Hoaxtead: Have we found the missing link?

Isn’t it funny how the human mind works? The other day, a few of us were looking at some old photos—pictures we’d seen many times before, without giving them much thought—when suddenly something really obvious jumped out at us. So obvious, in fact, that we couldn’t believe we hadn’t noticed it already. Here’s the picture…

Penny Pullen: Pull the other one

We’ve mentioned in the past that we receive a steady stream of emails from our readers. Letters of support, tips about goings-on in the Hoaxtead mob, suggestions for stories, the odd complaint, and every now and then, an email from someone who just wants us to shut up and go away.

There is no honour among Hoaxtead pushers

There’s a power vacuum in Hoaxtead land. With Belinda’s two most faithful minions now at the mercy of restraining orders, and thus hobbled in their usual jobs of promoting the hoax, and Belinda herself still treading carefully to avoid violating her own gagging order from last summer, the usual power dynamics have been overturned.