ITNJ ‘Chief Justice’ stripped of ability to practise law

Late last month we noted that the circus was coming to town, in the form of the “International Tribunal for Natural Justice” (ITNJ), which is scheduled to roll into London on 16–18 April, complete with jugglers, clowns, and fancy thumb-print-adorned treaties.ITNJ Thumbprints 2018-03-28

Despite its official-sounding name and admirably professional-looking stationery, the ITNJ bears more than a passing resemblance to Kevin Annett’s various fraudulent “tribunals” and “courts”, which everybody but Neelu Berry now accepts were a colossal waste of time, serving only to line Mr Annett’s pockets and puff up his already prodigious ego.

Speaking of lined pockets, when last we looked at the ITNJ crowdfunding page, they’d managed to collect about US$18,000 from their followers as of 27 March 2018. Currently, their total stands at US$66,285, more than halfway to their goal of US$120,000.

See? All that nice stationery was totally worth it!

We’ve taken a look at a few of the ITNJ’s proprietors—including Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams, a combination New Age/SovCit huckster who, according to the blog Riddled, promotes organisations with names like  “Humanitad, the Natural Justice Academy, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, New Earth Nation, New Earth University… all about Childhood’s-End / Age-of-Aquarius / Cosmic-Consciousness Global Transformation, and the appropriation of indigenous cultures”.

James B. Gilmore, Ponzi artist

We also touched on the dodgy past of another ITNJ/Humanitad associate, the late “Ambassodor” James B. Gilmore, “Ambassador-at-Large for the Republic of Liberia”—a life-long appointment, according to him, although we could find no record of such a thing, and “Chairman of the Global Monetary Authority”, which to our knowledge does not exist.

In the early 1990s, Mr Gilmore and his adult daughter were involved in what Bloomberg called “one of the most outlandish scams in the history of get-rich-quick schemes”: a gigantic Ponzi scheme which ultimately involved not only the theft of millions of dollars, but the gangland-style murders of two British citizens who were living in France.

Chief Justice Sir Knobhead of Upperwankington*, Duke of Norfolk Island

We touched a few weeks ago on the overweening pomposity of the self-styled “Sir John Francis Walsh of Brannagh, The Duke de Ronceray Sir John Francis Patrick Cyril Colclough…” and a whole lot more that we don’t have time to type out right now.

If your eyesight is good and your patience infinite, you can read the rest of it here:

sir john walsh of brannagh

According to the 17 February 2006 Hansard minutes of the Australian Senate Committee meeting on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation, Mr Walsh (for he is neither a “Sir” nor a “Dr”) had made something of a reputation of himself as the “Duke” of Norfolk Island. (Norfolk Island is a tiny scrap of land located several hundred kilometres east of mainland Australia, which between 1979 and 2015 enjoyed “limited self-government” under which its residents were able to elect a government which ran most of its internal affairs.)

During the 17 February Senate Committee meeting, Labor Senator Kim Carr raised the issue of Mr Walsh’s multiple appointments on Norfolk Island: Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 1Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 2Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 3Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 4Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 5Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 6Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 7Sen Carr re Walsh 2018-04-10 8To sum up, Mr Walsh held the following appointments simultaneously:

  • Magistrate of the Court of Petty Sessions, for which he received an honorarium of $100 per day;
  • Senior member of the Administrative Review Tribunal, for which he received expenses of $500 sitting fees per day and $250 each half day;
  • Deputy chair of the Norfolk Island Gaming Authority, for which he received $25,000 per annum, plus a daily allowance when attending to the business of the authority of $800 per day.

In addition, he had set up business as a notary public, had been engaged by Norfolk Island as a legal consultant, and was employed as a barrister and solicitor on Norfolk Island and a partner in the legal firm of McIntyres.

Oh, and he’d been appointed as a member of the executive of the legislature by the administrator under the Norfolk Island Act 1979, section 13.

Greenwich ‘University’

On top of all that, he founded Greenwich “university”, about which Senator Carr noted, quoting former Minister for Education David Kemp,

‘The review committee established by the Commonwealth to examine the academic and financial credentials of Greenwich University has reported to me today. The committee was set up following a request from the Norfolk Island government that Greenwich University be listed on the Australian qualifications framework register, the AQF. The committee has recommended that, one, Greenwich University not be listed on the registers of the Australian qualifications framework, because the standard of its courses, quality assurance mechanisms and academic leadership fail to meet the standards expected of Australian universities’.

