Update: Angie reacts to Jake’s extended hospitalisation

Jake Clarke’s involuntary hospitalisation has now been extended by up to six months, according to Angela Power-Disney, who posted the following on her Facebook wall today:


In her continuing attempts to control Jake’s mental health care, and thus retain one of her willing pawns, Angela has put the word out to various troofers, and is encouraging them to besiege the hospital with protests:angie-re-jake-tags-2016-09-16Hoaxtead mob try-hard Tim Veater answered the call almost immediately, offering to write a very stern post on his blog that no one reads:



Angela and Tim clearly have no understanding of how sectioning under the Mental Health Act is applied; nor do they seem to understand how psychiatric care actually works. The hospital does not care how many tragic troofers Angela can raise up to call or write them; their concern is for their patient’s mental health, and they will carry on regardless.

However, Angie and her friends might well find themselves facing harassment charges if they follow her ill-conceived advice.

While it can be argued that Jake’s mental health difficulties don’t stem from Angela’s tutelage alone—he was seen alongside Sabine during her arrest in August 2015, for example, and was posting on Facebook long before Angie took him under her wing—she has definitely worked hard to reinforce his delusional beliefs, alienate him from his family, and encourage him to mistrust the medical professionals who are trying to help him.

While her actions may or may not be strictly illegal, they are most certainly very, very wrong.

Nurse Angie

79 thoughts on “Update: Angie reacts to Jake’s extended hospitalisation

  1. I predicted the Section 2 (mental health assessment for max 28 day) would convert into a Section 3 for Jake Clarke. All readers can thank Angela Power Disney for all the publicity and encouragement she gave to Jake Clarke to cause him to be sectioned for six months. People need no enemies when they have Angela Power Disney as their friend.

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    • That’s right. Angela cares nothing for him, but cares a great deal for her power over him.

      And yes, the Section 3 was fairly predictable. He’ll need time and hard work with his mental health team to overcome this sad episode in his life.

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  2. She really is downright wicked. Goodness knows how distressing this must be to Jake’s parents. I wonder if they can pursue charges against Angela for harassment of their son?

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    • Although he’s a vulnerable adult, I think he’s still considered an adult and therefore able to make choices about who he speaks with. I don’t know what steps the hospital would be able to take to ensure minimal contact with Angela, who is clearly toxic to him.


      • If the Coral Unit have the power to detain him then they must have the power to stop Jake and Angela’s phone calls.

        If they don’t stop the contact between the pair, how will Jake be able to get any better?

        He won’t!

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        • Oh, I very much agree. I’m just saying that the law might work against his parents taking over, unless they have him declared incompetent to handle his own affairs or some such.


    • I hope Jake’s parents are not as gullible as Jake. I’m pretty certain they’re not and they should push the Police to arrest her.

      So Jake is going to be there until next March 2017 with no time off for good behaviour in the Coral Unit…

      I bet Angela is loving this, having a right good chuckle with her bottle of Whisky.

      What a b…h! What a psychopath!

      With friends like her, as they say, who needs enemies?

      Wake the f up Jake. Angela is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

      I hope they are banning all phone calls between Jake and Angela.

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  3. I’m afraid I don’t buy the notion of Jake as ‘an innocent’. In fact the little shit gives me the creeps. He does quite clearly have mental ‘issues’ but then that is true of all of the hoaxers. Like Rupert, his parents have done him no favours in encouraging and (even tacitly) endorsing his ‘manchild’ persona. And in all seriousness, I do feel that he is a potential child rapist. – It’s particularly unhealthy that he covets the iconography of being a teenager and has combined this with the use of drugs, and the will to influence other credulous/vulnerable people with them.

    With all that said I do believe him now to be in the best place for all concerned; especially the general public to whom he is a danger.

    But there must surely be a point where these mental health professionals recognise the danger another delusional sociopath presents to him and how that might compromise his treatment. There is a paradox surely in the notion that he is on the one hand capable of deciding who he does and does not see, yet is incapable from distinguishing between reality and (rather sick and sinister it has to be said) fantasy?

    No doubt Disney ( I’m reminded of Robert Green here) welcomes jailing because of the bankable status it will give her on the conspiritard circuit. It seems obvious to me she needs to be shut down to much the same extent.

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    • Yeah, I’ve got a feeling she’ll relish being arrested and won’t feel she’s “made it” until she is.
      Weird, sick woman.


