Hoaxtead arrests: Who’s next?

Yesterday felt like the calm after the storm. In the past three weeks we’ve seen (in order):  Jake Clarke involuntarily hospitalised; Sabine McNeill arrested; John Duane arrested; Rupert Quaintance IV arrested; Lee Cant arrested; and Neelu Berry arrested. Sabine will go before the courts on 26 September, and Mr Duane has been bailed to return on 22 December; as for the rest, details are still pending.

But still, it’s been a bumper crop in a short time.

And now it looks as though Angela Fag-Ash Disney is about to cast herself upon the funeral pyre of Hoaxtead:


Angie just cannot do anything without turning it into a Hollywood-level melodramatic gesture, can she?

After a 17-hour silence, Angela announces, “The cult persecute me for exposing them and some of my peers persecute me for doing it too well thus causing concern of am I on the inside an it seems only a good arrest will secure my credibility lol…All #RIGHTY then…….NOT lol!! @rupertwins !”

To be honest, we’re not really sure what she means (and we definitely don’t know what the picture is supposed to convey: does Angie harbour fantasies of being arrested by a handsome young American cop whilst at a fancy-dress ball? If so, do we really need to know about that?).

So…is Angie trying to tell us that she has already been arrested and bailed? Or is she just trying to build anticipatory drama for her grand close-up moment later this week?

Either way, it seems she fully expects to be arrested. Indeed, her feelings might almost be hurt if she is not.

After all, is she not the de facto leader of the Hoaxtead mob now? (Well, aside from all that Sophia Green unpleasantness, and the fact that her friends all hate her now and call her bad names, that is.) She told us herself, on her last ‘Angela Crashes’ video, that Sabine placed the majestic and mighty Hampstead Hoax Sceptre into her trembling hands last year, telling her to guard it well and lead the Hoaxtead mob into battle against the forces of reason, rationality, and justice.

To be fair, Angie didn’t quite put it that way. But if she’d thought of it, she would have. (You’re welcome, Angie.)

Anyway, the point (and we do have one) is that as the current Official Voice of the Hoaxtead Mob and Keeper of the Sceptre, Angela has more than earned herself a place amongst the Hoaxtead Martyrs. (We were going to call them the September Six, but of course two of them were apprehended in August, so that didn’t work. And the August/September Six just didn’t have the same ring to it.)

As for further arrests, the queue starts on the left. Please wait your turn. Foul language will not be tolerated.

Over and out.


100 thoughts on “Hoaxtead arrests: Who’s next?

  1. Fowl language (on the other hand) is unavoidable as they’re all such complete bloody turkeys!

    What has Angie (or any of them) “exposed” exactly? And where?

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    • I think there is a large amount of people who think that giving a link to an article about someone convicted of a sex offence against a child is fighting and exposing child abuse.

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      • I think there are a large amount of people who think that giving a link to an article about someone convicted of a sex offence against a child will fool the rest of the world into thinking they’re fighting and exposing child abuse! For example one particular individual springs to mind who seems to spend his every waking hour railing against the world in exactly that way – when he’s not getting off his face or bludging for his next Giro that is. He himself abused his own child, and though the abuse was technically ‘non breaching’ the authorities made bloody sure he could do the kid no more harm. Now he’s a ‘crusader’ and the rest of the world is corrupt…. Apparently.

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    • I’ve a feeling Angela calls going to the Police and alleging her elderly father abused her as Whistle Blowing.
      How do we know she’s even done that? I don’t believe he’s done anything he shouldn’t have to her.

      Apart from that, Angela has “exposed” sweet f. all, unless she’s been showing her under carriage to anyone.


  2. Jeranism has deleted his YT video himself. Thought I’d add that good news.

    Has Angie been to the police with this evidence of a child being abused yet or has she managed to deflect attention from this serious allegation?

    It isn’t a joking, lighthearted, or even Angie will have a little whinge matter.

    I’m also deadly serious. Whether it is Ella or not, it needs to be passed to police. Child abuse isn’t a new status update on Facebook.

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    • Oh, that is good news about Jeranism.

      Angie has said nothing about having gone to the police, even though that was the first thing she should have done.


      • No Angie would much rather tell a load of people about it on the internet than think she should take what she says she has to the police.


    • You’re absolutely correct Tracy….. But the reality is Angie’s lying. Ella may well have made ‘a porno or two’, but the consensus seems to be these were ‘legal’.

