Why does Brian Gerrish support child abusers?

A question for our readers: How many convicted paedophiles are you friendly with?

We were lounging about HQ the other day when someone idly raised this question. There was a long silence, as we all mentally went through our lists of friends. Finally, we each shook our heads.

The answer was zero. None of us had even knowingly been pals, on Facebook or in real life, with a paedophile. We’d never even met one, that we knew of.

Compare and contrast this with many of the Hoaxtead mobsters we’ve run into over the past three years. Their lives seem to be brimming over with child abusers, sexual and otherwise.

Brian Gerrish and Carol Stadler

In July 2015, for instance, one of our readers pointed out that Brian Gerrish, self-appointed bingo caller in his very own newsroom cosplay adventure, had at least one child abuser on his Facebook friends list.

Carol Stadler, a co-defendant with Marie Black in “an ‘utterly depraved’ sex abuse ring which used children as sexual playthings” in Norwich, was found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm, but was cleared of nine other charges, including serious sexual assaults.

Given Brian Gerrish’s continual claims that he is an advocate for children’s rights, this seems an odd choice.

Granted, Brian has more than 4,000 Facebook friends, and one assumes that he is not close personal friends with each and every one. So perhaps Ms Stadler slipped through without his noticing. Fair enough. Could happen to anyone, right?

The trial and death of Martin Smith

How, though, to explain Gerrish’s impassioned defence of Martin Smith, a TV hypnotist who was convicted of grooming and sexually abusing a young girl for nine years, starting when she was about seven years old?

In 2010, Mr Smith was tried in Manchester Crown Court, where it was learned that he would hit, bully, and attempt to hypnotise the girl to ensure she complied with his wishes. He forced the child to touch him intimately, and began raping her from the age of 13. Three years later, when she reported him to police, he denied the allegations strenuously, and fled the country with his partner and two children, whilst on bail.

Two years later, following his extradition back to the UK, Mr Smith’s partner, Lianne Smith, murdered her two youngest children rather than have them fall into the hands of social services. She was tried in Spain, found guilty, and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The jury found Mr Smith guilty of 11 counts of rape, attempted rape, indecency with a child, and indecent assault. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison, but in 2012 was found hanged in his cell.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the court’s ruling of Mr Smith’s guilt, Brian Gerrish remained convinced that he had been stitched up:

Martin was convicted on the uncorroborated word of his step daughter, [name redacted], in a trial which was mismanaged by a vile Judge Irwin, quite happy it seemed, for at least one jury member to sleep through vital evidence. No corroborative witnesses, no forensic evidence and a defence barrister who kept the whole issue of why Martin and Lianne ran to Spain out of his defence. That crucial fact left the jury with no conclusion to draw, other than that Martin was running away from [the victim’s] allegations.

Pause on this for a moment.

We must wonder whether Brian would have claimed the same, had the Hampstead SRA hoax ever made it to criminal court? In the Hampstead case, Brian was quite happy to base his judgement of guilt on having met Abe and Ella, and having spoken on the phone to one of the children.  It would have been perfectly fine with him, it seems, if RD had been “convicted on the uncorroborated word of two children…with no corroborative witnesses, no forensic evidence….”

Somehow, though, when it comes to real paedophiles, Brian suddenly becomes much more forgiving.

In an article written following Mr Smith’s trial, Brian claims that he could tell from the outset that the court would be biased:

Suspicion as to bias in the conduct of this public hearing began on day one, when members of the public were confined to the rear left-hand public seating of the Court, where they were unable to see the full Court or Jury….

Yes, clearly the Court was discriminating against the defendant, because it deliberately arranged the position of the public gallery so as to obstruct Brian’s view.

Cue the social services bashing

And of course, social services bashing entered into the equation.

According to Brian:

In October 2007, Lianne obtained a promotion as Staffordshire Director of Children’s Services. Within a month, Martin was suddenly accused of sexual assault by an adult female close to the family. With no corroborating evidence of any kind, Martin was not charged, but was bailed unconditionally until January 2008, and Social Services were informed. They  quickly began to take an unhealthy interest in the couple’s young daughter Rebecca. Referring to Children’s Services, friendly colleagues warned Lianne that “these men are very clever”. Their predictions proved to be correct, as Children’s Services began to hunt Martin and Lianne Smith for custody of their daughter Rebecca. The family fled to Spain, where Martin was later arrested.

Because yes, it’s completely unreasonable that when a man is charged with a long history of child sexual abuse, other children in his care might become a concern for social services.

