Is Belinda planning a kangaroo court?

Belinda has been doing a lot of gloating and gleeful rubbing of hands over the past couple of weeks, and we suspect we might know why.

About a week and a half ago, she began making references to a “very secret conclave” she’d attended:

Belinda secret conclave 2018-05-29 1

Have been at a very secret conclave all day today (19 May 2018) since 11am, woohoo! ….At the said Conclave we had TV on from the late morning so I caught the tail-end of the footage from Windsor but we had a great deal else to discuss.

The references to the royal wedding and her deceased sister seem a bit odd in this context, but clearly Belinda was feeling quite jolly—always a sign that she’s cooking up some sort of plot. We decided to watch and wait.

On Monday, she dropped another subtle hint:Belinda secret conclave 2018-05-29 2

Am getting a bit old now but am nowhere near done and still have a trick or two up my sleeve (sshh!) so am hoping lots more will join me and me them in the upcoming new year of my life.

Of course it’s possible that in her dotage Belinda has decided to learn how to do conjuring tricks for the entertainment of her grandchildren. But the reference to “something up her sleeve” sounded more like confirmation of her earlier post: Belinda is almost certainly hatching some sort of plan.

Lee Cant spills the beans

Sadly for Belinda, we suspect we have some idea what she and her fellow “secret conclave” members have in mind. In fact, one of her minions, Lee Cant, emailed us last week to tell us:

Lee Cant-Belinda secret conclave 2018-05-29 3

We’ve tried to remove any personal information about recipients of this email, excluding publicly available media and police (!).


yes we are ORG. a JURY of 24 folk to do retrial on the Hampstead Children in a Common Law Court of record so the Public can see and be able to judge

to be posted all over……..

To be fair, Lee probably didn’t send us this fascinating announcement intentionally. It was meant to answer a question from Andy Devine, in a seemingly interminable email thread begun by John ‘The Schnozz’ Paterson. Lee probably just forgot to check who was on the recipients list when he hit “reply all”.

Here’s Andy’s question:Andy Devine-Belinda McKenzie conclave 2018-05-29

ps do you still not think there should be a retrial on the Hampstead Children in a Common Law Court of record so the Public can see and be able to judge for them selves (sic), do you still think it irrelevant the people accused of having Tattoo’s-Birthmarks-Piercings-scares (sic) by the children in places the children should not have known? I for one would like that accusation proven wrong then I might think like you, however the fact that simple process wasn’t done leads me to believe this needs a retrial, so why “DONT” (sic) You????

Let’s leave aside for the moment the fact that there was no “trial” on this case, as no one was ever charged following the police investigation—though in our opinion Ella and Abe should have been charged, if not with child abuse, then at least with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Fortunately for Ella, Abe, and Sabine, the court hearing was not in a Crown court, but in the family division of the High Court; and it was a fact-finding hearing, not a criminal trial.

Andy and Lee are dredging up the ludicrous issue of the tattoos yet again, failing to recognise that that particular horse has been deceased for the past three years, and that there is absolutely no point in continuing to flog it.

So how will a “jury in a Common Law Court of record” solve anything? And why will said jury consist of 24 people rather than the usual 12?

According to a site called Freeman Legal Services,

The Grand Jury of Peers is the most potent and lawful force which mas (sic) can assemble to hear wrongdoing. There is NO legal fiction, persona, corporation or entity which can withstand its judgment and is composed of “men and women” not legal fictions, and requires no authority from any external source. It trumps the Supreme Courts of England and the USA and the ICJ and any other fiction court which sits is finery on this planet.It’s yours, it’s here now and you are going to love it because you will understand it. The Grand Jury has the power and authority and precedence to judge facts as well as law – AS ALL JURIES HAVE. It is a deliberate falsehood to purvey that they can only decide fact!

Note to Lee, Andy, and Belinda: no amount of Freeman on the Land woo can make such a court “lawful”.

Holding any sort of public pretend court to “prove” that the Hampstead SRA hoax was somehow real is against the law, for the simple reason that victims and complainants in cases involving sex offence victims are automatically given lifelong anonymity under UK law. If their names or images are dragged out in public yet again, this will constitute contempt of court (the real court, not the pretend one). And we all know what recently happened to Tommy Robinson. ‘Nuff said?

