Penny Pullen: Pull the other one

We’ve mentioned in the past that we receive a steady stream of emails from our readers. Letters of support, tips about goings-on in the Hoaxtead mob, suggestions for stories, the odd complaint, and every now and then, an email from someone who just wants us to shut up and go away.

We got one of the latter kind a couple of days ago.

In fact, it was from a name you might recognise: Penny Pullen, the former schoolteacher, friend of Neelu, dowser extraordinaire, and member of the élite crystal-planting team.

Surprisingly, Penny seems to think we should pack it in here at Hoaxtead Research:

The children were telling the truth and if anyone imagines that young children could make up shocking stories of satanic ritual abuse – think again.

Check out the filming with ‘Ray Savage’ as he supports what I have just typed.

A satanic web of evil has surrounded this whole planet for thousands of years and the UK has been a hub of satanic activities – check out the work of Jordan Maxwell, Ellis Taylor, John Coleman, Anthony John Hill,
Gregg Hallett, Kevin Annett, David Icke, Alex Jones. They have accused and named the satanists and have never been sued for slander or libel as what they say and broadcast is true.

You people are wasting your time fuelling the satanic inversion which is now slowly being eroded and you will not succeed. So back off and learn how to love yourselves as that will help break up even more the ‘dark energies’ which have manifest in ritual child abuse and murder.

NB Tory Smith has been broadcasting these activities in the US in his Youtube channel. He was a good hearted psychic man and only wanted to help the profoundly ‘dark’ situation that has been allowed to continue for far too long.

The children have revealed the truth!!

Penny, thanks for sharing your insights with us.

Here’s why we think you’re wrong:

  1. Children can and do tell shocking stories of ritual abuse, especially when they are coached (and by ‘coached’ we mean ‘beaten, burnt, slapped, punched, deprived of sleep, starved, threatened with being buried alive in the desert, and suffocated) by a psychopathic little man with a long criminal record and a history of abusing women and children who come into his orbit.
    The fact that Penny thinks RD’s children could not have been coached to lie says a great deal about Penny’s faith in the intelligence and abilities of children—a sorry state of affairs for an ex-teacher.
  2. We’ve seen the footage of Ray Savage, thanks. We wonder under what circumstances he became an ‘ex-police officer’, as we can find no evidence of his alleged prior career in law enforcement. We’re sure he’s a lovely fellow, and his dowsing skills are probably almost as good as Penny’s, but that doesn’t mean he’s a credible source when it comes to deciding whether children have been ritually abused.
  3. We’re not really convinced by the “Satanic web of evil” argument, and we hardly think the likes of Kevin Annett, David Icke, and Alex Jones are going to change that.
    Just for example: Annett is a fraudster and master manipulator who had a fight with his roommate Alfred Lambremont Webre, and then in a fit of spite announced last year that he didn’t really think Satanic ritual abuse was a thing any more. This from a person whose stock in trade was SRA!
    Word on the street is that he did this to get back at his ex-bestie Webre. Penny might want to check this with Annett before she recommends him as a resource on SRA.
    Icke, of course, is mad as a box of frogs; and about Jones, perhaps the less said the better. As for whether they’ve ever been sued: in fact, Icke was sued successfully last year by a Canadian human rights lawyer. He paid off quickly and as quietly as possible, but if you’re interested you can read about it here.
  4. As far as the “satanic inversion” we’re supposedly fuelling, please see #3., above. “Dark energies” aren’t leading to child abuse and murder; while we would never deny that child abuse is a terrible problem, it has nothing whatsoever to do with dark energies or Satanic inversions.
    If Penny wants to help stop child abuse, she might consider donating some time to such worthy organisations as the NSPCC, which don’t rely on pendulum dowsing and crystal burying to keep children safe.
  5. While we don’t usually speak ill of the dead, we will make an exception in Tory Smith’s case. He was a paedophile fantasy peddlar who harmed a great many people, and his pernicious influence will not be missed.
  6. The children did reveal the truth. They revealed that their mother is a strange, cold woman who chose her creepy new boyfriend over the well-being of her own children. They revealed that Abe Christie has not stopped his child-abusing ways, and indeed seems to have upped his game. They revealed that their mother was not fit to care for them, and that her burning hatred of the children’s father led her to abuse her children, violate their trust, and ultimately abandon them to their fate.

