Sophia Green lays waste to Rupert and Angie

Over the past few days, things have been flying apart in the Hoaxtead camp faster than we can track them! It started with Jake Clarke’s involuntary hospitalisation and Sabine’s arrest on suspicion of having violated her restraining order, and it’s been descending into utter chaos ever since.

Angie and Rupert look as though their joined-at-the-hip star is no longer ascending; stalwarts like Jim and Helen McMenamin are jumping, or have jumped, ship; and even the brick-skulled Kevin Weaver, aka Kevin Wearechange, aka Kevin Justice, aka Kevin ILostMySurnamePleaseLetMeKnowIfYouFindIt seems to have struck Rupert off his Christmas card list.

If we had to assign credit for this shambles, we’d have to say it’s down to a Hoaxtead pusher we’ve never seen before—one Sophia Green, who seems to have popped up out of nowhere, and begun hammering away like a demented woodpecker at Rupert and Angie, via Jake Clarke’s Facebook page.

The first we saw of her, Sophia was lecturing Rupert:

Sophia to Rupert 2016-08-30It’s a bit confusing to follow, but you need to read the above screenshot from the bottom up: Sophie tells Rupert, “Many of us have worked long and hard trying to bring justice to this case Rupert…. and in a few months you guys have managed to make a complete mockery out of it….You are no different to Christine Ann Sands, sent in to cause chaos and confusion….Every Dog has their day, and all of you agents WILL be exposed”.

Needless to say, Rupert deleted this post; and he deleted a long string of posts in which Sophia challenged Rupert’s gun-totin’ Mom to explain their family’s connection to a strange, secretive child-abusing cult known as ‘the Finders’. Mrs Quaintance denied any knowledge of the group, though she had previously mentioned some family connection to a person with the surname Pettie—oddly, the founder of the Finders was a man named Marion D. Pettie.

Sophia’s point, and it might be a valid one, is that it seems strange that Rupert has come all the way to the UK to ‘investigate’ child sexual abuse cults, when his own town is home to one of the strangest and most mysterious alleged child abuse cults ever known. Mrs Quaintance wasn’t having any though, and eventually Rupert deleted all his mother’s responses, leaving only Sophia’s side of the conversation. Odd.

Nothing daunted, Sophia kept at it, launching a full frontal attack on Rupert and Angie:

Sophia 1 Sept 2016-09-03Of course, you have to expect that Angie wouldn’t take this lying down:

Sophia Green v Angie 2016-09-01Angela accused Sophia of being “rude and suspect” (‘suspect’ being Angela’s second-favourite condemning adjective, right after the dreaded ‘compromised’). Interestingly, at this point Sophia calls Angie a “paid MK’d actor…and not very good…at that”. Angela tries to deflect—”Nice try no cigar”—and at this point Kristen Elizabeth jumps in, branding Sophia a troll. (You might recall Kristen: she was Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Alton Ward‘s self-appointed Twitter mouthpiece for a few months last year.)

But Kristen was too late: Sophia’s attack had done its damage, and suddenly giant rifts began showing up within the Hoaxtead mob: Kevin Justice 2016-09-02Kevin Whatever-He’s-Calling-Himself-This-Week chimed in, stating that he had been roped into a meeting with Angie, Rupert, Sabine, and a couple of others. He seemed less than impressed with the experience, and he seemed annoyed that Rupert had filmed the meeting without his permission. And now that Sophie mentions it, Kevin says, “People are saying that Rupert and Angie are agents and I’ve only met them once and it wasn’t obvious they are agents if they are….I guess the point I’m making is who do we trust in the movement as no one knows anymore but I will just be careful from now on. I will carry on helping people that need my help but won’t be going to anymore meetings without knowing who’s there”.

Hardly a ringing endorsement for Rupert and Angela, is it?

Kevin Justice 2 2016-09-02Poor Kevin seems downright confused by it all: who should he trust? He “won’t be going to anymore anonymous meetings that’s for sure I just try to help but sometimes I just have to say no and take a back seat as its a circus”. Can’t argue with him there!