      So here’s the challenge Angie – put up or shut up! Create a written report (don’t publish it online) email and post in to both the Garda and the Met and put clear copies of the postal receipts up online. – If the Police fail to follow it up that will be explored by REAL journalists. Otherwise Angie you are one of two things. A liar or complicit in protecting producers of child abuse images.

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      • God what a plonker he is. Stood with a sign during Christmas shopping? lol..bet they thought “that’s the worst Santa Claus I’ve ever seen”

        And another who admits he was so horrified by the children’s terrible tales of sex he had to watch it over & over again. And then over and over again ad infinitum. Did he like Rupert Quaintance indulge in a frenzy of masturbation while watching innocent children talk about sex?

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        • Yes, so many of these people seem to be compelled to watch the horrifying videos over…and over…and over….

          This fellow spells out exactly why the story caught on with the troofer set, though: in his opinion the children outed all the government and legal systems that the troofers blame for all their problems. Really, how could they resist latching onto a story that seemed to validate all their wishful thinking?


    • I want it to be Power-Freak next.

      She’s made the most noise that I know of and if she goes they’ll all tumble through FEAR of the consequences.

      Some idiot may try to take her place but I still want Angela to be NEXT.

      Those so called FACTS she stated about Ella and RD, the GROOMING of Jake who could be LOCKED up for another 6 MONTHS. It’s got to be POWER-FREAK.

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    • My vote goes to Maria MacMahon to be arrested next. If not, then John Taylor or Alan Alanson will suffice.


  3. “So…is Angie trying to tell us that she has already been arrested and bailed?”

    Yeah, she probably hasn’t but it must be tearing her apart that all her friends are hogging the limelight, so maybe this is just her cry for more attention.

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  4. The 17 hours lapse in Angela’s fb life or should I say her actual life, were probably just her travelling from Oldcastle en route to wherever she is staying in England/London area.

    She probably thought it polite not to use her guest/s internet until they had gone to bed, before she hopped immediately back on it.

    If Angela thinks she looks anything like that photo of the blonde and the man in uniform, then she needs to think again. She is sadly mistaken.

    Angela that might have been you 40 years ago my dear, but you don’t look anything like that now. FACT.

    Will Angela now be busy making her banners for the Protest tomorrow?


    Will Angela remember to put on clean underwear and take a spare toothbrush with her on Saturday?

    It’s going to be your big day Angela, it’s your Westminster arrest with Big Ben standing tall in the background of the film we will all see. Don’t forget to SMILE for the cameras.

    Will the scrawny Yank be accompanying Angela or has he decided to keep well away from the Trouble Maker Ms. Angela Power-Disney aka POWER-FREAK?

    Do I sense that Angela is afraid, very afraid, although she declares she doesn’t do FEAR?

    Mmm methinks you do Angela…

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      • The whole of this woeful shambolic artifice is but a drove of porkies stacked high upon a myriad of porkies,a veritable porkine orgy of porkular porkophany.
        A crisp bacon sandwich tower(see below) will be mailed first class to any of the hoax mafia who can provide material evidence that they are not talking completely out of their arses.

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  5. Well we know she hasn’t revealed a single thing we didn’t already know apart from her new claim of witnessing a child snuff movie (the only person on the planet who has seen one according to all reports).

    Abe & Ella kick-started this along with Sabine kicking the ball into a home goal. If she has and provides the proof on her Facebook page I will humbly apologise.

    And YES take that claimed evidence asap to the police as you say you have a contact who provided you with this evidence gained by hacking so, if true- you are alerting others to destroy evidence that may expose serious child abusers.

    If it were true Ane & Ella were involved in such serious crimes it would take their flight into a whole different stratosphere with Interpol and Spanish authorities acting with haste.

    Seriously irresponsible NOT to do so and I think a clear breach of the law.

    ## apart from my speculation that Kung Fu Panda was nabbed on a visa breach there is a chance that police view those arrested as agents of Neelu and Sabine who are exhorting them to act. Could be difficult to prove as we have seen from past cases with this mob.

    ### more evidence that naming and accusing police, social workers and judges etc of serious and evil crimes is not productive in the long run. I advise to act as I do when confronted by Lilly Law on say, a traffic breach…excruciating politeness , an acknowledgment that the officer is not only superior to me but far more knowledgeable and restrain my self from prostrating at his/her feet with an offer to polish their boots. It does work you will find.

