Hoaxteader arrested over online death threats

A Hoaxtead pusher who made death threats on Facebook targetting the father of the two children who were forced to make false allegations was arrested on Friday, 2 September.

John Duane of Farnborough, Hampshire, stated on 24 August, “Trust my Irish ass-When I say-I and friends will find mr dxxxxxx-oh trust me”…”But we don’t judge only bring these bad boys to justice”…”Gone”.

John Duane 2016-08-24 via APDIn another conversation thread on Angela’s Facebook page, this one concerning Jake Clarke’s involuntary hospitalisation, he continued along the same lines: John Duane 2016-08-30 via APD

(Kevin Justice’s comments here refer to Jake.)

Mr Duane was arrested and bailed with the following conditions:

  1. Not to comment or engage in any post online relating to RD
  2. Not to make comment on any post online in relation to any pupil/former pupil of Christchurch School Hampstead, or any member of the congregation at Christchurch Hampstead

Mr Duane was released late Friday afternoon, and bailed to return on 22 December.

Upon release, he immediately went on a Facebook posting rampage. His first post was a video from an American group calling itself ‘Liberty Lovers’, in which a man rants about people being arrested without warrant.

To our knowledge he has not posted further death threats; we’ll update as necessary. As always following an arrest, we will be refraining from further comment until after the trial date.

John Duane 2016-09-02

Photo: Facebook


187 thoughts on “Hoaxteader arrested over online death threats

  1. Meanwhile on Planet Neelu the Queen of Remedy’s new pal Daniel Nelson has come up with a wedding invitation (don’t know how to post pics?) with the following comment :
    ” do you know anything about this invitation sent out in Hampstead asking guests if they prefer children as an entree? Why aren’t the police on to this? In broad daylight and no-one seems to care except a handful of brave whistleblowers. They think they can get away with anything and if you dare question you suddenly vanish into a secure mental unit where you get pumped full of pills and have no idea whats going on.”

    Alas for the poor thing, it’s a typo which was published by that organ of repute The Sun some time ago. Not that they will accept that- MI5 cover-up.

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  2. I’m surprised anyone could actually understand this Duane chap’s posts as they seem incomprehensible.
    Marvelous how the one’s who post biblical quotations and rainbows and schmaltzy quotes are also the one’s demanding violence.

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    • I guess rainbows and schmaltzy quotes are what vapid pools of putred pus use as a cunning disguise to infiltrate unsuspecting victims.Beware rainbows and schmaltzy shoite.

      Crimen sollicitationis (Latin: crime of solicitation) is the title of a 1962 document (“Instruction”) of the Holy Office procedures to be followed in cases of priests or bishops of the Catholic Church accused of having used the sacrament of Penance to make sexual advances to penitents.Talk about covering arses,the dirty perverts!

      That Duane fellow is right out of his tree and candidate to join Jake in the funny farm.They are going to have to consider building an extension for this crowd.

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      • Spending too much time being a complete arsehole online?Prefer going down the pub getting bladdered on Guiness?Concerned no one notices you online anymore?Need your hands for self abusing and stuff?
        What you need is DUANE O BOT shitware
        Only 50 Euro from Duane O Bot shitware Inc,Oldcastle

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  3. Leaving NUTTY neelu to carry on her hard work for the swissindo scam…..

    Psst neelu – its a SCAM, ask your consultant scammer (Angie Power Disney) or just look at Google

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  4. I was interested in seeing that Rupert Quaintance had an authentic individual come to him for assistance over an abducted brother who might have been murdered by a paedophile in 1979. Quaintance deleted his post for assistance.


