BREAKING: Jake Clarke ‘sectioned’

According to Angela Power-Disney’s Facebook page, Hoaxtead promoter Jake Clarke has been “kidnapped” by Mental Health Services. Late last night this message appeared on Facebook:Jake-sectioned 2016-08-23In fact, it sounds very much as though Jake has been ‘sectioned’, or detained under the Mental Health Act:

The Mental Health Act 1983 (which was substantially amended in 2007) is the law in England and Wales that allows people with a ‘mental disorder’ to be admitted to hospital, detained and treated without their consent – either for their own health and safety, or for the protection of other people. (Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own laws about compulsory treatment for mental ill health.)

People can be admitted, detained and treated under different sections of the Mental Health Act, depending on the circumstances, which is why the term ‘sectioned’ is used to describe a compulsory admission to hospital. Section 2 is used to admit someone for assessment, Section 3 for treatment and Section 4 in an emergency. People who are compulsorily admitted to hospital are called ‘formal’ or ‘involuntary’ patients.

We strongly suspect that neither prayer nor making “action plans” will have any perceptible effect on the situation.

And frankly, we don’t see this as a “way to silence whistle blowers”, but rather as a way to stop a mentally ill young man from digging himself into a deeper and deeper pit under the malevolent influence of a very nasty old woman who cares nothing for his well-being.

We hope Jake’s mental health can be helped by this intervention, and we send our best wishes to his family and friends who do care for him.

Mental Health Help


76 thoughts on “BREAKING: Jake Clarke ‘sectioned’

  1. OMG,

    that’s really shocking Breaking News.

    I wasn’t expecting to read that, I’m wondering how this happened?

    The cynic in me wonders whether Angela instigated this, though I expect Jake had a routine meeting with his Mental Health worker and they decided drastic action like this needed to be taken to save him from himself and the likes of Angela, Alan Alanson etc.

    Funny how this has coincided with Angela arriving in England though (on another of her holidays).

    Perhaps this 30 day break from being able to use the internet (I hope) will give Jake a time to reflect and come to his senses.

    I’m praying Angela YOU are not able to visit him, not that you would unless it brought in more cash and attention to you.

    Is this what this is all about, another of your self-serving games?

    How has Neelu escaped a 30 day break?

    She appears to me to be more vocal than Jake.

    Message to you Angela.

    You did groom Jake into doing Skype calls with you and encouraged him in his actions, your own words in the videos damn you.

    You egged him on to go to Blackfriars Crown Court more than once, when you could have easily got off your backside for once and gone to the trial, especially as you are in awe of Sabine and Neelu.

    Whoops I forgot, you wouldn’t have been the centre of attention.

    How is Jake a Whistleblower, how are you a Whistleblower?

    What “action plans” are you grooming people to do now?

    There is NO CULT Angela, so this 30 day break for Jake is NOTHING to do with any “Cult Bastards” as there is NO CULT. Grrr…

    I think you could do with a 30 day break along with Jake, Neelu, Sabine, Belinda et al.

    How’s Zen Gardener Angela?

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    • We were shocked by this too, FA—but as you say, it’s likely not a bad thing in the long run. And yes, we too think that Angela groomed and trained him, as did other Hoaxtead pushers like Sabine and Belinda. They all have a great deal to answer for.

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  2. He certainly needs the help of mental health professionals as does Neelu Berry.
    What a strange and very ruthless woman this Angela Power-Disney is who makes a sad but inevitable episode in someone’s life all about her.

    I would not be surprised if Jake’s parents were not involved in calling for help. Recall he recent controversies over the patients of a so-called psychologist who turned her “patients” against their parents.

    This is a timely intervention in Clarke’s life before he deteriorates.

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    • Yes—I try to put myself in his parents’ shoes, and imagine the horror they must feel as they watch their loved child descend into madness. I would not be surprised if they did have something to do with it, an act of love to try and save their son.

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      • Jake’s parents MUST keep him away from Power-Disney, Sabine, Neelu, Belinda etc. in the future.

        These are the Cult Leaders who are brainwashing him.

        I hope it’s not too late.

        All Belinda’s Witches and Belinda should be hanging their heads in shame and praying for forgiveness for what they have done to Jake.

        I know they won’t, they will just shrug their shoulders and Angela is probably laughing her head off, just like she laughed at her FRIEND Steffi.

        Jake needs to surround himself with some “normal” people.

