Kellie Cottam steals Sabine & Belinda’s show

Well, today’s the big day: Sabine and Belinda are due in court, where they’ll face a stiff fine for excessive legal costs related to their bungling of the Melissa Laird case. And if Belinda’s not talking through her hat, it’s possible that the courts will ‘disenfranchise’ her ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’. Fingers crossed!

We’ll be watching in some anticipation, but meanwhile, we thought we’d treat you to Belinda’s latest ‘Knight Vision’ production, the final episode of the ‘Forced Adoption and CSA’ event that she and Sabine held at the Theatro Technis in early November.

Believe it or not, this one really is worth watching, for a few reasons:

Rumpelstiltskin reveals his true name!

You’ve seen him sitting all sad and lonely outside Christ Church every Sunday, rain or shine…you’ve watched him tagging along behind Belinda, waiting for her to buy him his McDonald’s burger for being a good boy and attending her events…and now, finally, we can reveal his name (or at least, Belinda and Sabine can do it for us):

Paul Barbara-Rumpelstiltskin

Deborah Mahmoudieh explains how she’s not anti-Semitic!

According to Deborah, there’s “no such thing as normal sexual abuse—it’s all Satanic, really”. She goes on, “It’s infecting every nation. Look at the support of Israel and what Israel’s doing….I’ve got nothing against Jewish people, but….”

Pardon? How did she get from satanic sexual abuse to trying to convince us (unsuccessfully, we might add) that she’s not a flaming anti-Semite?

Kellie Cottam gives Sabine, Belinda, and Maggie a piece of her mind!

In the first video in this series, we noted that Kellie Cottam, a former follower of the Belinda Method for Losing Your Children to Social Services, had laid into the unholy trinity (Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, and Maggie Tuttle), telling them to learn the damn law before they started advising others.

This time, she takes it several steps further:

She describes being a mother of two who was in danger of losing her children to social services.

“I was in a situation where I didn’t know what to do”, she said, noting that while she’s “sympathetic with the cause of satanic abuse and all that, as  a mother, it puts you a state of fear, and it’s fear-mongering”.

Kellie emphasised that she “would not have lost my children if I hadn’t got caught up in much of the stuff going on….I got disengaged from the services, and the moment I did that, it was game over….If I’d put more effort into learning the law…I would have saved my children.”

Now, she says, she tries to help parents who are in the situation she was in. As a first step, she says, she removes them from the fear-mongering paedophile networks.

“I do believe that there are people sabotaging this, I do believe that there are people fear-mongering this, and I do believe that there are people out there offering help to people, who basically are fear-mongerning us and not helping us. They have us chasing our tails all day, while the adoption is processing on”.

Kellie said she “met the likes of Belinda, Maggie Tuttle, and Sabine. I held on out of desperation to these people, that they would open a door to mothers like us, and all it has done is lost me my children“.

As for the question of family courts ‘operating in secrecy’—a favourite bugaboo of Belinda and Sabine—Kellie noted, “We don’t want open courts. It’s a time for private life—putting things out there and fear-mongering the public is not the answer”.

While she agrees that the current system is flawed, she said the best thing a parent can do is work with social services; “they are there to protect children”.

Kellie seems to have come a long way since last summer, when she was filmed outside the Royal Courts of Justice ranting about ‘satanic abuse’ and slagging the families, teachers, and clergy of Hampstead. We cannot even begin to imagine the chagrin felt by Belinda, Sabine, and Maggie as Kellie advised their followers to ignore almost everything they stand for.

Kellie, take a bow. You completely stole the show.





51 thoughts on “Kellie Cottam steals Sabine & Belinda’s show

  1. Good for Kellie Cottam on educating herself and of course, we live in nations built on the rule of law and to try to work outside the law is a fruitless task.

    This ‘secret courts’ claim is annoying as they are no such thing. Everyone is entitled to a lawyer in any court. Perhaps the government should consider a type of special Ombudsman for family courts who could examine these endless claims that parent’s rights are not defended.

