Belinda McKenzie: Chambers Manager?

A couple of days ago, we reported that during Belinda McKenzie’s trial for contempt of court in relation to Sabine McNeill’s recent trial, it had come to light that Belinda has been working on a volunteer basis in the offices of the barrister who represented her.

Tom Davidson, Belinda’s barrister, works out of 160 Fleet Street Chambers; Belinda is listed on the chambers’ website as “Chambers Manager”.

The chambers advertise that one of their areas of practice is family law, including “child contact and child arrangements”, “cohabitation disputes”, and “disputes regarding children”. Given Belinda’s long-term involvement in various extremely dubious “disputes involving children”, we wonder whether employing her in a setting where she has access to information on such cases is not a bit like appointing the fox to guard the hen-house.

Even the most cursory glance at Belinda’s online activities ought to be a tip-off to any potential employer:

  • She was a central figure in the Hollie Greig hoax, in which she and Robert Green led a campaign of defamation and harassment against 22 innocent people in and around Aberdeen, who they alleged had sexually abused a girl with Down syndrome.
  • She and her colleague Sabine McNeill “racked up wasted costs” while acting as McKenzie friends in the case of Melissa Laird, who was fighting against deportation to the United States following a failed child custody case in which it was demonstrated that her child had suffered from abuse and neglect. Although they were, in the end, not held liable for their share of the excess costs, Mrs Justice Simler stated, ‘It seems to be me they did significantly step outside the limits of their role as McKenzie friends. They also appear to have been pursing the case for their own campaigning purposes. They had their own personal interests as members of the Association of McKenzie Friends in the litigation, which was not in the claimant’s own interest.’
  • She and Sabine also involved themselves in the 2012 child abuse trial of Gloria and Joseph Musa—not, as one might think, to save the children from parents who beat and starved them, but to insist that the children be returned to their abusive parents.
  • And of course, she and Sabine McNeill played a pivotal role in the Hampstead SRA case, during which Belinda’s company, the “Knight Foundation” was investigated by the Charity Commission for masquerading as a charity, and sending the proceeds of their fund-raising to Sabine McNeill, who at the time was on the run from the law in Germany.
  • Also in her capacity as a key promoter of the Hampstead SRA hoax, Belinda was served with a court order demanding that she cease and desist in her claims that two children had been victims of Satanic ritual abuse by various named individuals.

This is just the tiniest taste of Belinda’s activities—and we haven’t even touched upon her strange friendships with convicted paedophiles Peter Hofschröer and Brian Pead.

Yesterday, family barrister Sarah Phillimore commented about Belinda’s employment at 160 Fleet Street Chambers,

It doesn’t have to be illegal to be a breach of Core Duty 5 of the Code of Conduct. It is likely to bring the profession into disrepute if someone of this character and previous history is working in a Chambers as its ‘manager’ and appears – according to the website – to be the first point of contact for any would be litigant seeking a direct access family law barrister. 

We would most emphatically agree.

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  1. The Musa and Laird stories give me a flash of pure rage every time I remember them. As with the US SovCit crowd, Children’s Rights actually means “parents’ right to treat their children as their private property.”

    It’s not like the state never abuses children; it does, in every country I’m aware of. But the solutions to that don’t include “remove the state’s power to intervene to protect the child.”

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    • Yes, I think those cases make it quite clear that the aim of the “Association of McKenzie Friends” was not to help children, but to help abusive parents retain control over their children, and continue abusing/neglecting them. The same can be said about the Hampstead case, in which the children were physically and psychologically abused by their evil mother and her psychopathic boyfriend, but Belinda and Sabine fought tooth and nail to return the kids to their mother’s care.

      Using the catch-phrase of “stopping forced adoptions” as a cover for promoting child abuse? Not cool.

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  2. Nice list, EC. Thanks for putting that together.

