Update: Rupert released?

Thanks to the sharp-eyed reader who pointed out that as of four hours ago Rupert Quaintance IV was posting on Twitter.


We can realistically predict two possibilities: either Rupert has been charged and released on bail, or he has been handed his belongings and put in the holding room for deportation.

We have absolutely no information to indicate which of these scenarios is correct (or whether it’s something else entirely).

We do note that Rupert’s erstwhile host, Adam Cheriton, posted on his Facebook page yesterday, “Er you fuckers have kept him here till new years at least lol”. This could possibly indicate that charges have been laid, or Mr Cheriton could have been engaging in a bit of hyperbole.

We will continue to update as information becomes available.


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  1. I’m told it’s common to be given a business day to make travel arrangements. If he was bailed at (say) 8pm Tuesday night He’d get 36 hours and been on an 8am flight at the latest.

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      • From the tone of what happened on Tuesday night his world was falling apart. Maybe he was smart enough to realise that if he contacted the old bag he’d blow his bail conditions and find himself in REAL trouble? – Just a guess.

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          • It’s fairly obvious he didn’t do the basic legwork; but then he’s both a fantasist and incompetent as far a ‘journalism’ is concerned. He just jumped on Angie’s bandwagon which of course turned out to be an old manure barrow with a dodgy wheel! – So yeah; that makes sense KN9. People like him are incapable of taking responsibility so he’ll definitely be projecting onto Angie…..

            Still, whatever happens, his name will forever be mud. Gotta laugh at the above comment – “this analyst” – yeah mate! Than man who put the ANAL in analyst! – Still full of shit!

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    • Christine Sands was given an hour by the judge in her trial: sent to buy a ticket and prove she was leaving. Told if she stayed after the ticket date she would be arrested for perjury.

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      • That wasn’t what I heard Anonymous.

        I was told Christine Sands already had her return ticket bought for her return to the USA that had a specific date on it.

        She told the Judge this and produced evidence of this to the Judge and was then told she must return to the USA as specified on that particular flight, fined and that was the end of the matter. She was not actually deported as such, so there won’t be anything in her passport to show any deportation.


  2. For me, the most bizarre thing about Rupert’s arrest has to be how little a shit his mum has given. She’s just carried on posting her usual banal shite to her FB page as if nothing’s happened.

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      • It’s bizarre isn’t it…… Wasn’t the idea floated a while back that Karen and Rupert were one and the same? In a sorta Norman Bates styleee? Alternatively – Maybe the father has had to step in to clear up the mess? And has issued the order to all his strays dogs that they STFU? If ‘Karen’ is real she’s contributed plenty to the downfall of the Quaintance name herself after all.

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  3. Talking about crackpots in general, does anyone know where Dizzy-Powder is at? On the road maybe? Or gone to a better place? Mountjoy jail is nice this time of year I hear.

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  4. I’m not 100% sure but I would expect somewhere in England by now. Staying with someone she hasn’t managed to p.ss off, so that can’t leave many people.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her getting arrested and on camera or film at the Protest in Westminster on Saturday.

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  5. As anyone else wondered why Angie has been silent on Facebook for the last 23hrs? Did she make it into the UK? Or did those nasty men wearing black give her a hard time 🙂

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          • That’s what Angela’s worried about.

            She won’t be able to smoke every 10 minutes!

            Lol, as a non-smoker that hadn’t crossed my mind.

            Nevertheless, I think Angela’s absolutely petrified of being arrested.

            But then she has every reason to be because of all the alleged crimes she has committed.

            Oh dear! Oh dear! Oh dear!


  6. What’s she bleating about? She doesn’t even manage one day (unless charity scamming counts as a profession now).

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    • A very sensible notion. Imagine the jobs that would be freed up for the mainly young genuine job-seekers.
      But no good for the likes of Angie as scamming and creating plots takes 24 /7 so that rules her out.

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    • What’s the silly mare posting that for?

