What’s behind Hoaxteaders’ focus on ‘elite’ paedophiles?

One of the strangest features of those Hoaxtead mobsters who claim to be “child abuse crusaders” is their apparent willingness to protect—fiercely and loyally—various people who really have assaulted or sexually abused children. It seems that these aren’t the paedophiles Belinda, Sabine, and their ilk are trying to shut down; rather, they focus their wrath on what they call “elite paedophile rings”, as though only people who are somehow more privileged or important than the rest of us are capable of sexually abusing children.

Regular reader Justin Sanity shed some light on this yesterday, and we think it’s important to share his comments here, as they can help us make sense of some of what we hear from the Hoaxtead mob.

Commenting on yesterday’s post on convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer, Justin asks, “Where did this obsessive fixation on alleged ELITE pedophile-child abusers come from?”

As it currently manifests, the “Elite pedo-child abusers” narrative is primarily political; it is populist sex-crime slander for political purposes—i.e., “pizzagate”. However, the true origin of this narrative was as a subtle, manipulative form of pedophile-pederast apologetics.

I’m NOT saying that everyone who is currently pushing the Elite pedophile conspiracy narrative are themselves secretly sexually attracted to children. Let me be clear about that.

What I am saying is that the obsessive focus on wealthy/powerful child abusers comes out of a deceptive meta-narrative promulgated by “working class” (albeit well-educated) pederasts—the idea that there are BAD pederasts, who are wealthy/powerful child abusers who heartlessly exploit poor children as sex slave “meat”, and GOOD pederasts who are more socialistic middle- or working-class men who genuinely care about the children’s humanity and LOVE them for who (not what) they are. (In other words, boy-LOVERS, which is what “pederast” literally translates to).

That meta-narrative is a crock of shit, of course, but it can be traced all the way back to pederast apologists such as John Henry Mackay:

Using the pseudonym Sagitta, Mackay wrote a series of works for pederastic emancipation, titled Die Bücher der namenlosen Liebe (Books of the Nameless Love). This series was conceived in 1905 and completed in 1913 and included the Fenny Skaller, a story of a pederast.[2] Under his real name he also published fiction, such as Der Schwimmer (1901) and, again as Sagitta, he published a pederastic novel of the Berlin boy-bars, Der Puppenjunge (literally “The Boy-Doll”, but published in English as The Hustler) (1926). In a note to the American publisher of this book, Christopher Isherwood said, “It gives a picture of the Berlin sexual underworld early in this century which I know, from my own experience, to be authentic.”

The very first modern-era claim to possessing a folio of information about “Elite pedophiles” came from a defendant in one of the Playland scandal trials of the mid-1970s. That fellow happened to be an unemployed labourer, accused of pimping (and sodomizing) runaway boys. He was certainly guilty of that, along with several others, but when released on appeal claimed to possess such a folio and offered (or threatened) to give it to police. His statements clearly demonstrate his belief in the false (“bad elites/good middle or working class pedophile”) meta-narrative—he was only “trying to help” these poor boys, (because he LOVED them, eh?), but these wealthy-powerful clients of his…they were evil sadistic monsters who deserved to rot in prison.

Everyone understands? If not, ask me to clarify.

Okay. Now let’s look at Tom Philpott again for an example of just how subtle and deceptive this meta-narrative can be. Remember, he’s the American history professor from that old pseudo-documentary on YouTube sometimes titled “Boys for Sale”. (I talked about the boy-lover apologist origin of the book that title was stolen from, before).

I was going through that video again recently, documenting Philpott’s references to the 1970s boy prostitution and pornography conspiracy run by subscribers to Better Life Monthly*—a FEW of whom really were millionaire black-sheep young men from very wealthy families, but MOST of whom were quite ordinary middle class and working class perverts. Philpott does refer to some of those cases, but he always does so without naming any of the persons involved. He discusses the whole subject as though it was all “top secret” information or can’t be discussed openly because of ongoing investigations—neither of which insinuations were really true at that time. Nothing about Better Life was “secret” by then, and Philpott certainly was not the only person to possess this info, nor the only person talking about it publicly, as he attempts to claim.

