An intricate network of fraudsters

Well, we started out yesterday thinking that we would write about the ongoing money-making charade that that is the International Tribunal on Natural Justice, but as sometimes happens, we got completely sidetracked by a comment from one of our readers:

Sheva re Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf 2018-04-18

Here’s the tag Sheva’s talking about: Sacha Stone-Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf 2018-04-18

It was the mention of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf that did it: we knew we’d seen that name recently, but where…?

Then we remembered: Tucci-Jarraf is a prominent U.S.-based freeman on the land/SovCit type, who was recently tried and found guilty of money laundering.

She had posted a video which purported to tell viewers how they could access a “secret savings account” by taking money from the Federal Reserve, according to the Daily Beast. In mid-July, she went to Knoxville, Tennessee to assist Randall Keith Beane, who had attempted to purchase a fully-loaded recreational vehicle (price: just under $500,000 US) with certificates of deposit he had “purchased” using the FRB / SSN tactic. Both Beane and Tucci-Jarraf were eventually arrested.

Tucci-Jarraf is currently in prison, awaiting sentencing of up to 20 years, while Beane could get up to 30. And we assume he had to give back the recreational vehicle.

One People’s Public Trust

Looking further into Tucci-Jarraf’s background, we find she was the founder of a FOTL/New Age group called “One People’s Public Trust”—doesn’t that sound, well, trustworthy?

According to RationalWiki,

The OPPT believes that it terminated and foreclosed all governments in the world, leaving its belief system and leadership as the sole legitimate legal authority. It then terminated itself in approximately April of 2013. It then continued on in a different form, although it kept many of the key people and ideas. The One People Community was then formed in Aouchtam, Morocco. It has since fallen apart, although some individuals associated with the Community continue to live in Morocco.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold the phone. Did you say “Aouchtam, Morocco”?

Isn’t that where Naima Dawn Feagin, aka Hope Girl, set up one of her “compounds” in which to pretend to build and test the fraudulent Quantum Energy Generator, back in the spring/summer of 2014?

Indeed it was! In fact, we have this lovely group photo of some members of the One People Community, in all their FOTL/New Age glory. Have a look—we’re sure you’ll see some familiar faces:One People group at Aouchtam 2018-04-18OPC Aouchtam 2018-04-18 2

OPC Aouchtam 2018-04-18 3

Your eyes do not deceive you. That would be Ray Savage in the yellow shirt.

OPC Aouchtam 2018-04-18 4

And as it turns out, Tucci-Jarraf had a few friends helping her to promote her wacky ideas, even after the original Aouchtam community disintegrated and dispersed.Mel Ve interview with One Network

If you feel like listening to nearly two hours of people explaining why their social experiment failed but the OPPT IS TOTALLY REAL AND NOT A FRAUD AT ALL, you can watch the whole thing here:

And here’s Mel Ve’s commentary:

Following on from an interesting 2 years which started with the UCC filings and the One People’s Public Trust, also known as the OPPT, so much has happened to the people who took up the gauntlet and traveled around the world to inspire a generation of freedom seekers, by educating them as to what they are, their true value, and seeking a tangible way for us to gain our freedom in this present reality.

I was honoured by the opportunity to catch up with Lisa M Harrison, Brian Kelly and Dee, to get a clear picture as to the facts regarding their journey, their time in Morocco spent with Heather Tucci, and their understanding of the truth with regards to the entire OPPT journey. It is also great to get to know the further extended members of The One Network, being Mel B, who also spent time with the crew in Morocco.

I have been very close to this story personally, being close to Lisa, sharing mutually appreciating interviews and having interviewed Heather Tucci and Dee, and having worked with Brian Kelly on the OPAL (One People Absent Limits) Tour.

Furthermore, the OPPT filings was followed on by the introduction of Swissindo to the global picture, and if anybody has been following my personal journey, you will know that I have been a delegates of Swissindo since June 2013, and currently hold the position as Head of Media within the God Sky Earth Project.

Freedom Central travelled to Indonesia in June 2014 to meet Mr. Soegihartononotonegoro, the King of Kings, who had bequeathed 6 million to every person on earth, following on from the “system being foreclosed” as stated by Heather Tucci based on the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust.

It is great to get a clearer picture from those at the heart of this story, who spent time getting close to Heather, and who got to see the truth for what it is. Hopefully this will give some closure on this chapter of the story, as the circles of light who have overcome this cosmic gauntlet, have pulled together to begin an amazing new journey.

We look forward to 2015 and encourage people to keep an eye on The One Network, because they are a strong team, and we are honoured to be able to work with them, as they have much in store for the media consuming truth seeker and believers of a better world.