    Also, off the top of my head – Iran Aid, the Starchild skull scam, her links with convicted harasser/conman Robert Green…

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    • This is Belinda’s ‘Analogue method’. It did run through my head that she is a big risk if she has access to sensitive, confidential material in a chambers. I am really surprised the chambers director did not vet her properly and do a cursory Google search….she has no boundaries and must be removed. She can go and do some vol work where she is not a huge risk to others. This is just a ruse on her part to continue her and sabine’s campaign. She has not a jot of regard for the law ‘to the best of my ability’ and like sabine no legal expertise, we all know that. If she cant delete a comment on Facebook after years of using it when any idiot manages….her running such a sensitive operation beggars belief. She has to go.

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      • I’m assuming that they are telling all their clients about her conviction?

        Might be worth contacting the Solicitors Regulation Authority to ask whether knowingly having someone attached to chambers who has been sentenced to 6 months for contempt of court constitutes a breach of ethics.


        • The fact Belinda has picked up people – even sought them out – outside the Royal Courts of Justice etc at their most vulnerable, with as much idea as Sabine of her role and boundaries as a McKenzie Friend is one that should be of concern to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If she cannot comprehend numerous directions regarding the identification of witnesses in Sabine’s trial and contravening these, what hope do clients of this firm have when they trust this woman with their private information? Belinda’s new method of recruiting those she thinks she can ‘help’?

          I’d start looking at Solicitors Regulation Body guidance documents relating to legal staff who are privy to confidential documents.

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      • I don’t believe they have a director, judging from their website it’s not a conventional set of chambers. The nearest thing they have to a director appears to be her.


  3. I’m still flabbergasted that she gave accommodation to convicted paedophile Peter Hofschroer. And you’re telling me that now she has access to the personal information of people going to court? This gets weirder all the time.

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    • I don’t know if anyone has a screenshot of one of Belinda’s old websites from when she was offering her services as a McKenzie Friend for family law cases. I seem to remember she was also soliciting donations; and if you gave her a really big donation she said you could “help” with her “research” and have access to all the case documents.

      Allowing third parties access to confidential material relating to children is very dubious to say the least. Put this together with Belinda’s friendship with convicted paedophiles and her sometimes allowing clients children to stay in her house and you might come to some very disturbing conclusions. I’m not going to state what my nastiest inference from this is, because I can’t prove it, but I would certainly say that Belinda McKenzie has a business motel that exploits vulnerable children. She should not be allowed access to anyone’s confidential information.

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    • This is the video CJH is referring to in that second screenshot:


      The Angie stuff runs from 41:09 to 47:49. (Not sure why she thinks Omni is Wavy, though.)

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      • It’s a shame, as I do think that (cleaning up their spelling etc) that many of them could indeed make a comfortable living writing fiction
        Admittedly it is actual hard work to become a successful writer (a friend of mines sister is a very successful scifi writer with over a dozen books that have been published- in actual paper book form even!, and not a vanity press either)- she has made enough to successfully pay off a farm that she bought!
        Instead Christine is going down the neelu/white/crawford path and joining the exciting new opportunities afforded by couch surfing her friends and relatives….

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        • Evidence suggests the combined talents of this mob could possibly stretch to a remote island village panto script.However given extensive tuition they may be able to cobble together a farse reminiscent of the keystone cops or something out of friggin Benny hill.

          To be fair though Andy Devines daily Greek tragedy monologues are a special case and in a league of their very own.

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      • I agree that Christine talks bollocks at times but she’s telling the truth about Angie harassing her, as can be seen in the screenshots I’ve been posting recently of Angie’s posts and comments about her.

        Whether she’s telling the truth about Angie calling her a Satanist I don’t know (though let’s face it – Angela says that about anyone who gets on her wrong side). Interestingly, Christine’s been caught lying about her before:

        To be honest, I reckon it’s probably six of one and half a dozen of the other. Two adults who should know better bickering like spoilt little kids

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      • Oh Gawd, what an embarrassing error in the last sentence. I’ve only just spotted it. That’s meant to say “knock on the WRONG door anyway”. Dammit, that’s been up all day too.

        Dammit, I should never have agreed to look after Sam’s cat while he was at the Koala Awards committee meeting.


