Explosive new info about Belinda’s Knight Foundation

We were reminiscing about the old days one afternoon at HR Central, and someone was musing about Belinda’s now-defunct (and all traces erased) Knight Foundation. You remember, that was the “Foundation” which wasn’t really a charity, but which Belinda promised would “act like a charity”…and which sounded very much like a lot of real charities out there. Only it was a registered company, with all donations going…somewhere.

“And what was with that fellow she named it for, CCX Knight? He didn’t stick around long, did he?”

“Who was he, does anybody know?”

At this point the Office Tapir, whose task it is to keep track of this sort of thing, silently but efficiently (as is his wont) pushed a dossier across the desk. Knight Foundation 2018-06-25

So it seems that wealthy American businessman Christopher C. X. Knight’s story was that he met Belinda, as so many unfortunate and desperate parents have done, on one of her “Empowerment Monday” vigils outside the Royal Courts of Justice. While she was unable to help him keep his daughter from going to Ukraine with her mother and grandparents, C.C.X. Knight decided to stick with Belinda and start a charity, having pledged himself to a life of service to society.

Very inspiring, we’re sure you’ll agree. CCX Knight + Belinda + Sabine 2018-06-25Again from the old Knight Foundation site, we find Christopher Charles Xavier Knight, Belinda McKenzie, and Sabine McNeill: the three founding officers of the Knight Foundation.

A man of many identities

According to Companies House, while CCX Knight was a founding officer of the Knight Foundation, he didn’t stick around long. On the company’s page, Xavier Knight was appointed as a Director on 17 March 2014 and resigned 14 May 2014; his appointment as Secretary lasted a few months longer, from 17 March to his resignation on 19 November 2014.

Oddly, though Belinda described Xavier Knight as a telecoms businessman, we were initially unable to find any information about his previous career.


However, when we looked at Companies House listings for Christopher Knight, we found that he was associated with a company called COMSOFT Ltd, a telecoms company which was removed by compulsory strike-off on 14 August 2012.

Of note on that company’s page is that it lists two Christopher Knights: the common-or-garden version, who lists his nationality as British and his date of birth as March 1978; and the upgraded version, Dr Christopher Knight, who lists his nationality as American and his date of birth as March 1973. We guess he needed the extra five years to earn that “Dr” title.

Oddly, in its last year before the company was listed for compulsory strike-off, it listed its capital as totalling £100,000. Also of note: two women with Eastern European names were appointed company secretary, one after the other: Yuliya Osudina (from October 2010 until January 2011) and Lana Petrenko (from January 2011 until the company dissolved in August 2012.

Knight Communications

The British, born-in-1978 Christopher Knight was also a director of “Knight Communications Limited“.

Like COMSOFT, Knight Communications was dissolved by compulsory strike-off in 2014, only a year after reporting £101,000 in capital; and also like COMSOFT, Knight Communications shows Yuliya Osudina was Secretary from October 2010 until January 2011, when she resigned and her position was assumed by Lana Petrenko, who stayed until January 2012.

Time is on Your Side

The 1978 British Christopher Knight was also a director of “Time is On Your Side Ltd.“, a dormant company previously known as “Business Risk Ltd”. Would it shock you to learn that it was dissolved by compulsory strike-off in 2014?

This time round, while neither Lana nor Yuliya was involved, we were startled to note that Belinda McKenzie’s former cameraman, Igor Proskurov, was appointed Secretary to the company in February 2012, resigning in October of that year.

Perhaps even more startling was another director, John Dunn Laird, of Belfast. Yes, that John Dunn Laird. Lord Laird, formerly with the Ulster Unionist Party, now non-affiliated following a bit of a cock-up in 2013, when he allegedly offered to lobby for a firm against Parliamentary rules.

The Belfast Giants scandal

If you’ve been scrolling through all that Companies House palaver hoping to get to the juicy stuff, here’s where it begins.

