What if they held a coup and nobody noticed?

How to sum up the past couple of days, following the deportation of would-be king Hoani John Wanoa, who seems to have set up semi-permanent residence on a bench at Hong Kong International Airport?

Andy Devine, who at first seemed downcast by the utter balls-up of their grand plans for world domination, seemed to collect himself fairly quickly. He decided that their abject defeat was actually a stunning victory, and spent Thursday live-streaming on Facebook from St James’s Park, repeating his usual mantra: “It’s about the facts. The facts are the facts and we’ve all been lied to. But its facts that is about and we’ve got the facts on our side…because the facts can’t be undone by the fiction, because they’re the facts….” and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

There was a speech from Wanoa—well, there were two, but on the first he forgot to switch on the sound, and so blathered on for about 45 minutes in welcome silence.

The second attempt, when it came, was broadcast via Devine’s mobile phone to the gathered crowd of at least 15 people, most of whom seemed bored witless but happy to enjoy the sunshine.

At one point Lee Cant, who’d donned a suit and combed his hair for the occasion, read out a bunch of freeman on the land woo and made a judgment against a judge he claimed had wronged him in some way. He volunteered to continue with 20 more such “cases”, but Devine wisely demurred.

Oh, and did we mention the police officer who appeared early in the day to let Devine know that it was illegal to hang flags from trees in a royal park? At first Devine was convinced that the officer was on board with the whole “new king” thing, but when the police reappeared later to write out a summons for having ignored the earlier warning, he was a bit less sanguine. Apparently, claims that the flag would protect him had been a bit overstated.

Ah well, lose some, lose some more.

Day 2, post-coup

Friday morning Devine was back at it, live-streaming from Westminster. Guest appearances were made by a number of familiar faces: Araya Soma, Jake Clarke, Edgar John (aka Eddie Isok), and others turned up.

Devine, however, was not having a good day.

First, Gary Clarke (no relation to Jake), one of the Pendragons who has been less than impressed with Devine of late, showed up, ostensibly to make a citizen’s arrest and haul Devine in for…being himself? We weren’t certain what the actual charges were. In any case, the arrest fizzled quickly, to our disappointment.

Gary Clarke

A bit later, a woman named Charmaine Mulligan approached Devine in person, and informed him in no uncertain terms that he was a complete wanker for having shared images of children relating to the Hampstead SRA hoax—sentiments with which we heartily agree.

Dear Andy: Gordon wants a divorce

However, while Devine was busy droning on about facts and being correct and his usual meaningless drivel, Jo-Anne Sollis fired a shot across the bow of the good ship Wackadoo, in the form of a message from Gordon Bowden:

We were following along reasonably well until we got to the bit about Lee Cant being the appointed Ambassador of AUSTENASIA, but a bit of poking about on the interwebs revealed all.

Okay, no it didn’t. Instead, we found this:

The Embassy of the Empire of Austenasia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the unaccredited diplomatic mission of the Empire of Austenasia to the United Kingdom and base of operations for the Austenasian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The current embassy was claimed on 6 February 2017, replacing a former embassy which had been claimed from September 2015 to June 2016. Both have been in areas of London, capital of the United Kingdom.

Austenasia claims diplomatic immunity and extraterritoriality for its embassies, which – although unaccredited – are therefore administered by the Chief Ambassador rather than under British law.

The United Kingdom does not officially recognise the Empire of Austenasia, and has not therefore accredited or publicly acknowledged its embassies. The Embassy therefore serves a primarily ceremonial purpose.

And furthermore, this:

The current Second Embassy of Austenasia to the United Kingdom is located at 7 Barclay House, Well Street, Hackney Central, and is comprised of a ground-floor residence of a block of flats. It is the home of the incumbent Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Lee Cant, who was appointed such on 4 February 2017. His residence was claimed as the Second Embassy two days later, on 6 February.

The Second Embassy of Austenasia

Your guess is as good as ours.

So, roughly translated, it sounds as though Bowden was telling Devine that his king is shit, his business is a scam, and if he wants his £20,000 back, he can whistle for it.

Devine responded by calling Bowden a scammer, and claiming that he’d taken that £20,000 under false pretences, and there was much sabre-rattling about exposing people and people exposing themselves and so forth. We don’t really mind if it’s between consenting adults and they don’t frighten the horses, but if it’s all the same to everybody, we’d prefer not to be around when it happens. Some things, once seen, cannot be unseen.

Will Devine be back live-streaming tomorrow? Will King Crusty still be camped out in the Arrivals area of Hong Kong Airport? Will Bowden ever give back that £20,000? Stay tuned….

