All quiet on the Hoaxtead front

Well, we hung around the water cooler all day yesterday awaiting news of the Big Bail Return Day…and nothing happened. Not a single peep from any of those arrested this past fall—Neelu Berry, Lee Cant, Desmond During, or John Duane.

This leads us to wonder whether Alan Alanson’s post the other day was a harbinger: were all the arrestees (which we are assured really is a word) informed that their bail return dates had been moved forward? Hard to say, but it does seem possible.

As some of our commenters mentioned yesterday, if this is the case, it isn’t necessarily good news for the five people in question: in general when the CPS wants to have a good hard look at a case, it’s not because they think there’s nothing to look at.

However, at this time we really have no way of knowing which way the wind will blow, so we’re not willing to speculate. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and let you know at the first sign of anything interesting.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…and it’s time for the team at Hoaxtead Research to take a wee break.

We’re not going away altogether—we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Hoaxtead mobsters’ antics, and will be here to report anything of interest. But for the next week or so, we’re putting the blog on a more relaxed schedule.

For the first time since Scarlet Scoop started this blog in May 2015, we’re taking a break from our usual post-a-day schedule (barring any unforeseen excitement) to spend time with our families and enjoy the holiday season with our friends.

As always, we’ll be poking our heads in from time to time, and we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming in about a week’s time. Until then, wish you all a very merry Christmas, a joyful Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!


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  1. YES!
    An Incalculably well deserved rest break. Please do enjoy the holidays, with your family members!

    [Are they gone? Shh! Yup, looks like it. Now I can RUN AMOK on the blog , muahahaha!!]

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  2. Rest well EC and SC. Its a break that you very much deserve. As you rightly say,the matter is not yet finished – but you are right you deserve a break and the timing is excellent.

    JS – did I hear distant growling from EC at the thoughts of any one running amok!! Or was it his belly grumbling in expectation of a turkey?

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  3. Enjoy chill time with your pack EC.Hope them pesky flying reindeer give you some peace and quiet.

    On the twelfth day of Hoaxmas
    my true love sent to me:
    12 Jurors morphing
    Eleven Myths imploding
    Ten Ellas balding
    Nine Angies fretting
    Eight Judges frowning
    Seven Crocs a weeping
    Six Bi planes downing
    Five Restriction orders
    Four Biggis snoring
    Three Silent Vids
    Two Well slapped thighs
    and a fruitcake or three in custody.

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  4. You worked hard for two years, nobody can begrudge you a few weeks rest. The Satan Hunter monsters, witches and other uglies have fled into the shadows. I salute you. Have a wonderful relaxation and time on holiday.

    If Satan Claws really does exist, a lot of Satan Hunter’s will be carted off in a sack to Hell 24 Dec.

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  5. Obviously El Coyote has been called in the MKUltra Rothschild Cult for re-programming but let’s go along with the diversion and wish him Happy Christmas.

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  6. Don’t worry, EC – we have the Arfur ‘n’ Felicia romance to keep us entertained while you’re away. And it just got juicy, because it turns out Felicia has some competition in the form of Steffi the toothless hillbilly:

    By the way, Arfur should feel flattered that Steffi has taken time out of protecting her pig from marauding Muslims to flirt with him.

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  7. How do I go about making a complaint to wordpress about a blog they are hosting? The blog in question is using an “anonymous informant” to publish accusations that named persons are pedophiles.

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    • I’ve tried this with another blog related to a different hoax, but wordpress, like facebook, don’t seem to regard these kind of false accusations as a problem…. meh.
      OTOH – well done El Coyote, Scarlett Scoop for your tireless and excellent work so far. Enjoy a well-earned break!

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      • @ Spiny & PA – thanks for the feedback.

        Well, you never know eh? American author DC has had his blog obliterated several times, over the years:

        Can’t imagine why though. He’s such a sweet guy, right? I mean, he’d never do anything as reprehensible as posting CSA images to it or tolerating such to be placed there:

        “Why Google says my account was disabled… Now let me just say that I know there are people who don’t know me or my work well and think I’m some kind of ultra-transgressive shock-creating monster, but I completely assure you that if someone had sent me an image that I thought was child pornography, I would never have uploaded it, period. Anyway, Google says some unknown person’s flagging of one image on a ten year-old group-curated page that wasn’t even technically on my blog is the reason they disabled my blog and email account”.

        That statement is just a wee bit disingenuous however – considering the blatant CSA images on that have been there for years (no, DON’T go looking), including an unbelievably tasteless “collage” combining news headlines about the Oakland County Child killer case and drawings of a naked child on their back with their knees in the air and a real boy’s face pasted onto them. But he would never countenance CSA images. Natch!

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        • Ugh. Reminds me of Charlotte Alton Ward’s forays into sharing child sexual abuse images, then falsely blaming others and claiming she was just doing “research”.


    • WordPress has two types of blog services: the .com is what they have influence over, but my experience of their handling of abuse complaints does not offer much confidence that they will act on complaints. The .org wordpress sites are a software package provided by Automattic, but they have no control over the content of such sites that use this package, complaints need to be addressed to the host provider of the server hosting the .org package.

