Hoaxtead: Have we found the missing link?

Isn’t it funny how the human mind works? The other day, a few of us were looking at some old photos—pictures we’d seen many times before, without giving them much thought—when suddenly something really obvious jumped out at us. So obvious, in fact, that we couldn’t believe we hadn’t noticed it already. Here’s the picture we were looking at:

annet-copyThe two people who leap out at any seasoned Hoaxtead watcher would be Belinda McKenzie and Penny Pullen, but the man behind Penny, the balding one in the glasses, is familiar as well.

He’s Kevin Annett, the ex-United Church minister from Canada, whose name still makes Neelu Berry practically weep with joy.

Mr Annett has been responsible for an unusual number of hoaxes himself, from the wholly fictional “International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State” (ITCCS), to his false allegations of mass murders at First Nations residential schools in Canada, to his deranged claims that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had abducted, sexually abused, and killed several First Nations children from a residential school near Kamloops, B.C., while they were on a royal tour of Canada.

In 2010–2011, blogger Heather Martin says, Mr Annett “made the UK Satanic Panic Tour back with Gerrish, McKenzie and company back in the Protest the Pope days and…offended British audiences with his claims of charging the Queen of England with abducting and murdering ‘little brown kids’ (in Kevin’s words)”. Word has it that Belinda grew weary of Mr Annett, in part because he had her darning his socks for him!

Neelu, however, remains besotted with Mr Annett, has vowed to ban anyone from her Facebook page who says an ill word about him, and never misses a chance to promote him:

neelu-berry-kevin-annettShe even defended him to her bestie, Christine Ann Sands: neelu-berry-christine-sands-kevin-annett

Oddly, Mr Annett has shown no interest in promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax. You’d think he’d be a natural, given all the years he spent promoting the idea that Satanists were ritualistically torturing and dismembering babies in various sites worldwide—a sure sign, he said, of Satanic ritual abuse. And yet, a couple of months after Hoaxtead hit the internet, Mr Annett was waffling about SRA:

During this interview on Andy Peacher’s Freedom Talk Radio show 0n 20 May 2015, he said:

Peacher: Can you then comment on the relationships between Satanic Cults, the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the Jews?

Annett: Um, well, no, not direct (laughs), I, that’s a very big question, and there’s been a lot written about it by people far more aware and kinda educated about that aspect than I am.  Um, don’t forget a lot of these, um, uh,um, you know, what I’ve, okay, let me tell a short little story.  When I first began to document the stories of 20 years and more ago, of these, um, experiments and other crimes that had been happening to native people on the west coast of Canada, I find that often when people are referring to Freemasonry, um, and Satanic Cults, when you look into it, what your actually dealing with is government programs and that’s if you’ve read at all about MKUltra and Mind Control Techniques, THEY PLANT FALSE STORIES AND LABELS IN PEOPLES MINDS so that if under hypnosis, or whatever, people begin to recount what happened, you know these grisly experiments, they’ll say “OH, YEAH, SATANISTS DID IT TO ME”.  Not a government paid, uh, you know medical personelle….So often when survivors talk about, you know, being tortured by Satanists, or uh, Freemason, or, or, whoever, right?…It may be true, but as often as not, it’s been something planted in their mind: FALSE MEMORY. (emphasis throughout is mine)

[Excerpted from Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped blog]

When the video came out, it was a shocker. Until that very moment, most of Mr Annett’s friends in the troof movement would have sworn that he was, in fact, one of the major promoters of this wave of Satanic Panic. Why the sudden turnaround? One can only speculate, but it’s interesting that Mr Annett made his rapid about-face in the aftermath of his break-up with Alfred Lambremont Webre, his erstwhile roommate and partner in fraud.

The Araya connection

If you scroll to 16:43 in the above video, you’ll find another familiar face weighing in on the topic of Mr Annett. We think it’s fair to say that Araya Soma has a major hate on about him; and we believe we know why. Back in 2011, while he was pestering Belinda to darn his socks, he was also romancing at least two other women—and one of them was Araya.

Again, from Kevin Annett Must Be Stopped:

Two previously un-aquainted women were being wooed at the same time and were told he could send them money for their living expenses, their travel expenses and to help him with ‘secretarial’ detail for the ITCCS.  He got Araya evicted from her home because he failed to show up in Glastonbury for the Truth Juice event he was to speak at.  The woman organizing it was Araya’s landlady and when she heard Kevin might be staying at her flat, Araya was given the boot.  Kevin promised to send her money to help her, now that she was homeless, but never spent a penny nor a pound.  Instead he smears her in this ‘interview’….Yup, real classy guy!