In January 2013, news broke that a 70% share in the Belfast Giants hockey team had been sold to a young American businessman:

There have been no ‘under new management’ banners at the Odyssey Arena, or an official announcement from the Giants that a takeover has happened, but the Belfast Telegraph can reveal that Jim Gillespie has sold his stake in the club and that it is now owned by Chris Knight.

The 34-year-old American has made his fortune in the telecommunications industry and he is pumping a large part of the money that he has earned into the Giants with the intention of making the club the envy of their rivals.

Knight’s work with the Giants has gone on under the radar, until now. A formal announcement is expected soon though and it may come before Friday night’s clash with the Dundee Stars at the Odyssey.

What will then be fully revealed is that Knight, who is chief executive of Knight Communications, now owns 70% of the Giants. John Laird, better known in Northern Ireland as Lord Laird, is also part of the new ownership structure, with a minority shareholding. …

Although the main part of his business is based in the United States — New York to be specific — Knight himself spends most of his time in London, although of late he has been a regular visitor to Belfast.

This was big news for Belfast hockey fans. However, it wasn’t long before the bloom was off the rose: in February, the players had revolted against the buy-out:

The owner of Belfast Giants has been dramatically frozen out amid a bitter fall out with his players and staff.

Players from the Giants have signed for a new company that intends to use the same name and play at the same venue – the Odyssey Arena in the east of the city – but under a different management regime.

US investor Christopher Knight had bought the controlling shares in the Giants from long-term owner Jim Gillespie last November in a deal reputedly worth £145,000. But his reign hit the rocks after just two months when the company that operates the arena – the Odyssey Trust – moved against Mr Knight after claiming “major issues” came to its attention.


What sort of “major issues”? you ask. This sort, according to the BBC:

The Ulster Unionist peer Lord Laird was a paid advisor to a registered sex offender in Florida and hosted meetings for him at the House of Lords as part of a takeover of the Belfast Giants ice hockey team.

Lord Laird has defended his dealings with Christopher Knight.

He said he first learned about his past about 18 months ago.

When the Belfast Giants and the company that runs the Odyssey Arena found out, they scuppered the deal.

Lord Laird said he cannot understand what the problem is.

American Christopher Knight first met the Belfast Giants in autumn 2012.

Initially, Mr Knight, who has a background in the telecommunications industry, had sought to sponsor the team before then offering to buy owner Jim Gillespie’s 90% shareholding.

Within less than four weeks of negotiations, Mr Gillespie had sold.

But some at the Giants were curious about Mr Knight’s financial background and that led to the team’s general manager, Todd Kelman, making a discovery based on Mr Knight having different dates of birth on company documents.

“He was using the same name with different birth dates,” said Mr Kelman.

Gosh, the same name with different birth dates? Where have we heard this before?

As to how they worked out that Christopher Knight was a registered sex offender, it turns out that wasn’t terribly difficult: it’s all right here, on this link from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Christopher Knight sex offender 2018-06-25

According to the Sex Offenders’ Register, Christopher Charles Knight, now living in the UK, was charged in 2003 with “lewd/lascivious battery, sex with victim 12-15 years old”. Christopher Knight-charges 2018-06-25

He pleaded “no contest” and was given five years’ sex offenders probation, with his name placed on the sex offenders’ registry for 20 years.

The BBC also reported,

Mr Knight’s response to subsequent inquiries has been to insist he was put on the list inappropriately.

However, the BBC has spoken to James Weick Jr, the attorney who prosecuted for the State of Florida in the case against Knight and who confirmed no error.

“The only way you are put on the Sex Offender Registry is if you have pleaded to a crime. In Mr Knight’s situation, since he received five year’s sex offender probation, he is automatically put on the registry, whether he was convicted of the crime by getting an adjudication of guilt or after a withhold of adjudication.

“He is on that sex offender register ‘correctly’, for want of a better word. There is no mistake about that.”

