‘A worrying paradox’: Paedophiles dressed up as ‘whistle-blowers’

The internet has been abuzz in recent days with the latest story about “Nick”, the man who claimed that he had been raped for nine years by a Westminster-based paedophile ring, was discredited, but who was charged in June 2017 with four counts of making indecent images of children, one count of possessing indecent images of children, and one count of voyeurism. In addition, Northumbria police passed a file to the CPS in September, to determine whether “Nick” should be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice.

Sadly, we weren’t particularly surprised at these various twists and turns.

We’ve noted many times on this blog that a great many of those who style themselves “whistle-blowers” seem to either be, or have close relationships with, convicted paedophiles.

So it came as no shock yesterday to note that Catriona Selvester, aka “WildCat”, aka “Cat Scot”, a director of the Fresh Start Foundation in Scotland, was happily retweeting Twitter messages from a twice-convicted paedophile:

Jason Packer’s first conviction came in 2015, when the “children’s entertainer” was convicted of four counts of possessing extreme pornography and 13 counts of possessing indecent images of children after a six-day trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Mr Packer, a self-styled “whistle-blower” (sound familiar?), who calls himself an “anti-paedophile and justice campaigner”, claimed that his former MP, Mike Hancock, had somehow arranged to have the police plant the images on his computer. Uh-huh.

According to the Portsmouth News,

During the trial Packer, a former Justice and Anti-Corruption Party candidate, said police planted images on his computer and four USB sticks after his February 11 arrest at his home last year. When he took the stand he told jurors former Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock’s agents had put the images on his computer after he uploaded the Pascoe report which was critical of the MP. After the verdict the judge, Recorder Frank Abbott, dismissed Packer’s claims and said that ‘in this case you’ve made allegations against him, not only unfounded and unsupported, but utterly and totally incredible’. Addressing barrister Philip Romans, he said: ‘It seems that your client is beyond any borders of reality.’

After a legal fight to avoid incarceration, Mr Packer was sentenced to a year in prison. At his sentencing, Recorder Frank Abbott was scathing:

Packer, 45, instructed his barrister to tell a judge it was a ‘miscarriage of justice’ and he should not be sentenced.

But jailing him for 12 months, Recorder Frank Abbott said Packer being a ‘staunch campaigner’ combined with his conviction was a ‘worrying paradox’.

He said: ‘At the end of the day, before me is a man who purports to be a person against child pornography, a person who is someone who is against corruption of politicians, various types of child abuse, and has got images of the same on his computer. ‘It seems to me there really isn’t any excuse whatsoever.’

Coming back for more

However, in 2017 Mr Packer was in court again. Had he learned his lesson? Had he fuck.

Again, from the Portsmouth News:

A MAGICIAN has avoided jail after being caught with indecent images of children as young as five-years-old.

Jason Packer, 47, was convicted last month by a jury for making indecent photos of children, relating to 124 category A images, the most serious class of indecent pictures, and of possessing 85 images of extreme pornography.

The ex-member of the Justice and Anti-Corruption Party, a Portsmouth political group that claimed to be trying to stamp out wrong-doing in public office, protested his innocence throughout the trial, claiming the images related to research he had undertaken ahead of appealing a former conviction for having indecent images of children at a previous trial in 2015. The magician, of Balliol Road, Buckland, believed his earlier conviction to have been a ‘miscarriage of justice.’

This time, Judge Linda Sullivan QC handed down an 18-month sentence, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to obey a curfew, wear a tag, and attend 20 days of rehabilitation.

Sarah Dineley, district crown prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said: ‘Jason Packer’s behaviour is simply shocking.

‘He knew very well that possessing extreme pornography and making indecent images of children were crimes.

‘He committed these offences whilst on bail waiting to be sentenced having been convicted of four offences of possessing extreme pornography and 13 offences of making indecent images of children.

‘During his first trial the jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard how far-fetched Jason Packer’s defence was: He claimed that special agents working for a local MP had planted the images on his computer.

‘Of course, this was a tissue of lies. When he was arrested for these new offences, he said he was researching the images for which he had been convicted, completely ignoring the fact that he was subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

How very convenient.