In fact, as far as Brian is concerned, Mr Smith’s trial and conviction weren’t really about his being a paedophile at all—it was all just part and parcel of the Evil State’s Evil Plan to snatch the couple’s children. Apparently.

It’s all becoming so much clearer to us now: a person can get away with any crime against children they wish, so long as they’re sure to shout the special code words: “Help! I’m a whistle-blower! They’re stitching me up so they can steal my children!”

Repeat as needed, and every jelly-brained troofer in the UK will charge to your defence. Guaranteed.

adult alone anxious black and white

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95 thoughts on “Why does Brian Gerrish support child abusers?

  1. Nice digging!

    And good spot on the inconsistency between Gerrish’s views on the witnesses against Martin Smith and the (cough cough) witnesses against the Hampstead community (i.e. the known child abusers Abe Christie and Ella Draper/Gareeva).

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    • What’s the Truther position on Charles Howeson (Gerrish’s old naval commander)? Is he an innocent whistleblower, railroaded into prison by the Forces of Evil? Or given his social status, is he just another proof that the Forces of Evil permeate the ruling classes? Or both?

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      • I’m unaware of any truther mentioning him, although Gerrish did a UKC report on him, not once mentioning his association with him.

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    • “Publicly naming cannibals”. Madness.
      Actually DeVine Bar, victims in cases like this are guaranteed life anonymity you drongo.

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      • It had enough of a Police investigation to establish what was going on (a bitter custody battle gone insane) and passed it to the social services and family court. A full two weeks was spent by the court concluding that it was a hoax begun as a cynical attempt to attack an estranged partner over child access that was exploded through internet halfwits hot on the trail of ‘another’ Pizzagate decided to pronounce judgement on and became a nightmare for the school (staff, parents and teachers) and the church. I’ll wager the keyboard crusaders cared little for the victims of their eTerror campaigns and stalking innocent people. No. Because those ignorant thugs ‘believed the children’ and took that as excuse to levy death threats and spread unfounded malicious rumours.

        The more I discover the angrier this makes me. The people causing this trouble are just too stupid and ridden in self righteous hubris to back down at this point in the game.

        On another note I had a jacket potato for my supper, mmmmmmm.

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  2. Difficult to understand how this mob can cherry pick which claims they believe and which they don’t. All very well for Gerrish to say a jury fell asleep (there were 11 others) but did he bother to attend the trial?. As so often happens people tend to form their views on media reports which can give scant details or recount the nuances of evidence given, rather they just report the more sensational aspects.

    # reminded of this during the recent Magistrate’s Court hearing in Oz of a high profile church figure now headed for 2 trial for alleged abuse. I’ve read on Twitter & elsewhere high praise for a journalist who wrote a damning book that partly led to this trial yet at the end of the hearing the Magistrate (who battled with defense counsel several times) threw out all the claims in the journalist’s book and described them in very uncomplimentary terms as basically rubbish. They were the worst accusations. The charges laid, two, were “mild” and yet I still hear in private discussions people talking about who have no idea that these charges were thrown out. All based on scant media reports.

    Gerrish & The Mob © (™) may claim to care about kids but what in the Helll do they do about the approx 4 million in the UK living in poverty (let alone pensioners) and the tens of thousands of kids who die daily in the Third World?. Their shenanigans also use up valued resources on top.
    I don’t expect them to be able to solve these problems but they ignore them and I believe it’s up to us to help in any way we can.
    But they suck the oxygen out of these tragedies by promoting their sexual deviant satanic fantasies. What goes on in their minds? Why are they so fixated on a hoax when it’s been proved to be hogwash- they want it to be true don’t they?

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    • Because they are stupid and lack critical thinking skills. They react on a gut instinct level and dismiss the parts that go against what they demand fit with their apocalyptic vision of the world, of a fight against genuine demons. Forget trying to talk sense into them, it’s beyond their fragile intellects.

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      • So a court and jury saw fit to convict Martin Smith of being a paedophile and sentence him to 16 years in prison. Yet Brian Gerrish somehow thinks he knows better than all of those people, he was shocked and saddened to hear of Smith’s death and had thought Smith was a nice man. Isn’t there a saying about judging a man by the company he keeps?

