Who are the real slimeballs? Hoaxers trash RD’s children

So remember all those theories the Hoaxers have put forward about RD and his children?

They’ve said he’s living in San Francisco, that he’s in Los Angeles, that he’s in London and broadcasting from a café near Westminster; they’ve said the children are in his care, that they were in his care but he killed them, that they’ve been sacrificed to the Devil at the Getty Center, that Ella now has the children…. There are almost as many ridiculous theories as there are troofers clinging to the remnants of the Hampstead SRA hoax.

Last week we received at least a partial answer to that question, and the unsurprising answer is “none of the above”.

An alert reader informed us of this curious conversation at the tail end of the infamous David Icke Forum chat thread about the Hampstead hoax:

Icke Forum 2018-06-19 1Icke Forum 2018-06-19 2Icke Forum 2018-06-19 3

We checked out the video in question, and sure enough, there was RD with his two children, all looking healthy, happy, well-fed, un-bruised, and proud to have won an eBay Award for Business. The product is “slime”, a toy that’s popular amongst children but less so with their parents.

We said nothing at the time, as we felt this family has already been through enough, and deserved to celebrate their achievement in privacy.

The vultures descend

However, we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Hoaxtead mobsters, as we suspected it would be merely a matter of time before one of them latched onto the story and smeared it with their own special brand of ugly.

Sure enough, yesterday Angela Power-Disney posted the video on her blog and Facebook.

Here we have the Father calling himself GAB WILLIAMS in a lengthy youtube demo of the product allegedly created with his children:

In the e bay runner up descriptions it says,


“Allegedly”? Seriously, Angela?

Just because Angela is too bone-lazy to get up off her arse and run a legitimate business doesn’t mean she gets to trash others with more initiative and integrity than she has.

And just watch how she turns a small family-run business into something sinister:

One has to wonder if creating an online business with children aged, say 11 & 12, is exploitative or simply entrepreneurial? Anyone on youtube is familiar with what big business children are and some sites could be accused of almost prostituting the children for the love of fame and money? One has to ask if children are willing participants in the limelight, and in the case of the FATHER AND HIS TWO CHILDREN, one wonders where the MOTHER is in the picture, if she approves or even knows of Daddy’s weekend hobby with the children?

Our guess is that Ella probably didn’t know about the business, since she has not had custody of the children for three years now. You know, on account of that whole “stood by and smiled while her slimy boyfriend tortured the children” thing.

Just a quick reminder, Angie: Ella fucked off to Spain with her boyfriend and left her two kids in what she claimed was a “Satanic cult” (even though the children never once uttered the term “Satanic”, and called it a “culture” because they couldn’t remember the word Abe forced them to learn under duress).

Anyway, to those who follow my work, I do not mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but you might agree the photograph is somewhat HAUNTING?

“Haunting” in the sense that it contrasts so starkly with the half-starved, bruised, and desperate children who’d spent the previous month holed up in the desert with a narcissist and a psychopath, who tortured them until they were able to recite deranged allegations against their father and everyone else who was important in their lives?

Yes, definitely.

If any good ANONS can dig deeper, I have multiple site links and would be interested to see if there are BACK DOORS …thankyou guys in advance.

You be the judge. Do contact me for further details or WITH further details and feedback. 

What precisely does Angela mean by “back doors”? This sounds to us like she wants someone to track down RD and his children—for what purpose, exactly? She does know that any interference in their lives, further than what’s already been done by her and her ghoulish friends, could very easily land her in a prison cell, right?

And how interesting that she ends her disgusting post with a request for further information. Once again, we ask, why? What do she or her friends plan to do with any information they receive?

The right to privacy

Since we learned that the video of RD and his children were in the public domain, we have to say we’ve been very concerned.

We knew that vicious conspiranoid nutters like Angela, Cat Scot, Andy Devine, Anthony Pike, Malcolm Ogilvy and their ilk would latch onto them and try to claim that the smiling children weren’t just proud and happy, but had been subject to “programming” or some such idiocy.

It seemed to some of us that RD had made a terrible error in judgement allowing himself and his children to be featured in a promo video, and we worried for the safety of his children.

Others weren’t so certain. Maybe, they thought, the nutters would see that the children were in no danger (Abe and Ella having left the country), and would finally pack up their tinfoil hats and go home.

The truth will doubtless lie somewhere between these extremes.

The video has been shared by Angela, Andy Devine, and Anthony Pike, all of whom have tried to stir their followers into the usual pitchfork and torches frenzy, and we’re sure it’ll go further before interest dies down.

Andy Devine 2018-06-26

Devine shared to 13 groups in total

But however this plays out, we believe that RD and his children had the absolute right to participate in the eBay video, just as anyone else would.