Tom Philpott describes an “organized crime” conspiracy (Better Life was that, you could say), not run by the Mafia but run by a “high-level” pederast conspiracy of social-political elites, who not only exploit but also routinely torture and murder young homeless and outcast boys. There have been a number of American serial killers who fit that description, but none of them were involved in any “organized” criminal child-trafficking conspiracy.

Okay, so that’s Philpott’s allegations about the BAD pedophile-pederast “Elite”.

Where is the “good” pederast in that narrative? Right under your nose, or in front of your face, of course.

Philpott is asked about his sources, where is he getting his information? He says: “blah and blah…and interviews…and blah…”

Interviews! Philpott was “interviewing” young boys,12–16 or so, who had been prostituting themselves in several cities in Texas. He is not a police investigator, he’s not a social worker or a youth worker, he’s not a juvenile probation officer, he’s not a journalist. He’s not even a sociologist or an anthropologist! He’s only a history professor.

A history professor, who “interviewed” young boy prostitutes in motel rooms in the middle of the night! And were there witnesses to these interviews? Apparently not.

Are there/ were there recordings of those interviews? Apparently not.

Are there/ were there transcriptions of these interviews? Supposedly, but they were “confidential”, of course so no one but Philpott was ever allowed to review them…

And why was Philpott doing all this work with these kids? Spending so much time, involved in so many clandestine phone calls, outings in the middle of the night, and other “secret” activity that his wife eventually freaked right out and separated from him? Was he “commissioned” or “appointed” by anyone, to do this? Was he doing this professionally, was he being paid to do this?

No. He was doing this, so he could help to “rescue” such boys, perhaps even by “bringing them into his home”, because he cared so much. Because he LOVED them, one must presume….

*(Better Life Monthly described itself thus: “The official newsletter of Better Life, an educational service organization serving the interests of pedophiles world-wide.”)

This myth of the “high-level” or “elite” pederast, in contrast to the “ordinary folk” pederast, reminds us of several of Belinda and Sabine’s friends—for example, Brian Pead, who was convicted in 2010 of having offered to pay a 14-year-old girl £300 for sex.

Brian Pead, 56, of Days Lane, Sidcup, was trapped in an online police sting by an undercover officer posing as a teenager.

The man, who worked as a therapist for a counselling agency for vulnerable youngsters, including victims of sexual abuse, in Hackney, East London, later claimed the chats were part of research for his job.

And sure enough, he has been rabidly defended by Belinda, Sabine, et al, who claim he’s not a paedophile at all, but a whistleblower! In other words, because “their” paedophiles and child abusers aren’t “elites”, they must be the good kind, the kind worthy of defending.

However, we suspect that their victims, if they were allowed to speak out, might beg to differ.

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  1. There are so many factors at play here.
    Firstly there is the legendary British strange “hang-up” about sex which is almost schizophrenic in that the Poms are as randy as anyone else but love to keep things hidden in the closet.

    It’s a factor that’s been exported to it’s many colonies like the USA & Australia although the sheer population size of the US means it somewhat filtered down and the hysteria happens in isolated spots or as in Australia where the original British immigrant population has now been engulfed by massive European and Asian immigrants than when scandals happen they tend not to transfix a nation who would rather watch the footie or go to horse races which is real life (apart from drinking beer and going to the beach).

    The arrest and demolition of Oscar Wilde was very much a symptom of this British “culture” and the perfect victim for a crack down : an aristocrat but thankfully an Irish one (corrupting young British Lords and working class lads) and gay. It’s like the absurd but very funny (to me) Carry On films came out of this culture aided by a brilliant British command of the innuendo.

