Charlotte Ward, Judy Byington, and Kevin Annett: Connecting the dots

Yesterday we delved into some of the links among the originators of the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) hoax. We noted that Charlotte Ward (aka Carleea, aka Jacqui Farmer), who claimed that her “Hampstead Research” blog was not affiliated in any way with Sabine McNeill or Belinda McKenzie, in fact had a long history with Belinda and her coterie of believers in SRA. We illustrated the links between Charlotte and Robert Green, who vigorously promoted the Hollie Greig hoax, and was himself linked with both the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS) and the Committee on Ritual Abuse (CRA).

In today’s episode, we’re going to look into the links between Belinda’s group and a couple of North American SRA promoters—Judy Byington and Kevin Annett.

In 2012, anti-SRA campaigner Doug Mesner wrote to TV personality “Dr Phil”, who had sheduled an interview with Ms Byington on his show. You can find the full text here, but these excerpts help paint a picture of Ms Byington and her activities:

Specifically, it has come to my attention that you will be airing an interview with Judy Byington, author of a book entitled Twenty-Two Faces which purports to be the true story of one Jenny Hill, an alleged victim of the bizarre and controversial psychiatric condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID] (formerly listed as Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]).

However dubious the legitimacy of DID, this diagnosis is by far the least of the problems with Byington’s book. Twenty-Two Faces is openly rife with archaic demonologies, and paranoid conspiracy theories being presented as root causes to the disturbances in Ms. Hill’s troubled mind. That Jenny Hill — a former drug addict and prostitute with a history of mental illness — is troubled seems indisputable, but Byington’s book seeks to expose an alleged satanic government plot behind Hill’s mental malaise that is tantamount to speculation upon who, exactly, is beaming voices into the heads of schizophrenics. Such an ignorant approach to therapeutic practice is harmful to mental health consumers, and your endorsement of such can hardly be of any positive value to your viewers.

The broader harm to the public mental health in endorsing a story as laden with paranoid delusion as Twenty-Two Faces — especially insofar as it is a narrative specifically appealing to the mentally vulnerable — should be clear to a doctor of Clinical Psychology like yourself. In fact, as recently as the 1980’s (and extending into the 90s), stories of non-existent satanic cults — upon which Byington has based her unhinged claims — caused a modern witch-hunt now known to sociologists as the “Satanic Panic”. Books foundational to this panic, and thematically identical to Twenty-Two Faces — particularly Michelle Remembers by Lawrence Pazder and Michelle Smith, and Satan’s Underground by Lauren Stratford — were soundly and thoroughly debunked by investigative journalists. Unfortunately, these debunkings only arrived after sensational talk-shows, promoting these books uncritically, helped create a moral panic that ruined families, resulted in false convictions of satanic crimes, and exploited the most irrational fears of countless mental health consumers. Both of these books are listed in Byington’s bibliography, despite their debunkings, and despite the fact the Satan’s Underground was so thoroughly discredited as to be withdrawn from publication… following which the author changed her name and abandoned her story of Satanic Ritual Abuse to instead pose as a childhood victim of the Holocaust. …

The book carries an endorsement from Robert Kroon, an esteemed former foreign correspondent for Time Magazine. However, Kroon had been dead for over 5 years at the time of Twenty-Two Faces’ publication. Suspiciously, Tate Publishing, the publisher of Twenty-Two Faces, uses a similar endorsement, allegedly from Kroon, on another book published 2 years after his death.

Judy Byington has not had a license to practice therapy in around 10 years, yet she explicitly describes continuing to conduct therapy sessions with Jenny Hill only months ago…. Judy Byington also offers “therapy” over the phone or via Skype at $25 per session. Do you, Dr. Phil, endorse this type of unlicensed, not to mention grossly irrational, “therapy”?


Although it appeared at first that Dr Phil had decided not to air the show, it eventually made it to television. Here’s an excerpt:

There’s more—much more—to say about Byington, who appears to be a fraud through and through, and who gleefully exploits people with emotional difficulties for her own gain.

The Charlotte Ward connection

We’ve mentioned in the past that one of Charlotte Ward’s friends, Trevor Oosterling (aka Trevor Namaste), helped Ms Byington build her Child Abuse Recovery website. However, the link between Charlotte and Ms Byington goes deeper than that.

In late 2013, around the same time she was living in Belinda’s Highgate home, Charlotte can be found speaking on Ms Byington’s behalf on various child sexual abuse blogs. Here she is on a blog called Teresa Lynn—Finding Center: The blogger, who was probably flattered that her online writing had attracted an “important” blogger’s attention, agreed readily: A couple of weeks later, we find Charlotte on another child sexual abuse blog, The Last Straw: No mention of an inspirational e-book in this one, but again, the blog’s author responded happily.