Mr Weick added that the only way to have one’s name removed from the registry is to complete 20 years from the time of conviction, or to go through the Court of Appeals to have the plea vacated and start the court process over.

While no one involved in the hockey team buy-out knew of Christopher Knight’s record before this time, it seems that his business colleague Lord Laird had known all about it from the outset. At first he claimed that it really wasn’t that big a deal:

“That’s not my issue – ok? He is very upfront into what happened to him in Florida and that seemed perfectly reasonable to me that he should go around telling people about it.

“In Northern Ireland, society requires me to work with people who have terrorist convictions and who are now in government. So we’re worried about some minor misdemeanour in Florida? I just can’t get around in my mind what the problem is.”

Lord Laird also believed his association with Mr Knight could have benefited Northern Ireland because Mr Knight had talked of creating a telecommunications business employing 1,500 people.

A few days later, though, he publicly retracted his statement:

I’m sorry about this, it has become quite clear to me that what I was using was incorrect language in the heat of an interview,” he said.

“I probably have given offence to a lot of people and I do apologise. I have no-one else to blame other than myself.

“I was doing my best to bring inward investment into Northern Ireland and that’s just the facts of life – I got it wrong and I acknowledge that.

“I don’t know what will happen with the jobs now, I suspect they will not come to Northern Ireland, but it is a great pity.

“I bear responsibility for an incorrect choice of words.”

Ya think?

Back to Belinda

Given all the information we’ve begun to unearth about Christopher C.X. Knight, we would begin to question Belinda’s “origin story” about the Knight Foundation.

Given that Belinda and Igor Proskurov were associates long prior to the founding of the Knight Foundation, and that Christopher Knight and Igor Proskurov had been business associates for some time, we wonder whether the introduction was facilitated by Igor?

We would also question whether Christopher Knight’s conviction as a sex offender might have in any way influenced the court case in which his daughter was allowed to be taken by her mother and grandparents to Ukraine. We have been unable to find the judgment for that case, but we’ll keep looking.

However, in the event that Belinda knew that Christopher Knight was a convicted sex offender, it does seem very peculiar to start a “foundation” with him, particularly one which was supposed to involve combatting child sexual abuse.

There is much more to say about this, and more digging to do, but suffice to say, this new information casts the “Knight Foundation” in a very different light indeed.

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      • Amazing stuff. My old UK pal who has retired to Melbourne and was a PI reckons your forensic investigations are top notch.

        All these odd companies opening and closing with seemingly suspect characters involved: I think I’ll forward all this info to another dear friend, one Sir John Patterson, an associate of the former brilliant RAF officer whistle-blower (Catering Corp- in his case “whistle-blower” refers to his method of blowing a whistle announcing “dinner is ready”) Gordon Bowden and his partner John Setchfield who are about to explode the vast financial scandal known as ” 788 – 790 Finchley Road”. My guess is the Knights Foundation etc are GCHQ fronts as everyone knows Belinda McKenzie is a cross-dressing MI5 operative (has anyone ever seen the “late” Patrick Cullinane & Bellend in the same room?)
        Speaking of sex offenders, there is remarkable similarity between John Setchfield and the late BBC character Sir Jimmy Savile. Does anyone know if perchance they are related?

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        • I always used to joke that no one would ever walk into a barbers with a photo of Jimmy Savile and say “Make me look like this please.” Clearly I was wrong.

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    • Lord Laird is correct in some ways. Anyone who has done their “sentence” is really entitled to participate again in society. But given the endless scandals in the UK re child abuse it’s inconceivable that Belinda McKenzie would associate a convicted felon with her supposed entity that would be dealing with the law. While a person convicted of crime may be able to make a positive contribution to such a set-up, this guy surely wouldn’t have a clue about British law (but then again neither does Bellend).

      It’s just more evidence of the very dodgy characters she surrounds herself with. Has she ever participated in a successful venture?

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  1. 2014 was about the time the Musa parents were at court.

