Abe learns a new word!

It’s just so gosh-darn easy to wind Abe up, isn’t it?

Really, all one has to do is say something like “that lad should have paid more attention at his reformatory school…betcha he doesn’t know what ‘satire’ is!” And next thing you know, there he is, energetically working away to prove that he DOES TOO know what ‘satire’ is. Look! He can even use it in a sentence!

Abe can use a dictionaryThis was almost as much fun as the ‘lubricious’ episode.

But what was yesterday’s sputtered outpouring of attempted erudition in aid of?

Well, we gave Drifloud/Abe a wee poke in the ribs yesterday (below the photo):

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 8.15.27 PM…and he went on a ‘satire’ spree, sprinkling the word through his writing like the bleedin’ Satire Fairy.

ANYhoo….thanks for confirming that you’re Drippy, Abe…because you do remember that the question was addressed to him, right? Think hard. We’re sure you’ll remember.

On a related note, you mention that Drifloud’s posts are intended to be ‘satirical’ (that word again!) offerings, ‘meant to inject farcical ironic humour’. Izzat so? We wonder how you would know such a thing, as you claim not to be Drifloud…oh, but wait, you just admitted you were one and the same.

Sorry, we withdraw the question.

Moving on, we’re fairly sure your dear buddy Bronny will be less than delighted to discover that you think she’s us. Really, is that any way to treat someone who’s been planning tea parties on your behalf and trying to help you whip your dog’s breakfast of a blog into shape?

Really, you should be more careful about pissing off your friends. Soon you won’t have any left….oh, whoops, too late!

p.s. You’re still a dunce. Just don’t hit Ella because we said so. It’s hardly her fault.


31 thoughts on “Abe learns a new word!

  1. I was just called ‘Odd’ by Bronwyn…. well i am. but she was answering me about this case, so i get the silence makes abuse possible to continue……… to me ? i put the convo on my fb wall. it’s mostly me, to show my friends an example of what Angie didn’t like about me, mis describing me as venting rage and agression, etc. If only they were really in this for the right reasons. eh ? i tweeted my blog to drifloud, i think, just cos i’m a she devil . As it goes i’m happy to destroy the lies and murky crap. I have fully embraced the destroyer in me 🙂

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      • Well a few more turned up, and i might share it all, it was kinda funny, nothing new, it’s just when they doing it to me, as as they were determinedly trying to ignore me, which was fine with me, too. So i keep hunting them down 🙂 so jo jo stubbs andy levine, and another, tho he said he got where i was coming from….. bronny removed half the convo, no idea, if it’s still there.

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  2. How do I contact the blog?

    Anyway here is something I stumbled across elsewhere re: Dr Hodes…


    “Dear Suess, I can assure you there is another case that had Dr Hodes involved, and the scenario is – as said – in some details similar. The Judge in that case was also highly critical of Dr Hodes’ conduct (repeated examinations aso). I can not share the case reference number in public, as the mother is absolutely determined to protect the privacy of her child. You would have to please communicate with me in private (I believe you can see my email address?) for me to share the case number with you, after obtaining permission from the mother. I have also heard from other women who encountered Dr Hodes and had her involved in their cases, much to their and their children’s deprament and I can contact these people and perhaps provide a case list in private, after clarification who could be interested in looking at this.”

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  3. Poor old Bronny! I think she really believes she is doing the right thing. Now she has discovered that she has been supporting a man who is truly wicked and paranoid to the point of completely isolating himself.

    Ella, get right away from him for your own safety.

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    • Bronny, like many of the hoax promoters, is convinced she’s doing the right thing. That’s what makes it so hard to persuade them that they’ve been terribly misled by a psychopath with a long history of abusing people’s trust.

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  4. ‘Ella & Abraham’, hearts, kisses…are we to believe that Ella is typing the comments? I’m actually concerned for her safety…if AC is indeed the person who hurt her children, he must have a very strong hold over her.

