Yesterday’s arrests: So. Much. Win.

Phew, wasn’t yesterday a day! The news started early and just kept coming: first Rupert’s arrest, then Lee Cant’s, and finally Neelu’s. For hours, the comments were flying so thick and fast on the blog that we couldn’t keep track, no matter how often we hit the refresh button.

It seems that the police have swung into action with gusto, and while we have no specific information about their plans, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if this was just the beginning of something much larger.

Certainly the reaction from the other side has been one of utter panic and frantic sharing of screenshots from “that blog they never read”:


Having heard the first bit of bad news, Angela sent up the Old Bat Signal to her fellow Hoaxtead mobsters. Looks like she included Rupert’s name, just in case…and Lee Cant’s as well:


Of course, that’s before Maria Macmahon broke the news that Lee had also been arrested.

It did not escape our attention that while the Hoaxtead mob claim that our blog is a foul, horrid place, full of nasty people and completely devoid of facts, they seem to turn to us when they want the real story on what’s happening. Interesting.

Angela and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Even before news of the arrests began to break yesterday, Angie was in a bit of a foul mood:


Shortly after she heard about Rupert’s arrest, she went completely mental and recorded a video which featured herself sitting on a bed, sobbing hysterically and begging for money. Unfortunately, she must have had second thoughts after posting (unusual for Angie, but not unheard of), so she pulled it down again, leaving us only with this image as a grim reminder:


Okay, we see why she pulled it.

Eventually she pulled herself together enough to start flinging around blame for yesterday’s arrests: clearly the Powers that Be were attempting to sabotage the upcoming protest against child sexual abuse that’s scheduled for Saturday.

(As commenter Ghost of Sam pointed out, “Why would the arrest of a handful of people affect a demonstration? Are they the only people they expect to turn up?” But we digress….)


“Are we gonna stand by and cower?” Angie asks. “PLEASE SHARE AND PLEASE BE IN LONDON IF YOU CAN”.

This, of course, raises the question of whether Angela herself will have the intestinal fortitude to show up in London on Saturday, as she’s been claiming for the past month or so. Will she come and stand behind her friends? It seemed to us as though she was trying to find an excuse to weasel out of it, but now that shit has suddenly got very real in Hoaxtead Land, does Angie have what it takes to be the leader she wants to be?

Frankly, we’re not betting on it. Angela’s not the type to put herself on the line for her friends, though heaven knows she expects that and more from them.

Time will tell, of course, but we’re not placing any bets on Angie.

Meanwhile, who says 13 is an unlucky number?

p.s. At time of posting, word does not seem to have got round about Neelu’s late-in-the-day arrest yesterday. So keep your eyes open: you might see a few Hoaxteaders’ heads exploding.



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