Update from Angela…but how much is true?

The problem with being a serial liar is that when you do tell the truth, people are much less likely to believe you. And so we have very mixed feelings about bringing you this update from Angela Power-Disney, whose acquaintance with the truth is distant at best.

An hour ago she posted this on her Facebook page: Aside from the utterly ludicrous conflation of #piece-a-hate with the Hampstead SRA hoax, she is now claiming the following:

  1. Rupert has been given back his passport and is free to travel pending August charade
  2. Charges against Lee (Cant) DROPPED
  3. Bail against Belinda DROPPED
  4. Neelu fine to remain in INDIA pending charade
    “Re the Hampstead case, Belinda does NOT have to go back to the Police! She’s free from bail!!!
    Lee’s had all his charges dropped too, and Rupert is free to go home, while Neelu stays in India.”

What we can confirm:


We do know that as of Friday, 31 March, Rupert’s barrister was planning to apply for bail amendments. However, reliable sources inform us that this was to have taken place next week. While it’s possible that amendments have been negotiated in the interim, we have heard nothing about it. We believe it’s prudent to take a “wait and see” approach. We will continue to monitor the situation, and will inform our readers of anything we can confirm.

Lee Cant:

We have had no confirmation that anything has been done about Lee Cant’s charges, but it is possible that he will receive a warning from police. Again, we will monitor and let readers know of any changes.


Again, there has been no word of any change in Belinda’s bail status. Our understanding is that she was rebailed as of 24 March 2017, with charges pending.


Neelu is currently on bail, and her house is in the process of being repossessed. If she has gone to India, which seems unlikely under the circumstances, she will be required to return to face charges at some point.

Consider the source

Before forming any opinion on the “news” that Angela has shared, we would like to know exactly where it came from. We know that Angela has a great deal of trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, and we would like to see evidence that she has gleaned her information from a reliable source. And no, Sabine doesn’t count.

89 thoughts on “Update from Angela…but how much is true?

  1. OK, you know yesterday was April Fools day right???

    (You know I seriously was thinking about posting something like that, just as an April fools day joke, but decided it was in seriously bad taste….)

    Seems she has even less sense of taste.

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  2. There she goes again. Either Angie plucks this crap straight out of her fudge pipe or she’s been using a randomiser app to type in loads of possible outcomes, spin the wheel and spew the results out over her Farcebook page. I realise that the latter would require her getting off her arse and doing some actual work but let’s not forget that she has her very own slave – sorry, “intern” – now.

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    • There are a few tiny whiffs of truth in there, as usual, but by and large I mistrust her bulletin. Too many pieces don’t fit. However, discreet inquiries are being made to confirm or deny.


      • I think there are a few tiny whiffs of truth in there too EC.

        Though I have heard conflicting “gossip” on Belinda, there is some truth in the RQ update and the Lee Cant info.

        The Neelu Indian tale sounds bizarre as why would you do a runner to India when your house and possessions were likely to disappear into thin air?

        Could be a Freeman of the Land ploy I suppose.

        I have my suspicions that Angela got this information from a mailing list she is on but the source I’m not 100% sure on.

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  3. Angie truly expects us to believe that she’s the one person Belinda would share her sooper-seekrit news with? After all she’s said about her? LOL 😀

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  4. Well, she’s wasting no time in going around embarrassing herself with this crap:

    By the way, is anyone else getting bored with that “tide is turning the elite’s days are numbered we’re winning the war” bollocks? I’ve seen no signs that the conspiraloons are winning anything.

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    • Sooo, she’s posted the comment “Thankyou for the high price you paid to help Arty”…on Arty’s page. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why commas are so important 🙂

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  5. Here’s that BBC Trending report:

    “It was one of the worst school shootings in American history, but some people insist that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. They post YouTube videos and spread rumours online, and their false theories have been repeated by a media mogul conspiracy theorist who has been linked to Donald Trump. Now, after years of harassment, the families of the victims are fighting back online”…

    There are two links within the story, to related broadcasts on BBC World Service or BBC Radio 4.

