BREAKING: Sabine McNeill in custody

We learned overnight that Sabine McNeill is currently in police custody, having been arrested for violating the restraining order imposed upon her and Neelu Berry on 18 July 2016.

Sabine will attend court in the coming week.

As we reported earlier this month, Sabine was arrested and released on 4th August. She was able to have her bail conditions removed on 10th August; these conditions included the ability to leave the UK, as well as to publish on the internet.

She was bailed to return to Colindale Police Station on Saturday, 27 August, where she was once again arrested and remanded into custody.

Her friend and co-accused Neely Berry commented:

Sabine in custody



Sabine-weepy 2016-08-12


100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sabine McNeill in custody

    • Well, she was out dancing and drinking last night, so I’m thinking she’ll be just a bit hung over…but I have no doubt she’ll be there for her old friend. *cough cough*


  1. My God….. Neelu does write some complete and utter shite! Really she needs help; not fit to be walking the streets.

    The Police across the country really need to be rounding up others though. Quaintance needs sent back to the land of the bland, APD wants turning over to the Garda and the other nutters who have been issuing threats, directly or indirectly, all need spoken to. – All this ‘fannying about’ the authorities have been doing is protecting no-one!

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      • It is, but there’s no point in drawing this to their attention, I’ve found. The only way forward is to keep pushing for arrests. Fortunately for the sane people of the world, the deluded troofers are a tiny minority.


    • Hi Daniel Nelson, Sabine,Neelu,Angie etc are harassing innocent people who have done nothing, in fact those hags are the child abusers for putting the two kids pictures all over the internet, more and more people are seeing this and getting pretty pissed off, hopefully the lot of them will end up in jail where they belong asap.

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    • Daniel and others like him are stuck seeking external forces to blame for their own lack and disapointments with life.
      All these must learn to housekeep their own lives and arses first or they will get into deeper doggy do.
      The ones making up conspiracies complaining about conspiracies whilst disgraceful is classic comedy food.
      I agree it has taken time but clearly police want to get the ducks in a row this time around.Fingers crossed the authorities put a stop this wasteful idiocy.


  2. Pack your bags Neelu, you’re next. Also – you can ask for reading material in the cells, I suggest you ask for a dictionary so you can find out what genocide, kidnap and treason actually mean.

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  3. Off topic, but I’ve just seen this comment under one of 2222’s videos on YT which Abe left using his ‘Dicky Rearman’ profile. It was on the video “Hampstead Cover Up Lou Collins Bill Maloney Explain The Leon Brittain Tattoo”

    “There you go Dicky Rearman, You always said you’d be famous and hoped you’d be able to handle your desired fame when it finally arrived. Well…..?”

    More proof Abe and Ella’s hoax was concocted to ruin RD’s life.

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    • Thanks, JB. Hadn’t seen this, and frankly wasn’t aware of Jon Kelly at all until now. Trust the conspiraloons to think that because something is blocked for violating a country’s laws, it’s evidence of the ‘Satanic cover-up’, LOL!


    • I see alf webres all over that, he really is an evil old bastard responsible for annetts scam and a supporter of convicted child abuser abe Christie, how can he get away with saying stuff like that about people?


    • I’ve seen this ridiculous Jon Kelly before-his “voice analysis” consists of playing tapes backwards and thinking he hears people say something.

      Talk about wacky or what. He reckons he’s “analyzed” the astronauts interviews and claims they admit the Moon Land was faked. Remember the old Beatles records were played backwards and people swore they heard them say “Paul is dead” or”Ringo is really a watermelon” or other such rubbish.

      He also falsely claims he was a “feature producer for CBS Radio ” when he was a technician’s aid for about 6 months before being sacked. But he can’t top Alfred Webre with his phony initials after his name and his claim “the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) time traveled Alfred’s book, Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in […]”. Right up Sabine’s street.

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      • Yes, I took a look at his YT channel, he describes himself as a UFO photographer and it also says:
        “His is unique still photography demonstrates the visual signatures of mirror encryptions in Sanskrit mantras to offer rare public insight into advanced stages of classical yogic meditation practices.”
        There wasn’t too much there about the Hampstead Hoax.

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          • If you say this backwards very quickly :

            ““His is unique still photography demonstrates the visual signatures of mirror encryptions in Sanskrit mantras to offer rare public insight into advanced stages of classical yogic meditation practices.”

            …you can distinctly hear “I’m Jon Kelly and I’m barking mad”


  4. I think it’s actually an insult to people that are truly crippled to describe Sabine as crippled. Only a year ago she was able to flee to Germany, and she stands around in various weathers carrying out her ‘campaigns’. Sabine makes a conscious decision to breach the restraining order.

    It’s an old saying but if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

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    • I truly think that neither of them expected to actually face any consequences for their actions, Dave. Last month’s verdict gave them a free pass to do as they liked, and they’ve been in full-on campaign mode ever since.


    • The jails are full of men in their 70s, 80s and even 90s following the rash of ‘historic” abuse cases, so much so that over 30% of prison staff can be tied up in prison hospital wards or escorting prisoners to hospitals. Sabine is no special case because of her age. The law carries no distinction for age.

      As for claiming she’s the world’s leading campaigner against child abuse, not a single child has been saved in any way because of this fanatic, rather dozens of North London children may now have their lives blighted because of her and her co-conspirators like Power-Disney egging her on.