The missing link

Since the inception of Hoaxtead, a gnawing question has been, “How did this particular group of miscreants manage to find one another?”

Sure, they have all tended to travel in the same circles, but it seems very strange to us that someone like Araya Soma could come out punching on Abe and Ella’s team at the same time as Belinda and Sabine. Araya, a would-be hippie and ex-stripper from the clubs in Soho, hardly seems the sort of person that posh, prim Belinda would voluntarily associate with.

And yet…there they were.

We’ve mentioned here before that Abe and Araya became acquainted through Abe’s ex-girlfriend, a woman named Lisa Ceneri.

Meanwhile, back in London, Sabine and Belinda had befriended Ella Draper, who’d been teaching Bikram yoga to Sabine. Ella had a problem: her ex-partner wanted to increase his access to their two children. She’d tried everything: allegations that he’d been violent to her, that he’d assaulted her mother, even that he’d sexually assaulted their two children. Each time, the courts had knocked her back, recognising her ploys for what they were. Every time the courts would issue a new order, she’d violate it, but next thing you know her ex would be back…with another order. She needed a new strategy.

She confided in her yoga student, an older German lady who seemed to understand that the court system was rigged against her. And lo and behold, the German lady and her nice English friend knew just the person who might be able to help! A knight in shining armour, as it were. Enter: Abe.

We should emphasise that we are engaging in rank speculation here—dot-joining, if you will—but wouldn’t it be interesting if the missing link between Belinda, Sabine, and Ella on the one hand, and Araya and Abe on the other, was Kevin Annett, the one person who’s kept well out of the line of fire when it comes to Hoaxtead?

One might almost imagine that Mr Annett had some prior knowledge of the players in the Hampstead hoax, saw it coming, and realised that the thing was too hot to handle, even for him. Just a thought.


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  1. A little background…Araya Soma’s landlady was one Sandi Wickes (now Adams), who runs the King Arthur pub and is a fellow-traveller on the conspiracy/chem trails/illuminati roadshow. I suspect the real reason Araya was “evicted” is that she was too batshit looney even for Sandi.

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    • She probably didn’t pay her rent either seeing as Kevin Arnett wasn’t exactly coming forward with the cash.

      Don’t know how anyone would go near Araya.

      He probably thought she was any easy lay.

      I can’t see the attraction myself but then I can’t see the attraction between a lot of people.

      Doesn’t Kevin have a thing for women working in the “sex industry”?

      Isn’t his present gf an ex-prostitute?


  2. Meanwhile, Wesley ‘OpDeathEaters’ Hall has taken time out of harassing the innocent people of Hampstead to…er…whine about harassment. Bless…

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    • `you’re not aware of the past year of abuse and harassment that I’ve had’-
      it’s been hard making shit up and stuff, and it takes hours every day to go around stalking people on the net to abuse them- I should get a medal I shoulds….


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      • Weasel has had a bad day today. More people are exposing him for his past fraudulent behaviour. And for his aggressive stance towards people. He’s also claiming to now be “The Mentor” of hacking. Of course he copied and pasted the whole statement, but he forgot to change the american details eg. Junior High schools don’t exist in the UK. Either way he’s coming to get us ALL. I’m really scared……. honest…. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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  3. Annett could be considered the spiritual godfather of the Hampstead hoax, in fact I would say he is the inspiration for the current satanic panic fervour. Most of the people propagating this child sacrifice myth were directly or indirectly influenced by his blatant obvious lies. Tory Smith and Alexander Meadors come to mind. I heard about Hampstead and found this blog through looking at Annetts lies. A couple of years ago he was everywhere.

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    • When i first heard of Kevin Annett and what he had been up to, i just couldn’t believe that people would fall for his fake ITCCS court and yet they did. He was to me so obviously to me a liar as his claims were beyond all belief. I guess it proves that if you can reach a large audience with their own strange beliefs then he could be assured that some of these people would believe and follow him.

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      • I think the key is to prey upon folk who are ignorant of the subject to begin with. A blank slate, if you will. They’re more likely to believe anything they’re fed.