    # the endless ‘secret courts’ claim promoted by the ignorant ended with several family court judges in the 70s being murdered in Australia. Now family courts there have armed police standing in.

    As for Theatre Technis, I see it’s hiring prices are quite reasonable but it’s technical facilities for this day & age are pretty woeful. Do you get the feeling Belinda becomes a tad impatient with other speakers when they have the microphone ?. She reminds me of that AbFab show where Edina goes to a retreat and wants to buy her own ‘talking stick’ as everyone keeps hogging it.

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  2. Deborah Mahmoudieh is blatantly anti-Semitic. Check out some of the videos on her “liked” list and some of the posts she’s written/shared on her Facebook page, going back months. She’s a liar and a disgrace and blatantly anti-Jewish.

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  3. There is more sense from Kelly in those few minutes than has ever been uttered by Sabine/Belinda & Co.

    She refers to a Terence a few times does anyone know who that was?

    It would be concerning if it was ‘Star McKenzie Terence’

    Any way found the court judgement it appears today’s hearing is about

    Click to access 14-04-08-order.pdf

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  4. Deborah is friends with Patrick Cullinane on Facebook. That says it all for me. Patrick is out and proud about his anti-semitism.

    I’m pretty sure that the Meirion Bowen who was at the above event is an ex BNP councillor. That tells me a lot too.

    Good for Kellie.

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  5. In recent months I have become more and more aware of the deceptive practices Social Services engage in, in the family court system. What is more, after having trawled through hundreds of pages of reports, whilst helping a friend through her case, I have evidence. I can understand the sense of loss and despair which people feel, when they lose their children and why they would follow anything or anyone (good or bad) in order to get their children back. Even though it is wrong to do so.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right; – it is wrong to engineer, fabricate and falsify evidence, it is wrong to lie in court and make out someone has a mental health illness when they have not, it is wrong to take another person’s character and malign it, without any medical evidence to support your claims. Yet I have seen this done in the family court. Indeed in one instance a local authority tried to deny incident which happened in the public area of the court, an incident which I was witness to myself, along with others, who fortunately were there to support the person concerned.

    However that said it is equally wrong to make false allegations against other professionals, because you want to draw attention to your case. Kelly Cottam’s is a very sad, case. I feel sorry for the lady. She has been extremely badly hurt, not once but now twice and I have no doubt that professionals take glee in that? – For her part Kelly was misled, frightened, vulnerable and no doubt felt dreadfully abused by the system, whereby she would turn to anyone who she thought could help. This is the story of mothers and indeed fathers right across this country. Where is their help, who do they turn to for support? There are no support services out there. Do professionals not realise that to lose a child is equivalent to a death? Obviously not, neither do professionals care about those who they have torn apart. In fact, I doubt it even matters if a young mother commits suicide, or if a mother is in extreme distress, or in tears month in month out. All professionals will do, in such case, is point their finger and say mental health disorder. Yet it is they who have inflicted this in the first place. ANY parent will be distressed after having their child/children removed it is a natural feeling of grief? – From my viewpoint, professionals in their quest of power have become the most inhuman people I have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

    For my part, I have had no hearing in any family court, my experience has come out of knowing people who have and I can safely say, that experience has been absolutely dreadful. There are no words I can use to describe the abuse. If I ever get the opportunity without threat of contempt of court, I will prove every statement I made above. I have no reason to lie, nor any axe to grind, but what I have seen in the behaviour of so called professionals has been worse than appalling.


  6. I know who Terence is, he is a reasonably honest character who has been caught up in yet another family court fracas. I met him whilst helping a lady out who had difficulty in writing her letters, because she was Brazilian. Eventually I managed to get the Brazilian Consulate involved. – He came to the public area of the court where we were in last year. – I am not sure of all the problems associated with his case, but I believe there to be some considerable indescrepancies?


