Welcome to the web: Becki Percy, Vicky Ash, & the UK SRA pushers

We’ve said this before, but the web of  those who push the Satanic ritual abuse narrative within the UK is both relatively small and very close-knit.

For example, when we were looking into the story of SRA claimant Becki Percy, we learned that although she began her career of allegations by claiming that her father had sexually abused her, and later expanded that to her mother trafficking her, she didn’t really get rolling with her abuse claims until she’d discovered a woman named Victoria (Vicky) Ash.

Off to a good start

Becki contacted blogger Fenna Vlekke in early 2015, “because she wanted to raise awareness on the topic of childhood sexual abuse”. In the interview she not only claimed that she was locked into the loft at her parents’ home with “only a dog bowl filled with water for company”, but she described what happened after she allegedly told a teacher in January 2010 that her father had been sexually abusing her:

That night, a police woman and a social worker came to mums house. My dad was still at work so it was only my mum and me. They explained everything to her and she started with the crocodile tears. She pretended she had no clue this had been happening. Of course, they believed her tears. My dad came home and, for my own safety, the police woman told me to go upstairs so I did. I could still hear everything. She told my dad he would have to find somewhere else to live because he wasn’t allowed near me. He was angry. Saying that I’d made it up and that he hasn’t ever touched me. Lies. Thankfully the police made him go and he did. He left.

So…a 13-year-old girl reports sexual abuse, the police show up, and instead of arresting her father for questioning, they simply tell him he has to leave the home…and then they toodle off themselves, job done?

In this interview, Becki says she went to live with her uncle, but worse luck, guess what? He was involved in her parents’ child trafficking ring too! When she reported this in March 2010, she was sent to live in foster care, followed quickly by emergency residential care, and finally “a lovely placement” where she was living at the time of the interview.

There’s no mention of her uncle or parents ever having been arrested or prosecuted for their alleged crimes; they just fade out of the picture.

Asked whether she had help dealing with the emotional effects of her abuse, Becki’s response is telling:

In terms of social services, they don’t believe a word that comes out of my mouth. They think I’ve lied about the abuse. I’ve been referred to CAMHS countless times but they’re totally useless. 

Shifting narratives

Interestingly, in a December 2016 YouTube video, the story changes somewhat:

I lived with Xxxx ([mother’s] brother) until May 7th. I disclosed to the same school teacher about him sexually abusing me. I was placed in foster care

I was in that foster care placement for around a month in which time the male foster carer was sexually abusing me. I, again, disclosed to a school teacher and was placed into an emergency children’s home

I was there for a further month then placed in a more permanent children’s home.

From July 2nd 2010 to April 21st 2015 I live in the second children’s home. In that time I went through a cycle of CPS wanting me to see Ann, I would have contact with her then she would abuse and traffick me, I would eventually tell someone. The police would ‘investigate’ but then come back and say they wasn’t going to prosecute which is when the cycle would start over.

A few things are notable here:

  • Becki adds an allegation of sexual abuse against her male foster carer;
  • She states that her social workers wanted her to see her mother, a strange choice for a teen who was allegedly being sexually abused and trafficked;
  • The police would investigate, but refused to prosecute—again, a strange choice if there was any evidence whatsoever that Becki was being sexually abused or trafficked; and
  • Nowhere in any of the above does she mention Satanic ritual abuse, nor her devotion to evangelical Christianity, which will become leitmotifs of her current internet fame.

And then along came Vicky Ash

In January 2017, however, Becki posted this video to YouTube:

We’ve discussed this video before: it’s the one in which she states, then tries to retract, that she has done a great deal of research into SRA. The main thrust of the video is that while she knew she’d been abused as a child, it wasn’t until about six months earlier that she’d come to the stunning realisation that she had been a victim of SRA.

At 05:52 she mentions that her role model in this is “a very courageous woman named Vicky Ash”. Becki expresses admiration for Vicky:

I really find her story and her courage inspiring and she was the push that I needed spiritually—she’s a Christian—to continue doing these videos….To hear from another survivor that has experienced similar things to myself speak about it with such…she was so graceful about it, and she was calm. She looked like she was at peace. And I’m thanking God that she has found God, and she is strong in her faith, and I know that God has already started healing her, which I’m thankful for also. 

Unfortunately, the video Becki refers to has been removed from YouTube for violating its terms of service.

On Voat, Becki gushes about how Vicky helped her understand that the alleged abuse she’d suffered was actually SRA.

Becki Percy Vicky Ash 2018-06-20

We don’t know that Becki and Vicky ever communicated directly. However, it seems quite clear that Vicky’s various online interviews helped Becki shape and hone her SRA story, as it shifted from “my parents abused me” to “my parents trafficked me and locked me in the loft with a dog bowl of water” to “my parents and other unnamed people chased me through the forest full of dead children hung from the trees like Christmas ornaments, and each time they raped me they took another item of my clothing”.

Who is Vicky Ash?