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  3. a few interesting snippets about the Martin Smith case

    according to the Mail, Smith’s partner Lianne Smith, who admitted suffocating their two young children to death after MS’s arrest, worked as an energy healer

    According to Psychic News, in addition to his work as a hypnotist, Martin Smith was working as a psychic medium

    Page 1
    Psychic News Saturday 29th May 2010 Issue Number 4058 70p ●

    A SELF-STYLED ‘medium’has been charged with sixrapes, one attempted rape andsix offences of gross indecencybetween 1995 and 2005.Martin Smith, 45, appearedbriefly before Carlisle magistrates on Wednesday 19th May and spoke only to confirm his nameand address. He was remandedin custody. Smith’s now defunct but still accessible web page claims thathe “travelled to Stansted Hall inLondon [sic] which is the UKCentre for Psychic Studies [sic]to train and understand [his]abilities more.”

    Enquiries by Psychic News have revealed thatthis information is false and thatat no time was Martin Smith astudent at Stansted Hall. A claim made by the Daily Mail that Smith “became a paid-up member of the Spiritualists ’National Union” is similarly false. SNU sources have con-firmed to PN that Smith was granted provisional membership in 2006 but never achieved full Class B membership. According to his website Smith has worked as a platform medium and given private read-ings. In 2006 he appeared in an episode of the TV programme Most Haunted. In a tragic twist it has emerged that Smith is the father of the two young children found dead in a Spanish hotel room last week. Police were called to the Hotel Miramar on Tuesday 18th Mayand subsequently discovered thebodies of Rebecca, 5, and eleven-month-old Daniel. Their mother, Lianne Smith, 43, is now incustody. According to SpanishJudge Fernandez, she has admitted “asphyxiating them by putting plastic bags over their heads”

    Lianne Smith was sentenced to 30 years in jail for murdering the two children according to the BBC


    “Lianne Smith met Mr Smith in North Tyneside in 1992, while she was going through a divorce.
    They lived together in a caravan in Northumberland with her daughter and son from the earlier marriage.
    Later they moved to Cumbria where she worked at the county council’s children’s services department.
    The couple, who were not married, briefly moved to Lichfield in Staffordshire and then left for Spain in 2007 with Rebecca, after Lianne Smith’s eldest daughter accused Martin Smith of sexual abuse.
    Following his extradition, he was convicted of rape, sentenced to 16 years and in January was found hanged in his cell.”


    The sexual abuse of children, psychics, hypnotists, energy healers, I’m definitely detecting a theme here.

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    • Wow I hadn’t read that and I subscribe to Psychic News (well I would wouldn’t I being a ghost ?). Every religion has it’s share of nutters and I ‘m afraid Spiritualism does as well.

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      • I remember this story about a mother killing her two children whilst in Spain but i didn’t know about the other side of the story involving her partner Martin Smith. A interesting post EC.

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  4. It’s pretty clear from the start of this video (and from the video description) that Debs has been at the funny fags again:

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    • 28:34 – “So keep on ignoring me, coz I’m just a silly woman from the underclass of Britain. I’m a liar and I’m mad.”

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    • I guess the facts that Ronald Bernard is a neo-Nazi dirtbag and his “Bank of Joy” is just another Prosperity-Ponzi scheme are points in his favour from her perspective.

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    • What is it about these people? Some bloke comes along out of the blue, this time “Ronald Bernard” and makes sensational claims and they just believe it?. No proof of anything, no evidence, nada, zip, nought but as long as it involves people eating babies to somehow gain super powers, they just accept everything he says. And they think we are odd.

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    • So her fake crying that I had destroyed her evidence was just her lying…….. and enough for her mate hoaxgirl to strike my channel, get rid of all my awkward comments….. and revealling videos of the manipulation carried out from Belindas highgate hub, in tangent with Brian Gerrish to run the narrative, now rebranding as Fresh Start Foundation, to feed victims to their chosen quack therapists……


      • enough to justify…… her mate, I meant to say……. just call us all babyeaters or pedoprotectors and voila, people can do hateful things to any one of us………….and feel righteous…….as they issue death threats on her behalf………..or Belindas.


        • You did say “her mate” 🙂

          And she’s not any more, apparently. They’ve had some kind of fallout, as per Angie tradition 😀

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          • So how come it was her mate that reported my channel for copyright on one of Angies vids ? where she was chatting shit about me, with Heather ? I only put a minute up, edited under ‘fair use’, meanwhile her mate sent me 3 warnings of legal action and over the past week I’ve had others from 2 people also either her mates or belindas.

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    • Cat certainly chooses who she can be forgiving of. Would she let an opponent of hers off the hook by saying “to err is human”? I think not.