As for the issue of the tattoos, aside from the fact that it would have been illegal for the police to demand that people reveal any distinguishing marks without their having been charged with a crime, it sounds very much like Lee and friends are contemplating some form of vigilantism.

Are they planning to somehow force the people of Hampstead to demonstrate their lack of tattoos, etc.? If so, we’re afraid they can look forward to being charged with assault, at the very least.

If all of this is the subject of the “very secret conclave” which Belinda attended on 19 May, it sounds an awful lot like a group of people might be conspiring to commit a number of crimes.

Whether it involves assaulting the innocent people of Hampstead, or illegally publicising the names of RD’s and other people’s children, any “public Common Law Court of record” would be very much against the (real) law.

Just to be on the safe side, we’ve informed the police of our suspicions. You’re welcome.

kangaroo court 1

133 thoughts on “Is Belinda planning a kangaroo court?

  1. A “secret conclave”?. Yes there it is confirmed: a conspiracy is being hatched to yet again to attempt to pervert the course of justice and harass innocent people.

    That’s if “lee cant” is to be believed but as this mob is like a dog with a bone it seems likely. There is an opportunity for the authorities to nip this conspiracy in the bud before it gets out of hand again. The real victims in this case have been through enough. The few short years that this has ghastly hoax has run must have been harrowing for them and to even hint that a group of misfits are planning to assault their innocence again must be a debilitating. thought.

    When will they ever be allowed to live their lives free of this demeaning organized harassment?. And will this mob ever let the 2 children involved retain their innocence for even a few short years?. Must they go into their teens and adult life with an endless repeating series of videos and photos of them being tortured into telling tales of sordid sex and murder popping up on Youtube?

    Surely a libel action against the main instigators would focus their thoughts?. We have evidence that any deranged mind can be spurred into action: just as a gunman decided to visit a Washington pizza parlor and fire a gun in the place while customers were there, Hampstead had someone travel from the USA to confront victims and turn up armed with a knife at a named location.

    And about bloody time local MPs were badgered into protecting their constituents from harassment. It makes me angry that politicians are lagging so far behind in the rapidly developing world of internet fantasy where innocents are attacked on a daily basis and physically threatened. Why are they so ignorant and frightened of these net entities like Youtube, Facebook etc – they don’t pay their fair share of tax and we are left paying to try and clean up the mess they help create.

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    • Not sure why you veered off into a rant about politicians. There are plenty of existing laws in the UK dealing effectively with contempt of court and harassment and menacing digital communications. In almost all cases I see here, that threshold has been crossed and it is legitimate to ask why they aren’t being prosecuted. BUT prosecutions are a matter for the police and CPS and long may it remain that way. The day that we slide into the quagmire that we are seeing over the pond where politicians are able to direct the police and judiciary to act on their orders will be a dangerous day for all. The UK’s constitutional separation of powers is important for a very good reason.

      A case of be careful what you wish for lest you are given it.

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      • I fail to see the issue with GoS saying that MPs should be “badgered into protecting their constituents from harassment.” Ensuring that the police/CPS are acting upon a constituents concern is one of the roles of an MP.

        An MP needs to understand the impact inaction by the police, CPS or outdated laws have on their constituents. This may be given time in Parliament as that is where laws come from in the first place!

        It’s kind-of how it has worked in the UK for quite a while now…

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      • Perhaps I didn’t explain my politician angle too well.
        I think on the whole they have been woefully left behind by the onslaught of the internet and the large net entities like Google, Facebook, Youtube etc who thumb their noses at the notion of citizens having the right to privacy, the right not to be harassed and defamed etc. and what galls me is that they are huge tax avoiding entities with their falsely constructed “debts” by which they cream of advertising in the $Billions, paying little or no tax, using the infrastructure of a country but owing zilch loyalty to where they make their profits and in the end always without fail, claim that hokey US mantra of “free speech” as a get out clause.

        It gets so insane that the Irish government went into a swoon when the EU ordered Apple to repay Ireland €13 billion in taxes and said they didn’t want it: in other words their craven loyalty was to a giant corporation rather than Irish citizens. That’s an awful lot of money that could be used in a small country. The notion that Apple’s HQ (like Facebook) is “based” in Ireland is a sham.
        And that’s quite apart from how these tax avoiding scams are demolishing publishing and 100,000s of jobs yearly.