Mr Packer, like Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s friend, convicted paedophile Brian Pead, seems determined to hide behind the claim that he is merely “conducting research” into the horrors of commercial child sexual abuse. Or perhaps he’s following in the august footsteps of (Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s friend) Peter Hofschröer, whose computer was found to contain upwards of 60,000 images of child sexual abuse.

We’ve suggested in the past that Hoaxtead promoters’ seeming fondness for people who commit despicable crimes against children could result from some sort of wilful blindness to their friends’ faults, but lately we’ve begun to suspect that the “whistle-blower”/paedophile connection is more deliberate than that.

Rather like arsonists whose fascination with fire leads them to take jobs as fire-fighters, or murderers who are over-eager to “assist police with their enquiries”, it seems that a natural home for certain paedophiles is in the role of whistle-blower.

As “whistle-blowers” seem to be coming out of the woodwork in droves, we wonder: what better way to attempt to hide one’s own predilections than behind a screen of seemingly noble intent?

And what better way to degrade and tarnish the meaning of the term “whistle-blower” than to indelibly associate it with those who commit crimes against children?

114 thoughts on “‘A worrying paradox’: Paedophiles dressed up as ‘whistle-blowers’

  1. I’ll probably be accused of going into conspiraloon land with this observation, but the MP was Mike Hancock, of all people? You do know Hancock was implicated with the Russian links and all that?

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    • Just to be clear: Mr Packer claimed that Mr Hancock caused the illegal images to be uploaded to his computer because Mr Packer had uploaded the Pascoe report, which was critical of the MP. The Pascoe report, leaked in late 2013, involved claims that Mr Hancock had sexually assaulted a woman who came to him for help.

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      • “the Pascoe report, which was critical of the MP”

        “critical of the MP”

        Bloody hell, that’s the understatement of the century. FFS, mate.

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        • Coyote, you retweeted the following from SaffTweets.

          “Here’s some of the euphemisms they’ve used in the past.
          DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
          MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder)
          Network abuse
          Abuse Rings
          Celebrity Abuse
          Westminster Abuse
          VIP Abuse.
          All of them have a belief in Satanic Abuse at their root.”

          Can you explain? Do you agree with what Safftweets stated above?


          • tdf, I retweet SaffTweets too, I don’t wholly agree with everything they say. But they have really dug into the origins of Satanic Ritual Abuse claims and those who create and promote them, for which I am grateful because the informatiom is sound and I certainly needed to educate myself and am quite sure that many others, like I used to be, are not aware of the whole picture and accept too many of the claims of charlatans who have created an industry based on myths and psycological labels that have done immense harm to CSA Survivors.
            For quite a long time, although I had read some good information, I stopped and it was simply because I noticed Barbara Hewsons name. I object to her because she seems to use the actions of liars to discredit all victims and their demands and fight for justice and redress.
            Recently someone on Twitter was beating me up a bit, because they were assuming that I supported Barbara Hewson, I don’t.

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            • Yes, like you Sheva, I retweet things I think are interesting or thought-provoking. I find SAFF has collected and collated a great deal of very useful information. While I don’t agree with every conclusion they draw, I find tweets like the one you’ve noted are useful as a jumping-off point for discussion.

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          • @tdf – just to be annoying, I’ll jump in… 🙂
            I understand why SAFF said what they said, there.
            I would personally amend the last statement to: All of them CAN have, (and have had, as specific persons like Michael Salter have used them), a belief in Satanic Abuse at their root.
            But I wouldn’t say that the terms Network abuse or Abuse Rings necessarily have a belief in SRA at their root.
            “celebrity abuse”, “westminster abuse” and “vip abuse” I consider nonsensical terminology, even though I might join in using them from time to time, so that others who are using them will understand me.

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          • I think SAFF do an incredible job and are a very valuable source. I also think barrister Barbara Hewson writes common sense that is legally correct. My only beef with her is she seems to be a Libertarian and fan of the awful Milo.

            I find there is a huge problem here politically in the UK.
            The intense and persistent campaign & what is now emerging as falsehoods against so-called “VIP pedo rings” is firmly aimed at Conservative politicians and Labour politicians and police have aided in that hysteria ( sadly the UK police have a long history of going after celebrities or the highly placed).

