Neelu’s latest trials and travails

It’s been some time since we heard from our old friend Neelu Berry, but we recently noted with interest that she played a walk-on/walk-off role in a drama centred on her good friend Lee Cant.

This post from Nearly Legal blogger Giles Peaker is a must-read—it’s like Old Home Week for those who followed last summer’s witless intimidation trial. In Cant v London Borough of Hackney, we find not only Neelu, but Edward William Ellis, the disqualified lawyer, who was apparently still under a General Civil Restraint Order at the time of this hearing (January 2017).

As Giles Peaker says,

It is rare, if we are entirely honest, for a First Tier Tribunal decision on service charges to be exciting. It is even rarer for there to be mystery and police raids, and “Immunity from Treason” notices, and debts of “Trillions of pounds”, and something called an ‘equity lawyer’. Yet here they all are, and more, in what on the face of it was a dispute over annual service charges of about £1200. …

At what turned out to be the first part of the hearing, the start was delayed “to give Mr Cant the chance to at least read the (Hackney’s) skeleton argument, which he had been offered when he arrived but refused to take”. Mr Cant then denied having received the bundle that Hackney had sent, suggesting it went to a neighbour’s address and he hadn’t had time to pick it up.

This problem with the bundles resulted in a further adjournment whilst the matter was investigated at which point Miss Berry intervened and we adjourned to give time for her to be removed from the Tribunal room. (This is the first and last mention of Miss Berry, but she appears to have left her mark.)

Unfortunately for Mr Cant, in the meantime, the courier company confirmed the bundle had been delivered to his address and he had signed for it.


The above was Neelu’s one and only contribution to the general merriment, but it does conjure a not unamusing image.

That was then, this is now

More recently, though, it seems Neelu has been up to her old tricks: failing to pay for things, and then getting most exercised and levying trillion pound liens for dishonour and treason when the going gets rough. Yesterday morning we noted that she’d had some unexpected visitors:

Interesting that the bailiffs would somehow be accompanied by both police and an ambulance, but that’s how things go in LouLotusLand: it’s really not a party until the emergency services have been called out.

We’re reminded of the debacle two years ago this September, in which the towing company arrived to confiscate her son’s car (once again for unpaid tickets which Neelu refused to acknowledge). It’s hard to forget the sight of Neelu, ensconced in the driver’s seat, being slowly hoisted by the tow truck, while she attempted to place everlasting trillion-pound liens on the gentlemen who’d come to seize the car. They seemed singularly unimpressed, and finally Neelu capitulated, paying the fine under protest.

This time, she attempted to bargain with the towing company, offering them £5 per month which she claimed is “all she can afford”, but they were having none of it, and drove off, leaving the car duly clamped in her drive.

We do wonder why Neelu is still living in the same house, as we understand that it was repossessed by the bank for non-payment of mortgage a few months back. We were expecting a full-on Tom Crawford seige, replete with Freeman on the Land woo and protesters on the roof, but nothing ever came of it, which makes us wonder whether Neelu and the bank reached some sort of accommodation. We do hope that’s the case, as trillion-pound liens can take aeons to pay off.

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      • What gets me is that she tries out the ‘I know nuffin’ tactic, not recognizing it was the same person that had dealt with her before lol, and she then tries on the ‘5 pound a month, I’m broke and so is my son on benefits’ tactic- yet she’s so broke that the clamp is on a bloomin BMW with aftermarket mags……

        Wish I was that broke….(looks at clapped out 20 year old ford….)

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        • Stresses her “right” to only pay a fiver a month because it’s “all I can afford”…but then demands that the enforcement officer pays her 5 million quid. How does that work? If were the officer, I’d ask Neelu if she’d accept that 5 million in £5-a-month installments, as it’s “all I can afford”, just to see how she’d react 😀

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  1. Thankfully Angela QC was on hand to offer Neelu some sound, well informed legal advice that won’t get her into even deeper trouble. Phew!

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    • Angela is right. People should take the clamps off themselves – they are only meant to be attached to vehicles. Making Neelu stand in her drive all night in a Denver Boot is most likely illegal.

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    • Perhaps APD is right. What are the laws about removing private clamps?. I had many in my day in London and the very first time in the 1970s I had to retrieve my car from the pound it was quite exciting as the old American movie star Stewart Granger was doing likewise.
      Can you pay off parking fines? I’m quite pleased as in West Australia you can actually pay off your parking fines as I am at the moment – $10 per month – but it has to be done via the appropriate process rather then negotiating with a wheel clamper.

      Perhaps one should do as a pal of mine did in London and place their own fake clamp on a wheel as he always did in Soho when he parked for the day. Worked a treat until he finally got busted after 3 years.

