Angie reaps benefits of her friends’ misfortunes

Yesterday we reported that Sabine McNeill had been arrested Saturday, and is currently languishing in the cells at Holborn police station. Her dear friend Angela Power-Disney jumped into the fray and posted an impassioned plea…begging people to feel sorry for her, her, HER!!!

Angela 2016-08-28So seriously, folks: if everyone could just END CHILD ABUSE AND COVER UPS NOW? Cos Angie’s nerves just can’t take much more of this. Thanks.

Fortunately, though, Sabine’s current misfortune is really Angie’s gain, as she and Rupert were able to turn the ‘prayer vigil’ outside the cop shop into some damn fine footage (on Rupert’s iPhone or whatever, but hey, anyone watching will be stoned anyway, right?).

And what with getting out of some sort of traffic infraction with her #Scarlett routine (which we never, ever want to see, and we’re now feeling a bit queasy thinking about it), and changing residence, plus all that swanning around while Rupert followed her with his iPhone and wished he’d never got himself into this shitshow in the first place, oh dearie me, Angie was completely unable to go up to Bedford to visit young Jake!

Well, thank goodness for small mercies.

And hey, despite having lost Jake to an involuntary hospitalisation, and Sabine to involuntary jail time, Angie is totes upbeat about it all: “WE ARE WINNING despite high price on front line”. Easy for her to say, as she’s not looking at the four walls and wondering how she landed in this cell.

And we’re going to take a flyer and guess that Jake’s family, who are currently paying that “high price”, might be wondering whether their son’s health is really worth it.

But if Angie says it, it must be true, right? RIGHT???


Anyway, Angie is now saying that Sabine will come before the magistrate at Highbury & Islington Magistrates Court today at 9:30 a.m.Angela-re court hearing 2016-08-28We’ve heard conflicting information about this, but hey, if Angie and her followers want to head out bright and early on a bank holiday Monday to hang about and drink tea outside the rather dreary-looking courthouse, who are we to stop them? Bit of fresh air might do some of them good.

Oh, and we should point out that Angie plans to make hay out of Sabine’s incarceration on her ‘Angela’s Trashes’ show on CCN tomorrow:

Angela + Mel Ve 2016-08-28See, for Mel, as for Angie, it’s all just “this latest drama”, isn’t it? (Oh, and uh, hope they don’t treat the old girl too badly. Sorry, almost forgot that bit.)

But Angie, bless her pointy little heart, has plans to turn this into broadcasting gold: “Belinda coming on a panel show tomorrow night as well as Co accused (sic) NEELU BERRY and Rupert and Penny Pullen and HOW ABOUT WE GO FOR BROKE AN (sic) HAVE YOU TOO Melani Vermay ?????”

Oh, how about that, then? We bet the world just can’t wait to see that lot on the same screen…and does this mean Angie and Belinda have finally kissed and made up after their little fiasco last winter?

Actually, we’re smiling as we imagine the pained look on Belinda’s face when Penny pulls out her dowsing pendulum and Neelu tries to recount her latest thrilling judge arrest, and then Rupert starts braying like a donkey, and Mel Ve starts batting her burnt-to-a-crisp eyelashes at him and puffing out her huge…cheeks in his direction, and then Angie tries to lunge at her and claw her eyes out but realises they’re all actually on Skype….

Okay, forget we said anything bad about this show. It’s going to be brilliant. We can call it Loonies A-Go-Go! Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Pass the popcorn.

Angela Fag-ash Disney

33 thoughts on “Angie reaps benefits of her friends’ misfortunes

  1. I fed this through my Jon Lewis Patented Reverse Speech Gizmo (c) :

    ““Belinda coming on a panel show tomorrow night as well as Co accused (sic) NEELU BERRY and Rupert and Penny Pullen and HOW ABOUT WE GO FOR BROKE AN (sic) HAVE YOU TOO Melani Vermay ?????”
    ..and you can distinctly hear Angie Power-Disney stating:

    “this Hamsptead lark is a real con but I’m getting some dosh out of it-Rupert is a dud f*ck and tricked me into thinking he was 6′ when he’s 5’3″ (with an emphasis on the 3 inches)” and I’ll destroy Belinda”


  2. Belinda hates Angie, Mel hates Belinda, Neely hates everyone (and she must have read/heard Angie’s negative comments about her over the last few months) and whom Rupert hates/loves depends on what he’s taken. This could get very interesting. Off to stock up on popcorn…


    • I’m off out today, must remember to pick up some popcorn on my travels.

