Kevin Annett and Hoaxtead: Profiting on the backs of the abused

McKenzies Devils have been incredibly busy for the last few weeks, churning out videos at an amazing rate. One of their most recent really caught our attention, though: titled “Mel Ve and Kevin Annett: The ITCCS SCAM uniting with the OPPT Scam 2013″, it offered some excellent food for thought: As you might know, Kevin Annett has multiple connections to many of the original Hoaxtead pushers, but has never promoted the Hampstead SRA hoax himself. However, he has promoted numerous other scams and hoaxes, in addition to his patently ridiculous “International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State”. RationalWiki describes Annett as

…the founder and operator of a series of crank one-man blogs and phony organisations, the most famous among these being the above mentioned juridical quagmire[Note 2] of nonsense and pseudolaw, the ITCCS. Annett is also a pseudohistorian, an enthusiastic supporter of the freeman on the land movement,[4] a “bankster” and chemtrail truther[5] and a defrocked[6] transphobic[7] United Church of CanadaWikipedia's W.svg minister. He regularly accuses the Vatican, the government of Canada and the United Church of Canada of being worse than Hitler.

Something that caught our ear right out of the gate on the above video was Annett’s assertion that

…in the case of genocide in Canada, by the Catholic and Protestant churches and the Government of Canada and the Crown of England, starting in September we started a common-law court of justice, we have 58 sworn citizen jurors. These are just ordinary people who volunteered to use their judgement and to listen to the evidence about a whole history of genocide in the Indian boarding schools in Canada. And 150 exhibits were presented online…all the evidence up there showing that the children were deliberately killed in the Indian boarding schools as a matter of policy, genocidal policy.

We are no experts, but we’ve done a bit of homework on the issue of Canada’s residential schools, where more than 150,000 First Nation, Inuit, and Métis (half-First Nation, half-European) children were sent until as recently as 1996, when the last residential school in Saskatchewan closed its doors.

The residential schools do indeed have a shameful and tragic history: put in place in the 1880s following Canadian confederation, their explicit purpose was to assimilate Indigenous children into Euro-Canadian culture. This meant that pupils were not permitted to speak their own language or follow their own customs. As one Canadian bureaucrat said, “We must take the Indian out of the child”. This amounts to cultural genocide: an attempt to destroy the existing culture of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, by creating generations of children who were disconnected from their own cultures and traditions.

And many children did die during their time at residential schools. Current estimates range from 4,000 to 6,000, over the 130 years that the schools were in operation. According to the head of Canada’s five-year-long Truth and Reconciliation Commission,

Schools were often crowded, poorly ventilated and unsanitary. Children died from smallpox, measles, influenza and tuberculosis. Some were buried in unmarked graves in school cemeteries, while others were listed as “missing” or “discharged.” In some cases, parents never found out what happened.

The residential school system has had an enduring impact upon Canada’s Indigenous peoples:

The legacy of the schools is evident today, (Mr Justice Murray) Sinclair says. High poverty rates, a large number of aboriginal children in foster care, a disproportionate number of aboriginals in jail and hundreds of missing and murdered aboriginal women can all be traced back to residential schools, he suggests.

When a flagrant serial con artist like Kevin Annett tries to jump in and profit from this horrific tragedy by claiming that children were “deliberately killed” in the residential schools as part of a “policy of genocide”, the lie contains just enough truth to make it potentially credible. He takes a tragic and unconscionable situation and attempts to milk it for his own benefit, making allegations that are just close enough to the truth to draw in the gullible and uninformed. While he claims to have the interests of the Indigenous children of Canada at heart, in fact he is co-opting a national tragedy and profiting on their suffering.

It’s not hard to see the parallels with Hoaxtead.

As we know, Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie have long attempted to profit from the UK’s broken social services for families and children. In particular, they have honed in on the problem of forced adoptions—and yes, it’s definitely a problem—and preyed upon vulnerable families and children, taking on their cases to “prove” their preposterous allegations that children are deliberately “snatched” from loving families and sold by unscrupulous social workers as part of a child sex trafficking network. Sabine and Belinda have explicitly stated that “Satanic ritual abuse” is one of the underlying issues driving this system.

