Sean of SGT Report supports a self-confessed child abuser

Readers of this blog will be well aware of the strange affinity between many of the primary promoters of the Hampstead SRA hoax and various convicted paedophiles. You might recall just a few:

  • Peter Hofschröer, convicted paedophile championed by Belinda McKenzie, Andy Peacher, Brian Gerrish, Neelu Berry, et al.;
  • Christopher Charles Xavier Knight, for whom Belinda McKenzie’s “Knight Foundation” was named, director of that organisation, and registered sex offender in the State of Florida, where he was convicted of “lewd/lascivious battery, sex with victim 12–15 years old”;
  • Brian Pead, convicted paedophile whose case was championed by Belinda McKenzie, who continues to claim that he was stitched up;
  • Peter Bellett, who admitted to sexually molesting a six-year-old girl, and who once held the position of treasurer of the Association of McKenzie Friends;
  • Jason Packer, twice-convicted paedophile whose tweets were shared by Catriona Selvester/Cat Scot;
  • Martin Smith, a TV hypnotist and convicted paedophile whose case was staunchly championed by Brian Gerrish;
  • Terence Ewing, who, while he has never been convicted of any crimes against children to our knowledge, was business partners with convicted predatory paedophile Keith Hammerton, as well as with the particularly nasty convicted paedophile Roger Gleaves, aka the “Bishop of Medway”. Ewing was not only named as a “star McKenzie”, but acted as “Advisor” to the Association of McKenzie Friends.

Funnily enough, another Hampstead hoax promoter, though a bit of a late-comer to the Hoaxtead mob, has continued to promote a self-confessed child sexual abuser, despite having been informed of the truth.

Sean, he of the SGT Report YouTube channel—who has not only given a sympathetic platform to Ella Draper, but who recently distinguished himself with a softball interview with Thomas Dunn—knowingly promotes a fellow conspira-tuber who goes by the name of Mr Gunk.

Mr Gunk, age 34, is very big on accusing all and sundry of various forms of child sexual abuse. He’s a promoter of the Pizzagate nonsense, and takes delight in making loudly accusatory videos about people like Robin Williams and Tom Hanks.

Oh, and he once confessed in a livestreamed video to sexting with a 15-year-old girl, who sent him at least one nude picture of herself. So that would be “possession of child pornography”, no?

In this clip from a now-deleted video, Mr Gunk tries to explain himself:

You’ll hear the usual from Mr Gunk here: denial, distraction, obfuscation, displacement of blame.

When informed of this, SGT Sean’s response was to feign deafness:SGT Report Sean 2018-11-07 Twitter 1.pngSean SGTReport 2018-11-07 Twitter 2.png

The following day, SGT Sean was merrily posting Mr Gunk’s video, as though nothing had happened:Sean SGTReport 2018-11-07 Twitter 3.png

Not long afterward, another YouTuber, Fkn Freddy, reiterated the point: SGT Sean, who claims to fight against child molesters everywhere, is complicit with a known child abuser:

As Freddy points out, Mr Gunk exhibits exactly the sort of behaviour he condemns. In the video, we see part of one of Mr Gunk’s productions, featuring a 16-year-old girl who was sexually abused by a 36-year-old man, who later murdered her and stuffed her body into a barrel. While Mr Gunk is not a murderer to our knowledge, it’s certainly interesting that he’s shouting so loudly about others sexually abusing children and teens.

SGT Sean, meanwhile, exhibited some fascinating squirmage as he attempted to defend his friend:

Sean SGTReport 2018-11-07 Twitter 4What can one take away from this?

Let’s put it this way: those who point fingers and screech loudest at others are often doing to to distract attention from their own nefarious activities. After all, what better way to hide in plain sight?

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  1. I you could also conclude that, unless the accusation/smear is against the famous and/or liberal/left leaning, these people are not interested.

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  2. Thanks so much, for this post, EC…… The behaviour that you’ve identified so well here, speaks volumes and is indicative of so many who relentlessly push fake cases whilst bashing anyone who is really taking child abuse seriously and doing something to help genuine victims and prevent it. They’ve gotten away with it overlong.

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  3. Here’s another channel, Sk00by Doom also rang Nathan Stopleman and challenged him. Same squirmage as when he was beautifully challenged about his promotion of the Hampstead hoax & the fact that Ella admitted lying and that the children had repeated her lies.

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  4. Well done and spot on!

