Mel Ve: Jumping off the Hoaxtead train?

A couple of weeks ago we received an unprecedented email from Mel Ve, in which she informed us that Angela Power-Disney was parting ways with Mel’s CCN channel over irreconcilable differences. This touched off a bit of a firestorm, as Angela (who never…well, rarely….all right, sometimes, and that’s our final offer) reads this blog, but was all over our coverage of Mel’s letter like flies on shit.

At the time, we wondered why Mel had chosen to write to us to make this announcement. Surely she could have simply done one of her ‘Wax Lyrical’ segments and done the deed there?

Our friends at MKD, though, seem to have nailed it:

They point out that Mel and her husband Biggi have a habit of promoting hoaxes first, and asking questions later: Kevin Annett springs to mind, but Mel and Biggi have also thrown their support behind the Hollie Greig hoax, alleged SRA “survivor” Toos Neijenhuis, and the Swiss Indo monetary scam (which Neelu still clings to, by the way). In each case, their initial enthusiasm is followed by equally enthusiastic disavowal.

Most recently, Mel seems to have dropped off the QEG scam promoted by HoaxGirl…er, HopeGirl…though she has not yet explicitly stated that this is the case. Perhaps she just hasn’t reached the Loud Disavowal stage yet.

On the plus side, Mel isn’t shy about coming clean when she decides to drop her support for her hoax du jour. So at least she admits some of her mistakes, and takes her lumps. But one is tempted to ask: why jump on so many dodgy bandwagons in the first place?

Of course, it’s hard to claim to be an “alt news” type if you don’t latch onto every conspiracy theory or deluded nutter who comes along, and CCN seems to be predicated on the idea that conspiracies are real and what the rest of us sheeple believe is “real” is actually just a constructed reality created to dupe us into complacency. Or something.

So in a way it would make sense to jump aboard without asking too many awkward questions, as Mel did initially with the Hampstead SRA hoax (and Angie, come to that). In the world of conspiritainment, if you don’t come up with new “shows” to feed your followers’ collectively gaping maw, you’re dead in the water.

And for a while, two years ago, Hoaxtead was the latest and greatest on the conspiritainment line-up: it had it all. Pretty children, sexual perversions, good-looking and/or privileged “élites” supposedly getting up to some very nasty business; it was the perfect bit of entertainment for anyone who fancied him or herself an armchair detective.

These days, though, Hoaxtead is box office poison. Those behind it have been exposed for the frauds and charlatans they are. The police have finally begun to take the massive amount of harassment and online abuse seriously; people have been arrested, and others have begun to realise that discretion might very well be the better part of valour. Those who continue to publicly flog this very dead horse are clearly either criminals, mad, or both.

So really, it’s not terribly surprising that Mel would want off the Hoaxtead train.

And really, can you think of a better excuse than Angie? She’s really a most unattractive character, as anyone who must deal with her for longer than five minutes at a time has found out. It makes perfect sense that in ditching Angie, Mel would kill two birds with a single very well-aimed stone.



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  1. Excellent write up and many truths told about the way conspiracy type websites, youtube channels, blogs etc operate. Report on something whilst it is fresh and new then as soon as interest and reality comes in, drop it like a hot potato for the next bullshit hoax. Surprised Mel hasn’t pushed Pieceofhate more.

    David Seaman seems to be living off that meal ticket and the Trump Train alone these days. He looks worse and worse every video and I fear he is going the Arthur route with his obsession. When that falls flat and his callls for public hangings after “a fair trial” collapse he will go onto the next shitty scandal.

    Thanks to the devils and El Coyote’s coverage I have been able to stay up to date with things I would never have even heard of let alone known the truth about. Good work and I see the end is very, very close for these hoaxers. APD will drop this soon, Arty will be in jail or sectioned and the rest of the rats will flee like Watership down.

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    • David Semen is a bitcoin scammer making clickbait pizzagate videos. Since hes been doing it his patreon has gone up to thousands of dollars a month, that was a few weeks ago when I last looked. He has nothing to add to the story and just gets his news from other youtube channels and the MSM.