        Think back 20 years : could Britain’s newspapers have got away with publishing day after day the photos of the 2 Hoaxtead kids and re-telling their stories without a huge controversy band outrage from our elected representatives?. Our current load of politicians are like deer caught in the spotlight while these corporations walk all over them to the detriment of citizens.

        And yes I think politicians also on a local level have a duty to ensure the police are pro-active.

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        • Many issues here which go way beyond that of failure to apply existing laws. I’m sure as well as a wide range of religious/non-religion views held by fellow posters, there is a wide range of political ones too. Politics is beyond my GCHQ pay grade so I’ll leave it well alone.

          We’ll just have to agree to disagree. 😎

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  2. So let me get this straight. The truthers trust in a woman, who houses convicted paedophiles (nope sorry not whistleblowers), has a history of involvement in very dubious charity/criminal scams, was a key person who orchestrated the Hampstead child abuse hoax, has promoted no end of alien/star child and conspiracy nonsense (whilst taking donations), and yet they still associate with this vile beast!!!

    Words fail me. Bellnder has some nerce to even show her face in public, a complete narcissist and most likey a psycho.

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    • Far be it from me to diagnose someone with a mental disorder. I have to say though that Belinda’s housing a convicted sex offender was the last straw and brought home to me how deluded she must be.

      If anyone reading this believes what happened in Hampstead wasn’t a hoax, at least consider the fact that Ms McKenzie housed (actually HOUSED) a man who had been convicted of sex offences by the Courts. Would you do it? I know I wouldn’t. And she has been one of the main players promoting the shenanigans re Hampstead. You don’t have to believe me. Check for yourselves.

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      • I’ve never knowingly met a paedophile in my life. These folk have proved connections to convicted paedophiles and have even housed one. Are they always shouting out about paedophilia just in case fingers start pointing their way? Is it a case of protesting too much?

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      • Does she really think that there is a “Planet Earth Planing & Tech. Dept” responsible for the weather? I assume it is a joke, but you can’t be sure. Maybe she really is that mad.

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  3. Wasn’t Belinda served with a gagging order about this case? Seems to me she is on the verge of breaching it if she has not done so already. The police should start by questioning Lee Cant about these plans.

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  4. I’m still laughing that Hope Girl fell got scammed out of her crypto currency, LMAO!
    A scammer getting scammed by a a speculative negative sum game, that is even worse than a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme, closer to the ‘greater fool theory’ than anything else.

    Anyone who makes money off of crypto is at the expense of other making losses later on.

    Did dummy fake new age christian/ex witch not know that there is no safe way to store crypto? Even if you take every precaution imaginable, hold a degree in cryptography and computer security, the developers, miners, markets and wallet holders can all exit not to mention that the crash is imminent as Bitcoin becomes less efficient as time passes, and magic internet beans mined using tons of energy to solve puzzles, is of no value to anyone except those running the scams.

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    • Equador is obviously a country on the planet Zog where they happily exchange certificates from SwissIndo for cash.
      I’m not convinced you would get much for them in Ecuador. However; it you send them to me I will pay the equivalent of 100 Venezuelan Bolívar for each one.

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  5. I think it’s hilarious that he would include the Police and media in that list of email recipients.

    PC Grimwood is even on that list. They honestly think they will get away with this common law Hampstead “retrial” harassment? LOL!

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  6. Mad bint update

    Oh and as usual, Angela’s accompanied that post with a random pic so it can’t be reported.

    She’s a Christian, you know.

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      • Karma, astrology, hatred, murder, water dowsing, spirit channelling, false idolatry, clairvoyance, fraud, arrogance, bearing false witness, casting spells and curses… All ok for Christians now, apparently. Let’s just say things have changed a lot since my Sunday school days.

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        • Karma, astrology, hatred, murder, water dowsing, spirit channelling, false idolatry, clairvoyance, fraud, arrogance, bearing false witness, casting spells and curses…
          And stampeding cattle.
          That’s not much of a crime.
          …through the Vatican?