        Get himself a girlfriend and act like someone of his age does.

        What is his fixation with the 2 Hampstead children all about?

        I hope he doesn’t get worse.

        It’s not nice that it has come to this.

        Hang your head Angela, you encouraged him.

        Feel Guilty because you should.

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        • Angie won’t feel guilty; she’ll blame ‘the cult’ and shift all responsibility away from herself. That’s how she operates. In fact, come to think of it, it’s how they all operate.

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        • Well…. Who resources him? Who pays for his car his childish ‘Pied Piper’ clothes? Who provides the money for materials that he might vandalise public places and cause alarm and distress to innocent respectable people? Clarke himself needs to take responsibility for his own actions. And if his parents or anyone else has supported him in those actions – whether directly or indirectly – they need to be called to account too. Sectioning is rarely a routine event. And I suspect we will hear shortly what extreme incident he was involved him that caused the authorities to take this route.


          • Jake probably gets Disability benefits like the lot of them.

            Who knows how much and then obviously he lives with his parents so they support him, he is their son after all. I know he is around 29 but let’s face it he’s not your average 29 year old.

            I agree Jake needs to take responsibility.

            I wonder if he is Autistic/Asperger’s and he can’t understand someone reasoning with him.

            I’m not making excuses, I’m just trying to fathom why he behaves in such a way, when most of the Hoax supporters are 50+ year old’s.


          • ‘Disability benefits’ aren’t remotely generous – and he’s either capable enough to make his own decisions or he isn’t. – He’s allowed to drive a car after all; it cannot be that he is so severely disabled as to be without the capacity to take responsibility. A vehicle is potentially a lethal weapon after all! So I’m not really buying the whole ‘giant baby’ thing. I say that, like Rupert Quaintance, his behaviour and demeanour is part of a ‘Pied Piper’ mentality, and that his ‘interest’ in paedophilia is a deflection/projection tactic.


          • I did know so one years ago that was raking in around £500 cash in hand per week from a range of disability benefits.

            Higher rate DLA Mobility
            Higher rate DLA Care component
            Incapacity Benefit
            Disabled pension from Council employment
            Council tax reduced payment
            Possibly housing benefit reduced payment

            And it was all a huge con. He was 35 years old and made out he had a bad back.

            We fell out in 2006, so no idea what he is on now.
            The con is still ongoing I have been informed.

            All fact.

            I think £500 per week and probably more now, swanning off on exotic holidays abroad every few weeks isn’t a bad deal.

            That was in 2000.

            Money for old rope.

            Don’t be fooled all disabled are on a pittance, they’re not.

            He wasn’t really disabled, just got on the scam like Angela.

            She’ll be on all those benefits, plus Carers Allowance for her youngest.

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          • I’m aware of a research going on into current support for disabled people…… And ‘somewhat’ aware of the numbers.

            Higher rate DLA mobility is….. £57.45

            IF you’re in need of need of day and night supervision or terminally ill you get…. £82.30

            – That’s the ‘care component’.

            That’s £139.75 for the very WORST cases – and those are today’s rates, not those from a decade ago. – Any pension your acquaintance got would have been contributions-based as was IB. Both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are (and were) means-tested.

            Quoting the DWP site:

            “You might get the care part of DLA if you:

            need help with things like washing, dressing, eating, using the toilet or communicating your needs
            need supervision to avoid putting yourself or others in danger
            need someone with you when you’re on dialysis
            can’t prepare a cooked main meal

            You might get the mobility part of DLA if, when using your normal aid, you:

            can’t walk
            can only walk a short distance without severe discomfort
            could become very ill if you try to walk

            You might also get it if you:

            have no feet or legs
            are assessed as 100% blind and at least 80% deaf and you need someone with you when outdoor
            are severely mentally impaired with severe behavioural problems and get the highest rate of care for DLA need supervision most of the time when walking outdoors are certified as severely sight impaired
            and you were aged between 3 and 64 on 11 April 2011”

            Jake will never have qualified for any of these things. He will, at best, be on ESA. which is less than £110 per week…… Now, the fact he is otherwise supported by his parents does make that ‘free money’ for this ‘poor little rich boy. – But I return to my original point that, directly or indirectly, his parents are subsidising the chaos he is causing.