According to Senator Carr, Mr Walsh appointed a convicted fraudster, Dr Ian Mackechnie, as vice-chancellor of this institution, while he assumed the role of chancellor. The university is the sort which grants masters or doctoral degrees to an estimated annual 1,000 “distance learners” on the internet, at a cost of about $10,000 a pop.

Nice work if you can get it.

Duke on the dole?

And yet, despite this impressive resumé of activities—various public appointments, a legal career, a university chancellor—Mr Walsh was simultaneously claiming that he was unable to work.

During the 17 February Senate Committee meeting, Senator Carr asked

whether the department would be aware that Dr Walsh allegedly signed a series of sworn declarations where he declared, among other things, that he had not returned to any work except on occasions he was doing limited appearance work and was not able to perform any professional duties as a barrister, and that in various sworn affidavits he declared that he could only manage day-to-day living and had no current monthly earnings or no other source of income. …

I am interested to know because there are serious penalties for perjury in this country for the legal profession, particularly for persons signing false statutory declarations. There is a writ currently before the Supreme Court of Victoria which I have a copy of here. It is a public document dated 12 May 2004 in which Dr Walsh claimed that he was totally disabled and unable to work between the period of 1994 until 2004. 

At the time of the Senate Committee meeting, proceedings were under way

…in the Supreme Court of Victoria between Dr Walsh and ING Life Ltd, and that the proceedings go to a claim being disputed by ING for moneys paid to Dr Walsh as part of an insurance claim for being totally incapacitated. 

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the amount in dispute was $300,000. Again, not a paltry sum.

Chief Justice loses his robes

Only about three weeks ago, the following popped up on Reddit’s “auslaw” sub-reddit:

Some of our more… ahem… senior posters are aware of proceedings that were brought against one of Melbourne’s more colourful barristers, John Walsh of Brannagh (who has/had quite the list of titles – more on that later).

Those proceedings have now been brought to an end, with sanction imposed by the Court on 23 February of this year. I hadn’t named Mr Walsh in my earlier references to the case as, although the judgments had been delivered in Court at that time, they were yet to be published on Austlii and I thought that it might be poking the bear to do so. Well, the wait is over.

By way of very general background, Mr Walsh had been accused of conduct constituting professional misconduct or otherwise unprofessional conduct for, among other things, representing himself to be the president of the Norfolk Island Bar Association (NIBA), representing the NIBA to be a professional body, representing himself to hold judicial office as the Chief Justice of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, and representing himself to be entitled to use the honorific “Sir” under either the Australian or Imperial Honours system. The Court ultimately made findings against Mr Walsh in this regard.

So, in chronological order, are a number of judgments concerning the proceedings against Mr Walsh. Numbers 4 and 5 are where the most entertaining reading is found, but the remaining judgments give a good feel for just how truly weird the proceedings were:

Registrar, Supreme Court of Norfolk Island v Walsh [2016] NFSC 1, in which Mr Walsh sought the proceedings be struck out, but was unsuccessful.

Registrar, Supreme Court of Norfolk Island v Walsh (No 2) [2017] NFSC 2, in which his Honour Besanko CJ recused himself from hearing the matter on the ground of apprehended bias.

Registrar, Supreme Court of Norfolk Island v Walsh (No 3) [2017] NFSC 4, in which an adjournment of the hearing in September 2017 was sought, but ultimately refused.

Registrar, Supreme Court of Norfolk Island v Walsh (No 4) [2017] NFSC 7, in which the Court held Mr Walsh had committed both professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct.

Registrar, Supreme Court of Norfolk Island v Walsh (No 5) [2018] NFSC 1, in which the Court removed Mr Walsh from the Register of Practitioners.

In other words, the ITNJ’s alleged “Chief Justice” has been stripped of any residual ability which he might have had to claim that he is a lawyer, let alone a Chief Justice of any sort of international tribunal, real or imagined.

Not that this is likely to stop Mr Walsh, or Sacha Stone for that matter, from steaming ahead as planned. After all, there’s gold in them thar hills.

* Thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey for coining John Walsh’s New Official HR Name. John Walsh ITNJ

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  1. I don’t suppose they’ll publish a copy of their accounts in relation to the 16th-18th April?

    Y’all stop laughing at me…

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  2. That’s it, my new course in life! Thank you EC for all the information. I am now going to buy an uninhabited island.