Earlier the same month, Charlotte had left this comment on a blogger’s video: Here’s the video she was praising:

We assume the recording date of “Sunday, December 8, 2014” was a typo, and that the blogger had not actually mastered time travel. However, a quick look at the bottom of the post reveals a familiar name.

Yep, it’s our old friend Kevin Annett, the defrocked United Church minister from Canada, who has “been responsible for an unusual number of hoaxes himself, from the wholly fictional “International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State” (ITCCS), to his false allegations of mass murders at First Nations residential schools in Canada, to his deranged claims that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had abducted, sexually abused, and killed several First Nations children from a residential school near Kamloops, B.C., while they were on a royal tour of Canada”.

In the post we wrote about Mr Annett last winter, we noted that he had visited the UK in 2010–2011 to do a speaking tour, supported by Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie (who grew tired of Mr Annett’s requests that she darn his socks!). Mr Annett, who has a bit of a reputation as a ladies’ man, also made eyes at Araya Soma, but it was not to be: first he failed to turn up at the Truth Juice event Araya’s landlady had organised in Glastonbury, and then, when Araya was evicted he promised to send her money, but never did.

We speculated in the above post that Mr Annett could have been the “missing link” between Araya’s Glastonbury gang, which included Abraham Christie, and Belinda’s London mob, which included Ella Draper, but we emphasise that we have no hard evidence of this, and won’t have until or unless Abe and Ella are brought back from Spain to face justice.

However, we must say we’re growing ever more intrigued as we delve into the links amongst the SRA hoaxers: ultimately, it seems that theirs is a very small world indeed.


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  1. Bloody Oprah Winfrey promoted so many of these nutters but I’d have to see the entire show before passing judgement on Dr Phil as I find him to be a much smarter and more perceptive.
    More superb research by El Coyote. Why don’t you take on Angela Power Disney as an intern?

    In the meantime I’m think of using Robert Kroon’s standard endorsement for my upcoming memoirs : “Diary of an MI5 Tea Lady” The True Story of How Harvey Weinstein and George Soros assaulted me on Ted Heath’s yacht during a Satanic Orgy..

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  2. Yesterday, “The Lulz Machine” mentioned The Skeptic’s Dictionary site’s excellent articles on SRA and Mind Control. I’d like to point out that there is an excellent article on Multiple Personality there as well:

    And that an early draft of my deconstruction of the “childhood trauma origin of Alter Personalities” model is stored in the reader’s comment section:

    Champions of the childhood trauma origin model claim that they are rescuing and resurrecting Pierre Janet’s theories about dissociation and traumatic memory: “Pierre Marie Félix Janet was a pioneering French psychologist, philosopher and psychotherapist in the field of dissociation and traumatic memory” -Wiki
    and that there had been some kind of conspiracy by mainstream psychologists to ignore Janet’s theories and pretend they ever existed.

    What they never mention, is that Janet was as much a “spiritualist” as he was a psychologist, and that he believed traumatic dissociation ‘opened the door’ for the spirits of the dead to take up residence in your consciousness. I’m serious. That was Janet’s ultimate explanation for “multiple personality”, and he was ultimately responsible for other people promoting such superstitious quackery, at that time.
    “The Doris Case of Multiple Personality” in three volumes, by Walter Prince PhD and James Hyslop PhD, published 1915, 1916, and 1917, exemplifies this. The first two volumes seem a sober psychological examination of, and explanation for, this woman apparently manifesting 5 distinct personalities (with their own life histories, traits, characteristics and abilities) based primarily on Janet’s theories. Volume 3 reveals that in fact these 5 personalities were the spirits of dead persons occupying dissociative “voids” in the development of her personality, and that the cure for such tragedies requires treatment by psychologists who are also Mediums.
    Riiiight! THAT is why Janet was abandoned by the mainstream.

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    • Haha, that’s very useful to know, Justin, thanks. The founders of psychoanalytic theory were viewed with some suspicion at the time, as I recall from my “History of Psychology” classes at uni; the last thing they needed was to be associated with some nutbar theory involving spirit possession and mediums. Makes perfect sense.