    It doesn’t surprise me that the likes of SGT isn’t on the ball with this. Most of these You Tube celebrities couldn’t research their way out of a soaking wet cardboard box, so they’re under-informed re just about everything. This is why they believe claptrap. At the pinnacle of this you get the big No Nothings like Thomas Dunn, who starts a campaign based on sod all information and the likes of Belinda McK who thinks it’s ok to accommodate a convicted sex offender in her home because he said he didn’t do it (or something) so it must be a fit up.

    I can only suggest that these types like Belinda, Thomas Dunn and SGT need to educate themselves by reading the academic literature on sex offenders. They might find, as EC points out, that paedophiles are nearly all prone to ‘denial, distraction, obfuscation, displacement of blame’. And, of course, the rest of us are all prone to being conned.

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    • These YT idiots copy paste “facts” from each other, hence why they talk crap about subjects they know nothing about and all say the same inaccurate crap.

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  5. Satan Hunters know f*ck all about paedophiles, how they operate and the impact they have on children. If the Satan Hunters were on the ball about the destruction paedophiles inflict upon children and society, they would not be so loving and supportive of those child abusers.

    The challenge of society is that it is not public relations friendly to invest charity and tax payer money into researching and helping paedophiles overcome their mental condition. However, this is important to do this, because the problem and numbers are getting worse, with the police and other experts overrun.

    For personal and business reasons I want to learn more about the paedophiles, their process of grooming in chat rooms, the impact they have on their victims, what the police and paedophile hunters are doing, and what the children feel, experience, think and act with regards to these paedophiles. I need this insight to be able speak about this, and to create some AI to counter the grooming process. I have never been on a chat room before, but for a few weeks I have been watching and interacting on a number of chat rooms. Its been very educational, especially learning about how I am reacting and feeling about things.

    There is a number of things that the experts have not picked up upon or are very wrong. In one chat room I am aware of a pattern never reported before that certain types of girl in the 12-15 age group will actively challenge paedophiles, but seem to end in a close emotional interaction with a few. That too many teens are not checking who they are friending when it is obvious it is a paedophile. That boys, and rumoured some girls, have adopted the process of paedophiles to predate on fellow children. That the harrassment of children and women in chat rooms is very intense, especially by predatory males, with probably ten attempts on a female for every one attempt on a boy. That the paedophile hunters and police are insulting if they think that most teens write like them in chats with retarded text speak. The younger teens write very well. And groomers don’t spend weeks and months grooming on the internet, most move towards the subject of sex very quickly. The experts with an AI who think that when someone discloses something personal, its a red flag that they are a paedophile, clearly have no clue, since I have seen lots of situations of people disclosing things for attention seeking, and teens are quite open in what they share.

    It is certain that in some of the chat rooms I am on there are dozens of police and paedophile hunters on trying to catch groomers. The police I believe just sit there waiting for people to contact them, whilst the hunters are more interactive. They mostly have a stock photo of a kid as their avatar, some retarded bio which makes them look like a kid speaking, and a name such as katie13. I have interacted with a lot of these, and they are seriously hard going to get into conversation, you kind of know they are fake because the conversation dies: they are one word answers like yes, lol and cool; they totally ignore me after looking at my bio; the conversation dies since they are not talkative or participating much. These people could be a bit more interactive in my opinion, and stop treating teens like text retards.

    For the purposes of the paedophiles I play an insight role as a young teen male, my avatar is really me, and my story is roughly as it was at that age. I am as authentic as possible, and I keep away from the subject of sex, but this becomes harder when a groomer moves in on me. I am ambivalent about what I am seeing of the teens: they appear streetwise; they do talk about sex in main chat; they are open; impulsive; play dangerous roles such as play being a paedophile asking for nudes in order to expose one; they are cruel for instance in one case suggesting a moderator got their role by sleeping with the admin. I take people “as is” when I interact with them, so if they say they are 13, I treat them as such in all the interactions. If a person says they are self-harming, taking drugs, or feeling suicidal, I will say to them not to do that, and seek help. I will warn noobs to be careful, and I will intervene if I think someone is looking at risk. There is only so much I can say and do within my role.