  4. Hilarious old vid discovered by MKD…


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    • I’m not sure about ‘hilarious’ but I’m interested in why someone would bare their soul like this and then edit the film with background music and artsy pictures…..strange!

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      • This is the video she boasts about on her Linkedin page as though it was a Spielberg masterpiece.
        She thanks some supposed production company (whose main activity seems to be transferring old VHS tapes to CD) for producing this amazing work of art that she seems to believe would make directors like Martin Scorsese or Werner Hertzog green with envy although it’s more like a amateur piece from a horror film by Roman Polanski showing Angie who ends up being one of those killers who wears a fright wig and red raincoat and slashes people to pieces when a lift door opens and she leaps in with a kitchen knife.

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        • I especially love the use of the Pachelbel Canon, so fresh and rarely heard these days, as the background music for her tale of horrors. Doesn’t half give one the creeps.


          • If Angie hopes music will provide a sincere ambience to her video tales she might as well find something that fits.


            Since Angie is on hard times I will waive consultancy fee on this particular occasion.


        • The most bizarre use of stock images since Ed Wood died. A completely random slide show to accompany Angie’s libelling of most of her own family.
          I must be too kind hearted. My opinion of Angie isn’t high, but every time I see her talk on camera it gets that bit lower. The only reason anyone would make a video of themselves in tears like this is to solicit sympathy from strangers.


          • I’ve got to admit that I did soften towards her after watching this video but her tales still don’t add up,

            Also she is not in such a bad way as she was when some of this video was made.

            You would have thought she would have learned over the years that she is clearly unstable and should not be getting herself involved with such serious subjects as CSA.

            Also unless I missed something I didn’t hear any mention about the allegations made against her daughter’s father.


  5. Hehe, the Angie-Arfur interview is so on! So looking forward to this cringe-fest! 😀

    By the way, can someone explain to that disgusting lying ignorant pig Angela that Arthur was absolutely NOT jailed for “his outspoken views”?

    For the record, he was jailed for driving whilst disqualified (for drunk driving) and for trying to smash his way into a house to attack a vulnerable screaming woman. He also has various other previous convictions for assault, firearms offences and further driving offences. Oh and according to him, he also did time for molesting his nieces. Feel free to ask him about that, Angie. You are “a journalist chasing the truth”, after all. Hmmm. I won’t hold my breath.

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  6. Neelu and Power Disney are very new on the Activism scene. (2 years)

    The others have done this lark for many more years.

    Peacher is a “Yes” man that has the hots for Neelu, lmao.

    Not very nice of him considering he has a wife or at least I think he still has who he is meant to be a Carer for.

    I can’t see anything developing from his lust though.

    He’s creepy…

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    • It’s very apparent that Power-Disney has only recently latched onto the ‘truther’ movement but sadly the carnival has left town.

      All their posturing and claims that the ‘sheeple’ are about to wake up and take charge and hence “please send me donations to continue this fight” fall on deaf ears from the handful of those with limited funds and who either get weary of endless requests or move on to a new excitement.

      Icke also got in first even though he has plagiarized every claim he has made (there were small societies pushing these hoaxes for decades) he is very good showman and he now blatantly lies when he says he exposed matters, say like Savile or @pizzagate first, he still has an ability to seize upon any new thing and claim ownership.

      In a way, the rise of Donald Trump is the supreme result of these pushers of the now named Fake News but of course for Trump, it’s just a means to an end .

      Arhur Kaoutul is just a low level thug who lives on and near other community housing projects in outer Sydney where life can be tough. This would be vigilante thinks he’s on some anti-drug crusade but all he does is attack allegedly small and part-time dealer who are most likely on-selling drugs to finance their own habits.
      He is the very lowest of pond life as he seems clueless as to organised criminal drug dealers are and hence attacks those at the bottom of the food chain ignorant to the fact they are easily replaced.

      For Angela Power-Disney to even contemplate interviewing this deranged and dangerous piece of garbage shows a real desperation. The community where Arfur lives would have 100s of like-minded thugs like him and all he’s done lately seize upon the ‘satanic’ charabanc by becoming a fan of the child-abusing crank Fiona Barnett who is possibly one of the most vicious and nasty of the Satanic crusaders in that she names new innocent people every week- people who have dared to question her sanity. For their families & children, she gives not a jot about their reputations and who she might hurt.