  3. I have just witnessed with my own eyes a horse running around my garden with forty thieves chasing it & Julius Caesar riding the horse bareback while eating pizza! I think I will make a blog & share it to the world. Why not, it’s as believable as what all the nutters put out there. 😋

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      • May I just point out that there has been no Coroner in Scotland since 1800? The Lord Advocate has responsibility in Scotland to investigate any death which requires further explanation. This routes via the Procurator Fiscal service (the Crown Office) to the Sheriff for the area. It is therefore a blatant lie to suggest “a murder verdict was established by the coroner”. As to Hollie’s picture? Publication from within England and Wales or even naming her would, in theory, be an offence although there seems great reluctance on the part of English authorities to even begin to enforce this. Scots law is different.

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    • Wow, Robert was nominated for a Nobel Prize? By amazing coincidence, so was Kevin Annett!

      Not to downplay the tremendous honour involved, but anyone may nominate anyone they please for a Nobel. Next thing you know, someone will be nominating Angie. 🙂

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      • Actually I don’t think anyone can nominate a person or they would be flooded with lunatics like,. err Robert Green and Kevin Annett.
        I believe universities and other respected institutions are invited to nominate people and even the nomination process is rigorous.
        This is just another blatant lie and exposes these fools for what they are.
        Next time I’m in London I’ll probably run for the Westminster bus as I’m always late so I can say from then on :”Ghost of Sam once ran for Parliament”

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    • What really happened to Anne Greig and her brother:

      “Anne Greig fell mentally ill around 1998 when her brother committed suicide. She ostracised her family for years and lied to get out of Cornhill hospital after her sectioning. She has refused treatment on many occasions and doctors wanted her to remain in hospital and on medication. Anne has now surrounded herself with individuals that perpetuate her beliefs. …

      “Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, Belinda McKenzie and possibly Valerie Sinason including all the wicked supporters of HDJ (“Hollie Demands Justice”) are culpable in positively encouraging Anne’s delusions.

      “Robert Green is guilty of furthering them as he did regarding Anne’s brothers suicide, turning it into murder. Remember, Anne had already admitted to her close family friend Wyn Dragon-Smith that it was suicide and called Wyn on the day he died to come up to the house for support. This was before Green became involved!

      “Consequently Anne has repeated the story (not always correctly) over and over again to everyone including her daughter Hollie. …

      “With perhaps the exception of the Eva Harding report, the core allegations that Anne/Hollie have made are not supported by anything or anyone regardless to what Robert Green would have us all believe. Eva Harding’s qualifications were questionable and 2 – 1hr interviews with Hollie while her mother Anne had primed her in a 30 minute “chat” beforehand is even more questionable. Harding went into the interview “looking” for signs of abuse and Hollie had been so well coached by now Harding got exactly what she was looking for. But then she was not looking for anything else in the way of evidence just like (Fleur) Fisher (Carol Felstead’s therapist at the time of her death)!…..why should she? Like we have said, she had been primed by Anne and like Fisher, Harding had worked at Tavistock”.

      The above is courtesy of a now-defunct website about the Hollie Greig hoax. I’ve excerpted shamelessly, and hope the author will forgive me.

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  4. Dang it, I must have been watching alternative news because I missed that.

    From Belinda in one of his posts.
    “Great news, will follow with keenest interest! (Wonderful pic of RG always laughing!)”

    Yeah, laughing at how he has hoodwinked the lot of ya!

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  5. Excellent article and good to see what is intuitive – this is a network, this is organised – firmed up by proper research. If you were to do a cluster analysis of who knows who, I wonder who’d be at the centre or top of the network. My guess would be McKenzie – perhaps reporting to a higher order, goodness it’s starting to sound like a cult! Wasn’t there an email sent out by McKenzie ages before the case hit the airwave courtesy of McNeill, calling up the troops to get ready for 2015’s biggest campaign EVER! Or did I imagine it?

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  6. There is lot’s of information on this site.
    Seems to be some diverse opinions across the many articles on there.

    “The Institute for Psychological Therapies is a private practice of clinical psychology. IPT’s primary work is related to allegations of child sexual abuse, but also deals with cases of sexual harassment, claims of recovered memories of childhood abuse, accusations of rape, allegations of improper sexual contact by professionals, forced and coerced confessions, false confessions, personal injury claims, mitigating factors in sentencing, custody, and medical and psychological malpractice.”

    Was wondering if Justin Sanity or anyone else has read the full book of this.
    Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S. Victor

    “Jeffrey Victor begins his book with the statement: “Some really bizarre things have been happening in this country. These strange happenings may be omens of one of the biggest secret conspiracies, or one of the biggest hoaxes in recent history.” In this 408-page book the author, a sociologist and sexologist, discusses the satanic cult scare from a sociological perspective. He observes that, despite the absence of empirical evidence supporting the reality of widespread satanic cults, thousands of people believe in them. In attempting to understand this phenomenon, Victor views the satanic cult scare as the social construction of imaginary deviance through the social processes of collective behavior. He understands the “satanic panic” as representing a contemporary legend and discusses the sociological and psychological factors contributing to the acceptance of the belief.