Kevin was only the beginning, though: McMenamins to Sophia Green 2016-09-02Sophia + J McMenamin 1 2016-09-03Speaking of creating division and confusion, we must take our hats off to Sophia: she really seems to have whipped the Hoaxtead mob into a frenzy of doubt and anxiety:

Sophia + Charlie V + Tim V 2016-09-03Even the stalwart Tim Veater, tuches lecher extraordinaire to the Hoaxtead leadership, is willing to set aside his knee-jerk admiration for Angela at the news that Rupert and Charlie Veitch are best pals. Helen McMenamin isn’t impressed either:

Sophia + Charlie V + H Mcmenamin 2016-09-03

Sophia Green + Jockney Rebel 2016-09-03

And most surprising of all, Angela’s devoted friend Jockney Rebel seems to be coming round to Sophia’s way of thinking. Sophia + Jockney Rebel 2 2016-09-03Actually, now that Sophia mentions it, JR remembers that she actually thinks Rupert is a bit of a ponce. Well, a lot of a ponce, really.

So…go, Sophia! Mission accomplished: it seems the majority of those who commented on this thread have had the scales drop from their eyes. They realise that Rupert and Angie are not doing their cause any favours, and they now have some hard questions to ask about their motivations.

Having done a hatchet job on Rupert’s reputation (noting everything from the cult in his home town, to the fact that his father works for the equivalent of GCHQ), Sophia remarks that she has not yet gone into detail on Angie…implying that there’ll be more to come.

Who is Sophia Green?

Not to look a gift turkey in the beak, we have a few questions about Sophia, who seems to have opened her Facebook page a scant four days ago.

For one thing, where did she come from? For someone so new to the Hoaxtead discussion, she seems to know an awful lot about the case. Names and personal details about all the players; even some of the ‘facts’ as reported by Abe, such as the alleged medical kits carried by the cops who came to arrest Ella the day she fled the country.

In fact, Sophia is quite opinionated, with strong views on many of the major Hoaxtead pushers. Hates Sabine, but thinks Neelu is a brave heroine. Thinks Bill Maloney and Brian Gerrish are shills. (Where have we heard this before?)

Whoever Sophie might be, she’s determined to lay waste to Rupert and Angie’s flying circus…and if she’s as intimately connected to Hoaxtead as we suspect she is, we can understand why. Rupert and Angela have turned the thing into one long ongoing fundraiser for a ‘documentary’ that will do nothing but highlight their own egos. And for those who are determined to keep the Hampstead hoax alive, that’s the kiss of death.

Image: Thanks to Joe Kerr

Image: Thanks to Joe Kerr

140 thoughts on “Sophia Green lays waste to Rupert and Angie

  1. Ooh, trouble in paradise. Nice 🙂

    This one could run and run, chaps. How are we doing for popcorn supplies?

    By the way, I love how Sophia castigates the hoaxers for their “loose lips” and for “providing Hoaxtead Research with ammunition” whilst apparently having the loosest lips in Christendom and providing us with more ammunition than we could dream of 🙂

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    • Haha, Kristie-Poo appears to agree with you, LR!

      By the way, Kristie is claiming that Sophia has a sock called Octo Boss but as we all know, Kristie is about as reliable a source as the winner of the World Bullshitting Cup.

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      • Looks like they’re still using their Sooper Seekrit Facebook Group—I recognise the terminology from days of yore. Have none of this morons ever heard of private messaging on Facebook? Not that I object to their airing their laundry as publicly as possible, mind.

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    • Well done to Sophia, whoever she may be. She’s certainly done a great job of putting the cat among the pigeons or rather the ponce among the fruitloops. 🙂


  2. Must disagree with Hoaxtead on this statement : “Well, a lot of a ponce,” when that snap of Rupert with Charlie Veitch shattered he’s carefully built illusion that Kung Fu Panda Roopie was a Clint Eastwood “make my day” 6′ action hero when in reality he’s more “a bit of a ponce”.

    In other words- we now see Rupert Quaintance for the complete dweeb he is.

    Considering the USA is one of the world’s worst countries for ‘child trafficking” : which is not as the Queen of Lien Neelu thinks (snatching babies for the BBQ) rather small groups of disconnected pimp style people who gradually seduce / groom young teens into a life of prostitution and drugs as in Rotherham in the UK. A far more complex problem and one that is very difficult to prevent.

    Add to that the 100s who are snatched by one parent against court orders or the 1000s who runaway from horrible family circumstances and end up in the fringes of big cities.

    The annoying thing is that “child abuse” is an epidemic in the UK (and most of the western world) where poverty is on the increase. But sexual abuse is around 17% of all abuse statistics and 90% of that abuse is by predatory family members.