    Serious concerns here. A Dr CCX Knight appears to have set up a US charity/non profit called Bella Vista International.


    I haven’t visited the website bellavista.org but on a search there is an image of a man who bears more than a passing resemblance to our UK Dr Knight. He is holding a baby.

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    • The “bellavista.ngo” website is as dodgy as three weasels driving dodgem cars, and my browser advised against visiting it (which may be why YT hasn’t linked to it directly). Suffice to say that the charity is raising funds to build a Teaching Hospital in Bulgaria, where the image of the hospital is pirated from elsewhere.

      The domain-registration records inform us that a Mr / Dr CCX Knight is involved with a wide range of business activities… the BVIF; various plastic-surgery chopshops using the same address; websites with a Shepherds Market (Mayfair) address; even “143Bella”, which is an affiliate of “Bellavista”, but offers to supply cutprice designer clothes and accoutrements.

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    • Bella Vista registration:

      Registrant Name: CCX Knight
      Registrant Organization: Bella Vista International Foundation
      Registrant Street: 8 Shepherd Market
      Registrant Street: Suite 350
      Registrant Street:
      Registrant City: London
      Registrant State/Province:
      Registrant Postal Code: W1J 7JY
      Registrant Country: GB
      Registrant Phone: +44.7711564448
      Registrant Phone Ext:
      Registrant Fax:
      Registrant Fax Ext:
      Registrant Email: CCXKnight@gmail.com

      Now there’s a familiar address…

      KNIGHT, Xavier
      Correspondence address
      8 Shepherd Market, London, London, United Kingdom, W1J 7JY

      I’m going out on a limb to speculate that it is indeed the same Mr / Dr CCX Knight.

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      • 8 Shepherd Market is used as a postal address for a lot of businesses.
        W1J 7JY is a large user postcode in City of Westminster. It was first introduced in April 2003.

        ‘Large User’ postcodes are allocated to organisations which receive large amounts of post. Unlike standard geographic postcodes, which cover up to 80 addresses, a large user postcode is unique to a single address.

        To the best of our knowledge, the current address of this postcode is:
        Mail Boxes Etc, 8 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7JY.


        • True, that. But the specific mail-box “Suite 350, 8 Shepherd Market” is used exclusively by (1) the Knight Foundation a.k.a. Knights & Angels Foundation, and its directors; and (2) to register websites in the name of CCX Knight. Among them, BVIF.us, and “www.yasenautos.com” (don’t ask).

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  2. Well, well, well…the more you find out about Belinda’s connections, the more unsettling it all becomes.
    Excellent post and research.

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  3. Damn EC, you have blown me away with this post. Amazing piece of detective work and research. You have exceeded yourself. Yet another known sex offender that Belinda is connected with.

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    • How many more nails need driving into this particular coffin ? No doubt the opposition will be saying that it’s all a conspiracy. What is it with Belinda and scum? It’s like some unavoidable magnetism.

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  4. two women with Eastern European names were appointed company secretary, one after the other: Yuliya Osudina (from October 2010 until January 2011) and Lana Petrenko (from January 2011 until the company dissolved in August 2012.

    Yuliva is Ukrainian, from Kiev.

    The 34-year-old American has made his fortune in the telecommunications industry
    The only evidence that Mr Knight has lots of money seems to be the word of Mr Chris Xavier Knight (or whatever his name was, before he changed it). His only known businesses operate out of anonymous mail-forwarding services in Harley Street and such, of the kind preferred by money launderers and similar dodgy organisations.

    Just saying, if he has been beaten up repeatedly by Ukrainian gangsters and fears for his life if he visits Ukraine, there are probably reasons for this other than the residence there of his ex-partner and daughter.