  7. They are secret courts very and I have encountered them on many’s an occasion. Much to my dislike I might add. In one of these occasions, a sister of a friend of mine had been simply “kidnapped” by social services and moved from a hospital to a care home, the family were not even informed. When they went to visit, their relative had literally disappeared from the hospital. The lady concerned had learning difficulties, diabetis and was in hospital for treatment for an abscess on the foot.

    Her mother had died on the Easter Sunday and within thre days Social Services simply removed the woman from the hospital, half dressed put her in a care home and then took out a “secret court” hearing against the family. (Court of protection). This hearing was, well, secret. So please, enough of the waffle.

    Fortunately this time the judge demonstrated common sense and returned the lady concerned to the family who had been looking after her for the last 39 years. Needless to say another waste of taxpayers money.


  8. I don’t think she was talking about Terence Ewing, though he’s one of Belinda’s chums. I’m not sure who Kellie was referring to.


  9. I think it’s important to differentiate between ‘secret’ courts and ‘private’ courts. In a ‘secret’ court, the person would have no legal representation; there would be no witnesses or assistance to the accused; the outcome would be a foregone conclusion, usually to the extreme detriment of the accused; and the conclusion would be kept secret not only from the media but from anyone else, ever. In fact, no one would know that the case had occurred.

    In a private court, the person has legal representation, witnesses are called, the outcome is intended to help the people involved, and the outcome is made known to those with a stake in the case, such as other family members.

    I’m sure I’m missing some details here, which our other commenters with more legal experience might care to fill in!


  10. First I have to apologise for bringing James to your site.

    Second, James may be interested to learn that there is going to be a pilot scheme starting soon re the Court of Protection to allow both the public and press to attend.

    I get the impression that Sir James Munby is very keen to try this in the family courts but the Association of Lawyers for Children has been so terrified by the invective and rhetoric of the forced adoption brigade, that they have put up a spirited fight so he is having a go with the CoP first.

    Yes, courts are ‘private’ not ‘secret’ to protect vulnerable people having their dirty laundary washed by the Daily Mail et al. I appreciate that this privacy has now become counter productive and we do need to shine more of a light on how the court operates, if only so that James will make less on line references to Nazis/Peoples Courts/Lebensborn etc, etc,

    But remember, when children who are old enough to talk are asked – do you want your court hearings open to the public, they almost always say ‘no’.

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  11. Thanks, Sarah, and no apologies needed! We’re happy to have James here, so long as all remains civil. It’s the abusive trolls who get the boot here. 🙂


  12. Unfortunately, there will be cases where social services way over react. There are also cases where they don’t react quick enough. Though I imagine these are the extremes we hear most about, while all the many cases where they get it right are never heard of.

    Even the most vile, violent and neglectful parents will complain when their child is removed. What parents should be doing is engaging with social services, citizens advice or any other legal body they can use to help them. They need to jump through the hoops if necessary. I believe that if they can do so and demonstrate that they are a responsible, rational person, they will eventually get the child back.

    In this case there was a strategy meeting and Dr Hodes advised the children be placed in police protection. Apparently everyone at the meeting agreed. However, according to the CRIS report, social services would not back that decision until another meeting could be held involving them. What changed things was the children began disclosing the violence attributed to Abraham. The police got an emergency order and they were removed. Ella still had access and could have engaged with the system. She chose not to and instead accuses everyone, including the police and social services of being in a satanic paedophile cult. Allowing court material to be published online. And staying with the very man who caused them to be removed.

    In contrast , we know that Ricky was not granted full responsibility at the last hearing. Ricky may feel angry and frustrated, but is jumping through the hoops and continuing to engage with the system. Increasing his chances of full responsibility.

    I can understand why you and others become angered and disillusioned by social services, but each case must be taken individually. In this case I think they got it right.

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  13. Well said Kellie, i noticed Belinda interupting a few times as she probably wasn’t best pleased with what she was hearing

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  14. Hi Sarah as always you misinterpret my intentions, I am though somewhat brutal and have been exceptionally disturbed at what I have encountered along the campaign route of the family courts. Of course I welcome the fact that the courts are to be opened and have always recognised the fact that children should not be named in any circumstance.