      • Why do they think Judges etc are Satanists?.
        On the whole I reckon we are served well by English law (although having read up recently on the French system I’m leaning heavily towards it).
        What is it that the judges, magistrates and courts do that make them think Satan is involved?. I’m always impressed how judges generally bend over back wards to ensure the great masses enjoy their rights when facing the fairly intimidating theater of court.

        And does that mean that Belinda McKenzie is now serving the Satanists seeing she is managing a Barrister’s chambers and said barristers obviously probably appear daily in the same courts they think are run by Satanists, Why haven’t they turned on Bellender seeing she is at the very heart of the alleged Satanist courts and assisting barristers who appear before judges who Neelu think should be lynched in the Town Square?.

        And why do I ask such ridiculous questions? ( editor- go home, you’re fired)

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        • Actually a number of them have turned on Belinda, as previous screenshots have shown. In particular, Guidance, Angie, Eddiesock and Waynetta McSlob have all turned on her, though in their case it’s because they’re convinced she works for MI5 😆

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  4. I should have thought that Tom Davidson should extremely dismayed by Belinda’s behaviour as he was a School Governor of a school within a mile or two of the Hampstead School.

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  5. I doubt the barrister himself does the hiring and firing at the Chambers. Maybe the Chambers didn’t check references (though I suppose the lady in question wouldn’t have nominated anyone who would give her a bad one). When I first retired I signed on to do some temporary work and I had to have a background check done (to see if I had any criminal offences; I don’t). In my time I have heard of 3 solicitors (different cases) serving prison time though – there’s probably more, though not for satanic child abuse.

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  6. One thing I find very strange is that Belinda has had a convicted paedophile living as a neighbour for a number of years, a man called Gerald Ingram.

    Mr Ingram was recently convicted and jailed for sexual offences, but has previous convictions

    Ingram’s case is interesting as he seems to have developed an addiction to looking at images of child abuse and his offending escalated to the point where he was caught in a police sting where he met with a woman who he believed was the mother of young children who was going to allow him to abuse them, but the “mother’ was a police officer and the children were fictional.

    According to various press reports he was very well liked in the community until his first conviction when many neighbours changed their minds about him. Interestingly, according to some press reports, the neighbours in Priory Gardens are divided in their opinion of Ingram. While parents of young children are, understandably outraged that he is living among them, some neighbours who have lived on the street for years consider him “harmless”,a belief I find astonishing given that he met up with a woman he believed to be the mother of young children, equipped with a bag of sweets, toys and, er, lubricant.

    I have no information to suggest that this man had any connections to Belinda but it does strike me as interesting that the neighbours in Priory Gardens have, if the various press reports are accurate, been divided over the issue of whether a close neighbour convicted of sexual offences against children presents a risk to their community.

    The UK database entry for Ingram is interesting as it quotes an “anti-child abuse campaigner” without naming the person. Could this campaigner perchance be Belinda?

    If it is Belinda one wonders how her neighbours would feel about knowing that their anti-child abuse campaigner neighbour has multiple connections to paedophiles and child abusers?

    One might also wonder how the neighbours would feel, if it is indeed Belinda, that they have given their contact details to her so she can pass them on to her MP friends?


      • I live in Ireland so I can respond to the question without fear of consequence. Belinda, an heiress to 4 million sterling, is being protected by the hoity-toity Toff brigade.


        • That sounds like a mirror of the “they’re being silenced by the paedophile establishment”, it’s a conspiracy theory pure and simple. I’m also very dubious that there’s any evidence she is connected with this guy Ingham other than living in the same London borough. The anti child abuse campaigner in the arrive appears to be a protester, not the teacher saying he’s harmless, and any way, there’s no evidence it’s BM. If a secret society of toff protectors is looking after her, who’s looking after Neelu Berry? And who would you say was looking after Sabine Mcneill until she was arrested? I think this blog should leave all powerful establishment conspiracies to the dark side.

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          • naqsej

            As I said in my post, I have no information to suggest that Ingram had any connections to Belinda. They do however live on the same street, Priory Gardens.