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    • Yes I’m getting a feeling that Xavier Knight may not be the cashed up “investor” that people wish he was. Especially Lord Laird who seems to be the epitome of Irish eccentricity. Knight’s reputed history of making a fortune from a “telecommunications business” sounds decidedly dodgy and while people may use an “accommodation address” for mail for legitimate reasons, in this case it reeks of a, dare I say it, con man?
      Is this a case of one grifter conning another grifter?. I’ve seen this before. Sometimes con artists are the easiest to con.
      # Recall one “ex-MI5 informant” Andrea Davidson ran a mail forwarding business which enabled her to pilfer envelopes containing credit cards.

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  5. US investor Christopher Knight had bought the controlling shares in the Giants from long-term owner Jim Gillespie last November in a deal reputedly worth £145,000.

    That’s serious money there.

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  6. I believe there is more to this Knight malarky. Before the Knight foundation website popped up as described above there was a previous version. I think it was American based.

    It appeared to be linked to the Mckenzies as they were then and promised access to files/information regarding Family Court cases for a fee. There were different levels of subscription, the higher the fee the more information you got.

    The above may be wrong, if so, just call me a truther, I’m sure it will be fine.

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    • So if one was a McKenzie Friend, with access to sensitive documents from the family court cases, would it be possible to sell on information outside the jurisdiction of the UK courts?

      I am merely speculating and not talking about specific; but one could imagine that an immoral and unscrupulous person might take on lots of cases as a “legal adviser”, even though they knew that they were hopeless, purely in order to have access to documents and other material related to cases of sexual abuse. They might make a business of selling such information to others either for purposes of blackmail or for depraved “entertainment”. This is of course purely theoretical, but it would be very interesting to see any evidence that such a thing might have been occurring.

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      • I am just amazed at what these people have got away with, can you imagine the skullduggery before we could research things on the internet.

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      • I know of one SRA promoting psychologist, someone who works in the NHS, who has worked extensively with traumatised asylum seekers and refugees from war torn countries. This person has worked as a clinical psychologist and as an expert witness in cases involving asylum seekers. I’m thinking of Rachel Thomas the current director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies.

        Given the connections that the satan hunters have to paramilitary groups and Rachel Thomas’s connections to Sinason, the Clinic for Dissociative Studies and the depressing regularity with which Sinason et al use false memories to accuse innocent people of crimes the situation is extremely concerning and possibly a threat to national security.

        No batshit crazy conspiratard should have access to extremely vulnerable people who have suffered trauma and possibly torture and other horrors associated with war.

        Apart from that there are firms of dodgy human rights lawyers and child abuse lawyers that have created a huge industry in which they reap significant financial rewards from making false accusations of incest, historic CSA and SRA against completely innocent people and also, as happened in Iraq, making false allegations against British troops.

        The current situation is outrageous and a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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  7. Great research everyone, horrifying but unsurprising.
    Unfortunately this is just one of many, many disgusting associations between the satan hunters and sexual predators, child abusers and the the like

    Another connection, it has to be said, is the Russian connection.

    Credible news site have written about the Pizzagate – Kremlin connection

    I have posted about the Russian Orthodox Church claiming that the murders of the Imperial Russian family was a ritual murder committed by Jews.

    And now we have this connection, a video on Igor Proskurov’s youtube channel

    one of a number of videos featuring a man called Graham Phillips, who, according to the below link, is, er, kind of interesting. It claims:

    “Infamous British blogger Graham Phillips, who has concocted numerous pro-Kremlin reports for Russian propaganda media outlets — particularly for RT and Russia’s military outlet Zvezda — in eastern Ukraine, has been awarded a medal in the city of Chekhov near Moscow by Russia’s Border Guard, a branch of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, main successor to the KGB)

    The award was presented by a former KGB Border Guard soldier and Afghan veteran Pavel Hlyupin, who has various business interests in pro-Kremlin media, and is a publicly elected official of Chekhov. He has also been accused of making illegal border crossings from Russia into East Ukraine and assisting Russian-backed forces fighting the Ukrainian government.