    Of the paedophiles. On a regular basis I was asked straight out if I had sisters, their ages, nothing about me. I would ask why, and they ignored my question demanding answers. Although I said I had sisters, which I do, I refused to give any further information. In my interactions I am nice, polite and approachable, probably too trusting and open to conversation. Yesterday a random person offered me 500 ($£?) to go onto snapchat or omegle and do what they said. I asked what they wanted, and they were not sure, but wanted me in my underwear. Then they wanted me to send pictures or video of my penis. I refused. I think I am being stalked by one person through a number of accounts, I am not sure. One individual based in Kent did not speak sexually to me, but it felt like grooming, in that they wanted to meet me and I show them my karate moves. Probably the same person wanted to wrestle with me to test the strength of my legs. People who start a conversation with ASL I know to be adults and wanting sex, they get ignored, and I hate that word. One individual asked if I was gay, when I said I was straight, threatened to kill themselves, some sort of emotional blackmail going on to force me to become gay and in a relationship I think. Some people open the conversation with “cutie” or “cute” which is a red flag of grooming. Some issue compliments to me, some are really nice and friendly, some want to help me with my homework or interests. Some are bullying, in effect ordering me to interact with them and share snapchat contact. Some coming in on the emotional level, I have to do a mental reset to get them out of my head. Many want me to come off the chat room to interact instead by video, kik, instagram, e-mail, phone, omegle and other ways. As in real life I am uncomfortable about talking about my body or that of another’s body, so when people do talk to me sexually, my discomfort reaches a point really fast that I will say I don’t like talking about the stuff, or I move to bring the chat to a close, or I run, or I ignore. The groomer from Kent I could have ended in their life being ruined, but it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.

    I am saddened that the paedophiles are unable to see children as living human beings, but instead as sex objects, and that they think the innocence of a child, such as their openness and trust, is a mating signal that they want the paedophile to have sex with them. I am confused why males think that putting their penis on display on their avatar is appealing to women and children to interact with them. I am distraught that one chat room is overrun with paedophiles, saying and doing many awful things, like a sweet shop for paedophiles, where the sweets are the children, a place where moderators are children who do not have necessary powers to do anything about it, and the children have been in effect been thrown to the wolves. This is why an AI is needed for such sites.

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    • Aside from jury service on a sex case and a few newspaper / online articles I haven’t done much research on paedophiles. About the most enlightening thing I saw was a documentary called Chickenhawk, about NAMBLA, available on YouTube. That docu sums up the disturbed mindset of the predatory child molester more than anything else as far as I’m concerned. I’d recommend it with the caveat it may disturb and enrage you.

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      • I recommend watching A Place for Paedophiles by Louis Theroux on YouTube. Dark Justice who are a professional paedophile hunting group based in Newcastle area has chat logs and videos of people they caught worth looking at. There are too many hunting groups who are idiotic thugs.

        On YouTube there are videos of interviews with paedophiles worth looking at.

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    • SV, this is truly disturbing information. I think it deserves further publicity, so I hope it’s okay with you if I use it as the basis for tomorrow’s post. I think people need to understand a bit more about what’s going on in these sorts of chats.

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      • Its okay, go for it. The situation is far worse than I have written for one particular site dedicated to kids. To give some examples, the minimum age is 13+ and I know there are 11 and 12 year-olds running around on the site, as I have spoken with them. All accounts that are registered have an avatar, which everyone can see when they are active. When I check on the accounts of who is speaking with me or sends me a friend request, all their friends avatars can be seen, and these avatar images contain naked people, lots of erect penises, some people having sex, and some very disturbing illegal content of the top level. The posts being made on the main chat which runs to about 50% of the posts include topics including: spanking; foot fetish; people with an obsession for diapers; invites to rape brothers and sisters; trading images via drop box and mega. The admin who has the power to ban accounts has according to the moderators not been seen for months, and the three moderators are children, the admin was also a teen. There has been no efforts to appoint a new admin. The moderators don’t really know what to do, nor is people behind the site talking to them, they are unable to deal with the situation, nor do they have the powers to take action other than mute accounts for half an hour. There is at least a dozen police from all over the world on that site at any time, and they should know what is going on, and they do nothing. Thousands of children use that site every week, and they see all this, and they are all being approached by the paedophiles. If people want to see the site I have been talking about they can message me on Twitter, I will give you the address. You can join the chat room as a guest without an e-mail and see what I mean. The media, public and parents really don’t have a clue just how bad this can be on chat rooms, especially those with moderation problems.

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        • “If people want to see the site I have been talking about they can message me on Twitter, I will give you the address. You can join the chat room as a guest without an e-mail and see what I mean.”

          I am not a lawyer but this is a very, very bad idea.

          I appreciate that you want to help but under no account should you give the details of this site to anyone other than the police.