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      • will respond to complaints about blogs based in the U.S., that break U.S. laws. However, they won’t touch anything that violates laws in other countries.

        If a blog is “powered by WordPress” (it’ll say that at the bottom) that means it’s a WordPress template that’s being used on an independent server. Removing a blog like that depends on the willingness of the blog host, which you can find by using Whois. Let me know if you need help with any of this.

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      • Thanks SV! Sounds hopeful, it’s a .com : “imafreakin’genius!”
        Ok, its not that…but it is a .com

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  8. This angel cloud like image appeared in Florida today and it’s obvious it by-passed areas where hoaxer nutcases live, like Angela Power-Disney, Neelu Berry, Sabine McNeil etc and as they haven’t noticed it and it was discovered by moi- this is a sign from Heaven that Jesus is furious with the hoax mob because they not only abuse Hampstead residents they consort and support known child abusers. Also a reason why they were refused entry on The Rapture craft and told to sod off as they were not wanted. They should take note that 2017 will not be kind to them if they do not mend their ways.

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    • Considering how useless and corrupt Neelu bangs on about the monetary system being she seems hell bent on aquiring as many zero`s as she can get her grubby mitts on.It is quite handy she is completely off beam in every department or we would all be working treble shifts to earn a crust and thats before Neelu tax.

      Stop press: Just had a quick word with the big G (he is rushed off his feet at the mo)who confirmed Neelu is definately talking out of her arse as usual.

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    • Lets remove all the services such as water, electricity, internet, food provision from Neelu Berry and let her exist as a hunter gatherer without parasiting off others, lets see how long she survives. Treason my arse.

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      • Yep money for re-posting articles from other people’s fb posts and chatting with people on camera.

        She’s got some front.

        She doesn’t deserve a penny and wants to count her own blessings instead.

        Angela is one hypocritical stupid b….

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  9. Merry Xmas everybody. Enjoy your well earned break El Coyote. I hope you all have a great time whatever you are doing.

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  10. So…Orlando club victim’s families are suing twitter, facebook & youtube. Turkey has apparently banned all 3 of those now. I’m not unhappy. I’d miss youtube, but I could live without it.

    This is what youtube should be a showcase for:

    “Ryan is your average five-year-old. He likes playing with toy cars, riding tricycles, and going down water slides. His mom, like most parents, loves to capture and share these moments. What’s different about Ryan is that these everyday events — opening a new action figure or going to Chuck E. Cheese’s — are watched around the world by hundreds of millions of other kids…”

    So Happy Holidays to Ryan and all the other little people of our world!

    “I’ll be there,
    I’ll be there,
    I will be there..”

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    There’s absolutely no way Arfur should be allowed near children. He’s admitted to being a convicted child molester, he’s boasted about associating with cocaine-dealers and rapists (whom he’s never reported) and he’s a self-confessed drunk driver…AND NOW HE’S SAYING IT’S FINE TO HAVE SEX WITH 13-YEAR-OLDS AS LONG AS THEY CONSENT! And it’s especially ok if the child has pubic hair, apparently.

    He’s also a massive racist who hates “Zeeonist Jews” (yep – that’s actually how he pronounces it) and who’s angry about “stupid” white people not knowing how much hair he has on his balls, it seems, but that pales into insignificance next to the fact that he thinks it’s fine to have sex with kids. Depressing stuff.

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    • I’ve encountered this horribly misguided concept too many times, from too many people who ought to know better: ARTHUR KAOUTAL SAYS IT’S FINE TO HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN AS LONG AS THEY CONSENT
      and of course, by “consent” the person really means: “as long as they don’t scream NO! and try to fight you off”. Idjits. So, it would presumably be “ok” to molest an unconscious child, since “they didn’t say no!”.

      But it’s never ok to sexually exploit any person, whose capacity to foresee the potentially harmful consequences of the sexual encounter is inferior to your own. Whether it’s legal or not. Period.

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      • Arthur is a horrifying individual who is clearly suffering from some form of mental disturbance. His views on having sex with children only confirm what he’s already stated elsewhere online, concerning his track record of getting in trouble for sexually abusing children. I hope the police in his part of the world are taking note.



      The Riyadh Puberty Study was to provide data on pubertal development to determine the average age of onset of pubertal characteristics among Saudi boys.Ok its not Lebanon but its in a similar ball park.

      Conclusion:The ages of onset of pubertal characteristics, based on gonadal development, among Saudi boys are comparable to those reported in Western populations.

      Which means Arfur Cowtail by his own admission must be a genetic throwback to Homo Erect Wankerus and was wandering about the desert dragging its knuckles and annoying goat herds with a permanant stiffy at barely 2.

      We may even have the privilege of having made communications with a direct descendant of the missing link itself.

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  12. Received a lovely Crissy present delivered last night : a bottle of Barons de Rothschild Rose NV Champagne.
    Obviously from the Illuminati Freemason Cult and a thank you for my hard work as a disinformation agent for the Bill & Hilary PizzaGate Baby Chomping club. OK the card said it was from my older brother but I’ve always suspected him.

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  13. Thanks for all the laughs and entertaining screenshots etc throughout the year Spiny, i’m sure we’ve all had a good laugh from them. 🙂

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  14. Has anyone noticed the number of Farcebook posts Angie has been putting up to smear the Snopes website? I wonder what they did to piss her off, lol.