    And then the media: started by the famous William Stead from Manchester who discovered early on the Sex Sells and combined his imperialistic evangelical Christianity (the kind that demands the peasants etc need to be strictly controlled by their betters, on orders from God) and created the modern British tabloid era which fed the eager readers (no BBC or Sky telly) with saucy tales but even them was fairly mooted and towed a certain Establishment line (like coppers never lie etc) until Rupert Murdoch arrived from Adelaide and snapped up the News of The World, determined to shake up British society which he literally hates, a factor learned from his respected father Sir Keith Murdoch who began his journalistic career as a war correspondent at Gallipoli and was infuriated by what he saw as arrogant British upper-calls incompetent generals sending reams of young men to die needlessly in botched and useless campaigns. Murdoch revered his father as did most of the Aussie reading public at the time who avidly read Sir Keith’s damning reports. It’s why Rupert was, as a young man a left wing socialist.

    And then of course the Salem factor which rears it’s ugly head every now and then as “witches” must be found, real or not and while burning at the stake is now considered messy and cruel, burning in the media does the job just as well as the nutjob Geoffrey Dicken discovered and who the British media couldn’t waitto promote to it’s eager readers who desired and demanded sensation but especially ones involving sex.

    It will all end in tears before bedtime as the respected sociologist and mega star Dame Edna Everage is wont to say.

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    • ” The arrest and demolition of Oscar Wilde was very much a symptom of this British “culture” and the perfect victim for a crack down : an aristocrat but thankfully an Irish one (corrupting young British Lords and working class lads) and gay. It’s like the absurd but very funny (to me) Carry On films came out of this culture aided by a brilliant British command of the innuendo. ”

      I think that this is an interesting observation. Also note the cases of Charles Stewart Parnell and Roger Casement being done down by sex scandals.




  2. Some clarifications about Philpott and “Boys for Sale”.
    That pseudo-documentary is actually a compilation of episodes from the “Alternative Views” public access television broadcasts:
    The title is taken specifically from a series of local TV news reports that may have originated in Atlanta or Texas, involving reporters talking with actual boys involved in prostitution in the US at that time. Philpott had nothing to do with those interviews, clips from those broadcasts have been interwoven throughout the Alternative Views programs as illustrations.
    Philpott’s coy avoidance of details, when referring to actual cases of men prosecuted for sexually exploiting male minors, is apparently intended to hide the fact that ALL of his information came from three sources;
    1. The Illinois hearings into Sexual Exploitation of Children, which discusses Better Life in great detail from a variety of sources including testimony of perpetrators, and was a public document available to any American from 1977 on.
    2. Robin Lloyd’s book “For Money or Love”.
    3. The local tv news broadcasts under the title of “Boys for Sale”
    That’s it. As far as I can tell, Philpott hadn’t conducted ANY independent research of any importance.

    He does confess to illegally purchasing and possessing child sexual abuse image publications, in one of the Alternative Views episodes. He states that he approached a clerk in a XXX shop, with a list of illegal publications, and walked out with “A LOT of illegal materials”.
    And what did you need A LOT of illegal pornographic materials featuring little boys, FOR, Tom? As examples, to show your students in the class on boy prostitution you were planning to teach? (And he did run such a class apparently, for a few semesters). But wouldn’t “a few” examples have sufficed for such a purpose, supposing it would have been legal for you to display them in your classes – which it would not have been, in Texas at that time – ? YES, it would have been sufficient. So…why A LOT of such materials?

    Dr Tom Philpott was never, to my knowledge, charged with any crimes against minors.

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    • As illustrated by the article above, I brought this up because people are STILL being manipulated by this meta-narrative today!

      Some Average Guy: “Let me tell you about the evil nasty cruel sadistic murderous ELITE pedophile rings that secretly rule the world!”

      Concerned Citizen: “It’s very brave of your to discuss all this publicly! Oh, and I see that you are a volunteer with…at least a dozen organizations providing services to wayward children. That’s very heroic as well”

      Some Average Guy: “Muahahaha!