The Hampstead SRA hoax was perpetrated not just as an attempt to ensure that RD’s children would never see him again, but as a way of demonstrating to a gullible and horrified public that the scenario pushed by conspiraloons was fact: a goal was to “prove” that the world is controlled by evil Satanic overlords who traffic, torture, and rape children, sacrifice babies, drink their blood, and consume their flesh.

This is one reason that the hoax has been so slow to die: those who want it to be true see it as validation of their bizarre dystopic worldview.

But ultimately, just like Kevin Annett and his attempts to profit on the backs of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, Hoaxtead represents an attempt to profit on the backs of real children who have suffered sexual abuse, whether in their own families or as a result of child sex trafficking. Both Annett and the Hoaxtead pushers are using their phony allegations to draw energy, attention, and money from these very real issues.

They are the real parasites. And they must be stopped.


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  1. Spot on. They are ghouls hoping to profit from the misery of unfortunates.
    Similar to Ireland where children ended up underfunded orphanages or well meaning church homes with so many dying, as children did so easily in those times from a range of diseases that modern medicine has cured (if one looks at family trees you will see not only did your great grandparents have so many children often 1 or 2 would die of common diseases at the time).
    Hateful sociopath con-merchants mingled with some really deranged persons.

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    • Yes, what I find fascinating about these people is their ability to blend tiny amounts of truth in with their confabulations, just enough to make them plausible to people who aren’t really into doing their own research.


  2. Quality as ever EC.

    Annett is a leech of the highest order.He is profiteering and exploiting from vulnerable children knowing this is prime territory to extract attention and donations.Dispicable tosspot if ever there was one.

    I know its a quite different hoax but I see aunty beeb are screening a 2 part dramatization of the Dewsbury hoax tomorrow at 9pm.Again a situation where individuals see a gap in the market and a nice little earner to be had from conning the public/media in an attempt to fill pockets.The well being of the child(ren) being the very last priority of the perpetrators.

    I may even pull myself away from here and MKD`s to have a wee peak at how that is dealt with.

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    • Every time a see a video with Kevin Annett i just can’t believe the sheer front of the man. How anyone can talk about arresting the queen and Pope and expect people to believe him is beyond me. I’d feel a total idiot if i said those things and most folk would but he says it with such sincerity that it is like he believes it himself.

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      • Let alone renaming the country Kanata.
        And then his ridiculous claim to be Nobel Prize Nominee when it was his father who sent a letter nominating while the Nobel committee only invite nominees from organizations they choose- universities etc.
        What a fraud.

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        • He was also due to speak at an anti child abuse rally a few years ago, I can’t remember what country he was supposed to be flying in from, but I know, he was supposed to flying into Stanstead. He claimed, when he was landed at Stanstead, he was stopped by the Border agency, from entering the United Kingdom. This was because elegedly, he was about to blow the whistle on the Queen about all these kids that she sent to their deaths, another croc of the brown stuff. Others thought he may not of been allowed into the country, because he didn’t have the right visa. But. The actual reason, that came out later was, he never even got on that plane that day, aparrently, he had said he had no money to come here, so he begged for donations, and as usual, there were people who where hanging on his every word, and donated. Unfortunate he kept the money.

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        • Oh yes i forgot about that GOS. How ridiculous can one man be, even scarier is that he can convince people of the things he says. I guess being a conman for most of his life means he can appear to be very convincing to people that he meets.

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  3. I recall reading that Kevin Annett had some bones that he said belonged to murdered children and that he had sent the bones off to the Smithsonian museum for confirmation. Yet when later questioned about what had happened to these bones and the test results he came out with all types of excuses and couldn’t even prove he had sent the bones off. He just tells one lie after another, just like Angie does.