      • I thought the same thing El Coyote. I hope that his parents were aware that Angie was in England and potentially going to meet up with Jake and so this was their best course of action to keep Angie away from Jake

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    • I wouldnt be surprised either if it was his family, also hes been going to childrens playgrounds and using their graffiti walls to try and spread this stuff, i doubt that went down well either, maybe his family saw it escalating with rupert and angies tour of britain, these nuts put so much time and effort into stuff that isnt real.

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      • Yes, good point about the graffiti walls. I think others, like Bronwyn Llewellyn, bear some responsibility for egging him on, as well. I think she really pushed the graffiti thing on her blog.

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      • I didn’t know where Jake was plastering the graffiti.

        That’s shocking to put it up in Children’s playgrounds.

        I mean it’s definitely for over 18’s only, what was he thinking?

        It looked to me like the graffiti was under a subway, but I knew he’d done large transportable posters, just I didn’t know where he’d put them.

        Jake certainly put a lot of time and effort into those posters and was lapping up the praise from Angela for doing them, grrr…

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          • Makes sense, I think Jake’s into skate boarding……like you are at 29 years old.

            It must be a strain on his parents, hard work I should think.

            I don’t know enough to blame them for encouraging his behaviour, but as has been said, Jake should be responsible for his actions and he is well over 18.

            However his maturity level is that of probably a 10 year old perhaps?

            I thought it was quite hard for a person to get sectioned, but perhaps it depends on who the person is.

            I think Jake has had a lucky escape, it’s surely better than him getting a criminal record. Maybe his parents did push for help for him.

            All speculation, time will tell in the end.

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          • I’m told he might have been sectioned if the Police ‘lifted’ him and the custody Sergeant called in the Doctor who in turn decided he was a danger to himself or other people…… This might actually mean he’s been violent/deranged when approached.


  3. To hear of this is very sad news. Hopefully Jake will get the help he needs and will be able to build a life for himself.

    Sadly people such as Angie Power Disney, Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill target vulnerable people such as Jake. They are easy prey for them.

    Jake is obviously a very impressionable and easily led person. That is exploited by the likes of APD BM and SM.

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  4. I’m thinking good news that he is getting the help he clearly needs; sad indictment of mental health care provision in this country that it’s taken so long. In the meantime, Jake and others who live with mental ill health are manipulated and motivated by haters.

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  5. I’m wondering where Angela got this news from.

    Why would anyone tell her from Jake’s family?

    Has this been confirmed that indeed Jake has been sectioned for 30 days?

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  6. Bravo for Team Titanic (Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV and Angela Power Disney) – I knew you would not disappoint. Jake Clarke has been drowning in delusions because Angela Power Disney has been grooming and encouraging him to believe in them, she has been using him for her own ends. No doubt Angela contacted Jake Clarke whilst she is in the UK causing him to do something that got him sectioned. Keep up the good work Team Titanic.

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  7. Every time an image of the Hampstead Kids appears online they are abused. ….Abe Christie’s perverted fantasies being ‘Jankanoried’ by them is sick entertainment to the target audience of child abusers, latent and otherwise. Clarke is not a boy, but a young man approaching his middle-years.

    As much as I do not doubt for a second he was encouraged by that evil old witch Disney and her various supporters, who are also often dope-heads, con merchants, and yes, actual child abusers, I find it difficult to gather much sympathy for Clarke. – Another ‘manchild’, and product of his environment. If he has been put away it’s because he’s a danger to himself and other people.

    Quaintance and Disney herself need dealing with next. SO where the hell ARE the authorities and why aren’t they doing their job and protecting innocent people?

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    • Let’s hope Jake squeals and tells the truth that Angela put him up to all his behaviour.

      Why the police don’t have a look at her grooming him online I do not understand?

      Perhaps they have and the wheels of justice are slooooooow.

      Perhaps like me they tend to fall asleep to her droning on.

      Who knows but if I was Angela, I’d be worried that Jake is going to spill the beans.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if he feels he wants to fit in with tough guy Kev/Perry and has been duly encouraged.

      Jake owes it to himself, his family and the people of Hampstead caught up in this utter Shite to stop full stop.

      More fool him if he doesn’t because now this has happened, it’ll only get worse. Longer sectioning or up before the beak.

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  8. There was a video some months ago where Angela specifically talks to Jake about the possibility of him being sectioned; and repeatedly tells him not to believe anyone who tells him he is mad. I can’t locate it now as I am at work and don’t have time to sift through hours of APD tripe.
    She knew that Jake was vulnerable, she knew this would happen, what a dreadful heartless cow that Angela Power-Disney is! She should take up limbo dancing; there is no limit to how low she can get.