      The problem for Neelu is that she has ordered the execution of all British magistrates so she isn’t likely to find favour in the courts. Alternatively she could just jack up the car, remove the wheel and bugger of leaving the clamped wheel behin
      # now that I think about it wouldn’t Angela Power-Disney make a perfect wheel clamper? She has the persona drivers would detest.

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      • Angie’s advice to the mentally ill and gullible Neelu is highly irresponsible, as if she did remove the clamp, she could be prosecuted for vandalism. That said, it is illegal to clamp a vehicle on private land, i.e. Neelu’s driveway.


  2. Predictably, Neelu has spied yet another opportunity to further her hate campaign against the receptionists of the World:

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  3. From quatloos, old but great comments
    Re: UK – Neelu Berry opens my eyes
    Postby notorial dissent » Tue Mar 24, 2015 12:46 am

    I have to admit that I am at a loss in figuring out what could have prompted that mother and her boyfriend to come up with such an utterly insane fantasy like this and then to put her children through it. The level of hatred, at least I guess that is what it is, that she feels for her ex-husband is staggering. Doesn’t much sound like family services is much pleased with either parent at this point, wonder what the ultimate result will be. The fact that she has collected the other nutters who see conspiracies under every rock isn’t helping, and I find them equally hard to comprehend, except in what some people will do for attention.
    The fact that you sincerely and wholeheartedly believe that the “Law of Gravity” is unconstitutional and a violation of your sovereign rights, does not absolve you of adherence to it.
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    Re: UK – Neelu Berry opens my eyes
    Postby PeanutGallery » Tue Mar 24, 2015 2:35 am

    I would suggest, from having read the findings, that the Boyfriend (Mr. Christie) was the only person abusing the children. I would also suggest that his motive for doing so was because of a hitherto undiagnosed mental illness and that the performances he undoubtedly coerced from the children were both intended to pander to his delusions and also to affect a degree of control on the children and their mother in a manner quite similar to that of domestic abusers.

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    • Gawd she really is a piece of work isnt she?
      She really needs to have a nice long rest in a place that has these nice trendy clothes with wrap around sleeves……

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  4. My thoughts on Neelu Berry.

    Neelu Berry and all the others like her are social parasites who think they are better than the rest of us, because they believe their fantasies and opinions make them special and entitled. I am totally disgusted that RD, his children and hundreds of other innocent people have to suffer false allegations and harrassment because Neelu Berry wants to feel special, important, empowered and self-righteous in making false allegations and then acting as judge jury and executioner. I am tired of the ruling authorities acting like pussies and wasting £10k’s of money pandering to these mindless barbarians like Neelu Berry. I think it is time people got their act together and nail these parasites to the wall.

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    • The amount of court time they waste must be huge, they always seem to be involved in some nonsense court case. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep doing this, the “lawsuits” they constantly bring up are a waste of time where they try arguing things like the Magna Carta or Universal law. What a waste of time.

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    • I agree 100%, SV. The authorities tried to take a “wait it out and they’ll stop” approach, which worked like a fucking charm, as anyone can see. Now they’re trying to play catch-up, but it’s hard slogging when for the first year and a half the nutters were allowed free rein.

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    • Let’s remember this is someone who thinks a spaceship hovers over her house and she gets messages from Lord Ashtray. That doesn’t excuse what she does but it sort of explains it. I can’t understand why there’s no mental health intervention.

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    • Trouble is there is that pesky rule that you can’t punish someone unless they’ve committed a crime. Neelu makes crimes and civil wrongs up but that doesn’t mean the courts should follow a bad example. One way to look at it is, how far has Neelu got on anything? She gets thrown out of courts and tribunals, her application to prosecute the queen was dismissed without a court hearing – she loses all her cases. The Family Court didn’t believe a word of hoaxtead. Even when she was found not guilty she ended up with a court order. It’s only if we take her at her own estimation that she has succeeded at anything.

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  5. The commercial lien process as far as I am aware has no legal standing in the UK.
    However in the USA the right to enforce a lien depends upon a voluntary security agreement between the secured party and the debtor being established.
    Neelu appears to be falling short in every respect.
    It is notable that in the USA a relatively recent statute has come into force against anyone found guilty of filling a false lien with penalties of up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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  6. Whilst I sympathise with pauper Dave’s plight, I wonder whether Algona Animal Welfare are aware that his dogs are being starved:

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    • RAMBLING NUTTERS:Improve your coherance(and you tube “likes”) no end by translating your local telephone directory into Klingon,copy/paste into a text-to-speech program and press play.

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