So, Penny, in short…thanks very much for writing us. But no thanks.Penny Pullen

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  1. Penny Pullen was a schoolteacher? God help us! Are the kids ok now or are they still traumatised by Pullen’s frenzied “Science” lessons about water dowsing readings?

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    • I’m not sure what she taught or what age the pupils were.

      I do wonder why she became interested in this Hampstead case or does she join lots of these causes as part of “Belinda’s Witches Group”?

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  2. “…if anyone imagines that young children could make up shocking stories of satanic ritual abuse – think again…”

    Jeez! Did she actually say that? My will to live has just flown off on the wings of a giant butterfly called Roger 😦

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  3. Like Ray Savage’s alleged Police career – was she though? Perhaps maybe a Dinner Lady or Lollipop lady? Possibly she simply attended school once? How can someone this unintelligent gain the qualifications needed to be let loose educating children.

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  4. “They have accused and named the satanists and have never been sued for slander or libel as what they say and broadcast is true.”

    Nice try, Penny, but here are a few home truths for you to digest:

    1. There are a zillion other reasons not to sue for libel/slander. Firstly, the cost (up to £80,000 would be a conservative estimate). Secondly, the time and stress involved. Thirdly, the obvious obstacles surrounding cross-border lawsuits, not least of which are the fundamental differences between UK and US defamation laws (most notably, the burden of proof is with the defendant in the UK but with the plaintiff in the US). With respect, these are really basic legal points, Penny, that you should know and indeed would know if you’d done an ounce of research or at least had a smidgen of common sense and basic knowledge.

    2. By your…ahem…”logic”, everything Hoaxtead Research publishes is true and every video its regulars put out is true. After all, none of us has “ever been sued for slander or libel” either. Because what we “say and broadcast is true”, right?

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    • Indeed: Penny Pullen you are bat-shit crazy demented conspiracy peddler of myths and you aid in child abuse as you do not support the Court findings that Christie & Draper abused their own children.
      You support & give succor to these abusers therefore you are an abuser yourself.

      You can email Hoaxtead Research and ask them to pass on my email number and I will give your legal reps my address to serve a defamation writ : I now live in Australia where libel laws are very similar to the UK. In a case the other day with far less serious libels the plaintiff won the top award possible, $318,000 in damages with pecuniary damages & costs to be assessed on top of that.)

      Alternatively I travel to the UK regularly and still have a UK address and we can do it there.

      Failure to do this will mean that everything I say about you- which I intend to continue (malicious ?) can only mean what i say is true.

      Furthermore i think you may smell funny.

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    • Most of the hoax pushers lack the necessary assets to make suing them worthwhile. Those with more money have been careful to let others do their smear campaigning for them. I do suspect though, that if certain people ever set foot in the UK again they could find themselves in court quite quickly.

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    • I wonder if Penny is acting on Neelu’s orders?

      It seems suspicious to me that all of a sudden Penny intervenes and sends an email.

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      • I wondered that too, FA.
        Very strange that she suddenly sends something like that to the blog at this time. Neelu has seen the Police have spoken to Sabine, so I bet she’s using Penny pull-the-other-one as an Agent

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  5. “…beaten, burnt, slapped, punched, deprived of sleep, starved, threatened with being buried alive in the desert, and suffocated…”

    …And lest we forget kicked in the private parts, thrown against walls, smacked on the head with metal spoons, subjected to semi-naked waterboarding…

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  6. “if anyone imagines that young children could make up shocking stories of satanic ritual abuse – think again.” Has anyone made that assertion? I think not!

    I absolutely agree that the children didn’t make those stories up. – Abe Christie did. He then beat/drilled the children into regurgitating his sick fantasies. The signs of this are obvious in the original ‘disclosure’ videos.

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  7. On the question of whether Ray Savage is “a credible source when it comes to deciding whether children have been ritually abused”, there’s still that massive niggle with me about his insistence that he spent several hours with Ella and could state categorically that she wasn’t lying.

    1. How come Ella has never mentioned this alleged interview?

    2. What makes Ray the first person in history who can state as an absolute fact whether someone is telling the truth or not just from listening to how they talk?