      I generally forget Angela has this “show” on, let’s hope it’s a corker, definitely got the potential to be hilarious due to the characters that hopefully will be speaking.

      Not at Jake’s plight I should add.

      I do feel a bit sorry for him being lured into Angela’s trap, I mean he’s not going to be experienced with women is he?

      I’m still holding out on all my opinions until I hear the most complete story we are going to get on what actually happened with the sectioning.

      Why hasn’t that ace film producer, editor, blah de blah put up the video from yesterday?

      Even if he’s doing a lengthy “film” he needs a trailer to entice the audience to want more.

      How very unprofessional he is.

      Angela could teach him well on enticing people into the Spider’s web in her garden.


      • I doubt Angie and Rupert would even be able to pronounce “contemporaneous” or explain its context in reporting, let alone apply it to anything they do.


      • Yeah, there was a convo about it a month or so back. They had some kind of fallout. EC also mentioned it yesterday and said it happened “last winter”. He may be able to fill you in with more details.

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  3. Looks like we can add Olivia Newton-John to Angie’s list of random celebrities whom she’s accused of child abuse without a scrap of evidence. What was that about “smear campaigns”, Angela?

    Funny how she never accuses any of the zillion celebrities she’s related to, though.


    • Just saw that and went to check out the video.
      Alas it’s from one of the biggest creeps on the net at Duck Shoot- a bloody ex-pat who lives in the Philippines which is one of the worst child trafficking countries on earth. This bloke surfs the net while probably accompanied by a few bar girls and posts the most defamatory stuff.

      Creep of the first order. Perhaps he’s Angie’s so-called contact among the murder squads there. He needs to watch out if my American friend who spends 3 months of the year & has his own apartment is anything to go by – but has vowed to not return until the present murderous President is booted form office.

      Says 100s more have been murdered and people are using drugs as an excuse to legally kill their enemies- just stuff a couple of pills or joint in their pocket after you’ve shot them and say they were a pusher or addict. Right up Angie’s street.


  4. The latest words of an old bag…

    (Screen shot in case she deletes it, and the link that works at the time I posted this)

    Quality camera work and sound, my kids could do better – Was yesterday windy at the Police station? It did not feel windy to me….


    • Oh wow!

      I’m slightly younger than Angela and was told I’m about 40-50 years old yesterday.

      I’m taking that as a compliment.

      The old hag asked me how old I was when I met her in January 2015.

      She thought she was going to use her patronising age superiority on me.

      Trouble for Angela was at the time she was 1 year older than me. I’d just had a birthday.

      I hate the way she says Rupert and Jake are “young”, sneering at them…

      37 is not really young and neither is 28 or 29.

      Hope the Court is closed but if it is Open, Sabine is held in Custody.

      The cost of opening a court especially for Sabine on a Bank Holiday Monday must be astronomical.

      Still what do any of that lot care, they don’t pay income tax, never have by all accounts, never worked a day in their lives.


    • The camera isn’t kind to Angie. I don’t then the Fox Network will be trying to lure her to join their stable of blonde beauties.


  5. Angie could always audition for a part in some classical acting, perhaps one of Macbeth’s Three

    It would seem that the makeup department would have little to do (thus saving the producer a fortune – a point of added value)


    • Agree JW, a free to view contemporary tragi comedy unfolding before our very eyes.Personally I would like to see it all done in monochrome with a few more custurd pies being chucked about the place, still cant have it all.


  6. CCN Exposed have knitted together some of the latest developments in this dark reality show being promoted by CNN.
    Personally I think they should all be put together in a room for a week and watch the carnage unfold.THEY are are root of all the problems that they profess yet they love the drama as others take the bullets.


  7. Can we rely on Angie to ACCURATELY report bail conditions, a Court normally looks at the condition of previous police bail and examines the reasons those conditions were imposed. .

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  8. Sadly I am working this evening so can’t watch Angie and co. It will be a good opportunity to have Neelu breach her order on video. Mel Ve stated just last month that Belinda has a lot to account for, so I would be hoping to see Mel challenge Belinda. Maybe even ask Belinda outright if Belinda gassed her in her sleep and stole her equipment. Maybe if Sabine is released today they can get her on too.

    My main interest would be to watch Rupert. I am almost certain that Rupert can see how bonkers these women are, so it will be interesting to see if he can act like he doesn’t.

    If I didn’t know anything about Angie I would have assumed she is transvestite from that video. I don’t have any problems with transvestites, just stating a fact. I’ve noticed it often in her videos. She has a very masculine face and over does her make up, so it looks like a man trying to be a woman. Less is more Angie.

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