    Most psychiatrists will confirm that minimal sexual abuse (as opposed to long term sexual abuse) is recoverable and victims can, with the right therapy live long and prosperous lives ( example by the 2 women I know who were raped in their teens have- one who runs a multi-million $ company)

    However persistent mental, physical (as in beating your child on a regular basis with a lump of wood like a T-Bar) and abuse by neglect can cause serious long term harm.

    I know in NSW where I am reflects worldwide figures in that there are a reported 100,000 child abuse reports (neglect, physical, mental) a year and social services are simply overwhelmed.

    There is much to consider as to why Angela Power-Disney and Rupert Quaintance seem intent on their “campaigns” which are illusory and aid no child in danger but divert attention onto themselves.

    Neelu, Sabine we can assume have serious mental health problems while McKenzie is a sociopath schemer (nothing will ever illustrate more the “real” McKenzie than that vision of Sabine’s court arrest when Belinda stood well to the side and almost became invisible when the chips were down.)

    The Finders most definitely adds a new dimension to Quaintance.

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  3. Mmmm anyone else smell the delicious aroma of internecine strife wafting through the unmassed ranks of a toxic decaying hoax? Oh such joy to behold the merciless sword of great nature so delicately unpick the threads of an ill woven tapestry with beautiful inevitability only it can know…sorry getting a tad carried away there.

    Well good old mysterious mademoiselle Sophist,she has certainly stuck her pointy skeptic stick into the hornets nest,whilst she still clearly has some work to do on the bigger picture much respect and gratitude goes out to her for being a damn good and fiesty catalytic converter and assisting purify such an appalling stench.

    Gonna just lurve the Angie squirm fest come Monday at 5pm(ish ish). As for Rupert he is officially a busted flush. Cherio,cherio,cherio.

    Lets face it he had it coming.

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  4. It’s bizarre to see the “anti-abuse campaigner” Angela sharing the Nirvana song ‘Rape Me’ on her FB page (3 times!). Sample lyrics:

    “Rape me
    Rape me and then father just take me
    Rape me again…

    …Rape me
    Rape me again
    Someone disgrace me…”

    Oh wait – I say anti-abuse campaigner but that’s only for children, isn’t it. I was forgetting that she is also on record as stating that she is opposed to women’s rights. Feminism is just another form of mind control, as I recall, so rape is probably ok in her book.

    Oh well, at least we’ll be spared the sight of Angie burning her bra any time soon. That would have sent the sagmometer into overdrive.

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    • Angela power disney is a f.cking disgrace,

      She is a vile c.nt.

      I’m going to inbox her if possible on her Angie pd fb page.

      Nasty, evil, fake victim she is.

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    • Is that what she did to Jake Clarke?

      POOR afflicted Jake and the

      RICH fantasy world of Power Disney. it, I’m calling her Ms Power from now on, she’s not really got a double barrel name, just her delusions of grandeur and she’s divorced from Mr. Disney or D’Isgny lol, so no need to use his name any more and her children are all over 18.

      Angela Power-Freak more like…

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  5. Bloody hell! Wasn’t there supposed to be a rapture or a ‘reset’. I just didn’t expect to see Rupert get ‘reset’ so bluntly and by all his little mates as well.

    Re The Finders. Rupert’s been right all along. Culpeper IS weird.

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    • What I have read about what the Finders Keepers Cult have been up to in Culpeper, and the fact nobody in that town did much about it. Yes, Culpeper is weird, no surprise Rupert Wilson Quaintance is well connected to that town.

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      • May I be the first to suggest restraint on this whole demonising an entire town thing? There may well be a small cult operating in Culpeper but if we use that to drag the entire community’s name through the mud, does that not have overtones of what the fruitloops have done to Hampstead?

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        • Yes absolutely and I’m just joking. There are about 17,000 people in Culpeper – the idea that the whole town is ‘cult’ connected and that everyone knows everyone is stoopid. Incidentally, I couldn’t help having a look and I think that at least some of Marion Pettie’s descendants have settled in Hawaii – a long way from Virginia.

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          • It is curious why Rupert has started his campaign so far from home though in light of conspiracy theories around this group.

            It’s a different kettle of fish confronting your neighbours and pissing on your own town though.

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        • The comments made about Culpeper are reasonable and objective. Hampstead SRA is a campaign mainly focused at named individuals rather than an entire community. Nobody is on a campaign against Culpeper, comparing Hampstead and Culpeper on the same level is unreasonable.