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    • Angela is downright EVIL.

      That doesn’t seem a strong enough word to describe her though.

      What with the fake profile she allegedly made of Neelu’s dead niece…

      I listened to the latest video which goes on about the anonymous letter’s and she claims there were 50!

      Would someone really spend £25 approx. on mailing 50 letters?

      I don’t know what she’s complaining about.

      I think all the allegations are probably true anyway, so what’s she moaning about?

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      • Seems strange she knows how many were sent, and she knows what each letter said.

        Do we even know for sure that the letters actually exsist? Or is it just an act for sympathy/money?

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  9. Power-Disney is a sociopath.

    She exhibits not a scintilla of empathy about Clarke who is obviously mentally challenged but now hopefully receiving help, rather she includes this episode in her endless conspiracy claptrap.

    Her post announcing this is not the behaviour of a normal person.
    Like genuine sociopaths she gives what she thinks is a normal reaction to such news and fails miserably.

    You don’t just get sectioned out of the blue – it follows an escalating series of events and actions to the point where doctors or even family decide the patient must receive immediate treatment. We can’t know what has gone on in Clarke’s life but there must have been several disturbing incidents for this to happen. As he lives with his parents I have no doubt they sought outside help.

    Very timely with this dreadful witch’s visit to the UK with her partner-in-crime. He cannot be got at by her.

    I have a feeling this is an indication of the beginning of the downfall of Angela Power-Disney. Many of the hoaxers are bored people with time on their hands (The devil makes work for idle hands !) but a handful are sociopaths. I would say McKenzie is one and has been smart enough to pull her head in and take a very far back seat as others crumble but Power-Disney is one of the most arrogant of them all. She has no idea that she’s on a cruising to a bruising (metaphorically of course).


    • Angela is cunning; but nowhere near as clever as she thinks she is. I think both she and Belinda spend so much time dealing with the gullible and mentally ill that they begin to assume every one is like that. I hope the authorities take the opportunity to detain APD whilst she is in the UK.


  10. I’d be interested to know how she got this information, unless she called him when she got to England and his parents informed her? Although I doubt Jake’s parents would be friendly toward her.

    If he really has been sectioned then I’m glad he’s getting the treatment he needs. I think though when he get back to his computer he’ll return to conpiraloon form, I hope not, but with nasty people like APD around egging him on, it’ll probably happen.


    • Re: how Angie knows Jake’s whereabouts, as far as I know even under section inpatients are at liberty to make phone calls and receive visitors. Sometimes even be take out for a pint for an hour, depending at what stage in the process they are. (sorry that wasn’t grammatically correct!)
      Poor Jake probably phoned his ‘groomer’ before he phoned anyone else.
      She really is such a vile despicable human being, she turns my stomach.


  11. “They warned him they would come after him if he did not spin a story that I made him do videos on the Hampstead Cover Up, etc.”



  12. There is a degree of inevitability about this and there will be more such episodes whilst the likes of APD inflate a non existing balloon and the feeble minded are fueled into misguided beliefs they are serving some deluded higher cause.
    Just hope those involved with assessing Jake glean that APD in particular is the prime mover and arch shit stirrer/protaganist in all this.There should be the minimum of an injunction against her re contact with Jake and bound over to keep the peace.
    Not to act proactively will cause far more work for the authorities and result in more unnecessary dischord and sufferings.
    All this so a piece of human shit can glorify her ego and make a few sheckles.Angie will pay for this in one form or another that one is given. Crazy days.

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  13. All we need now is for Rupert and Angie to get arrested but unfortunately i don’t see that happening anytime soon.


    • Oh my mistake, she says it’s the 4th April. It’s an old video just uploaded yesterday. Just delete it, EC,


      • “and they’re not even good at trolling” says the expert.

        The arrogance of this mob! To call people trolls and to talk of harassment when their entire lives are devoted to falsely accusing and destroying innocent people’s lives.

        Perhaps it was the police who recommended Jake be sectioned when he went to complain about “trolls” as he breaks the law once again posting images of child victims.

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        • Yes, I find this the height of arrogance—to accuse us of ‘trolling’ (i.e. saying things they disagree with) when in fact they have made life a living hell for dozens of people for no reason other than a ridiculous hoax.