There is a huge difference between having one’s children’s illegally obtained images and videos splashed across the internet in clear violation of their rights both as minors and as alleged victims in a child sexual abuse case, and choosing to participate with one’s children in a video celebrating their accomplishments.

The fact that RD and his children chose to do this doesn’t negate in any way their right to live their lives unmolested by people foolish, evil, or dare we say slimy enough to insist that happy smiles are “haunting” or to make foul insinuations about “Daddy’s weekend hobby with the children”.

We wish RD and his children all the best.Wonderful Slime 2017

189 thoughts on “Who are the real slimeballs? Hoaxers trash RD’s children

  1. “The video has been shared by Angela, Andy Devine, and Anthony Pike…”

    …and Malcolm Ogilvy, who’s been happy to share the alleged names, phone numbers and addresses of innocent people connected with the slime (including RD) and placing them and their families in danger from his fellow psychos. But maybe that’s the point, eh? He certainly has form re. posting people’s supposed addresses and maps and photos of their houses, along with threats to pay them a visit with his (imaginary) mates.

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  2. JournoAngie’s going around saying this was her discovery but I’ve seen plenty of screenshots that seem to show that Cat Snot’s been pulling her strings. You’d think she’d have more interesting things to do whilst on holiday with her children but no – trashing RD and his children and egging Angie on to make a twat of herself on her behalf is apparently much more rewarding than spending quality time with her kids.

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    • Power-Disney is urging people to give her more information. She is now intending to ramp up her criminal harassment. I must bone up on Irish law. I’m so over this ghastly creature.

      # Congratulations to RD and those kids who look happy and healthy and what a joy to discover they have a small business success. Good for them. It looks like they have successfully put the past behind them. Actually I don’t see why they need to hide their lives and change names etc but it’s entirely understandable.

      And it’s more reason to catalogue their harassers and document all their attempts to destroy this little family unit. Not one single one of their vicious defamers should escape attention and legal action where possible.

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      • Lets wait and see how apds recent visit from the Garda works out. I’m thinking slimegate was the reason.


  3. “Once again, we ask, why? What do she or her friends plan to do with any information they receive?”

    Worryingly, I think this post from Irreverent Pike may be able to answer that, EC:

    “So folks, have fun and throw a slimeball at Ricky”

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    • What is he trying to accomplish here? If any of his brain dead followers assault RD or the children in any way, they’ll wind up eating porridge for a while. This isn’t 2015; the police are well aware of who these gimboids are now.

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    • I had to peek at the video. I’m quite pleased the kid’s appearances are changing as they grow older. It means they should be able to enjoy their teenage and young adult years in relative peace.

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      • Yes, it was great to see the children looking so healthy. The last time I saw them they were thin and had bruises on them. Clever kids with an enterprising spirit, I hope they make themselves a nice little pot of cash.

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        • Is it wrong of me to want to see the kids (when they’re old enough) make a video putting the record straight on Abe, Ella and the Hampstead hoax? Not that it would convince the hoaxer fruitloops, of course – they’d claim either that they were forced to make it at gunpoint by satanic shape-shifting sex traffickers from outer space (or some such) or that the kids in the video were clones/CGI/crisis actors.

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          • I imagine that the fruitloops would treat such a video in the same way they treated the children’s retraction videos.

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          • I would also like to see one of them write a book when they’re older, writing about how the hoax affected their lives and as you say, putting the record straight.

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          • Regarding a book. I’m afraid I disagree. I’d like to see the whole charade so discredited and the videos wiped off the web to the point where it’s nothing more than the tiniest footnote that is only ever mentioned as a blackmail attempt that backfired. That’s my goal. Bury it and the reputations of the imbeciles and parasites perpetuating it. Mind you, if it’s the express wish of those involved to set the record straight, fine.


  4. Thanks for this update, EC. I’ve been wondering how long it would be before the fruitloops caught on and I’m afraid I lost the office sweepstake due to them taking far longer than any of our tickets had anticipated (you just can’t overestimate their incompetence, can you?).

    Anyhoo, I’d just like to say how nice it is to see that the children are so happy and healthy and winning awards for their entrepreneurial skills. Especially as the fruitloops have spent the last three years screaming that they’re either dead, living in bondage or eking out a living making Superbowl ads for Audi’s Satanic Trafficking & Sacrificing department.

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    • “Especially as the fruitloops have spent the last three years screaming that they’re either dead, living in bondage…”

      And the most sickening part is their apparent disappointment that they’re not 😦

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        • No. Unfortunately they’re going to insist the children are now fully brainwashed by the cult are will eventually take over as the next generation of leaders. They’ll spout anything but the truth. I wonder what the Sheffield Shouter has to add to the topic ? Will Belinda McKenzie comment ? I wonder how this will affect all those chanting ‘free the hoaxtead two’ and talking of kidnap ? It should definitely reduce the newcomer uptake and will be hard to pass as anything remotely in support of the evil cult claims. Yet I just know that the usual gang of idiots will insist upon some kind of mischief.

