Convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer on the run from police

Peter Hofschröer, an Austrian national who has been convicted of possession of over 35,000 child sex abuse images, left Belinda McKenzie’s house on 6 July and is currently at large in the UK, according to a post on the “Justice for Peter & Barbara Hofschröer” Facebook group.

Belinda reported Mr Hofschröer missing in a rather rambling, roundabout post on her own Facebook page on 8 July:

At the end of a long, saccharine-sweet description of her meeting with Mr Hofschröer’s elderly mother, Belinda casually noted,

We’d just heard that very morning that Peter was wanted at 3 p.m. at Kentish Town police station, in order to be taken to Heathrow…But he never went and 2 days later he’s still somewhere in UK, neither the police nor anybody knows where he is…

Belinda expanded upon this extraordinary announcement in the “Justice for the Convicted Paedophile and his mother” group:Belinda’s laissez-faire attitude about Mr Hofschröer’s disappearance is rather puzzling, considering that he had apparently been released into her care rather than remanded to custody to await his extradition:

The latest turn of events in the saga, that Peter has now gone missing would be worrying, but I do know he has many friends and supporters all over the place of whom I’m not aware, so I am not overly concerned for his safety and wellbeing. I was told by the tagging company it is very easy to remove the tag around a bailee’s leg, so he will not be that easy to track down… According to another person currently staying under my roof he walked off with virtually nothing visible on him apart from the clothes in which he stood up, informing another housemate “they’ll only take it off me if I do take a bag.” But he did have things in his pockets, apparently…

She assures us that he is “safe”—but says nothing about the safety of any children who might cross his path while he is at large.

For example, we’re quite certain that the recent sexual assault upon a 5-year-old girl in Highgate Wood has absolutely nothing to do with Mr Hofschröer’s being at large:

To be sure, the playground at Highgate Wood is no more than a 10-minute walk from Belinda’s house, and is a popular venue for parents and small children:

This proximity does make us wonder what on earth the court was thinking when it was agreed that Mr Hofschröer could stay with Belinda until his extradition.

Of course in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we don’t believe he had anything to do with the recent sexual assault against a child at Highgate Wood. But we would think that Belinda, who styles herself a “children’s rights campaigner”, might be just a touch more sensitive to the potential for temptation in having him live with her. If worse comes to worst, and a child is harmed by Mr Hofschröer whilst he’s on the lam, we sincerely hope that the authorities will take a good hard look at Belinda, who seems to have gone out of her way to ensure that he’d have a convenient window of opportunity during which to escape.

We hope the police are able to apprehend Mr Hofschröer with all due haste; if we were in their shoes we’d start with a careful inspection of Belinda’s basement bunker. Oh, and the free-standing building in her back garden could probably do with a good search, as well.

UPDATE: 13 July 2017

All of Belinda’s posts on the “Justice for Peter & Barbara Hofschröer” Facebook page have been deleted. Currently, the following message from group admin Andy Peacher has been pinned to the top of the page:

If we’re not mistaken, this means that Andy Peacher has been contacted by Mr Hofschröer. We will be passing this information on to the police.

We’ll leave you with this heart-warming image of Mr Hofschröer in happier days:

47 thoughts on “Convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer on the run from police

    • So…your plans for a revolution are “far more important than the first part”, the first part being the problem of child trafficking. Child sex trafficking, presumably? Very nice reveal! The problem of child sex trafficking is actually far LESS important to you, than inciting some kind of political revolt or armed insurrection. I see.
      And therefore, your professed concern about trafficked children is really just a rationalization or justification for acting out your desire to “smash the establishment” in some manner. Yes, we’ve seen this before.

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    • Blinders “way-too-cozy” visit to the mother is ridiculously over embroidered and wreaks of convenient arse covering alibi for the slip to occur.I am sure Blinder could write”the book” on rubbish arse covering strategems.

