BREAKING: Rupert arrested this morning

According to our reliable sources, Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV was arrested by three police officers at the home in Erith where he has been staying for the past month.

Rupert, who came to the UK with the intention of making a video on behalf of the Hoaxtead pushers, was last publicly viewed on Angela Power-Disney’s CCN show, ‘Angela’s Caches’, last evening. At that time he was complaining of being so short of money that he had not eaten for three days.

It is currently unknown whether Rupert has been charged; we will update as further information becomes available.

London Met police caps



166 thoughts on “BREAKING: Rupert arrested this morning

  1. I was feeling a bit down today about going to the hospital this afternoon but this has cheered me up no end. I will now be going out with a smile on my face just a like a Cheshire cat. Thanks for breaking this excellent news to us EC.

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  2. “But I’m an American” He protested, puffing his chest out in a defiant manner, thus curing a nearby pigeon of its inferiority complex.

    Last seen blubbering for his “Mom”

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  3. Excellent news. Recalling his fondness for illegal drugs and that he was ‘working’ here without the appropriate visa, let’s hope he is strapped to the landing gear of the next plane heading for the land of the bland! He should never have been granted entry in the first place.

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    • Yep Joe.Since he brags about his macho running abilities and survival skills it may be cost effective to send him off across the Atlantic in a paedalo.That would make a worthwhile documentary particularly the bit where he is picked up by a pirate vessel and has to earn his passage by performing cabin boy duties.

      Each time our law enforcement appears to be unresponsive and ineffective they prove me wrong so hats off girls and boys in blue.
      However this plays out his cocky wings have been well and truly cropped.

      Back of the net ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Joe and Mikโ€”though I’d like to see him deported too, I’d also like to see him face charges for his actions here. We don’t know what the outcome of this arrest will be yet, but we’ll update as soon as we find out.

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        • True EC.Depending on circumstances of arrest it would be best that he face some tangible consequences here first rather than simply gifted a free flight across the pond and the inevitable mocking video nasty that would ensue.Justice being seen to be done and so on.Good to see the back of the smarmy twat though.

          Very appreciate the time and effort you and crew put into keeping the rest of us up to speed with events as they unfold.

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  4. I think the main thing was, as a tourist you must have a return ticket and show you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the UK. I have an Aussie passport as well as a UK one but when I’ve entered the UK on the Aussie one twice I have had to show I could support myself even though I had proof I had friends to stay with.

    Plus you simply cannot work under any circumstances and raising money via GoFundMe to stay in the UK and make a film would be regarded as work. Immigration is pretty smart and understand that people may pretend they are not working and have pay given to friends but it’s an offense.

    Not only that he goes on Youtube to boast about committing a public order offense : pissing on the church, boasting about smoking pot and harasses an NHS nurse who was just doing her job.
    # did it not occur to this arrogant goose that if his name was given to the mental health unit as a barred visitor then he was on the police radar?
    # I’d say he will be deported.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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  5. I should say also that I DO hope Neelu receives some help with her psychological problems soon. – You wouldn’t want her turning up at a gathering or somewhere she could be unduly disruptive and go breaching court orders or the like.

    There might be one or two crackpots travelling down from the north too who could do with a knock.

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  6. I wonder if Angela will get arrested now?

    In Oldcastle or England?

    I wonder on what grounds Rupert was arrested?

    Has he rang his Mom to come and collect him?

    Will Angela get detained on entering the UK en route to Westminster and the Abuse rally this coming Saturday, 17th September that she has been so keen to attend?

    Angela must be very afraid now…

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    • I believe Angie said her next live bollox fest was wed at 5pm-7.Her mobile gigalo sidekick may even make an appearance if bailed and not detained pending deportation arrangements.Interesting times.

      Given Angie is successfully becoming isolated from the rest of humanity the only ones she can blame for her shit life will be her kids.I feel a tad sorry for them but hope they can start to map out there own pathways without that worthless sponger pile of self obsessed piece of shit dragging them down with her.

