BREAKING: Neelu Berry Arrested

And the hits just keep coming! We have now learned from sources on the other side that Neelu Berry is currently in police custody. We have confirmed this with other reliable sources.

This follows close on the heels of two earlier arrests today: Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV and Lee Cant.

We are currently making enquiries with the police and will report here once we learn anything further about today’s arrests.



43 thoughts on “BREAKING: Neelu Berry Arrested

  1. Very good news – Well done EC and team for the hard work and effort to make certain that Justice is done, people are protected and the misery that these people have caused is finally stopped

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  2. I dont envy the officers interviewing her.I suspect they may well have drawn straws.

    Cannot help feeling I will wake up having nodded off during one of Angies idiotic meanderings.

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  3. This is going down as a very memorable day!!
    I was wondering why the other two had been arrested and Neelu hadn’t.
    Thanks, EC.. keep the wonderful news coming. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Interesting, so the three people that did a show with Angie have all been arrested, as she plans to return to the UK. They have also been arrested not long after Sabine was taken in for questioning so it begs the question what she told the police.

    Didn’t Angie get quite a decent sum for her inheritance?….and she spent it already?
    Angie accuses her family of being paedophiles and murderers, no wonder they don’t want her benefitting from her parents money. She accused her own father of murder.

    Innocent people have had to walk to a church while being shouted at. Including their children. They have had pictures of their children ripped from facebook and posted online, and harassed in their own homes. Not to mention the harassment and bullying that Ricky and Ella’s children could face as result of Angie and her friends exposing them to the world. None of those people asked for any of this. In contrast, Angie was the one that told everyone about beating her kids. Angie was the one that described how her son was aggressive during sex. She chooses to put that information into the public domain. In some ways she is right about her children’s father. The father should have told Angie to wind her neck in years ago.

    A Christian?….she bears false witness and is one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever come across. Her actions are vile, spiteful and filled with hate. Is she really so unaware of her own behaviour?

    Well, she certainly has a “reputation now”, as a self obsessed, self promoting attention whore. And she’s earned every last bit of it.

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    • I think from the sound of Angie’s posts about her financial woes she is setting the scene for NOT attending that demo on the claim everyone is out to get her.

      She has claimed she has scene evidence until now not know about : of very serious crimes committed by people connected with a Family Court case.

      She is bound to be called in for interview on that matter if she travels to London. You can’t just say you have seen evidence of crimes and then not pass it on to the police. The media are very strict in the way they report alleged crimes and then immediately give their evidence to the police.

      Of course if it’s all just a scam she would be exposed once and for all for what she is.

      ## sounds like an invitation to stay with McKenzie has not been forthcoming : would you want someone staying with you who says they have evidence of very serious crimes but who hasn’t been to the police about it?


      • Plus, I can’t imagine Angie wanting to face some the people she may meet at the London protest. Especially those she has upset on her facebook. Having said that, it’s another opportunity for her to try gain some attention, so she will probably turn up anyway.

        Someone having to move due to these people is simply disgusting. It’s amazing and sickening that she wants to play the victim and use her kids in the process. This is a woman that posted a false report about Jaden Smith. Which she would have known with the simplest of checks. A woman that posted a picture of dead Lee Rigby, buying into that conspiracy. Oh, but poor Angie.


        • As to whether she shows up tomorrow at 5pm for her promised “show”is anyones guess.If she does her head exploding live in a sea of contradictions and alleged judasesque betrayals against her will give any good pyrotechnic extravaganza a run for its money.

          I wouldnt be overly surprised to hear Angie has suddenly got urgent,”important world saving matters” to attend to in Lanzerote.

          We shall see,maybe.


    • And the other thing that struck me was the tale about a woman with children who worked at the church and lived in attached accommodation who had to move after threats. Not only is the very notion of having to seek alternative accommodation in London a veritable nightmare, what a terrible thing to do to anyone. These despicable sods never gave it a second thought.

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      • We’ve had wind of someone – a fellow CI pro – transferring from London to Edinburgh just recently because of all this. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There is good reason why we’re all so fucking angry about Hoaxtead.

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  5. Why would the arrest of a handful of people affect a demonstration? Are they the only people they expect to turn up?
    I think after the rather sensational media about a satanic hoax in a London suburb, when people conspire to breach UK laws in respect of that drama they shouldn’t be surprised when they get arrested.

    Times have changed so dramatically in the past 15 years since 9/11 the authorities have to take these things very seriously.

    We have seen just this year numerous attacks by deranged people and there is a connection in the way they now use the internet to meet and urge each other on. I now live in Sydney and we have had 3 terrible events in a fairly short time beginning with the dreadful Lindt Cafe siege where 2 people died. I did not know them but I know quite a few people who do and they say the devastation this has brought upon the families is shocking.

    We’ve had a police civilian worker gunned down outside a police HQ by a teenager whose fantasies were fed via the internet. Imagine the terrible consequences this has had for his family.

    We’ve had a teenager from Melbourne with no connections to Islam travel to Iraq after being brainwashed by terrorists using the internet whose life was snuffed out in a failed car bomb attack where he blew himself up.

    I’m pleased the authorities have taken steps at last but I’m also furious their time is taken up by the ghastly clowns who organise and then promote ludicrous hoaxes when the world is a very dangerous place at present and we need authorities to be free to concentrate on those who would attack and injure 100s of innocent souls if they have the chance.

    I think the last straw for me was these people attacking a psychiatric nurse for doing her job : publishing her name (with vile insults) on the net and thereby inviting any deranged person to seek her out and take out revenge for some imagined reason.

    And Power-Disney who has participated in all these events, actively promoted this hate against individuals has the hide to moan about herself – another sign of a sociopath : it’s all about her. If someone fell down the steps in front of her she would castigate them for blocking her way and making her late for her ridiculous youtube show.

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  6. After an exhausting day, it was good to sit down and have all this wonderful news roll off the internet. Well done Hoaxtead, thanks for making my day. Good to see the legal authorities making up for lost time with a major sweep of the Satan Hunters.

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