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    • What, you mean that even with his penchant for astrological mumbo jumbo, that nice Mr. Ogilvy never saw this coming? 😮

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  5. But what, the conspiretards will ask, is in the Wonderful Slime ?
    Dead babies, obviously.
    RD has obviously started this fake front company to dispose of the evidence of all the hundreds of babies his cult murders and eats, in a secret room hidden in McDonalds. The bones, skin, gristle and viscera are melted down, by a satanic butcher, and turned into this slime that unsuspecting people are unaware of.

    Oh the humanity.

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  6. Did anyone spot anything in that awards video that screamed “dirty rotten scoundrel” or is it just Angie’s unhinged mate Tuba Bay?

    That’s her real name, btw. Nuff said?

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  7. It’s so good to see the children are happy & with their father where they are safe from the nutty abusive couple.

    The idiots could now put their not so good investigative skills, cough, cough, into something like…oh I don’t know, maybe Belender & her criminal friends.

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  8. Here’s a suggestion. How about compiling a list of all the allegations made against the local branch of McDonalds, and, obviously all the idiots either expanding on those claims or sharing them. Tie it all up with a neat little bow . . . .

    And email it to McDonalds. Possibly their litigation department will have a word with YouTube, who let’s face it probably have a good relationship, and, possibly, suggest every single video in which their business is slandered gets kicked right off youtube.
    If anyone tries this let me know how it goes.

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    • Agree. I reckon Social Media giants are yet to feel the torch of litigation but I’m pretty sure many enterprising US attorneys are beavering away to pull them into line.
      I think the first big case may be the law suit that has landed on the ghastly Alex Jones’ desk over his Sandy Hook claptrap.
      He already folded very quickly after Comet Pizza took him to task where a confidential agreement was reached. Although no damages were paid I hear Jones’ agreed to pay all legal; costs which were in the region of $US200K.

      It’s why I would have no quibbles on bankrupting any harasser like Power-Disney , Bellend or others and if it made them homeless all the better. Would focus their minds on something else and they wish far worse upon the innocents they attack.

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      • This wouldn’t be a lawsuit. McDonalds would just say hey, google . . . How about you remove this garbage about us killing and serving babies for Satanists ? Or do we have to discuss it over a multimillion dollar lawsuit that you’ll be paying for ? Google wouldn’t be able to delete the garbage quick enough if McDonalds asked them officially. Lets bear in mind this is still a pretty small panic and largely ignored. Should someone get it on McDonalds radar I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be amused.

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        • I dug deeper. McDonalds, pizza express and Starbucks all get named as part of the baby 👶 eating murder sex cult. Its just a matter of contacting the right people.

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    • Isn’t it? I think this ends the uncertainty for a lot of people. Their lives are really no one else’s business, but given how badly we know they were abused by their mother and her boyfriend, it’s good to know they’re doing well.

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    • Missing ? In what way are they missing ? I doubt they’ve been reported missing. I’m pretty certain that everyone who needs to know where they are does. What on earth is she on about claiming they’re missing ? Bloody missing person fraud. Is there a prize for spotting the first ‘forensic evidence’ video where an Expert concludes these are different children or cgi to cover up their ‘murder’ ? I’m waiting patiently for Sheffield’s number one truther to set us all right in the error of our ways.

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      • They were only classed as “missing” by the idiotic, nasty, rabid hoaxers.

        It must have pissed the hoaxers off when they eventually discovered that video, as the children are clearly very happy to be with their father.

        I wish RD and the children all the best.

        They deserve to live in peace from those idiots now. I fear they won’t be and I hope RD takes action against them if they continue to harass him… or his children.

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        • I suspect the matter is in hand and can see one idiots calls for anons, info and references to ‘back doors’ could lead to trouble. Once they start annoying eBay’s shops and whoever organised that contest or the charities that wonderful slime assists it is a whole new arena to just annoying a few regular folks. It’s been a huge week here, first the knight revelations and now this. I’m waiting for Belinda to answer some questions. I’m currently wading through every video I have of the interviews and will be noting every single mention of McDonalds, pizza express and Starbucks for possible submission to those corporations and google/YouTube. I really hope they get stuck in. With all the corporation tax they don’t pay it’s high time they did something useful.

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          • I could have right on the money with that post. Apd was visited just a few weeks later.


  9. I think it is actually really nice to see the children and their father and to hear all the good work they have done together as a family unit after all they suffered. The children are looking very well, healthy, glowing and happy and their dad also and rather proud i may add 🙂 I wish them the very best of luck in their futures and the world of happiness. It actually brought tears to my eyes just looking at them all. God bless this family and keep them safe from prying eyes and foul mouths. Well done Mr Dearman on getting your life and that of your beautiful childrens back on track.