Although the specific video Becki references is no longer available, Vicky Ash has given many interviews over the years. In this undated interview with Wilfred Wong, she describes the familiar litany of “Satanic” practices:

I was also forced by my Satanist abuser to watch pornography, which included Bestiality. In addition I was forced to ‘play games‘ during which I was sexually abused and told that I was the ‘star of the show‘. Photographs were taken of this abuse.

I was drugged with a drink and taken out at night to tunnels and other locations with everyone wearing black hooded cloaks. I heard screaming and witnessed Satanist rituals with animals and children being murdered. There was lots of chanting. I was impregnated and my baby was aborted and offered as a sacrifice to Satan. Abortion is the modern form of Child Sacrifice. Bible-believing Christians ought to take careful note of this and become much more actively Pro-Life.

(Yes, she does say, “Abortion is the modern form of Child Sacrifice”. You were not imagining it. Sorry.)

With the help of her MP Geoffrey Dickens, Vicky’s case was investigated by police twice, but no one was ever charged, despite her persistence. However, she claims “there is plenty of hard evidence that SRA exists in the UK, including the several successfully prosecuted SRA cases in our nation”.

This is blatantly false: in Prof Jean La Fontaine’s 1994 study of over 200 allegations of SRA in the UK, only three cases were substantiated, and they were found to have been “pseudosatanic”—sexual abuse was the main motivation of the abusers, and the ritual elements were incidental.

However, like most SRA pushers, Vicky does not let mere facts stand in the way of her belief.

A former beauty salon operator who now describes herself as a “beauty therapist”, she runs a “Holistic Christian Ministry called ‘Christoria’. Its work includes helping other SRA survivors and warning people that some beauty treatments on offer are Occultic”.

Vicky’s ties to UK SRA pushers

In addition to Wilfred Wong, Vicky Ash is closely linked to others within the UK SRA-pushing community.

In November 2015, we find her being interviewed by Brian Gerrish, an interview which was promoted on David Icke’s website.

Interestingly, in addition to referencing Geoffrey Dickens, she talks about her affiliation with Dianne Core of Childwatch. Ms Core was an enthusiastic promoter of the SRA narrative in the 1990s, who managed to straddle the fundamentalist/evangelical Christian / radical feminist divide, and worked on The Cook Report at the time when it was pushing SRA heavily. She is probably worthy of a post on her own, but it’s interesting that Vicky Ash says she was helped by her.

We found that Sabine McNeill has featured Vicky on her National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated, and Historic Child Sexual Abuse blog. In a post on 8 May 2017, Sabine featured Vicky speaking at the “Perth Conference on Full Spectrum #ChildSexualAbuse”. 

That event, described by our own YdychyncachuTracey as “a shitfest of complete utter fuckwittery”, turns out to have been the founding event of none other than the Scottish Fresh Start Foundation, which we’ve been tracking for the past several months. In addition to Vicky Ash, speakers included the aforementioned Wilfred Wong, Robert Green, Sandy Smith, Shirley P. Cooper, and Andrea Sadegh, with Brian Gerrish, David Icke, and Kevin Annett making video appearances. Hail, hail, the gang’s all here!

Once again, we have no idea what Vicky actually said at the event, as that particular Fresh Start Foundation YouTube channel seems to have taken down for “multiple infractions” of YouTube’s terms of service. Quelle surprise.

We find it fascinating, though, that despite being located so far from the UK, an SRA claimant like Becki Percy, looking for validation of her own stories, somehow seems to have hooked into the UK SRA-believers’ community so seamlessly. spider-web-1729190_960_720

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  1. Very interesting post EC. I see that the MP Geoffrey Dickens was mentioned and he was the MP that first bought allegations of high-level paedophiles to attention. All rubbish of course but interesting to see that he was in contact with Vicky Ash.

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    • Except that it wasn’t all rubbish at all
      As so often happens in these cases there were truthful allegations against a real, disgusting child abusing cult, the notorious Children of God
      I believe that what happened was that Dickens had an initial dossier containing allegations against the Children of God, an extremely dangerous and well networked cult that was engaged in prostitution and sex trafficking, the sexual abuse of children from birth onwards, producing films and photographs depicting the sexual abuse of children and the infiltration of the military and judiciary of various territories internationally.
      Dickens’ initial dossier was followed up and, to some extent obscured by, a subsequent dossier making allegations of SRA and elite paedophile rings
      yet again I detect a theme

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      • Also worth reading on the subject of the Children of God is the book the Dirty Squad by Michael Hames the Detective Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police, head of the Obscene Publications Branch from 1990 until his retirement in 1994.

        In the book Hames is sceptical of SRA allegations stating clearly that his team never encountered any evidence of SRA.

        However Hames and his team did, as reported in the book, receive autogenic therapy (a form of self-hypnosis) from the notorious SRA promoter the late Vera Diamond and her husband Malcolm Carruthers.
        Obviously this is concerning.

        Towards the end of the book Hames reports receiving a dossier of information about the Children of God, a fact that I read with interest and I was very much looking forward to reading what he made of a real, as opposed to imaginary, CSA cult.

