Belinda & Sabine’s new colleague

A couple of days ago we talked about Belinda and Sabine’s new business venture, McKNews, and how it represents a shift in focus, as they attempt to break into the mainstream media.

We wrote:

  • Belinda seems to have found a new sidekick, one David Machin, whom she describes as ‘an accredited National Union of Journalists reporter and producer’. He appears to be a professor of semiotics in the journalism department at Cardiff University, so it’s possible he does have some actual reporting/producing skills.

  • More alarmingly, it seems Mr Machin will be in charge of Belinda’s ‘new North London recording/broadcast studio’, as well as their ‘documentary programming projects’.

  • Belinda is offering Mr Machin’s services to produce ‘public interest documentar(ies)’.

It seems we were in error about Mr Machin and his academic credentials and associations, and we would like to offer our wholehearted apology to him for associating him in any way with Belinda and Sabine.

Further research has revealed that the David Machin who has lent his name to McKNews is an entirely different person.

Here’s how he appears on the McKNews site:

David Machin-McKNews 2016-05-11

Note that his email address is given as ‘davidmachin999’. On Twitter, we found this person:

David Machin Twitter

The same gentleman’s profile appears on Facebook:

David Machin + 2 kids-FB

On his Twitter page, which is almost completely unused, Mr Machin has nevertheless followed a few people, including Sonia Poulton. Oddly, we ran across a reference to Sonia just the other day, on Maggie Tuttle’s ‘Children Screaming to Be Heard’ website:

Sonia Poulton via Maggie Tuttle 2016-05-09

Funny old world, isn’t it?

Sonia even shows up on Mr Machin’s YouTube channel, along with the Corbett Report:

Dave Machin-YouTube 2016-05-11

Of course it’s entirely possible that Mr Machin simply admires Sonia’s take on the world, and has never met her, let alone Maggie Tuttle, at all.

We were interested to see Mr Machin’s video, titled ‘EOS Biodome Project 2014 Documentary Promo’, to get a taste of what he might be able to achieve for Belinda and Sabine:

According to the blurb beneath this video, it was made for an organisation called the ‘Community Press Group’, formerly found at, but now nowhere to be seen. However, its inception was noted on Before It’s News, and one of its leaders, Neil Foster, appears to have also founded the conspiranoid site, Sovereign Independent UK.

All in all, then, it looks as though David Machin will be an excellent fit with Belinda and Sabine’s new operation. We just hope he knows what he’s getting into.


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  1. So my apologies to the David Machin of Cardiff Uni & elsewhere to have inferred he was part of the Loony Brigade.

    Two things here: anyone can join the journalist’s union. In fact they actively seek membership because that membership is plunging rapidly with the change in how media is evolving. I was a member for many years but as an fervent union supporter they were the one union they never did much at all except take fees, not that I ever needed them.
    And as someone responsible for numerous tabloid stories appearing I could also claim to be a ‘journalist’ but I’m not. Rather I’m like 100s of others who took advantage of a once cashed up Fleet Street that flung money about like it was going out of style. Oh for the good old days.

    I probably should feel sorry for these folk like Poulton, Machin etc who have had the tiniest success and have parlayed that into something it’s not but I really can’t stand the egos of these people. The internet has allowed them to craft a false persona and CV but they seem to forget the very thing they use- the net- can also expose them for the hopeless amateurs they are.

    As for needing this goose’s “North London recording / broadcast studio”- they really are living in a Dreamland aren’t they? The advent of smart phones & cheap video cameras along with online editing facilities now allows anyone & everyone to become a “producer”.

    The Fiji coup in 2000 was one of the first examples of an enterprising real journalist using the internet, a computer and small camera to inform the world of events. He was on holiday when it occurred and quickly realized he was in a unique position. Times have changed rapidly now. The union that once protected jobs whereby no journalist could take a photo is powerless as photographers were the first to be laid off with reporters now told to tale their own photos on a smart phone.

    As always the Devil is the Detail with McKenzie’s Devils. Another fantasy busted.

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  2. ‘The advent of smart phones & cheap video cameras along with online editing facilities now allows anyone & everyone to become a “producer”.’ – A producer of amateurish rubbish (which is exactly what Machin’s piece is) yes.

    There is a very good reason why prices for a half-decent cameraman with a half-decent camera, the appropriate support equipment and the skills to use it START at somewhere around £750/day during normal working hours! – twice that figure isn’t remotely unusual. And why small, reasonably-equipped ‘back room’ studios with tech staff will barely come on the horizon at circa £3k/day. There are many MANY pretenders to this market!

    From the blurb beneath that video;

    “The core team consists of 5 staff, all of which are accredited broadcasters and certified bona fide members of the National Union of Journalists in the UK.

    Our executive producer Mr Robert Walters, an award winning documentary maker and ex-BBC staff member with more than 30 years experience, is project manager for this documentary.”

    “We have currently invested in excess of £100,000 in camera and technical equipment, which is sufficient for all production needs”

    Which follows and rather contradicts;

    “We are seeking funding to the sum of £50,000, which is sufficient to cover the entire production costs, inclusive of post-production, editing, licensing and certification to European Broadcast Standards, thus enabling the documentary to be screened by mainstream broadcasters.”

    As you say – the NUJ are getting desperate and, at the end of the day, is just a trade union. I think they run/endorse some short courses – but these are hardly the same thing as spending two years full-time at college gaining an HND which might JUST qualify you well enough to secure a trainee’s job these days with a small local production company… So that doesn’t hold water.