      Angie straw house is coming a tumbling down,she must have skipped over Matthew 7 in the bibble ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • I’ve told Mummy but going by her Facebook page, she has more important matters to attend to than her son being arrested in a foreign country…


      • I hope the two items “Fired a gun” and “Watched someone die” were not related. Maybe she will soon be able to add “Picked up recently deported son from airport to the list”.

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      • Served on a jury-No.

        I hope this never comes to pass as some poor motorist challenging a parking ticket will be facing the firing squad at dawn purely for handy spot of target practice.

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    • Someone has to contact her. Poor woman! God she must be horrified she gave birth to a slug!
      -I think it would be excellent if you could inform his family. Then there would be less room for him to lie and ‘redesign’ the truth.


  7. So basically, now that the hoaxer crew have woken up to the kind of person Angela is, they’re shouting from the rooftops all the things that we’ve been trying to tell them for 18 months. The only difference is that when we say it, it’s trolling. Apparently.

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  8. Congratulations, you just made Rupert a little more famous. As pleasant as Rupert’s arrest seems to you deranged inbred vinegar-breath bloody-twat-rags, in the end, this is going to work out in his favor. I assure you, this is what he really wants. He will get out of your police station and use this event to fuel his attempt to gain global recognition. I am close to him on a personal level and I can assure you over and over again, this is what he wants. He welcomes haters and is not above using controversy to leave his mark in history. I am having a blast watching you people feed into Rupert’s game. This is exactly what Alex Jones did to gain recognition and it’s what Trump has been doing in the US in order to fuel his campaign for President. *Mic Dropped. Leaves the Building.*


    • Thanks for dropping by, Mrs Q. I wasn’t aware that Alex Jones and Donald Trump had arranged for their own arrests in a foreign country to fuel their campaigns. Interesting to know.

      As for Rupert, I suppose only time will tell whether this will work in his favour. My guess is that it will not, but then I’m biased.

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      • I’m not surprised you think this is his mom, after all,she has been very very vocal in defending him, but I am not Rupert’s mom, seriously, look at her writing style every time she defends her son. I’m dude that knows Rupert. I don’t care if you believe me, I have nothing to prove and I really don’t care about this campaign whatsoever but I have nothing better to do with my time at the moment.. Also, Rupert’s mom wouldn’t be looking at this as a good thing at all, but how could I even prove that to any of you so take my word for it or dont….. I have known Rupert for years and I think he is out of control but that is how he has always been and I can’t control him. Honestly, I wish he’d give up this campaign and just go back to making normal “Hi It’s Rupert” videos. Thanks for the replies, I am surely entertained.

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          • Rupert has recorded himself being nasty to some random woman who had the cheek to look at what he was doing. He was in a pretty down at heel part of London, being spiteful to a woman who lives above a shop. Hardly bringing down the elite.

            I suspect that is just his character. Mean and nasty.

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          • You guys will never figure out my identity, although it’s fun watching you guess even though I don’t know the people you are referencing. I am just a person who has had zero public interaction with Rupert and zero interaction with anyone in or around this campaign/group or whatever you call this. I’ve known Rupert for some years and I have been quietly lurking this site just to check up on what’s happening in Rupert’s life and what’s being said about him. I have my own life to live and I think Rupert and everyone in this group (including myself at this moment) is wasting their life on this affair.


          • No apology needed. I never assumed I had any importance here. But it is a public forum nonetheless. People guessed and I responded, simple. Best wishes to everyone, as rotten as you all may seem, wishing you good health and happiness.


          • FOTW….. You’re also overlooking the FACT that this worthless little deviant is one of a number of people who HAS breached the peace and damaged the lives of innocent people; some of whom are friends, relations and colleagues of individuals who post here. He’s impacting DIRECTLY on a community of decent, law-abiding people. – This has got as far people considering relocation to the other side of the country in order to protect their children from that harm.

            Many of us are also of the opinion that this man has is, in all seriousness potentially capable of raping a child. His ‘humour’ on this subject is deeply disturbing. And the group he is ‘working’ with is considered by some genuine anti-paedophile groups as one which seeks to deflect from that work. – In other words he’s a potential paedophile working WITH paedophile apologists.