            Thus I find myself as someone to the left of Jeremy Corbyn (and think he’s a bit of centrist wimp) having had to defend falsely accused Tories who I would have crossed the road to avoid in the past.

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          • Semolina Pilchard, if you look to the right of the blog at the Twitter feed of @HoaxteadR You can see the tweet that tdf is refering to. This is their desciption and link:
            The S.A.F.F. is a not-for-profit organisation inaugurated in 1988 to protect minority religions and alternative beliefs from victimisation and suppression.

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          • @Justin Sanity

            I think that makes sense. I’d certainly be uncomfortable with anyone suggesting that networked abuse or abuse networks do not exist, there are plenty of proven examples.

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      • I don’t know much about this case but googling now.

        Is it true he uploaded the Pascoe report and was the first to do that? Is there evidence he did it?

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    • If I knew, I don’t remember, but that doesn’t undermine the point of the post above and the implications that arise from it, especially that it highlights the Fresh Start Foundation Directors protection and support for yet another voyeur of child abuse.

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      • If I knew, I don’t remember is @tdf referring to the russian link etc. Is it a sin to not know things or include them ? does that then undermine the very serious point made in the post about Justin Packer? and the common purpose of hoaxers to protect child molesters and encourage the sharing en masse of psuedo child porn ?


  2. Whatever about ex mp Hancock, Packer’s claim that the mp was responsible for putting child abuse images on his pc and a number of personal usb sticks wasn’t enough to create reasonable doubt during his trial and during the latter most recent trial his claim to have downloaded child pornography in the interests of researching the previous miscarriage of justice he’d suffered didn’t hold water either.

    tdf, perhaps you are unaware that criminals when defending themselves tell lies or if not will embellish minor truths and claim mitigating circumstances were a major influencing factor – they all want to get away with their crimes or to do the least time possible. It’s the name of the game.

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    • Eliza that’s true but I think EC has done a really good job of pointing out what seems a common phenomenom:
      That the one’s that are shouting the loudest about child abuse that are in the Truther or Alt Media or Freedom Movement, online…..those viralising and getting their massive (some bought),numbers of followers & the real ones often have alot of socks which perform various duties, all designed to undermine the movement towards better child protection and more support for victims of Child Sexual Abuse.
      That so many of them have defended and still do, even after any of their friends are convicted (Brian Gerrish for example, as well as Belinda, Sabine & Angela Power Disney) is for me confirmation of suspicions I’ve had for years.
      I really believe that paedophiles, child molesters, child rapists and those who delight in or make money out of sharing images of children being harmed, tortured or interfered with sexually have set themselves up using their networking channels to employ themselves and others to actively work against people like me and others who naturally are their enemies if we are effective…… I think the verocity of the attack on me is telling and proof of this. Not many could have done what I have here, but without here, this would not now be so obvious and evidenced, nor recognised by so many.
      I think there should be an investigation into this and thanks to this blog there is now enough evidence and connections made and proven for that to be pushed for.
      For that I will always be grateful to Scarlet Scoop for setting up this blog and for El Coyote for keeping such a steady head amongst such a difficult subject amongst people with varying approaches, opinions and beliefs.
      There were times, moreso in the early days when this blog seemed hostile towards survivors, I can remember wincing and cringing and screwing up my face and posting anyway, sometimes,because the information was so good and people were finding things I would never have been able to, produced videos, memes, screenshots, reported things to platforms, police, authorities.
      I didn’t always challenge things and overtime I have found that like mine, others have grown in their knowledge, not least of the real plights faced by us survivors either campaigning or creating change with better perspectives, ideaology and integrity.
      These are just some of the reasons for me recently tweeting quite a few times, that I believe this blog deserves an award.
      To have achieved so much and promise to achieve so much more, to have withstood the attacks, the frustrations of reports being ignored, the relentlessness of the hoaxers to determinedly refuse to give up their ideal poster children to promote their vile co created SRA False Flag, is phenomenal.
      I really appreciate everyones engagement, committment and energy spent on this. No matter how much or little, even the ones that have at times upset me,(I’ve upset people too at times, sometimes by omission or unwittingly as I’m sure has happened for me and others too.
      It has all led to such growth for me in my understanding and I’m sure many would say that from other perspectives than mine, too. I commend you all and myself by the way….. it’s been really difficult at times for me, too. 🙂

      Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Malky and what a calamaT eh Cat ? 🙂

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          • It’s funny how many of us come to the separate idea that at least some people in the ‘twoofer’ movements are quite likely shielding or actively hiding possible pedophiles, and actively trying to discredit anyone exposing them. Ive mentioned before the impression that some are actively trying to discredit anyone who comes forward with claims of CSA, by swamping the media and the internet with so many false claims that people become jaded towards the very idea- a ‘Oh no, not another one of THOSE’ if anyone comes forward with an actual case….