  5. Rupert Wilson Quaintance
    2 hrs Β·
    During my investigation into the current state of systemic UK child abuse & the actions taken against those who fight child abuse, I have uncovered:
    -a narrative regarding law that goes back to 1689
    -evidence that shows POTUS Obama as an international hero
    -evidence that things are about to be shaken up globally
    -evidence that power can and will be restored to the people
    -police that like to lock up and abuse a 72 year-old activist
    -police/CPS that like to take people’s children from them
    -massive, mechanized, state sponsored child snatching
    -crazy mental health professionals that do what the police say to
    -Victims. Everywhere.
    People call this a “vacation”. Do your vacations usually have death threats and kidnappings? When you go on vacation do you ditch all your belongings and comforts first? Do you live in the same 2 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts for 4 months?
    Saving The World isn’t a club or a weekend retreat. Power doesn’t concede power with ease. This investigation and filming must continue. I am the journalist who will translate the British legal narrative from legalese into American English. I will also show the fray that has taken place on the ground in the wake of this abuse and subsequent actions.
    It is less embarrassing to me to ask for help than it is to have to hang my head and fly away having not gotten the full story. This narrative goes into high finance, The Presidency, the Prime Minister; it is one of the wildest things I have ever heard and it will unravel everything in the Western world. The world’s not coming apart, the veil is lifting. It will be up to us to reorder the world in fair way and bring to justice those who have… well, attempted to poison and destroy my brothers. You know what I mean.
    Money is the fuel that keeps this train rollin’. Get the story. That is tantamount to eating at this point. http://www.gofundme.com/RupertQ2UK
    We got this:

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    • As ever no evidence or substance whatsoever.A few catch phrases cobbled together based on opinion to form a vague impression of something or other to do with things not being very fair.

      Simply a plea to the blind to chuck some cash his way to pay for some trousers which his has no doubt soiled in churchyards.I suspect he down to his last pair of stained boxer shorts and getting desperate.

      He will just have to grovel to Mumsie to bail him out..again.Twat.

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    • If he spent less money on weed he could afford some new clothes. I remember buying some very cheap shirts at a market near the Elephant and Castle.

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    • ….So, he’s ‘uncovered’ exactly fuck-all really. Nothing you couldn’t/wouldn’t routinely pick up from any old random conspiritard website. No evidence of any kind. Nothing new. Nothing that ‘stands up’ to the slightest bit of scrutiny or critical examination. He’s spent the past few months pissing about, scoring free dope and generally enjoying himself.

      The only people who has issued threats of any kind in relation to him are himself and his psychotic waster of a ‘mother’. He threatened to rape children, desecrate churches and schools and placed people in states of fear and alarm. I do agree that this isn’t ‘normal’ ‘vacation’ behaviour; but then Rupert is a deranged dishonest psychopath. And this DOES seem to be HIS idea of a holiday. – He’s certainly achieving nothing but self-gratification, free food, lodgings ad drugs; to which of course he is addicted. And the fact that he chose to live and travel like a derelict is entirely his own choice. – Not necessary by any means.

      Nobody’s been ‘kidnapped’… Arrests and detentions have been made because laws have been broken and innocent people put at risk. The age of the offender is irrelevant, they remain an offender.

      As for “saving the world”, how stupid can one person be? Or rather, how stupid can his target audience be? Rupert is making life easier for paedophiles and harder for REAL anti-abuse campaigners and activists by feeding the myth that all independent exposures are just the ramblings of crazy people…. I think he knows this. ….In fact I think it’s because Rupert Wilson Quaintance is a paedophile, that he’s so keen on blowing all this smoke around.

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  6. CCN Exposed provide hard evidence Mel Ve cannot handle truth and that the rise in arrests and detainments has uncannily coincided with the input of agent Orange and her jiggery pokery.

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    • CCN Exposed is on a roll lately! Excellent stuff. I was interested in their observation that when Mel enters a campaign like Hoaxtead, the arrests start to happen. Hadn’t really thought of that before, but now that they mention it….

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    • More BS, it’s called getting old.

      If you stop leaning against things Angela you won’t get the bruises.

      It’s sweet fanny adams to do with Nazi experiments.

      You always have to exaggerate don’t you?

      Is that something to do with being the middle child and not getting the attention you wanted?


      And if you don’t read Hoaxtead Research, how would you know that anyone has commented on your gloves?

      You draw more attention to yourself wearing them.

      Oh! I forgot, that’s what you’re after…

      Leave Jake Clarke alone, any normal person would have a long time ago.