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      • I found myself there, to my horror. 1994. I was then also treated with alot of contempt etc…. i did tho, ask my ex to have my sons, Got them away. was meant to be for 6 months, and i was by then strong enough, he actually told me he wanted the money had turned so bitter, and we argued, he leapt at me, tried to stab my face, twisted my spine, and told my sons i had abandoned them for the man, although i lived alone that 5 months and focused on healing, dancing, writing, i have then found myself condemned, because of that, oh and bankruptcy, and so on, Luckily i could care less and will be writing more soon, as my job. i can only work from home, so i might as well. So i’ll dish the dirt on myself, thankyou 🙂 In fact the guy demolished me went to spain, with a woman who told everyone that i was making it up, and my ex husband hadn’t touched me. It dawned on me only recently how some of the players, may be from my past too. Who know so much about me, because i had a complete melt down, well i’ve had lots….. i had to change password and can’t at the mo get into my blog…. it’s ok, but not sure if i should be concerned,

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  5. I see he is on about the TATOOS again.

    I’ve commented on his blog, it will be deleted, oh well.

    But I wonder why that particular detail was put in, a bit of a gamble on their part.

    What if the police had decided there was enough evidence to arrest and had performed a search?

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    • They only started yammering on about TATTOOS after the police had investigated, so I imagine they expected nothing would be done and they were safe. Besides, if the police had reported finding no tattoos, they’d have either howled that the fix was in, or that the alleged cult members had had a bulk discount at a tattoo removalist. It’s always a no-win with conspiranoids.

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  6. I believe Abraham Cristie is a very dangerous psychopath and his website is evidence of it. I hope Hoaxted is keeping screenshots of all his postings.

    5 years ago I became entangled with a similar person when I decided to defend a lady he was accusing of theft. Eventually a small 100 year old association she was a member of collapsed under legal fees due to the battle. But there are many parallels in the behaviour of the main perpetuater & the way they operated.

    Once there was no longer an association to fight over (this was the prize just as the children are to Abe Cristie & Ella) the person turned their attention on others. Supporters of the psychopath become a target when they begin to wary of the man. Eventually it became the lady’s own lawyers who successfully saved her reputation. She died in the meantime so a psychopath will shift blame to the next in line.

    All my warnings to others were basically ignored : this is quite normal as few people grasp that a genuine psychopath never stops. Finally the lawyers are applying for restraining orders against this man and one is genuinely frightened as he spotted him outside his home staring at it. (he has small children)

    I hope the Hampstead residents are considering every legal move possible to get Cristie into court for his crimes. I can understand if they are just hoping it will all go away but I do not think it will and he will attempt to inflict more grief on innocent people.

    I believe his website is an example of how dangerous Abraham Cristie is. Given that just a website with him aggressively posting will inevitably fizzle out due to most conspiracy nuts needing new material, the readers move on and this simply makes the psychopath very frustrated and he seeks further ways to attack. They can never be trusted : they may be violent, they may not be but every legal step should be taken asap to muzzle and contain them. Waiting simply gives them oxygen to fight and attack.(I also believe Belinda McKenzie to be a milder psychopath while all the other hoaxers just suffer from various mental & emotional maladies)

    The problem in society is that most people associate psychopaths with mass or serial murderers but there are 1000s out there doing ordinary jobs & creating havoc.

    Cristie’s hold over Ella is yet another example of his & a psychopath’s ability to charm. She will inevitably become one of his victims (and already is) and one day will be perplexed as the relationship sours. She will sit & wonder why her life is in ruins. Cristie will have moved on. If he ever contemplates returning to the UK his victims (Hampsteaders) must ensure he pays legally for what he has done.

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    • I agree with you, Sam. Psychopaths for the most part are rather boring little people, not usually the fascinating characters we see on the screen. They are, however, dangerous in the sense that they’re completely self-obsessed, and lack the ability to empathise with others. Plus, they usually get off on exerting power and control.

      Your experience sounds fascinating, if frustrating; you should write a book! 🙂

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