        Unfortunately, pretty much immediately after receiving the dossier, Hames suffered a coronary and the book ends, with no reporting at all about the investigation into the CoG.

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          • While I agree that Berg was undoubtably a disgusting person, I think that possibly the most horrifying aspect of the cult, and there were many, was Berg’s ability to persuade apparently perfectly ordinary people that sexual activity with children, including parents with their own children, was a wonderful, divinely inspired practice. In the CoG the practice of sexual activity was euphemistically referred to as “sharing”.

            In the video in the below link a couple of adult cult members enthuse about “sharing” between a young lad and his stepmother (both are in the video). Prior to that part, at 4.15 minutes in, the stepmother says she was “FFing” (flirty fishing) using sex to recruit new cult members. To anyone who doesn’t understand what “sharing” and “FFing” means the video looks fairly innocent and appears to be just a deeply religious family talking about prayer.

            The “Dad” addressed in the video is David Berg


            (obviously there is no illegal or sexually explicit material in the video)


          • Some time back this blog ran an exposé on a former CoG member called Zen Gardner. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him but he had a leadership role, I believe. Suffice to say Angela latched on to him and did one of her cringey, sycophantic Skype interviews with him.

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          • @Tinribs
            I remember your posts about Zen Gardner very well. The whole issue is nteresting yet disturbing and very consistent with the concept that if you scratch the surface of an SRA promoter you will find some extremely dodgy associates including paedophiles and child abusers.


          • I agree OMGNTOSA, I looked into the COG a few years ago.

            The Story of Davidito was an awful publication and the boy who featured in it and suffered the abuse (Ricky Rodriguez) killed one his childhood abusers before committing suicide when he was 29.


      • Fascinating about Dickens and the CoG cult, OMG. Would you happen to know any links I could read on this? It’s an angle I’d never heard of.


        • I recently moved home and have books all over the place in various locations but I think it might have been in the Dirty Squad, but I’m not entirely sure. It might also have been in a video. I’ll see what I can find and get back to you.

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          • I feel your pain, OMG, having recently moved house myself. I found it a great opportunity to have a bit of a clearout and gave a load of my old books to a charity shop. (Don’t tell Debs, though. She frowns on that sort of thing.)


        • According to Richard Bartholomew there was an article in the Sunday Times re Dickens and the CoG

          This whole blog post is interesting and relevant to your question

          It suggests that Dickens possessed and passed on a dossier re the CoG cult and some other complaints re possible grooming of young males but nothing about SRA or VIP paedophile rings. Most or all of the complaints not relating to the CoG were dismissed by the police as having insufficient evidence to proceed.

          Later on in the blog post there is reporting of Dickens’ SRA allegations, I’m just too tired to read it and think about it immediately, but hopefully you can make some sense of it


          I just find it very interesting that more attention was given to fraudulent accounts of SRA than to real concerns about the sexual exploitation of children by members of a real cult.


  2. “In terms of social services, they don’t believe a word that comes out of my mouth. They think I’ve lied about the abuse. I’ve been referred to CAMHS countless times but they’re totally useless.”

    So she’s citing referrals to a mental health service as proof that she wasn’t a lying fantasist?

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    • She was born two or three decades too late to find a social worker to believe her hunger games of rape and forest adorned with corpses stories. The fact she had to skip of to americky to find willing supporters says it all. I’m looking forward to her return and want to see how that works out for her


  3. I watched the video with Vicky Ash talking to Brian Gerrish and i wondered does she really believe in what she is saying due to a mental illness or is she straight out lying?

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    • That’s an excellent question and I’ve wondered that about all the SRA myth promoters, tbh. One could almost do a pie chart for each of them to show the differing proportions of lies to fantasy.

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      • I think it’s an important question. This is worth addressing in more detail, but I believe the short answer would be “it depends”. I think that “recovered memory therapies” can make people believe that these terrible things really did happen. Then there are the fakers, who create the stories as they go, in order to gain attention, money, or both. Even they, though, can come to believe some of their own lies, as they repeat them so often they begin to feel true.

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        • Agreed 100%
          We have to be very careful not to fall into binary thinking, the issue is nuanced and complex

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        • I would dearly love to know what sort of mindset lies behind the fabrication and promoting of these myths.

          I do know there is a huge industry out there selling such screeds to the unsuspecting public, someone came up with the term “emotional pornography” to explain why it sells so well….apparently we like to read about others’ misfortunes, perhaps it makes us feel less unlucky.

          If you type “magazines which buy personal stories of abuse in UK” into your chosen search engine you’ll be given a list of rag mags willing to pay you up to 300 sterling for your ‘true story’.

          I think “attention-seeking” will rank high on the list of reasons why people invent these stories. I’m not sure where “monetary gain as a motivating factor” would rank.

          I do suspect that some individuals who latch onto the whole “I was abused as a child by satanists” or “I am a victim of MK Ultra programming” are trying to explain away/justify their own inadequacies and failings and want pity rather than blame.

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          • It’s certainly a convenient loophole for a number of people.

