What if they held a coup and nobody noticed?

How to sum up the past couple of days, following the deportation of would-be king Hoani John Wanoa, who seems to have set up semi-permanent residence on a bench at Hong Kong International Airport? Andy Devine, who at first seemed downcast by the utter balls-up of their grand plans for world domination, seemed to collect…

Is Belinda planning a kangaroo court?

Belinda has been doing a lot of gloating and gleeful rubbing of hands over the past couple of weeks, and we suspect we might know why. About a week and a half ago, she began making references to a “very secret conclave” she’d attended: Have been at a very secret conclave all day today (19…

Update from Angela…but how much is true?

The problem with being a serial liar is that when you do tell the truth, people are much less likely to believe you. And so we have very mixed feelings about bringing you this update from Angela Power-Disney, whose acquaintance with the truth is distant at best. An hour ago she posted this on her…

All quiet on the Hoaxtead front

Well, we hung around the water cooler all day yesterday awaiting news of the Big Bail Return Day…and nothing happened. Not a single peep from any of those arrested this past fall—Neelu Berry, Lee Cant, Desmond During, or John Duane.

Yesterday’s arrests: So. Much. Win.

Phew, wasn’t yesterday a day! The news started early and just kept coming: first Rupert’s arrest, then Lee Cant’s, and finally Neelu’s. For hours, the comments were flying so thick and fast on the blog that we couldn’t keep track, no matter how often we hit the refresh button.