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    • This is the video in question. It’s an old phone call between Matt Taylor and Abe & Ella and I don’t recall hearing it before, tbh:

      In it Abe hilariously bigs up Drifloud, Toothless Get Ruthless and Code 2222 and at 19:45 he gets really pissed off when Matt tells him he’s been taping him!

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        • That video was excellent, Tinribs. I don’t recall ever hearing that one before either. I say “excellent” as it’s more proof of them colluding to spread their hoax online at the time.

          Abe mentions this call was not long after Abe and Ella’s “World Beyond Belief” interview, so we can date it to Summer 2015, as their WBB interview was in June 2015.

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        • Ah nice work Scarlet. I had only just commented on how i was too late to view the video as it was now unavailable. I should have known you’d have that covered.

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      • Not sure if you guys are familiar with the Steve Wright Show but listen to ‘Barry from Watford’ from 6:28 to 7:33 here and tell me it’s not Matt Taylor and Abe 😂

        Maybe this is why Matt calls himself “the daddy”, hehe.

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  5. TSMM has put Cat’s ‘Troll’ video on his channel.

    Interesting comments under it too. It seems TSMM may have had an Elm Guest House video removed as well which he’s not happy about.

    Cat is sitting on “something juicy” (snigger) and is still working on her WikiPaedo page too..

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    • Sheeeit, Princess Neelu of Zogistan is visiting our little Somerset town. Put out the bunting peasants, dance with joy in the streets!!!
      It’s actually Druids this weekend… their annual shindig, lovely people.
      Anyone know what she’s up to in Glasto?

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    • 3:20/-5:08 – “The skies are covered in chemtrails, because obviously they don’t want us to let the angels help us here today.”

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    • Nice of her to let the powers that be know that she currently isn’t at home. It’ll give them plenty of time to set up their energy beam weapons whilst she’s out.

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      • Jeez she is really losing it, just keeps repeating herself over and over, seems to have forgotten what she said only a minute ago
        Robert White is going to get his houses back and bankruptcy overturned (nope)
        Council taxes are going to returned (nope)
        Because no one from the councils etc didn’t turn up they are all guilty LOL
        (like they care what a bunch of losers and lowlifes meeting in a tent in a field think or do)

        Bit of a downsize from their earlier meeting, nice grand old building etc to a tent in a field…

        (cause nothing says legitimate judicial proceedings like a tent!!!)

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        • Robert ‘Crab Bait’ White has been one of the chief cheerleaders for the Fisher Price Play Court™ was asked on Facebook how many of the court’s judgements had been enforced. After trying to claim that HH Lord Chief Justice Jock Smith had successfully enforced his ‘commercial liens’ he eventually admitted the number was zero. This because they needed to attract more people. That’s true enough I suppose but I fear ‘more people’ actually means 60,000,000 more.

          A little bit of background which may explain Bobby’s sudden love of common law and Magnum cartridge…

          “A van driver left a young motorcyclist with serious injuries after causing a head-on smash by driving on the wrong side of the road.

          Jacob Brown was flung off his Honda motorbike, which became lodged in Robert White’s Citroen Berlingo van.

          The 20-year-old victim suffered a fractured sternum and left arm, a bleed on the brain and internal injuries. He fears his injuries and ongoing effects could put paid to his ambition to become a firefighter or to join the military.

          White, of Park Road, Sheerness, was jailed for 16 months and banned from driving for two years after admitting causing serious injury by dangerous driving and failing to provide a specimen.

          Maidstone Crown Court heard Mr Brown was riding along Queenborough Road, Halfway, on May 3 when he could see the van coming towards him.

          Prosecutor Anna Arnone said: “He tried to take avoiding action. The only way he could do it was to head across the wrong side of the road. Unfortunately, the van also switched direction and there was a head-on collision.”

          Mr Brown was thrown from the motorcycle. He remembers his head hitting the windscreen of the van.

          The air ambulance was called and he was flown to hospital. Miss Arnone said White appeared to have been drinking.

          He failed a roadside breath test and refused to comply with the procedure at the police station. The 56-year-old appeared in court without a lawyer and represented himself.

          “I can’t see the point,” he said. “I have got no excuses. I have done it, and that’s it.””


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  6. Hopelessly behind, now. **SIGH**
    Great article, above, and also the prior expose on ‘Fresh Start’ agenda. Most excellent!