            Perhaps I worded my post clumsily but my point was that we never hear a squeak about Ingram from Belinda, even though he has multiple convictions and is the cause of much consternation amongst the neighbours in Priory Gardens. The report in the UK Database (admittedly a website about which I have concerns) does mention an “anti-child abuse campaigner” and I wondered who that might be?

            It says

            “Mum-of-one Carrie Kirkpatrick, who has lived in Priory Gardens for 11 years, said: “We were supposed to be warned. We have been going on about this but we have never once had a meeting. I can’t even fathom the ramifications.

            “They can’t let him come back here. We will never be able to let our children out on the street ever again. Who’s going to protect them? I’m absolutely speechless.”

            Anti-child abuse campaigner said that anybody with concerns should contact her and she can put them in touch with MPs and councillors.”


            I hope this clarifies my thoughts


  7. I am wondering just how reputable and well established 160 Fleet Street Chambers actually are?

    The WayBack Machine only has one page archived

    The contact email address for their immigration and property webpages is a yahoo address, which seems less than professional

    “For help with finding the right barrister for you, please call us on 0208 065 0127 or email us at”

    Also the copy on their webpages features typos, spacing and grammatical errors.

    for example
    “Our barristers are inst ructed to appear in courts across the country ”

    “Our barristers regularly appear in the First

    Tier tribunals and Upper Tier Tribunals.”

    “Criminal lawAbu has practiced in the field of Immigration for some 14 years.”

    I have not researched this chambers in depth but from what I have seen so far they do not seem exactly diligent.

    What companies that are meant to be reputable and prestigious have websites which multiple typos and grammatical errors it is always something to stimulate curiosity IME. Then you have the yahoo email address. And the Blender connection.

    *raises eyebrow*

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    • Antique p̶i̶s̶s̶ ̶p̶o̶t̶ chamber pot restoration is a going concern at the moment.They are springing up all over the place.Even if transpires Belinda is merely an ancient shit scraper I would remain dubious about her movements.Well dodgy.

      A 3D virtual tour of Pragues Museum of Chamber Pots and shit is available if any readers curiosity has been peaked.


    • And how much do they charge for an initial ‘conference’? Banner says £270, explanatory text says £250. I guess the member of staff that manages their website is a bit lacking in attention to detail.

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      • The website states that the set specialises in direct access where you can go straight in, no need to go to a solicitor first. I can’t say the picture is enticing: only two barristers, direct access only. There are a few sets like that, but in the main chambers are a mixture of direct and conventional access because direct access isn’t suitable for all cases – see Ropewalk Chambers’ website for a short explanation: This also shows you a more attractive website and a more normal set of chambers (albeit provincial).

        In particular direct access barristers they aren’t supposed to handle clients’ money (apart from their fees of course) and so the combination of a direct access set and someone whose handling of money has been called into question is rather disturbing.


  8. Correct me if I’m just a bit wrong, but didn’t Belinda once say that the courts and those that work in them are corrupt, what is she doing working for them. She also said, don’t go to the police if your child is abused, work it out between you.

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  10. No wonder people saying the family courts justice system is corrupt when you got people like Belinda working in chambers. With all her shady pass and her previous conviction it’s outrageous she has hands or eyes on sensitive documents. Who she going to appoint as her secretary should a job arise kelly cottom Who’s always supplied her the clients maybe Jake Clarke his been a loyal close Freind of hers.


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  12. Re: Melissa Laird. Oh I know this case too well. Sabine tried to ‘rope me in’. When I said NO, well, the online hate campaign started (I have 31 emails still about this) Now, I have actually spoken to ML’s MOTHER in the USA. We have a distraught Grandmother. Even Grandmother states ML is a completely unfit parent; ‘I wouldn’t trust her to look after a hamster; let alone dogs,’ (Irony is never lost on me.) I know that there was actually 2 family members willing to take the child; ML said no. This is because the family said ‘If you allow us to raise the child; we want non mol orders etc against ML and she is to have nothing to do with the child.’ She refused to let the family take the child. I had this nutter ringing me at 4 am demanding I ring the US State Department and CIA and FBI!!! Asking me constantly to send money. She drove me insane….

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