Peace Love Unity Respect

Mel Ve

To bring it all back full circle, we have Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone promoting the fraudulent OPPT on The One Network:Sacha Stone and Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf 2018-04-18Is your head spinning yet? Or are we the only ones whose minds are well and truly boggled by the intricate network of conspiranoids, FOTL woo-believers, fraudsters, and enablers?

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  1. It’s phonies like this that killed off the New Age movement that began as a gentle new way to negotiate a way through life. And scam artists like this are always the “more holy than thou” exponents. Not unlike how Manson destroyed the Hippy movement.
    Isn’t Tucci-Jarraf awaiting sentencing for her latest scam? Judges are pretty heavy in the US when dishing out jail sentences for fraud.
    Honestly Morocco should look at at booting out this motley collection of frauds. Doesn’t look to hot for them hosting a bunch of grifters.

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  2. As usual, Quatloos has been watching these people, lots of info here (64 page thread)

    If you like court transcripts, here is a link to Pacer, and a smile inducing result
    She wanted to extend the trial date a second time for a new trial and aquittal, nope aint happening

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      • Great stuff. As you say, lots of amusement like this exchange. She’s not putting one over this judge:
        THE DEFENDANT: Okay. I am — I’m here as myself.

        THE COURT: I didn’t ask that question.

        THE DEFENDANT: No, I know. You’re asking if I’m representing myself.

        THE COURT: We’re all here as ourself.

        THE DEFENDANT: I’m not representing myself. I’m here as myself. I am myself. And I will —

        THE COURT: I think I am myself too.

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        • We really have a bunch of downright scam artists ..and then we have their victims. The internet has been a revelation & shown us that there are far too many people out there who are just not in touch with reality & and are willing to believe anything.
          It amazes me that the AFP (Aust. Federal Police) issues press releases every year stating 10,000s of Aussies are falling for internet scams and losing $1OOMs every year.
          Mind you now have one in the White House of whom the ex-NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg ( a real billionaire) said “I’m a New Yorker, and New Yorkers know a con when we see one!”. No wonder Heather Tucci thought she might get a meeting with him.
          It’s just bizarre how these people survive in society like this one in the discussion about busting Tucci out of jail. They really do think it’s that simple and somehow the world is on the verge of awakening to the world crafted by HopeGirl and her ‘free energy” and Sacha Stone (those bloody beads he wears !). Let alone Neelu !

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    • Doazic who ended up on their ridiculous Hoaxtead Exposed Blog along with me and EC and alot of commentators here, because….. he’s covered Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf and some other FMOTL types familiar to us, also identified by Badda Ification as rocking up at Anti CSA Events and finding paedos amongst them as well as scams,……. So recently Chris Wittwer has called him a paedo and all his followers are joining in………. Chrissy Morris of Beat the Bailiffs, is in Court tomorrow, appealling his conviction for having been found with images of child abuse………I think he was at the Hampstead event 22nd March, 2015, but definitely others linked to him were……..
      I have watched alot of this unfold before my eyes at time and wept……. it’s why I appreciate this blog and all involved so much…..
      There’s gotta be a reason for the amount of hatred, scorn etc thrown at me,
      MKDs too …. It’s why I call them the Mighty MKDs, who have also been watching and revealling characters connected for years……..
      Hence HopeGirls latest takedown of 14 channels, she did appear on stage with Sasha Stone 2014, before she hooked up with Ray Savage.

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    • I wonder if that’ll last as long as Angie’s “I’m stepping down from the Hampstead case” or Deborah’s “YouTube can fook off”.

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      • Still, at least Debs has stopped promoting the Hampstead case, as instructed by the police. And at least she’s no longer encouraging the harassment of RD and the other falsely accused. Oh wait…

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        • Well if she has to be a martyr…. is she really convinced she can appeal her conviction, caution has conditions, breaching them takes you to the next level…… Angie getting another one nicked,…again.

          She though is under the illusion that she is safe, untouchable……
          The comments tho, underneath are pretty revealing for that new audience that Angie is after, will educate any new listeners……