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    • I think Ricky has always had his life on track. Remember the catalyst for this was Ella’s bitterness over him having access to his children and exploded when he served legal papers to take full custody. Oddly enough in a McDonalds. After that the faceyoga vegan and hempbrained halfwit Christie began their attempt to blackmail Ricky’s custody suite away. Only to have it backfire when it fell into police hands, who rightly investigated the matter and passed it onto social services. Ella and Abe’s moronic scheme pretty much had the opposite effect they hoped for and ended with them fleeing the UK like rats from a sinking ship. What’s blackly comical is that Ella speeded up the process for Ricky and the kids and saved him a small fortune in legal fees. It was an epic own goal for the vain witch and her spoon wielding Chum. I don’t think Ricky and his kids appeared in that video without long consideration and are probably well prepared for the ensuing backlash. Considering their relationship with ebay and whoever’s involved with that contest/video I can see the hoaxers failing miserably to support Ella’s state kidnap claims any longer. Hopefully the Hampstead lie will wither away

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      • I totally agree with all you have said Grobnob. I believe it will wither away, it is already beginning with this video having emerged. Angie could have done a favour really by showing how well the family are doing because i am sure when some if not most of her followers will see it it will change their minds indeed towards this man and the lies that were said against him. Again, i wish them all the happiness in the world.

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        • This whole affair was always a minor appendage to the pizzagate hoax and has been steadily flagging since its inception. Now it just a case of a dozen or so lock in loons attempting to perpetuate this hackneyed and tired out myth. Check back in 3, 6 & 12 months and you’ll see it’ll decline further until it’s just an example of an online mob of yokels harassing an innocent family. It’d make a great tv movie of the week.

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          • Abe and Ella had gone very quiet before “Pizzagate” appeared on the internet.

            It was only then, they tried hard to resurrect their hoax and jump on the bandwagon. At the time, I remember seeing some of the “Pizzagate” followers telling them they were liars! Their plan backfired. 🙂

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          • I have to quibble with the idea that the Hampstead SRA hoax was an appendage of Pizzagate, as it predated Pizzagate by two years. Certainly it was pandering to the UK version of the sort of people who latched onto Pizzagate in November 2016, and was used by some of them as an example which they felt “proved” that their deranged fantasies were true. I think it’s more accurate to say that both hoaxes were singing from the same hymn book, with Pizzagate being sung louder by virtue of the USA’s larger population. Many Pizzagaters have moved on the the QAnon hoax, and have dragged the Hampstead hoax along with them, as it suits that narrative just as well.

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          • Yeah ec, I’m currently all over the videos. It starts sep 14, goes on reddit in Feb 15 then bounces about. I only briefly noticed it when I saw the Ella/abe videos and found them odd but unconvincing and moved on. It never went truly viral and is still a minor scare by anyone’s standards. It peaked with a couple of newspaper stories and the bbc interview. What strikes me as I watch the amateur videos is how monumentally stupid ella and abe were to think their plan would amount to anything. They’re seriously off their heads concocting the dumbest plot ever. Only people dumber feature in your dossier.


            • Grobnob, you say it starts September 2014. Have you found videos which were posted before the end of January 2015? I’d be most interested in seeing those if so.

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          • It was still a minor story and had nowhere near the interest pizzagate attracted. A couple of papers and a bbc interview mark it’s peak. Just ask everyday people if they’ve heard of pizzagate, most will have, ask about Hampstead and they’ll not know much. Outside of some very small circles it barely exists.


          • If memory serves, it went massively viral at the time and the videos were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, as mentioned in Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding hearing. It’s why this blog exists in the first place. If it had been a tiny insignificant story, there’d have been no need for it.

            And actually, there were several newspaper articles, three BBC radio documentaries and an interview.



          • “The subject children have been named repeatedly on the internet. Their photographs and film clips in which they feature have been published and re-published widely. Filmed police interviews of the children have been uploaded on to publicly accessible websites; so, too, intensely personal information relating to both children. As at 10 March 2015, more than 4 million people worldwide had viewed online material relating to this case.”

            Click to access gareeva-dearman-2015.pdf


          • Viral I over a million hits inside a week. Massively viral would be 10 million plus. Over 100 million hits is Godzilla sized viral. It may have been ‘massively viral’ in your opinion, but not by what massive actually means. The dead body in the woods was massively viral, tommy Robinson was viral. Hampstead was minor by anyone’s standards. It’s strictly for a few dozen diehards on either side and barely exists globally. Show me the video with 10 million views and 30,000 comments that proves its truly massively viral .
            . . . . I’ll not hold my breath.


          • “Hampstead was minor by anyone’s standards.”

            Tell that to RD, who can’t go anywhere in the World without risking getting bumped off, or the dozens of Hampstead families and teachers whose lives are still severely affected by it over three years on.

