All quiet on the Hoaxtead front

Well, we hung around the water cooler all day yesterday awaiting news of the Big Bail Return Day…and nothing happened. Not a single peep from any of those arrested this past fall—Neelu Berry, Lee Cant, Desmond During, or John Duane.

This leads us to wonder whether Alan Alanson’s post the other day was a harbinger: were all the arrestees (which we are assured really is a word) informed that their bail return dates had been moved forward? Hard to say, but it does seem possible.

As some of our commenters mentioned yesterday, if this is the case, it isn’t necessarily good news for the five people in question: in general when the CPS wants to have a good hard look at a case, it’s not because they think there’s nothing to look at.

However, at this time we really have no way of knowing which way the wind will blow, so we’re not willing to speculate. We’ll keep our eyes peeled, and let you know at the first sign of anything interesting.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…and it’s time for the team at Hoaxtead Research to take a wee break.

We’re not going away altogether—we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Hoaxtead mobsters’ antics, and will be here to report anything of interest. But for the next week or so, we’re putting the blog on a more relaxed schedule.

For the first time since Scarlet Scoop started this blog in May 2015, we’re taking a break from our usual post-a-day schedule (barring any unforeseen excitement) to spend time with our families and enjoy the holiday season with our friends.

As always, we’ll be poking our heads in from time to time, and we’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming in about a week’s time. Until then, wish you all a very merry Christmas, a joyful Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year!


272 thoughts on “All quiet on the Hoaxtead front

  1. I looked into my crystal ball and what did Mystic James see?

    Ella Draper.
    You will never return to the UK. Circumstances will split you from Abraham Christie. You will flee to your bolt hole in Russia, there you will live a mediocre life, forgotten and unfullfilled. You probably won’t see your children again in person, and they will never trust you again.

    Abraham Christie.
    Your skin color, the political climate and lack of money will force you back to the UK. Prison will become your just reward. I expect the rumoured paedophilic narratives attached to you will finally bring an ending to your adventures.

    Neelu Berry.
    A mental hospital will be a much needed eventual destination for you.

    Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV … and his mother.
    Whichever direction the winds blow you are fucked. Your wings will be clipped one way or another. 2017 is a year of visits to both UK and US courts. So much shit is heading your way, the next few years won’t be happy for you.

    Angela Power Disney
    Your irritating voice and influence on social media become less, you will become insignificant. Your sources of income that sustain your refuge in the lands of Spain willrun out. If those that hunt you cut those streams of income off early, justice will come at you a lot faster. Prison and a major damages claim will clip your wings. Trust is broken, few even in your diminishing circle will support you as you drown in your own poison.

    Sabine McNeill
    You have nothing left to bring to the table. The political situation, your health, your finances, your shattered reputation and ever-watchful police authorities will limit your prospects. Old age will quickly catch up with you as your body and brain fails you. You helped in part for Satanism to take root in London, thank you!

    Belinda McKenzie.
    You clever old witch. Your future is in shadow and uncertain. I only know that your power exists in the manipulation of others as your tools, and thus this is your weakness. Hampstead has become your undoing, your influence is in decline along with the foot soldiers that have been doing your bidding.

    Jake Clarke
    Your visits to the mental hospital in 2016 will not be your last.

    Kristie Sue Costa
    You think you are untouchable, but your war upon the innocent will reap a harsh harvest that will come to your very door. The clock ticks, when that clock strikes the special hour, woe will fall upon you and your house.

    RD and his children
    I am sorry for what has been done to you. You have never fought alone, many champions have fought a bitter fight against a determined foe that has tried to break you apart and destroy you. Your true strength is in the bonds the three of you share with each other, your trust, love and working together. You will never fall if you are close and together. Keep your faces and names off the internet, if you have need to be posting to the internet, post under different names. Being hidden and anonymous is a powerful protection against envious and malicious hunters who will be upon you like a pack of wolves if ever they find your location. Be strong, wise and cautious. Allies are always there to assist you in challenging times. I cannot promise that someone else won’t suffer what you did, but there is now a rapidly growing movement in the UK that will make it harder for this situation to happen again.

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  2. Rupert, if you are reading this please make your way to the London embassy of KANATA!! where you will be given political asylum. The ITCCS has adopted you as a prisoner of conscience and even though there is no mention of you on the official website I can assure you that this is the case. Hail KANATA!!


  3. Omni Eris is looking for new retards who are on youtube to take the piss out of on his channel. I think he might be making a vid about a certain flat earth bodily fluid drinking ex stripper, anyone got any recommendations for any other special twats?


    • George has a very selective memory. I did offer to show him my c*ck once and he just ran away. Admittedly, this was in Sainsbury’s in Dagenham but the…er…point stands, so to speak.


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