Another lying, bail-breaching blog from Sabine

Yes, she’s done it again: Sabine McNeill has created yet another blog, this one titled ‘McKenzie Angels: Public Protection Advocacy“. Oh bliss, oh joy.

This one seems to focus (so far) on people McNeill terms ‘whistleblowers’, but her definition of this term might not mesh with everyone else’s. On her list, she includes such luminaries as:

  • Neelu Berry, who “lost her niece to Satanic Ritual Abuse, harassed by Police in the wake of Whistleblower Kids / Hampstead Scandal, struck off her professional register of pharmacists”;
  • Kellie Cottam, “child abuse survivor, medical victim, lost her two children after they were removed and was gagged”;
  • Robert Green, “whistleblower of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Hollie Greig case“;
  • Vicky Haigh, ” the first mother named in Parliament whose council had taken her daughter and who was imprisoned, after her daughter was given to her abusive father – a pattern observed over and over again”;
  • Brian Pead, “currently in prison – abuse survivor, whistleblower of Child Sexual Abuse in Lambeth Council and victim of three Police forces”;
  • Chris Spivey, “Cover-Ups, The New World Order, The Truth about the EU”;
  • Maggie Tuttle, “Founder of Children Screaming to be Heard“.

Grinding your teeth yet?

Let’s just say that we view that lot a little differently:

As for Sabine’s new page, we also note that she’s linked back to her various ‘Whistleblower Kids’ sites…all of which continue to contain discussions of the current case against her (i.e. Hoaxtead), meaning that yet again, Leaky Sabine has violated her bail conditions.

We just know that the CPS will be thrilled to hear it. And hear it they will.

"Did I really say that?!"

“Did I really say that?!”

20 thoughts on “Another lying, bail-breaching blog from Sabine

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  3. If the crystal team are reading this they need to know we’ve been digging the crystals up and selling them on ebay. Thank you for the locations. It’s not our fault. Lord Ashtray told us to do it. 🙂

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  4. The way they used Neelu, these children and Hollie Greig is disgusting. Even though Robert Green plead guilty they claim he was innocent. Their support of Brian Pead is just as disgusting. A man that openly admits he sent messages to an under age girl offering cash for sex. Thankfully he is in jail.

    They have no legal qualifications and don’t seem to realise just how little McKenzie Friends are allowed to do within the guidelines. I am glad people like Kellie are beginning to see through them.

    If they want to campaign on behalf of children they should start with trying to change the law so that people like Abraham, who abuse British citizens abroad, can be accountable for their crimes back in the UK.

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  6. Some discussion from various psyops or not a psyops question re the Hampstead Case going on Abe’s blog. I say Abe’s blog because he controls it, blatently. Araya Soma did say that he would not let Ella speak to her at one point, and that he was very controlling, so why would he let Ella comment on the blog?

    Anyway, I digress. Re the possible psyop angle: Is it not strange that of all people on twitter, Dri floud is conversing with Belinda’s old mate David Shayler? He and Abe were in the same prison at the same time.

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