            Do you have a link to that definition of ‘massive’, btw?


          • Most viewed Pizzagate video on YouTube had just 3.7 million views:

            But you say Pizzagate is massive?


          • Grobnob, may I ask why you’re so determined to downplay the impact of the Hampstead hoax? Did I miss something?


          • I agree with Liza, it did go viral and the Hampstead residents suffered due to that too.

            Many videos on YT have now been removed thanks to everyone here as well. So you aren’t seeing all of what was on YT in the past, in your current viewing of them all, Grobnob.

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          • Good point, Jake, and thank you. We got dozens of those videos taken down in the first week, mostly from Henry Curteis, who was instrumental in starting the whole thing. And we’ve had hundreds taken down since. Sadly, though, there are hundreds still up, I gather.

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            • It’s hard to get exact numbers, but last time I checked it was close to 100,000 videos either featuring the children, interviewing Abe or Ella, or harassing the father and other falsely accused people.

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        • Post a link that constitutes proof it was massively viral. Just typing claims of 4million people or 100000 videos isn’t a link to anything. I’m all over stuff like this and it never hit my radar as anything bit a minor hoax. I seriously doubt it had anything approaching the hits/views to be viral. Simply insisting it was doesn’t mean anything


          • I already posted you the link to the ‘4 million’ claim. It’s from Justice Pauffley’s fact-finding report.

            Re. the videos, here are just the 1,450 that specifically mention RD:


            And here are the 152,000 that use the phrase ‘Whistleblower kids’:


            May I ask why you’re here if you think this whole thing is so trivial and insignificant?


          • As EC rightly says, it’s not about numbers anyway, Grobnob. You can’t measure the impact this has had on so many people’s lives with a mathematical equation. Are you saying that all the work that has gone into this blog over the last three years has been a waste of time?


          • Worrying numbers, Liza, especially as it’s more than three years since the Hampstead thing first went viral 😮


          • And if you think about when that report is from, that means that those 4 million views were made in less than a month!


    • I wonder how Tracey Morris is gonna react to all this, now that pretty much everything she’s ever said about RD an the children has just been proved wrong.

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  10. If any good ANONS can dig deeper, I have multiple site links and would be interested to see if there are BACK DOORS …thankyou guys in advance.

    What precisely does Angela mean by “back doors”?

    Reads like she is soliciting for people to hack websites. What is the legal situation on requesting other people to break the law on one’s behalf? AFAF.

    It would of course be VERY WRONG for anyone to contact the dumb lady, claiming to be a TOP ANON BLACK-HAT H4x0r and offering their 733T skills.

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    • Anyone who knows about anonymous, knows they more often troll people soliciting their services than the intended victim. Also they never use facebook.

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    • Interesting to see AP-D solicit others to hack in a public forum. I draw your attention to the last sentence in this:

      ‘The Serious Crime Act 2015 extends the existing categories of “significant link to the domestic jurisdiction”. It provides a legal basis to prosecute a UK national who commits any section 1 to 3A offence whilst outside the UK, where the offence has no other link to the UK, other than the offender’s nationality, provide the offences in the country where it took place. The extended extra-territorial jurisdiction arrangements also apply to conspiracy or attempts to commit offences under the Computer Misuse Act.’

      Now, if she is still a UK national exercising her right to live elsewhere in the EU then she is bang to rights and could be served with a European Arrest Warrant on that incitement alone.

      However, as she claims to be “Anglo-Irish”, the question of her nationality then becomes an interesting one. The UK doesn’t recognise oaths to other nations, so the only way to give up British citizenship is to officially renounce it, even if you have been granted citizenship of another country. And it isn’t free. It costs £372. I doubt whether the cheapskate has done that. As a dual national she would still be subject to English law as a citizen 👨‍⚖️⚖️

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      • Wasn’t she born in England? And if she worked in the UK for any length of time it would be quite remiss of her not to have applied for a pension from the UK – there’s some sort of pension available to people who’ve returned to Ireland having worked there and I don’t think it matters how many years you worked there or how old you are. I’m not sure where to get information on that.

        We all know her claims of being “Anglo-Irish” is a meaningless pile of poo and all about self-aggrandisement…she is that pathetic! I think I’ll start running around Dublin shouting out to all who’ll listen that I am Viking-Anglo-Norman-Irish with rhesus negative blood (that means I’m also part alien from outer space).

        Our new Garda commissioner has ties with MI5…..this means her days of freedom are numbered – I hope!

        Last year I tried to get a mate of mine who does videos of local human interest stories – he calls himself a “Digital Story Teller” and sells his stuff to international online newspapers – to do a story on APD. He didn’t bite then but now that I know more I could ask him to do it again.

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        • Angie’s not a fan of your new commissioner. She has issues with his nationality, it seems:

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          • She has a lot of issues, one amongst the many, an inability to spell our Taoiseach’s name i.e. Varadkar.