      Another very good piece from Hoaxtead and finally, more proof of the sheer amorality of cats.

      Those who like me who have been under the paw of cats all their lives (and is still) will know they will drift to where their bread is buttered best whether it be in the home of a a Mother Theresa or a Jack the Ripper or in this case, the demented Araya Soma.

      Shouldn’t this mob be investigating whether cats are the real Satanists who have for aeons been able to convince humans that lovable & loyal dogs are all very well but every household must have a snooty, often disapproving, bossy, lazy and good for nothing feline to worship?

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    • Quite a few missing links there.

      Ben the porter is another one who fancied Danielle George aka La Verite.

      Dream on, no sane woman would be interested in him…

      Wouldn’t hear a bad word against Ben Fellows.

      Too frightened to stick his neck out and have his own opinion, just goes with who he thinks is higher up the “truther” food chain.

      What an idiot for losing his job=able to live, because of some fruit loops.

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      • And he still describes Belinda Mckenzie as a wonderful woman, even though he knows the truth about the Hollie Greig Hoax


    • Legends in their own lunchtime who cannot see the irony of setting themselves up as judge & jury.
      Or could be a typical day in a ward at Broadmoor.


    • I do have some concerns about Nina Valentine—I think she’s got some serious mental health issues, and like some other people who suffer from this sort of thing, has been swept into APD’s toxic grasp. I hope she’ll be able to find her way out, and that her friends will be able to help her see that APD is not to be trusted.


      • Yes indeed EC. Angie does seem to have a real knack for finding vunerable people online and then using them as she sees fit until she no longer has use for them and then uncerimoniously dumps them. Hopefully Nina etc have good folks looking out for their welfare.


  7. Funny that there doesn’t appear to be any First Nations persons in that picture…

    Meanwhile, back in Canada, a “National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls” has been established. There are a great many such tragedies, over several decades, that need a proper independent re-investigation.

    Recently, there has been some debate as to whether or not the inquiry should be expanded to also investigate missing and murdered Indigenous men & boys. Female activists have rejected that idea for several reasons. While I understand and appreciate their concerns, I’m still irked that they insist on excluding a specific case: that of Ramsey Rioux and Kenneth Lutz.


    This is a case of two young boys, with similar “high risk lifestyle” elements common to many of the missing & murdered women cases. What particularly irks me, is that while Ramsey’s skull was still mis-identified as that of a teenage GIRL, these same female activists were using his case as one of their top priority cases for re-investigation! But once it turned out to be the remains of a BOY, they’ve never had another word to say about it.

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  8. A concern that individuals with underage children in their home might be supporting paedophiles and child abusers, and waging war upon the innocent children and their families of Hampstead. Red flag for the social services in various countries.

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  10. More blatant slander from Angela. There must be a ‘y’ in the day.

    What death threats, Angela? Show us your “proof of claim”.

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      • Recall Neelu said she witnessed baby carriages being wheeled into a church one morning but the fool who is quite adept at filming with her I-Phone didn’t get it on film nor did she ever return to see what the alleged babies’ fate was, simply rushed home to make another Youtube video about it.

        Nor have one of these creepy hoaxers ever returned to film their allegations of baby deliveries- they are liars, frauds, con-merchants and mainly insane.


        • Actually, she was so concerned about the brutal baby murder she had just witnessed that she went to the pub for a piss-up with Christine, Saskia, Conaghan and Ray Shaw.


          • Yes she did.

            Judas Conaghan told me exactly that.

            Mind you he says he went to the church as he fancied Christine Ann Sands. Lmfao, that wasn’t going to happen, lol, lol, lol…

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  11. New from Sandy ‘Nasal Whine’ Bergen:

    Angela’s promoting it on her YT page, so I assume it must be utter bilge.

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    • 1:40 – “My guest tonight is Ken Chorley and he is an energy practitioner, a psychokinesis instructor and an intuitive coach and we are going to explore the different types of kinesis and I have to admit I had to look up what ‘kinesis’ meant, because I couldn’t even say it.”

      Oookay, I don’t think I can stick this one out for the whole 130 minutes, as I’ll have lost the will to live within 10.

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      • Aren’t we all energy practitioners? Me not so much in the morning though these days.


  12. Neelu & Pervy Peacher’s latest pro-Annett bollocks:

    “Nobel Peace Prize nominee Kevin Annett”
    WTF? Seriously?!

