Alert: Tom Dunn in Dundee

It seems that Thomas Dunn, deranged Christian evangelist and the latest would-be Hampstead SRA profiteer, has been attending a Dundee-based conference on pushing Satanic ritual abuse.


We’re currently monitoring the situation and will report in greater detail shortly, but for now we would urge our readers to be alert for any signs that Dunny is about to “pull a Rupert”.

Dunn spent Thursday plastering the town with stickers directing people to his Hampstead material online:

Dunn in Scotland 2018-11-09 1Dunn in Scotland 2018-11-09 2Dunn in Scotland 2018-11-09 3Dunn in Scotland 2018-11-09 4

We’ll return tomorrow with more detailed information. Until then, keep your eyes peeled!

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    • A task force has been set up by the city council to tackle the problem of fly-posting amid claims the problem is ruining Dundee’s image.

      Coldside Councillor Helen Wright said fly-posting has been a growing problem over the past year and called on the local authority to take action against people who place posters on buildings, fences and shops without permission.

      Cllr Wright said that fly-posting had got to the stage in Dundee where it was having a “detrimental effect on the image of the city”.

      Today, the council said that a group had been set up to address the issue.

      Ms Wright said: “I have been complaining to officers of the council about the growing problem of fly-posting for more than a year and it has now reached the stage that action must be taken.

      “Fly-posting is unacceptable in any location. It adversely affects the amenity of residential areas.

      “It also has a detrimental effect on the image of the city. The problem has not even been addressed on the ambassador routes into the city, which have been created at considerable public expense to promote the city’s image.

      “It must be made clear to people responsible for this blight on our landscape that fly-posters are illegal.”

      She said that illegal advertising also caused considerable expense for the council.

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      • Not only that-he’s sticking illegal posters around town that are Fake News with links to defamatory websites.

        I think he should be reported to the local coppers and council= the guy has arrogantly rocked into town and committed an offense.

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    • He really is a vile individual, flying to the UK using funds raised from the selling of his pathetic “Hampstead Justice” merchandise and going around leaving his nasty stickers everywhere. 😡

      If he is heading for Hampstead to do the same, I hope the cops are waiting for him.

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      • Oh I dare say. My comment wasn’t meant to be serious – I’m just taking the piss out of the way these weirdos think. There’s nothing satanic about the jewellery that RD, Victoria Derbyshire and Esther Rantzen wear either but it’s never stopped the fruitloops from screaming that it is, lol.

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  2. How did this tool get in the country? don’t we have blacklists for foreign travellers who pose a risk? Yet again Britain gets made a fool of. These Americans know they can take the piss and pretty much do what they want.

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  3. Slightly off-topic here – but still on the topic of “skeezy trash truthers from the US” – anyone in the vicinity of the Notting Hill Tabernacle would be doing everyone a favour if they could gatecrash this Truther event on Sunday, and report on events:

    Basically it’s an antivaccine scamboree, with the usual suspects of lowlife career-truther liars taking turns to explain how a vaccine against HPV will make people less scared of sex OH NOES, but what interests me here is the umbrella organisation, i.e “”. Which is the UK franchise of “The LIberty Beacon”, a run-of-the-mill US website devoted to the usual antisemitism (George Soros = One World Gubblement!!), racism (immigrants = cancer in our midst!!), and fellation of Trump and Putin. It may or may not be funded with roubles.

    I quite understand if people in the vicinity of the Notting Hill Tabernacle prefer to run a long way to be somewhere else.

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      • HA HA yes, there was an aftermath to that trial (and the subsequent appeal). In light of Donegan’s testimony, the GMC tried to strike her off. However, she convinced a panel that her testimony to the court had been lies, and she didn’t really have strong antivax views; she only claimed such views because her clients were paying for it.
        “You demonstrated to the panel that your report did not derive from your deeply held views.”

        Some might call Donegan a ‘homeopathic grifter’ rather than an ‘actual doctor’, but I could not possibly comment.