    That’s the one I want to talk about (sorry). I’m skeptical that Fresh Start people would really be unconditionally welcoming of any & every victim narrative that anyone might wish to spew at them. My experience has been that, despite what they say, such people aren’t willing to extend the generosity of their professed unconditional belief offers, if their very own loved ones turn out to be the target of some victim claimant’s slander & defamation.
    Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan, who seems willing to publish slander & libel about…well…anyone else’s loved ones – (anyone at all) – for an example. Millegan wasn’t very receptive to my confronting him with the intriguing possibility that his (Millegan’s) very own much revered father would have been an excellent candidate for the Secret Director of the alleged (but imaginary) CIA Monarch program. Millegan’s father was a retired CIA agent (retired, eh? likely story…), who possessed knowledge of nefarious secret CIA operations involving American citizens, according to Millegan. His father then moved the family to the other side of the country and took up a secondary career in the public school system. But if that was really a “cover”, it would have afforded Millegan’s father access to children, and/or access to many other people with even more access to children, whom Millegan senior could have been evaluating as likely prospects for Monarch program rape, torture and mind-control programming. You see. Why, dear old dad might even have been the guy doing all of the child-raping & torturing, himself!
    Surprisingly, Mr “no conspiracy hypothesis is impossible” Kris Millegan, was downright hostile to THAT one. 🙂

    If it wouldn’t be so blatantly hypocritical, and a profound violation of my personal ethics, I’d truly love to concoct and publish the most horrendous conspiranoid slanders about many, many infamous conspiranoid’s loved ones – ones that infamously don’t give a sh*t about slandering & defaming anyone else’s family members or friends.

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    • Wow, their website has every conspiracy known to man. Seems to be a fixation on JFK as well. How do they square up all the conflicting JFK & 9/11 conspiracies?

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  7. Random moments…
    This Satanist was in a queue in Iceland.
    No rituals. I had a chicken. It was dead, ready cooked.
    There was a baby in front of me.
    I looked at the baby, the baby looked at me.
    I did not eat the baby.
    I purchased a bag of Jelly Babies, £2.00 in Iceland.

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    • It was actually God talking Angie but he’s bloody ancient now and a bit on the blind side. He was trying to target Oldcastle in Ireland but was off target. He tells me there’s some harpie there he’s furious with because she keeps taking his & his son’s names in vain.

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    • The girl can only hope, but as she turned her back on witchcraft, there is no chance of me being struck….. even tho prune face Heather and sneaky naima are linking up all their orgonites and spiritual dynamite tools and weapons, to no avail………. there isn’t just a massive purple umbrella to shield good people from their vile attacks, but mirrors to reflect back any bad wishes, curses or prayers…….when people try to command God……they will catch some just reward…….. just by fluke, a few days ago, my tv ariel on the mansion, provided for my services, went off, temporarily……. if they don’t think I’m well protected, well….do your worst, bwitches…… I still havn’t even, really started 🙂


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  9. While you are right to say Gerrish and the other fruit loops ‘cherry pick’ cases they want to use to support their cause, it is the case that innocent people may be persuaded to support – and misguidedly welcome the support of – the ‘conspiracy theorists’.
    And yes the Marie Black case had no more ‘real evidence’ than Hoaxtead – and strangely included ‘ritual abuse’ allegations (murdered baby/drinking blood) that the prosecution decided not to rely on – even though there was nothing to differentiate this evidentially from the evidence relied on to convict – which was a progressive narrative through foster carer suggestion and inducements with children who had been ‘alienated’ from their mother and relatives (the majority of whom were acquitted at trial).

    There was no physical evidence. No independent witness evidence. Just the foster care diaries re times past (ie no contemporaneous evidence) and video interviews with leading questions and suggestion of vulnerable children who were induced to fantasise via carrot and stick and fantasy ‘reenactments’. The defence were not permitted to adduce expert evidence as to the unreliability of the this process which echoed – both in process and the nature of the ‘claims’ the notorious McMartin/Kelly Michaels/Shieldfield cases in methods of production and unreliability.

    Desperate people may readily be persuaded as to ‘conspiracies’ etc when the reality is more mundane – but no less – and I would venture – even more chilling concerning the potential injustice of the criminal justice system.

    So while you are entitled to castigate Marie Black in the terms of her conviction, (she maintains her innocence) I would be wary of using it as a stick to beat the ‘mob’ with. There are plenty of appalling child abuse cases that are real, but Marie Black is not a good example.

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    • Thank you for this, Margaret. I’ll be doing a post on the dangers of accepting what one reads in the papers (or hears online for that matter) using this very interesting info.


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