79 thoughts on “What if they held a coup and nobody noticed?

  1. “…Hoani John Wanoa, who seems to have set up semi-permanent residence on a bench at Hong Kong International Airport…”

    Ah, so that’s what they mean by “King’s bench”. I get it now.

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    • Seems he also boasted of the wonderful facilities at Hong Kong Airport which he took full advantage of as they were “immense” : namely the Disability Toilet.
      Not sure if he actually slept there the night and I guess he could always justify the use under “Mentally Challenged”.
      King Wanoa then proceeded to the upstairs Chinese restaurant (well it is Kong Kong) and described his delicious meal as he ate it. Curry I believe.
      Plus the local policemen said he was able to stay 3/4 days but I think they actually meant, you know Hong Kong itself not the airport where they are probably worried he may take up permanent residence seeing he has set up an office.
      Mind you his current office is a table in McDonalds but his preferred one further down had already been snatched by an ungrateful passenger not realizing they were in the presence of Royalty.

      All of this would be so much easier for the Regent if they would only bring back the Royal Yacht Britannia into service.
      On the positive side I hear numerous businesses at the Airport will soon be awarded Royal Warrants for their care of our beloved Monarch.

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      • Just a hunch but I’m guessing he’s not as welcome traipsing around Hong Kong airport for days on end as this (significantly more charming) guy:

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  2. For the record, though it’s fun to watch the Devine v Collis & Bowden pagga, I must admit I still don’t trust Jo-Ann Sollis, as she clearly has her own agenda; and am I right in thinking she’s also a “Finchley Road” conspiraloon?

    Also, if Bowden really has taken £20 grand under false pretences, he should give it back. I’ve no sympathy for Devine but it’s still wrong of Bowden to rip off a mentally ill man (who has a family to support), if that’s what’s happened.

    Here endeth the bleary-eyed 3:30am ‘thinking out loud’ comment that will probably sound like complete bollocks when I read it back later 😆

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  3. Bit of advice for anyone thinking of joining Devine, Araya et al on their next protest. If they offer you some liquid refreshment, run a mile

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  4. When Wanoa gets his sound fixed and tries again, it’s still hard to make out what he’s saying and some parts are completely inaudible. I’m sure Lenin never had this much trouble 😆

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      • Good of Devine to teach us about “fraudulent grammar”, though. That’s a new one on me; but for the love of God, please don’t try to explain it to me.

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    • I see he references “the King of England”. Once again Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have been cruelly overlooked.

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    • Funnily enough I was just about to mention that, Smutty, and sing your praises for getting there first. Honest 🤭

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    • Kreepshow Gamez would be likely to get a visit from the cops after making a post like that if they were here. They are understandably leery after Christchurch….
      If they are in the US of course, it just means its a day with an Y in it…

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  5. Ah here hi, don’t be mocking the good King Lollipop! He has taken his followers to a whole new level of consciousness of Royalty & revolution. What better way could there be of taking over parliament/every country in the world, (the whole world was watching according to the Gospel of Devine/Wanoa) than laying around a summer seat informally chatting amongst themselves & flicking through smart phones. The highlight was the desultry cries of “Aye” in the park while the Walter Mitty King in Hong Kong airport tried to imitate John Bercow with “the Ayes have it , the Ayes have it” but didn’t quite pull it off.

    Actually the topic heading nearly had me bursting my britches, absolutely spot on & hilarious. Did you ever think about getting into writing EC, you should! 🙃😉🙃

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  6. What I see over and over with these people is it’s ALL about Meeeeeee!

    They are no body’s.

    However they jump on to the most sick, most low level things in life where the most vulnerable, uneducated, unwell folk give them air.

    This Andy Divine….this person must have seen me on Facebook……. I know they know who I am……I’m here live……here I am again……..me, me, me, me, me, meeeeeeeeee!

    Sad, stupid, totally thick as pig sh*t idiots who go around ruining innocent people’s lives for their own EGOs.

    And this Divine nut thinks he is sooooo special (in his mind and other sad sickos)……and the main thing that they have in common is that they are all total Narcissists!

    Narcissists Every Single One Of Them!

    All lacking the core sense of Self.

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  7. Scamedy, allegedly is going to email King Con his cc details again to pay for his flight to NZ. He kept on as well about a video of his that had been taken down. A video he said that one of the Pen Dragons goaded Wanoa into saying, hang the Queen. Tbh, I don’t believe for a minute that that is what was said. It’s more likely that Scamedy is trying to cover his & Wanoa’s arses in case of charges.