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  4. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Canadian natives who exposed him and also to Heather Martin, Greg Renoulf, The Irish activists, Mckenzies Devils, If its not common sense its not common law, radio free KANATA! exposed and all the others who have exposed and continue to expose that bastard Kevin Annett AKA God Emperor of KANATA! AKA George Dufort, AKA Jeremiah Jourdain, aka Ciaran ui Niall and all the other myriad aliases he uses. I call him the spiritual father of the Hampstead hoax. As in the immortal words of Sex pistol Steve Jones ” what a fuckin rotter!”

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    • I most definitely deny that I am a scammer that makes money of the suffering of poor children and my wife Lori does not get sick in her mouth at the thought of touching me and is NOT a lesbian who finds me disgusting! The natives who badmouth me are all Jesuit assassins as are all the women who ive taken for $$$$. And whats wrong with me wearing lingerie to get a boner? And that guy who was filmed screwing a hooker and smoking crack was not me! it was a Jesuit assassin who had been surgically altered to look like me. Everyone who has ever worked for me has been a Jesuit assassin and paid informer. Putin has assured me that he is ready to move on the Pope,Queen and arrest them ASAP. HAIL KANATA! and god bless ITCCS military strategist Steve Finney! to see this great mans work watch “beware the republic of KANATA!” on youtube.

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    • Oh and thanks to EC and co who have covered Annett often even though he is not directly involved in the hoax (at least not openly) As Annett frequently says ” to kill the beast you must cut the head off the snake”.This hoax I think was inspired by his child sacrifice fairytales and most of the hoaxers have been acolytes of his at one point.

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    • Yes Greg Renouf did some great work at exposing Annett and some of the Freeman on the land people also. I think Greg had Kevin running scared whenever he showed up.

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      • Its amazing how many people were fooled by Annett, George Galloway had him on his show promoting his child sacrifice bullshit, Galloway is an idiot and has never explained his foolishness in embracing Annett. Typical politician.

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  5. This looks encouraging…
    False allegations about covering up CSA, based merely on rumor and the accuser’s personal fantasy, can be a successful libel suit:
    “A Ukip MEP has been ordered to pay more than £150,000 in libel and slander damages, and faces an additional costs bill of 196,000, after alleging that three Labour MPs knew about the widespread abuse of children in Rotherham, but deliberately chose to do nothing”.

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  6. Bloody hell, the tarot card readings! Nice find, MKD 🙂

    I watched this live at the time and then told everyone about it but it was never uploaded! Or so I thought. I’m guessing it’s unlisted (?).

    There was loads of other weirdness before this bit too, including Mel and Hopeless Girl claiming to be trained healers, HG singing a song about witchcraft and a rant about secret creatures that live under the Earth (but how you can tell who the real humans are because we have a PIN code implanted in us). I actually thought they might have been drunk at the time and going by the way Hope girl is giggling uncontrollably here and how Mel is rambling, I think I might have been right.

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  7. Project Bluebeam (no idea who that is) on Youtube has asked me to ask why he/she is banned from this blog and why Spiny Norman and Mc Kenzies Devils have blocked him/her?

    He/she said they were only trying to get the information out to Anyone believing the Hoax that they were being conned.

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  8. I remember seeing the vid where Annett said they had Bones and Buttons too and talked about a mass grave of kids from the Residential schools a long time ago it seems. Seems like he was blabbing about an Irish School mass grave of infants also. After watching Radio Free Kanata’s debunking vids and MKD’s vids about these scams, I am really appalled Kevin and Mel are not in a Cell….Looks like they DID suck in Genuine Native victims….Despicable. Thanks for the info….Off to view the “dewsbury hoax” vid. posted above. I’m hoping 2017 will bring justice to the victims of these hoax pushers, especially the Newtown Shooting Victims. The most vile hoax ploy to date Must have legal consequences. It is beyond the pale and is slowly being dealt with FOUR Years on….Very Mad about it All! The Newtown supporters should have a blog as wonderful as this one E.C.! Cheers!

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