    According to those who believe in the reality of organized, multigenerational satanic cults, there is a widespread, secret group of criminals that has infiltrated all institutions of society. These cults breed and kidnap children who are sexually abused in rituals that include animal mutilation, murder, and cannibalism. The cults are often involved in pornography, drugs, and forced prostitution and recruit teenagers who have experimented with occult magic.

    Victor observes that rumors, coming from different sources, have merged to form an elaborate account of a widespread conspiracy of satan worshipers. These rumors, such as cattle mutilation in some western states and satanism at Proctor and Gamble, along with high-profile child abuse cases such as McMartin and Jordan, Minnesota, contributed to the development of the belief in a satanic conspiracy. The media attention given to these rumors has given them credibility.

    The reports of “survivors” are the main evidence for the existence of satanic cults. Although there is no external evidence corroborating the survivors claims, their accounts have gained credibility because some well-known psychiatric authorities are taking them seriously. Victor discusses the “groupthink” among therapists who uncover the memories and who have been networking along with survivors at seminars and meetings. Several highly publicized day care cases have also contributed to the belief in satanic cults despite the fact that these cases also lack corroborating evidence.

    By the end of the 1980s many police, journalists, therapists, and social workers had accepted these claims as true. The concept of ritual abuse is now at the center of a heated controversy in law enforcement and mental health. The most widely accepted claims about satanism are about teenage involvement in satanic cult activity. Victor believes that, although some rebellious teenagers experiment with symbols which upset their parents and others are hostile and delinquent, it is unlikely that teenage pseudo-satanists have any contact with organized satanic religious groups and there is no evidence that satanists are recruiting teenagers into secret criminal cults.

    Although some believers maintain that satanic cults can be traced back for many centuries, Victor observes that the consensus of historians who are specialists in studies of social life is that no devil worshiping religious cult ever existed. There has been no secret, organized conspiracy of devil worshipers documented in history.

    Victor observes that the satanic cult scare arises from deep-seated frustrations and anxieties by people about modern society. It signals a moral crisis in which people perceive a serious decline in traditional moral values. The rumor-panics are thus like recurring collective nightmares. Criminal satanists and satanic cults are an invented enemy and the satanism scare serves the unifying function of a search for evil internal enemies.

    An interesting aspect of the satanic cult scare is the unlikely alliance among Protestant fundamentalists, conservative Catholics, some secular child advocates, and some feminists. It also joins secular police, social workers, and psychotherapists together with Christian fundamentalist evangelists. The moral crusaders against satanism include people from all of these groups. These moral crusaders are basically rational and decent people who become involved in an organized effort to deal with confusing and ambiguous problems of everyday life. The moral crusade against satanism comes from the need to identify scapegoat deviants to blame.

    Those who are skeptical about the reality of satanic cults include professionals and technical specialists in occupations in which their work values are negatively affected by the exaggerated claims about satanism. These skeptics include some behavioral scientists, some law enforcement personnel, and some metropolitan and national news reporters.

    Victor concludes that the satanic cult scare is no mere fad and predicts that it will not only continue but will probably intensify for the next few years as we approach the year 2000. He believes that it will persist this long because the moral crusade is anchored into many different organizations and because of the vested interests of many people who profit from it, in terms of obtaining money, public recognition as “experts” on satanism, or audiences for the sale of religious ideology.

    The book ends with five appendices which contain suggested references, resource persons, guidelines for dealing with satanic cult rumors in a community, a list of satanic cult rumor-panics in the United States in Canada from 1982 to 1992, and a description of several actual satanic ritual abuse cases from 1983 to 1987.


    The widespread belief in a satanic cult conspiracy is one of the strangest social phenomenon in recent history. Victor’s book is an excellent resource for understanding the underlying causes and significance of the satanic cult scare. The book is objective, carefully researched and documented, and comprehensive. It combines psychological research about multiple personality disorder and disturbed teenagers, sociological research about rumors, contemporary legends, social movements and collective behavior, and historical research about local life and legends in the past.

    I recommend this book for both lay persons and professionals. It provides a valuable and unique insight into a social phenomena that will undoubtedly be viewed with great puzzlement by historians in the future.”

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  7. Probably realising her audience has dissipated since she talked about the baby case when she shouldn’t have. I have noticed that she is not getting many likes since then, so she has to create a drama by hinting at her imagined self importance. If only she knew……..

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