            In Becki’s case, I noticed that early on, before she’d really got into the “my parents were evil abusers” line, she was attempting to raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly autism, on Twitter. I wondered whether she might have been diagnosed on the ASD, but from what she tweeted, it seemed that one of her friends was in that situation, and Becki was trying to support her.

            This is only a hypothesis, but that did make me wonder whether she got a bit of attention for her efforts, it felt good, and so she started changing the story, a bit at a time, each time finding that she got a bit more public admiration. It’s entirely possible that the internet, in a sense, helped to shape and mould her story into what it has now become.

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          • I remember watching a documentary about the history of comics and annual books for girls. Apparently when they were first published the comics didn’t sell well and so researchers were sent to schools to consult girls about what kind of stories they liked and why they didn’t buy the comics that had been specially created for them.

            The researchers were shocked to discover that tales of happy girl guides rescuing puppies and groups of clever girls thwarting the plans of megalomaniacs planning world domination was not what girls wanted to read.

            What girls really wanted to read about were stories about aspiring ballerinas who suffered appalling accidents and were left unable to follow their dreams, tales of abused step-daughters forced into domestic slavery by wicked stepmothers and the like. What the girls really wanted was to experience a reverie of vicarious misery. The story writers and comic publishers listened and adjusted their business plans accordingly and the comics sold like hot cakes.

            I also recently read an article about the various true crime channels on freeview and who watches them. You can usually identify the demographic by the products advertised in the commercial breaks. In this instance Tenna Lady incontinence pads feature prominently. The main demographic of viewers for “Wives with Knives”, “Kids who Kill”, “Killer Clergy” and the like are older females of the same generation who loved to read about crippled ballerinas and Cinderella type domestic slavery.

            This is the generation of women who made the book Flowers in the Attic a best seller back in the day. Misery memoirs are still massive business and it seems as though some older females especially just can’t get enough of the people’s tales of abuse and exploitation.

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            • Just an idea, but I wonder whether their preference for that sort of story was at least in part because it made their own drab or limited lives seem pretty good by comparison?

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          • the documentary about comics was called Comics Brittania – episode 2 Girls and Boys
            Sadly,while episodes 1 and 3 are on youtube, episode 2 is not.

            There is a review here though

            includes the text

            “Heading into the 1970s, I was very surprised to learn that our modern era of serious-minded “graphic novels” came about because of the girls comics! Market research revealed teenaged girls wanted to feel emotion when they read comics, so a male-dominated industry began pumping out shocking tales of home abuse, work violence and heartwrenching melodrama, in publications like Tammy.

            One Tammy strip, “Slaves Of War Orphan Farm”, best encapsulated the vogue for downbeat storylines. “Cinderella Spiteful” and “Little Miss Nothing” were other examples of cruelty and misery being used as “entertainment” for girls of the period… and they lapped it up!”

            I used to occasionally buy my elderly neighbour’s favourite magazine for her, Take A Break. A veritable smorgasbord of mini misery memoirs, as you can see here

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  4. Can I just let people know about this comment from OMG?


    S/he clearly put a lot of time and effort into it but sadly it was found languishing in the spam folder and ended up in the dead zone that is the tail end of the last post.

    Incredibly, the article that OMG links isn’t from a 1980s tabloid but from yesterday’s Metro!

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    • Who would have thought that a man offering to massage your ‘yoni’ would turn out to be a pervert? It’s the perfect job for a pervert wanting to feel up any woman daft enough to visit him.

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    • Thanks, Scarlet, and thanks OMG. That first story sounds as if it was written 30 years ago. I find it depressing that this nonsense is being peddled again as if it were real.

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      • It does sound very 1980s except for the fact that the narrative has been updated to try to bypass the activism of the various posters here and on other sceptical blogs and news sites who point out there have been no actually proven cases of SRA. The article in the Metro has a section titled “What is a pseudo-cult?” that is definitely worthy of careful reading and reflection. I perceive it as evidence that this blog and other similar, sceptical blogs are making a difference and that the SRA promoters’ narratives are changing to adapt to the new scepticism.

        Also re the “vagina massage” articles, the first is effectively an advertisement that recommends female readers to submit to vagina massages from a convicted sex offender, while the second article includes a multiple choice questionnaire in which readers can share their enthusiasm, or lack thereof, for spending money on vagina massages.

        I was wondering what company or organisation developed the questionnaire? Given that, in the age of the internet, criminals and cults harvest compromising information from people in order to identify people vulnerable to blackmail and exploitation, I always am very careful and cautious around online multiple choice questionnaires.

        It seems to me that the Metro are being extremely negligent with their readers’ safety by publishing these articles.

        The only thing I can think of in their defence is that many much more reputable news sites have also published completely uncritical articles promoting dodgy cults, fake shamans and assorted new age grifters.

        Actually there is another redeeming feature of the Metro and that is that, when Gwyneth Paltrow’s dodgy website Goop was advocating that women heal their sex lives by pushing jade eggs up their vaginas, Metro ridiculed the idea and actually published a lot of sane reasons why this was a potentially dangerous practice. If only they could extend the same level of sanity and scepticism to SRA / DID and vagina massages the world would be a safer place.