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          • In my profession we’re advised not to do anything that could potentially be misinterpreted, such as being alone with pupils after school, giving them lifts, befriending them on social media and so on. And I would think that engaging with kids in chat rooms would come under that category, even if one’s motives are completely honourable.

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          • “The site is not illegal, and it is a well known site. Going on the site is not illegal. It is what people are doing on the site which is illegal.”

            I don’t really understand how you ended up getting involved with this site, maybe through Dark Justice?

            Even if the site is legal you have reported here that there is illegal content, of the most serious nature, on the site. You have then offered to send a link to the site vie email.

            I am not a lawyer but I think you are skating on very thin ice here James, even if with the best of intentions.

            What I think it is helpful for you to reflect upon now is that you are very shaken by the experience – this is a good and reassuring thing – and to think about how best to communicate your concerns to the police, CEOP I would imagine being the appropriate people.

            It is fine, of course, to seek emotional support from posters here you trust and feel comfortable with, but this is not an alternative to contacting the police.

            I understand the motivation to share what you have witnessed (this is common when experiencing disturbing, unbelievable things, it can feel very lonely to be burdened with horrible knowledge) but it is very important if you have discovered terrible images or films of crimes against children, that you report that material to the police and do not show it to other people or provide other people with a way to see it.

            This blog does a great job exposing the scummy grifters whose businesses revolve around the manipulation and exploitation of vulnerable adults and false accusations of baby eating and child sexual abuse. Every day posters on this blog are accused falsely of being paedophiles and I think it is very important that we do not give the bad guys ammunition with which to falsely accuse us.

            What you have described is extremely serious, especially if you are correct when you claim that police are already present in the chatrooms (as would indicate that there is an ongoing investigation going on), although quite how you would know this I don’t really understand.

            I strongly suspect that tis blog is not the right place for you to be exposing or posting this stuff, it should be going straight to the police and nobody here should be going over to the chat rooms to look at the material you have discovered. Obviously.

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          • Sally the SENCo 08/11/2018 at 11:06 pm

            “In my profession we’re advised not to do anything that could potentially be misinterpreted, such as being alone with pupils after school, giving them lifts, befriending them on social media and so on. And I would think that engaging with kids in chat rooms would come under that category, even if one’s motives are completely honourable.”

            Well said Sally. This is extremely important.

            My understanding is that anyone posting here and contributing to the fight against SRA hoaxes could be targeted by criminals trying to find their achilles heel and discredit them.

            I never put myself in a position where I am alone with children, for example. We should all be careful about this kind of thing regardless of whether or not we actually work with children. Given the pitchfork waving and slavering directed towards completely innocent people we can never be too careful.

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          • SV

            I am not surprised. I know for a fact that even people who work with the people who do the job of dealing with this sort of stuff in law enforcement have mandatory regular counselling even if they are in only charge of the flipping stationary cupboard.

            It is dark stuff.

            This isn’t a new thing, grooming like this. I remember in the 80s with the party premium phone lines, there were bad people who knew that they could target children, a friend was one despite my trying to persuade her not to use the lines. I am not blaming her.

            I know there is evil shit in the world because I have experienced it,

            Report to CEOP, please. Let law enforcement, and ultimately the courts decide what impact this should have on someone’s life.

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    • “The groomer from Kent I could have ended in their life being ruined, but it is not in my nature to be the cause of the ruin of the lives of others unlike the hunters, I don’t like that on my mind.”

      The groomer from Kent is ruining his own life and any help you provide ruination wise is minor.

      Of course the most important thing is that, as long as he is operating in the way he is, he is ruining the lives of children.

      Report him to the police before he wreaks further devastation on innocent lives.

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      • If someone has information relating to the grooming of a child by an abuser, surely they have a legal and moral duty to report it to the police. This certainly applies to school staff, who are bound by strict rules on disclosure and safeguarding, which are fuelled by (off the top of my head) the Children’s Act, Childcare Act, Sexual Offences Act and other legislation.

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        • Legal no, not for an ordinary member of the public, moral, I would hope that someone feels they should. I hope that SV reflects and feels able to do this.

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  6. El Coyote

    You forgot someone. I know there are so many it is hard to keep track. Xavier Knight.

    There is also someone who doesn’t get mentioned here, not by name, because to point out who he is involves court judgments etc where he can’t be named. If you have forgotten EC I can get in touch in private.

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  7. Satan hunters routinely protect child abusers and serious criminals.