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  4. Its fairly predictable that Thomas Dunn will turn up in Hampstead with his stickers, and at venues associated with the hoax. It is hoped he won’t turn up on a school day, but I guess that will happen as well. The person responsible for orchestrating bringing crazies onto the children and families of Hampstead is Angela Power Disney: Thomas Dunn; Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV; Jake Clarke; Arthur. The amount of attention given by us to Dunn and Quaintance probably encouraged them by inflating their egos. This is also where our legal authorities such as the police have let us all down, because Angela Power Disney should have been stopped in her tracks years ago.

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    • Certainly the local newspaper should be alerted. It’s a good story if posters begin to appear which in turn will alert the police.

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    • I agree to a certain extent Angel is responsible for Thomas being here, however Thomas is a much bigger fish than Angela and is the most active amongst the hoaxer’s Angela could only dream of being in the position.
      Tom has sole control of the narrative and the resources to do much more damage. Angela is dead in the water. I spoke regarding this previously stating that this is the 2.0 and Tom is the main leader, his streams,platform and connections enable him to reach more people than Angie could dream of. I think any efforts currently spent on Angela are better spent on Tom. He is a very real threat and will cause more and more problems unless he is stopped.

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      • I agree

        Also there is a huge appetite for Tom’s bullshit in the US, especially amongst Trump supporters.

        In a way it is incredible that Becki Percy is still in the US, it is almost as if she may be serving some kind of purpose PR wise.

        I would have thought that in usual circumstances Percy would have been fast-tracked back to the UK quicker than the fingers of a tantric sex coach into the knickers of a terminal cancer patient, but no, she is still there, sceptical persons must be wondering why on earth the current situation has been allowed to continue for such a protracted period.

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      • If Dunn were doing this on his own, I would fully agree with SV that he’s a nonentity looking for fame and fortune on the backs of the Hampstead children. Unfortunately, he seems to have the backing of a number of other God botherers and SRA pushers, some of whom have enough of an audience to make Dunn’s activities worth keeping an eye on.

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  5. Another thing – is Dunn technically working while on a tourist visa? If he’s here on business. for example, promoting his webshite, advertising his merchandise etc., is this not work by definition? If so, and if he has a tourist visa (pretty certain he has), then he is breaching the conditions and should be reported to the Home Office.
    That reminds me of a very sad and tragic tale of a certain Kevin Annett who was reported to the HO and banned from entering the UK, for giving paid talks and selling the videos of his stolen survivors’ testimonies while on a tourist visa. Oh dear, I wonder who could have done that? (looks around innocently).

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    • I should must remember to read beyond the first few sentences. When I saw Neelu was angry Leigh had her marina stolen by the Mayor of London, I thought she’d had her car seized by clampers for non-payment of parking fines. 😂

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      • The cause of the problem seems to be this: Boris Johnston decided that someone else could make more money from a bit of waterside in the Docklands than the business that had been there for 25 years, and sold it. That’s what happens when people opt for Boris Johnston as Mayor.


        • Its actually a long standing problem, but legally she hasn’t a leg to stand on, she and her father are leaseholders, they leased the land to build the marina. The problem is that she has taken into her head that they ‘own’ the land, they don’t, they leased it, and no matter how long they have been there, it still isn’t theirs to control
          This is an issue with any leaseholder, they sign a leasehold for whatever the period of time is offered (many are literally month to month, but I have seen some up to a hundred years) but at the end, they can be offered a renewal, or may have to move out. Also most leases I have seen have a ‘getout’ clause for either or both parties, usually with a penalty attached. She was apparently offered a large compensation package as well but refused it, which means she instead of waking away with compensation for any improvements they have done, she may be walking away with nothing
          (sort of like neelu herself, she had the opportunity to either pay her loan back, or walk away with minimal cost, instead she carried on with her FOTL garbage, which ended up costing her at least a third of the money she could have received after the sale of the house, possibly more)

          A certain saying about noses, cutting implements and spite comes to mind

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  6. Russ is blabbing away & Tom not listening to a word he says.
    Reminds me of someone else who when they do live videos, forget to listen to the other person & treats them with the same disrespect. Russ, you’re a wuss for Tom Dunne.

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