    £100K of kit and an ex-BBC man at the helm? I’m yet to get in touch with a man I know who could chase this claim up; but quite frankly the lighting in that trailer is the work of someone who really hasn’t understood the basics of film lighting and seems to be rather short of the necessary equipment to produce a reasonable result. Likewise the picture quality is nothing special…

    Yes, you can produce rubbish like this with mobile phones and toy editing equipment, but then this isn’t a professional result – which is what people WILL pay the money for.

    IF you know what you’re doing, meeting EBU tech standards is, or should be, a ‘given’ result of doing the day-to-day job properly. Final conformation and checking for broadcast delivery is something you might be well-advised to ‘farm out’ – but it’s no great mystery. Likewise “licensing”? Unless you’re going to do an Everard and cobble-together an entire four-hour movie from other-people’s footage (not, I suspect, that he bothers with licensing) – Or you’re using something very unusual; licensing won’t be a horrendouns expense.

    In short… It’s all bollocks. – It may sound quite plausible to the layperson but basically, it’s just bollocks. The usual dippy hippy conspiritard rubbish.

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    • “all of which are accredited broadcasters “. What’s an “accredited broadcaster”?.

      Note that Alpaca Digital Media Productions has now merged with Two Mile Post and is HQed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
      Sounds like a collective who sought funding for perhaps a reasonable cause but not much happened.

      Nothing is ever how it’s presented when the charity scammer Belinda McKenzie is involved. She & her crew remind me of real grifters I have met over the decades. Always an element of truth in their new tale but upon digging deeper nothing of substance is revealed.

      This becomes a habit with these con-merchants & often they don’t realize themselves they are are doing it. The difference is today they can be easily tracked ( internet) and their past is revealed. When all else fails there is a good fallback – they are an ex MI5 agent whistleblower being hounded by the security services

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  3. Off the top of my head there is no credible attempt made to establish a proper key and fill light balance – witness; the bloody awful shadows being thrown on the background, terrible ‘nose shadows’ on faces etc. No credible attempt to establish either direct backlighting or otherwise lift the subject from the background. – Expecting there to be any ‘eyelighting or other attempt to establish highlights would be too much. The overall exposure is consistently incorrect (full auto!). The static shot of the fish tank arrangement is all over the place exposure wise, tripod not levelled etc. CT/Colour balance isn’t consistent or ‘right’ (as you say FS). The head shots aren’t well framed, exteriors are wobbly etc. etc etc. There is no real pace to it.

    – And No, I’m not a cameraman… I just work in an Ad Agency – But we wouldn’t accept work of this crappy standard for a YouTube video let alone anything we hoped would be broadcast. – This is ‘wedding videographer’ stuff.

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    • Thanks, Joe–I was hoping you’d venture an opinion on this. My expertise doesn’t extend to video production, and it’s great to have a more in-depth look at Machin’s work.


      • It’s not particularly my area of expertise either, but when you’re buying in this type of service for clients you do learn to sort the wheat from the chaff. The point about the font is a good one too – the whole thing screams ‘home movie’.

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  4. At the risk of being controversial I hope you guys never turn on me.

    We don’t even really know who this man is yet or what his motivations are. Might be a perfectly nice person you know…..there are some….

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    • Yes, of course, I don’t want anything to imply that he’s not a fine person. However, I do think he should be very careful about who he chooses to work for, as it will have an impact on his career. People are becoming more and more aware that Belinda and Sabine are poison–and those who associate with them can wind up being tarred with the same brush, whether fairly or otherwise.

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      • Of course he may be another linked to this motley crew without realizing. But if he did his research about them – a requisite in this day & age – you would cross the road to avoid them . They are dangerous, they are mad and they are bad.

        And yet another example of how the police seem bizarrely detached from crimes being committed in the Hampstead case. I just don’t understand how- if the residents did meet with the police- why plod hasn’t made a few more arrests.

        Daily Mail publisher fined £40k and convicted of publishing information which could have identified VIP sex abuse complainant

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        • In this case extracting damages isn’t the issue, getting the perpetrators to take down all their libellous blogs, videos and tweets is. Surely if you can prohibit someone from driving a car you can prohibit them from running a web page?

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          • Yes, you would think so. However, it’s a great deal more complicated to prove that someone is running a web page: this is why computers are seized when people are arrested for online harassment. The fact that something appears under a person’s name online is not conclusive evidence that they actually typed those words themselves.


    • Yes, this would be helpful. However, I wonder whether the same people who ignore court orders and bail conditions would simply decide that the ASBO didn’t apply to them?


      • The advantage of an ASBO rather than an Injunction is that the ASBO is like a breach of bail conditions – the police can arrest immediately as the breach of an ASBO is a criminal rather than a civil offence. The police have on record all ASBO’s, but not injunctions.

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      • ASBOs are the way to go. And it’s not difficult to prove a whole host of people have breached High Court orders & an injunction on a regular basis by revealing the identities of child abuse victims.

        Jake, Angela Power-Disney, a couple currently on charges have repeatedly committed this offense. Even just linking to a site where those identities and images are hosted is a breach and an ASBO could solve this. And if they breach an ASBO they get arrested.

        But unless someone affected- even the father- complains to the police , this will continue.

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