            Is this a concerted and deliberate campaign- imho, yes…

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            • I’m so glad that I came across some real truthers and learned more about those I criticise more bravely now, because there is the evidence and knowledge widely spread amongst groups that I didn’t engage in until because of the reach of the hoaxers, I began to visit sites and channels promoting any of the players. Well said too, Steved.

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          • EC ‘Does this make us conspiracy theorists?’ …… Ironic isn’t it…… Those shouting the loudest about conspiracies that don’t exist or that they’ve twisted are imho really, actually conspiring to pervert the Truth Movement. Look at how they’ve gifted the naysayers, mockers and disbelievers but more importantly, look at how they’ve gifted those who really do want to carryon gaining from whatever crimes or corruption that they really are involved in and certainly could and would pay people to do so, imho.

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      • Wow Sheva…..What an amazing post! Thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness in allowing me your insight.

        I’m a mere citizen with a sense of civic duty but whose experience of living in our world has been quite easy by comparison to those who have a greater sense of justice than me due to being maligned for speaking out and making a proper stand…at the very least I get to vote or express support.

        At one time in my life I reported someone for having paid to download images of …as the links described ‘lolitas’….the Garda Siochana responded immediately, searched the home, printed up the images which had been saved and paid for with the guilty person’s mother’s credit card.

        Re: Packer and this paradox of whistleblowers proving to be guilty of the crimes they rail against so publicly (to what end?) I fall on the side of those who can’t help but be dubious about the motivations of such suspect individuals.

        @ tdf, I’m not sure what lies behind your protestations to the opposite and I don’t appreciate your attempt to elicit an emotional reaction from me by using proven miscarriages of justice regarding innocent men convicted of crimes they could never have been guilty of in the first place…..I’m going to have to think about that. Meanwhile, I know you are using my being an Irish woman and possible nationalist…as in desiring a united Ireland against me.

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        • “This time, Judge Linda Sullivan QC handed down an 18-month sentence, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to obey a curfew, wear a tag, and attend 20 days of rehabilitation.”

          I don’t understand how he got off so lightly, surely his actions deserved an actual prison sentence rather than a suspended sentence?

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    • Eliza, you sound like a rather naive recent law graduate.

      Perhaps you are unaware that there are many falsely convicted sitting in prisons in the UK.

      Let’s not pretend otherwise.


      • Unless, Eliza No Nothing, you believe that the likes of the Birmingham Six, Guildford 4 and Maguire 7 were actually guilty – in which case you would sound like something a lot worse than a recent law graduate!


        • The above were found innocent after extensive campaigns by dedicated researchers and supporters and with expert legal help who were able to show police mendacity and collusion (these coppers never pay a price for perverting the law process) and it took years.
          A bit different to someone getting up and simply making a claim in court without any evidence.

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          • Hear hear!

            Also from what I’ve seen Eliza knows lots (including how to spell ‘know’ I’m guessing) 🙂

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        • For me the key phrase above is:

          “When he was arrested for these new offences, he said he was researching the images for which he had been convicted, completely ignoring the fact that he was subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.”

          He admitted it. He knew he shouldn’t do it, but he did it. I wasn’t in Court and didn’t hear all the evidence but the fact that he breached a Sexual Harm Prevention Order speaks volumes.

          So – even if he was ‘set up’ the first time he certainly wasn’t the second time was he.

          Bottom line. He broke the law.

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          • @Sheva if you mean me, I have already acknowledged in a discussion with Justin Sanity on this very thread that I had not researched the case properly.


        • Cos she thinks then, that any christians will believe her, that any charlatans also using any religious or spiritual mask will help her and that gullible people will forgive her and not challenge her gross abuse and lies.
          When does Angela wake up and realise that she disgusts too many, no matter what they do or don’t believe in.