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  16. Merry Christmas holiday time El C et al! You’ve worked amazingly on all of this, shining truth onto grubby imaginations made ‘facts’ online. Thank you! I hope that A & G are excited for a lovely Christmas, filled with joy. May the awful time spent with E & A be distant memories for them. Memories that they can forget.

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    • Many thanks, AIR–and I hope the same for all those damaged by the Hampstead hoax. Let’s let 2017 be the year this is put behind us.


        • That’s NOT “testimony”. A child telling a story about anything, including sexual activity, can only be testimony if it is solicited & recorded by appropriate professionals – which Abe certainly is not one of.

          Here’s another child’s scary “testimony” – why isn’t this horrifying story being posted all over the internet?

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          • This little girl isn’t even being blatantly coached or led by an adult, like that unfortunate boy, she’s freewheelin’ it from start to finish.
            In any case, we all know what process we are seeing in the vids of Ella’s kids – but it doesn’t hurt to educate others about that process, over & over:

            “Anytime I would give them an answer that they didn’t like, they would ask again and encourage me to give them the answer they were looking for. It was really obvious what they wanted. I know the types of language they used on me: things like I was smart, or I could help the other kids who were scared.
            I felt uncomfortable and a little ashamed that I was being dishonest. But at the same time, being the type of person I was, whatever my parents wanted me to do, I would do. And I thought they wanted me to help protect my little brother and sister who went to McMartin”.


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        • Thanks, K9. If anyone has a bit of spare time during their holidays, perhaps you might want to report this video to YouTube. I notice that the uploader has put up several Hoaxtead videos, all of which ought to be reported.

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  17. Happy Christmas and Hanukkah to EC and all here.

    I send good wishes to all those in Hampstead who have been hurt by this nonsense. Stand firm. You have lots of support!

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  18. I’m going to a neighborhood church’s Christmas Eve service tonight.
    All my life, I’ve had bones to pick with various manifestations of organized religion, but I’m putting that aside for one day. Out of respect for Christian victims of horrific violence internationally, I will demonstrate some solidarity with that community this weekend. (“I’ll be there…”)

    And as acknowledgement of the good works that some Christian Churches perform in my community, I’m even going to bring something to put in the plate.

    “Peace be with you!”

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  19. Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie will be gobbling on their xmas turkey (Rupert). Hope they take their false teeth out first. Don’t want Rupert dying of sepsis before his next court hearing. Wondering if Neelu Berry has been invited to make it a threesome on the unfortunate miscreant.

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  20. “If corrective facts only make matters worse, what can we do to convince people of the error of their beliefs? From my experience, 1. keep emotions out of the exchange, 2. discuss, don’t attack (no ad hominem and no ad Hitlerum), 3. listen carefully and try to articulate the other position accurately, 4. show respect, 5. acknowledge that you understand why someone might hold that opinion, and 6. try to show how changing facts does not necessarily mean changing worldviews. These strategies may not always work to change people’s minds, but now that the nation has just been put through a political fact-check wringer, they may help reduce unnecessary divisiveness.”

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    • Well, I agree – these points are an excellent strategy for civil discourse about contentious issues.
      When both parties are sincere about the ‘beliefs’ they are expressing.

      But when one party is obviously NOT sincere…the experience of being ridiculed, particularly by persons they may have reasons to respect, is more likely to encourage them to stop publicly beaking-off about those issues. In my opinion.

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  21. Satanic Greetings to the fugitives who think they are untouchable in the lands of Spain: Angela Power Disney; Ella Draper; Abraham Christie. The Spanish Train is steaming on its way from the depths of Hell to collect you body and soul. Enjoy the song, and remember 2017 will be the year when your victims will finally gain justice for what you did to them.

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  22. @Mrs. O and Friends! Thanks for the S. A. Article and Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy your Respite. It is well Deserved!! Hoping that 2017 sees Ella and Abe behind bars! With any luck, Cathy O’Brien and Sandy Bergen will be shut down for their blatant lies about specific towns and living folks and institutions in MI also. The Despicable Sandy Hoaxers should meet a similar fate for harassing Newtown, CT. Parents, Victims and Kids! Your information provided with humor and wit, along with comments, flagging, reporting, and parody vids keeps it interesting and relevant.(MKU666 X-mas Vid. lol) Happy New Year!!!

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  23. I’m having a happy Christmas! I haven’t had to endure any movies or songs starring The Child Beater.

    That’s your trivia quiz for the day: who was Hollywood’s most famous (male) child beater?


      • I think she is putting suggestions into gullible people’s minds to do her dirty work.

        What is the connection between George Michael being dead and Ricky?

        Sorry I can’t see one so imo that is her usual grooming of people.


      • You’re going to really put yourself in it one of these days Angela.

        Carry On it’s called Karma love.

        You’ll be able to blame who you like but it’ll all be at your fair hands.


        • When Angie’s day arrives you can be sure she won’t have many if any friends to call on for support.


    • I don’t want to be a party-pooper but can I urge caution on this? One of Crosby’s sons (in his autobiography) did indeed accuse him of sadistically beating him but his other two sons and his daughter have vehemently disputed it.