      • I don’t think Angela would like it at all.

        She’s a control freak and will lose her control if she is arrested.

        She won’t know how long she’ll be detained etc. and will miss her flight to Lanzarote probably.

        Angela would put a spin on it later but she definitely wouldn’t want to get arrested imo.


        • I agree that Angie would sh*t herself if she was arrested. She’s all ridiculous hat & no cattle.
          I don’t think she’s a fanatic like Sabine or Neelu who can rave away at the arresting cops- Sabine with her tears and “oh woe is me” talk & Neelu removing the officers from office because they haven’t taken their oath.

          It’s all a scam with Angie and an attempt to become top dog (top dogger?). In fact : I reckon if this whole thing falls over and collapses as is likely with so many arrests and the real possibility someone may be jailed, she could simply move on to a new conspiracy. I think the money source may dry up what with Rupert proving to be a dud.
          Or she could of course seize power and become Hoax Leader but is there any cash in it? A lot of effort with little return.
          She should become a Flat Earther. Could be some cash in that one.
          If i were a Truther I would have a GoFundMe page to raise money to mount an expedition to the Great Ice Wall to film a documentary.
          Hey I’ve just given myself an idea..you don’t have to be a believer to set out on a Flat earth expedition…I may just follow this one up.I’ve always wanted to go on a luxury cruise.


      • I still think, as alluded to by another hoaxer, that Jake must have been planning something dangerous for them to act suddenly.
        I don’t blame his parents. Can’t blame them for having a son with a few wires loose. There’s obviously been more going on behind the scenes with this guy- talks of a caution and so on.

        I’m sure if his doctors decide Angie & Co are a negative in his mental health treatment they could get them banned from having contact. Remember she, Rupert etc were banned from visiting him which means there has been much chat between parents, police and doctors re Angie.

        Jake was obviously on something quite strong like Lithium at the beginning when he said his speech had slowed down. That’s part of the treatment to sort of give the brain a big rest for a week or so.

        But if he’s having group therapy and similar styles of treatment- just one phone call from Angie can undo any progress so she is a danger to his mental health.

        And her stupid talk re kidnaps and so on. Do these idiots not understand how many people there are out there with mental health problems and the enormous difficulty in treating them let alone endless cut-backs to NHS funding etc?.
        She’s a disgrace,


    • Ooooh yes…. 1984….. That book that was so popular on the ‘O’ grade reading list back in the 70s….. Well, it was with those that did at least ‘O’ levels/grades back in the day. Wasn’t there also a film for the benefit of those hard-of-reading Eng. Lit. Students too?


    • When you have a brain so complex & brilliant that you are asked to become Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University you must expect Angie to make an occasional mistake.
      Ohh someones has just corrected me- it was Vice Manageress in charge of Tea Bags that she was offered.


    • She’s got some front.

      Angela you don’t need to travel, drink tap water and eat bread.

      Losing a few pounds will do you good.


      • Angies actually quite shrewd.She has obviously gone for this option since the money spinning idea of getting her tits out for the highest bidder would have almost certainly flopped.


    • Good grief- and she’s talking about returning to Lanzarote after the Great Pedo Demo of the 17th. Are other hoaxers so silly they are going to give her some of their precious pension money?


      • So much for Angela being a full-time Carer for her son, whose eyesight incidentally has supposedly got worse since his Op last year in USA.

        He must be going to College again now with the start of the new academic year and where will the “ahem” f/t Carer be?

        In LANZAROTE sunning herself and hoping to evade the Police.

        Some full-time Carer she is.


      • It is how Angie sees Angie and the image she wishes to portray to the world.A fine lady on a white horse,she shall have music wherever she goes etc.

        Behind that facade lies a hate fueled seething nest of vapid vipers vomitting vicious venom at vacant vulnerable victims.

        No nonsense Yorkshireman Sir Harvey Smith saw right through her pretentious shoite.

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    • No, I don’t believe for one minute that Belinda has donated at all.

      Nah! Don’t buy it one iota.

      If you drink left over wine from 2 different glasses in a pub then you just don’t donate 250 Euros.



