Gotcha, ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’!

Many thanks to the sharp-eyed contributor who sent us a small bit of evidence we’d been wondering about: who put up that ridiculous ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’ blog?

You know, the one that ‘proves’, through labyrinthine and often hilarious leaps of ‘logic’ and dot-joining, that essentially (prepare yourself) everyone on earth is Ricky Dearman.

You, me, your elderly great-auntie, your neighbour’s dog: we’re all Dearman. Sorry if you thought otherwise, but DDH has the goods. You might as well give in now.

In any case…the other day, this greeting appeared on Abe’s blog:

Charlotte commentsTranslation:

  • HR = Hampstead Research
  • DDH = Dearman Does Hampstead
  • JF = none other than the unlovely ‘Jacqui Farmer’, aka Charlotte Ward Alton, who appears to be ‘outing’ herself as the author of both blogs.

Thanks for the tip, Charlotte. We had our suspicions, but good to have them confirmed.

p.s. Does anyone else find Ella’s little  )+(  glyph just a little…peculiar? No? Just us? Okay, never mind.



11 thoughts on “Gotcha, ‘Dearman Does Hampstead’!

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  2. Unfortunately minions (and I know who you all are); that blog is not ‘Jacqui Farmer’, aka Charlotte Ward Alton. You might find, that in fact, that blog was from someone in the security services, or should I say, was!

    [This comment continues in a similar vein, claiming all sorts of daffy notions. Not really of interest, except in that we’ve apparently hit a nerve…with someone.]


  3. Project UNcover: With person pictures, personal data, real IP address (not VPN address), covert footage, covert microphone / webcam recordings along with a list of breaches in UK and International law, we are almost set to expose. You are not above the law, you are not above the people. The people are the law, a lesson you will soon learn!

    We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!



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