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    • So Mengele used to travel all the way from his secret hideout in Buenos Aires just to perform experiments on Angela in the 1950s? Is that a more likely explanation than the chain smoking and sunbathing that the doctors blame?

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    • Some people make up shit. If she means Dr Josef Mengele, the truly evil “Angel of Death”, he fled Germany in 1949 and I’d like to see her evidence that he was practicing medicine in a German hospital after that time, or even at all in Germany. Some other people might have a clearer idea of where he was and what he was doing than Angela Power Disney. Some conspiracists have absolutely no morals and no human compassion at all. Co-opting that man into her life story? FFS

      If she is claiming a Nazi death camp doctor worked in the hospital she was in as an infant, she’s a twisted sick fucked up charlatan. Who the fuck does she think she is throwing a name like that into her story for the attention? Evil is what that is.

      At least Sabine has a genuine tragedy and even atrocity in her past, though she would be too young to remember. Though I rarely see people moaning about the Blitz, or even for example destruction of Coventry to justify their shortcomings TBH.

      So, all in all, yawn, it isn’t sun and smoking, it is experimentation by the most infamous doctor who has existed. Liar liar pants on fire.

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      • She’s an idiot.

        I worked on locations for a TV series Winds of War filmed in the UK but where numerous locations had to look like Poland , Germany etc and spent a lot of time with Simon Wiesenthal’s UK representative- a flat in Kensington crammed to the ceilings with documents and photos (things you never ever want to see) but one of the fascinating things was the large maps they had on walls tracking the alleged movements of wanted Nazi war criminals (first time I saw how many minor ones slipped into Australia as refugees- some even posing as Jews).

        Mengele was one of the most hunted criminals in history and they knew he was in South America but he kept slipping off the radar because of the backing of local Germany communities (and despite the myths about Odessa it was only loosely organised and strapped for cash)

        I also learned how Wiesenthal and his organisation was actively backed by the left in Germany who provided money and assistance and the use of German intelligence services because they hated the Nazis for the shame they had brought on their country. Mengle wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes in Germany.

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    • Hmm Rupert keeps obsessively scratching himself too.This Holmes is a clear case of the dreaded Culpepper Idiot rash which also make the victim go rapidly bald and lead the victim to pointless roam about talking bollocks.
      They need to be placed in quarantine forthwith preferably with a gaze of Racoons(below).

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  7. Well the fruitloops are getting more paranoid by the day. They all think that each other are agents, they will tear themselves apart through their paranoia.

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    • So Angie thinks Barnett is credible when she claims she was abused by Walt Disney who died 2 years before she was born and president Richard Nixon flew into Canberra one Saturday morning in Air force One for the sole purpose of abusing her? (couldn’t kidnap any kiddies in the USA?).

      Fiona Barnett is one crazy lady who was abused by 1000s of people but every one of them was famous. Can’t imagine what a shrink would make of her fantasies.

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        • also ruperts town and family seem to have been involved in a cult called the finders, rupert keeps going on about the UK when his own town is a cult, there are way to many coincidences going on here, no wonder kevin weavers confused.

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          • Possibly a good idea to be a little more explicit KN9

            Rupert and Angie ‘not what they seem’? – Seems to me thay’re a pair of crooks with the added strong suspicion that Rupert is, like several of those who promote these hoaxes, an actual child-abuser.

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          • This is getting quite weird. There is quite a bit on the internet about the Finders, a lot of the rumours about them are rather like the allegations made about Hampstead:

            “More reports surfaced that children were being stolen in South and Central America, flown across the border in light aircraft, and sold to child sex rings, or sold so their organs could be used in transplants.”

            Someone has posted in the comments at the end of the article “pettie is the game caller… he sends people to places.” Has Rupert been sent with a purpose other than the one he states?