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  7. Didn’t they try this “Grand Jury” nonsense three years ago? – 01.45 of attached – that obviously went well …

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    • Okay. I watched it. It made me laugh. Yes, the police car slowed down but it was probably an officer pointing out the nutter’s address to a new colleague. The other cars just drove by normally.

      My maths is a little rusty but if she claims that there is only one car every 5 minutes in that road, then assuming standard distribution three within a minute has a 16% probability or the same as throwing a six on a die. Hardly an unusual event.

      Must be those paranoia inducing chem-trails.

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  8. Looks like Hope Girl’s anti-MKD trolling video (that several people from here reported) has come down.

    This one:

    Great work, folks. As JournoAngie said, “Karma’s a bitch.” Hehe 🙂

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  9. I hope I get a jury service notification from Belinda! Come to think of it who will be selecting those jurors….and will they be unbiased?

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  10. Secret meetings….doting over the Royals….has Belinda joined the Order of the Eastern Star and is teaming up with Rothschilds and Bilderberg Group?….It’s a conspiracuh.
    A common law court case in which a bunch of unprofessional biased conspiracy nuts choose which evidence is heard without any defense present and nobody of any relevance or importance being questioned or cross examined. Pointless nonsense!

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        • She really is a fuckwit isn’t she?. Despite probably 1000s of hours of complicated investigations by numerous police officers, the complications of gathering evidence, 100s of interviews of witnesses and victims and alleged’s a berk like “Tommy Robinson” actually exposing abuse. Even though there are several trials going on.

          Power-Disney does this all the time- she posts links to reports of arrests and convictions and thinks she’s the one exposing it all and then moans “something must be done” while others are actually doing something while she sits at home begging for fag & beer money.

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        • Blast from the Past !. Great song and way ahead of his time. I marveled at this song when it first came out and the fact he performed it on Top of The Pops was amazing and a credit to the BBC then.
          Reminds me of how music could be powerful and have a real message before it dissolved into financial mediocrity.

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    • “…in which a bunch of unprofessional biased conspiracy nuts choose which evidence is heard without any defense present and nobody of any relevance or importance being questioned or cross examined.”

      That is justice in many countries, scary eh?

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  11. This court perhaps?

    It’s the current favourite amongst the ‘Lawful Rebels’ who have been using it to good effect to get out of paying council tax and hide their assets from bankruptcy practitioners… Well… When I say good effect I mean no effect whatsoever but there’s been commercial liens and Lis Pendens and plenty of other Footler favourites. You can even get a common law birth certificate which lets you reclaim your something, something, something.

    The best bit about it is … And I quote…

    “The final verdict of the Common Law Court Jury is final and not subject to appeal.”

    So that should be the end for the satanic powers of satanic satanism.

    In reality the ‘Common Law Court’ is one man who appears to be John Smith of somewhere in Scotland. John seems to be the judge, court clerk, prosecution counsel and all twelve members of the the court. As often as not he’s the plaintiff too so a lot of the final and non-appealable judgements work in his favour.

    As of late he’s been doing a roaring trade… Well… A trade anyway in ‘official’; court documents at £7.00 a go. Yes folks… A mere seven of your English pounds will buy you a certified copy of the CLC’s judgement overturning council tax… Think of all the money you could save.

    Oh… You can even get a medical marijuana get out of jail free card for the same low, low price…

    “There is NO CHARGE for recording this information however you may purchase an A4 extract for £7.00. This extract will be embossed with the Common Law Court Seal and will confirm that it is lawful for the named individual to use and grow the marijuana plant under Common Law.”


    • OMG, it’s a Fotler scam on a bun, it’s all there. At bottom though It appears to be all about Mr Smith’s problems with council tax, his mortgage and other debts, so he declares them void in his common law court and tries to make a little £££ by selling useless documents to other people.

      The usual mystery (Neelu is the same) about how people appear to be simultaneously fooled by this stuff, and cynically using it to scam other people. He appears in the Quatloos thread Practical Lawful Dissent FMOTL Antics, and I think one of the cases discusssed on the site by two creepy avatars (one with disturbingly rolling eyes) may be a case followed in a BBC Radio 4 documentary about freemen.