    However, My concerns as always lie in the fact that social workers can and have manipulated evidence, submitted false reports and engaged in what could only be described as conspiracy to pervert justice. Surely any legal professional can understand the importance of evidence? Therefore is it not vital that evidence, which will eventually involve the removal of children from parents is both accurate and honest? If not what is the family court process about.

    I have seen numerous reports, where social workers, have either accidentally or deliberately filled in check sheets, altered and amended facts and dishonestly portrayed the character of the person concerned in court, even down to making accusations of a mental health issue when it is proven that there is none. I assume this is acceptable behaviour, if not then why is it allowed to continue?

    I can only describe what I have seen as deplorable, sub standard and abjectly dishonest behaviour by social workers and Cafcass employees. However, when I queried some of the findings made by social workers, on behalf of someone who had substantial difficulty in writing English, due to her ethnic background, findings which I might add were proven to be dishonest, I was told that I could be held in contempt of court. – I might add that is not the first time? What is one supposed to perceive when one encounters this, that the family courts are regulated and properly conducted courts of law.? Surely not? What I witnessed is something I have never encountered before. Indeed the only comparison I could make as a result of my experiences was that the family courts, were in fact no better in their infrastructure than the people’s court established in 1934, simply abusive and barbaric. It is this, by the way, which has upset Sarah and no I don’t swear, certainly not in public. None the less, there are things I have seen which could only be described as surreal, yet seem to be a part of every day family court life?

    When one takes into consideration the pain, the suffering and the heartache of “losing” a child, one should surely also realise that these people are also highly vulnerable.Therefore is it not in the best interests of both justice and also humanity, to ensure that evidence in such cases, which could involve the removal of a child for 18 years, (without any kind of parole), is of the highest standard? – If Social workers, or other professionals lie, surely that is tantamount to perverting justice and therefore will also have dire consequences for the parents concerned? There are simply no safeguards in place to prevent this. A single judge has absolute authority. Silence is ensured by secrecy and therefore professionals can literally act with autonomy within that environment. Indeed, I am of little doubt that the provision of secrecy and confidentiality is being used as a cover to treat the law with contempt, in other words break the law. Please no one at this point say that professionals would not do such a thing, that would be totally naieve. Indeed all it takes is a professional to take a dislike to you and every professional will tag along. I have also seen this happen.

    This is the crux of the problem, moreso it is this which is causing a deep lack of trust in the system. There needs to be more safeguards. The removal of a child from a parent is no laughing matter, what is more judges, social workers and cafcass employees need to become more accountable for their actions. I suspect though there is a fear amongst professionals of accountability? I not know, nor pretend to know what the solution is, what I do know is that if this continues, then even greater distrust of professional services will happen. It is no use Sarah blaming individuals for that, individuals will and are speaking out for themselves. I also cannot be supportive of a system which can so easily indulge itself in fanciful lies on a whim, this is a dangerous position, especially for the children.

    Finally, if I can be totally honest and I hope I can be, I have no criminal past, no contact with the family courts, other than have seen friends go through extremely distressing times and have no axe to grind with social services or cafcass. But that said, I feel on a personal level, as an individual, that the system simply cannot be trusted. Now comes the difficult and most worrying part, what would I do if I suspect a family is having problems? This is a question I have asked myself recently. – Unless it was of a serious nature, i.e noteable child abuse, I would not involve social services at any level. As far as I am concerned they cannot be trusted. That should be of deep concern for any professional, as normally someone of my character, should be fully supportive of the professional services, I am not. From a puerly personal viewpoint, when I get old, the last people alive I would want near me are the courts of protection or social services. Their power is alarming and can all too easily be corrupt.


