The surprising Maggie Tuttle

We were browsing through Maggie Tuttle’s ‘Children Screaming to be Heard’ blog the other day, and mulling over whether that is, in fact, the very worst possible name for a ‘charity’, let alone a blog, when our eyes lit upon a post headed ‘Prisoners have all human rights, children have none‘.

But that’s not the song Maggie was singing back in 1973. Back then, she seemed much more interested in, ahem, prisoners’ rights.

In fact, Maggie was famous, not for being one of Sabine and Belinda’s henchwomen, but for being at the heart of a news story that made it into papers worldwide.

According to The New Scientist (12 July, 1973),

One of the nastier pieces of news in recent weeks (and the near past has had its fair share of nasty news) is the information that the Home Office has seen fit to reject the request of the wife of a long-term prisoner that it should be made possible for her to have a child by her incarcerated mate by the technique of artificial insemination. No reasons were given for officialdom’s surly refusal to comply with this sober and sensible request.

The wife, whose name is Margaret Tuttle, is aged 30. She is a former beauty queen of Islington, and is therefore, presumably, a woman of some physical virtue, as well as being, quite clearly, a person possessing much more than the ordinary amount of courage and imagination. So it might be thought that she is exactly the kind of mother the authorities would be proud to support as a progenitor of a badly needed generation of Britons of a kind and caste able to ensure our national survival and prosperity in an increasingly tough and competitive world.

Her husband, James Tuttle, is serving an 18-year sentence for armed robbery. Mrs Tuttle has said (according to the Times of Wednesday last week), “I will be 40 and too old to start a family again when Jimmy comes out of prison.”

Margaret Tuttle already has one boy, but has said “I want a baby to safeguard against anything happening to my son. I am starting a campaign to see if I can make the Home Office allow prisoners’ wives to have babies by artificial insemination.” Thus she not only displays the kind of responsible attitude toward parenthood and family planning which we are supposed to foster and applaud—she obviously also cares about the desires and the disabilities of her fellow citizens.

She is plainly a jewel—a good woman—and good women make good mothers and rear good children.

(Note to Abe: the above is intended as satire. Just to be clear.)

If you’re so inclined, you can read the article in its entirety, here. We have to admit that we found it pretty entertaining.

Well! That set us back on our heels, we can tell you!

We’ve known Maggie as a bosom buddy and staunch defender of convicted paedophile Brian Pead, who attempted to offer a 14-year-old girl he’d met and befriended online £300 to have sex with him. The ‘girl’ turned out to be a policewoman—whoopsies!—and Pead was duly charged and convicted. But never mind: Maggie stuck by him, and has written countless diatribes explaining that Pead was framed, I tell you, framed!

Oh, and of course Maggie is also at the helm of the charity ‘Children Screaming to be Heard’ (see previous note re. appalling choice of names), one of the ‘affiliate organisations’ of Belinda’s faux-charity, the Knight Foundation. As far as we can tell, the point of the charity is to provide ‘safe houses’ for children who abscond (or are absconded) from foster care.

Funnily enough, Maggie’s charity seems to to have been allowed to go to seed just a little:

Children Screaming-OverdueAccording to our in-house expert, ‘It is a criminal offence not to submit annual documents when required by the Commission. Charities who fail to file their documents for two or more years face a statutory inquiry by the Commission.’

Oddly, we note that Children Screaming etc. is now in the process of folding up its tent and leaving town:

Children Screaming-proposal to strike off…and yet, the ‘Donate’ button is still prominently displayed on the charity’s website:

Children Screaming-donate buttonTwo possibilities seem likely: either Maggie started the charity and has been pocketing the money, but failing to file accounts, knowing that the overworked Charities Commission would be unlikely to bother her for a couple of years before she packed it in; or Maggie is simply unable to file the accounts, and is actually too incompetent to run a charity.

Hard to say which is more likely, really.

In any case, we’re astonished at the depth and breadth of this woman’s life to date: from campaigner for armed robbers’ rights to procreate, to BFF of convicted paedophiles, to director of a dodgy charity…let’s hear it for Maggie!



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  1. This is too funny. I’ll do meself a damage.