            There is no real doubt that Rupert Wilson Quaintance is one of life’s startling failures. – The fantasy of him picking up some crappy toy video camera and a flea-market tripod, assuming the title of ‘Journalist’ is, frankly, unworthy of an educationally-challenged eight-year old…..

            He’s a middle-aged man who despite his privileged upbringing has achieved nothing in life, and probably never will.

            That this forum might sate the pathetic pipsqueak’s need for attention speaks volumes about him and nothing about the blog. – Which is about wider issues.

            THIS really IS Rupert…..

            We have an old saying here. Lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas. ….Or possibly flies.

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          • Excellent post Joe.The one ive heard is “if you lay with shit you will smell of shit”.Even seemingly pointless flies must serve some function in the grand scheme of things.


          • No clue. I never talk to him about anything to do with this campaign and I don’t get involved with his other relationships. I think he should quit this shit campaign and just go back to making his old “hi its rupert” videos. I think if he put more effort into making and honing his YouTube show, he’d be much closer to getting famous like I think he wants. It’s kind of weird seeing all this public hate for him but at the same time I’m not surprised this happened and I suppose it’s about time…? I just think he wants to be famous at any cost and the reaction from the people in this group has given him a forum to help make that happen. If this site was deleted, is it possible the majority of search results for Rupert would be cut down? Look at how many views the majority of his youtube vidoes have. He hasn’t had much impact in that forum but this group is like his own personal hate club writing article after article about him. If this group hadn’t given Rupert so much attention, he’d probably be back in Charlottesville making youtube videos and/or figuring out what to do next with his life.


          • I’m curious why Charlottesville, and Culpeper have such high murder rates. I’ve lived in small UK towns, and from my perspective it just isn’t normal. Maybe chasing the lies of a man who force fed children cannabis and beat them badly is easier than looking at the stuff that happens on your own doorstep.

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          • The language could almost be Rupert himself…. Assuming that’s not the case I’d say it was someone the same age from the same place who had been through the same school system. – Is Culpeper known for being full of creepy middle-aged men behaving like schoolboys?


          • No. You guys are so way off. And I’m not from the US. I could be right in your backyard and you would never know.


    • Rupert’s going to do Sweet Fanny Adams, he can’t afford to feed himself for the last 3 days, so is likely to collapse soon…


    • It doesnโ€™t really matter to me whether Rupert gains some notoriety from being talked about here and arrested. I just want to see justice done. Once it is done he can go back to Virginia and do whatever he wants to do. Letโ€™s face it whatever happens to him in England heโ€™ll go home afterwards and act like a teenage hero. In the long-term heโ€™s damaged his job prospects and lost the respect of some family members and any other ‘normal’ people who hear about him. Dare I say his only fans will be amongst the delusional, obsessional and odd.

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    • ok, so I really don’t get this…. so did someone in your community create a child rape hoax? And Rupert thinks it’s real? And Rupert thinks he is trying to provide help in your community under false assumptions? And you people are trying to make this whole hoax thing go away but Rupert is not letting it go which is ruining the peace in your community? I’ve known Rupert long enough to know he is all bark and no bite. Your video is taking a lot of stuff he said out of context and leaves no room for a person to use humor or hyperbole when that is his self proclaimed job. He wants to be an entertainer, even if it is through the use of controversy…. . You’ve seen enough of Rupert’s videos to know he just talks out of his ass. He’s definitely not a rapist nor as potential as you think he may be. I think you people fell into his web, for the lack of better expression…. I bet if you people just completely ignored him and his cohorts, nothing would happen. Seems like you people are being trolled and it’s working.


      • If he’d stayed in the U.S., that’d be one thing, but he hasn’t confined himself to that. The people he is associating with as well, they are in the UK, they aren’t going away and jumping on the next bandwagon, put it this way Neelu Berry has been waging a campaign about something else for nigh on 15 years, now she’s latched on to this too.

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      • Rupert was the one who said he was coming over here to investigate the Hampstead Hoax and was going to weigh up the case and admit if people were promoting a hoax. He obviously hasn’t looked into the case at all and has jumped aboard it, smoked dope and begged for money.
        We’ve not “been trolled” as you put it..but we ARE laughing today.