            I think a lot of Irish people are quite confused about Drew Harris’ appointment ….certainly a lot of dissenting voices are making themselves heard on the matter.

            For me…given how I understand the “brown-envelope” and the whole “jobs-for-the-boys” culture which pervades every aspect of Irish society – the prejudice and the snobbery, all that it entails …I’m interested to see how this man will fare.

            I’m not up to speed on his history but I think if he was there when the RUC became the PSNI, if he oversaw it all and was instrumental in creating a successful police force in the North….it sounds like it is possible he could end the corruption in An Garda Síochána and be responsible for ensuring a better Ireland for it’s citizens. But, I’m just sharing my first reaction to today’s news…I’m still totally ignorant.

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        • I have no doubt that she is a UK citizen but I thought I’d add the dual national bit in case she tried to wriggle!

          (Yes, if you have qualified for a UK pension you can claim it wherever you live in retirement. I have no problem with that but I do draw the line at winter fuel allowances!!!)

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        • Re her habit of self-aggrandisement, have you ever noticed that she wears a fake “Princess Diana” square-cut sapphire ring, probably purchased at Poundland? Each time I see it, I laugh at her ridiculous pretensions.

          It was also fun when she was spelling her name “D’Isigny”. Not pretentious at all, LOL.

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          • There are two things I can’t stand – snobbery and reverse-snobbery – both ludicrous ways of thinking amount to the same two things – mass oppression and suppression of our individual voices.

            Drives me mad…and I’ve run the gamut of all sorts of oppression based solely on misapprehensions of who I am because of the various aspects of me like being a single parent (a parasite leeching on society/failure in love/intrinsically disordered destructor of family values)…having a middle class background whilst living in a working class area – how very dare I? There’s a million reasons why I, myself, me and mine are a blight on society as understood by those with their biases based on an unwillingness to accept someone for not meeting their expectations – the criteria (whatever that might be).

            I’ll be having the last laugh – believe me! Not that I’m angry about any of it at all…it’s been an experience whereby I was glad to be given the tools to sort the wheat from the chaff….and I’m ok with the company I keep who are salt of the earth types and as equally repulsed by people with notions of grandeur and those with “victim” stamped on their foreheads.

            Life is what you make it and honestly RD is an inspiration – It’s so fantastic to see what he has achieved in a few short years….his devotion and dedication to his beautiful children has seen them create a successful money making enterprise together….how amazing are this unit, this loving family???

            They are great human beings!

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  11. 4:39 – “I was watching Pacman recently”

    15:34 – “Don’t forget – Rome was established by two brothers, Romulus and Remus, who were raised by wolves. And it’s their consciousness that established Rome.”

    33:47 – “6 million weren’t killed”


  12. Today, only a hardcore minority of Satan Hunters are still obsessed over RD and his kids, most of these are trapped in various kinds of legal and financial trouble. Most of the world don’t care. There comes a point when living a life in the shadows in fear of what is a daily diminishing threat to wellbeing creates greater harm than being open and enjoying life whilst telling a few fanatics to get a life and f”£$ off.

    RD is a marketing man and actor, hiding away seriously diminishes his options as a trade. His kids are now at that point in life they are old enough to have some independence, want to participate in the opportunities and social activies of life as all other young people do in the open.

    It has good outcomes to show the world RD and his kids are healthy, happy, alive and well adjusted regardless of what hags like Angela Power Disney or LOVE bunnies such as Jake Clarke thinks.

    Angela Power Disney is one of the few still suffering no legal comeback for her activities, it would be useful she gets civil or criminal legal heat coming to her door.

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    • I am really angry with APD for publicising this video as it reveals recent images of RD’s children making them recognisable again. They have changed so much. I think without his presence no one would have realised who the children are. They were most likely safe with that new found anonymity until now by virtue of their maturation. I can’t imagine RD knew the video would be used as publicity after having to protect his children’s identities etc from possible loons like APD for the last 4 yrs or so . The video will put his children at risk all over again and probably will cause massive upheaval and stress to the family. Hypocrite APD complained when images of her children were used but hers did not have videos out there that the children could be teased and bullied about at school. Shame on you APD. The children you profess to want to protect will now be scared of being discovered and will be afraid because of YOU. Enough is enough, you bitch, you live in fantasy land pushing your sick mind onto others ie children at a critical moment in their development. YOU are traumatising children and your actions will have consequences. All because you are bored and want attention whatever the price to others.

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      • I think the father and children have considered the implications of appearing in public. I think it is a positive move which shows to the world the falsehoods of the Satan Hunters.