      • @Liza – yes, of course you can!

        I made an OUTRAGEOUS statement: “…Hollywood’s most famous child beater”.
        I should have said: “…Hollywood’s most famous alleged child beater”. Because, of course, Bing Crosby was never charged or convicted of beating his children.

        Yes, you should – and please do – challenge me if I say something that rings false or incorrect, to you.

        But, now, as to Bing’s other son’s “vehemently disputing” what Gary Crosby publicly exposed in his book, about Bing’s alleged abusive behaviour:

        “Phillip vehemently disputes most of the revelations in Gary’s book. “We never got an extra whack or a cuff we didn’t deserve,” he insists. Nor does he believe that Dixie was an alcoholic. “If she was, she did a hell of a job disguising it.” From his perspective, his parents had “a very good marriage.” Phillip contends that he “understood Dad probably better than anybody in the whole family.” He does not deny that Bing believed in corporal punishment. “When I was in high school, Dad caught me smoking in the barn at our ranch in Elko, Nev. There just happened to be a plank laying there, and he said, ‘Assume the position.’ ”

        “…He does not deny that Bing believed in corporal punishment”, says Philip, the most vociferous of Bing’s defenders, and then relates being ‘beaten’ with a wooden plank!

        In my household, that’s child abuse, and that’s why we stopped watching Bing’s movies and took up calling him “The Child Beater”, in my family.

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          • @karnevilnine – hey, that was awesome! thanks!
            Here’s the ultimate lowdown on this guy, tho – he’s going to be super-stoked that someone acknowledged his existence, and that’s all he will be capable of ‘receiving’ from that message. Sadly.
            The best method of handling DS, is to ignore him. Trust me. But, sometimes, its just TOO tempting… 🙂

            I was going to save this for later in the week. I believe I perceive a triumvirate of evil fantasists…
            I think a clown is mr horse-shit’s “anonymous secret insider”, the person supposedly “leaking” info about alleged child-abusing gay ‘magickians’. This clown is infamous for truly believing himself to be an “evil” satanist”, and that he has magical powers whereby he casts curses on people. And that’s where DS got the idea that HE has such powers, because I know they are tight.

            But here’s the really strange thing. DS is clearly the most intelligent out of the three, and he is apparently the leader of the other two! Or so he’s been telling people. DS finally has followers, two guru seeking dweebs even more pathetic than himself. So when DS says: “I AM your God”, that’s who he’s talking about, and to.

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        • @Justin. While reading about Shurter I came across the story of John Gosch the missing paperboy and his mother Noreen who you were telling us about, what a sad story and how horrible it must be for the family to not know what happened to him.


          • @karnevilnine – Yes, it’s terribly tragic & sad.

            It is my belief, that when there exists a family spokesperson for a missing/murdered child case, they should be allowed some degree of ownership over “the official” story of that case. So, I don’t think we should do a Johnny Gosch article here. Nevertheless, there are some clarifications about that case, info you might not find elsewhere including the “Who Took Johnny” video currently on Netflix, that I don’t want to take to the grave with me. So here you go:

            1. Noreen Gosch is and always will be a genuine hero of grassroots efforts to ensure proper investigation of missing child cases. In Iowa and many other states at the time, there was an unbelievably stupid “cooling off” period of 72 hours before a missing teen could become a police matter. Noreen fought for the elimination of such regulations, like a grizzly bear, and won – causing a domino effect of such regulations being thrown out all over the US.

            2. Noreen’s sense of ownership over the case has been SO extreme, that from the beginning it has extended to a sense of ownership over any/every investigative effort. The police chief Orval Cooney probably was a corrupt incompetent, I don’t dispute that, but police investigations cannot be directed by “citizens”, not even the grieving parents of a missing or murdered child. That’s just an unreasonable expectation.

            3. It’s not true that the FBI refused to investigate the case. The FBI did look into it at some point in the first 18 months. However, in one of the news reports that never made bit into the digital age, from the 1982-83 period, Noreen is quoted as telling the FBI to “stay out of my son’s case”, because she thought they would blow a sting that she and her private investigators had set up.

            4. Everything Paul Bonacci has said about his involvement in the case, is a lie. Because he apparently wishes to be known as the man (teen, at the time) who abducted and raped Gosch, I have allowed him that status in previous comments. However, Bonacci gave at least three mutually contradictory account of the alleged abduction – and all of his pedophile kidnapping ring stories are fantasies based on news reports of unrelated cases that he researched while sitting in prison for child molestation conviction.


          • Forgot these…

            5. Johnny Gosch was apparently abducted, on the very first and only morning that he was not accompanied by his father. On August 12, 1984, 13-year-old Eugene Martin – also a newspaper boy for the DesMoines Register, was apparently abducted off his route and never seen again. That was the very first and only morning that he was not accompanied by his older brother. In both cases, only family members, other paperboys or a paper delivery supervisor could have known that the boys would be on their own those mornings.

            6. There was a serial killer of newspaper delivery boys, active during the time that Johnny Gosch went missing – named John Joubert:

            Joubert was an enlisted man living on the Airbase in Iowa, and two of his victims were in nearby Nebraska.