          • It speaks volumes of their mentality though. I mention yesterday how these people judge others by their own warped standards. – Reasoned, logical argument and irrefutable cold-hard facts are ‘trolling’ to them. Why? Because that what they do to innocent people! Similarly, they probably assume the rest of the world lives in the same drug-induced paranoid state they inhabit themselves.


      • The half-naked Rupert in his boxers.

        Jake didn’t seem surprised, why didn’t he ask Angela who the goblin was cavorting around in the background?


  14. I noticed someone commented on his facebook a couple nights ago saying “we all miss enjoying your company”. I think his family and friends have watched his mental health unravel for some time and this comment would suggest that he has been distancing himself from his friends. Maybe someone asked this friend to make an effort to reconnect with him because they noticed him getting even worse recently.

    I have always felt that Jake is one of the ones that really does think he is doing good. That he is truly delusional. Sadly, the likes of Angie prey on vulnerable people like this. We have seen it with Belinda using Neelu. As soon as they noticed these vulnerable people (Jake and Neelu), Belinda and Angie couldn’t get them on camera quick enough and encourage them to act.

    Belinda and Angie are truly sick, cruel, malicious and vile individuals. They have all the hallmarks of cult leaders. Feeding off the vulnerable, using them for funding and encouraging them to do their dirty work.

    I hope Jake makes a good recovery and finds enough clarity to see all this for what it really is.

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  15. I did think Jake was a bit vulnerable…. I wonder if he was somewhere on the spectrum of autism. But if he has been “sectioned” I hope that he finds someone to talk to, some good medication and a plan of future treatment which helps him sort his life out. He is also a victim imo. I pity anyone who falls into the clutches of that nest of sociopaths, with Angela Power-Disney at the top of the heap.
    While we’re discussing what people live on – I’m pretty certain that you have to actually be resident in Ireland to keep receiving benefits there. I’m guessing that weeks in England, Lanzarote and so on are not actually allowed under the benefit rules. I’ll be passing this on to my Irish buddies to check it out.

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    • Jake loves to smoke weed, the stuff that’s been around for the last ten years or so is very different to how it was when I smoked it in the 80s and 90s, it has a much more LSD like effect and can seriously screw you up, especially if you have a fragile mental state.


      • I’ve lost four people close to me thanks to ‘nice harmless weed’ – much of which was consumed in the 60s and 70s! If you got out alive and with most of your brain cells intact get down on your knees and thank God!


  16. I think the most recent posts and comments on Angie Power Disneys facebook page have reached a very sick low – this exchange was published just over an hour ago…

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    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……. Up here, we’ve seen this ‘Pied Piper’ acting and dressing like a child stuff before. And it has to do with getting close to children with a view to exploiting them. – He was going to dope some kid’s no-doubt doo-lally mother? THEN start grooming the child herself? ….. And APD and her associates have the bloody cheek to accuse other people of being nonces???????????

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    • I reckon he was trying to ask a random Hampstead child if they had been abused at School..and I bet APD encouraged him to do it.

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      • Even his pervy pal admits he planned to dope the mother then have an inappropriate conversation with her daughter about sexual matters….. That strikes me as a bit more ‘malice aforethought’ than just harassing some random kid; which would be bad enough in itself….. The guy’s a little creep IMHO

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          • Yes, as EC has said previously Jake thinks he’s a little soldier.

            He’d be better off playing with the plastic toys, less harm.

            Poor Jake wants to be a hero as you say Sheva.

            I wish he’d get a life.

            It’d be ok if he didn’t harm people, but he does.


        • Yeah, even putting flyers through the doors of Hampstead residents is bad enough but endangering a mother and her child is on another level.

          I blame Abraham Christie and Ella Draper for starting this bloody hoax in the first place.
          Yes, Angie disgustingly encouraged him and used him but he admits he was aware of the case even before he got to know Angie.

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          • Under Anon~ Kev, Opdeaters~Jake~ shield ~ the original tapes circulated ~Sabine gave them their strokes, publically, back then. Jake stated how early he was involved, the women act like handlers.


          • Yes but someone like him only needs a gentle nudge and they act.

            Power-Disney ruthlessly coerced Jake.

            All evidenced on their skype conversations.

            It didn’t take much more than the love of his life Angela to arrive in England and off he went…


    • The reason Jake restarted regurgitating the Hoax again was because Angela arrived in England and spurred him on to taking action and got him sectioned for his behaviour.


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