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      • People have actually had death threats at their homes. The school has had to hire security staff against these people. That is unheard of in the UK. People have sent vile emails to employers, neighbours. Stuff put through letterboxes. Children threatened. You have no idea. That isn’t trolling, it’s a campaign of terror.

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      • A couple of weeks ago a troubled young man named Jake Clarke was sectioned due to this case. It’s reported that he was going to do something very stupid, which could have got himself in serious trouble. Rupert had met Jake the night before he was sectioned. Rupert and his friend Angie went to try visit Jake but their names are on a list of people that are not allowed to see him. The mental health nurse explained that to Rupert. That should be the end of it, even if he was a bit miffed.

        Instead, Rupert used the nurses name to find her email address and posted it online, encouraging others to email her. Basically asking people to harass a mental health nurse that was only following orders for her job. That alone is good enough reason to arrest the creep, without even mentioning all the other things he has being doing.

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        • I hate what Rupert has become as far as this campaign is concerned. This matter is such a waste of his life. I hate that his mother is being run through the mud, because she is a kind and peaceful woman that is just defending her obnoxious adult-kid like any good mom would no matter what. I’m sure his mom is extremely upset at what he has become as well. To me, messing with his mom makes this camp weak and dishonorable, regardless of how Rupert’s camp seems. Rupert made his choice to deal with this matter, but his family shouldn’t suffer your random acts of hate. If you want this shit to end quicker, stop your mud-slinging and be the better camp if you have nothing to hide. Angie and the others seem fucking insane, narcissistic, and completely out of touch with reality.

          RUPERT: If you are reading this, go the fuck home and forget about these people. YOU OWE NOTHING TO THEM OR ANY OF THEIR KIDS…No one but a few dozen people(hyperbole) give a shit about this matter anyway, just look at the traffic on any of the videos you and Angie have been making about it. Your outreach is pathetic and you’ve wasted nearly two years and enough money “trying to make a difference.” This isn’t your fight. Angie seems bat shit crazy and I can’t believe you are either too stubborn or too narcissistic to realize it. Or is it her money? Are you really just gravitating to the one person with enough money and who agrees with everything you say because it feeds your ego and you think you can use her to get famous? Be realistic. You had a good thing going with “Hi it’s Rupert” and you should just go back to making those videos or find some other campaign, in your own country, to stir up some controversy over. I believe you will get what you want even if you have to struggle and fail over and over. I mean, you already have a ton of haters that will keep dragging your name through the mud no matter what you do now but at least you won’t have anything to do with them anymore. They will just continue to write about you and give you that legacy you always wanted. Seriously man, forget these people. They already made scores of articles with your name. Isn’t that what you want? To be known….To be remembered? Well, here’s your legacy…. Is this where it ends?

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          • And you aren’t listening. How many lives impacted, not least the two poor children? How many people losing their homes? How many terrified children? Children couldn’t even play outside at school freely at one point.

            This isn’t a joke. People have been hounded.

            His mother certainly isn’t upset if the tone of her defence of her son’s behaviour is anything to go by. I also don’t think she is very kind. That’s not my impression of her.


        • Now you’re talking shite as well as wallowing in it FOTW!

          His Mother is a firearms-obsessed nutcase who has defended her pervert, drug-abusing offspring at every turn; even to the extent she threatened to turn guns on someone who challenged here. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! No wonder she bred such a failure!


          • hahaha she’s not gun obsessed. it’s called being defensive and in the usa they have the right to warn you of your impending death should you fuck with them.


          • She threatened a life…. It’s not normal. Not normal at all And no normal person defends a drug addict and a pervert no matter who they are to them either. That’s perhaps part of the problem…. She’s never reigned her ill-bred brat in.

            Don’t imagine that people here don’t have ‘reach’. Quaintance is closed down as far as the creative industries are concerned. As for the family. Well they may be ‘big guns’ in Culpeper – but where’s that? An obscure backwards scab on the arse of the land of the bland and the home of the deranged – it’s nowhere. And that’s where Rupert is staying. Along with the rest of the loons.