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          • How can I put this without putting my foot in it? – There are good, legitimate, documented reasons, other than anything that has been clearly expressed here or elsewhere online, why a number of people up here believe that people like Quaintance, Disney, Ogilvy, McKenzie, McNeill and a few others are ‘nodes’ in a network of abusers who operate with the objective of discrediting genuine grass-roots opposition to various illegal and damaging activities; including child abuse, drug trafficking and the production of ‘extreme’ forms of pornography.

            I don’t think you’re on the wrong track KN9. Just beware than many of the street signs are being constantly interfered with!

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          • The Finders Keepers article says:
            “The only connection, according to the CIA: A firm that provided computer training to CIA officers also employed several members of the Finders. (2) ”

            Interesting, because the father of Rupert Quaintance runs an information technology company dealing with intelligence, and was connected to US military intelligence services.

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          • I accept there may be conscious orchestrations from a high level to muddy the waters for ill intent.Any such connections may well emerge as events unfold and beans become spilt.

            What is verifiable at this juncture is that those initiating and perpetuating this debacle are intentionally or unintentionally detracting from resources available to good people who work damn hard to protect innocent lives day in and day out.The net result remains the same.

            Whilst this rabble are afforded the opportunity to continue their disruptive antics more children and other innocent parties will suffer and have their lives blighted.

            Hopefully many of the hangers on will gravitate away,get bored and find some new “burning issue” to make their noises about.I believe that critical mass will be reached(if not already) and that the whole shebang will end in accusation and counter accusation as key players seek to cover their own arses and turn poison fingers at each other.This is how bloated human organisations/empires always proceed and no doubt similar natural laws operate with pathetic half baked tin pot ones too.

            Challenging the grotesque in our communities and maintaining a light on nefarious activities is a duty without which we all become the problem.

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          • My initial analysis of Finders Keepers is that they are a Cult of less than 50 mainly based in Culpeper, which is the family town of the Quaintances. The Finders Keepers might have links to, or had links to CIA, but it is a minor association based upon the skills and attitudes they have, which makes for an ideal spy. The drama about child abuse associated with the Finders Keepers in 1987 was hysteria, even though there might have been some debatable practices over how they involved children in killing goats and in nudity that caused them problems. The issues of 1987 proved the undoing of the Cult when most of the women with children left them due to their poor handling of the media that made them seem like a sex cult. Whilst they are excellent spies, they are totally crap at handling the media and public relations.

            The Finders Keepers manifest some ideas that I am familiar with from a certain group in Satanism. They focus upon developing experience by undergoing “insight roles” and intelligence gathering. They play mind and manipulation games on society and other people, they seem like fools, but there is a method to their madness, They might play at being an investigator or activist (their outer face) but they are manifesting the core principles of their Cult (inner face.) This inner and outer masks I have seen in the certain Satanist group I have clashed with. They pool resources, which has been a source of conflict when ex-members wanted their share on leaving the group, they own a lot of real estate in Culpeper. They focus on the tribe or group, which is contrary to the Satanist ideal of individualism, which the Finders Keepers hate. They have invested lots of resources into intelligence gathering on the people and institutions of Culpeper, and seem to know everything that goes on there. They treat Culpeper as an ongoing experimental location for their ideas and practices. The Cult is one of those types founded on a central personality, a charismatic leader.

            Overall the Finders Keepers are eccentric and not particularly dangerous. I think Rupert Quaintance fits the pattern of one of the members of Finders Keepers, but his and their involvement with Hampstead is purely opportunistic rather than of more sinister deeper ties. It is possible Rupert Quaintance, if he is a Finder Keeper, is on an insight role, and like most of the activities of Finders Keepers is shallow and superficial. Like the practices of the certain Satanist group, the activities and words of Rupert Quaintance are all shadows and moonlight. Quaintance might be on a mission, but it has nothing to do with interests in stopping paedophiles. I still say lets give the cunt a hard time and get him booted out of the UK as fast as possible, if this is a Finder Keeper, let them play their retarded games in Culpepper rather than in the UK.