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    • Angela’s claims re the CSA video in which Ella is supposedly in and the claims re Snuff movies are Angela’s RESPONSIBILITY to take to the Police.

      Why she hasn’t done this is beyond me?

      It’s not as if someone she knows has told her this and she wasn’t sure to believe what they said or not.

      Angela claimed on that CCN show of 5th September that she believed what “Anonymous” hacker people had told her and she believed what they had said 100%.

      It is Angela’s DUTY to report all this to the Police.

      Why hasn’t she done this? What is Angela afraid of?

      I thought Angela Power-Disney was a WHISTLE BLOWER?

      Some whistle blower she is!

      Angela believes Ella masturbated a child and produced snuff movies and yet she hasn’t gone to the Police about all this?

      That has to be grounds to arrest Power-Disney and question her surely?

      Doesn’t this make Angela complicit in CSA?

      I mean who’s to say the allegations about the CSA and Snuff videos aren’t true and the people Angela says were involved are still doing them?

      Wouldn’t a real Anti-Child Sexual Abuse Campaigner/Activist/Whistle Blower actually report their evidence to the Police?

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      • I repeatedly asked that question about going to the Police on the live chat of her recent CCN video. I was eventually told they would put it to her.
        If they did… she didn’t answer it.

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        • Yes, I saw you and another poster try to get her to answer that. She blithely ignored you, as she does anything that makes her uncomfortable.


      • Yes, a real whistle-blower absolutely would report this to police, and would keep quiet about it online until the police had done their work and arrested the perpetrator(s). We don’t really need further evidence that Angela is a liar, but if we did, this would be it.


    • If Angela provides any evidence on her fb page re the Snuff movies and CSA videos then she will seriously be up shit street without a paddle.

      Does she have copies of the video evidence?

      It’s not Abraham that has been accused by Angela of being part of the CSA video that Ella is meant to be in or producing snuff movies, the snuff movies are according to Angela the “work” of Ella and RD.

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      • Angie is saying she has information about a murder or murders(snuff videos) and has harboured such info as to the making and distribution of such material.Homicide squad need to grill her on that asap.She is well screwed however this pans out.

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    • Pair of lunatics. Just because this bloke claims he “has evidence” about Savile and the local sops (but only discovered it until after the Savile scandal unfolded) and so-called “cover-ups” these idiots forgive any alleged criminal any thing.
      Yet Angela’s FB timeline is an endless posting of people being arrested for sexual offenses that include police and all manner of powerful people which sort of negates her old raison d’etre that the UK is run by some vast cult.
      She couldn’t care less about children and that is exampled by the way she abandoned those kids in Africa.

      Hypocritical monster who laughing calls herself an “evangelist”- wouldn’t she just love to be one of those phony US far right wing evangelists living in luxury and telling very poor people to send them donations, usually via a TV show on a TV network they own.

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  6. I strongly believe that Angie is simply trying to keep herself in the limelight. Her claims are just fiction. Like her accounts in the charity scam any supporting evidence will not be produced.

    Angie is little more than a liar, an attention seeking hag without morals.

    I have now given her the attention she deserves (and craves)….

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    • Probably because of all the arrests.

      They are frightened they are going to be next…and they don’t want to be arrested, they have finally realised they can’t keep acting the way they have and not face any consequences.

      How long before that silence collapsing and they become complacent again?

      Not long I bet.

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      • Exactly F.A. This nonsense should have been nipped in the bud, and it requires no real hindsight to recognise that. What do a few pointless show arrests achieve? Likewise, if the Met think ‘clamming up’ as a tactic is conducive to good PR and bolstering public confidence, they are very much mistaken.

        To the Police I say we, the public whom you are supposed to be servants, must be assured that our safety is being assured. So far so much fail – to use the irritating modern vernacular!

        I predict it won’t be long ’till the brass band starts playing again.

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    • It’s a very good question…… How exactly and by whom is all this nonsense monetised? Oh, we know bit-players like APD and to some extent Mel-Ve are simple con-artists trying to fleece the credulous. To some extent you can even say that about ‘high flyers’ like Belinda McKenzie or David Icke. But what’s the underpinning support for all this?