            However, Joubert was in custody when Eugene Martin went missing. Its possible that both boys were victimized by a copycat, inspired by news coverage about Joubert’s victims.


  24. I’m sick to death of this fucking old slag and I won’t apologise for the language. Even in death this deluded lying creature cannot leave a person alone and must weave it into her hideous conspiracy nonsense and pathetic attempt to beg for donations.
    I never wish anyone ill but I make an exception in this case: I knew George Michael very well and his ex-manager is a close friend of mine. The last time I saw George was when we both stayed at his ex-manager’s Thailand villa about 5 years while he hid from the world’s media after one of his unfortunate auto incidents in London.

    Angela Power-Disney: for 2017 I truly wish you finally get your just deserts you vicious piece of nastiness.

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    • I think this is also good proof that the general social acceptance of the LBGT community has fired up the nasties like Power-Disney who are homophobic racists. The have replaced gay hate with Satanic hate.

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    • I agree. She must sit around waiting for people to die, so that she can be first in with the sick, insensitive conspiracy/false flag crap. The woman knows no shame – she’s an utter disgrace 😦

      And sadly, it’s not the first time she’s issued death threats to Mr. Dearman, Sigh 😦


      By the way, was that ex-manager Martin Lewis (no, not that one, or that one)? He was interviewed on the Beeb just this morning.


        • Currently filming a BBC series ’50 Years Legal’ about legalized gay sex in the UK. Interviewed dozens of well known people which wills end the likes of APD into spasms.


    • The bitch will say anything to keep herself in the “limelight”.

      With her EVERYTHING has some connection to the Hampstead Hoax.

      Next thing you’ll know she’ll be saying something as ludicrous as the cornflakes she no longer eats for her breakfast has some connection to CSA.


    • GOS

      I bet Power Freak wishes she knew how to contact you to get an “exclusive” interview on George Michael.

      She is such a fame hungry bitch.

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      • Not a lot to tell as it’s all been in the media. No great secrets.
        Just an all round nice guy and possibly one of the greatest pop song writers who loved that he could leave the closet and fans still liked him and as for this Power-Disney creature insinuating some evilness- he was intensely loyal to his 2 long time partners one who died, and he never got over his Mum’s death ( it’s a Greek thing !) ..he liked guys who looked bigger & butcher than he was, She’s evil to infer children may be involved just because these people live in Hampstead. How fucked in the brain is she?

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        • Yes.. and extremely generous with his wealth too it seems. Huge donations given by him, which people are now revealing after his death.
          One story I read was that he phoned up the show “Deal or No Deal” to gift the £15,000 a lady needed for IVF treatment. Millions donated to ‘Childline’ too over the years.

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  25. Meanwhile….I googled the name ‘Mahmoudieh’ and apparently it’s Iranian. Deborah’s ex husband passed away a few years ago. It got me thinking though. Ex husband was Iranian. Iran Aid? Connection or not?


    • Sorry, I don’t think there’s any connection between Deborah and Belinda/Iran Aid, other than her name appearing on Sabine documents as an “EU law expert”. DM appears to be someone who is drawn to Islam and Eastern culture and she has often referred to this in her videos. Mahmoudieh isn’t her real name anyway, so I don’t think she is Iranian. I’m guessing she’s chosen said nomenclature as a nod to her love of Islam/Eastern culture.

      FA, why do you think the nail has been hit on the head? Do you have further information on this?


      • No, I don’t have any further information.

        Just my joining the dots, that if Deborah’s ex-husband was Iranian and so is Belinda’s current husband, then the 2 men could possibly have known each other and that is how Deborah came to know Belinda.

        I’m not sure of the numbers of Iranian men living in London, but it can’t be that many.

        Change of subject but to do with nationalities and Angela’s racism.

        When I first met Angela PD on 2nd January, 2015 at Southwark CC for a Ben Fellows hearing, she told me she could tell me all about Jamaican men.

        Evidently one of her sisters’ daughter had children with a Jamaican man.

        Angela came along to Southwark Crown Court with a young, well built ,mixed-race man, who she said was her great nephew. He was about 17.

        Little did she know that my first husband had Jamaican born parents.

        My point is, Angela showed her racism to me so I agree she is racist.


          • That’s like saying my 1st husband was a first-generation Jamaican.

            He wasn’t, he was Black English or Black British.


          • I know. Sorry, I was trying to help. You said you didn’t know how many Iranians were living in London, so I looked it up for you.

            Second gen stats tend to lump nationalities together into “Asian”, “Middle Eastern” etc.

            And if you include second gen, there’s even less of a chance of Mahmoudieh’s and McKenzie’s husbands knowing each other, no?

            By the way, I do get the difference, thank you (LOL) – I am half Jamaican myself (and, I like to think, reasonably intelligent) 🙂


        • Deborah Mahmoudieh’s ex husband was called Mahmoudieh – you can look it up on Genes Reunited. Her maiden name was Le Vesconte. I’m not sure whether the Iranian connection is something or nothing. Might explain how she made a connection with Belinda, that’s all.

          I don’t know anything about a current husband.