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      • You seem very confused and ignorant FOTW…… So you get one last indulgence.

        Worldwide there is a lucrative and unhealthy trade in ‘fear porn’. In the mainstream some of it takes the form of fairly ‘harmless’ conspiracy theory ranging down to quack preachers and the like. It’s round about there a line gets crossed into criminality. – Grifters and con merchants and snake-oil salesmen.

        It goes downhill from there… Very soon reaching the depths of organised crime, including dealing in drugs and pornography – these days, to remain lucrative, that means ever-more extreme forms of pornography including images of child abuse.

        In recent years – as a reaction to GENUINE grass-roots resistance to child abuse – we’ve seen ever-rising numbers of Grifters jump on the bandwagon. Their objectives are manifold, but in the main boil down to conning money out of the credulous under false pretences, and providing a smokescreen’ for their criminal brethren in the ‘child abuse trade’. – It’s convenient for them to paint the picture that all grass-roots resistance to child abuse is merely the ‘rattling’ of crazy people. By ‘crying wolf’ they mask the real cries – and load up on the cash of the hapless in the process.

        To explain. The Hampstead hoax was created by a career (albeit petty) criminal and his ‘moll’. It was based on a previous failed hoax perpetrated by another member of a particular ‘hoaxing group’ in the UK. And it utilised what Paedophiles call ‘non breaching pornography’ – the original ‘disclosure videos’ of the Hampstead children. That is to say lurid tales of sexual abuse designed to ‘stimulate’ the imaginations of paedophiles. – Rupert himself actually admits masturbating (“self abuse”) after watching this material.

        To be clear here, such material – which might take the form of written stories, or in this case vocalised stories – is designed to circumvent conventional laws on images of child abuse. They remain however, quite irrefutably, images of child abuse. – Particularly since in this case the children had (quite visibly) been beaten into producing their ‘disclosures’ by a violent drug dealer with links to the pornography trade.

        This hoax was adopted by other ‘leading lights’ in the ‘Grifting’ trade. – Scammers like Angela Power-Disney. And people like Belinda McKenzie, best-remembered for her involvement in scams such as ‘Iran Aid’ (ยฃ75M), the Shayler disclosures and the Starchild scam.

        Your ‘friend’ has – at best – cynically attempted to jump on that bandwagon; which makes him as cheap a criminal as any other. But more than that, he’s acted to exploit the hoax – not under false assumptions – but coldly, calculatingly, and with malice aforethought. and he has done real harm to innocent people in the process.

        Rupert Quaintance is a failure and a fraud. A lazy, worthless deluded good-for-nothing scumbag…..

        Quite clearly – and it is evidence – he is stupid enough to imagine that in life you can just don any mantle that takes your fancy and run with it. The idiot claims variously to be a ‘Comedian’ and a ‘Journalist’. Yet, very obviously he is too lazy and stupid to have studied any of those things. – “Humor [sic] or hyperbole” do not ‘cover’ the sick words that left that piece of filth’s mouth under any circumstances. And that’s before his bare-faced lies about being a ‘Journalist’. For not only was his joke obscene to the point of being deranged, the premise for it is completely baseless.

        ” He wants to be an entertainer, even if it is through the use of controversyโ€ฆ. ”

        Then perhaps he should ‘put in the hours’ and study and practice some aspect of the entertainment industry? In fact, your friend is simply the sort of moron who thinks he can adopt a title and the world should fall at his feet. – If he were a ten-year-old this might be understandable. But he’s not is he?

        And not, actually, the use of controversy….. Innocent families including tiny children have been devastated by this hoax. I’m reliably informed that children wake up screaming in the night; fearful that they might be attacked. That’s not ‘controversy’, that is intimidation directed at the innocent.

        The video (not mine actually) doesn’t really take him out of context at all….. His ‘manchild’ ‘Pied Pier’ act is quite creepy. One of the worst paedophiles Britain ever saw had a similar ‘style’; adopted for particular reasons! If you had a seventeen or eighteen year-old acting like that it would be time to reign them in. But this guy is staring FORTY in the face? Who is is he’s trying to attract with this act?