      Concerned Citizen: “Excuse me?”

      Some Average Guy: “Oh, nothing…”

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  3. Even though she’s tagged 45 people (most of whom don’t even live in Ireland) into this request, a tenner says Angie doesn’t bother to turn up herself:

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    • Can’t tell what this matter is about but it sounds like it may be a family court matter.
      APD tells people to turn up and give ‘character references’ which is reasonable but how on earth could the motley crew she tags all know those involved?

      She’s also pushing the Seth Rich matter even though his parents pleaded “for God’s sake leave us alone” and stop politicizing our son’s terrible death and there is now an upcoming court case that dobs in the ridiculous Sean Hannity of Faux News and a handful of others as promoters of a fraudulent conspiracy including Julian Assange who seems to have become quite unhinged lately with his promotion of David Icke like claptrap ( I bet the Ecuador Embassy sooo want to boot him out).

      I’ve a good mind to write to Warwick Beauregard Beanblossom who runs the “Warwick University Diploma Mill” in Duluth, Minnesota (First floor above Moo & Inks Auto Repairs) and demand he withdraw her “Young Journalist Of The Year Award” given in conjunction with her superb win in the “Noisy Typist Award”, both which she failed to collect personally due to her being escorted by Department of Homeland Security Immigration officials as an “undesirable alien” to the nearest airport to be repatriated to Ireland.

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      • “Other ‘tagees’ include Bridey Lavery, Tracey Morris, John Duane, Catherine McCormack, Sabine McNeill, Jake Clarke, Arthur Kaoutal, Andy Peacher, Neelu Berry, Nina Valentine, Josh Power-Disney, Jamie Power-Disney, Brian Gerrish, Lou Collins, Hope Girl, Wesley Hall, Brenda McNamara, Holly Baglio and…er…herself.”

        Christ on a quadbike, if that lot turn up at the court with Bellender and her trusty megaphone, I’m calling in a SWAT team.

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        • Wesley Hall, where is your hero? I do not know, but if your hero promotes the Hampstead hoax any further, he will politically face me in the Thunderdome, and I wil destroy him, as I have done to several politicians, ending their political careers.

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  4. I wish I was well enough to follow this thorugh – I have long been suspicious of the left wing element that has been part of this operation right from the start – can’t remember the girls name, she was a nurse, Carol something, who made a series of claims including having been hit over the head by a claw hammer wielded by a ‘top tory’ and if not Valerie Sineson, someone like her, claimed to be acting on her behalf and took her car and all her possessions and failed to tell the family that she had died – her brother has written a book about her and fought on her behalf and got the coroner to reopen the investigation. Sadly, as everyone knows,, I am at the end of my life and heavily drugged these days to keep me out of pain, so I really can’t do anything – but you are on the right track – this is heavily political – hence Tom Watson’s initial involvement – so please keep digging – I am convinced you are on the right track. All the supporters of the ‘VIP Tory paedophile ring’, when you look at their followers on Facebook or Twitter were supported by, if not actual members of Momentum, were not far off, in that they were definitely Corbyn supporters. It is a very effective way of making the man in the street distrust or have any faith, in the Tories. I don[t think it is a classic conspiracy, but I do think that it suited the Murdoch media very well, at a time when they were in trouble after Leveson, it suited the police when crime was falling and Tom Winsor was calling for their numbers to be cut – it suited the NSPCC who would dearly love to be given the same rights that the RSPCA have – to bring prosecutions themselves without going through the CPS, and were losing any hope of that with a Tory government in power – in short, it was a perfect storm of vested interests, that latched onto the far more intellectual movement that you are describing. I salute you – and wish I could help.

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    • Well, as a lefitie and a Corbyn supporter I generally think nobody has to do much to make the man in the street distrust the Tories. (Can you tell I’m a northerner yet?) But that would be getting into a political argument and I don’t want to do that here.
      I have to say I think the nastiness can go both ways. We only have to look at pizzagate.