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      • Also the movie “Hysteria” and the TV series “Masters of Sex”, which was a partly fictionalised account of the work of Masters and Johnson.

        Interestingly there is a Masters and Johnson link to a satanic panic in the US relating to multiple abuses of vulnerable people at the notorious Castlewood Treatment Centre by Mark Schwartz and Lori Galperin.

        “Previous to being clinical director at Castlewood, Mark Schwartz and his wife Lori Galperin were directors of the Masters and Johnson Trauma units at Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital in Kansas City and also at River Oaks Hospital in New Orleans.”


        Masters and Johnson were the first sexologists to use “sexual surrogates”, that is to say people who have sex with patients in order to heal them of sexual problems. Whatever the ethical issues surrounding such a controversial practice back in the days when Masters and Johnson pioneered the practice, nowadays it is difficult to find a “sexual surrogate” who is not involved with a sinister cult.

        Galperin and Schwartz also have multiple personal and business links to the disgraced paedophile former rabbi Marc Gafni.

        As I have said before, scratch the surface of the satanic panic and you will find a network of paedophiles, perverts, predators, pimps and traffickers all attempting to deflect the collective gaze away from their nefarious activities by pointing and screaming “oh look Satanic Ritual Abuse!”

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        • oops
          can my typo please be corrected

          Whatever the ethical issues surrounding such a controversial practice back i note days when Masters and Johnson pioneered the practice

          should read

          Whatever the ethical issues surrounding such a controversial practice back in the days when Masters and Johnson pioneered the practice

          thanks 🙂

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    • Thanks Scarlet 🙂
      I sometimes get inspired to post late at night / early in the morning. I appreciate you reposting it here

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    • Perhaps it should be noted that any comment with more than two links in it will be held for moderation as well, plus wordpresses usual random glitches can cause comments to be randomly held up
      Not everyone may be aware of that Scarlet, I wasn’t at first either (although I must say the ones held up usually get pushed through quite quickly in most cases)
      Thumbs up from me for all the good work

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  5. Thanks for re-posting OMG’s comment as I may have missed it otherwise. Those sort of articles do no good at all apart from encouraging belief in such nonsense. I wonder if the journalist really did meet that woman or did she just make the story up?

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  6. ‘ Its work includes helping other SRA survivors and warning people that some beauty treatments on offer are Occultic”.’

    OMG. I’m going to be careful next time I have a pedicure. You never know do you!

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      • Nor would you wish for your sole to be so exposed, which reminds me, my plan for today was to exfoliate my Achilles’ heel. So much hard skin…so little time!

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    • Actually Vicky Ash’s narratives that some beauty treatments are “occult” is extremely interesting to me.

      Many of the disgusting cults that exploit vulnerable people as human assets encourage the said vulnerable people to start their own businesses.

      Some of these businesses are running workshops in “yoni massage” / “sexual awakening” etc. Some are multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses selling quack products and remedies. Some are MLM businesses selling the cuts books, workshops / retreats, DVDs etc promoting the cult and quite a lot are people selling beauty creams and other beauty products.

      I think that one of the main reasons why criminals encourage people to work hard as new age entrepreneurs is that is creates a large community within which multiple revenue streams can be used as layers to obscure dirty money that can be laundered. Of course the criminals want their victims to work hard and build large, successful businesses because, at the end of the day, they will relieve people of their assets and own the businesses themselves.

      I wondered why so many of the businesses include beauty products and I believe there is one very obvious answer (not the only answer though) and the obvious answer is that even corporate producers of beauty products deal in woo.

      The Advertising Standards Authority is always rapping the knuckles of various corporate beauty brands for making false claims in advertisements. If you watch an advertisement for face cream or other product with the volume turned off you will see that models put animated cartoons of scientific vignettes on their faces. When a women applies a moisturiser to her face she is not applying just a moisturiser, she is applying ideas, concepts and dreams.

      In fact if one considers some of the most noticeable products promoted by cults and criminals, they are the very same products that snake oil sellers have sold for millennia, quack cancer cures, cures for erectile dysfunction, weight loss remedies and face creams to make you look 10 years younger.

      Back to Vicky Ash, I have not researched her particular issues with “occult” beauty treatments, but it seems to me that whenever criminals and cults do something dodgy, some conspiraloon turns up with a batshit crazy conspiracy theory that identifies the grift but that is encased in a layer of insanity that obscures the reality at the core of the narrative.

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      • Actually make up and beauty stuff is a form of witchcraft. Just study the origin of the word glamour.


  7. Can’t wait for becki to get her dumb ass booted out of America and see how she settles into life in the UK without an adoptive clan of over wealthy and underwise buffoons to support her. These fakes are parasites who belittle genuine victims in their lust for attention. Maybe she’ll find a spare room in Highgate, though I feel her true spiritual home would be among the tiny tears and unicorns of golders green. Imagine those two idiots together . . . . Scented candles, my little ponies and wanky rainbows all round.