  26. Oh Nelly Veddy Lulu, where WOULD we be without you?

    Thoughts of the day 25 December 2016: Well I started reading channelled messages around 2010,not realising that they were about events that had not yet taken place. Just like everyone else, I wanted to know dates of these predictions and there had been so many dates come and gone without events, that people started mocking the delays. With hindsight, the good thing is we are still here. Armegeddon got cancelled by 21 December 2012, one staged event being the last day of the London Olympics precisely at 1pm, when the planned execution of all Gold medalists was diverted, by the missile fired from East London being diverted into a warehouse fire in Dagenham, just as an example. We are still here thanks to cosmic help when all corrupt officers had their underground bunkers pulverised from 2011 onwards starting with Area 51. The angels said we would do it with our 5D, which is our sub-conscience, without our 3D senses realising it. Its like we are more busy in our sleep than during the day. There is so much going on in the day that those who like to run verbal commentaries would slow themselves down. The gust of wind will make us fly if we let it. There is no diary, no planning its like every moment manifests to a wish, a desire, a hope at that point of creation. The angels tried to tell us how powerful we are as Master Creators – and I wondered what that meant. With hind-sight, I realise that our five senses and 12 DNA strands of the 12 dimensions were led astray, with a hierarchy of lies. The truth then emerged that there were spies amongst us, feeding off our energy, as agents for and hostages of, the secret societies, for the all-seeing eye (the Charities Commission) to remain in power and keep up appearances (power boasts). The whole Secret Pantomime collapsed due to the child right campaigners and whistleblowers. The shock waves from those truths illuminated Mother Earth like never before, ever. Hence the Golden Age, Sat Yug being in the present time, making us all realise our divinities, our childrens’ and babies’ divinities. For the record, children have more wisdom than their parents simply because they are the product of their parents at birth, two people into one, then they add to that from the day they are born. They have an all-knowing sparkle in their eyes and in their smile. When the angels told us years ago that it is the children who hold the light on this planet, I did not know what that meant – It meant that we would be free from servitude from the dark forces once we ensured the safety and well-being of our future generations. We have reached that point. We have shone the light on all the dark places and the dark forces are no more. There never is any doubt who wins – Light always wins because darkness is just a lack of light. Forgiveness turns darkness into light. Love turns darkness into light. Fear is darkness. Fear is never by choice or by birth. Fear is lack of light. Fear is opposite of love. What we have to heal now are those who were made to do crimes against the most vulnerables without ill-intent, through fear of blackmail, death-threats and duress. Let us hear them. Let us let them help us fix the damage they know they caused, even without ill-intent. That is my wish for Christmas and New Year!

    THOUGHTS OF THE DAY 26 December 2016: There is a place called Akshardham Mandir in Delhi, India, with a modern rollercoaster theme park and museum of India from a thousand years ago, when all the royals from all over the world studied in the Universities there. There was a subject taught called Logic – which was also being taught in India in the early 1900’s. Calcutta was the capital of India before Delhi and it was the place where the subject of Human Rights, as we know it today, originated. Before Human Rights was taught as a subject, it was called Logic. The logic of intention, good and bad – to prove a crime, there must be proof of ill-intent. People are inherently born by divine choice, reincarnated, as perfect divinities, volunteering to come down from 5D to 3D to experience pain and suffering by choice, so any ill-intent in adult life is taught as children by ill-intending adults, not naturally. The problem merry-go-round is like shouting from the middle of a remote cemetery, hoping someone will hear and assist. It is pointless. Our Beloved Patrick Cullinane had a phrase “Cut the Chord” – It is to say, when mountaineering, a friend is about to fall but is attached to another friend, higher up, the friend higher up has two choices, either go down with the friend below or cut the chord and let the friend go alone. “Cut the chord” is to remedy a hopeless situation and cease and desist from it to stop unnecessary damage. Well people have been feeling hopeless for so long, that they don’t believe there is any remedy. If someone comes along and says to them, “Look, cut the cord and take that road out, there is no remedy here”, they get offended. They want to put you through all their Problem Merry-Go-Rounds of all sizes in their Mortuary of life and they do not believe in the light at the end of that tunnel. So time heals. They watch others get remedies and they ask how that happened? Cut the Chord. Cut your losses. Move on. Focus on Remedy for all. The next obstacle to remedy is “Prove to me it works before I try it”. Time heals a better understanding. The problem Merry-go-rounds get bigger and bigger and then its easier to realise the light in the centre is fading that was there all along. In order for there to be remedies for all, there has to be a simple remedy. The simple remedy is our divinity. Once you realise your divinity, you realise how it was stolen from us by the corporate slaves who call themselves public servants but the most senior corrupt ones are in fact human traffickers and human slave traders, the remedy is “No Contract” for penalties, only privileges, obstruction of remedy or denial or remedy is Treason proof for banishment after removing from office and seizure of all assets from Treason. Treason is the violation of the Oath to God to maintain God’s laws to serve and protect God’s children. We do not consent to our blood sweat and tear money (Gold money) being extorted whilst counterfeit currency is expended on vice industries. We demand refunds of all our Gold money (Taxes, Interest, fines, fees, bills, travel, purchase of homes) which God forbids. We demand dissolution of borders, embassies, countries, man-made legislatures, we demand free homes, free travel, free food, free resources on this planet which God provides for us all to share in love and peace and harmony. This is a final Immunity offer with Treason Notice to all Corrupt Public servants, impostors, to provide remedies for their treasons or be banished with seizure of all assets and jobs titles, directorships….Lets Go…


    • Thanks but no thanks Lou Lotus, too much there for me to read in one go.