      I agree that people should keep digging and see what comes up. Personally all I see is a bunch of people with personality disorders who are in it for narcissistic supply and money. But who knows!


      • I’m a leftie too, very much so. Not particularly a Corbynite, but I certainly prefer him to pretty much any Tory one claims to mention , with the possible exception of Ken Clarke (who was dragged into the whole paedo-geddon scandal at one point, IIRC).

        It’s interesting though, Corbyn himself doesn’t necessarily have a great record on campaigning with regard to child abuse issues.


        • The moment Corbyn said to take rich people’s houses in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy was the point I became ultra hostile towards him, too much Comrade Corbyn with a fanatical extremist bunch of stormtroopers in the guise of Momentum. No politician is trust worthy, regardless of their political tribal flag, only a fool trusts a politician.

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    • ” it suited the NSPCC who would dearly love to be given the same rights that the RSPCA have ”

      Exaro’s “Nick” was ‘helped’ by the NSPCC. Just sayin’ is all….


    • I suppose there is precedent – rumours of bizarre sexual practices among the aristocracy preceded the French and Russian Revolutions. Dehumanise the opposition, fill the public’s head with rubbish, and you too can grasp absolute power.
      Personally my instinct is that what is going on is not anywhere near as far reaching. Grubby criminals are protecting other grubby criminals – smoke screens are being created, but they are nothing you can’t clear with a good fan. If i were a fifth columnist I wouldn’t be using anyone as egregious as Belinda or Angie.

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    • I’m not really convinced that the issue is one that can be neatly divided into leftist/rightist camps, Anna. For example, many of those who support the “pizzagate” fraud (not to mention the obscene “Sandy Hook killings never happened” fraud) seem to congregate around the extreme right end of the political spectrum, along with their sometime cheerleader, Alex Jones.

      I do think the issue of “elite paedophiles” hinges on class divisions, particularly in the UK; but I think those who promote things like the awful Carol Felstead case and Hoaxtead use class as a weapon. For example, when the Hoaxtead case first emerged, its promoters put a great deal of emphasis on the fact that RD was an actor, that he had travelled to Hollywood, and that somehow, despite having been born into a family of miners, he was a fully paid-up member of the “elite class”. When people pointed out that he’d actually left his job in mining to pursue his interest in acting, that argument shifted to “well, Jimmy Savile started out as a miner, you know”.

      In other words, the politics were really irrelevant, except inasmuch as class could be used to manipulate those who wanted to believe in an elite paedophile organisation which somehow manages to rule the world, when it’s not organising industrial-scale sex parties involving mass rape and murder of infants, while somehow managing to clean up so well that no one ever notices the slightest trace of evidence.

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      • Populism can play for any team. There are Truthers on the right, and on the left. The Neelu-Annett version of populism isn’t either.
        John Henry Mackay was an anarchist and a “revolutionary”. He was all about class.
        The point is – some guys with a big Social Justice smile on their face, who spout the evils of “ruling class” sexual exploitation of lower class children, CAN be particularly dangerous. ala Peter Righton…

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  5. Also having a WTF moment… I hope Angela Power Disney, Abraham Christie and Ella Draper are enjoying the extreme heat wave going on in most of Europe, nicknamed by the media as Heatwave Lucifer. Europe gets drought, UK gets the rain. Europe gets heatwaves, UK gets winter-like wet, windy and even cold conditions. Is this a Brexit thing?

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  6. At least the likes of Angie Power Disney are enjoying the sensation of having Lucifer flames licking round their feet – gives them a chance to enjoy that whole Joan of Ark experience!

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    • LOL too true! In fact we did an article a few weeks ago on one of the Hoaxtead mobsters, Kristie Sue Costa, who has openly compared herself to the Maid of Orleans.