    3. What exactly was Ella supposedly telling the truth about? Pssst – Ray, mate – Ella wasn’t the victim. The children were. She never claimed to have witnessed the ritual abuse you say she was telling the truth about. D’oh!

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    • Yes I’ve been asking such logical questions also but as they say – answer came there none.

      I think we need to know more about Ray Savage’s alleged police career. Maybe he was just a traffic warden.

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        • Funny you should say that Fanny…… Someone in our group else made just that point a month or two back. – Which might be one reason why someone would have old photos of themself in Police Uniform. I wonder how far he and former scene-shifter/occasional Extra Patrick Cullinane go?

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          • What would be interesting is if a photo could be found with a ‘collar number’ – the division number on the shoulder flash most Policemen wear. OR even one of him next to or in a Police car….. Ideally one we can see the number plate of. – Come to think of it; I’d like to see that Tony Farrell’s credentials too.

            I’m told Savage was a late arrival on the ‘Tetra is bad, supply coppers with tinfoil helmets’ boat.

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  8. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Alex Jones, reputable source…

    By the way, that ‘5 Stupid Things’ guy (Steve Shives) is well worth checking out. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his stuff in the past.

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    • Does this mean Angie thinks the Dalai Lama is “dodgy”?

      If she does, that’s funny, as that conman Ben Fellows pretended to go to the Dalai Lama for assistance in doing something about CSA in the UK back in November 2015.

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        • Thanks for that Spiny.

          In future I hope this means that Angela will stop trying to portray Bandwagon Ben as some kind of Whistle blower like her when we all know the pair of them are pure fantasists.

          I’m not sure what on earth Angela’s meant to have Whistle blown about??

          She always says she is a Whistle blower, MK Ultra survivor (does that mean she managed to get out of Milton Keynes alive?) and the latest is the Super Soldier nonsense.

          I haven’t heard claims previously that Angela was previously in the Forces, some jumping on another bandwagon as she doesn’t want to miss out. I suppose some of that must come from being the Middle child of 5 sisters, or so she says!. Can’t believe most of what she spouts.

          However,Rupert evidently thinks he is some kind of Military personnel, probably from going to those re-enactments of times past with his parents.

          The only thing that springs to mind on Angela blowing, is blowing on Rupert’s whistle.


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  10. Penny needs to have a chat to her mate Neelu and Sabine as if I’ve read correctly both their barristers stated to the Judge that the SRA element of the 11th July court case was unfounded.

    Are Neelu and Sabine back tracking?

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    • The two twats featured in the above video are Rhys Oakes and Amanda Doyle.

      Doyle is a particularly nasty individual who’s previously been arrested for invading democratic council meetings to stop them going ahead.

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    • In relation to the Doyle/Oakes videos – there is another name, Simon Jobson, associated with them. Does anyone have any info on him? He’s not by any chance a Scot, circa early 40s, from Lewis is he? Tallish, well built, dark hair with quite a posh islands accent?


  11. Sums up the perverse logic that pervades all of these tunnel vision plagiarizing charlatans.Like magpies they steal little strands and titbits of information from others nest and incorporate it into their own without making effort to check first either strength or quallity.Worst still the strands are stolen from the nests of their fellow magpies.A nest of no substance or cohesion destined to fall in a fair wind.

    Pullens letter(?) serves only as a confession to being a fully paid up member of the brain dead ignoramous league as there not even a kernal of a meaningful point within its entirety.

    Pullen believes X to true therfore X is unconditionally universally true.In fairness she proceeds to qualify this position by adding that others have come to the same conclusions that she has there and with gusto rests her case without refering to seemingly awkward little blighters called facts or morsel of a smidgeon of objective evidence.A boundless act of futility.

    I am not a school teacher but if any pupil of mine handed me in a piece of work like that it would be detention,100 lines and cold Tapioca pudding.


    I do hope Common Porpoise makes it through the night.

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  12. Whatever is wrong with Penny, it isn’t of recent onset:

    When my husband suffered a stress overload mental breakdown, he was admitted to a private psychiatric hospital in England. Although he couldn’t put one foot infront of the other and desperately needed peace, quiet and lots of sleep, he was denied that and just pumped full of strong drugs – always given in combination of 3 or 4 at a time!! He was already taking analgesics and anti-inflammatory meds for previous health issues and when he began to suffer huge adverse reactions to the chemical cocktail, his psychiatrists totally ignored them and misdiagnosed as his ‘illness getting worse!’