      I doubt it’s interesting, so I’ll pass.


      • Fanny, if you don’t read the whole thing, at least take this one bit as a comforting thought to take away with you:

        “Armegeddon got cancelled by 21 December 2012, one staged event being the last day of the London Olympics precisely at 1pm, when the planned execution of all Gold medalists was diverted, by the missile fired from East London being diverted into a warehouse fire in Dagenham.”

        😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    • Who could forget about the planned execution of the Olympian Gold medalists and a missile fired in east London being diverted instead to a warehouse in Dagenham?
      Where on Earth does Neelu get this stuff from?


  27. Neelu’s an amateur when it comes to wisdom, knowledge and divine insight. Check out a real megalomaniac – sorry, expert…

    By Mel Ve
    Conscious Consumer Network

    As an Investigative Journalist with more than 2 decades of experience in media, both mainstream and independent, not to mention founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, I have come to learn many tricks, and see through many illusions…”

    [Continues for 3,292 words]

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  28. An update from Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV about an hour ago on his GoFund account:

    “Alrighty, folks! I am still sitting in England. Writing proper updates is difficult given the nature of this situation.

    Those who continue to assist are eligible for a Skype call from me. Some of you have expressed interest in that.

    I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I, for the most part, watched it on Facebook. You can help keep me going. Your continued assistance is greatly appreciated. More to come…

    Help spread the word!”

    So there you are everyone a free Skype call from Rupert if you pay the young parasite some money.


  29. Poor old Angie – people have been using foul language on her Farcebook page. Specifically, words like ‘evidence’. Shocking 😮


    • More evidence Power-Disney doesn’t know the first thing about journalism let alone has studied it.( also proof she is a sociopath : when confronted by a falsehood they don’t give a truthful response just attempt to divert by telling another lie)

      With investigative journalism you present your evidence and proof of your allegations, not your conclusions and expect the reader to accept you have proof.

      But she can’t present her ‘evidence’ can she? It consists of surfing the internet to find fake news and claptrap that re-enforces what’s in her twisted mind.
      And the fraud expects people to finance this rubbish?.


  30. Yeah, Angie – we all believe you:

    Translation: “Hey, I know what would be a really clever ruse. Here’s the plan…

    1. Download a shit photo of Gatwick Airport and some pointlessly random shots of London

    2. Pretend I spent Christmas in London. (Seriously, why else would you take photos like these?)

    3. Upload said photos and claim to have spent Christmas in London, to try and show those bastards over at ‘Hoaxstead’ [sic] that I sneaked in and out of the country without getting arrested.”

    Sooo, how did that work out for you, Angie?


    • Angela will have to try harder than that with those photos for me to believe she was in London this past week.

      Put your Boarding Pass up Angela and then I might believe you and don’t say you threw it away.


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        • I haven’t believed a word she says since she lied about seeing blood in the Church at Hampstead back in April 2015.

          Angela darling I was in that Church the very same day and I have a witness that could confirm this.

          You are so up your own a… you probably didn’t see us.

          LIAR ANGELA.

          I need to see EVIDENCE before I believe anything she says.

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          • I doubt she even has a ‘residence’ in Lanzarote.
            Spain is not cheap if you are a resident unless you have a regular income and have moved their permanently having bought a flat. Only the rich can float between 2 countries as she claims to do but nyone can afford a holiday in Lanzarote as it’s one of those places that caters for budget tourists and the rich alike.

            I say she rented a holiday let for 2 weeks once and has used this as a basis to pretend she maintains various homes.
            Everything Angela Power-Disney says has a hint of credibility but is built upon lies. It’s classic sociopath technique.

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      • Great suggestion FA, let’s see your boarding pass please Angie. We all know she won’t show it though as she does have an aversion to posting documents that would actually prove she isn’t lying.

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        • I believe that Angela has been living in Lanzarote and flitting to Ireland to pick up her mail, see her children occasionally.

          Angela claimed it cost her about $450 a month for the apartment in Puerto whatever.

          I checked that out and it seems to be the going rate for where she lives.

          She’s definitely on the fiddle so to speak one way or the other.

          Disability benefits for herself and Carers Allowance for looking after the youngest boy I reckon.

          PIP, ESA, DLA or whatever applies in Ireland.

          I’m not up to speed on the names of benefits/ALLOWANCES though tbf.

          Angela may have had some inheritance from the sister.

          I’m not sure what she is up to but she’s up to something dodgy.

          As people have said, she’s a Grifter and has been using/abusing the system for over 10 years that she admits to, no doubt more than that.

          A scammer and liar.

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          • You could be right although I’m suspicious because she goes out of her way to give impressions like her phony trip to the London demo that didn’t happen.

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  31. Nice find by MK:

    Sooo, she met George Michael in the 1970s, even though Wham didn’t release their first record until June 1982, when George had just turned 19? No bullshit there, then. And if it’s not bullshit, then what was she doing meeting random teenage boys in cafés in the 1970s, hmm?

