result in contacting the cult itself so extreme caution is advised

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    • They’re a fun news channel, dressing up as a notorious Satanist from KISS (Knights In Satan’s Service) is a nod to the Satanic Panic ? Or maybe just a coincidence.

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    • Can you imagine all the allegations that would have flown if one of us – or even worse, RD – had dressed in a “creepy” outfit like that? 😂

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  8. Talk about delusions of grandeur and a belief in his own power. He’s almost as bad as Angie as we see even her neighbors can’t stand a bar of her.
    If Thomas Dunny is coming after me he is welcome to visit me any time here in Perth and I’ve converted my Granny Flat in his honour. He will find it very comfortable although he will have to share it with Mabel Smythe-Fortescue (age: 89) who is quite excited she will be sharing digs- she loves the old tattooed sailor (I had to tell her that Thomas has “covered the Waterfront” – you get my meaning). She is eager to get down with Thomas in the “biblical sense” and examine the issues first hand.
    # Just what is the meaning of all those tattoos he sports?. I’m sure I saw one on his arm that definitely means he is a member of the Indiana Bearded Loons Baby Eating Club .

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  9. Okay. If anyone in the UK wants to phone the usa I recommend three mobile. On payg it’s 3p a minute.

    As far as tom dung goes, keep using the #hampsteadjustice hashtag on twitter and sharing retweeting truthful tweets so as to eclipse the lies with reasoned truth.

    This guy is just a fruit for the money and needs to be exposed for his scamming ways. I have no problem with selling junk online, bur not on the back of a blackmail con that resulted in havoc for innocent families.

    Keep the pressure on him and any idiot promoting his bullshit.

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  10. #opRatWeasle is going very well. Plenty of reports made to YouTube, Twitter is flooded with #HAMPSTEADJUSTICE tagged posts to dilute / replace his own, now hijacked, attempt at a campaign and we’re waiting to see how he reacts. Hopefully YouTube will spank him down a step or two.

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    • “None of them will come out and show themselves on video.”

      Apart from Karen, Steve, Mike, Sheva, Danny, etc. etc…

      I bet this guy plays a mean pinball.

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  11. Cat Snot’s been giggling her way through another butt-hurt video, this time about how she’s got herself in trouble for her vile tweets on Twitter. Aww…

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    • She’s calling for Nicola Sturgeon to be hanged (or “hung”, as this ignorant hag calls it), just for swearing the same oath of allegiance that all MPs have to have to swear? And she wonders why she’s been suspended?

      By the way, she sounds high (and possibly drunk) in this. If she is, I hope her kids aren’t around to see it.

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        • “Postnein accout was admitted to being owned by…”

          Ah, passive voice. Is there anything that it can’t do can’t be done by it?

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          • When someone writes two passive constructions back-to-back like that, you have to wonder whether the author is so deep into denying responsibility that it’s seeping into her grammar.

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            • She has another interesting grammatical quirk, I’ve noticed: she never uses the word “who”, but always “that”, when describing people. Eg., “I know a woman that…”, never “I know a woman who…” I’ve idly speculated as to whether this could represent her way of objectifying others. Or possibly it’s just a grammatical tic, like Dunn’s continual use of “okay”.

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        • Oh dear! Nice attempt of publicly doxing my family! Gotta laugh!
          3 years of trolling, still no proof. Did i say i was going to stop commenting on the case, yeah i did, changed my mind, just like SHE DID!

          One of is being investigated by the police. One of us is going on YouTube and talking about someones family!

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  12. I have been around long enough to know a bullshitter when I see one, and Thomas Dunn is a bullshitter. Thomas Dunn is an attention seeker, who has the ability to make a lot of noise come out of his mouth whilst saying nothing at all. I am wondering why I wasted some minuites of my life scanning through some of his vapid videos. Thomas Dunn is a barking dog with no teeth. I am wondering why we are wasting any time on him. Seems there is better things to do with our lives than chase this waste of oxygen.

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    • Questions I asked myself re: Thomas Dunn.
      1. is he a threat to wellbeing of RD and his children? NO.
      2. is he a threat to Satanism and Satanism with his great campaign? NO
      3. is he well networked in to the existing Satan Hunters behind Hampstead Hoax? NO
      4. does he have enough followers to create a threat? NO
      5. is he making waves? NO
      6. do I feel worried about Thomas Dunn as I did about Rupert? NO

      Thomas Dunn in my opinion is low hanging rotten fruit, hardly worth my time to get excited about. I think it is great to challenge prize hogs like Angela Power Disney, but in wasting so much time on Thomas Dunn is like going from shooting lions to shooting mice. There are better things to do with my time.


      • Let some others work out how to challenge someone like Thomas Dunn in that case. The newbies can find their feet and find out how effective, or not, their powers of persuasion and argument are.

        Hello newbies. *waves*

        The merch stuff is pretty awful for one.

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        • Yes, unfortunately people like Tom do stir up the hatred against the community, and while he is a nonentity in terms of the internet, what he preaches can have negative effects.

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