    There are so many examples, in addition to the many mentioned here, that it is now a depressingly mundane fact to notice the paedophile protecting activities of satan hunters.

    Here’s just one example

    Former psychiatrist Dr Sarah Trevalyan

    I discovered this interesting lady via checking “inside” a book on amazon here

    Coming Out Of The Dark: A memoir of DID, self-acceptance, and healing
    BT Pat Suzie Tennet

    blurb reads
    “A powerful memoir of ongoing recovery from catastrophic abuse. Pat’s book details her life with trauma-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the incredible love which is helping her to heal from her past.
    As a child, Pat was subject to horrendous abuse by those who should have protected her. As a powerful defence against this, her mind split into differing personalities, which served to shield her from her worst memories. As her life has progressed, Pat has worked with great courage to heal from past traumas, and develop communication between her personalities. Along the way, her own fortitude and the love of some wonderful women have been integral to her healing process.
    This is not the story of how a child was abused – it is the story of how an adult can come to terms with a past literally too dreadful to contemplate, and how love and compassion can work recovery miracles.”

    Inside the book there in a forward by Dr Sarah Trevalyan that can be accessed by readers. I cannot C&P the text but I have taken screen shots and would invite interested people to read the forward which, as one might expect, gives credence to the author’s claims of SRA, DID etc.

    For the record I am not claiming that Trevalyan is a bad person. I know very little about her and most readers here know that well meaning psychiatrists , cops and others get hoodwinked into believing in SRA.

    Trevalyan is a fascinating person for a load of reasons.

    In her role as a psychiatrist she was repeat visitor a prison in Scotland that was developing an arts department with the aim of rehabilitating prisoners.

    I have copied some text from a long piece linked below

    “Three of the first five prisoners, Edinburgh-born Ben Conroy, Glaswegians Larry Winters and Jimmy Boyle – the latter two serving life for manslaughter and murder respectively – came from prisons in the far north of Scotland (Porterfield and Peterhead), where they had frequently been involved in violent confrontations with staff, accruing additional custodial sentences as a result, and experiencing long spells of solitary confinement in “the cages”. Boyle’s and Winter’s trial for their participation in a particularly savage fight with officers in Porterfield in December 1972 was in fact still pending at the time of their transfer; the excessive courtroom security when it occurred reflected a police view that they were far too dangerous for, and undeserving of, the liberal regime of the new Unit. They each got six years. Boyle, aged 29 when he entered the Unit, already had a press profile as one Scotland’s most fearsome, violent criminals, and had indeed done much to justify it, but against the odds he was to become the Unit’s most spectacular – and challenging – success.”

    “As arts activities became important – the way this occurred is explained below – artists of various kinds also became regular visitors, and above and beyond their “professional” contribution, they provided, as Dr. Sarah Trevelyan, a young psychiatrist who herself became a regular visitor to the Unit from 1978 noted, a useful means of dispelling the secrecy which had traditionally surrounded prisons, and hidden their abuses (Boyle S 1982). A significant number of visitors were to form “a close relationship with the Unit or with individual residents” (Paterson 1982 52). They never acted in concert, or held a single view of the Unit, but individually they exemplified instances of achievement with which inmates were unfamiliar, providing “a reflective surface upon which [they] might view themselves” and develop “aspects of [their] identity free from histories of offending in society and independent of allegiance to an offending culture” (idem).”

    Trevalyan married one of Scotland’s most notorious gangsters and convicted murderer, Jimmy Boyle, while he was still in prison

    They eventually separated and Boyle went on to be a very wealthy artist of some repute. A millionaire in fact according to various MSM reports.

    I think it is great if serious criminals relinquish crime and go on to make a success of their lives but I cannot help but notice that there might have been some boundary issues here. It is after all unusual for a psychiatrist to get married in jail to a notorious gangster and murderer.

    The thing that is really interesting about Trevalyan though is that, according to this testimony, she supported the parole application on one of the most monstrous paedophiles and child murderers ever to walk the earth, Myra Hindley.

    She also spoke about Hindley here

    25th February 2017
    I met Moors murderer Myra Hindley but we didn’t dwell on violent past, says former wife of Jimmy Boyle

    THE former wife of notorious gangster-turned-artist Jimmy Boyle has revealed she regularly visited Myra Hindley in prison but the
    pair never discussed the Moors murders.