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      • Yes I realised that early on all her moaned about was his paypal and how he felt scared talking out about things that he had got from other sites and so called investigators. Occasionaly he will say someone in Super secret high up places says they are invesigating Pieceofhate then fall back on days old information.

        As for his bitcoin bullshit that is laughable. Isn’t Brock Pierce involved in Bitcoin the child groomed and then turned deviant by Marc Collins-Rector and exposed in “An Open Secret”?

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      • I feel like I have something to add to the notion that David Seamen is a bitcoin scammer. I noticed he was hammering the donation videos hard, and it just obviously seemed like a scam. I then noticed that many of the comments on his videos have generic names that include numbers, that also seem to have few or no subscribers. The comments they leave tend to be generically supportive and possibly ‘of the same voice’. I believe he’s looking to get a big break as an investigative journalist (or at least be remembered for being involved) with this whole issue. That and scamming people for bitcoins.

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          • Clearly the former England goalkeeper has fallen on hard times following his 2002 world cup exiting faux pas.I can only think former Coventry City shot stopper David Icke had a quiet word in his ear regarding his subsequent career path.At least he has got rid of that pathetic pony tail so its not all bad news.

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        • Bob, I noticed that as well, I saw loads of comments by the same person saying ” how can I make a donation to you through Bitcoin or Paypal? It was obviously him shilling for himself.

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  2. I have a strange feeling in my water and it’s not old age (incontinence pads take care of that) . When I get these spooky feelings they tend to portend of ‘something big’ or significant is going to happen.

    And that is I feel there will be some major busts of these ‘fake news’ promoters especially the ones who have latched onto the ‘satanic pedo VIP ring elites’ claptrap and have caused so much misery.

    The alleged Russian influence in the US election has not gone down well. Quite apart from whether it influenced the presidential election I’m getting feedback from a handful of US journos I know who are fairly well connected that the US security services (all of them) are after blood. Evidence is being gathered and willing dupes or ‘useful idiots’ (there are so many) may feel the full force of the law ( I would not like to be Julian Assange) and one of the targets will be those who can easily be picked off : the defamers of so many people such as Hoaxtead. Apparently several countries are working out a strategy and pooling resources and information as this is being viewed as one of the greatest threats to democracy. It seems the web giants are also participating- Google, Facebook etc.

    This reminds a bit like the oft mentioned and criticized Operation Ore some 15 years ago where 1000s were swept in busts of child porn sites- many claiming they were unfairly targeted but that aside, that operation, mirrored by police forces in Europe and around the world and co-ordinated by the FBI was meant to send a very serious message to would-be purveyors or child abuse material- your days are numbered.

    The old way of disseminating utter lies and false accusations before the internet was via Poison Pen Letters. I’m not sure people recall that there were dozens of prosecutions of peddlers of poison pen letters and some people were jailed. The laws are there to deal with the internet but they are not being enforced. The US election has changed all that and in a small way we are seeing Hoaxtead promoters , one by one, having their collars felt. I think many more will before this affair is over. Doesn’t matter what your politics are, politicians now understand there is huge difference between attacking your opponents and the promotion of lies that spread via the net (Hilary Clinton is a prime example- while I’m no Clinton fan the falsehoods spread about her were atrocious)

    Speaking of Poison Pen Letter authors- the only time she’s ever got close to writing- is this bullshit posted by that Irish ratbag. There will be no ‘busts’ in pizzagate because it’s a hoax and the only FBI investigations are whether the perpetrators of that hoax can be hauled before a judge. (Wikileaks were tweeting links to pizzagate right up until the day of the US election- active promoters of false news. They need to remember that US security services now employ brilliant ‘hackers’ themselves and Wikileaks days may be numbered)

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    • Yes, they keep announcing that arrests are “imminent” in the Pizzagate thing…but if you look at the news source it’s always some YouTube channel like UNCLE BOB’S JEEEZUS FREEK HOUR or DEATH TO THE INFIDELS THIS MEANS YOU or THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE AND NOT AT ALL MADE UP WE KNOW THE TRUTH STUPID SHEEPLE YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!1!!

      For some reason I find these sites just a tad less than credible.