    When he was discharged as the money in his insurance ran out, his drugs continued for two years and he eneded up in hospital with nine prescription drugs – 40 tablets per day and he was in a coma and nearly died, until he was eventually released with two more strong drugs added to the list!! Fortunately, he was so frightened that he began to throw them away and within 3 weeks he had dumped the lot. It was then that he began to recover, although he has been damaged and still suffers from anxiety when he thinks of the poor treatment he received with the threat of ECT on an almost daily basis for four months. We feel that the medics and government should be made to acknowledge the harm that these drugs do to people, but without going down the legal route, which we cannot afford and which wouldn’t do my husband any good mentally to have to go back and relive his experiences, we don’t know what else to do.

    The agenda of the ‘Illuminati’ or ‘New World Order’ is to keep people dumbed down, ill and controlled. They can’t have people finding out that their minds are so powerful that they reach the ends of the Universe – so to speak. So nearly all the poisoning is from substances that affect the human brain – like mercury amalgam and mercury within vaccinations; aspartame in foods; fluoride in water supplies; EMF from mobile phones and the masts etc. etc. We have to stop this and stand up for our rights. The crimes against humanity – lead by the Bush and Blair duo must be brought into the open.

    My phone number here is 015395 33880 I live in Cumbria, England.

    My daughter took her own life due to inherited mercury toxicity from my amalgam dental fillings and my husband was mercury toxic even before he took any prescription drugs. We didn’t know that at the time. So as the body was burdened before chemical drugs were introduced, it didn’t take much to tip him (or my daughter) over the edge. He was suicidal when he was taking all his psychiatric drugs and I had to retire early from my teaching career in order to look after hinm. What a huge learning curve we have been on. We want to shout all this story from the rooftops. The last episode is that our bedroom is being zapped by 1,800 mega-hertz from a mobile phone mast. We have had to buy expensive protective fabric for our window and to date our expenses to put right the damage done by the dental and medical industries has been huge. In fact with private dentistry and so many complementary therapies, we have spent thousands of pounds. Is this fair? What about the poor souls who are stuck in their ‘toxic cages!!’

    Posted by: Penny Pullen on September 14, 2005 02:14 AM

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    • Very interesting however unless those pills were forced down Penny’s husbands throat or administered intravenously he did have the option of not taking them from the off.

      I’m not totally unsympathetic and the daughter’s suicide is very interesting.

      Perhaps this tipped Penny over the edge, who knows…

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      • I agree, the loss of a child must have been a devastating blow to her. She seems to have reacted much the same way as Neelu reacted to the death of her niece: both came to believe that strange forces beyond their control had caused these deaths. Very sad.

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        • Reading between the lines I think there is also a common element of trying to intervene in medical treatments in a way that ultimately exacerbated a difficult or hopeless situation. Didn’t Neelu, or her sister, barricade themselves in a hospital room and prevent the medical team having access to the baby for a while?
          It all goes to show that we really need to improve mental health services in this country.

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    • I dont mean to be harsh but given Mr Pullens chronic mental and physical health coupled with the death of his daughter from whatever cause is most unfortunate.However his wifes Pennys rampant paranoia cannot be conducive towards affording him a calm environment that could benefit a recovery.
      Again,frenetic finger pointing at everything and its dog for dischorance…blame,whinge,moan gripe etc.If you cant find an actual cause of a problem then just make one up,anything and anybody will do.
      Call me old fashioned but what happened to taking on responsibilty for the vicissitudes of life?
      Truther mindset seems to be”when duty calls do bugger all just bang on incessantly about the damn aweful smell”.
      Such retentive flatulance can only ever conclude in a serious incident in the underwear department.
      It will be a relief to us all when you eventually spend that Penny Mrs Pullen and dump your shit in its rightful place.You are a public inconvenience that is what you are.Phew!


    • Well I feel sorry for her for the awful events that have happened her life but that does not give her the right to falsely accuse others.