    I haven’t decided which yet but I am drawn to West Calf island with 63 acres. The highest point will be called, ‘Clabber Hill’ and I shall be called, ‘Lady Muck of Clabber Hill’.

    I may hire some plebs like Cat Scot, Angela Power Disney, Tracey Morris, Neelu, Belinda & they shall look after my pigs for which I shall get a grant from the mainland.

    I shall be judge, jury & executioner, of my by laws, become head honcho in my own courtroom

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    • Looking enviously at some of those Greek islands for sale!. On my only trip to The Bahamas I and on a boat cruise I asked about some of the beautiful little islands there that are for sale but was told most of them are owned by “drug runners” with heavily armed guards.
      # Internet is no problem: satellite!. But you need to set up your GoFundMe An Island page now as about $10Million will get you a 50 acre retreat.
      Or just rent a villa on Lanzarote which is popular with Irish con artists (I never mention names but the word ‘Angie’ comes to mind)

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  3. Oops, pressed send by mistake but you get the idea.

    How easy it was for that pratt to con money and get away with it for so long, just call yourself whatever you want, no one will questions it if you have authority and bleed everyone dry.

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    Heroes of the Justice League

    On Princess Neelu’s FB page she has a video with Robert David Steele “former CIA clandestine officer” who is the pro bono “Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network”. This bloke is a total fraud and and there is no proof he was ever in the CIA and one of his false claims is that he set up the US Marine Corps intelligence.
    Shamefully The Guardian actually gave this con-artist credence in an article by repeating his false credentials which via the internet just get repeated ad infinitum to the point no-one ever questions them (although this was before the Fake News scandal become prominent).

    One of his claims via Alex Jones is that the US has a ‘slave colony’ on Mars but one critic says he makes so many bizarre claims that are often contradictory and usually are for the benefit of whoever he is talking to at the time. Pro Trump one day, anti-Trump the next.
    Now he is being exposed for what he is: a grifter who appeared about 5 years ago and set up numerous “charities” which has been receiving donations from the gullible.

    # Note how plain old John Walsh ridiculously wears a barrister’s collar in videos (has he just come from court?) and likewise Steele is always suited with a tie. These grifters have everything worked out to a tee.

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    • He’s doing more than wearing a wing collar and bands, he is also wearing the jacket reserved in England and Wales (and I assume Australia too) for Queen’s Counsel.

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  5. Thanks for this! More good news…

    Sandra Fecht Is F*ckt!

    WHEREAS the College’s position is that beliefs about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and reptilians
    ought not to be suggested to clients as part of a therapeutic practice…
    1. Ms. Fecht undertakes not to use the title “psychotherapist”, “registered psychotherapist”
    or “registered mental health therapist”, a variation or abbreviation or an equivalent in
    another language, unless Ms. Fecht becomes authorized to do so under a health
    profession Act named in Schedule 1 of the RHP…
    4.Unless Ms. Fecht becomes a member of the College, Ms. Fecht undertakes not to hold herself out as a person who is qualified to practise in Ontario as a psychotherapist, registered psychotherapist or registered mental health therapist…
    5.Ms. Fecht shall not treat a person by prayer or spiritual means during any appointment at which she is providing therapy services to her Clients. She further agrees not to discuss her beliefs regarding SRA
    or reptilians during any appointment at which she is providing therapy services to her Clients and that any discussions pertaining to SRA or reptilians occur only when she is counselling/ treating a person by prayer or spiritual means in accordance with the tenets of Ms. Fecht’s religion…

    Click to access Sandra-Fecht-1.pdf


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    • I cannot say I am unpleased at this.

      Is the implication that her “therapy” was an extension of her personal religious beliefs?

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    • Hmmmm…very interesting – the arrogance of those keyboard warriors quite astounding….their use of violent threats and comparing their victims to paedophiles is all so familiar.

      I hadn’t ever heard before that James Randi is or was suspected of being a paedophile. According to one journalist Randi is a self-confessed liar:

      The more that’s revealed about that Walsh person the worse it gets. What a failure of a human being he is….he and his associates and those like hoaxgirl who promote such guff in order to lend credence to their own completely insane and nutty scams.

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      • I’ve never liked Randi mainly because he’s a liar. I’ve met Uri Geller twice and talked with him at length. I’ve also watched him bend cutlery in right front of me (provided by a reliable source) and witnessed numerous people at the same event (including a good friend who couldn’t use his car keys) say their keys had bent out of shape and the lady I was with also found her mother’s broken watch (she brought it along especially) started up after years of not working. Geller had advised these things may happen.