        Keep in mind that RD has a principle trade in marketing and as an actor, so if he allows Satan Hunters to continue to dictate his life by forcing him to live in the shadows, that limits his ability to earn money for himself and his family. The RD children are close to becoming teenagers who want to be open and free to live life in the full with their friends and lives. Why let old hags like Angela Power Disney continue to dictate their lives and force them to hide away, restricting their own opportunities and ability to live a full life. Screw Angela Power Disney. If the hag persists, file charges against her, arrest, jail her. Or issue civil damage claims and take her house away from her.

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    • Seems she’s getting attention, and I think slimegate is why. Been re reading this post and it looks like incitement and conspiracy to harass, or something along those lines. Be interesting to see how it progresses.

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  13. I long for the day when Angie Bag gets the knock at the door and is taken in for questioning. Surely it cannot be far off. Sadly, I think that she is such a laughing stock that the authorities are just not bothered. I think it will take a private citizen to take civil action. I know I would if she targeted me.

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    • European Arrest Warrant Act 2003


      Unfortunately I don’t think the U.K. will issue this as regards Angela, I doubt if she is on their radar. She cannot be arrested in Ireland sadly for any alleged offences in England without the U.K. being the instigator.

      That is probably why she keeps banging on about the case, knowing that. Hopefully karma will come down on her lying person someday.

      Let me make it clear though, that she is ostracised in her community. Everybody was disgusted with accusations she made about her family, Sgt. Maurice McCabe, his family & relatives, her videos shaming her boys & her daughter, her terrible accusations of child abuse against a much respected local G.P. & her throwing a young Traveller family out of her house who had two pre-school children.

      There was a lot of mumbling at the time of reprisals against her, one of which I heard mentioned, ‘the bog’, I won’t repeat it on here because I know she will latch on to it, it’s not the loo btw, it is where turf/peat is cut. Thankfully that was just talk though & bravado. However, the feeling of repulsion towards her still stands.

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  14. Today, WordPress tells me that my SatanicViews blog is five years old i.e. it has been going longer than the Hampstead Hoax. Events have moved on since I closed it, now I am dealing with the Becki Percy allegations, there is also Fresh Start Foundation. Yesterday, I heard the announcement that the European and Australian chapters of the Satanic Temple have broken away from the US chapters. I think I have a lot of things that I need to be blogging about.

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    • The satanic temple is a bit of a joke really. They just can’t retain people or ensure any consistency over chapter heads. They went from a cool statue to a silly colouring book and are little more than a series of increasingly feeble publicity stunts.

      Focus your attention on becki Percy, she needs to be properly exposed for her damaging lies.


      • Becki Percy is getting lots of attention from me on a daily basis.

        A global group such as Satanic Temple born out of American culture suffers the same challenges of all global groups of being unable to satisfy the needs and unique cultures of individual nations, which is why many chapters in Europe and Australia, including the UK Chapter, have broken away. Satanic Temple will become stronger out of this event, because all the chapters will still be cooperating, although differentiated in their outlook. I am connected to the Grey Faction, which remains an intact global section of Satanic Temple challenging SRA fictions.

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        • I’m taking a few months off broadband and am only using a phone with limited access/capability so not really able to do much. I just checked one of the ella/abe vids of the children. They clearly state pizza express and McDonalds among the alleged perpetrators. That’s two corporate players a motivated online activist might want to speak to. They’d be able to have google extinguish those videos in a blink of an eye. You should look into that approach. The video had the girl in a pink top with a horse on it, boy in blue vest. Obviously I can’t link it here. Get the corporations involved wherever high street chains are named and it’ll blitz a huge amount of archived content. Google will not put goofy fake news over the legally enforceable wishes of slandered big business.

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          • If I’m not mistaken, this approach was taken early on in the case, with no response from McD’s or Pizza Express. There was a fitness company too, which was smeared by Belinda; they seemed uninterested in pursuing it though. I suspect that it was too small at that time for the companies to worry about, but I’ll check into it again and see whether it might be worth their while to look into it further.

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          • Phoning the manager of a single store won’t work. You need to get a bit further up the ladder. It needs proper research, a well presented case and a lot of determination but it’s possible that some bible bashing litigator representing one of these firms will flip on hearing the company name linked to baby eating death cults operating in their branched


  15. Brilliant news that the children are with their father, that video brought a smile to my face. They look happy and healthy, what a difference!

    RD is basically sticking two fingers up at the mob and good on him. They’ve just received a big “f*ck you” from him and the children.

    I thought that we would never actually officially know what happened to the children as it is none of our business, so this video has made my day.

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  16. I am so very pleased and relieved to learn that the children are well and thriving with their father.
    I am extremely concerned to hear that the various slavering, knuckle dragging conspiratards have discovered the family’s eBay business. As someone who used to sell on eBay I understand that it will be extremely easy for the hoaxers to obtain the family’s address and that the family is now in an extremely perilous situation.