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    • The Westminster false-flaggers are multiplying, I see. So many ill-informed videos about this are out there now. One of these weirdos asked me earlier if I’d rather believe the mainstream media’s claim about people having died on the bridge. This was my reply:

      “Mainstream media? Puh! No, I’d rather watch a random evidence-free rant from an unqualified internet loon and join all the other conspirasheep in hanging on your every word without questioning its veracity. That would be much more sensible than believing an incident I witnessed with my own eyes.
      In fact, I truly believe you to be the new Messiah and if you have a GoFundMe page (as per troofer tradition), I’d very much like to give you lots of money to fund your free YouTube channel.”

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      • Yes Spiny the amount of videos on Youtube now calling the Westminster attack a false flag event is indeed growing. The troofers are so predictable with the crap they come out with. It’s always a race between them each time an attack occurs to be the first person to shout false flag and present their bullshit theories as evidence.

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    • Abe is doomed to a very sad rest of his life as he has always experienced until he launched this hoax.
      Back to obscurity and poverty for the little criminal worm.

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  6. Sad rest of his life, to go with the sad start of his life.
    On the run, no money, no drugs, no hope

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour Abe, you deserve everything you get….

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    • So…Seaman whipped up a lynch-mob, then fled when it turned on him?
      These idiots really ought to study some history…most witch hunters end up in their own bonfires, natch.

      I think I was 11 or 12 when I bought a copy of Russell H Robbins’ “Encyclopedia Of Witchcraft & Demonology” from the local used book shop. I was a big fan of Tolkien, sci-fi and fantasy generally – Robbins’ book seemed just the ticket to me. Stayed up many nights poring through it, and it proved a valuable inoculation to witch hunter BS later in life. Because it was clear – the WITCH HUNTERS were the dangerous ones, not the alleged witches who had been their victims.

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      • Hmm,To spend the next hour starring blankly at the Sunday Times cryptic crossword puzzle or ponder over what the hell Olga is banging on about?Decisions,decisions.

        Angies “more good news” is somewhat akin to a drowning man considering a nearby straw particularly fortuitous.

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      • And note the homophobic Angela Power-Disney is ranting on about gay story-lines in TV shows. So a big section of society is to be ignored according to her and told they should hide in shame. What a deeply unpleasant hypocrite she is.

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        • We can’t have adults committing consensual homosexual acts now can we? No, they should be committing heterosexual sexual assaults on people they barely know, that sort of thing is just a bit of fun, isn’t it Angie?

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    • What part of the fact that Ella is NEVER getting her children back does Kris Costa not understand?.
      This has been settled in the UK High Court and re-affirmed under a lost appeal.
      Family law is no different in the US.
      The father has been found to be innocent in a court of the false accusations.
      The mother is wanted in the UK for child abuse. God only knows what other charges she could face- conspiracy to pervert the course of justice I think is likely.
      The children are what..going on 12/13? Time goes quickly and in a couple of years they will be teens with an entire new life & caught up in all those young teen things that consume their lives.
      It’s all Rover as far as Ella is concerned.

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  7. Seriously, what a twat. No wonder his supporters have deserted him in droves.

    And what are you gonna do to give them that reward, Abe? Come back to the UK and sort them all out? No? Oh dear, too much of a coward to leave your sooper-seekrit hideout in Spain that, ahem, none of us know about, are you? LOL.

    Oh well, there’s always your three fundraising pages to keep you in fried chicken and weed while you’re out there. Oh wait – no, Hoaxtead Research got those all banned, didn’t they. D’oh!

    Well, never mind – at least you still have all your supporters. Oh no, wait – Sabine, Belinda, Charlotte, Angela, Guidance 2222 and Kristie Sue all hate your guts.

    So I guess you’re fucked, then.

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  8. They do like to have a punt both ways don’t they?.
    Everything is an (Rothschild Freemason) Establishment plot to silence & harass this mob but when there is the slightest victory from a Satanic judge (who should be hung for treason) they crow until the cows come home.

    So much for the power of the CIA & MI5/6 Illuminati whose bloodline run the world ( having engineered the Russian revolution & WW2) & whose meddling in foreign affairs have overturned the governments of entire countries yet with this handful of whinging & scammers they just can’t silence them on the Jewish Cultist Zuckerberg’s YouTube channel.