    • Well albeit not in the realms of divine intervention we certainly witnessed a timely rupture.A seismic hoaxquake echoing along extensively fault lines.There will of course be aftershocks so hang on to them chairs and feel the vibrations a-rumble.

      Pisshead Power may of course attempt to cobble Humpty back together again as she has invested so much in this wheeze.She possesses neither the humility or grace to accept she was wrong and thus cannot progress beyond eternal basement dweller status pointing nicotine stained fingers accusingly at the shadows she casts.

      I used to think granny was barking mad when she said “you can never mend a cracked pot”.

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  6. Is it possible that this ‘new’ entrant is joined to the E&A camp? They denounced McNeill et al earlier and were pretty pissed with others leading – now ruining – ‘their’ hoax. Perhaps they are planning a come back…

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    • That’s not an unreasonable guess. Elsewhere I drew attention to the ‘nodal’ ( as opposed to fixed) nature of these networks. It’s reasonable to guess that E&A threw the ball in the air and circumstances have caused it to go into play on another pitch. – Who’s ‘making money’ off this now? APD, Quaintance, Mel Ve etc. I bet you E&A wish they could make a copyright claim on their ‘script’ – but then that wasn’t original either!

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      • Yes, what a strange world we live in where people fight to own such an ugly false narrative: it really gets me down on times. That said, I reckon they’ll be a number of good ‘scripts’ in formation on the ‘opposition’ side.

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    • Yes, I think you’re right, TN. Much as it’s fun to watch this person take down Angela and Rupert, I don’t think their overall agenda is one we want to endorse. And I have my suspicions about Sophia’s real identity.


      • Me too! But I agree while the overall agenda is questionable, at least there is some rational thinking about ‘Sophia’ – not something we see very often.

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        • Well..not so much.. she thinks APD has connections to the CIA and she believes the lies A&E told the children to say.

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          • Power Freak doesn’t have CIA connections.

            Maybe C&A looking at the state of some of her clothes from the 80s.

            Give us a clue who Sophia Green really is?

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            • I don’t know for certain who Sophia is, but I will say that she does seem to parrot a great many of Abe’s pet phrases, and she shares his ideas.


    • Pleasure. ‘The Secret Policeman’s Ball’ shows (1976-1981), in aid of Amnesty International. Loads of unforgettable sketches came out of those.

      I think this sketch was from the 1979 show.

      Good spot on those names. There’s also Dudley Moore and Eleanor Bron lurking in there too.

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  7. Anyone know what she’s banging on about here?



    Maybe the SFO/GBFI have finally caught up with her over her charity fraud.

    By the way, her obsession with chairs is getting out of hand now. I think she needs to see a doctor. And anyone who says she should take a stool sample with her is getting a slap.

    PS: it’s only me. Hi Kristie!!! You enjoying this?

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    • Power-Freak is probably trying to make out she’s going to take legal action against someone/s.

      I call BS, it’ll be the other way round, she’s got a defence solicitor.

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      • Her “#phew” comment suggests she is for now relieved about something in the offing.Angie is an out and out fraudster like others in this farce are happy to go to the “corrupt demonic” legal system to help get them off the hook when they mess up.Or indeed as you suggest FA this is another of Angies little ploys to deflect and garner attention.

        Angie has tunnel vision and cannot see the truck of shit she has made rolling down the hill in her general direction.

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  8. Haven’t these two heard? The Rapture’s coming, so why the hell are they making plans for 12 days’ time? And how’s Angela planning to fly the UK on the 17th? Are Aer Lingus running a post-apocalypse service?

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    • What on earth is Popoola Essien on about. Survivors of child abuse can’t lead campaigns for change because they may still be controlled or after retribution?

      In many cases retribution is appropriate, whether that is apologies where merited, financial compensation, prison sentences or institutional change.

      He’s gone full MKUltra consiraloon.

      If he’s still trying to become a forensic linguist I can see him destroying lives due to the shoddy quality of his work in the future.

      He should try speaking to some respected campaigners and say that to their face.

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    • oh dear, Ann, looks like I will be sticking with Warrens then, not that I get down to the lizard much anyway.

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    • Desperate times folks,how will we cope now that the hyper sensitive,double agent and yoyo Maestro extraordinaire Yannis has chosen to go down with a sinking vessel?Hmm sure we will survive lol

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    • Yannis wants to stop calling people SLUTS.