  15. Oh I have no disagreement on any case, which involves the removal of children based on evidence. It is though a shame that parents don’t realise sometimes that professionals can be there to help. However, in recent years and in light of both personal experiences and recent articles in the press, it is my personal opinion that people are becoming more and more afraid of Social Services and it is this “fear” which causes them to become agitated and possibly do things they would not normally have done.

    I have witnessed irrational behaviour, I cannot say I haven’t but then I have not been in the position or fear which the parent must be undergoing, during the process of the family court. Alarmingly there is little or no psychological support and what happens if there is, is that social services use the emotions as a weapon, whereby they insinuate that there is a mental health problem? I have witnessed breakdown, alarm, threat of suicide, despair and what could only be described as black depression. I also bore witness to a lady who lost so much weight she collapsed as a result of the stress she was under. Whatever else is happening, it needs to be noted that some of these parents are frightened, fearful and may also be facing dishonesty from professionals, yet they have absolutely no one to turn to? I have met hard pressed barristers and no I do not think some do their job properly and some I suspect have “other interests” at heart, possibly in terms of council contracts, whilst others and I bring in Sarah at this point, still have a heart and mind to look at the evidence and pick up on flawed or inaccurate reporting.

    As for parents, I am aware that some have not been charged with abuse or neglect, nor have any medical history of such. The pressure of a plethora of professionals has to be distressing to any individual. No one could possibly ignore the fact that the family courts and the plethora of professionals which surround them can be distressing, yet parents are not allowed to cry or be emotional? – The mindset on what is a perfectly natural process as a result of worry, anxiety, depression or distress, by professionals is deeply disconcerting. Human emotions span an array of different reactions, even from the same situation and vary from individual to individual.

    It is this reaction I believe which causes parents to do the most stupid things, however, there is no calming influence, there is no humanity, nor is there any understanding of the parents emotion in such matters. I somehow feel a need to get the point across that parents are human too and that they, under these circumstances, need advice, help and compassion from the services they are involved with. What is astonishingly clear is that the professionals completely disregard the emotions of the parents, which then compels the parents to seek help from whoever offers them any form of support. These people are exceptionally vulnerable and as a result of that, will do crazy things. As a friend of mine keeps telling me, “you have never lost a child, you don’t know the pain that I go through every day of my life”. To be honest I don’t, I can’t and don’t want to imagine the pain parents must go through when a child dies. But what I would like to point out here is that the anguish and pain of having a child removed is similar to that of a death. Where is the support? What do professionals expect these parents to do, other than reach out to people who may well mislead them into doing something wrong? Are they not suffering too? This is another aspect of professional failure. There is more to a family than just a child, although the child rightfully must take priority, it needs to be understood that parents feel pain too and will become upset, that is natural and needs and somehow needs to be accepted.

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  16. Unfortunately, not yet. We’ve been scouring the internet, but nothing has come up yet. Unfortunately our usual source is out of commission, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out what’s up.

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  17. The police in the UK should be demanding the IP addresses of the uploaders from YouTube.
    If these child abusing uploaders are in the UK they should be arrested!

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  19. Hopefully no news is good news. If Belinda & Sabine thought they had had any sort of victory today then i am sure they would be crowing about it all over the internet by now.

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  20. You’re right, AF–it’s frustrating not to be able to find any news on it, but I think it’s reasonable to assume that if they’d somehow wangled their way out of the fine, etc., we’d have heard all about it by now. We’re still looking, though.


  21. He told me a few months ago. Happened in the early 60s. A post office. Post master went for the gun and got shot in the arm. Small Paul plead guilty to all charges except murder. He wasn’t trying to kill anyone. He’s now a Christian.

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  23. Kellie has hopefully learnt valuable lessons. She would not take my advice, instead choosing to listen to others and then complain about me being dangerous!!!

    She needs to give up her campaigning if she is to have a chance in keeping any other children she may have.


  24. Proceed with caution. Amber and John have a…ahem…personal history and Amber has her own ulterior motives and changes her version of events quite regularly.

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