        It could all be a terrific trick. If so I have no idea how it was done but Geller is very charming and friendly and I don’t see he does much harm (he only makes money off paid appearances where guests know the score and very large corporations) and he also gives an awful lot to charity.

        But James Randi has for years falsely claimed he has “exposed” people like Geller when he has done no such thing. What Randi does is reproduce Geller’s “tricks” which is not the same thing especially when Geller has also performed under lab conditions for scientists. This has been Randi’s stock in trade- always claiming he exposes people by re-producing what they do. It’s very dishonest (which doesn’t mean Geller isn’t using tricks but Randi has not shown he’s faking).

        My favourite film clip is this one from Australia where Randi gets booted off a TV show by the host. Co-incidentally it’s because he insulted a friend of the host, a quite famous English medium called Doris Stokes who I knew (& was very fond of) for years in London but who became quite famous in her late 60s. Doris lived in a council flat in Fulham all her life and made quite a lot of money in her late years but gave it all to charity. Don Lane the host was a great believer in the ‘afterlife’ so he’s obviously prejudiced (like me).

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        • I saw the documentary on James Randi a couple of years back. I was impressed by his unmasking of fraudulent faith healers, but surprised he could spend decades living with a man and be unaware of his real identity. I put it down to the blind spots we all have; I am sad to hear it might be something else.

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          • Yes he’s probably very good at exposing some fakes as after all, he’s a good magician. My beef is that he promotes the notion that everyone he decides is a fake- is a fake and with some who will not engage with him on a one to one basis (like Geller) he then proceeds to do something similar like bend a fork and shows how he did it. Which isn’t the same as proving how someone else did it.


      • There is a taped phone call of Randi propositioning young boys. Randi and his supporters have claimed he did so at the request of police but this is balderdash. The police do not operate that way and if by chance they had they would never allow such a tape to be released not have they ever confirmed Randi’s claim which if they had asked him to make the tape, you would presume they would.
        There were rumours around long before Randi became famous as a “skeptic” that he had been arrested in LA for propositioning a young underage male prostitute (the legal age then was 21) for which he was convicted of but it was in the 1970s so hard to track down. It’s always known that he was gay but rumours about his private life have always been rife and his “marriage” to a convicted fraudster was said to be a cover for other activities. Randi’s partner stole an identity so he could get a Green Card and remain in the US & Randi said in court that the man was a saint and did no wrong. Not so claim the relatives of the man whose identity was stolen as it fucked up their lives and caused huge problems at the time.

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        • Actually now I’ve listened to the tapes of Randi I call total bullshit on the claim he recorded them for the police. They are a series of young boys calling him and Randi inviting them over to his place. The intentions are very clear and how they could possibly used as evidence in a so-called blackmail case is ridiculous.
          There is no mention of money and an under aged youth trying to get money out of Randi would not exempt him of serious charges. One crime doesn’t cancel out the other and in the US Randi’s crime of propositioning under age boys is far more serious.
          He’s probably very lucky it all predated the advent of Sex Registers.

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          • Scientology fantasists have been trying to smear, “The amazing Randi” for decades. He called out that cult! LMAO! He offered One Million Bucks for ANY Sylon to demonstrate their “OT” Operating Thetan powers….Nobody has claimed it. It’s highly dubious Geller could bend stuff with “his mind” and never proven.


  6. Does Mr Walsh also claim the titles of Grand Pooh-Bah and Lord High Everything Else? There couldn’t possibly be conflicts of interest in such an arrangement where one man holds so many offices could there?