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          • Look a little deeper into those games SV, with more of an eye for the abstract. And consider the nature of nodal as opposed to fixed networks. The information I have leads me to form the opinion that that the Quaintances have a veneer of respectability, the fixative for which is fear. For example; apply your mind the the question of why an obviously-inferior physical specimen like Rupert would suffer for ‘delusions of adequacy’ when it comes to his physical prowess. – Could it be that other fear factors have caused those that might otherwise have given him the damn good thrashing he needed to hold back? Thus he thinks himself invincible? Were/are the ‘Finder Keepers’ just another smokestack?

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          • Lunacy is when you think a farmer’s field is an alien ‘airport’, that transit vans are holographic disguises for secret craft and the local underground pumping station is where GCHQ keep their captured aliens. – This is indeed something altogether much much darker.

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          • Happy to talk ‘off grid’ if a way can be found. But in all honesty, I’m not the one with the good oil and you might have difficulty reaching out to those that do. There is a general feeling that if completely independent ‘siloed’ groups reach the same conclusions under their own steam that’s more likely to produce results as one corroborates the other. As I say, we’re dealing with networks that are ‘nodal’ rather than discrete or fixed. They’re all the harder to crack because of it. For my part, I’m happy to offer a few pointers if it helps. But as much as I hate the phrase the more people that do their own research the better….. The truth will only ever lead to one place IMHO.

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          • True enoughβ€”I have some ideas about the people we’re discussing, and haven’t really had the evidence to flesh them out properly. But that will come, no doubt. πŸ™‚


          • The Finder Keepers connection has thrown me a bit. The Abraham Christie SRA claims have such a sinister similarity to the claims associated with the Finder Seekers. Despite the Finders Seekers founder dying in 2003, there still seems to be some businesses with Finders Seekers names still operating in Culpeper.

            Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV is a complete retard, he is so stupid, it is difficult to see him being clever and cunning like an agent of the Finders Keepers, unless something or someone is at work pulling his strings, like a puppet. The fact that his mother has not only validated but also contributed financially to his trip to UK, and he follows a sort of pattern someone of the Finders Seekers would follow, and his father is connected to the sort of IT and military intelligence networks the Finders Seekers members were connected to… it is all most strange. I hate going down this weird route the breadcrumbs are leading me to.

            I am starting to get seriously pissed off. If any harm comes to a child due to the actions of Quaintance … there is going to be trouble…

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          • My feeling about the Finders Seekers angle is that it’s interesting if true, but not really worth getting tied up in knots over. It’s one of those things I’d keep in the back of my mind, but not necessarily dwell on; it’s far too easy to be diverted down one road, and forget the bigger picture, I think.

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          • When it comes to creating distractions, and cons, there seems to be very little new under the sun. Christie is not an original thinker. And it does not surprise me that you might see parallels between ‘FK’ and the Hampstead hoax. Remember that the mobile phone stunt had been done before – by Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy who crashed and burned with it. The ‘SRA’ notions are not new either. Many of these things put me in mind of recycled soap opera plots….. As you say EC, one specific plot is nothing to get tied in knots about. But yes, it is interesting how these things are regurgitated. And in this ‘connected’ day and age the fact that an idiot like Rupert could be brought into play as he has is also quite curious.

            One thing is very important though – don’t lose sight of the fact we’re dealing with simple crooks, con-men and perverts. There’s nothing ‘mystical’ or ‘fantastical’ about them. They’re just common or garden crooks at the end of the day.

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    • mel makes me laugh, (rebuilding our network from the ground up) what network? its a youtube channel! i have about ten of them! they take two minutes of typing to make, talk about delusions of grandeur.

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  8. Regarding Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV.
    I have a feeling he might be in the UK illegally.
    If he is under a tourist visa, he cannot be doing the activities he is doing for which he is being funded. He does not have sufficient personal funds because he is either begging for money or being forced to work to make money.
    If he is here on a work visa, has he provided the full truth in getting one. He has acted in a highly illegal and harrassing way in his personal conduct in the UK harrassing a nurse, making threats and urinating on a church. I have reported him to the immigration authorities. Others can do the same.