      He can run off with Angela power freak, except he’s too old for her…

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  9. Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t read too much into the Finders association. They seem to be one of the many alternative living groups/communes which regularly come into conflict with the law/social services. It’s pretty clear that it’s a one-man-band centred around Marion Pettie, and seems to be pretty much on its last legs. I have come across groups like this before. What is interesting about the Finders is that they are tech savvy and skilled, but that doesn’t translate into working for the intelligence services, or being involved in security work. They’re not paedophiles either…. They are fairly weird though.

    But, think about it…. if you started an “experiment in living” let’s say… got a house and some people to sign up to your ideas about how a society should function, I can guarantee that within a few months you would have enough people to run viable “cult”. Play all the usual mind-fuck games with them: favouritism, shunning, random obedience tests, altered diet and sleeping patterns, scapegoating, manufactured external threats, disclosure of personal secrets and so on. It’s well documented how easily people fall into seemingly bizarre behaviours when that kind of group allegiance has been forged.

    Which is a long-winded way of saying that sometimes seeming association is just coincidence.
    And that the Hampstead Hoaxers are, in fact, a cult. A really depressingly stupid cult full of utter morons led by some very manipulative sociopaths and con artists.

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    • I’m not reading too much into it. I just think it is amusing that there was a group like this in Rupert’s hometown and he’s never mentioned it and has passed up an opportunity to look into a group with lots of mutterings about them on conspiracy sites.

      Perhaps he knows that there wasn’t really a CIA co-Intel satanic child abusing cult in his hometown despite what it says on the same sites that propagate the Hampstead stuff.

      Not surprised people turned on him though. His dad’s job is an unfortunate coincidence. I bet Abraham Christie will turn on him too.

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  10. As with all these self elected “campaigners”, behind the thin coating of feigned altruism lie disturbed hate mongers and violent abusers of innocent lives.
    Charlie “love police” Veitch has at least openly confessed and exposed who he really is.


    Back to Angie signalling to the world what a virtuous great Christian soul she is.
    Job is the most ancient text in the bible (2100-1800 B.C)and teaches humility and that Job can only develop and get on the road to understanding if he is prepared first to acknowledge that he does not understand anything.

    Clearly Angie is doing these readings for visual impression only as they are texts for private reflection and she has evidently absorbed nothing whatsoever about the content.

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  11. CCN Exposed:On Sunday double time present:


    Rupert Quaintance IV The Culpeper Con Artist & The FINDERS CULT of Virginia USA

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  12. Angie’s been sharing, promoting and “liking” Aaron Dover’s disgusting death threats and his calls to rescue Jake from the mental hospital “using lethal force”. Hands up who’s surprised.

    The above is from her own Facebook page.

    Jesus must be so proud of you, Angie.

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  13. I am aware Kris Costa got excited that the List 616 blog is gone. Yes, I deleted it as obsolete to requirements. However, my Satanic Views blog is reactivated which will cover the Satanist approach to the Satan Hunters. There is also which will also be dealing with the Satan Hunters as part of its remit.

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    • Roger? Ooooo!, I call foul, foul, foul! I’m supposed to be the only one authorized to manifest as blog postings in this realm of existence, you rat. You just flutter back to the Ethereal where you belong, wretched insect!

      (Just kidding)

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  14. Sophia Green has got it wrong about Power-Freak being any kind of MK Ultra victim.

    I’m surprised Power-Freak hasn’t got Jake to delete all Sophia’s comments though, but perhaps she has been unable to contact him (I hope). She will certainly have tried.

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    • Yes, I have to hand it to Sophia—she’s using Jake’s page, knowing he probably can’t do anything about it even if Angela wants him to.


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  16. I bumped into Sophia whilst I was having a “chat” with Rupert about why he had deleted a post of mine. Definitely one of the good guys/gals.
    I’ve got some delightful PMs from the Q Man as well. He’s such an imaginative, smart and witty person. I can see why he’s such a celebrated film maker.

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      • Apparently he runs with biker gangs as well. I get the feeling he thinks that makes him look well hard. But to be honest it makes me assume he’s got a fetish for hairy men in dressed in leather.

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        • Extreme idiotism exists in all walks and bikers no exception.Met a number over the years they have struck me as having a no nonsense “live and let live” ethos and not the type to suffer fools and jumped up wankers like Rupert hovering about more than a nano second.
          Having said chapters have underworld connections and if the terms were right could potentialy offer “security/insurance”.
          The hairy man fetish would appear the most likely scenario given Ruperts cringeworthy displays and mincing thus far.


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