    POOH. Speaking as your Private Secretary, I should say that, as the city will
    have to pay for it, don’t stint yourself, do it well.
    KO. Exactly – as the city will have to pay for it. That is your advice.
    POOH. As Private Secretary. Of course you will understand that, as
    Chancellor of the Exchequer, I am bound to see that due economy is, observed.
    KO. Oh! But you said just now ‘Don’t stint yourself, do it well’.
    POOH. As Private Secretary.
    KO. And now you say that due economy must be observed.
    POOH. As Chancellor of the Exchequer.
    KO. I see. Come over here, where the Chancellor can’t hear us. (They cross
    the stage.) Now, as my Solicitor, how do you advise me to deal with this
    POOH. Oh, as your Solicitor, I should have no hesitation in saying ‘Chance it
    KO. Thank you. (Shaking his hand.) I will.
    POOH. If it were not that, as Lord Chief Justice, I am bound to see that the
    law isn’t violated.
    KO. I see. Come over here where the Chief Justice can’t hear us. (They cross
    the stage.) Now, then, as First Lord of the Treasury?
    POOH. Of course, as First Lord of the Treasury, I could propose a special
    vote that would cover all expenses, if it were not that, as Leader of the Opposition,
    it would be my duty to resist it, tooth and nail. Or, as Paymaster-General, I could
    so cook the accounts that, as Lord High Auditor, I should never discover the
    fraud. But then, as Archbishop of Titipu, it would be my duty to denounce my
    dishonesty and give myself into my own custody as First Commissioner of Police.
    KO. That’s extremely awkward.
    POOH. I don’t say that all these distinguished people couldn’t be squared; but
    8 The Mikado
    it is right to tell that they wouldn’t be sufficiently degraded in their own
    estimation unless they were insulted with a very considerable bribe.

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  7. Shake head / roll eyes / facepalm (whichever takes your fancy)…

    “Belated MARCH UPDATE and other breaking news!

    Hi Friends!

    Enclosed my MARCH UPDATE with my STEPPING DOWN from the HAMPSTEAD CASE and other news.

    I am not abandoning [CHILD’S NAME REDACTED] and [CHILD’S NAME REDACTED], they remain in my prayers and indeed in HISTORY as two of the bravest whistleblowers of the 21st century and I still believe their testimonies will CHANGE THE WORLD!

    I just am stepping back from MY part in exposing SATANIC RITYUAL ABUSE and the high level cover up of same, particularly in the UNITED KINGDOM….for my own sanity, integrity and well’being! I KNOW that I went above and beyond the call of duty.

    I have expressed ongoing concern about the ADULTS surrounding this case, including the parents, who espouse a NEW AGE Gaia and Sophia centric agenda. I support the HEMP for HEALING agenda, but little else. I am a sold out to TRUTH , born again FOLLOWER OF THE WAY…OF YESHUA JESUS ….and in my experience HE is the answer in these agonising END TIMES.

    Some of you may have noticed my website recently went down. There was no conspiracy theory…it was a case of FINANCES and if you are in a position to support my work with either a one off gift on my GOFUNDME account, or a monthly support commitment via the PAYPAL donate button that would be HUGELY APPRECIATED! i I also continue to covet your PRAYERS especially for protection and provision.

    I will shortly release two of an ongoing series of interviewss with TERE JOYCE of AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO addressing the subjects of PORNOGRAPHY IN THE TRUTH MOVEMENT and MKULTRA so look out for them or tune in live 10pm to 12pm UK time on THE FREEDOM OF JOYCE radio show on AFR!

    Love as always

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  8. A possible motive for his fundraising?

    The applicant, Dr John Walsh, was for many years an interstate member of the RACV.[2] Between 2011 and 17 February 2017 Dr Walsh occupied various rooms at the City Club. During this period Dr Walsh accumulated a significant amount of unpaid nightly occupancy fees and other charges on his member’s account. This resulted in the RACV expelling him as a member on 17 February 2017. At the time of his expulsion, RACV says that Dr Walsh owed $57,379.65 on his member account.

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  10. Has anyone listened to any of the testimonies of the people this person has introduced? Maybe you should and look into the eyes of the individuals….maybe this guy is being discredited as the truth is often buried. Open your minds and souls…


    • The guy is a dishonest man playing dress up sitting in a throne. I don’t know how many ways I can explain massive bellend.

      He’s a barrister who has been struck off as a barrister for being a complete prick. He’s made a career out of being a wanker.

      I fiirst found out about his schemes almost two decades ago. His not-a-university in case you are wondering. He’s got a new set of marks now.

      The weird thing is, he has his pretend court, gets questioned, makes a made up law for his made up court that his decision is final and no appeal would be entertained.

      If that isn’t the definition of puffed up buffoon reigning as absolute monarch in his cardboard court with his makeweight sidekicks with not so distinguished histories, I don’t know what is.

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    • Oh, people from poor countries payed a lot of money for their worthless degrees.

      If you think it is admirable to exploit people from developing countries, using made up titles and dishonest puffery, well the only words I have for you are some very nasty swears.

      If you go on Auslii and search for the tosser, you will find articles by him where he calls himself Dr. Compare this with later accounts where he describes his PhD. I have bad news for you, the prick has been scamming longer than I have been alive on this earth. What a fucking legendary shit of a man.

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