    I really cannot see Rupert getting his passport back unless he had very good reasons particularly as he is pleading Not Guilty unless he was able to pay a substantial bond.
    As for Neelu, good luck to her in India but she does show a total disregard for her plight if she is paying for international flights whilst having her home repossessed at the same time. Does she even understand what re-possession means? No more mortgages ever at her age and renting from now on. Still, it’s her life to fuck up as she wants.

    This sounds to me like very tricky wording from APD and she is a being a little too smart. Have no idea what Cant’s charges were (perhaps he accepted a caution?) and her statement about Belinda is very odd- why say “free from bail” etc and not just say charges dropped?

    Of course the 3 years of angst dished out to innocent Hampstead residents including an innocent father and a family who had to flee their secure church accommodation in fear from this pitch fork mob, 2 children whose lives were uprooted and the other children accused of being abused and killing babies and their poor parents named and humiliated on the internet doesn’t even enter the heads of this bunch of prize f*cking c*nts.

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  9. Oh for Christ’s sake, Slurpy, stop embarrassing yourself.

    Reported to YouTube with the following message:

    “I am becoming increasingly concerned by YouTube’s willingness to allow these videos on its site. The Hampstead ‘satanic panic’ case was debunked in court but the accused continue to come under attack from people such as the uploader of this video. Please remove it immediately. Thank you.”

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      • I see, so Marijawana is an aid for memory?
        “Yes your ‘onour, that’s the dastardly thief wot done the deed, I recall his face so clearly as I had 8 spiffs that morning. Him there with the two heads. Banged to rights”.

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      • Funny how even though they “only drank hemp-protein”, traces of THC indicating long-term cannabis use were found in their hair samples. Meanwhile, although Abe and Ella insisted that the children were forced by their father to snort cocaine…mmm, nope, no traces of cocaine found. Isn’t that funny? I think it’s funny.


    • the people who have had their lives turned upside down by this shit need to come together (maybe they are) and maybe join forces with other victims like the sandy hook victims, get MPs involved and put real pressure on the social media groups enabling this. This is getting out of hand and I wouldn’t be surprised if foreign groups are involved in sowing discord as others have mentioned. As bigger groups you will be much more powerfull. I try to show people the truth but its too big and needs to be tackled at source.

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    • The dill hasn’t noted that the Mail (organ of repute) has put “lost” in quotation marks for a very good reason : it’s far more complicated than what these numbskulls think, that there is a highly organised ring of Satanists stealing little blue-eyed kiddies Pied Piper style and delivering them to London for lunch.

      When they say “trafficking” they mean very complicated situations where a teen is drawn into a web of several people or just one and is gradually put on the game or falls in with same aged teens, experiments with drugs, begins to sell their body or goes to work in a bordello and that’s before we even know what their home life was like which made them leave in the first place. And about a thousand variations on that.

      Have the fools not noticed the extraordinary world-wide media generated by the disappearance of Madeline McCann and a handful of similar cases? Do they really think if 1000s similarly disappeared every week like that there wouldn’t be riots in the streets?

      The UN is snowed under because it does actually save the lives of 10,000s of children every year in the Third World and would do 100 times the work if they only had the manpower and money.

      Again this crafted scenario they have created reeks of deep fantasies within their own minds but it really pisses me right off that these keyboard phony “child protection campaigners” sit at a PC all day perpetuating the evilness within their minds while 1000s of dedicated workers (like those at the UN) put their lives into danger zones and deadly wars or disease ridden African countries to try and bring some quality of life or health care to 100,000s of children and all these fatheads can do is beg for money to finance their cigarette, drug or booze habits and then jibber jabber all day ! (rant ends)

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    • Kudos to Tony, Cassie, Laura, Dawn and Simon – you’ve made the right choice in backing away and giving Dopey Deirdre a wide berth!

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      • Those look like the words of someone who has lost the plot. Debs friends, if she has any left should get a doctor to go and see her.

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      • To lose one friend is unfortunate but to lose five means Deb is a living nightmare and they have finally realized.

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  10. While I agree that there may be strength in numbers for hoax victims, that’s not the lesson I hope people will take away from the harassment of Sandy Hook victim families.