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      • There are times when you can laugh at idiots like Neelu but she really is a bloody creep. The “Disappeared” was a term originated by the desperate families of young activists who were kidnapped by the dreadful murderous Pinochet regime in Chile and who were never found. Stories abounded of young people rounded up and machine gunned in a stadium, of being hog-tied and flung out of helicopters over the sea.

        These vile people appropriate a term that is so meaningful to the mothers who “coined” the term to try and describe their sheer desperation of never knowing what happened to their child.

        But as in the way they steal the term “whistle blower”, they reduce the seriousness of an important subject with their own selfish & petty claptrap.

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    • 2:10 – “Richie Allen says in his broadcast he thinks he’s exposing paedos. Well, he’s never exposed anything except for I’m sure he’s exposed himself a few times.”

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      • For anyone who missed the gag there, read the full song title and then watch/listen to any random snippet of Angie above.

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        • OMG, does she look more vile than ever and done, reported. Any headline will do for Angie, nothing said about the fact that Tommy put the victims in the case at risk and also the case itself……. cos She doesn’t know and she doesn’t care about any real victims only those like her who make shit up about famous people or politicians.

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      • Video is still up, so much for YouTube’s 24/7 flagging service. Actually it’s bollocks and only a small percentage of reports are acted upon.
        It’s just there so you can feel like you did something.
        If they did act Free the Hampstead 2 would be wiped off the site completely.
        We need to stage a coordinated operation to flag every single interview video numerous times till the whole channel is taken down, that should be the number one priority.

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        • I agree in principle, but here are some numbers to think about:
          YouTube videos tagged “Hampstead Cover up”: 17,800
          YouTube videos tagged with the names of the two children: 30,800
          YouTube videos tagged with father’s name: 1,390
          YouTube videos tagged “Hampstead Satanic”: 8,900

          Yes, there will be overlap amongst those categories, but this gives a sense of what we’re up against. What we really need is a concerted legal effort to force YouTube to obey the court order which was made in February 2015. They need to take down the videos wholesale. While it’s satisfying on an individual level to remove them one at a time, it’s really like farting against thunder.

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          • You don’t say. If only the legal guardian lodged the correct claim and YouTube added it to an auto flagging digital fingerprint doodah then it’d have an effect. I blame a lot of Americans with poor cognition knee jerking this thing seven ways to Sunday

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            • I know, if YouTube can ‘sense’ a music copyright violation at 1,000 paces, how are they unable to notice when thousands of illegal videos are being uploaded and shared? And even if they can’t use some kind of visual flagging, it’s a simple matter to write a programme which would sort videos by keyword and create an ongoing database for them.

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          • If it was legally required that they detect and remove it they would. But that’d take a lawyer badgering them, or a much bigger campaign that a few dozen of us can muster. It’s pretty much an unregulated free for all and paradise for idiots posting crap.

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        • That is what they do…… I’m sad that it still boils down to mass reporting. I’ve been thinking that there needs to be a mechanism for a case like this………… once a restraining order is in place, especially if children are involved, then it should get all an automatic wipe …………The amount of vralised vile still out there about Hollie and the children, all generated by certain platforms, colluding and with clickalottys and bots galore at the ready…… surely tech wizards can sort this ?

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          • We could possibly contact a Hampstead MP or counsellor ? If it was a Metallica song or Star Wars clip it’d go down. I’m sure YouTube would act if it was done properly. Mere flagging is pointless.

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    • That alleged journalism course she did in university was a waste of time. She is still ignorant to the fact that D-Notices are not compulsory.

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    • Disappearing is the order of the day it seems. Yet there’s plenty of whistleblowers and GCHQ Trolls around as far as I see it.
      What’s everyone else spending their Illuminati Shadow Government Black Op Paycheque on this week ? I was thinking black tinted windows in my car so the truthers can’t see me on CCTV. Maybe some white Shorunite crystals to give my braincancer microwave cannon an extended range. I’ve had it pointed at Mad Deb;s shack for the last month and she’s raising her tolerance.

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  12. Belinda, the cow
    Was sure she knew how
    To set up a kangaroo court.
    When she heard Hoaxtead shout
    That her secret was out,
    She cried and reached for her passport.

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