    I don’t think Gordon Bowden should reimburse Scamedy btw. He made an investment in a company, wrong choice & judgement & lost it, just as Gordon Bowden’s ex wife did & tens of thousands of others. He has to live with it now.

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    • The prick’s still ranting at Wavy for punching his pavement-kisser mate. He didn’t – he wasn’t even in London at the time – and Davine hasn’t stumped up a single scrap of evidence or logic to support his allegation. He appears to have just pulled Wavy’s name out of a hat, What was that about facts removing the fiction, Devine? You appear to have got it the wrong way round. Oops!

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      • He keeps calling him “Weavy Green” too. What is is with Devine and names? He literally can’t get anyone’s right!

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      • “He appears to have just pulled Wavy’s name out of a hat”

        Well, he’s pulled it from somewhere anyway.

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    • That Eddie the Hatt bloke’s back and seems oblivious to the fact that several of Devine’s mates/supporters who are with him in the feed he’s commenting on are Scottish or Irish…

      I’ve reported the comment for hate speech, btw. Thanks to Agent J for alerting me to it 🥇

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    • Love how the two blokes who stopped to chat about his flag quickly made their excuses to leave once Andy Pandy started to rave about Freemasons and the facts being the facts.

      It occurs to me now that King Wanoa has now been without a bath for..will it be 5 days?. Spare a thought for the passenger unlucky enough to get a seat next to him on his flight to Auckland.

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      • Andy’s just offered (in today’s live feed) to pay his air fare back to New Zealand. And Wanoa didn’t even thank him, lol.

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  8. Managed to get two of Devine’s mates. One for calling a “troll” on a live feed a “mong” and the other for calling him ugly 😂

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  9. The Wanoan non-revolution in full – updated, tidied up and now in chronological order:


    I grabbed a few Devine fruitcake quotes for the collection along the way too. Thanks to everyone for their contributions:

    “They’re scared of losing their pension. They’ve got houses to feed”
    “We’ve certainly caused a presence”
    “They’re just doing what they can to do whatever they can”
    “Gordon’s exposed himself to me”
    “It could have been put to breast there and then”

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      • It was a thing (mostly) in the USA during the 1960s and 1970s, when the Black Panther Party was founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. One of its cornerstones was advocating for unity and political self-determination for African-Americans. I think it had petered out by the early 1980s.


        • Thanks. I knew about the Black Panthers but didn’t know they were known as black nationalists. Sounds weird, as if there’s a country called Black.

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  10. Robert ‘Fabooka’ Matheson’s mammoth hissy fit just stepped up a gear (see 15-21):


    Sam, Flo, Karen, Jimmy, Sheva, Ray, Wankerwatch and myself all get a mention 😆

    Oh and for the record, no one’s stalking him (and let’s not mention his own police record for stalking – shh!) – one of his own “friends” keeps posting links to his rants on his blog 🤭

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  11. “I’m the King of England, I’m taking over “.
    John Wanoa declares at 5.02 to the desk attendant at Auckland Police Station as he tries to serve one of his “documents” on some hapless police officer who he claims is avoiding him.
    On Andy Pandy’s videos his loyal followers claim he has never made this claim.

    Wanoa must be one of the most prolific Youtubers. His post dozens of videos of the most inane stuff such as describing the fish and chips he just had, his workouts & blood cupping and quite scenic drives to beautiful coastal resorts where King Wanoa calmly describes how he will commandeer all the land and the luxury motel just built there for he, himself personally.

    There is one aspect I have discovered over the decades of running into con-artists. For all the grand talk of storming Parliament, removing Jacinda Ahern, The Pope or HM and Tidal Wave Thingies – it comes down to that £25 from some bedazzled punter that they are really after.
    Everything else is window dressing.

    Andy Devine & Wanoa and “the facts are the facts” are classic cheap grifters who transfix their target with their incomprehensible rubbish.
    The mark never understands what they are saying but that is part of the act. Their targets are sadly right at the bottom heap of society desperately seeking a hero to lead them out of their misery. They assume that because they cannot understand what Wanoa & Devine are prattling on about it’s because these 2 men are incredibly smart & they just aren’t sophisticated or intelligent enough to really comprehend the important things they are being told. It’s the oldest trick in the scamster’s book.

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  12. OMFG. That first picture looks as if it’s a still from an episode of Little Britain. Question is, did Lucas & Walliams get their material from these loons, or was it the other way round ?


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