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  9. Entry to the UK as a Tourist
    UK Tourist Visas allow American citizens to enter the UK without the need for some of the more formal routes of immigration. Tourist visas are valid for any period of time up to a maximum of 6 months. To visit the UK in a tourist capacity you must be able to show that:
    you intend to visit the UK for no more than six months; and
    you have enough money to support yourself and live in the UK without working or needing any help from public 1funds.

    Surely Rupert is breaking the Visa rules as he doesn’t have enough cash to support himself without working or needing help from public funds.


    • Correct me if I’m wrong but I think ‘public funds’ means government handouts rather than charity payments.


      • Public funds does indeed mean exactly that….. I’ve known situations where people have fallen foul of UKBA because they were busking! Rupert’s begging activities wouldn’t fall under the scope of ‘charity’ as he has no such registration; he’s directlysoliciting for funds – which is trading, and outside the scope of what you can do without a work visa.


    • If there is a financial element to Rupert’s visit it can be in breach of the rules. Depends whether he is trying to profit from is visit- ie : make a commercial film for viewing and I think even getting 9 viewers is still a commercial activity if there are adverts on his Youtube channel.
      Unfortunately the Home Office is run off it’s feet.

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      • Its a pity they dont turn up when parliament is actually present and sitting.Trifling matters like the finance bill,brexit debate and world trade could be laid aside and a cross party consensus adopted to force through emergency legislation to pass the “Bind that lot outside up with industrial gaffer tape and drop them off on a remote island in the middle of nowhere” Act 2016.

        Interestingly,the first items of business when the house returns are:

        Finance Bill: Report Stage and Third Reading
        Backbench Business: Scamming and its effect on vulnerable individuals.

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    • 3:39

      “I haven’t consented to it [the restraining order], so it’s void, it’s fraudulent.”

      Er…does she not get how restraining orders work? Wow.

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    • Oh dear….. Poor Neelu….. At this evening’s gathering at the local pub ‘someone’ produced some old, actual paper photographs. I hope they are persuaded to scan and make them available. They’re taken at various points in the early 80s. Small faded pictures aren’t the easiest thing to examine, but I’m now VERY convinced APD, Neelu and Andrea Davidson were at least in the same place at the same time on several different occasions back in the day. It’s also quite shocking how unkind ‘time and other things’ have been to Neelu! What a distance to fall!

      This got me to thinking about the ‘lucky bloke’ who landed her…. I picture him thus…..

      I bet the arse is rusted out of that VW by now too!

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        • I’ll try to keep chipping away to see if it can be done…. I don’t have custody! and the owner of these pictures is just not for it! They are literally a ‘Bonusprint’ envelope full of minilab 5″x4″s…. Probably taken in one of those 16mm ‘110’ cameras by the look of them. I needed my strongest reading glasses but there are definitely shots of APD and Davidson at the same table in the background. Neelu’s in the background in a few too – She’d put you in mind of a young Ayesha Brough….. Who remained a stunner even as she aged; unlike Neelu!

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    • I took a friend to visit her elderly mother in a nursing home a while back where the residents had various stages of dementia.

      I sat around in the common room area and one of the residents seemed at first sharp as a button and very much the full shilling etc.It was only after a while as she chatted on about this and that I realized she was in some kind of auto pilot mode almost as though she was reading out a script.When I attempted to engage in dialogue about something she had said it threw her out of her comfort zone and she muttered incomprehensibly for a while before returning to her script which she subsequently went on to repeat several times during my visit.

      Watching Neelu talking reminds me of that lady.It is like she is reading some pre scripted narrative that makes sense only within the parameters of her head with little cognizance or capacity to engage productively with the external world.

      Very sad to watch.


      • ’tis that Mik, ’tis that…… Particularly when you begin to realise what she was all those years ago. But that’s what ‘small pharma’ does to your mind and your body….. To be fair that, and a bit of blunt emotional trauma.


  10. SV – your hypothesis about Rupert possibly being a “Finders” “agent” was very pleasing to me πŸ™‚ so I won’t comment further about them at this time.

    But remind me to give you a link to my research about the late 80’s ‘panic’ aspect, and the purveyors of it in that case, sometime.

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