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  5. MKUltra666 delivers a short,salient piece on the callous nature of those who simply dont give a shit so long as it gains them attention and cash.

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    • This raises an interesting point: Belinda faithfully attended the trial of her ‘friends’ last month. Now, though, her McKenzie Friends blog is ‘down for repairs’, and she’s nowhere to be seen. I’d have expected to see her outside the police station demonstrating for Sabine’s freedom, or at very least issuing some sort of statement. Instead: silence.


    • I actually felt a twinge of pity for Sabine, watching that. I’d say that MKUltra666 possesses a skill for this which borders on…dangerous. Good thing they are on the side of reason & reality 🙂

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  6. So it’s 2-nil to Sabine and Neely has some catching up to do!

    Seriously, though – isn’t it weird that Sabine’s been nicked twice for RO breaches now but Neely, who appears to have been way more vocal, hasn’t? It’ll be interesting when we get more details on the charges against Sabine, if any are brought. She’s been up to more than we know, I think.

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    • Lol Scarlett O’Hara, she wishes.

      The woman is seriously deluded.

      Police probably got bad vibes from her…

      Well done Angela for letting Jake down,

      but hey good news, you got away with meeting your 2nd boyfriend’s parents.

      Somehow I don’t think they’d approve of you.

      And Jake wouldn’t like his nemesis Rupert in tow.

      You should have got your priorities right.

      Whoops I forgot, that’s you!

      Poor Jake, still he would have had the shock of his life at seeing you in the flesh.

      Now make sure you get there tomorrow, so he can come to his senses.

      Wear less slap, you’ll look better.

      Btw you may be on the banned list from visiting.

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      • I hope that if Jake’s parents have any sway, they can ensure that staff don’t allow Angela in to see their son. She’s a terrible influence on him, and I think has led him further into this mess than he would have got on his own. I feel very badly for his parents; it cannot be easy dealing with this.


        • I agree with all you’ve said EC.

          Angela should not be allowed anywhere near Jake.

          That would be several steps back in his recovery.

          If it wasn’t for Angela coercing Jake, he may not have got himself in this awful situation.

          Things won’t get any better for him if he continues to be influenced by her.

          No contact is the answer, no internet, no phone, no face to face contact, ZILCH.

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      • Angela can’t mean “Scarlett, as portrayed by elegant, talented dramatic actress, Vivien Leigh”, can she? Surely she must mean “Scarlett as portrayed by comedic great, Carol Burnett”. Photo enclosed, for comparison.

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    • Gives the game away there doesn’t she?

      “Great footage”. What a gift for her and her Yankee dickhead with his tripod.
      They see this is an ideal entree into the Truther Conspiracy market. It’s a crowded field though.
      Mind you she has the backing of the world shattering CNN “TV network” reaching billions of people worldwide. It may reach them but watching their bilge is something else just as every Youtuber reaches billions.

      They live in an alternative reality where failures are seen as victories. Power-Disney the sociopath has sat and watched others who she thinks “succeed” and has adopted their modus operandi which is a classic sociopath give-away : sociopaths are basically incapable of original thought but very good at imitating others who they think are successful.

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    • “got some great footage”…Oh right that will be a bunch of delusional,obsessional and odd nobodies wandering around pointlessly grunting meaningless platitudes and generally being obnoxious because they have bugger all better to do.
      I will be glued to Angelas clichés tomorrow to watch the latest installment of idiots without a cause.

      As for another “change of residence”, well she may as well get used to the idea given she is well on the way to getting some free accommodation at one of her relatives “pleasurable”gaffs.
      Stupid bint.

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  7. If Jake was part of my family I would be there to physically stop Angie getting anywhere near him. She does not have his best interests at heart. She just wants to go there and get the gossip, then plaster it all over facebook to ensure she gets as much attention as possible. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if she films him to get some more ‘great footage’. Absolute c**t of a woman!

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    • Oh without a doubt Dave, Angela would 100% film Jake in his stripey PJ’s.

      That’s one of the few reasons she would visit Jake.

      The second reason so she could pedal that car down the M1 to show off to her fancy man, Rupert.

      Roof down on the Convertible, hair flowing behind her, holding on to her hair piece, Rupert trying to keep his Jackie Charlton comb over down and Angela hoping there’s no another blow out/assassination on the horizon.

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      • LOL that’s quite the picture, FA! Too funny.
        I also think she’d really hate to lose her claw-like grip on Jake. That’s worth something to her…or at least to her ego.


  8. Meanwhile in a distant galaxy far far away on Planet Neelu Lord Ashtar has spoken:

    “23 Aug 2016: Message from Lord Ashtar that we will be having less frequent “lows” and higher “highs” on life’s roller-coaster – exactly when and how we want our life to be like – take charge – “Money” is coming flooding in once we break free to enter the transformation and transmutations of the 3D into the 5D, angelic form – energy – heart – connections, multi-dimensionality – Get in the driving seat of your life and throw the other “steering wheels” out of your life”

    A message of comfort to the peoples of Syria & the Italian village of Amatrice who no doubt will be thrilled that life’s “downs” are about to vanish and be replaced with “higher highs”.

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  9. That AshTar chap sounds right up Angies Alley as he is clearly a candidate for the lunatic asylum and has spare cash slopping about.Rupert may have to play second fiddle as it were 😉 bless.

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