    I just hope that the police in various territories are aware of the situation and are making use of it as an opportunity to collect the intel needed to put some of these disgusting aspiring kidnappers in jail.

    They can throw away the key as far as I’m concerned

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    • As the Slime is a business the address that appears is a business address in London, not the family’s actual address, which is a relief. On reflection this is something the family would have obviously sorted out. It is still likely to pose them some problems.

      Presumably the family would have known that this day would come and hopefully have developed a plan on how to deal with any problems the hoaxers might present.

      I wish them all the best and hope that their business goes from strength to strength.

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    • You hope the police are aware ? I think it’s safe to say they are and have been throughout a series of social and court actions they set in motion. Generally the police keep quiet until they knock on your door. Ebay won’t mess about either. Also there’s a charity involved with ‘slime parties’ that should carry some weight. I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of any clown targeting Ricky, the children or their business at this point in the game. This could be the endgame for a few hoax stragglers yet to have their collars felt. Let’s see how it plays out over the next week.

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  17. You know this post is one of the best to date on Hoaxtead.

    I’ve never met RD or the kids and have no desire to but they have become people I really care about. That’s because my interest in Hoaxtead was peaked by pals in Hampstead who had friends there who were among those under attack. While I can only speak for them they say the support they have received via this website has been phenomenal and they really appreciate the fact they know there is huge support for them out there in the ether.

    As for RD.. go for it.
    Don’t let these creeps force you to hide you and your children’s talents behind a bushel. You an they have a right to live an harassment free life like everyone and these defamers in the end are bullies and cowards who fold when the going gets tough.
    Seeing those children smiling and at an event honoring their efforts is so bloody positive I am awarding all three of you the Even More Gold Koala Stamp of Excellence (this is so bloody rare and I hope Tinribs doesn’t get jealous). There will be no ceremony- it’s in spirit only.
    I don’t feel teary (but I can understand others who do) but this news is so positive it’s made me feel quite warm & fuzzy.

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  18. Speaking personally, after 4 years of heavy fighting against the Hampstead hoax, to see the video of RD and his kids winning a business award was in a way a form of closure. I cut my teeth in this fight, and it has shaped my worldview in many ways. All stories must have a suitable ending, the evil monster slain, the heros going on to new brighter chapters in life. I think I am not alone in feelings of elation at seeing the video of RD and his kids so happy, successful and healthy.

    The hoax is dead, the few diehards who carry on a dead narrative will be picked off by the police.

    I am glad to say the newest hoaxer on the scene Becki Percy is enjoying experiencing the strategies and skills I learnt in fighting the Hampstead Hoax in her case, I think she is having sleepless nights.

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      • My satanicviews blog came back into operation today, will post future articles on Becki Percy and her allegations. https://satanicviews.wordpress.com/

        I became involved on the Becki Percy case last week. Becki is mainly active on Twitter, so this is where most of the action is. There has been research going on with Facebook friends of Becki. Emails and telephone calls being made to police, social services and other stakeholders in the case. There are a growing number of people working on the Percy case. I am connected to a group called the Arachnae Project who has a website here, recently created, in development:


        Arachnae will carry most of the information on Becki Percy, which is focussed on linking up evidence and stakeholders. In the case of Percy any attempt to use satire or personalised attack would be counter-productive which will be used to support her claim that people are out to murder her, and will increase the support of her Christian evangelical base. Becki has to be challenged using serious methods such as pushing her into situations which shows her up as a fraud in the eyes of her supporters.

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          • I think she means about a blog. If it is the satirical one, someone doesn’t like her, then obviously that means babies killed on an industrial scale.

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          • I know that Catherine Moncada @Duffy_1958 is upset about the debts and other ongoing problems Becki Percy left her with. I think mum no. 2 is looking to throw Becki under a bus, but her Christian background prevents her going all out on Percy. I noticed Catherine had tipped off ICE about Becki, which reminds me, I have to ask them if Becki has a legal right to run a business in the USA.

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  19. I wouldn’t be too bothered about Angie’s back door. This lot of eejits have proved they can’t research their way out of a paper bag. They’ve shown that once arrested they pee their pants. They’ve shown that most of them are basically round the bend and can have rings run round them by anyone who’s of average intelligence and sound mind. Angie will one day face a man in a long wig and have to answer for her online shenanigans. It happened to Rupert and it will happen to her. She’s on borrowed time and deluding herself if she thinks she’ll get away with harassment forever.

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  20. LOL, they don’t give up. Is it just me or does this feel like the last cries of a dying swan?:

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  21. ‘….some sites could be accused of almost prostituting the children for the love of fame and money?’

    This from the woman who tried to get her grandchildren into movies.

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  24. Loads of people saying apd should be reported and investigated, 2 months later it looks like someone reported her alright. The silence from the rest of the mob is almost deafening.

    It’ll be slow moving but it looks like justice is on the way.


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