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    • Scamgela..I love it !
      What a nasty piece of goods she is. Attempting to take the high moral road while falsely accusing all and sundry and especially deliberately trying to keep the Hampstead Hoax alive to the detriment of the innocent residents while all the time claiming she is under attack.

      But she never ever can supply these threats she claims are made.

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    • Blimey, I was just thinking she’d gone quiet all of a sudden, I wonder if and when, (not really) she’ll apologise to Joe……. for creating the illusion that he’d viewed images of child abuse and discussed them with colleagues of his…….. I wonder which particular socks or Opdeatheater trolls are in mirrored ids giving him the illusion that we from here are attacking him ? (no I don’t) ………
      How many times have you all done this particular trick ? I know of alot now and I’m sure there are many I’ve never heard of…………
      It was I that reported Pikes blog because he carries the pictures and identities of the children and like I keep saying and trust me, it is being picked up on by many who are now sitting up and taking notice again of the Hampstead Hoax……….. people that were just ignoring all the shenanigans over these 3 years, because they knew it was a sham and just had not time or energy to give it any attention at all……….
      This puts Pike on the list of POIs suspected of being a child molester himself, enjoying discussing child molestation or sharing images of it or of just making money out of any of it or supporting his agenda or intention.
      You think you have your Ace card up your sleeve………….. just like the guy that this post is about, just like others………. Not gonna work……. thanks to this blog, collating so much evidence that is making it very obvious to so many.
      And that’s another reason for me stating that I think this blog deserves an award…….

      I have the screenshots to prove that it was I and only I as far as I know, I didn’t even post it here, it was me Mr Pike ………….. little old me……….. Baited, hook, line and sinker 🙂

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      • I meant to say; that like I keep saying: Sharing the info about this hoax amounts to psuedo or de facto porn, now obviously a loophole exploited by child molesters and their friends, that he is therefore happy to share de facto or psuedo child porn. (I don’t like the term, but use it because it is more expedient for now with this hoax) So Dr (what?) Anthony Pike needs to explain why, as do you Angela…………. and don’t bother with the usual mantras, they’ve worn far too thin.
        Wix will be getting a challenge about why they are alllowing this as will all other platforms. Because although they at first did the right thing and shut off the site, Anthony Pike got them to re instate it…… I want to know how ?
        I can’t necessarily find that out……. but others can.

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    • Oi Angie..you recall that “late Australian prime minister Bob Hawke” you never cease to mention because his daughter may have inadvertently wandered near you FB page (and has never returned)..here he is alive and well just the other day doing what he does best: winning over the cricket spectators by scoffing a beer. Your “Young Journalist of The Year” award has been revoked for slack presentation of facts.

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    • Angela doesn’t realise that no hacking was required when looking at Albert Pike, just simple Google searches are all that were needed.

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  3. I’m certainly one who says there are good reasons to suspect the motives that are behind the most persistent and relentless fanatics who claim they are “child protection advocates”.
    I will never outright accuse anyone of being a pedophile without proof but I believe those who become such fevered “advocates” should have their private lives examined or at least have psychiatric checks.

    Real campaigners who work in that field are never fanatical like this. They are calm and reasoned and methodical as the subject is too important.

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    • Real campaigners who work in that field are never fanatical like this. They are calm and reasoned and methodical as the subject is too important.

      Very true, GoS. I was fortunate enough a few years ago to work with a well-respected organisation dedicated to ending child trafficking, and their calm, quiet, but effective approach impressed me greatly. They didn’t run about like headless chickens screaming about the problem; they just tackled it, from the roots up. They are still working away, quietly and without fuss or fanfare.

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  4. I’ve googled Albert Pike, so have an overview of what or who he’s alleged to be…but who is his rebel descendant and how were they hacked by hoaxtead?

    Is APD referring to El Coyote’s exposing the content of pms shared between him and Mel Ve where Mel is expressing her disdain for APD and trying to get EC to join with her in launching a negative campaign against Angie?

    Oh well…..it’s kind of hilariously funny to me. Sorry if my finding APD’s oddness great craic happens to cause other readers’ and commenters’ offense but you only get to police the sharing of my thoughts to a very short extent……it’s up to El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop to censure me should they deem it appropriate.

