Zealots disrupt Child Protection Conference

On Friday, 3rd June, The Transparency Project sponsored the 2016 Child Protection Conference—a followup to last year’s multi-discliplinary event “which discussed the different views and perspectives from experts, lawyers, social workers, parents and care leavers in an attempt to re-position the current unhealthily polarised debate around the child protection system”.

Does Belinda have a drinking problem?

Yesterday we discussed a post Belinda had published on her Knight Foundation blog. We were looking at it in terms of ‘dog-whistle’ terms (words and phrases that have one meaning for the general public, but elicit very specific reactions from the troofer audience), but we also noted that the post trailed off into strange gibberish.

Maggie Tuttle’s weekend event falls flat

According to attendees who contacted us following Margaret Tuttle’s ‘Children Screaming to Be Heard’ conference this past Saturday, the event was definitely underwhelming. Lower than expected attendance, combined with dull speakers spouting the usual drivel about ‘social workers selling babies’ and ‘Satanic ritual abuse yadda yadda yadda’, left audience members wondering why they’d wasted a…