    Phillips being rewarded for producing Pro-Kremlin propaganda by a branch of Russia’s FSB, much of which has lately been for a media arm of Russia’s military, Zvezda — is clearly significant, especially since Russia’s MoD has publicly announced recently that Russian media are regarded as military assets, and its reporters are ‘weaponized’.”

    more via this link


    Also appearing in the above video is a man called Patrick Lancaster

    Very interesting BBC news item including info on Phillips and Lancaster here

    What can it all mean?


    If you’re already on this and are planning to blog about it later just don’t post my comment 🙂

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    • Bear in mind that grifting is very much a gig economy. If you’re a grifter then yes, you wlll accept laundered roubles in return for promoting the narrative that “Ukrainians all want to be in Russia and any pro-Western government must be illegitimate”: and you will also make videotapes for some con-woman with a scam about “protecting children from Satanists”; and you will also work with any other scams that are going. But that does not indicate that the Satanist-menace conspiratards are themselves being paid by Putin.

      It is certainly possible that the Satanist-menace conspiratards hope to be paid by Putin, but that’s another matter.

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      • Like Sam Gerrans you mean?

        He posted this which was published in RT

        Let’s take the case of the Hampstead school in London where the claim was that children had been abused systematically at the hands of a Satanic cult. After mainstream media fell into line with the establishment’s pronouncements and denied any existence of wrongdoing, the fact that these children’s testimonies are can be viewed on YouTube has meant that this topic has not gone away. YouTube means we can simply watch the children speaking for themselves. Most of us have children. We can judge as well as anyone when a child is making something up and when he is telling the truth no matter what those who claim to be authorities would have us believe.

        Whereas prior to the Internet the pronouncements of the authorities in the Hampstead case would simply have become the accepted version, this is now not the case, and the question remains for many unanswered.”


        To give RT some credit they include this proviso at the bottom of the page

        “The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.”

        Also to be fair to RT lots of reputable and not so reputable British news sites publish bullshit about “body memories”, DID/MPD and SRA

        However they did publish Gerrans’s invitation for their readers to view illegal footage of the 2 Hampstead children who had horribly abused – not by satanists by by their mother and her disgusting boyfriend. IF RT really cared about the welfare of the children why do they publish this nonsense and by doing so perpetuate the abuse?

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        • He goes off into flat Earthery towards the end. I have often wondered if the movement is being sponsored by Russia in order to dumb down the populations of the free world.

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    • Just trying to look at this on a computer without speakers. According to closed captions he is saying at 0.54 “Don’t you ride boobs and I think we’re applause”. I’m assuming that isn’t right.


  8. Paed, Hofschrauer, Green, Quaintance, Knight…

    Christ, how many more convicted criminals/child abusers does Belinda have close associations with? 😮

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    • It’s not just paedophiles and child abusers, although there are plenty of them.
      It is paramilitary organisations.
      There’s the MEK for a start, then there’s Bellender’s association with Igor Proskurov, whose youtube channel is chock full of videos of Graham Phillips, someone who has, according to the BBC and other sources, used crowdfunding platforms to raise funds for paramilitary activities in the Ukraine.

      Bellender is increasingly coming across as a Melita Norwood style character.

      I was recently speaking to a friend from a former communist country about the level of state surveillance there, even post communism.

      She laughed and told me that the people you always had to watch out for and still do were not, contrary to popular belief, shifty looking men in trench coats and sunglasses. No, the people who are going to spy on you, eavesdrop and take great pride in reporting anything suspicious to the authorities are little old ladies. According to her it is no secret that the state has always secured the services of little old ladies as spies and agents as they get to hear all the gossip and, with lots of free time on their hands can devote their lives to collecting data. They appear, to those not in the know, to be unthreatening and incapable of doing much, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      As someone who fairly recently moved to a place with a high population of angry, conspiracy theory prone, patriotic, xenophobic little old ladies I can totally understand how this works.

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  9. Just took a look at some of the companies that Mr Knight is involved in a and I noticed something extremely interesting.