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    • He wasn’t hacked, I reported his website to Wix. They took it down temporarily and reinstated it quite quickly, which needs challenging….. EC has the emails from me that prove that. Unlike Angela I can show evidence when I state things and also I have evidence of the death threats I’ve recieved…..most by her friends.
      Eliza I don’t think anyone here is offended by your comments…….. we are all offended by Angela.
      I am miffed by tdfs snarky comments at you, though.

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  6. @tinribs – you are very kind! Thank you.

    You’ll probably be delighted to know that the first edition of my audio recordings: “Justin Sanity rants on and on and on and on” will be released soon. Should be about 500 pounds UK for the boxed set. Here’s what the ads will be like: (slow start, wait a bit…)

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    • I luv the lady in that recording…in response to some question like: “what makes someone ‘normal’?”, she says: “well, they like their food. and they’re very nice people!” 🙂
      That famous British kitchen-wisdom.

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  7. I apologise for the “Eliza no nothing” slur, that was unwarranted.

    As for whether Mr Packer is innocent or guilty, I have no idea. The certainty that some posters seem to have that he is guilty gives me cause for concern. The fact is, UK police (and Irish police, for that matter) have stitched people up in the past, and there’s no reason, frankly, to believe that they have miraculously cleaned up their act and no longer do so.

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    • But in this case, Packer was already “on police radar” as a downloader of illegal images prior to his “whistleblowing” about the MP. When dozens or even hundreds of illegal image downloaders/traders are logged in a single police operation, there will be a backload of unprocessed cases, because they prioritize active investigations where the downloader has some involvement with children or is a convicted CSA perp.
      If Packer had no children and no priors, he wouldn’t have been moved to the arrest phase right away, but would be “on radar” so to speak.

      Very different circumstances from DEVIN NORRIS – “heroic whistleblower” and child porn pervert!

      who was stupid enough to take his child sexual abuse images laden computer in for repair.

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      • Ah ok. Well, I haven’t researched the case of Packer in detail.

        The latter case you cite reminds me of Gary Glitter (a once popular ‘glam rock’ singer in the UK), who, similarly, was first caught when he took his PC in for repair – so the phrase ‘celebrity abuse’ can’t be entirely redundant, surely?

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        • @tdf – the problem with “celebrity abuse”, is that – grammatically speaking – it says: “abuse of celebrities”, as in “Elder Abuse” meaning abuse of the elderly. There’s nothing wrong with “celebrity abuser” or celebrity child sex crimes perpetrator – a “thing” just as possible and likely as any other such creep. If I gave you any other impression, I apologize for not being clear.

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          • @JS

            Point taken, yes I see what you mean. In a similar vein, ‘CSA campaigner’ carries an similar unfortunate potential alternative meaning. Mind you, as it turns out, some of the ‘CSA campaigners’ are actual child abusers, unfortunately, which brings us back to the original thesis of this thread!

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        • tdf I have always and if you look at the original leaflets for the 1st march & rally for CSA Survivors and their supporters, back ’93…..you will see that I always stated that child molesters/abusers are amongst every class, race, socially, politically and they are. It’s just that unfortunately there are proven liars who would do the unthinkable, for most survivors I know, and try to cheat the system for money, whether that’s via state or private compensation.
          I baulk at some people who are using the scammers to then deny the truth of that.
          The fakers are the ones to blame and they are the ones I am exposing and not without really being sure of my ground, first…… If I’m proven wrong, I am a quick apologiser and do my best to make amends.
          It is because I helped give credence to some of the worst charlatans and liars, like Bill Maloney and Kevin Annett that I am raising my voice now.
          But I do find that people commenting here and certainly the Admins of this blog do work very hard to find evidence and also be very sure before stating things on such serious allegations.
          You’re right, that particular SAFF statement is too all emcompassing, but they are also intending to spark conversation and so far, I have argued points with a few people and we’ve had good interactions and it feels like we are learning and hopefully so are watchers and readers of posts.

          It was hilarious that the minor in the scheme of things especially dealing with such a serious topic, that Cat and Malcolm made so much hay out of ECs mistake but then very quick retraction regading Catrionas surname, I also had really thought she was David Scotts wife, wrongly…… We both amended our statements and apologised……. They will use that to tell their few followers that we can’t be trusted to factcheck….. false comparison like.