    I googled and found the same story in ‘A Book about the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ – chapter entitled ‘Flagellant Monks and She’s a Witch’ which is more than a bit ironic now.

    Woo hoo! This is pythonesque!

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    • Pythonesque indeed! We do wonder whether Maggie ever managed to have that ‘spare’ kid…and if so, whether he or she was aware of his or her role as insurance.


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  3. Dear Mr El,

    Frances has noted another fascinating article about Miss Tuttle, which states she was a cabaret singer at the time of her dear husband’s incarceration. Such fun!

    Another point made in the article is that she was living in a ‘comfortable $50,000 North London home’. Frances would give up 5 of her 6 eye teeth for the chance to live in such an abode.

    Also of note is that she went straight to the top, to Dear Queen Elizabeth’s physician, asking him to take up her cause.

    Article here:,2098778&hl=en

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  4. wasn’t there a video of Maggie wandering through a park in all those black clothes and talking to the camera about ‘stolen children’?. I thought at the time it looked quite Gothic. Or was it graveyard?

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  5. Lol this is going to be several hours of fun reading for me later.

    I must say having seen Maggie a couple of times i thought she looked quite good for her age.

    Beauty Queen, eh?

    A woman of many talents…

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  6. RE : The edition of New Scientist referenced above, (12 July 1973)
    Did you notice that the article preceding ‘Babies from Jail’ is about that noted bane of 70’s spoons, notorious woo-merchant Uri Geller, oddly synchronicitous, considering her later associations.

    Also, the above quoted article would seem to be implying that what Britain needs (or needed in the 70’s) was the progeny of Beauty queens and convicted armed robbers ?
    May I humbly suggest that if someone insists on choosing an armed robber as the ‘ideal progenitor to ensure Britain’s future’ that they at least select an armed robber who is smart enough to not get caught ?

    I think we may have just found out exactly what went wrong with this country..

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    • Uri Geller–now there’s a blast from the past!

      And I think you’ve put your finger on the source of this country’s problems. We should notify the media.


  7. To be fair Maggie Tuttle is the ‘contact’ for this charity and the responsibility for filing accounts lies with the trustees. I had a look at them and there are two names that don’t yield any info when you google. The others though are Roger Crawford, who is probably that guy in Father’s 4 Justice who wears a jester’s hat. (Hilarious that. :l ) and Frank Bradfield. Is this the same Frank Bradfield who is a Conservative councillor and the Mayor of Llandudno? He has some association with Grandparents Apart.

    When you look at the company formed for Screaming to be Heard you’ve also got Baroness Agnes Von Mehren as one of the early directors although she bowed out fairly early.

    So let me get this straight. Maggie’s charity was formed with the help of an aristocrat and a member of the Conservative party? That should go down well in the ‘troof movement’. Just sayin’.

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    • Interesting bedfellows indeed. And our apologies for assuming that Maggie ought to be responsible for filing the accounts. Thanks for the correction.


      • Well she might not be legally, but it was her ‘baby so to speak. She does hold some responsibility even if it’s not legal. I can’t find any explanation anywhere from her about why this charity went bust. I would have thought it could have done well with a bit of work. IMO it’s a bit naughty to still be collecting donations (on the Screaming to be Heard site) when your charity’s in the bin isn’t it.

        Or maybe I’m just to picky.

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        • Especially considering that the charity is due to be struck off in the next month or so, it does seem a bit dodgy to continue collecting donations, or even attempting to do so.


          • It’s the company being struck off, not the charity. I daresay the charity’s days are numbered though as they haven’t filed accounts etc. So, assuming that they’ll have had some donations during the past two years, are they going make their accounts public? It’s the right thing to do.

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  8. I heard that Maggie’s daughter in law, wouldn’t let her see the grandkids and this is why she is involved in this area. Though seems she is a jack of all trades and master of known. Also she lost a house in some dodgy deal.

    Btw you actually have a convicted ex-armed robber on your Hoaxtead fruit cakes gallery.

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  9. You want to get Tom Cahill on the case for non submitting accounts.

    He outed Michael Doherty plus Bill and Maria Maloney of PIE N Mash “fame”.

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