    Most, not all, of these companies are dissolved






    https://companycheck.co.uk/company/01110590/COFRA-GB-LIMITED/companies-house-data (active)




    There are several names that keep popping up on the lists of directors, but one name is very interesting, at least 3 directors with the same unusual surname that I was sure I had read about before keep popping up

    That name is Brenninkmeyer

    You can read all about the family concerned and their various businesses here


    • The article in the Telegraph is a few years old.

      According to Wikipedia the family’s assets exceed 30 billion euros

      I do not know why someone like Mr Knight would appear as a director or secretary in so many companies that include such insanely wealthy people as directors.

      He certainly keeps company with some extremely powerful people. I suppose it is possible that they do not know that he is a sex offender.

      I really do not know what to make of the situation other than to suggest that it certainly puts a certain slant on Belinda’s alleged struggles against the “powers that be”.

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    • Those directorships stretch back over 25 years. I am not convinced that Mr CC Knight is the same person as CCX Knight.


      • You’re right Smut Clyde, might be a different person, although it is possibly the same person.

        The “Xavier” element of the name is not mentioned in the Florida Police mugshot name which is simply Christopher Charles Knight, nor is it mentioned in the aliases in the mugshot profile.

        The X seems to be an alias he created especially for the Knight Foundation, now morphed into the Knights and Angles Foundation.

        In the Companies House website he is listed simply as Xavier Knight

        The DOB in the mugshot is listed as 1973 so it feasibly could be the same person but I think it needs further evidence to be proven to be the same person.

        On a tangent, while I was looking around the Companies House website I had a look at Lord Laird’s companies and I noticed with interest that he had at one time been a director of the Public Relations giant Edelman Associates.

        Edelman was one of the pioneers of the highly dubious practice of “astroturfing” (corporations or state actors creating fake grass roots organisations for the purposes of the manipulation of consent / social engineering / PR) as described in this fascinating article from the New Yorker



  10. Update on Becki Percy case.

    Arachnae Project is officially up and running today, first case is the Becki Percy allegations to investigate. We have a domain registered and a website hosting, with site being developed: https://www.arachnaeproject.com Arachnae will deal with one case at a time to give each case our maximum focus.

    There has been a major public bustup between Catherine (2nd “mum”) and Becki Percy. Apparently Becki has got Catherine into financial problems, is not providing essential documention about a blog, which impacts Catherine and her family in some serious way.

    Ajax has contacted by e-mail the teacher that Becki Percy disclosed to in Hull. A response is awaited, however the goal is to make this teacher aware of what Percy is saying, and paving the way to link teacher up with police investigation.

    More former friends of Becki Percy have been contacted on Facebook. The pattern is common that these friends are confused and shocked by the claims of Percy of mass murder of children in Hull.

    Arachnae and my official policy is not to knowingly contact the real family of Becki Percy.

    I am looking at the legality of Becki Percy running her candle business as an asylum seeker in the USA.

    I am looking at a possible alternative pathway to force Becki Percy to disclose to law enforcement, perhaps through FBI or local police in Pottsboro. Initial work has to be done to “introduce” Becki and her allegations to FBI and local law enforcement, then link them all up with Hull police.

    Our next action (Ajax) is to contact social services in Hull about Becki and her allegations, makes sense as there are claims of children being harmed.

    The decision of Immigration in the USA is to deport Becki Percy back to the UK. Becki Percy is appealing through the California section of the Ninth Circuit Appeals divisional courts against deportation, her last chance to oppose deportation. California was the point of entry into the USA by Becki Percy, so she will have to travel for that hearing. I am monitoring court listings.

    Becki Percy is starting to take damage to her integrity by refusing to work with law enforcement to investigate her allegations. Becki is hiding behind religion, she is successfully playing the Christian Fundies to her own designs. Becki in my opinion is a psychopath who will use everyone and anyone for her own goals, without any empathy or concern for outcomes.

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