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    • George Michael used to go to a secondary school near where I lived back then and worked at the Empire Cinema in Watford so I probably saw him a few times.

      Angela has done everything in life the lying mare.


    • Yep even in 1979 he would have only been 16 Angela!

      Maths not a strong point of your/

      We know that already though.

      Kenyan Charity Donations ring any bells dear?

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    • Why would she remember someone from so far back who wasn’t yet famous and would probably have still been called Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou and not George Michael.


      • Well if she got pregnant by him and had his love child it would hopefully be remembered by her.

        Figment of her Angela’s imagination as usual.


        • Yes FA, Angie does have a vast stack of figments of her imagination. She is like a walking talking series of Jackanory.


    • He would have still been a boy or in his early teens so more proof Angela Power-Disney is a closet pedo. He also did not look like he does now until his early 20s so she wouldn’t be able to recognise him and had a different name. What a liar but as usual she gives herself away as an abuser with 2 recent victims- one being sanctioned and one dragged through the court system.


    • That alleged George Michael quote in the pic is utter cuntwaffle. Didn’t happen, Didn’t say it. Shame on Stephanie,,Angie et al for stooping this low before Mr. Michael’s body is even cold.


      • Yeah, they’re despicable. I’m sure I saw the same quote attributed to Max Spiers too.


  32. I looked into my crystal ball and what did Mystic James see?

    Ella Draper.
    You will never return to the UK. Circumstances will split you from Abraham Christie. You will flee to your bolt hole in Russia, there you will live a mediocre life, forgotten and unfullfilled. You probably won’t see your children again in person, and they will never trust you again.

    Abraham Christie.
    Your skin color, the political climate and lack of money will force you back to the UK. Prison will become your just reward. I expect the rumoured paedophilic narratives attached to you will finally bring an ending to your adventures.

    Neelu Berry.
    A mental hospital will be a much needed eventual destination for you.

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV … and his mother.
    Whichever direction the winds blow you are fucked. Your wings will be clipped one way or another. 2017 is a year of visits to both UK and US courts. So much shit is heading your way, the next few years won’t be happy for you.

    Angela Power Disney
    Your irritating voice and influence on social media become less, you will become insignificant. Your sources of income that sustain your refuge in the lands of Spain willrun out. If those that hunt you cut those streams of income off early, justice will come at you a lot faster. Prison and a major damages claim will clip your wings. Trust is broken, few even in your diminishing circle will support you as you drown in your own poison.

    Sabine McNeill
    You have nothing left to bring to the table. The political situation, your health, your finances, your shattered reputation and ever-watchful police authorities will limit your prospects. Old age will quickly catch up with you as your body and brain fails you. You helped in part for Satanism to take root in London, thank you!

    Belinda McKenzie.
    You clever old witch. Your future is in shadow and uncertain. I only know that your power exists in the manipulation of others as your tools, and thus this is your weakness. Hampstead has become your undoing, your influence is in decline along with the foot soldiers that have been doing your bidding.

    Jake Clarke
    Your visits to the mental hospital in 2016 will not be your last.

    Kristie Sue Costa
    You think you are untouchable, but your war upon the innocent will reap a harsh harvest that will come to your very door. The clock ticks, when that clock strikes the special hour, woe will fall upon you and your house.

    RD and his children
    I am sorry for what has been done to you. You have never fought alone, many champions have fought a bitter fight against a determined foe that has tried to break you apart and destroy you. Your true strength is in the bonds the three of you share with each other, your trust, love and working together. You will never fall if you are close and together. Keep your faces and names off the internet, if you have need to be posting to the internet, post under different names. Being hidden and anonymous is a powerful protection against envious and malicious hunters who will be upon you like a pack of wolves if ever they find your location. Be strong, wise and cautious. Allies are always there to assist you in challenging times. I cannot promise that someone else won’t suffer what you did, but there is now a rapidly growing movement in the UK that will make it harder for this situation to happen again.

    Liked by 1 person

      • I think ‘batshit’ is another Aussie expression I’ve picked up. Batshit Crazy seems to apply to APD & others- crazy old bat with shitty morals. They don’t mince words down here.


      • Wtf is wrong with these people?

        Obviously not brought up to speak the truth.



  33. Rupert, if you are reading this please make your way to the London embassy of KANATA!! where you will be given political asylum. The ITCCS has adopted you as a prisoner of conscience and even though there is no mention of you on the official website I can assure you that this is the case. Hail KANATA!!


  34. I notice fag ash is still trying to hook her claws in to Jake, Angle, put him down, go and puck on some one else.


  35. Omni Eris is looking for new retards who are on youtube to take the piss out of on his channel. I think he might be making a vid about a certain flat earth bodily fluid drinking ex stripper, anyone got any recommendations for any other special twats?


    • George has a very selective memory. I did offer to show him my c*ck once and he just ran away. Admittedly, this was in Sainsbury’s in Dagenham but the…er…point stands, so to speak.


  36. I’m sure Angela and Sandy will be leading the Justin Woolie Fan Club. Sooper-MK Agents reporting for Dog Doo Duty.


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