      I’ve mentioned the concept of ‘nodal’ networks before – and there is a school of thought that says various individual cultures of corruption are so linked, and linked dynamically too. There are common themes and joining points – just as the different modules in a computer program might link – but ultimately the thing is quite nebulous. And when one node is taken down others simply adopt its functions.

      Think less about conspiracy theories and more about cultures of corruption that, in the interests of self-preservation, will protect any other such culture (that might eventually lead to them) in a dynamic/organic way. Purely and expression of opinion of course – but Mel Ve is the equivalent of a low-rent back-street Madame who organises and runs various hookers to fill her shabby tumbledown whorehouse. Ultimately she is beholding to serious crime. But she’s a fairly unimportant ‘node’; just another inconveniently-positioned plook on the arse of humanity.

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      • On this theme, the individual can look at these Satan Hunters in comparison to what happens in nature. When a tree falls down, other plants quickly take advantage of the opportunity of growing in the void left behind, nature abhors a vacuum. Angela Power Disney and her toyboy Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV are parasitic fungi who parasite on the vulnerable, the crazy and the delusional, thriving on the power, control, money and attention this gives them. If one of these parasitic fungi are eradicated, others will quickly take their place. In nature, the parasite evolves to become dependent upon a food host, and whilst those hosts exist, so does the parasite. Hoaxtead does a good deal of work creating anti-fungicide treatment against parasitic fungi like Angie and Rupert, but you will never eliminate them, just keep them at bay from feeding on a select few people such as the Hampstead people.

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        • Forrests can be felled, computer programs can be hacked and crashed. Never abandon hope.


          • Humanity could destroy the whole world with nukes, but nature after a billion years will come back again with tree-like species, minus humanity. As to computer programs, the sort of technologies I am aware of, they won’t be crashed or hacked. Example, an AI might have multiple copies of itself across many nodes, all self validating and repairing, destroy one node, it will rewire and replace the damage.

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        • Joe and SV, I think your analogies are sound. Whether one views Hoaxtead as analogous to a node of organised crime or a host of fungal parasites feasting on a fallen tree, it’s clear that when Hoaxtead eventually dies down completely, something equally or more abhorrent will take its place.

          We’re keenly aware that this blog and those who run it can only really affect one minuscule part of the whole; we never set out to do more, and despite the allegations that we’re run by various covert agencies, we really don’t have the resources to do more. That said, if we could get this small corner cleared up, and help the innocent families, teachers, and clergy who’ve been affected by it start to feel their lives are their own again, that would be an achievement, I think.

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          • It’s a good analogy- a fungus that grows and grows and transforms into some other ghastly entity. Only fire can cleanse the earth of it (my horse whip/town square wouldn’t do much) but nature has it’s own survival mechanism and parasites pop up to replace others as soon as they are extinguished.
            Probably growing in Angie’s hat right now.


    • Mel Ve- you are a joke. MI5? Gawd help us. They chase real people not barking mad fantasists. That voice.. I just can’t listen to her. The Devils do us a public service by plowing through the verbal diarrhea this lot suffer from.
      Can’t they ever make a video that’s say, 5 or 10 minutes long?


      • One of the things that marks out a rank amateur is that they have no understanding of audience attention-span. Even masters of the documentary genre break their material into short slots. And within that slot there is a clear structure…. Just as a sentence has a beginning, a middle and an end, this is something you learn when you are educated in media production; which none of these people are. In fact it’s clear they have not so much as read a book on the discipline that they claim as their own – so elementary are their errors.

        Yes she, Big-Ears and their non-existent network are a complete and utter joke. They like to feign MI5 (and similar) involvement because they’re acting out a fantasy just as little children do. It takes in the credulous and damaged.

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  7. Its no surprise to see that Angie is still in Ireland, despite her claims that she would be in the UK from 15th to 19th. It speaks loudly of her dedication and support for others. Hardly a surprise. The heat is too hot for her

    Its obvious that Belinda or Sabine could not find “Angie no mates” a bed

    “Call back” is a home telephone service that leaves a message on your phone line if someone calls and your already on another call. Her face book post was a few minutes ago

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    • Could we have an executive summary please? Apart from clicking on it on YouTube to vote it down, I’m not going to sit through two hours of badly shot, badly recorded incoherent rambling by a sick-in-the-head con merchant. – The only thing I get from this is that the old hag looks much more stupid than usual with that lampshade on her head!