      Perhaps the police would like to have a wee chat with Blinders dear departed dad too.He obviously is in the know and like his daughter only hands out info on a need to know basis.As per all these purgatorial wispy entities he is a right tease advising Peter “is near water”(FFS who isnt near water!!),he will surely come through with fresh info that he is not far from a church next,jesus wept.If he had advised his daughter to get that stupid fringe cut I may just have fallen for her ruse.

      The blinder can coat herself in deflective gloss all she likes but her devious paedophilic fingerprints are all over everything she touches and yet hark mine ex-hamster verily doth squeek in accord from the great wheel beyond…oooooh.

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      • Yep Mik, Belinda setting herself up with a nice Alibi so she can feign innocence.

        Completely smacks that she knew exactly what was going on.

        Belinda definitely needs to be questioned as to where Peter H has disappeared to.

        The Peacher suggestion is a good one.

        Belinda knows for sure where Peter H has gone and the Police need to seize all her computers, phones and phone records to see what information they can find.

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    • According to Anneliese, you’re a sinner if you don’t go around healing people and performing miracles. Drugs are bad, kids.

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      • The Bible says fortune tellers should be killed so Bellender runs a real risk if a “Christian” like APD hears she been reading the Runes.

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  1. Yet another example of how everything Bellender touches turns to tears. I thought he was staying with her while he appealed his extradition which if true means he cannot be removed until the matter is finally settled.

    So he was probably led down the garden path like so many who she claims to assist.

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    • He had already appealed his extradition, and had lost, when he was allowed to go home with Belinda to await being sent back to Austria, where he would face further charges (including more charges of possession of commercial child sex abuse images).

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  2. How convenient for Blundina to have left the house and by coincidence not be there when her paedo mate did a runner. Nothing at all with plausible deniability then.

    She thinks she is so clever, but is utterly transparent.

    On another note, how insane is it that the police expect a paedo to just hand themselves in? Utterly incompetent idiots. It’s a but like letting people you want for Criminal Harassment to escape from a window while you all stand around at the front door. Do the police not watch TV or something?


  3. We haven’t any proof that Peter Hofschröer is involved in this sexual assault, but I would think it is a possibility worth investigating. He has been convicted of offences relating to a sexual interest in children and has gone on the run. Much more plausible than tales of cannibalism and baby skin shoes.

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  4. A couple of simple questions….. How come so many of Belinda McKenzie’s associates are known child abusers? – Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy, Abe Christie and Peter Horsehit to name but the three most obvious ones? And who gives her immunity from police attention? She’s not the only one of course but who actually sanctions her being beyond the law? They’re very keen on spouting shite about “high level paedophile rings”, shite that later falls apart at the seams and causes people to instantly dismiss any and all reports of such things as nonsense. But what “high level” connections does Belinda have that grant her free reign to do what she does, and what are they hiding such that they find this kind of smokescreen useful?

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    • Peter Hofschröer himself used the deflection technique you are discussing, very blatantly, against members of his own family. He phoned up his nephew’s employer and made allegations of sexual perversion that lost the poor man his job. It is no wonder he gets on so well with Belinda.

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  5. Pizzapervert getting excited over their fantasies. Where have we heard this garbage before?
    What is their obsession with shipping babies?

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  6. I’m sure Belinda is right when she states that Peter has many friends around the country that she does not know. Sadly, many of them are likely to be paedophiles that he has built relationships with while sharing child sex abuse images online. This is more evidence that Belinda couldn’t give a damn about child abuse. It’s all about her so called campaigns and donations.

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  7. Please note addendum to today’s post. Andy Peacher has removed the statements from Belinda “at Peter’s request”. Police have been notified that Mr Hofschröer has been in touch with Andy. We’ll keep you updated.

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  8. Bottom line is.. a man who is a danger to children is on the run.. and that is worrying.
    I hope he is caught and the sooner the better.
    He could easily be seen as a suspect in the sexual assault of a 5 year old near Belinda’s house.

    Andy Peacher and Belinda have a lot to answer for.

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