      She’s been on Maternity Leave for over 30 years and said she had ADHD, that is why she can’t remember…

      Though the ADHD is another Angela Self-Diagnosis and is just bollox.

      It’s just another of her scams to fool the DWP.


    • LOL! None at all….. If someone could point out just one single solitary fact she’s “exposed” I’d be fascinated! I find the silence strange and unsettling. I see Rupert has posted nothing else on Twitter since the activity all those hours ago. The Police seem very quiet too, discreet enquiries are being met with silence. Something is amiss I feel.

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      • Be fair, Joe – she worked out what city WordPress is based in. That was a game-changer!

        Oh wait – no she didn’t – Yannis told her. Oh and it’s publicly available information anyway. My bad.

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        • Not really buying that EC….. There are normally ‘ways and means’ of gaining a little insight – which are currently ‘shut down’. And I remain, like most of my colleagues, completely unimpressed with what has happened to date. Of course it’s possibly the Police are dealing with a more serious matter. Time will tell.


      • And if she’s referring to the Hampstead matter, that horse bolted long before Mizz Power-Disney entered the picture.

        More and more I see Angie has picked up the modus operandi of convicted forger Andrea Davison who was expert at so many scams for which she was never caught. She would latch on to any scam that arose and being intelligent but ruthless and totally devoid of a conscience would leave a trail of hapless victims, like pensioners, in her wake. Likewise Angie has abandoned any talk of an African orphanage.

        Angie of course is hopelessly out of date in every way.
        The advent of the Internet with it’s lightening fast flow of information put paid to most of Davison’s scams but Angie is quite hopeless at it. For one thing- she insists on telling the entire world about herself.

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          • A couple of months ago she posted some photos of bits of her midriff that had sagged for medical reasons. I didn’t screen shot them. She really does overshare and seems surprised when people pick up on the things she has said.


        • “Angie of course is hopelessly out of date in every way.”

          Funny you say that, Sam. At 10 o’clock last night she posted a reminder that there’s a protest at 10 o’clock “tomorrow”, i.e. this morning. The hoaxers must be so grateful to have Angela to organise things.

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  7. I can’t think of any other reason Rupert Quaintance would be arrested apart from a visa violation. After all stupidity is not a crime and even arrogant and brainless tourists are welcome if they obey UK laws.

    Urinating on a Church would be an offence but there is no proof of that apart from Kung Fu Panda Rupert’s boasting. But to be deported he’d have to appeared in front of a Magistrate and presumably the cops would have warned him about associating with those who have breached UK law- Neelu, Angie, Sabine etc so it appears he has cut off contact with them while he’s still in the UK.

    Recall there was talk by Power-Disney and Jake that the police had allegedly tried to get him to implicate her in something he had done but it’s difficult to know what with their double-talk. But clearly Power-Disney is on the police radar but for what?.
    Being a harpie isn’t a crime just an assault on the senses but she also must be vulnerable at present to being called in for an interview with Dixon of Dock Green. Obviously we saw some realisation of this with her a’weeping in her boudoir and less than subtle hints that folk should send her cash to insure her car. (and if Angie implies she is in London we can generally assume she is elsewhere as she and The Truth parted company many decades ago)

    That would indicate to me that Jake is far more mentally ill than we suspect and may have a history of doing odd things as it seems he wasn’t even cautioned. But he has carried on doing something that, rather than be arrested for it, police and his parents took the opportunity to section him which is for his own benefit and also the public’s.

    Angie being the loving caring Earth Mother she is has gone out of her way to undermine his treatment because this lot seem to have no belief that people can go off the rails mentally – rather everyone in a clinic is there because of some CIA / MI5 /Rothschild plot as that’s all they have to do these days, what with terrorism from murderous lunatics like ISIL on the rise.

    It’s clear to me that part of the reason some claim they are being sectioned (Neelu promotes this “kidnap” nonsense) is because they have a severe case of paranoia. Neelu certainly does as evidenced by her videos where she ranges from absolutely annoying haranguing to bizarre rantings about liens and “oath of office” etc.
    Recall her appearance at the Tube station and some hick-up over her travel card which happened to 1000s of travelers but to Neelu, it’s all a plot against her personally.