  7. What’s the peadophile-protector David Shurter banging on about now? I still can’t hear him over his fishtank (and I don’t get why he keeps sticking his mic in there). Apart from which I don’t understand Fucktardian anyway.

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    • I wonder whether Kane Slater’s parents know that he is broadcasting hate speech from their basement?

      It’s one thing to allow your drug-addled, mentally unwell son to live at home and let him walk the dog in the park once in a while; quite another to allow him to use your broadband to commit criminal libel online. I expect the police in Canada would take a dim view if they knew what he was up to.

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    • Ooh , I’m in Britain, maybe I could catch up with you, we could have a British Pizza and discuss my nurse (I am very ill and have a full time nurse) anyway she has a daughter/son who is attending the Tavistock clinic and taking hormones to alter her sex. You could help me explain to her that this is really all about money and changing the world.

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    • I can’t bring myself to watch more than a few minutes. I got kicked off the chat for saying David is a fraud.
      Apparently according to the loons, a man who talks so passinately about religion must be telling the truth. Yeah, because noone has ever abused children in the name of religion of course. LTV’s following is so demented, they give him a run for his money in the delusional stakes.

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    • 18:59…

      NS: “As far as the paedophile protection squad [sic], I just am happy we’re doing this, coz it’s the last thing they would have wanted us to do…”

      DS: “They fought you and I coming together. Like I said, I got emails. They suggested you were on the bad side wanting to interview me, so I had to deal with that.”

      Lying bastard! It was our very own John Kilrush who persuaded him to do the interview in the first place!

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      • El Coyote – I am most impressed wth your holiday – since you went on holiday, your output seems to have gone up from one post a day around midnight – to sometimes two posts a day at all times of the day – when exactly are you going to take this much needed holiday. I’m getting worried abut you! Seriously! Put yourself first, just for now – you need a break. I made that mistake, and look what happened to me. xxxx Anna

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        • Ah, thanks for your concern Anna! But I actually did take a week off between 22–29 July. I know it might feel as though I never shut up, but really, I did! Granted, my posting times have been all over the map of late, mainly because I’m still in semi-holiday mode, but never fear, I did take a bit of a rest.

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    • Stolpman @ 37:12…

      “As far as Hampstead goes, this is crazy but it was UK intelligence most likely having someone, a real person, come approach me online and become my girlfriend online, get all the information from me and then run a psychological operation on me but not before telling, pushing me to cover Hampstead. And then, once I started, then all of a sudden things started happening to her. Her house was possessed, she had a terrible fall and broke her jaw and almost died, had all this stuff – and it wasn’t real. It was all to mess with my head, to destroy my mind, and it nearly did. And they’ve run other campaigns since then too.”

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      • I am very reliably told that she was never Nathan’s girlfriend, he is so delusional, it’s not even funny.
        Just a small smaple of his delusions. Had a haircut, Ran out of gas on purpose, went to a house with a sign that confused him blah blah blah.

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    • At 55:34 Dave says he wants his dad investigated for “crimes against child trafficking”. How does that work?

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    • 1:02:23 – “He didn’t commit suicide. He drank Drano. Nobody who commits suicide drinks Drano.”

      Is that right, Dave? Hmmm, I think the family of Amanda Todd would disagree with you 😦

      (I know that was Clorox but it’s essentially the same.)

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    • 1:04:09 – I suggest that the scientists among you give Shurter’s scientific explanation of why the solar eclipse is proof of the end of the World a swerve. The jaw-dropping ignorance on display will make you want to smash your monitors.

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  8. I think we need a fantasy football team league setting up for the hoaxers, pick your signings at the beginning of the fruitloop season, points to be given for certain performances based of delusions, sheer stupidity, promoting false flags, calling innocent people paedophiles, promoting hoaxes, mentioning MKULTRA, Satanists, Illuminati etc.
    Maybe in return they can have a Gues Who board game where every character is Ricky or Doug.

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