      I had a very good friend who was a chief psychiatrist in one of the most prominent psychiatric hospitals and I once went there for a staff party. The staff were pretty drunk but after a few drinks he took me on a tour of the facility and honestly, some of the patients are so far gone it’s pitiful.

      My friend’s complaint was there was never enough money to care for the 1000s of mentally ill people out there let alone get involved in falsely locking someone up and as soon as possible patients were sent out to the public again, many who really should have stayed inside.
      The stress was so palpable among staff my pal ended up taking copious amounts of speed to keep up with the world, eventually became a patient in his own clinic and finally killed himself.

      While doctors may prescribe pretty heavy drugs it more a case of work overload and not enough time to dedicate to each patient.

      These people have nil knowledge of the real world and everything they spout is gained form the web and the sad truth is that many have serious psychological problems including paranoia where they think they are so important the entire world is on their case when reality is, they are just another who needs psychiatric care. Neelu is a classic case and these fools encourage her.


      • In all these cases I find myself wondering to what extent their ‘illnesses’ are chemically induced. We ‘think we know’ something of Neelu’s background and story for instance…. Yes, the death of her niece was tragic, but she was ‘well gone’ by then. Mrs Pullen? I sense another tale ‘from the garden’.


    • Penny features on an early Amaach video/Belinda,s house/ Milesjohnston link. Also, Penny was cc’d to the emails informing me, speaking was to be Icke, Gerrish, Green, Baloney & a healer. pre 2010 rally


  13. penny, if tory smith was such a good man then why did he try and blackmail mathew j rentschler? google the name and you will see that he is a sex crimes specialist prosecutor who has put some of the worst paedophiles in prison, why dont you speak to the people he has given closure to, Tory smith was insane and like you was brainwashed by icke, jones, annett etc. How dare you claim to be an advocate for abused children when you would give those kids back to christie, stupid woman and dangerous, you should be in an asylum where you can do no harm

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    • Are there still asylum’s?

      Unfortunately many people that support this Hoax have something wrong with them imo.

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      • They all have something wrong with them. The mentally ill ones are being manipulated to take the rap for the criminally inclined ones.

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        • Indeed FS that very neatly sums it up.Although some like APD have feet in both camps.She clearly has multiple personality disorders and issues leaking from every pore as she spews hate speech, provokes and incites agressive vigilantism whilst cunningly keeping her own powder dry from her perceived safe command encampments in Spain and Ireland.
          When her chips runs out and eventually called before the beak she will make Sabine and Belindas disapearing walking stick illusions seem like mere childs play.
          Mel and Bigears still persist in granting this poison witch a vehicle to project her vile bile and dont seem to cognate that she will point “the evil finger” on them as and when it suits.But hey that is their look out.
          The saga continues this evening at 7pm as Angela chases rainbollox from Lanzerote courtesy of dubious Irish benefit handouts.Other mugs are available.

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  14. That’s very concisely put by Lizzie.

    She could have also mentioned he’s in a relationship with a pot smoking, chain smoking, child abuser of at least 3 children, drinker or ex-drinker floozy of a grandmother.

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  15. I’m wondering now why Angela gave up the child caring career she had in USA?


    Or is that another load of old bollox?


  16. So these people complain about the police investigation, and instead think we should believe Ray Savage because he talked to Ella for a couple of hours, allegedly. I wonder what Penny feels about Abe and Ella claiming that Ray is a government shill, planted at Christ Church to turn the topic away from child abuse onto the election.

    Icke calls Jones a shill and sell out, and Jones calls Icke a shill. They are all conspiracy nuts.

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  17. I would also like to say that Penny is a reptilian alien from the planet Mimbo, connected to the illuminati with the purpose of planting Tryptonite crystals from her home planet in order to weaken us before invasion. If she does not sue me for slander then clearly I am telling the truth.

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    • She was ‘spoken to’ the other day? For what reason we don’t know. But consider this which I stress is pure speculation……

      1) She’s arrested on some matter.

      2) Released on police bail with conditions that she doesn’t post anywhere.

      3) She appears, that part of the bail restriction is lifted

      4) She deliberately breaches the order with the intention of later claiming she didn’t understand that lifting bail conditions is a different thing from lifting the order.

      5) She then takes the opportunity to let loose spreading more fear and alarm etc.

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