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      • And to my knowledge, the only arrest which has been made was of the lone nutter who turned up at the pizza place brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot people. In the USA, that could get you an official caution. Serious stuff! Good job he didn’t shoot anyone or he could have been looking at at least 10 hours’ community service.


  3. Hate to say this but Arfur’s put up another video.

    He really should stop drinking.

    He’s really going from bad to worse.

    I feel the situation is getting a bit dangerous now.

    I wouldn’t want to live near him.

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      • Did Annett start the rumour off then, as “they” all come out with this tale in 1964 or thereabouts?

        Bill Baloney spouts it and many others.

        Someone did say the 10 special children story is nonsense, the Queen wasn’t even there on the date it was meant to have happened for starters.

        Sounds very fanciful to me.

        I wish people would not just state something as fact without saying where they got their info from.

        Arfur is just saying the rumour, just like Angela does. No research, none at all.

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        • Baloney has gone well underground after the disaster of “Nick” and Operation Midland as he & the ghastly Christopher Fay were ‘encouraging’ him. It’s just a matter of time before “Nick” appears in court on serious perverting the course of justice charges as the case is being built against him. His enablers won’t fare well.
          Should be a warning to other Hoaxteaders but do they ever listen?

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          • Baloney has now got him self involved in Shirley Oaks Children’s home, he was briefly on television a few weeks ago. He now claims he actually went there, strange as I don’t remember him saying anything about it before, but then again, he doesn’t discuss his own abuse much, he’s usually more interested in everyone else’s.

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      • Kevin still hasn’t managed to have the Queen arrested yet i see. I thought he’d have got that sorted out by now. 😉

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        • Where do they get these daft ideas from?

          It’s never going to happen.

          How deluded is he if he actually believes his nonsense or is it just a con to fool the gullible a bit more into donating?

          Perhaps he should do a tour and bill himself as a Comedian.

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    • I’ve made the decision to just ignore Arthur now. He does me no good and he certainly isn’t helping himself out. So i’m leaving him sat on the naughty step until he can behave himself.

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      • Me too.

        I feel he’s getting worse and it’s best to ignore him.

        Hopefully his jab he had yesterday will kick in and do whatever it’s supposed to do for the best.

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        • I wonder if his Jabs are for this?

          NSW Health warns of deadly viruses during bat breeding season

          “As the bat breeding season begins NSW Health is warning people not to approach or handle injured bats and flying foxes to avoid exposure to the potentially fatal Australian Bat lyssavirus, which is closely related to the rabies virus.

          So far this year, more than 400 NSW residents have been given rabies post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) following high-risk exposures to potentially infected animals. About one-quarter had been bitten or scratched by a bat in Australia, while the others had come into contact with potentially rabies-infected animals overseas”

          “Dr Sheppeard said if someone was bitten or scratched by any type of bat they should immediately clean the wound thoroughly for at least five minutes with soap and water, apply an antiseptic such as Betadine and seek urgent medical advice.

          “A series of injections to protect against lyssavirus infection may be required and, if so, the first two need to be given as soon as possible. It is important you seek advice from your GP or local public health unit regarding treatment,” Dr Sheppeard said.”


  4. Mel Ve does appear to make a habit of backing these wild hoaxes and scams and then somewhere down the line she tries to make excuses for why she did so. Nevermind checking facts out sooner rather than later.

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    • And so many people tried to warn her. If she listened to people once in a while instead of blocking them and calling them trolls, she might avoid making so many monumental fuck-ups.

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      • As EC suggests Mels entire business model is wholey predicated upon jumping upon the next passing bandwagon filled with waste material.The result being she ends tits up covered in shit.

        An inevitable occupational hazard when attempting to eke out a crust within the already over saturated internet sewerage industry.Yuck.

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    • Yep she jumps on board and then a long way down the line, decides to bail out when the facts come to light via others research.

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    • I agree Liza, Arthur’s so called friends are quite happy to wind him up a bit and let him loose. They probably get their kicks from watching his video rants rather than thinking this guy needs help.

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    • A bad day for Afrur again then.It cant be easy when all your mates leave you behind as they bugger off to roam across the Serengeti.Never mind with any luck they might let him go with them next year.