          • Sheva, yes I can certainly sympathise as while I don’t consider myself a naïve person, there was a time when I thought that no-one would be evil enough to lie about child abuse. Well, suffice to say, the penny has dropped for me.

            Incidentally, Bill Maloney’s sister (or at least, someone who claims to be Bill Maloney’s sister) has an active Twitter account where she claims that her late husband was abused by Ted Heath.

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      • GADS! A dead link. Here’s the story that was there…

        “RALEIGH – United States Attorney George E.B. Holding announced that in federal court yesterday DEVIN RAY NORRIS, of Raleigh, North Carolina, pled guilty before United States District Judge Terrence W. Boyle to transportation of child pornography, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2252(a)(2).

        A Federal Grand Jury returned a Criminal Indictment on February 17, 2010.

        On December 5, 2008, law enforcement received information from Best Buy in Raleigh that they found child pornography on NORRIS’ desktop computer after he brought it in for repair. After receiving consent from NORRIS to search the computer, forensics analysis revealed that the computer contained 86 videos and over 3,000 pictures of child pornography. Further analysis of Yahoo Messenger chats revealed that NORRIS was attempting to trade child pornography.

        After interviews with NORRIS, he consented to turn over a second computer and several CD’s. Forensic analysis revealed that the computer had previously been “cleaned.” An additional approximately 774 pictures of child pornography were recovered from the CD’s”.

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    • On a lighter note, I see that her surname is spelt ‘McNeill’ in the document but ‘McNeil’ in the link, I guess even highly paid legal professionals make shpelling mishtakes!

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        • I haven’t been following the IICSA closely, but a Twitter account posted it.

          Incidentally, Esther Baker HAS been granted ‘core participant’ status, which some people aren’t too happy about, given her claims of abuse by John Hemming have led to ‘no further action’ by police.

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          • I’m perturbed by her gaining that status….. but I have taken deep breaths and reminded myself that it IS an investigation, the people I’ve watched so far questioning witnesses are by no means fools, in fact they’ve been really sharp imho. Truth will out, I hope…. maybe because of media coverage, it is important, not to sweep her aside, to be accused of a coverup ?
            I admit I’m an optimistic idealist, god knows why, given the various downfalls of mine and the cost of doing what I’ve done, so far………..
            I have had low times, of course…… only natural and the normal response………..but my nature and a gift I was born with is a never say die……approach and still the ability to see the best in things and people mostly.
            For me to be negative or critical about people and to be really hard about doing it, is not natural for me, it’s uncomfortable but I’ve had to really put on my big girl pants and keep getting up and standing strong.
            I am hoping to be able to engage moreso with IICSA later on.
            Had I not been so unwell, I’d have been there by now.
            Did anyone else know that Sabine had applied for core status, here ?
            Obviously those in her circle would have……….I still cannot believe she thought that would be an option, can you imagine her screeching at them like she did in that Europe meeting ?
            I am really glad that I got enough information on my blog about Sabine to alert the inquiry organisors about her, because she had the blog with the misleading title ………I felt it necessary…
            I’m already getting more heat from some of the twitterati heavymobsters, but I knew that I would given my actions recently……… I don’t know how to spell big fat rasberries at em…… 🙂


          • Sheva I certainly didn’t know Sabine had applied for that status, but as I say I haven’t been following the IICSA closely. This current strand is the ‘Westminster’ strand. Hilariously, she tried to apply even though, by her own admission (according to the notice from the inquiry) she had no direct information regarding alleged abuse by politicians.

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          • @TinRib, I don’t know anything about Google drives, as I said above, I haven’t been following the IICSA closely, but I noticed the link when a Twitter account posted it.

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  8. @tdf – right you are! People like Sheva are properly anti-CSA campaigners.

    But the proliferation of improper “X-abuse”, “Y-abuse”, etc., terminology is more seriously problematic, because it is exploited by person’s who want people to perceive some QUALITATIVE difference between child sexual abuse perpetrated by football coaches, or by parents, (for examples) and child sexual abuse perpetrated by MPs, or “satanists”, or TV-radio celebrities – which just doesn’t exist!

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