    • Very clever of Belinda..carefully luring Angie into her web to appear as leader ..and eventually take the fall.
      (never forget that image of Belinda when Sabine was being arrested in the court corridor…whistling and looking puzzled..”nothing to do with me..never seen these people before”)


  4. Angie has a real cheek to complain about Jake being kept in longer than he was in the first place. It is her fault by releasing the videos of her phone calls with Jake. I don’t believe that she is stupid enough to not know what the consequences of her actions may be.
    Hopefully an even longer spell away from the fruitloop brigade will do Jake some good. He has the perfect opportunity to use the professionals around him to help sort his thoughts out. If Jake chooses to ignore the help on offer & stays in contact with Angie, Neelu etc then he deserves the same treatment as Angie & friends.

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    • Yes in one way it’s not such a bad idea that Jake is detained for 6 months.

      Not sure if that is 6 months in addition to what he has already completed or 6 months in total.

      As Jake’s credit is now low on his phone until 28th September, then good, he should soon be unable to contact Angela.

      I can’t see her spending her money to phone him up.

      Nope that won’t be one of her priorities.

      Let’s hope 6 months is going to be long enough for Jake to get sorted out.

      I assume he could be released earlier?


      • There could be never be “long enough” as long as he and APD are allowed to continue their telephone conversations.


        • Then Jake is doomed.

          Being detained for 6 months will make no difference if he goes back to Square 1 on his release and has contact with the Oldcastle Witch.

          I don’t know what the solution is…


          • If push really comes to shove only £1.99 at Shoiteland Basement stores now.Pins available in most leading high street Haberdasheries 😉


      • He will have a lead clinician primarily responsible for a treatment plan which will be regularly reviewed.Best timing for Jakes rehab to community will be subject to his progress and after care planning etc.Tribunals can be appealed to by parties.

        Obviously it is best to develop workable contracts with the patient about matters including such as contacts but they could be stopped if evidentially detrimental to the care plan.

        At least that was essentially the case when I worked on the fringes of that arena.It is quite draconian but to some extent that is the nature of the beast.

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        • The ‘nice social worker’ Angie describes as believing Jake’s story, allegedly even phoning the police to enquire about the case, may not be helpful to Jake’s recovery. Or did I get it wrong? I really can’t bear watching Angie again. If this is what she said, and I am pretty sure it is, then perhaps the social worker should read the Judgement, that should put her straight. Or not, depending on her level of gullibility. This ‘nice social worker’….I wonder if the team knows she is ‘backing up Jake’s delusions’ by telling him she believes him…it must be anti-therapeutic, what can she be thinking? Or maybe this is more of Jake’s delusional disorder? I am sure the worker will deny any such involvement…

          I am sure the team are reading this blog, here is the judgement: https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/gareeva-dearman-2015.pdf

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          • I agree. I have a good friend who is in a similar hospital. He was constantly told he is coming out soon, just a matter of finding housing. This went on for a few years. I think its just to let him hear what he wants to.

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          • I think Angie said the Nurse called the Police to ask about Jake’s complaint to them about being “bullied” online, regarding the time he contacted them about MK’s excellent videos!


    • Those are just the calls we get to hear. Christ knows what else she has been saying to him. Jake appears to genuinely believe there is some sort of cult, he is that deluded. Unlike many of the hoaxers who just like the idea of a cult. So when Angie fills his head with nonsense (such as the Ella stuff), that will get back to his carers and demonstrate that if anything he is getting worse. Jake will also be frustrated with being inside, made worse by Angie telling him info from outside, making him feel like he is missing out and should be doing something. That could also influence his behaviour and make him less cooperative with his carers. I think Angie is a big part of Jake being sectioned for longer. Not that she cares, it’s just more news and attention for her Facebook feed.


      • I agree 100% with all you have said Dave.

        I wonder how often Angela is phoning him or/and vice versa?

        If these phone calls/texts stop, (which they need to) I can see Jake getting depressed but then over time he should improve.

        Hopefully, Jake will be in the Coral Ward long enough to understand that Angela has been manipulating him and more, but Angela must be kept well away from him forever and there must be no contact between the pair.

        Jake should be counting himself lucky really, as was said elsewhere, people sometimes never get the appropriate mental health treatment they need and here he is with long-term in-patient help.

        There must (as someone has also said) be some kind of history here with Jake, it seems a complete jump from Zero to being institutionalised.


    • Well apart from Beyonce is now white, it’s the same “devil” expression and the teeth are a match.

      It is a 100% match, one and the same person. Oh! how Angie wishes, lol…


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