        So, I’m afraid from where I’m standing I fully agree with the opinion that your friend Rupert is a creepy little man with the potential (and stated ambition) to rape a child. He’s filth, sewage, scum. And a dirty-filthy drug addict to boot….. And we just don’t want filth like that hanging round these parts.

        As previously advised, Rupert is part of a wider problem. He’s a very small fish. and frankly, the sooner the little grub is back in his place flipping burgers or cleaning fatbergs out of drains the better.

        This may be his starring moment. For it’s not just one corner of London he’s offended, but three nations and a province! And, as it happens, the particular area of London he pissed any hope of a future career up against the wall in, happens to be one where a great many people who ACTUALLY have a career in the creative industries are based….

        If Rupert Wilson Quaintance iv lives to be 125 years of age, his name is SHIT in the entertainment and creative industries. And he needn’t imagine that there isn’t ‘reach’ across the ocean in this respect. So no, there will be NO let-up. …..This blog might disappear, but that dirty NONCE will be being watched for the rest of his sorry days. And we’ll be making bloody sure that our colleagues across the pond are fully aware what that piece of crap is……

        Now, do buzz off!

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        • @YdychyncachuTracey … they do when you send death threats to their family. I’d like to demilitarize the planet, but that will never happen. Be glad you were warned.


          • Nobody sent them ‘death threats’ – another scummy Quaintance lie… They’re just plain old fashioned gun-toting fucking psychos who raised a paedophile drug addict and lack the basic integrity to face up to their failure. Low-life backwoods backwater vermin!

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          • I reckon the little shit has been bailed on condition…. This is his swansong. Maybe he needs another visit from the boys with the big red key?


          • It’s sad. Culpeper had a mass shooting not so long ago. It’s a tiny place. The sheriff got funding for an anti mine military assault vehicle of some sort and that’s their solution.

            I’ve lived in tiny places too. Contrary to popular US opinion, plenty of guns legally held in the UK. There wasn’t even a single murder in all my time there in my stint in Hickhampton. I checked last night and there has been one murder since my time. Culpeper, Charlottesville on the other hand have had loads. Something to reflect upon.

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          • There are (FAR!) better linguists here than me. But if it’s not him it’s someone the same sort of age from the same town or school area….. – IPs can be masked. – Why doth they protest so much? It’s too late at night for me to be asking my own Police contacts to check unfortunately. By right now – almost half-past-midnight – my money’s on him being out.

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          • The other thought that’s just been pinged over to me is that, if the cops lifted him early, UKBA might have booted him by noon and he’s already holed up at NY.


          • Possibly….. But then maybe they showed him a really big book and the catapult they’d use to throw it at him? – Either way, this cnut just seems ‘very like’ Rupert. Personally I’d be happier if they brought him up before the beak, done him like a Christmas Turkey then deported him.


          • This person who doesn’t know what Rupert’s been up to, doesn’t know about his relationships and isn’t in the U.S. certainly knows about Rupert’s mum’s motivations to a suspicious degree. Such a humoUrous poster. I think I’ll check the back GARDEN before bed. Lol

            Maybe this poster is age 31, with a first name starting with S?

            I don’t think he’d be gone that quick. Shame.


          • You’ll literally have to spell that out Tracy – I suppose I’m not watching this closely enough. It’s the way this character writes, some of their phrasing etc…. I’m perfectly prepared to be wrong about him being already deported; that was just a suggestion that somebody sent me.