    First & foremost, I would hope it is apparent that people who would promote the idea that MURDERED CHILDREN had never existed and were really some form of government black-ops “prank”, could only be subhuman pieces of shit. Frankly.

    But what I’d really like to see, is large numbers of average users of the platforms through which hoax-promoters carry out their evil, psychotic behaviour, taking responsibility to clean up those platforms by driving them off. And for that to happen, I think more people need to wake up to the fact that the irrational persecution of hoax victims is MY problem, YOUR problem, and OUR problem to sort out. NOT their problem only.

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    • Absolutely right, Justin. Much of this revolves around the stubborn intransigence of platforms like YouTube, which force people to jump through ridiculous hoops in order to have slanderous, illegal material taken off the site. I think that’s one area of focus which must be addressed by all of us.

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    • Anyone who has taken legal advice after being targeted by any of the many and various types of lunatic that are fast becoming the norm on Social Media will have been given one simple piece of primary advice. -Walk away, and encourage as many others as you can to do likewise. The only people who can clean up these platforms are those who own them and they absolutely have no interest in doing so. These are cash cows that will eventually die, meantime it’s traffic at any cost and that includes the lives and security of innocent people. Take a slightly different angle on this and have a think about how many children and vulnerable people are driven to self harm and even suicide. Apart from offering platitudes and playing PR games, what are these platforms really doing about it? Even the BBC’s intervention the other day is seen simply as a slight storm to be allowed to blow over. There will come a day when these platforms implode, new ones rise up and the waning stock is dumped on mug punters. The game is cash extraction, the needs wants and demands of users don’t come into it. Nobody is interested in crafting anything of real worth here and nobody cares if individual users live or die, so long as the share price remains viable.

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      • Taking any legal action can be stressful and in this new world of on-line cruelty I can assure you it talks a lot out of those who work on such cases.


    • the Sandy Hook hoaxers reach a new low in despicable behaviour. I thought Chris Spiteful was bad enough but it’s too difficult to imagine what it is like being told your dead child never existed.

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      • And the murdered staff, GOS. The harassment of that poor woman, whose teacher sister truly was a hero & martyr to lunatic violence, just makes my blood boil.

        And all of these people, adults & children, had very well documented lives – with many relatives who bear witness to those lives, not to mention all the records. This is not at all akin to the imaginary sacrificial infants supposedly born & raised in total secrecy, then disposed of with no trace of their brief existence.

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        • Yes, it is both astonishing and nauseating that people could stoop so low as to deny a family their grief over a lost sister or child. I think another common denominator between Hoaxtead and Sandy Hook is that the conspiranoids in both cases have very specific agendas that they are trying to push: the Hoaxtead nutters want everyone to believe that the world is about to be taken over by paedophilic, baby-eating Satanists; and the Sandy Hook nutters want to ensure that their right to own firearms aren’t curtailed in any way. They have no problem at all in sacrificing others for their own sick ends.

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      • I visited the grave of Fusilier Lee Rigby today. A simple military headstone.

        Made me sad and angry if you know what I mean.

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    • NICE! Thank you.

      David Seaman – what a maroon! (thank you bugs bunny)
      “Podesta needs a fair trial, and then he needs to be publicly hanged!”
      LOL ! What if he was found innocent? Couldn’t happen? Or is he saying…REGARDLESS of the trial’s outcome, he should be publicly hanged? Sure sounds like it to me.

      And this man is a self-professed JEW? SHAME! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU, David Seaman.

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    • Thank you mate. I wanted to use the song by The Strawbs “The Hangman and the Papist” this version, but couldn’t fit a song with lyrics over the top, just sounds confusing.


      • A nice pair 🙂
        I think I recall the Strawbs opening for Supertramp in concert, ancient history.

        Yes, I could envision Angela as a mythical medieval “satanic” witch.
        Interesting the lyric “anti-Nicene creed”. I wonder how many self-professed, modern, “Luciferians” are aware of St Lucifer of Cagliari – the true, original Lucifer, who became an excommunicated heretic by being too severely & pig-headedly orthodox! ROFL! His followers being the real “Luciferians”, the medieval “Luciferans” simply a fantasy. Another rabbit hole to jump down, for those who enjoy that…

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