    Her public and court ravings have been quite severe, so one can presume Jake’s actions to get himself sectioned were far more serious.

    Cue any moment now if Quaintance is in the process of being deported: a new Conspiracy for this mob ala Leah McGrath Goodman : a fearless investigative journalist about to expose the VIP Pedophile Ring that rules the UK and is rampant in North London, a Saintly anti-child abuse campaigner, was kidnapped and sent back to the USA as part of the cover-up by the establishment (like Goodman who totally undermined her credibility- she did have some having worked on legitimate publications – she destroyed that credibility among publishers by blatantly lying about having falsely claimed she was a tourist on her visa application.)

    Numerous journalists have breached visa rules for all sorts of reason but they generally don’t lie about it. The noted former Thailand based reporter Andrew Drummond admits doing so when entering Vietnam and Cambodia as he had to move quickly while he was chasing suspected pedos but he says it was an unfortunate necessity to get the story, rather than fib about it.

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    • “I can’t think of any other reason Rupert Quaintance would be arrested apart from a visa violation.”

      Drug possession? Incitement to violence?

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      • True : but I still think that all goes back to his visa application and the warnings on your application that you are signing a legal and truthful document : you must have a return ticket and enough funds to finance your stay. Rupert openly stated many times he was running out of money and begged for “donations”. It sounds like he spent whatever money he had in Rome and Amsterdam (on whores & drugs?)

        # An Irish tourist was deported from Oz just last week when he was arrested for busking at a train station (while busking isn’t illegal, you must have a permit) and his reasoning was he had run out of money and surely busking was an entirely innocent way of raising cash : ‘not so” said the Magistrate as it potentially took funds from other lawful buskers.

        Often Mr Plod looks for the easy way to get rid of a potential problem.

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    • Drugs, threatening behaviour/breach of the peace, possibly carrying a knife, urinating in a public place….. I still reckon he was chucked out of the ploddery on Tuesday night, possibly with the involvement of the Consulate. He got Wednesday to sort out his flight home and was on the first plane out of the country yesterday (Thursday) morning. All this under the possible threat of re-arrest if he wasn’t gone.

      I’m convinced it was him posting here on Tuesday/Wednesday night/morning. And he was quite rattled when it became clear he was failing to disguise his identity adequately.

      Either that or he’s still here, bailed to appear, and the Twitter post was a slip of the finger. That being the case they might well have lifted him again.

      No news is no news.

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        • I do spend much of my time speculating now that I’ve adopted the “over 40, 3 day working week” recommendation but crafted it into my own “over 65, 1 day of work a month” career and often get things hopelessly wrong.

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      • Tv harder to be clear/had meant to remind about guns/ammo/kidnapping. posts with known bullies/abusivecrims~jake leafletting finchley lido ~ very serious~apd’s praise~serious plus moll maggs hosting rq


    • If Rupert is in the UK he’ll be begging for funds no doubt. That idea of Angie’s, some work, not actually a good idea. It’s a fine of up to £20,000 per person working for you illegally, and that means employing Rupert could land someone up shit creek. Hopefully bank of mum and dad is in credit.

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      • It’ll need to be. I’m reliably informed by both Police Officers and Consulate Officials locally (we run into this sort of situation often in Edinburgh) that the Embassy would have been advised of his arrest and will have provided him with appropriate advice. – Candidly I’m told they would have ‘phoned home’ for him!


    • Wow, clearly another case of someone who appeared quite normal (hadn’t he written successful history books?) who, part from his child abuse images conviction, has rapidly gone off the rails.
      Neelu seems to identify with anyone who is about to enter a mental health unit. Deep down does she have a “there but for the Grace of God…” realization?
      No probably not. Just barking.


      • Mr H’s behaviour has been odd for some time. There was a minor disagreement with another military historian which turned into a libel action, and an argument over his mothers care which turned most of his family against him.


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