          • Someone NY based that Rupert mentioned, though IPs are not to be trusted. Sean

            I think if he’s left the UK, it’s with his tail so far between his legs it’s tickling his nose,


          • @Jake Blake .. Nope not from US. IP’s can be masked (thanks for confirming my VPN is working @Coyote). … see I’m in London, England now, hahaha…. I wont let you people drag me through the mud too because it seems like you’re all ready to fuck over anyone who has ever associated with Rupert regardless of their involvement in this matter. I’m just a person trying to figure out for myself what I think about this whole mess and I’ve decided everyone involved is being stupid. It’s gone way too far and irreversible damage has been done. You all look bad and it’s your own fault for feeding these trolls who want to perpetuate the aftermath of the hoax.. I watched the original video, and I definitely think those kids were coached. I hope this all ends soon without anyone getting hurt. I think a lot of people here are fighting for the right cause but have gone about it in a way that invalidates your claims and any honor you might have walked away with if you hadn’t run your mouths like a bunch of butt-hurt adolescents. If, in fact, your claims are true, it’s really too late. For you people have already sunk to Rupert and Angie’s level. I’m not going to look into this any further because you’re all being immensely stupid. I’m not happy Rupert got arrested but I think he deserves it for the way he is behaving like a vigilante. I hope the police give him awake up call and he goes back to his own country and gives up on this stupid waste of his life. Peace everyone.


          • Rupert…. As we say in Glasgow…. Yer tea’s oot! Get on the plane, fuck off back to nowheresville where you came from, and just pray they let you work on the sewers.

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          • Rupert’s essentially taken money from people to make a “documentary” about their cause. Stayed with some of the protagonists. If he was genuinely interested in journalism, he’d have seen the pitfalls, breaches of ethics, problems maintaining balance, questionable integrity, straight away. He isn’t, and he hasn’t.

            He’s thrown his towel in with people. His mum rushes to defend him like he’s six and just started school. He’s supposed to be a videographer doing something important and serious right? Does Rupert’s mum ring his work if Rupert gets a bad workplace review?


        • Well no actually he couldn’t have…. He’ doesn’t have the skill or learning to make any kind of film other than the usual sort of home movie any tourist might make. He doesn’t have the kit or the crew either. So this was always just going to be another of his silly shitty fantasies. – The guy’s just a bludger.

          I agree though – the disruption of genuine anti-paedophile initiatives has to stop.

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    • Dear Mrs Q. I was delighted to learn the spider caught your little fly (the maggot Rupert Quaintance.) From a public relations or marketing point of view the actions of Rupert is nothing short of a disaster for him, because anyone of merit will see the postings and actions of Rupert, then avoid him. What future employer or customer is going to want to associate with a man that wants to rape a kid, masturbates to abused kid videos, urinates on a church.

      The UK has laws, and just as we dislike Muslims from Islamic lands going round blowing up our people, we expect American tourists to respect our laws rather than harrass, abuse, threaten our families and children. You are welcome to take your rubbish back, we don’t want Rupert here, and neither do we want trailer park trash like you.

      Your son has no imagination, neither does he have any skill or talent that would make him anything more than an average nobody in an office job. No, your son won’t be setting the world on fire, he will be just another fuckwit with his name reported on the internet as a loser.

      If your son had an imagination, he would have found easier and positive ways to make a name for himself.


  9. Do what melted-welly face did? What was that then? Crawl away back to his mammy’s rubbing his arse!

    As for getting your car impounded that’s what happens when you drive about with no insurance! Hope they throw the book at you! – Phone bills actually need payin’ too!


  10. Your friend – unlike Trump or Jones – is a skill-less bludging drifter with nothing to say and no means of saying it. He’s also a dirty druggie; lowlife scum. And he’s a threat to the safety of children. why? Because he’s a child abuser (albeit possibly a latent one) who has been over here blowing smoke on behalf of other child abusers.

    Face it… what has the little shit actually done? Conned the funds to bag himself a free holiday… Sneaked up to a church when there was nobody to challenge him, then boasted how he took a piss on it… Blubbed to some old grifter over skype… Ran out of money and got himself lifted.

    Mark in history? Yeah! Those would be the skid marks the puny little snotter left in his undercrackers when the coppers came a calling!

    Rupert is going back to his life in Failuresville Obscurity where he will live out the rest of his sorry existence as a complete nonentity… He’s a joke! Nobody…

    Fly on the wall is it? That’s not a wall you inbred backwater Septic.

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  12. Well said JK – nicely summed up.

    Rupert and his mum must be so proud. Now they can go back to life, feeding off the bottom of the redneck pond.

    I wonder if it will affect Daddy’s career?


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