      • Filmed in Lanzarote, I gather. And if you look closely, you can just about make out Angie on the extreme right. (Somewhat appropriately, some might say.)

        PS: still chuckling at my Chrome spellchecker, which thinks that ‘Lanzarote’ is meant to be ‘Carotene’.


  5. it is possible to report Mange’s GFM for incorrect information. show court documents and also her child endangerment, and death threats and continued promotion of a hoax and providing incorrect information that the courts have decided as a crime.

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    • I don’t know whether this was posted by Arfur to let us know he reported us to New South Wales Police, or by someone else to let us know they’d reported Arfur. Anyone?


      • Weird……
        I’d like to know as well what thats about?
        I also wonder if arfurs parole officer know about his online activities?


        • I don’t know whether his parole officer knows that when he recorded her and his mental health worker the other day, he was actually putting them up on YouTube. I can’t think that they would be pleased about it though.


  6. Arty’s had a rather nasty Facebook post about a friend of ours (not Spiny for once) removed.

    I think this means he’s on quite a long ban now (in light of his previous strikes). Frankly, I think it will do him the world of good and free him up to go and get the help he needs.

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  7. Finally got round to watching the BBC Interview with RD. Well I got so pissed off I had to turn it off, especially after having seen all the fruit loops videos on it appear on the search bar. The only one who has any genuine emotion is RD, unlike AJC and ED. Well I made a video not related to RD directly to show my disgust, all that was missing was putting some bits about the Drugs and criminal records.

    The subtitle should be: Child Abusers, Criminals and Junkies. It messed up processing that title so re-uploaded under this. I no longer have any sympathy for the Hoaxers, no matter how mentally ill they may be.

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    • Yes, I agree—he was roundly condemned and harassed over that interview, but frankly I found his reaction far more emotionally real than anything I heard from Ella or Abraham, both of whom seemed strangely detached as they described these supposed horrors. That’s been borne out over the past two years, as Abe and Ella have all but vanished from the scene, and now seem far more interested in their cannabis business than in the children.

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  8. To reiterate, we seem to care more about Arthur’s mental health than his so-called friends do.

    And how low of them to try to twist it round to imply that we’re threatening to have him sectioned as some kind of ploy rather that merely asking questions about it. Clearly, “getting one over” on us is way more important for the likes of Crusty Sue and Melissa than supporting a mentally ill friend. Ho hum.

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    • You know, predicting those sorts of outcomes when a person displays evidence of psychotic behaviour is not a “threat”, it’s merely an observation. Any normal person would understand this—it’s called “predictable consequences”. Both these women claim to be great parents, so you’d think they’d be familiar with the concept.

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    • Wow it only took them a couple of days to copy exactly the help we have being trying to offer arty. Too little, too late. These fruitcakes are absolutely useless at offering advice, Angie being the worst. Don’t get help the systems corrupt, don’t take your injection, don’t get support they are after you Arthur etc. REAL SCUMBAGS No wonder they all fall out and blame each other then bitch and moan. POND LIFE the lot of them. I am done easing off on any of these Hoaxers, from now on.

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    • Erm…hang on just a tick here. Why is it that when we state the exact same thing, we’re “making threats”, whereas when Sonya does it, it’s a caring act? These people need to give their heads a collective shake.

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      • It’s all a conspiracy mate. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was one of them who posted that Police report, now that Arty has become an embarassment calling women derogatory names, talking about grabbing the Queen by her bits and talking about CSA in front of children. It reeks of Angela especially as she has posted about Tara Palmer Tompkinson in a tribute, a women very close to the Royal circle. With that fake accent it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine Angie hold a candle for The Royals, she even tries to speak like them and wears fake Diana rings in her videos. To be fair the screenshot posted doesn’t have any timestamp or mean it relates to Arty, that image could be found by a google search. But it’s better for them to think that although Arty talks about turning his neighbourhood into Beirut, funding muslim terrorism and child sex predator revolution (NAMBLA?), death threats, male on male sexual abuse comments and shooting rockets at people they would rather have that than him get any real help.

        He has posted his phone calls in a clear attempt to get help, parole and mental health wise. He is hurting them the most and they have everything to lose where as arty continuing a downward spiral helps nobody, especially himself.


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