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  8. Interesting piece in the Telegraph today

    “The Church of England disregarded dozens of allegations in its inquiry into child sexual abuse and then downplayed the issue to protect its reputation, a critical report has found.

    A report by former Barnardo’s chief executive Sir Roger Singleton found that close to 100 cases were whittled down to just a handful for a review released in 2010.

    Inconsistent and overly specific criteria reduced the number of cases they reported for the Past Cases Review, leading it to conclude after examining 40,000 files that just 13 cases of alleged child sexual abuse merited formal action.

    Sir Roger, who was commissioned to complete an inquiry into the review, said he believed the Church “downplayed” the issue in public statements to avoid reputational damage.

    more here:


    Further down in the article it reports that:

    “In a case in Exeter Diocese, there was “concern about obsessional interest in satanic ritual abuse and conduct generally” by a retired priest, which it was decided would be dealt with by the Archdeacon.”

    I am detecting a theme here.

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  9. Firstly, love the spider web photo. This is my update on the Becki Percy case.

    My plan to go-fund an assistance dog for Becki Percy as an incentive to report her allegations to the police has fallen through, there are no such assistance dogs in the UK for those with PTSD except ones for emergency and military personnel. I could not therefore cost the project to launch a Go-Fund. As you might remember, the incentive was that the money would be given to police in Hull, and if they found a case to bring charges against those Becki accused of crimes, she would get her dog, otherwise the funds would go to Childline.

    As these allegations by Percy have not been tested by a police investigation, I am treating it as an active crime scene until the police have come to their conclusions. It appears the personal sex abuse claims by Percy have been looked at by the police and the evidence was not strong enough to bring charges. In her own words Percy said the police and the four social workers who dealt with her case considered her an “allegation maker”.

    The newest allegations that Percy makes appears to have manifested around the time she arrived in the USA in 2015. There is no mention of SRA allegations in her internet postings pre 2015. These new allegations have not been tested by a police investigation, so I have in recent days been lobbying Percy and her supporters to contact the UK police to initiate an investigation. Percy has been frustrating, despite her many internet postings about her alleged SRA experiences, plus her concerns for the dead and abused children of her alleged abusers, she did not and seems unwilling to report these latest horrific alleged murders to the police. Her response to me is block me on Twitter, and when her supporters thought my suggestion that she should contact the UK police was a good idea, her only response was “he is a Satanist.” It is beyond bizarre that Percy is posting away on her two Twitter accounts promoting her candle business, yet does not and is unwilling to put any effort or time into contacting the police to bring about justice for her alleged victims and to safeguard future children from harm. Percy has been selfish in my opinion, complaining about her own misfortunes, promoting her candle business, promoting Trump and her Gofund projects … she has no motivation to help the alleged thousands of victims in Hull … it is moments like that when I want to bang my head on my keyboard.

    According to Percy, apart from one teacher, everyone she has shared her abuse claims with have not believed her. She has been passionate enough about her claims to get herself put into care for five years, and a further 14 months in jail in the USA as an illegal immigrant. It is strange that Percy has not shared all her story with the authorities, rather, it has been in bits, thus she claimed her father sexually abused her, he was asked to leave the home; she then said her mother sexually abused her, she was sent to live with an uncle; she then said her uncle sexually abused her, she was sent to live with a faster carer; she then said the foster carer sexually abused her; she was sent to a care home. Why Percy has not shared the whole abuse story right at the start rather than bits and pieces that are growing ever wilder over the years is a mystery.

    Because Percy has been unwilling to bring her allegations to a conclusion through a police investigation, rather wanting a type of internet circus to emerge where she encourages her gang of supporters to fund her many gofund campaigns, buy candles, and attack her abusers, I have been very assertive to the point of harrassment in getting her to report these allegations to the UK police. I however have always been polite and encouraging to her, and my actions fall under the prevention and investigation of crime legal defense for UK harrasment legislation.

    Some might be critical of my strategy, but one has to take into account I have to keep in harmony with the law on harrassment, and it is better to have an open communication with Percy and her supporters to bring about a police investigation, since there might have been crimes committed. For legal reasons I won’t be contacting the real family of Becki Percy.

    Percy has currently claimed political asylum to the USA from Britain because she says her family will kill her. Her family are ordinary working class people, her mother is a pillar of her local community. They are hardly sophisticated or that well connected to be capable of killing thousands of children in Hull over ten years without someone noticing. Percy has made no efforts to involve the UK police in investigating her SRA allegations or to protect her in their witness program, which is going to be noted by Homeland Security and the courts dealing with her asylum case. She will be deported.

    Such is our frustration that Percy refuses to contact the UK police, that my associate “Ajax” contacted the police in Hull and made them aware of the allegations of Becki Percy. Now that we have an official record on file “Record C732 22-06-18” we now have an anchor point to drive this matter to a police investigation and a conclusion.

    As I did with the Hampstead case, I have done objective due diligence during an analysis of the Percy SRA allegations. Unlike the Hampstead case, the Percy allegations have yet to be tested with a police investigation, so this is where my goal is focused, to bring about a police investigation.