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      • The only three items of relevance out of all the white noise and bullshit.

        1. Angela is unsure if Rupert is being deported, and thinks she may never see him again in the flesh.

        2. Jake has been offered three choices: A. compulsory sectioning 6 months. B. voluntary stay in mental hospital 6 months. C. liberation, but constant monitoring and medication, and compulsory sectioning if he deviates.

        3. Angela feels she must turn up in London at protest on 17 Sept.

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        • On point 1 – ROFLMFAO! Deported? I hope he gets six months in the Bar-L and then dropped off on Rockall with a rubber ring and map with a big arrow pointing west!

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      • Well, at least the hat matches the artwork on the wall in her granddaughter’s bedroom.

        Doesn’t her daughter live in Northern Ireland? I was sure I heard that somewhere. Actually, Angie confirms it in the video when she says she is using her daughter’s phone so she can avoid long-distance charges to the UK. Pretty sure you can’t do that in Ireland.


    • (***^^(*YP(Gfvuf !! This video is torture. Her face, her voice, her whole presentation is torture beyond irritation. She drones on and on, and the sound quality is awful. This is supposed to be the quality of CCN ? What sort of freak is this person?

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    • Oh for Fuck’s Sake….that frigging hat !

      Perhaps she thinks she will be invited into the Royal Enclosure at Ascot seeing she is a cousin of Princess Diana, related to the last Tsar of Russia, the aunt of the King of Spain and Godmother to Prince Frederick of Denmark’s kids.

      I just read a fascinating book on the life of Napoleon and there was one amusing anecdote: I know it became a standing joke that asylums always have people who claim they are Napoleon but Napoleon when Emperor was himself highly amused to hear that in the Paris Lunatic Asylum there were 12 nutters all claiming to be him even then.

      That hat somehow really shows what a Grade One Fruitcake Angie really is.

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      • LOL yes…I was thinking the other day that considering the enormous numbers of people who seem to be ‘coming out’ of their MK Ultra programming, it must have been pretty shit programming to begin with.


        • It may be a little disappointing that this website is not up to the Almighty’s level but…
          Praise indeed! straight from the horse’s mouth: 5m32s
          “They (Hoaxstead Research) can make shit happen but they can’t outdo God”

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      • I quite like the hat but there’s no need to wear it indoors.

        It would be better on the beach, it looks like it is made from paper/straw.


  8. Someone just pinged this over to me…..

    For the record, I listen to most media both at home and at work on a pair of (broadcast) industry-standard Beyerdynamic DT100 headphones as used (for reference purposes) in almost every professional A/V facility in the world. I can still hardly make out a fucking word the old bat is saying! So I doubt if a ten-quid bluetooth speaker will achieve much!

    Besides which Mrs “trained journalist” – Haven’t you got the fiver or so it would cost to replace the piece of crap (microphone) you left in Spain? You know, the piece of shit you bought off the looky-looky man for 2 euro….. Does your great knowledge of radio journalism not extend to the realisation you YOUR responsibility is to produce audible material? You’re asking you AUDIENCE to invest money to overcome your failure (it wouldn’t anyway!) when you clearly don’t think what you have to say is worth a fiver of your own money! Hysterical! As for Mel and Big-Ears…. So much for QC on your network!

    You really are an utterly-incompetent sack of soup at every level aren’t you Angie?

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    • And to think she was offered a Professorship of Humanities and Journalism at Cambridge and regretfully for them, had to turn it down due to her busy schedule.

      Is Angie a Rhodes Scholar?, I wouldn’t be surprised. Poor old Yale and Harvard beat a path to her door in Oldcastle but she rejected their advances.

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    • Angela Power-Disney is a very dangerous person and quite evil and whether it’s a scam or she believes it all she needs to be stopped.

      She is actively campaigning for people to interfere with Jake’s treatment. Tim Veater (who he?) has jumped in and offered to liaise and publicize Jake’s case. He is also, as is Angie apparently woefully ignorant of how sectioning works and that 2 independent doctors must examine the person and agree and the patient has a right while in a mental health unit to ask for another independent assessment.

      There will be no release for Jake until he is mentally fit but Angela Power-Disney seems determined to ensure he stays there as long as possible. There will be no “publishing” of his “plight”because there are 100s of others locked up who are as ill as he is.
      It’s awful to be crude but Jake is a complete no-body.