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  3. And here’s more characters, alot I’ve never heard of or listened to, but I did learn to trust CWs judgement. This is the comment I’ve left:
    CW at his best, aplause, aplause, aplause…and thankyou for mentioning Hoaxtead Research, amongst the whole exposure, put so well re: pizzagate. Somthing, I’ve noticed, along my travels watching this all unfold with horror, pain, some guilt, which passed, anger, and hilarity thanks to the Mighty MKDs, Their latest have pulled old videos together that show ITJN Sasha Stone, with a new court….in Westminster Hall…. incredible..and it actually takes our most well known, still working on Hampstead Hoax, to keep it flying….like a false flag: and guess what ….QEG Scammer Hope Girl, appeared on Sashas; stage in London, 2014, then moved into Ray Savages; home who both launced the QEG Scam & attended the gross abuse at the event in Hampstead 22nd March 2015, as an ex cop…who used to be linked to Brian Gerrish (Badda Iffication is an expert on Hollie Grieg Hoax & UK Column), an ex cop who had interviewed the mother ! Whose plan was to leave the next day to return to Morocco, where the kids were tortured for 4weeks, so that those vile videos viralised by all the pgating, clickbaiting, scammers…..but as fortune had it, they were stopped and the children rescued because the police and the CPS did the right things… the Judge did too. The arrests are because of wilful, arogant breach of the restraining order, en masse has happened…. so as well as encouraging the mass sharing of de facto child porn……they are, along with Sov Cits, FMOTLs etc, they are all pushing more people to commit crimes…crimes regarding paedophiles, are they trying to make it impossible to catch all, by generating so many as if they are zombies, cos of the tricks they use ? You’ve really explained it so well…… Fantastic narrative, and the reason I’ve persisted.
    He gets to Miles Johnston & pizzagate after 1.34 mins…..& a mention for Hoaxtead Blog amongst it…. He has covered others and I think the whole thing is a great listen, I know some of the names, David Wolfe, I think once again is is spot on, with the dangers for those blindly following these people and comitting crimes that help paedos,

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  4. New Age Hippies and White Lighters never stick at anything, always moving to the next fashionable thing in consumer spirtualism. Yet all these air heads ruin lives and the planet with their anal activities.

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      • and they are getting Wreckers house back too…
        (hint she isnt getting it back, and I would like to see the actual court documents.)
        Morris like Crawfraud, Neelu etc often make videos claiming wins that when actual paperwork is seen say nothing of the sort

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  5. This is a lot to catch up on.

    There’s this too:

    ‘Money is the way in which we begin to trade illusions with one another fundamentally because that’s all humans seem to be obsessed with, is buying and selling each other’s bullshit….’
    The bells on my irony meter are clanging and I’m also a bit miffed that someone could make such a generalisation because actually…some of us aren’t like that.

    I get what he says though and have some sympathy with the statement, but it still doesn’t let the ITNJ organisers off. It’s all well and good to talk about how we’re all caught up in the matrix but from where I’m standing all those who donated money to make the ITNJ work should get a copy of the accounts after it’s finished. In fact, as the fundraising was public, perhaps the accounts should be made public. That would be the ‘foundation stones of reality’ for me.

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    • p.s. If the accounts of the last tribunal were indeed published and we missed it, then please post here. I’ll be the first to apologise and applaud them for doing it.

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    • Interesting stuff. Sacha says he’s broke and the guy at the other end says ‘you’re talking to a table full of broke people’. According to the court transcript Heather is far from broke. Must say that when people with money say they’re ‘broke’ though it doesn’t always mean the same as the rest of us. When I say ‘broke’ it means I got zilch, not even the airfare to Bali. 😉

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    • I’m not sure if we’ve had this one before, but this is Brian Gerrish, UK Column talking to an ‘sra victim’. This uploaded by a Canadian with his compounding theories in a running commentary ……. I’m looking for Ray Savage with Brian, or any other channels on the circuit, and this just came up.

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    • Bloody hell, 2hrs to say give me your money, cos you are scared, and I’m in this matrix that turns me into a vampire obsessed with time, money and fear…… hence SRA, I guess……


  6. One of numerous FB posts this week from Deborah “Facebook can fook off” Mahmoudieh. How long did she last this time?

    PS: she hasn’t reported anyone for reporting her, as there is no such feature on Facebook. And what kind of idiots does she think we are to think we’d believe there is?

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    • Mad Moo’s Facebook Hissy Fit, 24.03.18

      @ 06:11 – “You have violated my human rights, Facebook, and now you are going to be permanently blocked from my life… I am closing down my account. You are blocked from my life. And I am right now looking at legal action… And I tell you now, you’re finished. I’m blocking you… You are now being removed, blocked permanently from my life. I don’t want anything to do with you. I think you are a despicable, disgusting organisation… It’s over. The party is over… You are gone, Facebook. You are gone from my life… You are now permanently blocked. Your account with me is permanently closed. You’ve been very very bad, Facebook.”

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  9. Another person of interest here is Caleb Skinner, one of the founding members of the OPPT, who subsequently moved sideways to repeat the whole process with the ITNJ. According to the American Sovcit contributors to the ITNJ — who seem to be sincerely deluded idealists rather than grifters — Skinner’s involvement is where everything went peer-shaped.


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