    Ajax is far from happy that he has had to go to so much trouble to contact the police in Hull because of the refusal of Percy to do so. The Percy case shows that I, Ajax and others involved in cases such as this which involves contact with the police, media and other interested parties, means we have to be more formally organised. We are starting a new group called the Arachne Project. I will deal with the internet communications, Ajax deals with the police etal, others will deal with other aspects of the project. This also allows us to bring into play a technology to examine the complex eco-system or web of information that those who allege or promote SRA leave all over the internet, to output that information in a form that crime victims, lawyers and the police will find useful.

    One way or another, there is going to be a police investigation, and if there is a crime, someone is going to end in court.

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    • Well done SV. I will be paticularly interested to know where these alleged woods and tunnels were the abuse took place are. BP has been very vague so far.

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      • @ Fairly Sane.
        I have asked Becki Percy to send to me locations and maps of the wood and where she thinks bodies are buried. Ajax will pass these onto the police. She has been given my e-mail.

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    • We may not see eye to eye on some things SV but, on this particular issue, I have to say that I like the cut of your jib. 🙂

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    • I read your exchange with another twitterer on the tweet machine under one of Ms. Percy’s tweets and he seemed horrified that the murders of all those babies had not yet been reported to the police, that’s when Becky interjected and advised the man concerned that you are a Satanist – I laughed when I read that but an angel came to your rescue.

      Ms. Percy is interesting in that she appears to apply the KISS principle quite well in her words….we are not her target audience – she knows exactly that non-believers are of no consequence to her as long as a certain number of unquestioning believers continue to support her. Has she been trained by someone?

      Under Trump’s regime she may well get to remain in the USA.

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      • @ Issy T.
        When I read the “he is a Satanist” statement, I had a need to start banging my head against the desk. A yellow jelly baby came to the rescue.

        I am forcing Becki Percy to make choices. If she really believes in her allegations, she will contact the police in Hull, if not, then her contrary choices will work against her, since I won’t let her off the hook.

        I get the impression that Trump is hostile to all non-Americans. The guys who have to enforce the borders in the USA won’t be keen to be allowing every youngster through to become an American citizen based upon a weak claim that their parents are going to kill them due to an unproven narrative. If this was the case, every kid in Britain will be heading to the USA and claiming political asylum.

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        • “I get the impression that Trump is hostile to all non-Americans.”

          Well if he ain’t, all of us non-Americans are hostile to him except for Kim Jong Un so out of spite he might let her stay. To me, Trump’s politics revolve around him validating his worthiness by being the biggest bitchiest bitterest of bullies doling out punishment to all who dare question everything and anything about him.

          I reckon he could decide Becky is welcome with open arms to remain in the America he has made less than great again just to put our noses out of joint….we’ll all be johnpatersonned someday soon!

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    • This is brilliant, SV. Given that Becki Percy seems to believe so strongly in online campaigning to raise awareness of child sexual abuse, one would think she would welcome your efforts to open a police investigation to help bring justice to those she accuses.

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  10. What’s missing from Becky’s tale is a remembrance of a Black Magic ceremony with a black cloaked & hooded figure (with ghastly bleached blonde hair sticking out and accompanied by the pungent smell of a cigar) intoning “now then, now then, how’s about that folks ?”.
    Get with the program Becky- you need a celebrity in your tale and what better than a dead one if you want to crack the Sunday newspapers (Hell, it worked for Angela Power-Disney)

    On the subject of Fruit Loopery I know Hoaxtead contributors are aware of the brilliant “creator” of The Voice (bloody Dutch- known plagiarists) , The X Factor (as if Simon Cowell could come up with that idea on his own!) Star War films. Bugs Bunny cartoons, Meet the Press, Coronation Street and ‘Roseanne’ and who was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s (via a psychic seance) Mickey Mouse, one Charles Seven who won a High Court action against all these programs for plagiarism and a $Billion damages remedy award but as usual, the Rothschild Cult & Rupert Murdoch with Ted Turner’s help have bribed the judges to claim they dismissed her legal action.

    Despite a TV producer claiming he recalls Ms Seven (I keep telling Mr Soros “why do you perpetuate horrendous actions like 9/11 & 7/7 -think about it- it all adds up to 7- to frighten the gallant Mizz Seven , wouldn’t it be easier to just assassinate Charles herself?”, but he rudely just says “you stick to your broom closet and just worry about emptying the bins”)…said producer says he recalls Ms Seven attending a public event at his TV network and casually saying “wouldn’t it be nice if peoiple danced on TV?” and thus Dancing With The Stars was born albeit, Seven being ripped off yet again of one of her brilliant creative ideas.

    Now Charles Seven is joined in her heroic actions against the evil British Media Empire (BBC) by Rainetta Jones, the true Inventor of the iPod and Kindle. Well I have news for Rainetta. A very early paparazzi snap of me (below) with my prototype Ipod in 1957 powered by Organite & dubbed the Quantum Ear Gearbox (or QEG) and it was ME who had the idea first.

