BREAKING: Lee Cant arrested

Earlier today we reported that Rupert W. Quaintance IV was arrested; we are now able to state that another Hoaxtead pusher, Lee Cant, has also been arrested and held for questioning.

Mr Cant is known to readers of this blog as Neelu Berry’s right-hand man; he has assisted her with her various online petitions, and was last seen on Angela Power-Disney’s CCN YouTube broadcast, ‘Angela’s Caches’.

We have not yet learned whether Mr Cant has been charged; we will bring updates as we receive them.



61 thoughts on “BREAKING: Lee Cant arrested

    • Yep FA.These blindfolded flies have become intoxicated absorbing unadulterated shit.It was never going to end well.

      Will they ever learn?The prospects dont look particularly promising but there is always hope.

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  1. Lee C*nt’s most shameful act has been to continually encourage Neelu to make all those nasty phone calls to various public bodies and harass all those underpaid overworked receptionists for kicks. I hope they throw the book at the creepy bearded bastard.

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  2. So Angie i having a good day, car seized, several of her crew arrested (has the news ended yet :))

    Rupert hopefully will have a little time in a UK jail before being deported and banned from ever entering the UK again

    The others will hopefully face a little prison time as well. Lets hope they have “nice” cell mates!!

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    • So far this month, we’ve had:
      Sabine arrested, charged, and bailed;
      Jake hospitalised;
      John Duane arrested, charged, and bailed;
      Rupert arrested, outcome unknown as yet;
      Lee Cant arrested, ditto.

      I’d say this could be the beginning of something big.

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      • “Beam me up Scotty I’ve had ENOUGH”

        Oh so the rapture method of escaping consequences of actions has failed so now its the poor old Starship Enterpriseas a get out clause.Well I am afraid Scotty and gang are far too busy exploring strange new worlds,and seeking out new life and new civilizations,and generally boldly going where no one has gone before to be arsed beaming up some entirely pointless windbag from 2016.

        I doubt if even the Vogons could be bothered to read their poetry to you either.Pity really.

        Smoking in space is not allowed anyway so tough titties.

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      • She can go and stay at Mumsy’s you know, Brenda’s Brenda might even lend her a few bob like she did Ben Fellows. And I believe Chris Wittwer, once upon a time.


        • Brenda is attention seeking and reckons she’s not going on 17th September (said since Monday night on fb).

          However, that doesn’t mean Angela can’t sleep on Brenda’s sofa like she did last year.

          Get your ass to London Angela, don’t make up silly excuses why you can’t make it.

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    • I suspect Angie might be regretting posting videos of herself driving whilst apparently stoned. ‘Somebody’ might have had a wee word with an old friend in the Garda. In fact maybe a few folk drew to material to their attention?

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      • Sorry, ‘drew THE material’ to their attention…..

        I know you can get your car impounded for no insurance here; what about the ROI? Anyone know what they can take a car away for?

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        • “GardaΓ­ also have the power to impound vehicles which are not insured or in certain circumstances vehicles which are not taxed or vehicles which do not have a certificate of roadworthiness. ” Good job too- offenders put everyone’s lives at risk.

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  3. Oooh, I say, it’s all kicking off. Wonderful. I do wish Angie would remember there’s no ‘s’ in Hoaxtead. Hisssss. πŸ˜‰

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  4. I took a peak at Neelu’s Facebook page yesterday, i have no idea how long they have been up, but she has posted postmortem photos of her dead niece. Absolutely sickening to know A) she has posted them B) People comment on them.

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    • You need to remember how disturbed she is – seriously ‘not well’. It doesn’t exonerate her for her action, but it does mitigate what she’s doing. She needs hospital rather than jail.

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  5. Yep – disgusting that Neelu posted those photos, but she has not posted anything in the last 22 hours. Wonder why πŸ™‚

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    • Im staring to think there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. She seems a wicked and horrid woman.


      • I’ve tended to think like Jo that she really should be in a mental hospital, but I am beginning to wonder if you are right and she is just malicious.


        • Crazy people often are terrifying! – A danger to themselves and other people. Neelu is in my view the author of her own misfortune – I think she is the way she is through a tragic combination of substance abuse, self-medication and misfortune. If she’s to regain anything from what’s left of her life she needs to get and accept medical help. Meanwhile, the rest of us need to be protected from her.

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          • The problem is that theres a big group of them that reinforce each others delusions, they live outside the norms of society, being arrested or sectioned will be a badge of honour and convince them they are on to something, it will make them worse, they also believe humanity is going through an ascension process.


          • If true her talking about the uncle,s bookbeliefs etc rang the ‘is some real subversion ? i can,t research links, her actions, like others encouraged by Belinda, she sent jake to that woman’s house.


        • I’m with you on that karnevilnine.

          I thought Neelu was just mentally ill but that recording of her aggressively berating that woman made me realise she is a vile nasty piece of work.

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    • Do you think they are hanging out the bunting and building their garage extensions in Ilford then?


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          • I assume Martin Houston may be going to record, as he has done in the past.

            Though as he is a fan of Joe Public/Malcolm Blackman and all of the “Organisers” have fell out with Blackman, Martin may decide against it. Who knows?

            I was semi hoping Martin wasn’t aware of the protest. I had thought to ask him but decided against doing so.

            I know Sharon Chesterman will be filming for Brenda, though Brenda reckons she won’t be attending now, lol!

            Attention seeker!

            There’s been a lot of drama recently on fb, check out United against all abuse page.

            Of course Brenda has turned it around that she is the victim, when it’s the total opposite. As per usual.

            Brenda’s not been adding Survivors to “her” groups, banning others, blah de blah…(I’d advise any Survivor to keep well aware from Brenda, I’ve heard she’s upset a few people who’s Mental Health has seriously declined because of her).

            The protest will probably be filmed and edited to look better than it actually really is because of the possible 1000’s attending the other 2 events that day.

            Just like last year September 2015 when Corbyn’s supporters showed up in their masses in the afternoon.


  7. McKenzie Devils pithy, apt and concise.

    Video works also keep Roopies daring doo doos out there for eternity in remote scenaro HR were ever to vanish in a puff of naughts and zeros. πŸ˜‰

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