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    • All the usual technical hitches in play, I see. Mind you, the part where it cuts out completely and you can’t hear anyone (for 84 minutes) is the best bit, imo.

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    • Neelu wants to wake up.

      Pervy Peacher is making a play for her.

      Bit of advice Neelu, not that you listen to anyone.

      Never meet Pervy P in person, unless you want him to make a pass at you of course.


    • Annett was “nominated” by his father who is also a scam artist and handled funds sent to Annett by deluded women who thought they were having some sort of relationship with him.

      It’s bogus to claim he was nominated as nominations are accepted only from certain bodies who are invited to- such as universities and such.

      This along with his scam about a non-existent “court of justice” in Brussels that has no office or employees and just a tacky free website should have convinced even the most ardent follower the man is a cheap crook – and it has- all except Neelu his last port of call.

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      • I can’t imagine anyone being keen on Annett, just like I can’t imagine anyone being keen on Christie or Judas Conaghan.


    • Thanks, Corina. We did discuss this one pretty extensively back in April 2016.

      One thing that still niggles me, though, is that for all her hoaxer-hating bluster, Melanie is also an ardent supporter of Brian Gerrish (to the point of gushing hero-worship), and Gerrish was one of the pricks who helped spread and promote the Hampstead hoax in the first place!

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      • According to UK Column Melanie has recently received a two year prison sentence:

        They are under the impression she’s been in prison on remand for nine months which can’t be right because she was posting on Facebook in May 2016.

        At 7:33 someone says ‘You’re a doctor. Is it fair to say that when someone has been in solitary confinement for nine months that that is a form of torture?’ This is answered by Dr Graham Downing.

        The question leads us to believe that Dr Downing is a medical doctor so I googled him and found:

        ‘Dr. Graham S. Downing is a consultant in Neuro-musculoskeletal & Functional Medicine. He graduated from King’s College London University where he trained in the clinical sciences and molecular biology and attended the Randall Institute as a research student whilst still under the Directorship of Dr Wilkins, Nobel prize winner for his co-discovery of DNA; and European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University where he received an MSc with a specialist area of research in psychoneuroimmunology in the clinical practice.

        Dr. Downing was invited to read for a Ph.D at Oxford’s leading research institute, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology but decided on a clinical career instead. He is one of only two doctors in Europe that have received training at consultant level in diagnosis and treatment of internal medical disorders at the Texas Chiropractic College, USA; and advanced Wilderness medicine.’


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  13. I sent Arfur a copy of the Inquisitor’s questions to Angela and suggested he ask her some on Monday’s show. I don’t think he’s too keen on the idea…


    • From the comments under the ‘Angie’s Inquisition’ video:

      Bee Cat – aka Beth – aka Jockney Rebel – and former Angie ally – you’ve just won the coveted Hoaxtead U-turn award!

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      • As I recall, the rot started to set in when Angie revealed Jockney’s real name. Beth was really upset about that at the time and it rubbed several other hoaxers up the wrong way too, including Hypokristie Sue Costa.

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        • Yes, that really wasn’t kosher. Jockney had every right to be upset at Angie for betraying her confidence, but…lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.


    • Angela Hypocrite wants to update that Chasing Rainbows debacle from 2008 then, as she was saying she didn’t get on with any of her family of 150.

      She’s censoring her own family life, as most don’t want to have anything to do with her, which isn’t in the least bit surprising as she is a snitch, plus she’s pissed off to the Sun in Lanzarote, so her own choice to desert her 2 boys, daughter and grandchildren not anyone else’s.

      All sympathy I had for her yesterday has GONE.

      What’s wrong with her phoning them or actually living with her 2 boys?

      No, even as far back as 2008 it was all me, me, me with Angela.

      Probably from birth actually.

      In fact, leaving her daughter with the 74 year old alcoholic woman in the USA so she could go shopping of all things was her deserting her family.

      As for that Chasing Rainbows video and the non-existent film, I hope the witch leaves her family alone as she has exposed them all on the internet and who knows what is true and what isn’t.

      Angela is not credible.

      Pot and Kettle Angela.

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  14. I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your Annett-in-the-middle flowchart.
    Quite a brilliant insight, it seems, and the graphic made the people’s relationships to each other clear in my mind for the first time. (Mind you, their relationships and personal interactions amongst themselves hasn’t been something I’m personally focused on).


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