    Sarah Trevelyan became a noteworthy figure nearly four decades ago when she met and married convicted killer Boyle in 1980

    I will finish this posy with a review of Trevalyan’s memoir of her life with Boyle, it is worth checking the ink as it has jpegs of press articles that readers may with to copy and save for their collections


    Posted on January 27, 2017Posted in Review pageTagged freedom found, sara trevelyan, scotland street pressLeave a comment

    This is the story of a remarkable relationship between two people who, in their different ways, have made significant contributions to the enhancement of the human spirit. From utterly different backgrounds, they sustained a partnership for nearly 20 years in which they were enabled to explore hidden gifts and to pursue unique pathways towards greater personal freedom and creativity.

    This beautifully written memoir, however, is much more than the poignant history of a relationship. It is a courageous attempt to describe the journey of a soul in its commitment to plumbing new depths of truth in the search for the inner freedom for which at some level we all yearn. With searing honesty Sara Trevelyan has described a quest which has involved intense joy and excruciating pain in almost equal measure. As someone who at a significant moment entered into her story with explosive results, I approached this book with some trepidation. Such apprehension was not misplaced. Sara’s account demonstrates that when we tap into the divine energies within ourselves and each other, we are likely to be launched on a pilgrimage which takes us into places of agonising loneliness and also into the contrasting terrain of indescribable ecstasy. There are frequent temptations to abandon the journey altogether but fidelity to the quest can lead to the greatest joy that human beings can ever experience. To read this memoir is to be given glimpses of that joy and perhaps to find the courage to face the dangers and the pain which inevitably await the determined spiritual seeker.

    Brian Thorne
    Co-founder, The Norwich Centre for Personal, Professional
    and Spiritual Development; Lay Canon, Norwich Cathedral


    Brian Thorne is very interesting
    Just google for “Brian Thorne” + “naked” + “sally” to discover why


  8. That’s do disturbing SV. Please do report those chat rooms to CEOP as Tracey has said above.

    I know you don’t want to destroy someone’s life & you are not a ‘hunter’, but that groomer from Kent sounds needs to be stopped before a children’s lives are destroyed forever.

    If I was you, I wouldn’t go near those chat rooms that, if the Police are there, they’re watching & waiting & getting the necessary information they need.

    The world has just become a darker place knowing that this goes on so openly.

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    • I would certainly report and then get the **** out of there. How many times have we heard people trying the defence of ‘I was only trying to uncover crimes’?
      It is not worth the risk of being innocently caught up no matter how worthy the cause.

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  9. James

    I understand that you want to help stop paedophiles hurting children by using AI (although I don’t entirely understand how the AI would help), but your post reads as though you are engaging with minors online while pretending to be much younger than your age.

    Even if you are doing this with the best of intentions, setting up a much younger virtual ID and chatting with minors online it is a really bad idea and could even get you into trouble. We all know that many perverts who are caught engaging in sexual discussions with minors online go on to claim that they were just “doing research” and I worry that you could end up in a tricky situation.

    It sounds as though your experiment has left you feeling distressed, understandably.

    I agree with people who have advised you to contact CEOP about this. Do it ASAP and do not go back to the chat rooms until you have talked to the police.

    I understand that some neurological-atypical people, including some with with ADHD, think “outside the box” and can sometimes glean important information that other cannot from confusing situations. I also understand that such people are not always good at understanding the proper social etiquette for doing things in the usual way, and that this can result in people following a rather maverick path in order to achieve their goals. I continually conduct “experiments” myself, it is my default mode and I understand how you decided that this was a good idea.

    But seriously James, do not go back to the chartrooms until you have spoken to the police about what happened.

    There are many ways of understanding how predators operate without getting involved in chatrooms. The people in law enforcement that do that kind of work receive training and support that you and I do not.

    It may be that you have some really important insights and contributions to make, but you need to stop and think very seriously about how best to do it.

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  10. At the risk of sounding like a control freak, why are people like this allowed on the internet? 🤔


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    • cathyfox blog and Fiona Barnett are part of the vile hustling going on. I was asked today if I was prepared to help try and get fionas pedosdownunder blog down. Of course I said yes, to a dear friend and advocate who was treated to vile abuse a few years back.


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  12. I can’t disagree at all with everyones warnings to James. However some serious action needs to be taken, more hands on deck, more resources etc……….. but hey ho, I was saying this as were others who had found shocking stuff on Facebook back then and having difficulties getting it taken down, back in 2009. As the hoaxers grew their followings and what this post has displayed, I have long suspected that real abusers wanted to thwart our efforts. I also think that it happens on many fronts including how many of them waste the time of authorities.


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