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  11. EC

    This is a great piece overall but I have to say that I disagree with the opening sentence

    “’I’ve said this before, but the web of those who push the Satanic ritual abuse narrative within the UK is both relatively small and very close-knit.”

    In my experience there is a huge network of scammers and quacks promoting SRA, including many mental health professionals working in the NHS.

    Obviously dubious organisations such as the Fresh Start Foundation, Izzy’s Promise and the like are just the foetid pimple on the arse of a much larger beast.

    Scamming conspiratards like Becki Percy, Angela Power Disney and the like are highly visible and easily debunked, however there is an ocean of apparently properly qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists who are promoting the satanic panic amongst populations of extremely vulnerable adults. Most of these people appear to have no connection to SRA conspiracy theories unless, like me, you have had first hand experience of their bullshit.

    Then you have the ocean of life coaches, yoga therapists, energy healers, past life regression therapists, hypnotherapists / NLP practitioners and the like who specialise in recovering memories of historic abuse and in separating vulnerable people from their assets and their families.

    It is a terrifying situation.

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    • You paint a depressing a picture to this inexperienced naive mind but also a a salutory and empowering awareness.

      Much of what you write causes moments for me of the penny-dropping and jaw-dropping kind. I must have an affiliation with business minded sorts (my parents were shop-keepers), I can see from your contributions here that there is a viable opportunity …a perceived one from unscrupulous types – to exploit people for money far too easily.

      Like with the “pink pound” or college students ability to spend their study grants wily-nily, it seems that women only’s expendable income is rife for rifling also and it’s been a thing for decades, centuries even but I’m just understanding now how very sinister and completely undermining of women the sales techniques, the forced direction, the dictactorial way in which women are sold products ultimately designed to rob them of their power is….

      It was more obvious years ago and I thought that sexism was done and dusted already but now my feminist heckles have been raised once again – as consumers we are still enslaved!

      Anyway, having studied web design I found the the subject of attention economics very interesting.

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  12. For the likes of me I cannot see what the problem is with the police not arresting Becki’s father until Becki had been formally interviewed. Teacher tells police. Police start an investigation.


      • The horrible reality is that some people who are genuine survivors of multiple real abuses and violations are likely to end up being classified as “allegation makers” amidst the SRA hysteria.

        Try going to the police to report a real sexual assault or violation (or several) once one of the satan hunting quacks has control of your narrative and has dismissed your accurate and true allegations as delusional (whilst the same quack cherishes a belief in SRA) and justice becomes inverted and perverted.

        Anyone subsequently deciding to scam or take advantage of such a survivor can do so with relative impunity. Should the police become involved the likelihood of a thorough investigation will be compromised if not thwarted if the survivor’s true allegations have been dismissed as delusional.

        I am not talking about Becki Percy’s obviously false claims but speaking of experience of something much closer to home.

        Time and time again the satan hunters not only cause misery and distress to innocent, falsely accused families but also do untold damage to real survivors.

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        • Absolutely, and this is one important reason we’re so strongly opposed to those who promote SRA hysteria. Not only does it destroy innocent lives of falsely accused people, it keeps abuse survivors who truly need help from receiving it.

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          • It doesn’t just prevent abuse survivors from getting help it puts us at increased risk of being abused repeatedly and with impunity. It takes away our voices, our power and our credibility.

            One of the reasons why I have spent so much time posting here is because your blog is doing a great job educating people and long may it continue to do so.

            This evil has to be exposed for what it is and it feels great to be part of the battle against it.

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        • I agree that is one of the worst aspects of these SRA promoters, I recently mentioned Fiona Bartlett’s recent attempts and even partial success(?) in getting her abuse claims separated from her fantasy claims in the recent investigations here. There may or may not be any truth in her allegations, but I am now of the opinion that any investigation into her claims should include her entire ‘body of work’ so that any investigators are aware of just unreliable anything she says as a ‘witness’ about her own case is not totally reliable (i.e. is she lying about an aspect of claimed abuse or not?) unfortunately in her case, it is better to say yes she is unless extremely strong evidence is present to confirm any claim she makes.

          This is one of the worst aspects of the various people pushing the SRA side of things, in that it tars any survivors claims and once the various false memory experts and the like get involved, a true survivor of CSA can find their case irreversibly tainted , even to the extent that innocent people can be jailed, and guilty ones left free to continue

          That has already happened (multiple times) and it is why IMHO that the hoaxers need to be stamped on much more quickly and successfully than they have been, already the newer pizzagate/pedogate type hoaxes have had notable ‘success’ in getting a following in the less stable ‘conspitards’ of the world. It wouldnt matter so much except that the more unstable/gullible have been known to start harassing innocent people, both online and in real life, and things can quickly escalate into incidents with truly tragic results

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    • LOL! Cat was streaming live from a restaurant/bar where Green was being interviewed, spewing his nonsense around the other diners until the Manager told them to stop. Then they moved out onto the street to Mercat Cross. There didn’t seem to be anyone there or interested in them. Only themselves. 😀

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