      These Hoaxers are so deluded that they are Very Important People they simply cannot understand they are just a blip on the radar of internet conspiracy nutters. They don’t do anything- no-one is interested in them (except the police if they do something criminal) and their only achievement to date is to harass a bunch of innocent people in North London and try and make their lives miserable.

      We wonder why Neelu hasn’t been sectioned but to date she just appears to be a rambling loony (I have one downstairs from me who used to be a stocbroker before his brain blew a fuse) who makes little sense.

      I feel Jake must have been about to do something very sinister or highly illegal to get himself sectioned (and I’m pretty sure the his parents took a leading role in that).
      Angie gives away some of the reasons his in that unit- apparently telling them about blood sacrifices and so on and raving about Hampstead. A sick puppy who will never get better until Power-Disney is removed from his life.

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      • She alluded to some of his recent activities at 7m30s in the last video which she says preceded his ‘sectioning’.I am sure we won’t hear it from Angie but one can only presume that some of his many activities went beyond ‘campaigning’.


      • Jake himself says in one discussion with Angie that he knows he has restricted emotional development(or similar).No doubt Jake has had difficulties throughout his years and various agencies from schools,medical,mental health/social work professionals will have assessed and worked with him and family with a view to establishing stabilty and daily routines.

        Jake presents as something of a Peter Pan stuck in pre adolescence but yarning to be like the big people in the big world.Angie feeds into this and bigs him up as a “true warrior”,a superhero destined to save mankind from itself and not to listen to “baddies” like his mum and dad and “Satanic” professionals.Like any 8 year old mind Jake will jump around his bedroom with his underpants and plastic sword and plan his crusades and daring do,His new mother figure has given him carte blanche after all.

        Angie egging and grooming Jake with a false view of his reality is potentially undoing years of efforts and setting up a most horrendous tipping of Jake over the edge.If Jake is found lying with pills scattered or dangling from a rope she will have that on her conscience for ever.Unfortunately Angie is entire void of such apparatus.

        She is out of control,dangerous and a serious accident waiting to happen.Oh,and one fuck of a bitch.

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        • Jake has now got to be in the Coral Unit for 6 months!

          The work of ANGELA POWER DISNEY>

          Yes Mik, Angela is one fucking c..t of a bitch.

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          • Thanks FA.Hadnt spotted new thread EC posted.

            Whilst Angie is in Jakes orbit he stands absolute zero chance of progress.Indeed a point of no return is possible if she is afforded opportunities to continue weaving her wicked web of venom around his vulnerabity.


  9. This event on Saturday has nil to do with abused children.

    There are so many arrests, trials and convictions today. People are routinely arrested for possession of child abuse material. Even policemen and those close to the Prime Minister.The atmosphere is such that even innocents are caught up in it- aging performers and war heroes, ex-MPs and even dead Prime Ministers. Inquiries have and will cost multi millions of £s.

    There is an Inquiry into institutional abuse over the past decades going back to, what the 50s, 60s?. An Inquiry that may take years and will look at the failings of various bodies to prevent abuse ( in a way it’s a sort cathartic process to address different social values, for good or bad, at different eras.) God only knows what the eventual cost of that will be or the outcomes.

    Yet a bunch of fanatics are gathering at Westminster and their egos (or insane minds) are such that they really think they are embarking on some noble cause-one that is already being addressed in numerous ways.

    It’s like a social club and this is an outing for them. They get together with their badly written signs and yell and accuse but it’s all hot air and the general public may give them a passing glance but continue on with their lives and forget about them within minutes.

    These people are quite despicable in my mind. They have latched onto a “cause” for no other reason than their hysterical beliefs that are largely gathered by surfing the net.
    Rupert is like a prime example : google his name and you see he has a history of wacky causes that usually end in grief for him and others. His recent discovery of Hampstead just shows what a vacuous and ignorant fool he is. Same goes for Jake.

    And in the process the very thing they are screeching about : abused children: they do it themselves by continuing to publish and identifying the innocent kids abused by Abraham Christie and Ella Draper and a bunch of innocent residents and their children who just happened to attend a particular school. Somehow this arrogant Quaintance pissing on a church wall sums up their values.

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  10. Another drops from the MK`s Devils production line…’Citizen Suspect’ Dublin & Angela Power Disney SECRET LOVERS & HAMPSTEAD HOAXERS

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